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BTS Reaction - Teaching them English slang

levithesmolsmolbean said: Can i get a reaction to their gf ( a native english speaker) trying to teach them slang (that doesnt translate well into korean)

So I’m an American and for this one I’m just gonna use English slang that I use with my friends on a daily basis. I’m sorry if some of you don’t understand the slang or what it means - if it’s something you’re confused about please message me and I will explain! Some of these do translate fine into Korean - but the meanings of each word are obviously different than what they actually mean when they’re considered English slang.


“’Rip?’ Why do you say that everytime I insult one of the hyungs?” Jimin would ask. You’d just laugh and tell him that it’s English slang, and truly doesn’t translate well into Korean. 

“It means like..how do I even explain myself,” you laugh, before continuing. “Saying ‘rip’ is like saying “ouch, that one hurt” or “that was insulting” to someone who was just insulted by someone else. It’s ironic.” 

Jimin would just look at you weirdly before slowly walking away. 


“She’s a snake? What do you mean?” He’d ask, looking at you and back at the phone where your boss was telling you that you had to come in early and work late the next day.

“It means she’s two-faced. Sorry,” you’d laugh, and Jungkook would probably, over the course of the next few days, send you snake memes when you were apart. You weren’t even sure if he understood what calling someone a “snake” meant. Oh well.


“No. Yoongi. Repeat after me: SAL-TEY. Salty.” You’d be halfway through an English lesson with Yoongi. He had asked you to teach him more English and its safe to say English slang was not his strong suit.

“Salty? Like your ramen is salty? Because that happens a lot when I let Jungkook make it.” Suga would say, and you’d burst out laughing at his take on the word. “It means you’re not necessarily mad at someone, but their actions are distasteful and you’re annoyed with them.”

“Oh, alright. I got,” he began, lifting an eyebrow and smugness taking over his features, “salty at Jin for arguing yesterday. How’s that.”


He’s pretty fluent in English, so there wasn’t a ton he could learn from you. Although he knew textbook English and how to speak and write it, he wasn’t familiar with a lot of the slang words. You’d constantly speak in English and he appreciated it when you did because it helped him with his own pronounciation and learning, but then you’d say some shit like this:

“Ha, bet.”

He’d stop his sassy argument with you and say, “Bet? What are we betting?” The confused look on your face made you burst out with laughter. “No, not betting, but like - when you say “bet” it means like, “Oh yeah, just watch, I’ll do it, no problem.” Namjoon would begin saying the word a thousand times a day after that.


You: this is going be lit I’m so excited

When Taehyung received that text message from you, he stared at it for a long time. First of all, the message in it’s entirety was in all Korean besides the word “lit.” Being the awkward noodle he is, he’d be standing in the middle of the sidewalk and trying to sound out the three letter word while people rushed past him, hitting him once in awhile as they hurried away.

Eventually, he’d get frustrated and call you. “It means that you’re going to have a good time and you know it’s going to be fun.” Later that day during practice, he’d tell all the boys that this particular choreography was going to be “lit.” They’d just stare at him while Namjoon burst into laughter.



It’s all your text message had said, and Hoseok couldn’t figure out what you meant. He understands that it’s an English letter, but why would you just send a random “K” in the middle of an argument?

The two of you had been arguing over appointments and schedules over text and he had sent a paragraph explaining why he couldn’t cancel, and all he got back was “K.” He texted you back with, “What does that mean?” 

You’d walk in the door, argument forgotten as you laugh about him not knowing what you meant. “I was mad at you. You send that to people you’re kinda annoyed with when you want them to stop talking.” You said, glancing at his expression. He looked blankly down at his phone then back up at you before saying, “K,” and walking away with a smug look on his face.


In your contact list, you had your best friend listed as “THOT” with a fire emoji and a few hearts next to it. Jin heard your phone beep with a message, and picked it up to see the word blinking on your home screen. When you came back from the kitchen, he’d ask, “Y/N, what does ‘tha-oot mean?” 

You’d begin to laugh so hard at his pronounciation before grabbing your phone and looking at where he got the word from before saying, “Thot. I affectionately call Y/B/F/N that because it’s funny. It means like, well, it could be negative or positive. It’s kinda bad.”

Jin would just give you a disapproving look before shaking his head and turning his attention back to the TV.

somehow, i couldnt shake it off of my mind that katie is lurking around tumblr looking at supercorp or lena luthor tags. like what are the chances right? but we’ll never know. we can only hope.

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Why build a tiny house instead of buying existing small house or trailer?

The biggest reason for me is creative empowerment.

There are so many things we aren’t in control over. But one of them, if you have some money put aside, is your shelter. There’s something incredibly validating about building my own shelter.

If you think about it, how many things do you create on a daily basis, vs consume? How much of your individualized potential is being expressed in your daily life, vs molded by others?

So many of us wake up in beds designed for the masses, wearing one size fits all PJs, grabbing our push-button coffee out the door on the way to our increasingly commoditized jobs in the car with the “best reviews”.

Best not become unemployed or you’ll lose access to your pharmaceutically manufactured pills. That would make the CEOs very angry.

I sleepwalked through 3 years of consumption before I finally realized I’m not even participating in my own life!

In my house, everything is exactly how I want. And if it’s not, I’ll have intimate knowledge how to change it.

Solar power, heated floors, loft speakers, enclosed shower, four-burner range… Hell a garden in my living room if I so desire. I can have it all in 150 sq ft. for about $30,000. And go anywhere with all that too. And no one can evict me or foreclose on it.


[170221] happy birthday, son seungwan!

wendy, you are so passionate and kind. you are caring and understanding and you take time out of your day to make sure other people are happy. you’re inspirational because of your heart warming personality and powerful vocals. it’s your birthday and the world would be different without you in it, so let’s celebrate the day that gave us such a special and talented human being. thank you for showing us how easy it is to be humble and friendly on a daily basis, no matter how well known you become. please continue to be yourself, but do not forget to focus on you every once in awhile. people will understand if you allow yourself to be selfish because you deserve to be selfish from time to time. take care of yourself because we appreciate and love you as much as you appreciate and love us.

have an amazing birthday, seungwan. you deserve it 100%.



Seeing as he’s anime nerd himself he’d be totally be fine with it. you two would probably have long discussions about the plot and what you think is most likely to happen. Dates would most likely include binge watching anime series and LOtS OF FOoOoD!(and puns)

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suga wouldn’t really care whether you liked anime or not but I feel he a lowkey fan so he definitely wouldn’t be like ‘ oH nO plES geT mE ouT oF hERe’. He totally wouldn’t pass up the chance to use your pAsSiOn for aNimE as excuse for a cosy date.

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jhope would probably imitate anime characters on daily basis for you. i totally see him wanting to playing anime charades with you. watching anime with jhope would always be lively even if the anime you were watching was dull. Jhope is the type to scream and not be able to sit still when an episode gets intense but hey at least you have someone who’ll cry w/ you when it hits you in the feels. He’d probably be good predicting what happens, to the point where you get slightly frustrated.

“ Stop sPoiLiNG it fOR mE”         

“it’s not SpOiLinG if i haven’t WatChEd it”

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Namjoon, like the others wouldn’t mind. He would totally watch anime with you. Namjoon would probably gravitate towards more supernatural/thriller animes. Puzzling storylines and complicated characters would be right up his street!

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Like all the members. HE. WOULDN’T.MIND. He would just simply enjoy watching you watch anime

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ANIME NERD ALERT¡  He would totally love the fact that both of you share the same passion for anime. Seeing as he has said he likes to end his day with an episode or two, therefore this bunny would be v happy (probs. would be more episodes but their schedule is so tightT.T).

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Anime marathons E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y and not to mention a whole load of character impersonations (Probs. has sailor moon cosplay outfits overfilling his closet)… This kiddo loves anime and would be over the moon to know you do too. 

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I have been wanting to invest in a cintiq 22HD tablet and want to get one for my birthday but they are very expensive (like $2000) and i'm not sure if its worth switching from my wacom. I have trouble with the disconnect between a normal tablet and hoped the cintiqu could fix it but wanted to know if you feel like it helped your art or if it was worth it?

I would say only get it if you draw on a daily basis, because otherwise it’s not a good investment. Getting a Cintiq does not improve or change the way you draw, it’s more of a practical thing for setting up a good work-space. I upgraded to it because I mainly work on a graphic novel, so I need to reference back to previous pages and have a lot of files open at once - which requires a lot of screen space. 

Anyway, I personally never felt a huge disconnect while using a regular tablet, but it also depends on what type of things you draw. If it’s a lot of linework that requires precision, a tablet screen is definitely better, but if it’s lineless painting, there’s actually no difference between a tablet and a screen to me (and I prefer a regular tablet for that because it allows you to sit back and not hunch over the screen.)

If the disconnect really bothers you, maybe try looking into less expensive options? I used a tablet screen laptop for a very long time (probably like 8 years or something, and I went through 2 of them) before I upgraded to a Cintiq, and the only difference between them in my experience is the amount of screen space. This is the one I used - http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/x-series/x230t/

It says sold out, but you can probably find it elsewhere, and it’s dirt-cheap compared to a Cintiq screen and is an actual computer lol. The worst thing about buying a Cintiq was making peace with the fact that I paid 3,000$ for a MONITOR LOL. It’s way too expensive. 

“When I read the judgement of my parent’s divorce, I was fascinated by the power of the judge to save lives and grant freedom to people using something called “the law”. I knew that this was the super-power that I would like to possess when I grew up. Therefore, before moving to Hungary I completed my Bachelors degree in Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law “Iustinian Primus” – Skopje. Many people would think that, based on my looks and intelligence, I was never discriminated against or bullied because of my Roma ethnicity. The reality is that, no matter how smart, educated, and talented we are, each of us still faces stereotypes and discrimination on a daily basis. In my personal case, I even experienced multiple levels of discrimination for being a Romani Muslim woman.”

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How would the chocobros be when they are meeting their parents for the first time??

This is so cute! I might do individual one-shots one day but for now I’m gonna do headcanons.

You’re probably more nervous than Noctis is. He’s used to meeting new people on a daily basis, and as doom-and-gloom as he can be when he doesn’t get a full night’s sleep, he knows how to be a perfect gentleman. Your parents are also internally freaking out because you’re bringing home the Crown Prince for dinner. Basically no one has any chill except Noctis, and he immediately does something goofy to break the tension. That’s when your parents decide that you two are perfect for each other. 

They’re a little apprehensive that you’re dating royalty because of all the attention it’ll put on you, but Noctis promises that he’ll protect you at any cost. You basically melt right there at the table.

Prompto is flat-out terrified of meeting your family, especially if you have siblings. If you have brothers, they’ll immediately size Prompto up and glare at him with a scrutinizing gaze. If you have sisters, they’ll whisper behind their hands and giggle, which probably makes him even more anxious. You hold his hand under the dinner table to calm him down.

Your parents ask him about how the two of you met, and he launches into the story of your first encounter. Everyone in your family immediately takes note of how his expression changes when he talks about you, and how he looks at you. His whole face lights up and he just looks so in love, it immediately makes everyone smile. Your parents pull you aside at one point and make you promise to treat him well, because he’s a such good guy.

When you bring Gladio home to meet your parents, you note the expression on their faces when he walks through the door. You’re taller in person, your father notes. Gladio has the common decency to wear an actual dress shirt, though the fabric strains a little at the buttons, and brings flowers for your mom. She low-key swoons.

As charming as Gladio is naturally, he turns it up ten fold around your parents. He talks to them about literature and asks them a lot of questions in turn so that it doesn’t sound like he’s doing all the talking. He also asks if there are any embarrassing childhood stories that he can hear to torment you later, and you groan, your forehead hitting the dining table. Gladio gets along too well with your parents for your liking, and they ask about him a lot when you’re on the road.

Who wouldn’t be proud to show off Ignis to their parents? You arrive early and when they open the front door, he actually bows to them, as if they’re from a noble family. He’s the perfect gentleman, offering to assist in the kitchen as you help set the table. Dinner ends up being a collaborative effort, and Ignis offers up a few different recipes for your parents to try without being pushy. He also brings an expensive bottle of wine for the occasion, and your mother remarks on how kind the gesture is.

Conversation comes easily, and you can already tell that your parents are entranced by his accent alone. He places his hand on yours on the table and tells your parents what a good job they did raising you, showering you with the compliments about your intellect and resourcefulness, so your parents get the hint that he loves you for you, not just your looks. At the end of dinner, you almost spit out your wine as your father not-so-jokingly asks when you two are planning to get married. Ignis just grins as you hide your face against his shoulder.

Hwarang :: Sam Maek Jong x Reader

Oh man this took so long to write haha! I’m pretty proud of this one I hope everyone enjoys it! And if you do please send me some messages I love hearing from you guys! It makes me super happy and motivated to write! Part 2 will come shortly :)

Was I mad? Not really. Deep down no one makes people like us do anything.

Today was the day my parents, also known as the King and Queen of Goguryeo, sent me away to Silla. Their plans were to marry me off to the faceless King of Silla but regardless of their intentions I knew that in the end if I were to say no my wishes would be made. So I took this opportunity as a get away from the palace and have an amazing adventure with my closest keeper, Seok Hyeon. But we shall call him Seyeo for short!

“Are you seriously wearing that?” The annoying voice I hear too much on the daily basis rings out. “Seyeo, you’re annoying.” “And you only ever wear black. You aren’t attending a funeral, you will be meeting your potential suitor.” I roll my eyes, “Of course I know that, why else would mom give me this huge stack of etiquette scrolls?” I ask gesturing towards the enormous pile dominating the corner of my room. “Maybe to fix your manliness.” I cross my arms with a raised brow at him, “I will have your head.” “There you go again with your empty threats, hurry we need to leave soon Princess (Y/n).” “Understood, and don’t call me that. You know I hate it,” I sigh strapping a sword onto my hip while passing an identical one to Seyeo. “Her majesty won’t let you carry both swords?” He laughs strapping it beside his own sword, “Nope, apparently dual wielding would scare away the potential men.” Seyeo barks out the loudest laugh and I found myself joining along with him just as loud. We walked out of the palace to see a large group of men and a carriage set up for my long trip to Silla and I shook my head. I turned around to see my parents standing off on the side a waiting to say their parting words with me. “The trip to Silla is a long one, take care (Y/n),” father pats my head affectionately before my mother embraces me and chimes in a “Remember to behave!” I nod with a smile, “I will return soon, make sure to take care of my people while I am away.” “(Y/n) that’s no way to talk to your parents, you talk as if you are already in charge of Goguryeo! But yes they will be in good hands,” mother sighs but I didn’t miss the small smile that graces her features at my assertiveness. “I love you, and I won’t be taking anyone with me besides Seok Hyeon,” I say before bowing and walking towards Seyeo who stood beside two horses. I gently caress the soft cheeks of my onyx hair coat horse before jumping onto his back to set off to the Kingdom of Silla, but not before looking back and smiling at my parents and all the dumbfounded knights of the palace who were supposed to assist me on my adventure.

The ride to the capital of Silla was not quiet. I’m not sure if mother gave an order to Seyeo but he tested me on mannerisms throughout the entire ride. “Before eating what do you say?” I sigh closing my eyes, “I don’t have plans marrying that stuck up King. He doesn’t even care enough to show his face to his people! I would never wish to marry someone like that. Besides he might be a really gross old man!” I dramatically fake gag causing Seyeo to laugh. “He shouldn’t be too much older than you (Y/n). And try to hold that tongue of yours when we enter Silla,” he says casually but I could hear the warning in his tone. I ignored his comment and shortly the view of the tall stonewalls of the capital came into view.


The gates open as we approached. Whispers and chattering filled up the streets as we continued our way towards the palace. I only stopped when I saw a rice cake vendor amidst the crowd of people. “Seyeo! Rice cake!” I exclaim looking up at him beside me and he shook his head, “I’ll get some for you later, look ahead the other Princess is here already. We should head to the palace immediately.” I follow his line of vision and I see an elegant carriage being carried on the shoulders of a bunch of middle aged men, how distasteful I thought. “I want four,” I say which Seyeo nods to and I followed his suggestion obediently. We approached the palace while tailing the carriage. The Princess gets out and walked towards the guards who automatically opened the gate for her. Following her actions I hop off my horse and tied the reign onto Seyeo’s horse and made my way towards the gatekeeper. “State your business.” I raise my brow confused, “I’m (Y/n).” He gives me a blank look and I accidently scoffed, I embarrassedly cleared my throat trying to pass that rude action as a cough and I smiled, “I’m Princess (Y/n) of Goguryeo.” He curtly bows, “My apologies, you may enter. However your guard must stay here.” “Okay!” I smile and waved at Seyeo who stood beside our horses, before he could open his mouth to protest I gave him the thumbs up and scooted backwards into the now open gates, “You can go get me my rice cakes while you wait!”

I sucked in a deep breath preparing myself to be on my best behaviour. I couldn’t embarrass my kingdom, but all hopes ceased to be useless as I met the Queen of Silla and the Princess from earlier. “Your majesty,” I greet with a bow before facing to the Princess and doing the same. The Queen nods, “Princess (Y/n).” I physically constrained myself from yodeling out a ‘That is I!!!’ but thank god I managed and I just forced out a large smile. “I have lot’s of explaining regarding your stay,” the Queen says, “Let’s go inside for some tea as I shall inform you both.”

What a bummer. I didn’t even get to meet the King. Not that I was interested in him or anything, but I thought I would at least see his face as I have a 50% chance of marrying the guy during this trip. He really does seem like a stuck up jerk, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he just has his hands full on other things. What’s interesting though is that the Queen wanted both me and Princess Sookmyung to stay with the Hwarang, apparently the kings harem of beautiful men, or knights, I wasn’t really listening after she mentioned beautiful men. I exited the palace with the rather quiet Princess to see Seyeo leaning on a nearby tree with a giant parchment roll stuffed with more than the amount of rice cakes I previously asked for. I run up to him with grabby hands and he tutted with a shake of his head, “How was your behaviour?” “At it’s best,” I immediately replied all the while staring at the fluffy rice cakes. He places the large bundle into my arms and I grin, “Thank you!”


The gate opened for the Hwarang house and I was beyond excited to meet the apparently beautiful men. “Please don’t embarrass me,” a quiet plea leaves Seyeo as he pulls the two horses along while I ran ahead with rice cakes in my arms. My ears perk up at the sound of music and I couldn’t help myself from following it. I turn the corner to see all the Hwarang practicing in front of Wi Hwa, I didn’t want to intrude so I quickly hid behind a pillar to stay out of sight from the group. Taking a seat on the shaded steps I unravelled the parchment to see eight rice cakes. I munch onto the sticky sweet dessert as I watch the Hwarang practice their dance and music. They were all handsome indeed. I hum amused, “Enjoying the view?” I look up from my seated position to see Seyeo leaning with crossed arms on the pillar beside me. Without pausing in eating I pick up another cake and handed it to him, which he gladly took. Suddenly the music stopped, much to my dismay, as Princess Sookmyung made her presence known. Wi Hwa introduced her and the large majority of the men were in awe. I quietly snicker as Princess Sookmyung got quickly riled up by just a single comment from one of the men inquiring her abilities. Without being asked again she made her way onto the practice ground, “Princess (Y/n), care to join?” I looked up at Wi Hwa who spotted me in my crouched position with stuffed cheeks and I gestured to the cake in my hand. “Don’t you want to join? Sword fighting is your favourite,” Seyeo asks while squatting to my level, I nod, “I’m occupied.” “You’re eating.” “Hence, I’m occupied. Besides I want to see how this goes,” I say before stuffing the entire rice cake into my mouth so that I could carry the other five to a better viewing spot to watch this thing go down.

What I saw ticked me off. Princess Sookmyung was skilled indeed but it was unnecessary to ridicule the men by pointing at their throats with a sword, “Well, something like that.” I shook my head with the rice cake still in my mouth. Wi Hwa looks at me with a knowing smirk as I place the half eaten cake into Seyeo’s already awaiting open palm. Seyeo starts to unsheathe my second sword and I shake my head unsheathing the one on my hip. “I don’t like people who belittle others,” I say making my way onto the practice grounds, all the while making eye contact with the Princess. I could hear some whispers among the men as the Princess faces towards me, anger evident in her eyes. “Come on,” I smile. She was graceful with her sword, I’ve seen so earlier but I had the speed and the strength to push people until they couldn’t keep up. As she tried to thrust the sword to my stomach I sidestepped and using my own sword I flicked upwards, easily disarming her of her weapon. However, the Princess didn’t accept defeat as she lunged for her sword. I sigh feeling slightly bad for what I was about to do. I smacked the hilt of my sword into the back of her neck causing her to flop onto the dirt ground. “Know your value, you don’t need to prove to others what it is,” I say while holding out a hand for her to take.  She looks up from the ground and got up by herself, ignoring my gesture to help. “It’s embarrassing to get angry over small comments like that. And even more embarrassing by ridiculing others so that you can feel more superior.” I watch silently as her facial expression changed from anger to a calmer state as she walked away. One of the younger Hwarang started clapping with awe plastered onto his face causing me to laugh at the strange sight. And before I knew it the entire group started to join, which ultimately made me feel bashful. “That was excellent, everyone can learn a thing or two from you today Princess (Y/n). Is there anything advice you will like to share with everyone?” Wi Hwa asks and I nod. I turn to face all the Hwarang with a giant grin, “Everyone did wonderful today. I can tell how hard each and every one of you is trying and it makes watching you all that more exciting so I can’t wait to see you all perform at the festival. Good luck.” I exclaim with a smile before bowing causing the others to bow as well, “Oh yes, one more thing. Just call me (Y/n). No need for formalities, starting from today we are all friends. Dismissed.” “W-Wait you can’t call dismissal,” Wi Hwa says with a laugh and I waved him off, “They worked hard enough for the day. The sun is setting they should have dinner and get some rest.” Before Wi Hwa could reply I grabbed my parchment full of rice cakes and left the area with Seyeo quickly following behind me with my half eaten cake in his hand.

From a far I see the group of men chattering away, as I made eye contact with them they abruptly stopped, so being the person who loves to make people feel uncomfortable, I approached him. “What are you guys talking about?” I inquire and I was surprisingly given an answer quickly by the young Hwarang who started the clapping moments ago, “About you (Y/n)! You are so awesome!” He exclaimed with widen eyes. “Oh! You are so adorable!” I gush shoving a rice cake into his open mouth. He smiles with closed eyes while letting out a muffled, “I’m Han Sung.” I nod and looked at the others awaiting to learn their names.

After a very draining conversation with the extremely hyper bunch of men I walked off to the side see a pavilion overlooking the area. I excitedly climbed up the wooden stairs to see a person already using the space, “Mind if I join?” The person turned around in their seated position and it revealed the most handsome man I have ever seen in my (y/age) years of living. I awkwardly stood there in silence as he gave me a once over with his deep, very deep eyes, before he nods. I clear my suddenly tight throat and sat beside him, I could barely use my voice to ask him his name so I decided to do what I did best, make people feel uncomfortable. I grabbed his hand and placed my last cake into it. He chuckles quietly, “Thanks.” “Just eat it,” I say and instantly I cringed at how rude I came across, “I-I mean if you want to.” He chuckles again before taking a bite and chewing on it as if in deep thought, “It’s quite funny how cool you were earlier and now you are a shy spluttering mess.” I mock a dramatically shocked expression causing him to flash me the sweetest smile, “I don’t even know your name and you are already attacking me.” He smiles again, but it never ceases to make my heart skip a beat, “It’s Ji Dwi.” “Wow that’s a really weird name,” I laugh loudly without thinking, “I-I mean, nice to meet you?” “And you are a weird Princess.” “I would want to say a Princess with much potential to do something great and different.” He hums thoughtfully looking into the night’s sky, “I see.” “It’s dark, none of us can see anything,” I bluntly add and his amazing sounding laugh fills my ears as he understood my lame joke. “I think I will come to enjoy your company.” I nod with a smile but it quickly disappeared as fast as it appeared, “So you don’t enjoy it now?” Ji Dwi reaches out his hand to ruffle my hair gently, “It’s getting late. I will walk you to your room,” I nod following him down the stairs. Shortly after a few minutes we made it to the enormous room that I would be occupying for the time being. I look up at Ji Dwi and gave him a warm smile, “Thank you, I much appreciate your gesture in walking me to my room.” He scoffs with a smile while looking diverting his eyes to the side, a cute habit I noticed that he had, “Why are you suddenly talking like a proper Princess? It doesn’t suit you.” I raise a brow at him stepping up into his personal space, “Excuse me, I am a proper Princess!” I huff poking into his chest playfully causing him to chuckle. “A proper Princess would know how to keep her hands to herself,” he muses grabbing my wrist into his large soft hands. “Shut up,” I laugh pulling back my hand but his grip tightened, “Oh, what is that? A profanity?” Seeing this as a challenge I flick my wrist, slipping out of his hand which allowed me to quickly grab onto his wrist instead, “Good night~” I chime swinging his arm side to side before letting go and slipping into the comfort of my room.

“That took long,” Seyeo states from behind me causing me to yelp in surprise. “Oh you scared me! What are you doing here?” “I needed to make sure that you turned to your room before I could peacefully sleep myself,” he states in a matter of fact tone. I nod with a roll of my eyes, “Well I’m safe and back will you please leave so that I can sleep?” “Of course, good night (Y/n).”


Right at peak of dawn I awake to the sound of metal clanking against one another. I excitedly jump out of bed, throwing on a random (F/c) hanbok before running out to the practice field. I was genuinely happy to see Ji Dwi among the men who were up early to get started on training. I walk up to him and patted his shoulder, causing him to turn around. “Good morning,” I greet with a smile and he returns a smile himself before adding a, “Good morning my Princess.” “Oiyah, who said that you can call me such a name?” I mumble as blood flushes to my cheeks, he flashes me one of his annoying grins. I butt his shoulder with mine playfully before walking away and taking a seat on the stairs so that I could observe their sword fighting skills, and perhaps step in to give them a pointer or two when necessary. Although each and everyone of the men were skilled I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ji Dwi, even if I tried to pay attention to Han Sung as he waved at me to watch him, my eyes would somehow find it’s way back to the tall fair skinned male. “Wow he’s so handsome~ I want to marry that fine piece of meat~” “AISH!” I yell, smacking Seyeo’s thigh aggressively, “Will you stop that! Someone might hear!” He hums, plopping down beside me before handing me a cup of green tea, “What if the king heard? I wonder if he would be happy to see his potential Queen ogling at one of his knights hm?” I tut with a shake of my head, “I can’t help but ogle if I’m surrounded my handsome men, especially that one!” I whisper yell pointing at Ji Dwi. Much to my surprise he sees my gesture and raises a brow, and started to make his way towards my seated position. “Oh look, your man is coming this way,” Seyeo deadpan states but I could feel the amusement oozing out of his every pore, that evil bastard. “(Y/n) would you like to join me instead of just staring?” Ji Dwi smirks while holding out his hand for me to take, I shake my head with hot cheeks, looking anywhere but up into his content face. “She would love to,” Seyeo cheekily answers on my behalf, my jaw dropped and before a word of protest could make its way up my throat he unsheathes two swords for me.

I was never nervous when it came to sword fighting, I was good at it and I very much knew that. So why was I awkwardly twirling both swords? I don’t know maybe because the certain man in front of me just makes my brain turn to mush. “Are you ready?” Ji Dwi asks, taking his ready stance. I nod, twirling my sword, positioning one in front and one behind me. He flashes me a smile before lunging forward to take the first strike. As the steel of his sword clashes with my defense sword the powerful vibration travels up my arm waking me up from my daze. I flick my wrist to catch his sword under mine before swinging at him with my free sword. His eyes widen instantly as he slips his sword from under mine before deflecting the coming attack. While taken aback from my attack I lunge forward with both swords in unison, many wouldn’t be able to pull off the perfect defensive on this attack but I was very pleased when he swung his sword full force from underneath, successfully throwing my attack off course and into the ground. I tried to be serious but I could help the wide grin break across my face, he was very impressive. This motivated me to up my efforts so that I could impress him back. Ji Dwi swings at me and I easily side step out of the way. I throw one sword out but before he could connect it with his own I retreat it quickly so that I could pull off a full forced swing from behind. I see his eyes widen in the split second signalling his defeat. I grin victoriously rotating the blades to its blunt side before going through with the swing to smack him gently in the behind. I take a side back and dipped my head to look up in his flabbergasted expression. I giggle at his gaping mouth and widened chocolate orbs. Sheathing one sword I offer my now free hand to him which he gladly takes and shakes firmly, “I’m very impressed Ji Dwi.” He does his little signature scoff and smirk, “I can say the same for you. I never seen anyone duel wield like that before.” I shyly scratch my cheek with my index finger, “T-Thanks…” I grinned as it seemed to be impossible to do anything else but that around him. The intense staring contest we seemed to have was put to a halt when I felt a soft pat on my shoulder. Turning around I see a smiley Han Sung, “Hello Han Sung, what can I do for you?” The man-child claps his hands excitedly before speaking up, “That was amazing (Y/n)! Can you please teach me?” I blush happily, “O-Of course! I would love to!” A chorus of “Me too!” was erupted from the Hwarang and I couldn’t be any happier. I nod excitedly and bowed, “It would be my honour to aid you all in your practices, all I ask is for you to try your best!” I throw a fist into the air to hype them up and they didn’t let me down as they hollered and threw theirs up as well. I quickly ordered some drills and the men were quick to jump to their partners to start their new practice. I turn around to see Ji Dwi and flashed him a grin but what I didn’t expect was his slightly off smile, it didn’t reach his eyes like it usually did. “What’s wrong?” I ask stepping in front of him to get a better look at his face, “Did it hurt when I hit your butt?” He chuckles, the sparkle evident in his chocolate brown eyes once again, “No, It’s just that it was my idea for you to train with me and now you are helping everyone else.” I coo reaching a hand out to caress his cheek teasingly, “Why jealous that my attention is else where?” He rolls his eyes with a smile, “Stop teasing,” he sighs pushing my hand away. “Can I tell you a secret?” I ask leaning forward and he curiously lowers his head as well, my smile against the shell of his ear, “My attention will always be on you. Do you know why? Because you are sooo annoying!” I giggle pulling away. Looking up at him I felt no regrets teasing him if that meant that I could witness his pale cheeks flush red.

Later that night I watch the Hwarang turn to their dorms. I patiently wait until I spot the particular pretty faced male. I quickly run up to him and grab his arm, all the while dragging him with me to the place where we first met. He chuckles not even out of breath as I pushed him onto the bench. “Ji Dwi! Can you tell me a story?” He playfully rolls his eyes, “Are you a child?” I shrug lowering myself so that I laid my head comfortably in his lap, “I just want to her your voice as I fall asleep. You can talk about whatever you like.” I mumble closing my eyes contently as I felt his long slender fingers run through my long locks. “So there was once this very, very, very annoying Princess named-” I gasped in mock shock, slapping his chest, “Hey!” He chuckles with me joining him almost instantly, “Say (Y/n)…what kind of Queen would you wish to be like one day?” I look up thoughtfully at him from his lap as he looked down at me warmly. “I hope a good one,” I giggle and he smiles, “A warm one?” I add and he nods quietly so I continued, “No death penalties, everyone can enter and leave the Kingdom as they wish.” He hums, “What if bad people enter?” and I nod, “That’s easy. The strong protect the weak. I want to become strong so that I can protect everyone with my two hands.” Ji Dwi chuckles, tucking a long strand of hair behind my ear, “That does sound like a good Queen.” I nod happily, “I can do that all by myself if I try hard enough! But it would be nice to rule with a King by my side. A nice one that shares the same beliefs as me.” A comfortable silence envelops us and I tilt my head in his lap, reaching out with both hands to cup his cheeks. I squish his cheeks gently causing his lips to become pouty, “What’s on your mind?” I inquire and he smiles with his eyes closed, “Nothing.”


After taking up the position in teaching sword fighting I woke up early each morning to help with the Hwarang’s practice. And honestly it was the most fun I have ever had in my (Y/a) years of living. However today was slightly different, Princess Sookmyung observed practice. What I didn’t expect was for her to call a meeting with Wi Hwa immediately after. “The Hwarang is nothing but a tool,” she starts. I patiently stood on the side listening to whatever she had to say but it just got ridiculously annoying. I had trouble holding my emotions especially regarding those who I cared for so when she ordered that there will be a life or death battle I was livid. I haven’t been in the Hwarang house for more than a week but I consider them all friends already, so I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any further, “The Hwarang are trying their best in practice and are improving dramatically. There’s no need for such violent practices.” Princess Sookmyung turned around and stared at me with a blank gaze, “It’s not in your place to decide what’s good for them or not.” “And it’s not in your place to tell them to go die,” I shot back immediately which she scoffed at. “I’m a Princess it’s their job to do as I say.” I take a deep breath trying my best to contain my anger, but it was evident that I was angry to everyone in the room seeing that my teeth were gritted, “They are human and have their own choices to make. I do not care if you are royalty. In the end when we die don’t we all return to the same soil?” I could tell from my peripheral that Wi Hwa was genuinely amused by the scene before him, however Princess Sookmyung was becoming impatient. “It’s not in your place to say,” she reasons and I cut her off, “Then who says that you have a place then?” Her nostrils flare at my stubbornness, “It’s not your place to say,” she repeats and I shake my head. I hated using my title as an excuse but I needed to put an end to this before the Princess could get her way. “It’s my place to say as I am Queen of Goguryeo. You, Sookmyung as a Princess have no say. I have been entrusted with this title before leaving my Kingdom to come here, hence I have authority over you. The Hwarang will not be fighting to the death against one another, but working together to build an unbreakable bond.” I huff slightly out of breath, Princess Sookmyung stares at me with her same blank gaze but anger was evident under her calm façade. Looking towards Wi Hwa he chuckles, “You both do not have a say in this matter as I am in charge of the Hwarang. I will consider the more intensive practice.” Princess Sookmyung looked pleased for once since I met her a week ago. Closing my eyes, clenching my fist and jaw to contain my frustration, I wasn’t surprised when even that didn’t help me calm down. “You are both not human,” I spat running out of the room. I was furious, I can’t let his happen, how am I supposed to protect a whole Kingdom of Goguryeo when I can’t even protect a handful of men were right in front of me? Hot angry tears blur my vision but I didn’t stop running until I bumped into a hard chest. “Whoa there!” Ji Dwi coos steadying me by holding my arms, “Hey what’s wrong?” I look up with hot tears still boiling over, “I-I’m sorry I can’t…” I sob facing the ground in defeat. He pulls me into his chest tightly and hushes me, rocking me side to side slightly in hopes to calm me down. “Why are you apologizing my Princess?” I wrap my arms around his back and tightly hold onto him, allowing his warmth to seep into my shaking frame, “I’m sorry I can’t protect you.” Ji Dwi nuzzles his nose into my neck, “I don’t need protecting, silly.” I shake my head against his toned chest, “You don’t understand.” He nods slowly, “Let’s go back to your room so you can explain everything to me so that I can understand okay?” I shake my head, pushing him away, “It’s okay. I’m…I will figure something out.” Nodding my head as if assuring myself I start towards my room but Ji Dwi grabs my arm tightly, “Who made you cry? I don’t care who it is…I will kill whoever did this to you.” I turn around to look into his eyes and his expression as unwavering, he was dead serious, “You…you shouldn’t say such things. I don’t want you to get into trouble.” “I don’t care about that! Don’t you see that all I care about is you? Just tell me what’s wrong or god help whoever did this to you because I will kill them on the spot!” I open my mouth but nothing came out. Closing my eyes to collect my thoughts I nod, slipping my hand into his larger one to quickly pull him along into my room.

Sitting in the middle of my room with Ji Dwi as company quickly calmed me down to a state where I could at least properly talk. “Princess Sookmyung insists that the Hwarang were just tools and should be put into life or death sword fights.” Ji Dwi nods but stays silent for me to vent everything out, “I can’t allow that. Even though they are knights they are still very human and their lives shouldn’t be seen as any less valuable than that of a royalty…I couldn’t even reason with those two. How can I protect my Kingdom if I can’t even protect my friends much less the person who I truly cherish…” By the time I got everything off my chest I started to sob again but luckily Ji Dwi was there to pull me into his lap to comfort me. He rubs my back with soothing circles to calm down my erratic breathing. “Is that person you truly cherish me?” He smiles against my temple and it for no reason caused my tears to burst out a full strength, “It’s not funny! I want to protect the people I love!” He chuckles lifting my chin up with his thumb and index finger, “You love me?” he whispers his breath ghosting over my lips. “You just said you would kill the person who made me cry! Why are you surprised! Anyways you aren’t seeing the whole picture you are-” I lost all train of thought when a pair of warm soft lips pressed against mine. I moan taken by surprise at the turn of events. Ji Dwi’s warm hand cups the back of my head, pulling me deeper into the kiss. Pulling away for the need of air I look up into his glazed orbs, it didn’t take me a second longer to dive back in to get another kiss from the male. Accidently exerting too much force I cause him to topple over, allowing me to straddle him. I pull back in surprise, “Hehe…sorry…” I giggle, running my fingers through his long silky onyx locks. “Don’t be sorry, just kiss me again,” he smirks pulling me down for another kiss. I pull back reluctantly, “I have a secret.” Ji Dwi nods from underneath me signalling me to continue, “I hope the King chooses to marry Princess Sookmyung.” He cocks a brow, “And why’s that?” I grin, “So I can marry you!” Ji Dwi purses his lips, “Is that so? But I’m nothing but a lowly man with no royal blood what so ever.” I smile cupping his cheeks in the palm of my hands, “That doesn’t mean anything to me Ji Dwi, you make me happy. And I know you will make many happy as well. You have a good heart, a good heart for the perfect King everyone is waiting for.” The reaction I got from him was extreme confusion, but once a few moments passed complete glee replaced his unsureness, “I don’t think the King would be too fond to hear that. I heard rumours that he wishes you marry you (Y/n).” I shrug casually, “I don’t care. If the King isn’t you, I have no interest what’s so ever.” Ji Dwi nods contently with the brightest unwavering smile plastered on his face, “Then I will happily be your King if that means I can see your smile everyday.” I groan at his words, “I’m very happy and glad…but I’m sorry I can’t help but worry for the Hwarang.” He hums, “That means you will be a good Queen, worrying for all. Your heart is in a good place.” I sigh hugging him tightly, “It doesn’t do any good if just my heart is in the right place.” “That’s true, but have faith that it will all work out.” “I just want to ensure that no one gets hurt…especially for no reason.” “Don’t worry, I promise on my life that I will fix all this. Just sleep peacefully, and when you awake everything will be okay.” I groggily look into his deep chocolate orbs, “You are tired, please rest with no troubles in mind.” Heavy eyelids drop and I couldn’t peel them back open, “Please…stay…” I mumble throwing an arm around his waist in which he chuckles in response. “As you wish my Princess,” he presses his lips against my temple, his arms tightly pulling me into his warm body. With the feeling of security I was able to quickly fall into a deep comfortable sleep.

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A half full coffee mug

Hi everyone! First of: A massive thank you to @stylesamaya16 for requesting this one shot. I really hope you like it. Second: Thank you so much to anyone who reads the stuff I write. It makes me very happy. 

In this one shot, Y/N is CEO Harry’s new assistant, whom he really likes to poke fun at. That is, until one evening on which Y/N has finally had enough. 

Picture is not mine, but has been granted to us by someone generous on the internet. 

I flinched at the burning sensation of hot liquid spilling over the edge of the cup and onto my fingers and hissed as pain shot through my hand. To my relief, none of it had dripped onto my shirt, as a stain would have surely been enough reason for my boss to pick on me, something he did on a daily basis. It wasn’t that he was particularly mean or rude, he simply enjoyed to poke fun at someone. I often explained it to myself by thinking that his unprofessional behavior was due to him being fairly new to the CEO position. And though I usually knew how to take a joke, since he was my boss I didn’t know what to answer to his teasing and remained quiet most of the time. After all, he was the reason I could pay my rent and afford living in the city. Of course me staying quiet, led to him teasing me further and with that the circle was full and my days at work painful.
I was pulled from my thoughts as his voice ripped me from my thoughts.

“Where’s that coffee, Miss Y/L/N?”

Mr. Styles appeared in the doorway to his office. He grinned upon noticing my struggle at holding his stacks of paper and tilted his head to the side before disappearing again.

“Coming!” I quickly answered and ushered forward to follow him.

Mr. Styles already sat behind his desk again, a frown overtaking his lovely face and both his hands massaging against his temple, just by the edge of his short, brown hair. I observed the sleeves of his suit slipping down so that the tattoos on his wrists became visible, yet only partially as I had never fully seen them before. Tattoo covered wrists wasn’t something I would have pictured on a business man and CEO like him and due to the white shirts he sometimes wore, I knew his chest was full of black ink as well. Just another reason as to why I sometimes found myself struggling to understand, how he had ended up in a job like this. A manager of a music company, when he would have fit so much better onto the stage himself. But those days were over, as I was told by one of my coworkers after I had asked about his reasons to start a company by himself.
I put the coffee cup down by one of the many piles of paper on his desk. The only answer I got was a short nod and I turned to walk out again, but stopped when he called me back.

“Is there something else I can do for you, sir?” I timidly asked.

Mr. Styles huffed before pushing his chair back and getting back up. He came to stand in front of his desk and leaned against it.

“There is, actually. I will need you to work overtime today. There are three more contracts I need you to go over for me before I can sign them.”

“Okay.” My voice stayed calm and neutral, but on the inside my blood boiled. I could have cried. This job had me on my feet and running errands for him from 5:30 am until 6pm and now he expected me to work overtime? I could barely stand properly anymore.

“Tracy can’t stay, because her husband won’t watch the kids tonight and Jeremy will be attending a conference in California tomorrow. That’s why I need you to do it,” he explained.

I shook my head in understanding. “Of course. I’ll go finish the scripts you gave me this morning now so I can start on those contracts as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Styles crossed his arms over his chest and nodded. “Good. I’ll have Tracy leave them on your desk before she leaves.”

I nodded and turned to leave again. Just when I was about to close the door he added: “And thanks for half the cup of coffee. I assume the rest is decorating your skirt?”

I looked down to my legs and felt a rush of heat shoot into my cheeks upon seeing the large brown stains covering both thighs. Mr. Styles seemingly found my embarrassment amusing as he grinned and lowly chuckled.

“Suits you.”

I bit my lip and fought back the insults laying on my tongue. “Thank you, sir.”

I pulled the door close behind myself before pressing my eyes shut. I wished upon the floor breaking open so that it’d swallow me whole. Or even better: swallow him whole.

“He isn’t being easy on you today, is he?” Tracy, my coworker,  asked as she stopped to stand before me, a sympathetic smile playing on her lips.

I shook my head. “He never is.”

“I find him quite a charmer, though,” she said and winked at me as she adjusted the folders she held tightly in her arms.

I shrugged and brushed at the stains on my skirt which looked as if they wouldn’t dry any time soon. “If he is, then I haven’t seen it before. Personally I think he’s less charming than he is an inconsiderate prick.”

Tracy laughed at my words before shaking her head. “Stay strong Y/N. You’ll see, he isn’t that bad.”


My gaze had long drifted from the text in my hands to the window from where I could see that the world had turned dark. It felt peaceful as well as upsetting. My eyes were heavy and I reached up to rub them, as I was normally long in bed by now. The pile of scripts and contracts I was to go over just didn’t want to get any smaller and the constant ache inside my head didn’t make it much easier to stay concentrated either. I jumped at the sound of a cup being placed on my desk. I looked up and was surprised when my eyes met the familiar green ones from my boss, who stood leaning against the side of my desk. Harry crossed his arms over his chest.

“Thought you might need one,” he said and motioned to the cup of coffee before me.

I took it and thanked him quietly. “It’s becoming a struggle to keep my eyes open.”

“I’ve noticed,” Mr. Styles answered, yet for once he didn’t sound as pretentious when he spoke. “It was my turn to bring you one anyway.”

“Not really. I’m your assistant and you’re my boss. It says in my job description that I have to tend to your every need. Don’t think it says so in yours.”

“Doubt it does. Why would one of the conditions to be in my position be to tend to my own needs.”

I didn’t answer his remark and refrained from rolling my eyes when he smirked down at me. I watched him reaching out and pulling the papers I was holding out of my grasp. I leaned back in my chair and watched his eyes move as they went over the text, noticing their puffiness and how much messier his hair was since I had spoken to him last this afternoon. It seemed as though he wasn’t well rested himself. Mr. Styles shook his head and tossed the papers away.

“No wonder you’re close to falling asleep. This is a pure bedtime story.”  
“Well, I appreciate the coffee,” I replied and gave him an appreciative smile.

“I hope you do.”

Mr. Styles grinned widely and I frowned, unsure what it was that amused him so much. He kept his expectant gaze on me before I lifted the cup up and peered inside. I rolled my eyes and set it back down without taking a sip. “Half full. Funny.”

“Oi, she bits back,” he chuckled, mischief sparkling behind his eyes as if he had been waiting for me to react annoyed.

Maybe it was to blame on how utterly tired I felt or maybe it was simply that I had had enough of it, but I decided to give in. He wanted to see me angry? Fine. After having worked my ass of for months for him now without ever getting anything back other than constant nagging and making fun of me, I could give him angry. Easily.

“Are there any more jokes you would like to play on my expense tonight, or may I resume the work you have given me? I’d like to go home at some point. Preferably before tomorrow,” I said, my voice calm but laced with tension and annoyance.

The smile faded off Harry’s face and was replaced by a frown. He uncrossed his arms from in front of his chest and instead rested them on the desk. “How have I angered you?”

I huffed at his question and shook my head. How could he be so ignorant to believe everything he did was instantly hilarious? This man just didn’t know when to stop, as if he had never been denied anything ever throughout his entire life. This only angered me even more.

“Right now?” I asked in a challenging tone, “Or any other time? It’s kinda difficult to choose and I’d need you to narrow it down a little, because there are too many times to count!”

Unsure of what exactly had gotten into me I pushed away the piles laying close by, nearly knocking over the coffee, before I shot to my feet. I bent down to reach for my bag before slinging it over my shoulder, my hands shaking visibly as I rambled on.

“You fail to take anything I say or do seriously! It doesn’t matter whether or not I do something right or wrong because you always try to make fun of me anyway! Even when it’s something as stupid as stains on my clothing! I mean, what is this all about?!”

I angrily pushed back the chair I had been sitting in. Mr. Styles watched my movements, looking at me as if he couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

“On top of it all you have been having me work for ten hours now! I am so sick of you doing anything in your power to make my time here unbearable and ensure that I feel miserable by the time I’m allowed to go home!”

Mr. Styles held up both hands in defense and backed a way. “I explained to you why I needed you to stay,” he spoke, “and I just brought you coffee.”

Tears shot to my eyes and heat to my cheeks. He watched with his mouth wide open as I completely let my nerves get the best of me. My cheeks flushed and I noisily sniffled.

“Only to play a joke on me. Again.” I sobbed. For a minute I had believed there was a decent bone in his body and that he had truly tried to do something nice for me. I shook my head, not feeling embarrassed at all, too exhausted to care, really.

“I’m done,” I said, “I quit.”

My hands frantically pulled the hair out of its ponytail as I pushed past a speechless Harry Styles. That certainly wasn’t what he had expected when he had come up with his brilliant joke, but my head pounded and my nerves had been robbed of their last strength. I was about to reach the door when he found his voice again and called after me.

“Y/N wait! You’re right. Shit, don’t leave. I’m sorry!”

He hurried after me and reached out to pull me back by my arm. I hissed at the contact and shrugged him off to which his face fell even more.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, “I didn’t realize I was pushing it too far.”

“Mr. Styles-”

“Call me Harry, please.”

I brushed away the left over tears from my cheeks. “Okay. Harry, I don’t think I can work for you any longer. It has gotten pretty obvious to me that I fit into this company.”

Harry sighed and shook his head. “Fucking great.” He exhaled heavily before brushing both hands over his face. “I always mess it up, don’t I?”

He stared at me with his brows furrowed and his mouth open and I suppressed my surprise at hearing him swear.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, confused at his words. He could admit when he messed up?

Harry fumbled with the tie around his neck to loosen it up and released a tired sigh. “I was told managing my own record company would be difficult. But i didn’t think keeping my assistant would become the problem.”

“Find yourself one who puts up with your childish shit and it won’t be,” I spat, somehow unable to bite my tongue and I was about to turn around again when he reached out to pull me back once more.

I expected him to yell at me, but he didn’t seem to be pissed him off at my snarky remark. Instead he nodded in agreement. His eyes bore into mine.

“I don’t want to look for a different assistant, Y/N. Please stay.”

I shook my head. “I can’t.”

I lowered my head and adjusted my bag. “Have tracy pack my things, will you? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.”

Just as my hand touched the door handle, Harry’s touched my arm in a strong hold. I was about to push the door open when he pulled me back further so I was flush against his chest and his eyes stared into mine for only a moment, before he leaned down and brought my face closer to his with his hand. I only got to look into his green eyes for a moment, before my lips were captured by his. I couldn’t even react properly, his forceful kisses leaving me breathless and my mind dizzy. He was kissing me fully and had both of his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I couldn’t have escaped, not even if I wanted to.  I whimpered when he pushed his tongue against my lower lip and reached up to wrap both arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes until he pulled me up and off my feet, so we could be even closer. My head was spinning and all I could focus on was the feeling of having his warm mouth against my own. I melted into him. Into Harry. My boss. Harry.

My hands fell down to his shoulders and I forcefully pushed against him. He reacted immediately and pulled away, letting me down to stand on my own feet again.

“I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely. His cheeks were rosy and his lips swollen. “Could’t have let you leave without-”

“What was that?” I wondered, finding it difficult to wrap my had around what we just did.

“A kiss,” he answered and reached down to hold my hand. A smile graced his lips when I didn’t pull away.

We still stood between the desks of the deserted workplace, the room dimly lit by the laps light in his office.

“I noticed,” I said and stared at his ringed hand holding mine tightly. “You’re my boss.”

“Am I? So you won’t quit?”

I stared at him. “You’re my boss! You employ me, Mr. Styles! You can’t just kiss me like that!”

“Harry. And you kissed me back, Y/N,”  he retorted as his thumb drew circles over the back of my hand, his voice much calmer than my desperate one.

“Kinda difficult not to with your tongue in my mouth,” I argued, finding it unbelievable that he thought he could just shrug this off. It didn’t seem to be a big deal to him, while to me it most certainly was.
Yet I couldn’t deny that holding his hand felt good, just as kissing him had. It was wrong, I knew that, but at the same time, there was something there that pulled me to him, no matter how annoying he always behaved around me.  

“You-” Harry began as he swallowed hard, “I’m sorry if you feel like I overstepped a line. Oh god. Did I force you into this? I thought you felt it, too, Y/N. I didn’t realize…”

He shook his head and let go of my hand before taking a step back. “I can write you recommendations and make sure you get a well payed job.”

“Harry-” I tried but he shook his head once more.

“It’s alright,” he interrupted me quickly, “It’s the least I can do after being so horrible to you, you feel like you can’t work here anymore.”

“I’m so confused,” I admitted, “I don’t even like you.”

“Ouch,” Harry spoke half-heartily, his voice full of defeat.

“But,” I began, trying to find the right words to express how I felt, “there’s something… there.”

“There is,” Harry answered slowly, “Have felt it for a long while now, you know.”

“But there shouldn’t be,” I continued, “it’s inappropriate.”

Harry stepped closer and carefully reached out his hand for me to take, which I did just as slowly. He smiled and stared at our interlocked fingers. It surprised me how easy it was to allow him to touch me when I still felt a rather strong dislike towards this man.

“Maybe if you’d allow me to take you out for a drink? We could forget about work and head to the bar around the corner. Get to know each other a little better.”

And though I knew it was a bad idea, all I said was: “Let’s go.”


“And that,” Harry explained, “is how I got the job I have now.”

“Hm. You traded traveling the world and performing for working behind a desk all day,” I pretended to think for a minute and took another sip from my Cosmo, emptying the glass, “No. Don’t get it. Does explain your tattoos, though.”

Harry chuckled before turning to the bartender, ordering two more drinks for the both of us.

“Let me pay,” I said and fumbled with my purse, “I already owe you three.”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Generous. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

Harry barked a laugh and took a sip from his gin-tonic. “You won’t give me a break, am I right?”

“Nope. Neither did you give me one over the past months, did you?”

He raised his glass in a toast, “Touché.”

I giggled, enjoying the feeling of alcohol running through my veins, the taste still present and sweet in my mouth. Maybe it was the alcohol consuming me, but I had to confess that I was actually enjoying myself quite well.

“But,” Harry continued, “you have to admit. I’m not as bad as you thought I was.”

“That is true,” I replied and squeezed his hand.

Harry smiled warmly at me and played with the ring decorating one of my fingers. I watched him with curious eyes and reciprocated his smile as it once more occurred to me how insanely handsome he was.

“Bar’s closing in 10 minutes,” the man who had served us our past rounds informed us.

“Already?” I asked and Harry sighed.

“I’ll bring you home,” he said, “Is it close enough to walk? ‘Cause neither of us should be diving right now.”

I nodded. “It’s about three blocks away.”

My heart skipped at the thought of spending more time with him and actually have him walk me home, like it happened in movies after the date was over. Only that this wasn’t a date and I could most certainly not afford falling for my boss, no matter how utterly charming he had proven himself to be. I needed to remember that. Once outside, Harry generously handed me his jacket to keep me warm and protect me from the cold.

“So,” Harry began, “I’ve talked an awful lot about myself. It’s your turn, love.”

“Well, I have an apartment about 10 more minutes away, which I share with one of my friends from collage,” I replied and reached for his hand which he happily let me take, “I’m more of a cat person than I am a dog person and given my slightly intoxicated state I have no problem with admitting that I find you really hot. Have even before I sort of began liking you.”

“So you do like me now?” Harry wriggled his brows and chuckled.

“The forth drink did the trick, honey,” I answered.

“I always liked you, you know?” Harry muttered and squeezed my fingers.


He nodded. A slight blush rose to his cheeks and he bit down on his pink bottom lip.

“Right from when you first walked into that office. You just looked too enchanting. What do you think why I was trying so hard to get you to laugh about something I said?”

“All this time when you were making fun of me, you were really trying to make me laugh?” I asked, unable to keep the coo out of my voice.

“Thought we could have some inside jokes, you know? Messed that up, obviously.”

“A bit,” I confessed.

Harry shook his head and yawned noisily before continuing, “Didn’t mean to hurt you, Y/N.”

“I know that now,” I replied and surprised the both of us by leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

We spent the rest of the walk in silence until we reached my apartment building. If this morning someone would have told me I would be in the situation I was in right now, I would have never believed it. But now it was as if there were two Harrys and two Y/Ns. The Harry I was with now was nice, warm and caring.

“We’re here,” I announced to my displeasure as we stopped in front of the building. Harry slowed his steps and turned so he stood before me.

“So. Will I get to see you tomorrow? At work, I mean.”

“Sure,” I replied and smiled. The thought of quitting had long left my mind.

“I really want to kiss you again,” Harry sighed as he reached up to caress my cheek with his finger.

“Do it then.”

He smiled softly before connecting our mouths in a kiss once more. I hummed and leaned in further to which he answered by moaning against my lips. I pulled away and he sighed, his eyes reflecting all the emotions that were cursing through my veins as well.

“Good night, Y/N.”

“Night, boss.”

“Don’t start something now that you can’t finish, darling.”


The next morning I walked into the office with an uncomfortable feeling nestled deep into my stomach. I felt as if I had written “sucked boss’s face off” written all over my forehead anytime one of my coworkers looked at me.

“Hi, sweetie,” Tracy greeted me as she walked by, “you alright? You look tired.”

“It got late last night,” I replied, trying to keep the blush from rising to my cheeks.

“Miss Y/L/N? A word please.”

I flinched upon Harry’s serious tone and quickly said goodbye to Tracy to follow his request. Once I entered his office he kicked the door shut and pushed me back to press me against the hard wood.

“Morning, baby,” he whispered hotly before pressing his lips to mine in a hungry kiss. I kissed him back but hesitated and turned my head only moments into it so I could break away again.

“Harry, someone could see-”

“Let them,” he hummed as he pressed open mouthed kisses to my neck and shoulder, “Things are going to change around here, baby.”

And with his lips on me and his arms wrapped around my body, I couldn’t find it in me to fight it any longer. I surrendered to him and allowed myself to be consumed by his presence, not caring anymore about whether or not it would be looked at as right or wrong.

“Brought you coffee,” I muttered. 

He hummed a small thank you. 

“It’s full though. Was hoping you would’t mind.”

Thank you to anyone who took their time to read this! I realize it’s a little longer than what I usually write, but I just couldn’t find an earlier ending. Hope you enjoyed it and as always, feedback and requests are both welcome.

The rest of what I wrote you can find here:


uminotenshi  asked:

Do you have any suggestions/advice for non-binary people who feel that in a "professional" working environment their gender expression would not be welcomed? Example: those who work with children such as teachers, paraprofessionals, and others employed by schools. How should non-binary people navigate gender binary dress codes and titles of respect "Miss/Mr/etc."

This is a question many of our clients struggle with on a daily basis. We live in a very binary world and failure to conform can often stifle promotions and friendship within the workplace environment. I suggest calling a meeting with the school’s principle and human resources department and discuss the title with which you’re most comfortable. In my experience, using one’s first name within the school setting, even with students, is a great way to sidestep the puzzle and whatever unknown future consequences formal binary titles may present. I’d also suggest meeting with your students to explain why you’re using the title you prefer. It’s the perfect opportunity for teaching and learning positive and lasting ideas about openness, respect and understanding. 

Needy Baby (Jungkook)

Requested: yeah by cel so fuck her cause this is so cute and needy i can’t. Also requests are, as always, open. 

a/n: i was gonna post this on friday but i decided with all the drama and everything going on we could all use some cute jungkook fluff, so here. everyone be nice. -Gabby

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,086

Jungkook x Reader

Masterlist// Mobile Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips or spells on getting more intuitive? i used to be very, now I feel like I've lost it?

Hey ;)

The first tip is obvious but don’t pressure yourself! take it slow not to block it further <3 Maybe it would help also to identify why and when you lost it, to try to work on it if you can.

Try to do little things on a daily basis, like taking notes on every “feeling” you get. Check them at the end of the day. Or maybe do some tarot or oracle readings. The cards can be really good to connect with yourself! You may also want to read this article on 15 ways to develop your intuition.

Some witchy ideas:

Crystals that can help (meditate with them, carry them with you, etc): aquamarine, amethyst, and fluorite.

Hope this helps!

thoughts on fantstic beasts

(I don’t consider anything I say here to really be spoilers, but if you disagree lemme know and I’ll put it under a cut).

The film suffers from bad world building, imo. This largely has to do JK Rowling just… not really understanding how the US works, which is the same reason why the American Pottermore stuff has not been well recieved. We are too fucking big to only have one school. There are too many cultures from all over the world mixing and clashing for us to have one homogeneous system of magic. 

You cannot live in NYC without encountering people from a vastly different culture than your own on a daily basis. It doesn’t make sense for Queenie to have never spoken to a No-Maj before. It doesn’t make sense that American witches and wizards can’t befriend or marry Muggles.

(I don’t even get why the US has a different word for non-magical people in the first place. English speakers would’ve already had a word for non-magical people when they came over, so why would they develop a new one? I think most of our different words are because of like, technology? Like elevator vs lift and tv vs telly. By the time those things came around, Britain and America where already seperated, so it makes sense that we’d adopt different discriptions for them. But the word for non-magical person would’ve already existed before that).

Like, the British Muggle and Wizarding worlds have some specific differences that make sense. Magical people wear different clothes, they use a different currancy, are pretty slow to adopt new tech, etc. This is a result of several centuries of separation.

However, it doesn’t look like the American Wizarding world is all that different from from the No-Maj one. They wear the same clothes and use the same money (as far as I can tell). They are aware of non-magical political developments. The average wix in NYC, like I said, should probably talk to a No-Maj every day. They are not separated

A British wix doesn’t know wtf a gun is. The Daily Prophet has to explain what it is when mentioned in an article. A New Yorker wix? During prohibition? The time of gangsters and speakeasies and shit? They definitely know about guns.

Thus the Magical Congress being EXTRA STRICT about Wizard/Muggle separation rings false, and the whole film suffers for it.

Welcome to my beauty blog  LEARNTOMAKEUP

Hello my angels, I’m Valeria and now is time for Sunday’s post. 

Yesterday I was checking out my messages and I saw I got this ask:

But if we read this question carefully, is it important to follow an order or steps to achieve a flawless look?

Do you guys remember that math propertie we learnt at school that is really accurate itself because it involves so many things we do on a daily basis? Changing the order of the factors does not change the product.

However, in this case we say goodbye to this statement because applying makeup should be done in order.

To be honest we all have been here, I used to apply foundation directly to my face without knowing and realizing all the damage this action made to my skin.  

If you think you don’t follow a makeup application order routine and you would like to start one keep on reading!

I promise it’s not complicated at all, if you repeat it on a daily basis or even on weekends it will get easier.


Are there any pro’s when you apply your face makeup in order? 

The answer is YES.  

What are the pro’s?

✔ The application becomes easier, smoother and dewy. 

✔ Your foundation will never look cakey again.                       

✔ Your skin and pores will not be damaged anymore.

✔ You will need less product and get a better result.

There are so many advantages you will notice if you start following a makeup order application.

Keep on mind that I’m not telling you that you need to follow all this steps or you need to use all this products every single day.

If you think you only need some foundation and powder that is completely fine, you can follow the steps until you think it’s enough coverage or enough products for you.

You can apply this routine on a daily basis or if you don’t feel like doing your makeup every single day then you can do it like I do, I only follow this routine on weekends or if I have party, meeting or a important event.

Let’s get started!


A cleanser is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. 

This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. A cleanser can be used as part of a skin care regimen together with a toner and moisturizer.


Serums offer beneficial ingredients or even more antioxidants than any other product in your routine.

A serum won’t replace your daytime or night-time moisturizer, but they will boost your anti-aging results and overall skin health when used morning and evening.

Start using products loaded with these types of impressive ingredients will help you to be on track for a more even complexion and firmer, healthier skin as you age.


Moisturizer is a complex mixture of chemical agents specially designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable also it increases skin’s hydration.

Putting on moisturizer not only makes the surface look pretty, it seals and protects what is beneath it.


Yet, many people often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it, are unsure of how to use it or don’t think it’s worth the investment.

However, using primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer, whether that’s on your skin or in your cosmetics bag.

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.


Foundation is an important facet of makeup it’s like the blank canvas on which the rest of your makeup is applied. It is the base for any makeup application.

Foundation will hide facial imperfections such as scars, depressions and pigmented areas of skin. Foundation is not merely about adding color to your skin but also as a protective covering from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning.


Concealer does much more than foundation. As the name suggests, it works at concealing or camouflaging facial imperfections. But what is of essence when using concealer is to apply it and blend it well. You may end up highlighting the trouble spots instead of concealing them.

Remember that concealers are meant to conceal and not to draw attention. Concealers are of a denser composition than regular foundations and are generally available in sticks, tubes, pots, and creams.


Powder is used to set the foundation and concealer for a lasting fresh look. Foundation and concealer are both moist and therefore have no holding power without a bit of powder to set them in place.

Not only does the powder set the make-up, it also reduces excess shine on the skin. When light is attracted to shining skin and when light shines on an area it illuminates any flaws like large pores, uneven skin, wrinkles and creases.

One of things I did learn on my makeup school was that once you apply powder never go back to foundation or it will look cakey. Make sure you applied correctly your foundation and then set it with powder.


Bronzer is used to imitate a natural suntan. It is considered a natural look and is often used for everyday wear. It highlights the cheekbones and contours the face.

Bronzer is an easy way to enhance color and provide shimmer to one’s skin tone. As the name implies, bronzer is available on a metallic palette ranging from light gold to dark brass.

Use bronzer to highlight the cheekbones. Apply it to the forehead, nose, and chin as well.


Blush is used to imitate the natural blushing of the skin. It changes the face’s depth and draws attention to the cheekbones. It can be used for a more made-up look. Blush is available in a variety of colors, including red, pink, peach, and tan. There are shimmer and matte varieties.

When applied together, blush and bronzer create a stunning and dynamic look. Blush and bronzer are common types of makeup that can be used skillfully to highlight natural beauty.


Highlighter is a product that can completely change your beauty look. When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to think about your skin tone; if you have very sallow skin, pink toned highlighters are going to stick out, but if you have very pale skin pink tones are perfect.

The goal when applying highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturized your skin.

*As always I’m open to suggestions and opinions so if you need information about an specific topic don’t forget to tell us! *

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Love you, Valeria.

A review

Joyce Byers already has a bond with El and comforted her and even told her it was okay for her to stop using her powers if it got too scary for her (even if that meant having a harder time finding Will) (aka she treats her children equally)

Millie and Noah are best friends and really really wanted a scene together in season 1 (how freaking sweet would it be if they played siblings I mean seriously)

Millie and Winona have such a mother/daughter relationship irl (it kills me on a daily basis)

El really need parental figures and while Mike said his mom would let her live with them, it’s a bit uncomfortable considering their relationship and he never actually asked his mother if she’d allow it. Basically Joyce should totally adopt El.

Diversity in YA Fantasy

Hello, darlings!! So, as many of you know, I am in the middle of writing a novel length story–a story that has been progressing in some way, shape or form since I was 15 (so like for almost 6 years). If you can send me a message/anonymous ask/regular ask answering one or more of the following questions, I would be eternally grateful. It is also important to know that NONE of you answers will appear on my blog. I will say thank you and keep them and use them in my story.

Even if you don’t answer, please reblog!!! Correct representation is SO IMPORTANT to me, so help me do it right ❤️

1. My MC has situational depression. If you have/had depression, chronic or situational, and if you feel comfortable, please tell me one thing you want people to understand about depression. If also possible, describe to me how you feel on a daily basis, how you react to certain situations, and how you might behave on a very good day.

2. One of my characters is asexual. If you could tell the world anything about asexuality, please tell me. If you enjoy romantic relationships, how do interactions between you and your significant other work? What might you do if your significant other really wanted to have sex, but you were repulsed by it? Would that be a deal breaker or would you try to work it out?

3. If you are a POC, as a POC, what would make you think an author threw POC characters in a story solely for diversity? If POC characters were supporting characters, what kinds of roles would you like to see them play? If they were main characters, same question.

4. And last, does it raise red flags if the fictional country infamous for slavery is largely white? As in, the slaves themselves are white, as well as the drivers/ruling nobility? Of course there is a mix of races in EACH of these countries (immigration/intermarriage is a big theme of this story), but the natives of this particular country are white, and the only country of people with blond hair.

I do not take offense to any of your answers!!! And if you have any questions or suggestions, please do NOT hesitate to tell or ask me! ❤️ Thank you, darlings! ❤️