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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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Welcome Back (Chapter 1)


Samurai Jack, Rated M for later Chapters

Plot: Ashi is gone, Jack doesn’t know what to do with his life. But the Gods decide Jack deserves one wish after defeating Aku. Jack uses this wish to bring back Ashi. But at what cost? Jack will have to get through new troubles in order to be with Ashi, but she’s back; and that’s all that matters to him. (M for lemon in later chapters)


Jack smiled sadly as the ladybug flew from his finger. He slowly lowered his hand, watching it fly off in the distance.

He sighed, sitting down against the tree and closing his eyes. He couldn’t contain how he felt. He… missed her. He missed Ashi. He missed…his Ashi. Slowly, Jack began to fall into a restless sleep.


A booming voice made Jack open his eyes, he looked around lostly. This was not the place he had fallen asleep to. It looked almost like the sky, but much brighter and in more colors Jack has only ever seen a few times before in his life. He slowly blinked in realization-…wait…
He spun around, only to be before the three gods he’s only seen a few times in his life.

He starred, speechless, as the one in the middle began to talk. “Samurai…You have done a great deed for us.” The one on the left began to talk, “You have vanquished the evil that was Aku!” The one to the right spoke last, “And for that, we will grant you one wish.”

All three spoke now, “Anything of your choosing.”

Jack blinked, “..A-a wish?” He muttered, his gaze searching all three of them. For a moment, Jack didn’t say a word; until a desperate sputtering came out of him. “A-ashi! Bring Ashi back!” He said. When the gods said nothing, he got to his knees. “T-the girl. W-without her Aku would still be ruling. Please. That is my one wish. Bring her back to me.” He begged in a shaky voice. Usually Jack was able to hide his despair, but here… It was all coming out. He was on his knees to these gods, his body shaking and his eyes watering at the thought of Ashi.

There was a moment of silence, before the gods slowly nodded. “Very well.” The middle one said. Jack looked up, his eyes wide.

“But…” The left one pointed at him, “That girl had Aku within her. She will be different than she was before.” Jack frowned, “…H-how so?”

The right one chimed in. “She will be weak. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will have to nurse her back to health.” “That’s fine!” Jack quickly cut in. “I will do anything for her. If it takes every second of my day that will be fine.” He whispered shakily.

“Alright then, Samurai. This is the wish we have bestowed upon you.” The three gods all moved their hands up, a light began to shine from them and onto the ground in front of Jack. Jack had to shut his eyes due to the extreme bright light, but after a minute- everything went pitch black. Jack had kept his eyes closed up until he heard a weak fit of coughing. He cracked open his eyes to see… “ASHI!”

Jack quickly scrambled up and ran to her, tackling her into a hug and pulling her into his lap. His hug only got tighter, his eyes brimming with tears as he breathed out shakily. “A-Ashi…I thought… I thought I lost you…” “J-ja…Jack, you’re hurting me…” Jack gasped, instantly loosening his hug as he looked at her. He studied her eyes for a minute, shakily running his hand into her hair. She wasn’t in anything, so Jack took off his robe and put it on her. She sat up, but looked like she was having trouble. “W-what…happened, how am I here?” She coughed again, rubbing her eyes as Jack continued to stare at her; as if looking away would mean she would disappear again.

“The…the gods. They…gave me one wish, for defeating Aku… I-i wished for you to come back.” Ashi’s eyes widened, and she starred at Jack for a long moment, before letting out a small cry. Her eyes began to water and tears began to slowly fall from her face. “I-i d-didn’t want to go…J-jack… I didn’t want to leave you. I-i was…finally happy for once…” She rubbed her eyes, crying out freely now as Jack instantly held her again. “Shhh, shh. it’s okay. I’m here now. You’re not going anywhere, Ashi. You’re here to stay. For good.” He told her quietly. His hand began to pet her hair again, her cries eventually went to light sniffles.

Ashi clutched onto his shoulders, snuggling herself into his robe as she looked up at him. She now noticed how Jack’s hair was done and messy, his eyes looked baggy and tired, but his face seemed happy with relief. “…How long…have I been…gone?” She trailed off in a quiet whisper.

Jack frowned, “About two days, perhaps. Maybe longer. I…didn’t really pay attention to the days.” He explained quietly. Ashi slowly sat up, but closed her eyes tightly right as she did so. Jack frowned, “What’s wrong?” After a moment Ashi sighed, “I just felt dizzy.” She whispered. “The gods did mention that you’ll be weak…” He murmured, “Perhaps it is because you no longer have Aku in you.” Ashi frowned, “…Which is also half of me. So I basically lost half of myself.” She murmured quietly.

Jack frowned, “Well… at least now I don’t have to worry about you kicking my butt.” He gave a small smile, joking around with her. Ashi blinked, suddenly hitting his shoulder as he flinched, letting out a small laugh. “Alright, alright. You can still do that.” He said, rubbing his arm and giving Ashi a loving smile. Ashi glared at him with anger, but her lips betrayed that- showing a happy smile.

After what seemed like hours of them just sitting there, holding each other and enjoying just being near each other again; Jack slowly got up, holding Ashi bridal style in his arms as he looked down at her. “We’re going to go straight home, so you can get some rest.” He whispered. Ashi blinked, frowning and shaking her head. “N-no, no. I don’t want to go to bed. I want to be awake, with you.” She said quietly, looking at him with wide; scared eyes. Jack’s own eyes softened, and he gently kissed her forehead. “Ashi, you won’t disappear again. It’s okay to close your eyes.” All Ashi did was look away and shake her head, it was obviously she wasn’t believing that. Jack let out a simple sigh, and began to walk back home.

There was a lot of commotion when Jack returned home. Everyone was confused on how Jack had got Ashi back, but after a quick word with his father- things slowly began to calm down. It made sense Jack was gifted by the Gods after all he had done for the world. Jack was now with Ashi in his room, she was being looked over by one of the many workers here. The lady moved her hand along her skin, making sure her body was doing okay. “She seems quiet weak, so we’ll put her on a specific diet to hopefully raise her energy levels.” She said softly, placing her hand on Ashi’s head. Ashi flinched slightly, her eyes glancing over to Jack who gave her a reassuring smile. Ashi seemed a bit more jittery after coming back, but she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. Her punch from earlier was something he had barely felt, he didn’t want her to think of herself as weak though; he knew with enough love she would be back to her old self.

Ashi was starring at her feet, letting the nurse do whatever it is she needed to do without much protest. Her eyes glanced back up at Jack when the nurse backed up a bit. “Lady Ashi, could you stand up for me?” She asked. Ashi blinked, glancing at Jack. “Lady?” She murmured. Jack blushed a bit, glancing away. “Heh, well…you are…my wife.” He murmured. Ashi gave him a soft little smile, slowly sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Even though we weren’t able to finish the ceremony?” She asked, in which Jack shook his head. “That doesn’t really matter, you’re still my wi- Ashi!” He gasped when Ashi attempted to get up, but fell- the nurse caught her in time and tried helping her stand up. Ashi was shaking horribly as she tried standing upright, the nurse was holding her hands tightly, but Ashi fell back onto the bed. She breathed out shakily, “I-i can’t.” She murmured.

The nurse frowned, she moved closer to Jack and whispered; “She’s going to need some physical therapy.” She murmured, “Keep an close eye on her, I’ll bring in her food in a moment.” She did a small bow before exiting the room. Jack glanced back at Ashi; who was quietly starring at the ground.

Slowly Jack sat beside her, moving his hand onto her back and rubbing it up and down. She gripped her robe that the nurses had put on her, it was black and silky. Ashi closed her eyes tightly, letting out a quiet sigh. “…Was I worth being brought back, Jack? I’m…not the same.” She trailed off. Jack grabbed her chin gently, tilting her head to look at him. “…You’re still Ashi. I’ll love you no matter what.” He whispered quietly, leaning in and kissing her lips. Once they pulled away Jack noticed the tears in Ashi’s eyes, she hugged him; her arms wrapping around his neck.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

(y/n)’s Song (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Summary: A song fic based on Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” watch you relationship grow starting from the time you first met.

Time Period: Modern

Warnings: None really. There is one part that has arguing in it, but it’s not terrible.

Words: 3,400

A/N: Hello! So it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but I’m glad to be posting this story for the first day of my 1k celebration. Anyway, as mentioned, this is inspired by a Taylor Swift Song, so I don’t own any of the lyrics. I hope you enjoy this and have a fabulous day!

Bolded/Italics: Song Lyrics

Italics: Memories

She said, I was seven and you were nine. I looked at you like the stars that shined in the sky, the pretty lights.

You stood behind your parents, trying to make yourself invisible, as your parents spoke to their good friend Rachel Hamilton. A young boy, two years older than you, stood beside and he looked quite bored.

“Mom, can’t I go back inside?” he complained.

“Oh, Alex, why don’t you take (y/n) to the backyard. The two of you can play while the adults talk.” she suggested, giving Alex a push towards you as your parents pushed you to Alex.

Alex grabbed your hand and dragged you to the backyard where a life-long friendship formed. He looked at you and sized you up and hoped you didn’t mind running around and getting dirty. You didn’t.

“I just want you to know that if you try to make me do anything girly, I’ll beat you up.” Alex threatened, as he tried act menacing.

“No you won’t.” you stated, looking into his eyes.

He started at you in shock. “Oh yeah? What makes you think that?”

“You don’t seem mean or icky like the boys at school.” you admitted, smiling slightly.

And our daddies used to joke about the two of us growing up and falling in love, and our mamas smiled and rolled their eyes and said oh my my my.

While you and Alex ran around, playing hide and seek, your parents watched fondly from afar. It was silent until your father spoke up.

“You know, I think I see the beginning of a relationship. I’ll bet you that those two grow up and get married.” you father promised, a fingered pointed at your mother and Alexander’s.

The two women just rolled their eyes and laughed, but they thought about the possibility. It would be a could match. Right?

Take me back when our world was one block wide. I dared you kissed me and ran when you tried.

As that week progressed, you and Alex spent every free minute together. It wasn’t uncommon if you ended up staying for dinner at his house or vice-versa.

One day, the two of you sat inside and were talking about school. Since Alex was in fourth grade, and you were only in second grade, you loved to here the stories of what went on in his classroom. Today, he was telling you had this girl Jasmine kissed a boy named Anthony.

“And then-”

“Alex.” you interrupted and looked straight into his eyes. “Kiss me.” you dared and wondered if he would actually do so.

He sat down for a moment and you thought he wasn’t going to accept the dare. However, you were caught off guard when Alex stepped closer to you, lips puckered. You squealed and ran away from him.

“No, Alex, don’t. Please.” you laughed, while running outside, trying to escape the boy trying to kiss you.

Oh if you could have only stayed in that time when your entire world was a block wide.

Well, I was sixteen when suddenly I wasn’t that little girl you used to see.

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376 days were enough for Y/N to meet Harry after building herself up, only to be teared again into the same pieces she was once left.

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The Strength of Two

Summary: Courage comes at a cost.

Pairing: Soul/Maka

Rating: T

Tags: Angst, Anxiety, Hurt/Comfort, Humor

Word Count: 1,600

Available on Ao3. Special thanks to @skadventuretime for being a lovely beta~

If you ask Soul Evans if he has any superpowers, he would say for certain that he does. But he won’t tell you about how he can turn into a literal fucking scythe, nor about the way he is able to command the rhythm of a fight with an improvised melody from the piano in his mind. While he might cite his cool-kid aesthetic as being ‘super,’ if you ask him in earnest, he will tell you that his power is being able to read his meister like she reads Austen.

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Solving for ‘X’

I wrote a little highschool!AU destiel to celebrate my birthday! What could be better than young nerds in love ❤︎

Castiel was the best in the class at algebra, and everyone knew it.

There were people who were close, sure, but Dean definitely wasn’t one of those. Chewing on the end of his pencil, he watched as Cas - wearing a neat blazer, and wearing it well - scribbled letters and numbers on the whiteboard, while Ms Mosely looked on approvingly.

“Then you can multiply by 3,” Cas said, “to solve ‘x’. It’s twenty one.”

“Excellent work, Mr Novak,” said Ms Mosely. “You’ve come on leaps and bounds this semester. Please return to your seat.”

Dean rolled his eyes. And Cas saw it, too, as he resumed his seat - the one right in front of Dean’s. It was obvious from the way that Cas’ lips turned down, and his cheeks flushed. Even the tips of his ears went a little pink; Dean had the perfect view of them, from right behind him.

He willed himself not to feel bad. Castiel’s ego had to be sky-high, seeing as he was ruling the school as far as grades went. He could probably use being taken down a peg or two.

Even still, it stuck in Dean’s mind all the way through the lesson, even when Ms Mosely set them some algebra problems to do individually and Dean could see Castiel’s pencil flying across the page, solving the equations in record time, while Dean himself scratched aimlessly at his notebook - stuck on the first one. When the bell was about to ring, he leaned forward and flicked Cas on the back, hard.

“What’s the answer to number one?” he whispered, under the cover of Ms Mosely reaching down into her desk and clattering open her drawer. Castiel only looked at Dean for a very, very long moment - and let his gaze linger in a way that made Dean very, very aware of the fray in the shoulder of his leather jacket, and the cheapness of his t-shirt, and the fact that he hadn’t had time to style his hair right that morning.

“What?” Dean demanded. Castiel said nothing at all - and then, very pointedly, he rolled his eyes at Dean, and turned away.

Dean fumed until the bell rang five minutes later, and then stormed out of the class.

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ML drabble: Perfect

(Inspired by this post here)

To say that he had a bad day was an understatement.

Today was suppose to be the day he was going to hangout with His best friend Nino, but he had to cancel due to a last minute photo shoot. This type of issue was something that Adrien had sadly gotten use to. He knew his best friend understood, but he could read how disheartened his friend was from his texts despite their understanding words.

Adrien tried his best to convince his father to schedule it for another time, but of course, Adrien knew better then anyone how futile that discussion was to argue with Gabriel Agreste. His father quickly dismissed his son’s pleas as usual and sent him on his way to the shoot.

The camera man there was very particular on how he wanted the pictures, even insulting Adrien when he made a slight error. After losing his afternoon to the strict camera man, he overheard the man insult him behind his back calling him a “spoiled brat” despite Adrien being on his best behavior. He held in his frustrations with the cameraman and walked off to go home. 

The photo shoot was for a new billboard that his father was having put up. Adrien knew that this billboard was going to be up by tonight. Which was why his father was so insistent on him going today.

When Adrien arrived home, he was surprised to find his father standing at the door, a look of disappointment on his face. The camera man had apparently told his father of his “Less then perfect” modeling. Adrien wanted to tell his father that the man was lying, that he was an arrogant jerk who should not be allowed to hold the camera. But his words die as his father’s cold glare pierces the blond teen’s mind.

“I expect better from you. Do not let something like this happen again.” Gabriel spoke low and sternly, his voice conveying disappointment and frustration. The man didnt need to mention what would happen if he heard about anything like this again. The threat in his voice was more apparent then the words that were spoken.

Adrien trudged to his room and placed his stuff on his bed. He went into his bathroom to wash his hands. As he looked up for a second, he noticed his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His neatly brushed golden hair rested gracefully on his head, his emerald green eyes seemed light despite the emotional turmoil he was hiding. People had described his face as cherubic, or angel like, his father even called his looks ‘Perfect’. He use to think that it was a compliment. But he knew that his face and his body held a secret burden that he would happily exchange.

Perfect, a word that seemed to haunt him in everything he did. His grades needed to be perfect for him to stay in public school. His piano lessons, fencing, and mandarin had to be perfect for his father to allow him to keep doing them. His modeling, his looks, his attitude all needed to be perfect, so that his father would even acknowledge him.

Perfect. He really hated that word. 

“Plagg, transform me!”

Not even the cold night air could soothe the blond cat hero’s fiery mood.

He ran from rooftop to rooftop as if an akuma was at his heals. He wanted to get as far away from his home as possible. 

After 10 minutes of sprinting, he stopped to take a breathe. He began to calm himself as he looked down at the city below.

Even at night, the city was both busy yet somehow serene. The city light shined brighter then the stars in the sky. The people walked the streets with smiles, laughing at jokes, or just making pleasant conversation. Chat noir’s ears couldn’t tell exactly what they were saying with the countless people walking and talking, but it seemed pleasant enough.

Chat noir smiled a bit as he watched some of the people take notice of him and wave. Chat noir waved back before disappearing into the night on the rooftops.

He went a few blocks away and found that there was very little light at the section of the city. Not to say it was a bad neighborhood, but it was definitely more suburban and calm.

He activated his night vision to avoid hurting himself, he continued traveling through the quiet section until a partially lit section of roof caught his attention, stoping him in his tracks once he saw what was on the roof.

It was a billboard. But it wasn’t just any billboard, it was the very billboard his father had put up using the photos taken from earlier today. His father’s insignia in the corner of the billboard, with his picture taking up most of it.

It was the first picture that was taken at the shoot. Adrien was wearing his father’s recent design for a business suit. His hear was styled neatly and his modeling smile on the billboard was apparent. 

Seeing the billboard brought the stress that the blond teen had been trying to forget right back into perspective.

The hero moved to where the billboard was, standing a few feet from it. He took a deep sigh.

“I’m… So tired of you.” He spoke to the billboard. “Looking at you makes me sick. ..and so sad.”

His words seemed to be projected at the perfect image that everyone had associated with Adrien Agreste.

Chat noir felt his throat swelling as the words began pouring out of his mouth

“Sometimes I wish… I wish… You didn’t exist ANYMORE!” He roared the last word.

“Cataclysm!” His ring hand began glowing with his destructive special power.

“I HATE YOU!” He shouted just before slamming his hand on the billboard.

His head hanging low as his dark power slowly spread throughout the billboard turning it black as night before crumbling into black soot.

He fell to his knees, weeping in frustration as he looked over the destroyed billboard.

In his anger and frustration, he did not realize that there was a red clad heroine that had witnessed him destroy the billboard.

After a minute, he stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes, only to catch a glance of his red clad crime fighting partner

“Ladybug? What are you..”

“What the heck was that?” Ladybug interrupted his sentence, her face showing her anger and confusion.

The cat hero looked a bit confused by her anger until he remember what he just did. He had destroyed his father’s billboard.

“I… I dont..” Chat stumbled over his words, he couldn’t bring himself to find a logical excuse behind his action. He was just so angry.

“That doesn’t give you the right to destroy that Billboard. That wasn’t destroyed by an akuma, I can’t fix that damage.” Ladybug told the cat sternly.

“Good.” Chat noir muttered unintentionally.

Ladybug felt her temper rise. The reason she was out was because she wanted to get a look at the billboard, since she had heard about it from Alya who was told about it by Nino.

“That is a lot of money in damages Chat. There was no greater good to save by doing this. It was pointless destruction! Why did you destroy that billboard?”

Chat noir looked at ladybug, her look seemed to almost mirror the cold gaze of his father. It made him want to blow a gasket.

“Because I wanted to!”Chat noir shouted. Catching Ladybug completely off guard. He was ticked, no that word was too weak to describe his feelings. He was absolutely seething with rage. All of the frustration from 15 years of his life was starting to come to the surface and he wasn’t sure if he could hold it back. “It needed to get torn down.”

Ladybug took notice of the black cat’s emotion, she had never seen him so angry. Seeing him like this made her feel terrified, this was akumatizable level of anger.

“Chat… please calm down. Why would you want to tear down an Adrien Agreste Billboard so badly?” Ladybug inquired a touch nervously. Did Chat know Adrien in real life? Did he do something to anger Chat? She doubted that, Adrien was too nice and sweet to ever make anyone mad at him. 

Chat noir felt his anger begin to fizzle out as he focused on calming himself.

“It is a bit purrsonal my lady. I would rather not discuss it.” Chat noir explained calmly adding a pun to show that he had calmed down.

Ladybug however still pressed on.

“Did he do something to anger you? Are you jealous of him? Please tell me so I can help.” Ladybug questioned. Her tone showing concern. But the cat wasn’t sure if the concern was for him or for his “perfect self”.

“Are you asking because you are worried about me?” Chat asked his eyes looking at her closely. his voice holding back a floodgate of emotion. “Or are you asking because you are worried about him?”

“I am worried you might do something you’ll regret.” Ladybug stated. “You aren’t acting like yourself.”

His ring had began beeping, but the tension of the situation seemed to have made the beeps go unheard between the two.

Chat looked at Ladybug, watching her face for any subtle giveaways on if she was hiding anything.

“Do you have feelings for him Bugaboo?” The question posed innocently. The emotional weight behind the question hidden from her view.

He watched as Ladybug thought about the question before answering.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Ladybug replied, slightly hesitating as she spoke. Chat had caught the hesitation. He knew the truth.

Chat noir began laughing. Ladybug began staring at the cat with a look of confusion plain on her face. He stopped laughing after a few seconds before he spoke.

“Of course you would fall for him. Isn’t that just perfect?” He spat as he said perfect.

“I never said I was in love with him?” Ladybug lied, her words almost sounding convincing, but clearly they weren’t enough.

“I noticed the way you were acting with him when we were against that hypnotist. How you were willing to give up your miraculous for him, even when it was an illusion. How the first thing you did was rush to him to make sure he was okay. I know you are in love with him.” Chat pointed out. “This just only confirmed it.”

Ladybug wanted to deny it, but she didn’t, she couldn’t. Not in a way he would believe.

Chat noir watched as Ladybug tried to say something, but she said nothing. Chat knew he was right. He turned his back on Ladybug.

His ring was on its final paw.

“It is getting late Ladybug. I suggest we call it a night. There is no danger at the moment, and I believe we both can use some sleep.” Chat noir said hollowly. He prepared to jump but Ladybug placed an arm on chat noir.

“Chat wait.” Ladybug pleaded. Her eyes filled with guilt and pain. Chat felt his anger melt as shame for his actions hit his heart.

“I am sorry.” Her words were brief, but the three words were all she could muster. He stopped to look at her before turning his back again.

“I dont blame you for falling for him. The perfect lie always seems more appealing.” Chat noir spoke softly, just loud enough for her to hear.

He ran off, he quickly managed to hide on one of the darkened rooftops, knowing she didn’t have night vision. He transformed back into Adrien, he poked his head out as he saw Ladybug stand by the destroyed billboard for a second, before leaving. He was back to being on his own.

His black Kwami was definitely peeved.

“Wait to go romeo. You made her cry. For what? Falling in love with you? Isn’t that what you wanted?” The cat kwami commented.

“She isn’t in love with me Plagg, she is in love with the perfect me. That isn’t me Plagg. That will truly never be me.” his reply a mix of sorrow and frustration.

“Well, if she isn’t truly in love with Adrien. She definitely truly hates Chat noir thanks to all of that commotion.” Plagg pointed out.

Adrien balled his fists in frustration.

“Well isn’t that just perfect.”

would you like a part two? Let me know.

Busted (Liam Dunbar ft Pack  Imagine)

Request: Can I get a imagine when you and Liam used to date and your best friends so when he tells you he slept with Hayden you get mad and sleep with theo and the pack gets mad 

 A/n: Request are open! And there is slight smut!! This is kinda bad so i’m sorry

 Liam and me had been best friend ever since we were little. Over the years i had gotten a crush on Liam but i kept quite, not wanting him to know and ruin our friendship. 

 In freshman year everything changed. Liam and I became girlfriend and boyfriend. Everything was going great we were happy, I was happy. I’m with the love of my life and my best friend. But all of that went downhill when he started hanging out with Scott and his friends.

 At first i didn’t think nothing of it but soon it turned into Liam ignoring and ditching me for them. One day i got enough of the bullshit and broke things off and we decided to still be best friends and that’s when i found out about the supernatural world. 

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Keep Quiet- Harry Styles Oneshot

In which Harry drags you along to the set of Dunkirk and things get a little R-Rated in his trailer.

I’m not sure if Harry is portraying a soldier in the movie or not and I also don’t have the slightest clue about the travel route from France to Dunkirk, but I tried to make everything as accurate and realistic as possible. I hope you enjoy!

He had called you late that night. The screen illuminated your entire bedroom as you answered with precaution, worried that something might be wrong.

“Harry?” you squeaked.

“M’sorry to wake you love, but i was wondering if you’d like to tag along to Dunkirk with me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

“That’s good to hear babe, pack your things and we’ll head to the station, yeah?”.

You were probably more excited than he was. It was his first big film and he needed you there for moral support and lots of reassuring pecks on the lips. Harry arrived at your apartment half an hour later. With a quick embrace, you kissed and hugged and giggled, followed by your appraisal for his beanie-clad head. You inhaled his scent, nuzzling your nose where his hoodie met his neck for a few more seconds, then headed out the door. After stopping to snap a quick picture of Harry and an employee at the train station, you finally reached the hotel. The next morning consisted of him enthusiastically introducing you to all of the co-stars and staff members he had met the day he auditioned. He then moved on to show you all the props and costumes they would use on set. It was so adorable to watch, like a little boy showing you his collection of action figures for the first time. The way his dimples peaked and his hands waved in animation when he talked about something he was passionate about was priceless. You remembered the day he was casted. He had called you about six in the morning spilling the good news. You both jumped and screamed over the phone and you baked him a congratulatory cake for when he came home later that night.

He broke the news that he would have to get a haircut, but nothing too drastic and he’d donate the hair to a charity. He’s a little insecure about it, hence the beanie and the hat that makes him look like a paperboy but you always reassured him that he looked amazing yet he still prefered the hats when in public. You loved the way the freshly chopped ringlets would cling to his forehead in the shower, and how you could play with the hair at the nape of his neck when he kissed you. He enjoyed it too, the way he’d hum against your mouth in appreciation.

He got you settled in his trailer. He ensured you had snacks, drinks, and a sense of sanity being that there wasn’t any internet connection. You had prepared ahead of time and packed your textbook and some notes to study and finish up your paperwork to keep yourself busy while he was shooting. After one final kiss good luck he was headed out.

“Styles!” you called.

“Yes babe?”

“You look sexy in uniform.” you smirked.

“Get to work missy!”.

You heard him chuckle to himself after he shut the door. You were knee-deep in your essay when he returned about two hours later. “Fifteen minute break” he explained.

“You know what could happen in fifteen minutes?” you suggested.

He looked at you with a light in his eyes and strolled towards you with a motive. You kind of panicked.

“Harry i was just joking”.

“Am i laughing baby? I think you and I both know what we’re capable of doing in fifteen minutes.”

“N-no not here Harry.” you stuttered.

But it was a little too late. He had already scooted your books to the side was leaning in to meet your lips until you exceeded in stopping him. You knew if he was to to touch you in anyway you’d give in so you got up from the couch and darted towards the other side of the trailer. He raised an eyebrow and grinned at you. He made his way towards you and you skipped past him to the opposite direction. You were both laughing once you got what he was hinting at and you huffed out a sigh of slight annoyance when you realized that playful Harry felt like chasing you around the trailer. You tried running from him again except he caught you and pinned you down onto the couch. He began tickling you like the little shit he is, making you laugh until you were out of breath.

The minute you were eye-level you realized he was completely on top of you. The atmosphere changed and back came sex-god Harry. It was light a light bulb went off how quick his mood changed. Before you knew it he got up and shimmied out of his costume, then climbed over top of you again, mumbling something about “Didn’t you say I looked sexy in uniform? Too bad i’ll have to take it off..”

“You could get fired Harry” you warned.

“Not if you keep quiet baby”.

He kissed down your neck, making sure to pay extra attention to your sweet spot eliciting a moan to escape from your lips.

“You want it (Y/N)?” he asked. He awaited for your nod of consent, then effortlessly removed your jeans and underwear.

“This is gonna be quick, okay?”.

You nodded. You didn’t care as long as you didn’t get caught. He quickly, but gently moved inside of you, stretching your walls. He automatically picked up the pace with skill. He was moving quick as he had said he would- and hard. Your breath quickened, releasing exhales of air in place of moans. Your hands ran through his hair as he kissed down your neck once more. You heard his short grunts in your ear while whimpering a moan in his. You said his name, which made him thrust into you even harder. You bit your lip to stifle your screams, again settling instead for quick huffs of air. Your head fell back onto the couch and you worried that the trailer might be rocking back in forth but you were to busy trying to keep quiet to check.

You leaned forward and sunk your teeth into his collar bone, just above the bird. He always bled when you did this and though it was never intentional, he fucking loved it. Same went for when you left scratches cascading down his back. He loved having the stinging reminder of what he could make you do. He loved it even more when he found out you were never aware of when you were doing it. Just like you had no idea how loud you could be until the neighbors complained, or that you were even capable of what did he call it? Oh yeah,- squirting.

The two of you were an entangled mess of limbs and stifled moans. You were both close and despite the cool weather outside, the temperature in the trailer was rising. He put his hand over your mouth masking the inhuman scream emanating from your throat. You arched your back off the cushion and released your orgasm, Harry following suit. You both took a minute to catch your breath. He kissed you sweetly, thanking you for putting up with his antics. You helped him back into his costume and he into your jeans. You wiped the sweat from his forehead and fixed his hair back into place, erasing any sign of sex.

“Part two at the hotel tonight?” he giggled.

“You’ll have to catch me first, Soldier Styles”.


-All the love, Vanessa. :)

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“Don’t fucking call this article Murphy’s Law!” joked Cillian Murphy in a 2004 interview in Complex magazine, referring to the fact that more stories on him than he cared to mention had said title.

Twelve years later, he’s a lot more relaxed about it. Cillian on the cover of 7 Days Magazine. Interview + 7 must watch Cillian films below the cut.

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Circle of Friends in Taiwan Live Report

this is so late ahhh sorry I couldn’t do it first minute because my flight was basically right after the live and packing and everything but ;;;


 Okay!! Before you read here are some warnings:

1. Heavy fangirling
2. Amatsuki-biased.
3. Maybe a little homo-ness because it’s COF how can you not

Ready? Let’s go –>

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Anything For You (Part Two - Ashton Irwin)

Anything For You Part One

I may have shed a tear… Don’t judge me though. Hopefully you will too.

Please let me know what you think, make requests of your own, and enjoy :) 

“Babe,” Ashton stroked a thumb over your cheek. “We’re here.”

You grumbled groggily and pulled the blanket over your head, “Five more minutes Ashton.” You heard him chuckle, and there was a lot of shuffling from the backseat, but he didn’t disturb you again for a few minutes, and you fell straight back to sleep.

The next time you woke up was on your own. The blanket had been pulled off your head and tucked back around you, no doubt by Ashton again, and the sun was almost all the way up in the sky by this point. “Ashton?” Your voice sounded almost hoarse, and you sat up, looking around to find him.

 He wasn’t in the car so you dropped the blanket to the floor and stepped out, looking around for your boyfriend. “Ash…” You trailed off when you finally spotted him and saw what he had done.

The car was pulled over on the side of a poorly paved road that ran right along a stretch of beach. You could see all the way to the deep blue water,  and right there between the two, just above where the waves were lapping at the shore, sat Ashton. The duffel was next to him on the sand, and he’d laid out a large roll up mat with all your favorite foods spread out on it and a bottle of wine with two glasses already poured.

Your mouth hung open as you closed the car door, the sound of it catching Ashton’s attention. He looked up, and when he saw the shocked expression on your face his mouth spread into a wide smile. Ashton jumped to his feet and ran over to you, “Now I’ll admit,” he cupped your hands in his, “I did stop and buy the food while you were asleep. I didn’t even attempt cooking.”

You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, hugging him close to you and burying your face in his chest. “I love you,” There wasn’t really a word for how much you loved Ashton in that moment. He went so far out of his way, on one of his very rare days off, just because you’d complained about a bit of writer’s block.

“I love you too,” Ashton’s arms wrapped around you, and he squeezed you close, pressing a quick kiss to the top of your head. You smiled into his chest and pulled back, prepared to walk over to the amazing little set up Ashton had thrown together. “No you don’t,” he picked you up and carried you over to the mat, “wouldn’t want you to get sand all over you now would we?” He sat you down on the mat and plopped down next to you.

You rolled your eyes and nudged his arm with your elbow. He was going out of his way to be nice to you today more so than usual, and you weren’t sure why but something was definitely up with him. Ashton reached into the bag and pulled out a pack of your favorite sandwiches from the deli up the street from your house and began unwrapping one for you.

“Now, I know it’s not some 5 star restaurant or anything like that, but you always say it’s about the little things,” He held out the sandwich to you with a tentative smile. “I just thought you’d probably like something quieter, so you can think about your books and such.”

You took the sandwich and shook your head, “No.” Ashton seemed a little stunned, obviously thinking you weren’t happy with his set up. You giggled at his expression and took a bite out of the sandwich, “I mean I’m done thinking. I just want to relax for a bit with my perfect boyfriend who went so far out of his way for little ole me.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek, and he was smiling so wide you thought his face would split.

You rested your head back on his shoulder and curled into his side, watching the waves on the shore. Ashton draped an arm over your shoulder and held you to his side, using his free hand for his own sandwich.

You spent the rest of the day out on the beach, just watching the waves and the occasional sailboat in the water. Ashton had picked a fairly secluded spot, and no one bothered the pair of you, which you would say was probably a first for a date with him. Usually you’d be interrupted mid-meal by a fan or mobbed by paparazzi leaving.

“Ashton?” The sun was setting, and the pair of you hadn’t said anything since you finished your food. It was such a beautiful moment; you almost wanted to slap yourself for speaking and ruining it.

“Hm?” Ashton murmured, too peaceful and too absorbed in the beautiful moment to actually form a full word response.

You looked up and saw that he was staring down at you with a blissful look in his eye, and you blushed. “Can we get in the water?”

Ashton chuckled and reached up, stroking a thumb over your cheek. “I don’t know; I’m kind of enjoying the view.” Ashton leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, resting his forehead against yours. “We can do whatever you want, beautiful…” He let go of your shoulder jumped up, holding a hand out to you.

You took his hand and got to your feet, “Race you?” You smiled, letting go of his hand and taking off ahead of him, ignoring his shouts about you being a cheater. You just giggled and pulled down your pants, kicking them off as you ran. Your feet hit the edge of the water and you pulled your shirt over your head, tossing it somewhere over your head.

You’d only gotten to about ankle-deep water when Ashton caught you. He could’ve caught you so much sooner if he tried, but he loved the smile on your face when you won. “Gotcha,” He snickered, throwing you over his shoulder and running into the water with you squealing and hitting his back, without much force.

When he started getting deeper he pulled you off his shoulder and carried you bridal style in his arms till you the water was to his waist. “Cheating isn’t nice, (Y/n),” he smirked down at you.

You clutched onto his neck and hid your face in his shoulder, “Ashton Irwin if you drop me I will give Calum, Luke, and Michael that photo your mom gave me last year of you in a Pooh Bear pull up diaper with a pink pacifier because you lost the green one!”

Ashton’s hand went to your hair and pulled you from his shoulder. “You wouldn’t,” His expression was blank and serious now, no hint of a smile on his face, except for his eyes. They were bright and playful as they always were.

“I would,” you nodded, trying to keep the smile from your face. You’d never actually show anyone that picture. You liked having a few parts of Ashton to yourself, that picture was one of them.

Ashton raised an eyebrow and smirked, “I guess I’ll just deal with the teasing then.” Ashton let his arms slip from under you. Your arms around his neck kept your head from going under, but your lower half fell in, the water rising to your torso.

You squealed and splashed water on Ashton’s chest. “Jerk!”

Ashton just laughed at you and scooped a handful of water, pouring it over your head, making you splutter a bit. “You don’t mean that. You love me.” He leaned in and kissed you.

You giggled against his lips and jumped up, wrapping your legs around him so you could reach his lips easier. Your lips moved against each other’s in a way that was so familiar but so perfect. You knew each other so well, and it was always heavenly. Every kiss felt like the first all over again, and it’s one of the things you loved most about Ashton.

When you pulled away you stayed there with your forehead against his, staring into his eyes. The sunset was reflecting a glint in his eyes, and he looked so beautiful. “I have something to tell you,” he whispered, turning around and carrying you with him back to shore.

“What is it Ash?” You asked, confused as he carried you out of the water and set you on the wet shore. Ashton jogged past you towards his clothes, and you turned, keeping an eye on him. “This isn’t the break up speech is it?” You asked, only sort of joking.

Ashton grabbed his pants and shirt and ran back to you, squatting in the sand next to you with a nervous smile, “Not even close….” Ashton set his clothes in a pile next to you and took your hands in his. “You’re the light of my life, and I never want to be without you again. I’ve never met someone like you before. You don’t see ‘Ashton from 5sos’. You see Ashton Irwin, that dorky Australian who loves playing the drums more than anything and is so dumb he actually thought tadpoles were baby turtles,” Ashton joked, and you smiled widely down at him. “You’re my better half. There’s nothing in this world I want more than you. They can take away my fame; they can take away my drums; they can even take away my band, and I would be okay as long as they left me you.”

Your eyes started tearing up as Ashton got to his feet and pulled you to stand beside him. “There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you, and there’s nothing in this world that I want to do without you.” Ashton kneeled in front of you, and a few tears started to fall. “So I  just have one question for you, (Y/n).” Ashton reached for his pants and pulled a small black box and held it up to you, flipping open the lid. “Will you do me the honor of being my bride?”

Submit Anon: I too was chosen
When I was 15, my dad put me one of those  in a special classes after school to learn about the rules of the road and traffic laws before I got my learner’s permit. That was where I Met M. I was really shy at the time, and for the most part, I kept to myself. I usually sat at a table on the far side of the room and didn’t speak at all to anyone. I have always loved to draw, and throughout all of my years of being in school I’ve always had a habit of drawing all over my papers. One day during our break between lessons, a boy who sat across from me took notice of my little doodles.  He started talking to me about them, and asking me various questions. He recognized some of the characters I drew and began telling me all sorts of things. I didn’t know anybody so I figured…. what could possibly go wrong? its just friendly conversation, right? wrong. The guy told me about what he was into and you know a lot of it was stuff I wasn’t particularly interested in anymore if I ever was at all. It didn’t take very long for my spidey senses to start going apeshit about this guy.

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The other Allen’s

This is a story I’m going to write based on an imagine I wrote! I got a lot of good feedback so here is part 1. If this is well received you can definitely expect part 2. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Imagine: http://mattstarrxfandomimagines.tumblr.com/post/141522768451/imagine-being-partners-with-the-flash-when-two

Summary: You are partners with the Flash and have known him for a long time. Here’s the catch. You don’t know his secret identity. And now you get some unexpected visitors, which throws both of your worlds upside down.

Warnings: None

Pairings: Reader x Barry Allen + Reader x The Flash

“Hey Flash- look at this.”

You smirked, thinking it was funny that your presence at Star Labs forced Cisco to address the superhero by his public identity. It’s not that you and Flash didn’t trust each other- you both just hadn’t seen the need to expose his identity.

At least you were pretty sure that was the reason.

You sat on a table in the lab, your legs folded underneath you indian style. Sitting with your eyes closed helps you concentrate- which really helped you use your powers. Your powers being your slight telepathy; which enabled you to feel and sense the emotion of other people. You were still working on reading actual thoughts. But for now, the level you were at would have to do. Besides, you had other abilities you favored over your invasive mind reading.


That’s what they were calling you. You thought that your name was a little ironic-  but you guessed it matched your powers. Everything about your body had been enhanced- you were even able to manipulate other’s bodies, but of course that was also a work in progress. So for now you would have to survive with only being able to expel searing white energy off your body, teleportation, and super strength. So far, that’s all you and Cisco had figured out about your abilities. Though to your disappointment, Caitlin told you that because of what caused your powers, there were many other abilities you could develope.

Who knew that having a superpowered heart would change your life that much?

“What’s Angel doing on the table?” Flash asked. You smiled, pleased that Flash had referred to you by your codename and not your real name. If everyone else had to call him the Flash, everyone was definitely going to have to call you Angel.

“Shh. Not so loud. Being up on the table makes her feel tall- it helps her confidence.” Cisco joked.

“Just because my eyes are shut doesn’t mean my ears are Cisco.” You said, hoping that your comment had caught him off guard. You heard both boys laughing and rolled your eyes under their lids.

“Now shush. I need to concentrate. For all we know we could’ve already had a metahuman attack and because of you too I could have missed it. So please shut up.” You turned from your giggling companions. Closing your eyes, you focused on clearing your mind. Nothing really came. You felt a brief wave of happiness, then a crowd of tiredness that came with Monday morning traffic. You mentally sighed, waiting for some random flash of anger to register in your mind. Suddenly blinding emotion seared your brain. You screamed in pain, your voice ripping across the lab as you grip the sides of your head. Barry was by your side in a second steadying you-and Cisco was yelling.
“Angel broke the machine!”
“Cisco calm down!” Flash snapped and then turned his attention back to you. You were  slumped over, resting your head in the crick of his shoulder. Your head pounded- it felt like your consciousness was slipping away from you, tied to your body with a string.
A really thin string.
“Angel don’t- Angel stay awake-,” You felt gloves hands cupping your face and lifting it up, “- (F/n) are you okay? Hey-don’t go to sleep on me.”  Barry lowered his voice to a whisper so only you and he could hear. Which he may not have had to do given that the machine that had been reading your brains waves had completely exploded and was making loud noises ever since your brief meltdown. You opened your eyes and tried to focus but everything was blurry, and you had to fight yourself to keep your lids from closing. Flash came into focus in front of you. You groaned, and he smiled, relieved you were well enough to respond.
“You okay?” He asked.
“Dieing, but I’m okay.” You said, your voice shaky. Again, you were blinded by a toothy smile. Your chest fluttered, and you couldn’t help smiling back. It was contagious.
“Hey guys! I hate to interrupt the staring contest- but we’ve got a problem.” Cisco said interrupting the both of you. To your embarrassment, you realized that you and Flash had just been staring at each other. But you couldn’t worry about that right then. You looked beyond Cisco’s shoulder and saw a smoking, sparking machine. Your eyes widened- it was no larger than a smart car, but there was no way someone had dragged that thing into the lab while you hadn’t been looking. You hopped off the table- even though it was more like stumbling- and tried to get a better look at the object that had magically appeared.

But something was different.

You were drawn to it.

It was different then the sudden attack that had happened just a minute earlier- but it had it’s similarities. You felt the same strong connection to the machine that had flashed momentarily in your brain. But his time it was softer, gentler, and it made you- happy.

It was the feeling you got when looking at…

You shook your head, quickly dismissing the thought that had been arising. You two couldn’t feel that way- you were partners. Your gaze flickered to Flash. You didn’t even know who he was. So it didn’t matter.

But whatever was in that machine did.

You pushed past Cisco and Flash and headed towards the machine.

“Woah, Angel what are you doing?! A machine just magically zaps itself into S.T.A.R. Labs and you want to go towards it? That’s about how everyone dies in horror movies. They go looking for the bad thing- and the next thing they know they’re killed by what they were looking for! Don’t you watch movies?” Cisco exclaimed, reaching out like he was going to grab your arm, and then pulled it back because he had decided it wasn’t worth it.

“Listen I’ve got a good feeling about this- so shush.”

“Yeah, and last time you said that it went so well right?”

You turned around and glared at Cisco.

He didn’t object anymore.

Satisfied, you turned back around and closed the distance between you and the machine. You held out your hand, hovering over the metal. You almost chickened out, when that same feeling came over you that made you want to smile.

You reached down- and then a hatch popped open on the machine and flung you back.

It really wasn’t your day today.

You slammed down hard on your back, and Barry and Cisco dragged you back as the opening of the machine ished smoke.

“Told you so.” You heard Cisco whisper.

“So what’d we do-” Barry cut himself off as two moving shapes collapsed from inside of the machine. You widened your eyes and stepped forward- the shapes were living. Before you could go any further, Flash stuck out his arm to make sure you stayed back. You frowned and looked up at him, just as one of the smoke shrouded shapes shot up.

It was a girl.

Someone who looked only a couple years younger than you. She was short, and built like a weightlifter. Her hair was brown and curly, cut short a little past her ears. She was wearing a suit- and it was similar to your white one. Except it was cut off at the shoulders- and it had hints of red. The girl stood up tall and spread her arms.

“2016! Say hello to Peregrine Al-” the girl was cut off as the other shape leaped up and grabbed her arm before she could finish her sentence. This second girl was tall. Like really tall- almost as tall as Barry. Her face and neck was covered in freckles, mirroring the other girl’s small spray of dots across her nose. Her brown hair was long and lanky, and half of it was pulled up in a bun. Her outfit had the same color scheme as her companion, but red was the prominent color.

“Perry! Stop.” She hissed, having to bend down to scold. The other girl was just too short for a regular conversation stance. Perry looked up and shrugged.

“What? They should know. Why not get it out of the way right now Nora?” Nora- the tall one, looked over at the three of you.

You were all still too dumbstruck to move, standing with your mouths open.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Who are you?” Barry interrupted, and both girls turned their attention to him. For a second, neither said anything. Peregrine found it hard to look in Flash’s eyes. Nora on the other hand stared straight at him. Another beat of silence passes. Suddenly, Perry unclenched her fists and blurted out six words that threw your life onto it’s newest crazy course.

“We’re your kids. Yours and Angel’s.”

The Reunion.

Prompt: a school reunion imagine where the pack and the other people from BHHS see each other again after idk 5 years and the reader and stiles see each other too and they used to have crushes on each other so stiles is kinda flirty with her but she’s more shy and distant bc she’s been hurt a lot but they somehow end up together? – anon

Author’s Note: So, I really love this prompt, and at first it was just going to be one-shot type deal, but then a friend told me about how their high school reunions are and my ideas just went from there. One thing led to another, I got carried away, and if I left it as a one-shot, it would have been waaaay too long. So, I’m turning it into a little mini-series. How “mini”? I’m not sure yet. At least three parts… maybe four… or more. Who knows. We’ll see where it goes and if y’all like it and want more. (:

I hope you don’t mind this, anon. (: Thank you for requesting!

Here’s part one, and I hope to get part two finished and posted by next weekend.

Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated! (:

The Reunion, Part One.

Oh my gosh. Why am I even going to this thing? I don’t go to these kind of things. I’m not a socializer. This is going to be a disaster; I just know it. (Y/N) thought to herself as she straightened out her dress after stepping out of the cab that dropped her off in front the hotel lobby. She turned back toward the cab driver and paid him the fair before turning back towards the entrance of the hotel. You can do this, (Y/N). She thought to herself as she let out a deep breath.

“Not to sound like a creep or anything, but you look really nice tonight.” She heard the cab driver say from beside her.

She turned back towards him and offered him an appreciative smile. “Thanks.” That compliment actually settled her nerves a little. If she ended up making a complete fool of herself in front of her old classmates, at least she would look nice doing it.

It was the first night of the reunion weekend and she wanted to make a good impression; one that said she had her life together. She wore a black, knee length, one shoulder dress and black strappy heels. She kept it simple with the jewelry; a black and gold watch, black ring, gold earrings, and the gold dove pendant necklace that she got from a friend as a high school graduation gift. Simple yet sophisticated… at least that’s what she was going for.

She walked through the hotel doors and followed the signs that read Beacon Hills High Class of 2016, which eventually led to the doors of the ballroom. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before walking through the doors and looking around. She was actually pretty impressed with the set-up. Chandeliers lit up the large room. Tall tables were scattered about where old friends reunited with excitement. There was even a small dance floor in the center where a few people were dancing to the upbeat song that the DJ was spinning. If it weren’t for the rather large cocktail bar, she’d think she had stepped back in time to her high school prom.

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#9 Finally Interested Part 5 (Harry Styles)


This is the Final Part of the Not Interested Series. 

Read the first four parts here:  Not InterestedA Little Interested, Maybe Interested, Only Interested 

I hope you like it! Please tell me your views? I update faster with comments! Really!

I didn’t quite know how I felt. There were days when I just laughed and joked about everything but then I just grew numb after a while. The other days, I just didn’t speak to anyone and sat in my car or attended classes sitting in some corner.

She was all over the place now. I could see her everywhere, talking to people, helping people. College festivals were on her head, and Madam was very busy. She had tried talking to me a few times. They usually ended with me insulting her which led to breaking my heart in pieces again, sometimes slamming the door on her face. She was trying to apologize she had said. Bullshit. All of it was bullshit.

I guess the fault was mine. I let her in. I believed her lies. Thought she’ll be this simple girl who could be my star. It was all a lie, and I was an idiot. “Hey, man!” Josh hit my shoulder, pulling me inside the frat house for another party. We kept it invite-only this time. It never worked but, every new council always tried.

“This woman you have to agree was a slut and not even worth calling a slut,” They knew about what happened. One of the times she walked in trying to apologize, I was drunk with these guys and blurted out everything and then, kicked her out. I still remember her eyes that day. I was shocked when she had tried to talk to me, again. I wouldn’t have talked to myself.

“Yeah enough, I’m over it!” I said, trying to stop him.

“Hey, Casey is here. Asking about you, huh, she is,” He hit me, again. I encouraged his movement and then, got him distracted, walking away.

I took a few drinks and planned to crash in my room when I heard her voice. “No, I don’t have an invite but, I have to meet Harry!” She shouted while the fresher argued with her.

“It’s invite-only!” He repeated.

“When is it invite-only!” She cried, “Look, if I can’t go in, could you please call him?” She asked as I peeked through the window. She was wearing a short black dress which I had bought for her. She looked incredibly innocent but still, a sin in it. She had her hair down as she turned wiping her eyes and then, went back to arguing. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to see her crying but, I couldn’t get over what she did. Somewhere I knew this was about ego but, she had gotten herself hurt so many times after, it might also, be about heartbreak.

“You aren’t allowed here,” Max pulled the door wide open, and she took a step-down. “Whores are banned.”

“I’m not a whore,” She wiped her eyes.

“You look like one,” He smirked.

“Could you please call Harry?” Why was she trying so hard? I was a bet, right; which she won.

“He doesn’t want to talk to you. You know honey, if you are so desperate to get fucked I could probably send this guy to do the deed,” He pushed the freshman forward who fiddled on his feet. There was a crowd near the door, watching him insulting her and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Or our dog is also…”

“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed pushing Max away. She was mess standing in front of me. My heart broke again, why was she doing this? She was shaking from the hurt and, I knew she’ll break down if another word was said to her.

My eyes softened, “Why are you here, Giselle?” I asked, softly.

“Ugh,” She sniffed, fiddling with her wallet, and pulled out two tickets, and pushed her hand forward. Her hands were shaking while tears just fell. “Your favorite play is today at nine-thirty in the city auditorium and, I thought maybe,” she met my eyes and for the first time looked defeated. “Maybe not…” She nodded. The music behind had died down, and everyone was quietly listening to the drama played out on the front door. All of them were assholes. “I’m sorry…” She said, nodding her head and wiping her tears turning away.

“You know, it’s nine-fifteen. I think, if we drive a bit faster, we’ll reach in twenty. They anyway always start late,” I said while I heard people gasp behind me and I closed the door behind me. She looked shocked and walked towards the car while she followed me.

Without a word we sat inside the car and she waited for me to say something. I didn’t; I didn’t know what to say. She looked away after some time and fixed herself. We reached on time and the play hadn’t started yet. We were escorted to the best seats in the house. She must have paid a fortune for this. We were given our drinks and snacks. I read the entire plan and there was a dinner at the end, too.

We hadn’t said a word to each other but, she walked close to me. I felt she was trying to assure herself that I was there. During the play, she started shaking and sniffing while I knew it wasn’t because of the play. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her and pull her close. She hugged me chest and tried to calm herself down. We stayed attached the entire play, and I tried to rub her legs or back whenever I felt her shiver.

The play was beautiful, it always was. We were led to our dining table which was in a closed room with just us and a beautiful view. We sat down and she just looked numb sitting in front of me, looking down at her plate. We had said nothing to each other. The food arrived slowly and it was all my favorite. What was this woman doing? I could feel her eyes waiting for a response every time I took a bite.

 “We have two choices for dessert, this evening – Meringue box with Amaretto Cream and Fruit and Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie. Which one would you like to have?”

 “The Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie, please?” I answered.

 “Excellent choice, and Ma’am?” He asked her.

 “The same, please,” She squeaked.

 My eyes kept watching her but, she never met my eyes. Max did go far today. He’ll have to pay for it. No one should talk to anyone like that. But, you did? Remember that night. It’s a miracle she is still sitting in front of you.

 I did go far. “Did you like the play?” I asked. Finally breaking the silence between us, it was getting a bit too suffocating.

 “Hmm,” She nodded.

 “Why are we here, Giselle?” I asked and she looked up. Her eyes could hold a conversation in themselves.

 “I’m not sure,” She whispered.

 We were served our desserts and, I slowly took a bite savoring the taste. I was eating this after two years. It was always never available or two expensive to afford in college. She remembered everything.  

 Walking out of the restaurant, I was wondering if it was all worth it? She had apologized, I had hurt her back. Revenge was over. I felt she had given up and she walked straight towards my car.

 “So, umm, I’ll take a cab,” She tried to smile but, her eyes betrayed her. I couldn’t take it. I held her face in my palms and pressed her against the car, kissing her finally. Our lips moved in sync, as I put all my frustration, heartbreak and hurt in it. Her hands pulled at my shirt pulling my body closer to her. I wrapped my arms around her, blocking all her escapes from my lips. It was a while after we pulled away, “was this some last hurrah,” She asked sniffing.

I pressed my forehead against hers, “why are you doing this?” I asked.

 “What do you think?” She asked. I kissed her again, missing her lips against mine. We pulled up near this hilltop which had a perfect view of the sky. I opened the overview and pulled our seats behind making it a bed. “I can’t get over how beautiful the sky is,” She sighed.

 “I’m sorry for what Max said,” I spoke. “It was wrong and I should’ve stopped him way before…”

 “It’s okay, I’m not thinking about it,” she replied. “I’m sorry for hurting you,” She said after a while.

 I just turned my head to look at her. “You’ve said that.”

 “I forgive you, I forgave you long back. But, you kept coming back?”

 “I felt horrible. I’m not a bad person. I’ll take anything but, the way you looked at me that day. I’m really sorry. I won’t hurt you, now. I swear I’m going away anyway…”

 “Where are you going?” I asked sitting up.

 “Exchange program, for the next semester. I’ll be away from you and you can…It was so stupid to even think of such a thing. I was angry – on a lot of things and, suddenly you were there and I didn’t think. I didn’t mean to hurt you or fall for you. I’m not a horrible person, really…”

 “Hey, shh…I know you aren’t, I’m sorry for making you feel that way and saying all those things. I was hurt and alcohol is never good,” I kissed her. “I thought you were my star.”

 We didn’t say anything after that. I dropped her off at her dorm and went back home. The party was still going on but, I preferred my room more.

 “So, you’ll be back in 4 months?” I asked her. She was packing her luggage while I was admiring her butt.

 “Yep, 4 months…” She sighed. “This room will be free, you know.”

 I raised my eyebrow. “My room-mate? Remember? You can try your luck?”

 “I have a thing for her room-mate actually? And I’m very focused,” I smirked. She gave me a big smile and went back to packing.

 “So, when I see you again in four months, can I take you out?” I asked her. I had made all my friends apologize to her.

 “I thought we were already dating?” She asked, her eyes big.  “Are you breaking up with me?” She looked as if she could cry, again. I wasn’t having any of that anymore. We had our fill.

 “What no! I was kidding! My god! I can’t even joke!” I held my chest, dramatically.

 “Not when I’m leaving you can’t!” She hit me. “It’s long distance, though?” She said after a while, “Loads of problem with long distance,”

 “Really?” I smirked.

 “Will you be able to hold on to your star?” She blinked her eyes innocently.

 “Will you? Who will be there to satisfy this little minx?” I tickled her.

 “Toys,” She pulled her tongue out.

 “Remember when you stalked me in the club?” I asked her.

 “That is very mean. Shut up!” She hit me.

 “You did stalk me, telling me not to go and get my one night stand,” I smirked.

 “I was saving you from embarrassment. Her husband is in the army!” She rolled her eyes.

 “My perfect chance of getting laid, you had stolen!” I said, climbing on top of her. She was back. Finally, I had her with me, in my bed, in my arms. I won’t let her go, again.

 “Sure, you can still go and look for one, you know. You were anyway not interested in me?” She said, pushing me down and climbing on top.

 “Are you kidding me? With these breasts? I’m very interested in you,” I said kissing down her neck.

 “Hmm,” She moaned, “I’m very interested in you, too.”


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Liam Payne Facts: 24 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The One Direction Star

Liam Payne turning up to support his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, at Monday night’s Believe In Magic Cinderella Ball reminded us all just how much of a wonderful friend and person he is.

We mean, he effectively gave up a rare evening off - and thousands and thousands of pounds - to make sure that terminally and seriously ill children were treated to a fantastic night that made them feel like royalty.

Originally posted by iamtheblankpage

There were far too many feels for us to deal with, tbh.

Anyways, in honour of the Payno, we decided to have a little dig and bring you 24 facts that you probably don’t know about the 21-year-old mega babe… Although we aren’t kidding ourselves and are more than aware you probs actually do know all of these.

But try and humour us anyways, yeah?

Originally posted by northern-boys-love-gravy

1. Liam has always had a pretty humongous heart, and if he wasn’t in the biggest band on the planet, or Batman, then he actually planned on being a firefighter because he “likes the idea of saving people”.

The star actually ended up proving his worth as a man in uniform too, when his close friend Andy Samuels caught alight during a freak accident at Liam’s home and the singer managed to save him from the flames.

Andy ended up suffering third degree burns and needed skin grafts, but if it wasn’t for Liam’s quick thinking and bravery then things could have been a whole lot worse. 

2. Still, Liam hasn’t always been super cool, calm and collected, in fact, he used to be a bit of a nervous Nelly.

Originally posted by liammix

Speaking in an interview once he admitted: “When I was seven, a girl I really liked tickled me and I wet myself.

“Then she laughed, because she was a lot older, but I cried and it was terrible.”


3. And Liam’s uncontrollable bladder seems to be a recurring theme from his youth, with the star also revealing that he once weed all over his family’s kitchen floor after he sleepwalked downstairs in the night.


4. Payno is the middle child of One Direction - older than Harry Styles and Niall Horan but younger than Zayn Malik (we miss him) and Louis, still, everybody knows that he acts as the daddy of the group.

5. In fact, Liam is such a father figure that he even has those cringey dad jokes down to a T with him once replying to somebody who claimed that she was his biggest fan by asking “How tall are you?”

Originally posted by liammix

D’oh, daaaaaaddddd, you’re embarrassing us.

6. Liam’s sensible attitude is also renowned outside of the group, with Ed Sheeran previously admitting that without Liam, those cheeky 1D scamps would probs be in prison.

7. Liam auditioned for X Factor way back in 2008 when they lowered the entry age to 14, he got as far as Judges Houses before it was decided that he just wasn’t ready.

And thank goodness for that, eh? If he’d gone through then, he wouldn’t have ever become a member of the biggest boyband on the planet - everything really does happen for a reason.

8. When Liam’s 2010 X Factor auditioned first aired on our televisions, bookmakers made Liam the second fave to win the entire show, behind Cher Lloyd.

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for the gambling types, he was put in One Direction before the live shows even started. 

Originally posted by live-while-we-are-young-1d

9. While we’re focusing on the early days, a fun fact is that Liam had just over seven minutes worth of solos on the band’s debut album, ‘Up All Night’.

Which was the second most behind Harry.

10. Let’s go even earlier; after falling ill as a baby, it was discovered that one of Liam’s kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional, with him having to have injections just to cope with the pain.

However, in August 2012 a miracle happened with the star tweeting: “Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed from when I was a baby!!!

Originally posted by theonewhoprotested

“:o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday [SIC]”

11. And that’s not all that poor little Liam had to contend with during his youth, with the crooner and mega babe being incredibly open about how severely he used to be bullied at school.

In fact, Li used to hate going in so much that he used to pretend that he was too poorly, and on his sweet 16 he threw a party but nobody showed up.


As much as it breaks our heart to think about, we reckon Liam definitely got the last laugh.

12. Still, he always had his older sisters, Nicola and Ruth, to play with - with him previously telling The Sun: “They used to try to influence my fashion a bit.

“Which you know… may have involved a heel or two.”


13. Before he quit the band, WELP, Liam had a pretty close relationship with Zayn Malik, with Zayn even admitting that if he had the chance to marry any of his bandmates, he’d choose Liam in a heartbeat.

Originally posted by roseaque

There are too many adorable Ziam moments to mention here, and because they leave us emotional we are going to have to stop before we burst into ugly sobs…

14. …Okay, okay, one more - Liam reciprocated Zayn’s love for him by once saying that his fave thing to do was watch the Bradford Bad Boi sleep because “he looks adorable”.

Originally posted by fziam


15. Ahem, moving on… We’re sure you know this but it’s a classic Payno fact - the star has a ‘fear’ of spoons; so much so that he actually eats ice cream with a fork.

16. Last year, a hardcore One Direction fan stole his boxers from his hotel.

Not cool, guys, not cool.

Originally posted by liammix

17. Did you know that back in the early days of 1D, Liam admitted that he wanted to name his first child ‘Taylor’.

We’re not sure how Harry’s ‘thing’ with T-Swizzle has affected these plans, but we know for sure that Louis wouldn’t be too happy with that choice in name nowadays…

18. Fun fact: Liam said he used to be mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe… No, we don’t see it either.

Originally posted by bookonshelf

19. This one time, Liam was dawdling and ended up seeing the boys’ tour bus driving off without him.

Obviously he ran after them all screaming, and the boys thought that he was just a cray cray fan.


Originally posted by twoangelsonelove

20. That’s not the only time Liam has proved to be a totally smooth operator, with the singer revealing that once he forgot the words to the song he was supposed to be singing, so rather than embarrass himself he just tapped the mic as though it wasn’t working.

Y’hear that guys? SMOOTH.

21. Apart from, he isn’t so smooth in dreamland, with the babe admitting that he has nightmares about being nakey in public places, he dished: “I dream of being back at school a lot and have been naked a few times.”

For the record, we see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

22. His first concert was Gareth Gates. #TheMoreYouKnow

23. He is such a lovely person that once upon a time he went to McDonalds and got given eleven chicken nuggets in his box of ten.

Instead of jumping for joy at his little victory, like us less lovely people would do, he actually went back to the counter to give it back.


Originally posted by liammix

24. And further evidence of his heart being made of solid gold? Liam ‘daddy’ Payne is the member of the band who always makes sure that he is there to support his boys.

On top of hosting his own charity gala for Trekstock earlier this year, Liam made sure that he attended Lou’s Cinderella ball and donated an arm and a leg in the process.

He’s also always there to cheer on the band whenever they take part in solo charity events because, let’s face it, he’s just an all round amazing guy.

Okay, so you definitely knew that one - but did we teach you anything new?


Ah well, we tried.

Funny Girl - Best Friend Calum Imagine

Description: You’re in love with Luke, but he’s not yours to have, after a painful day Calum comforts you.

Rating: Idk why I do these y'all are gonna read them whether or not you should lol, G

Request: Yep :)

Word Count: 1297

Hey guys! 4th imagine in the past two days wooooooh, I am a little over run right now so I am not going to be taking request for the next two days because I have a lot in my inbox at the moment and I won’t be able to finished them all. Love you babes xx


“No, I love you!” She squealed, stealing a kiss from the lips I have admired for a while now. I wanted to gag and cry at the same time. He quickly accepted the kiss, like he always does. It scorched my heart, just watching them there. So perfect, the both of them. Her name is Rose, she’s an aspiring actress, she and Luke met at the A.M.As, and since then they have been inseparable. She has long black hair, big blue eyes, dazzling smile, perfect body, basically she is all around flawless. To sum it up she is everything I’m not, and I guess thats what Luke deserves.


Luke and I have been friends ever since Calum introduced us. Calum has been my best friend for a couple years now, we met at a cafe where I did stand up comedy. He was laughing the loudest and the hardest and that day forward I never wanted him to stop laughing.  I was funny, like crying while you can’t breathe the welcoming pain in your lungs funny, but really, funny was all I was. You can’t make people fall in love with you just for funny. I wasn’t beautiful, especially not like Rose, who could take your breath away just by looking your way.


Luke was much more than funny. He was kind and big and dorky and shy and everything I have ever wanted. He was so handsome and nice, I couldn’t stop myself for falling for him. My anxiety got the best of me, and I never ever could tell him what I really thought of him. To tell you the truth, if someone told me he made the stars shine at night, I wouldn’t doubt it for one second. I spent so long just always talking to him, just for the sake of listening to his deep voice. I made myself his confidant, Luke ended up coming to me with everything. I heard his problems and I helped him sort out his feelings and gave him perspective on his issues. Luke let me enter his little world, and I was so immortally grateful. Even now, while he was breaking my heart, if he had a problem I would be there to sort it out.


The kiss lasted longer than 30 seconds, and my stomach felt uneasy, so I coughed, giving them I was a reminder that I was still here. The both jumped and sheepishly turned my way.


“Sorry if I interrupted anything special, I just kinda wanted to save myself the trauma of watching you guys dry hump on the counter. I eat there.” I explained, trying my best to play it off as if I was just fine. They both laughed heartily, as if they enjoyed my company. They probably did, but I knew they would much rather enjoy each others company, alone. I sighed and went to the back porch, grabbing myself a beer from the cooler. I opened and downed it as fast as possible, if I was going to get through today, I was going to need some alcohol in my system.


I sauntered back inside, wincing at the site before me. They were hungrily kissing, pressed up against each other, hands roaming the hills of one anothers bodies. They were kissing so hard, it’s as if they stopped, one of them might disappear. I felt my whole body go numb, this was too much. Of course they are going to have sex, they are perfectly attractive adults with working body parts, but the thought for some reason broke me just a little more than I was. I was a virgin and if I could lose it to anyone, it would be to Luke. Thats a dumb dream to dream, especially watching the porno about to unfold in front of my eyes. Before I knew it tears were falling from my eyes, and I had to get out of there before either of them could see me.


“Use a condom!” I called out, still trying to convince them I was okay, turning on my heel and getting out of that house as fast as I could. I threw open the front door, already blinded by my tears. I fumbled down the steps and fell onto the sidewalk. My knees hit the concrete, scraping and my elbow tried to catch my fall. I paid no attention to the searing pain in my joints, because it was nothing compared to that in my heart.


“Oh my god Y/N.” I heard from behind me, I immediately registered the voice as Calum’s, but I did not look up. His footsteps drew near me, and soon I felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around me, picking me up bridal style. I felt limp and helpless as Calum carried to his house which neighbored Luke’s. He kicked open his door and carried me to the couch. Through out this whole endeavor I have not stopped crying. He went and closed the door and came back to my shaking body.


“Is this the Rose and Luke thing?” He asked, already knowing the answer, I sobbed harder hear their names.


“They practically fucked in front of me.” I explained, finally looking at him. He eyes were filled with understanding and concern, he just nodded and rubbed up and down my arms.


“I just feel so stupid you know? He’s my whole world and he doesn’t even know it, and now the only thing he thinks about is her. She’s perfect and beautiful and nice and I’m just me. I tell jokes Calum, how can I compete with perfection when all I do is tell fucking jokes. God I’m such a piece of shit, I’m so shy sometimes and I did this to myself.” I rambled. It felt good letting this all out. It’s been eating away at me for so long.


“You’re not a piece of shit Y/N, no where near that. You are fucking hilarious, you tell jokes yeah, but they are basically the highlight of my daily routine. But you are more than just a comedian, you’re my best friend. You are so kind and caring, you do everything you can to help anyone. You are the only person I know who would drop their bags just to help and old lady cross the street, remember that? Yeah you tell jokes, but that’s not just what you do, you aren’t just some one dimensional character. You’re beautiful and creative and amazing, and Luke is an idiot if he doesn’t see it. Rose’s beauty does not define an absense of your own. You are going to meet someone someday who thinks that you made the sun, just for them. They are going to adore everything about you. So what if it’s not Luke? He couldn’t do the things you deserve anyways.” He said, looking me in the eyes. I loved Calum so much and his words really touched my heart. My face broke out into the goofiest smile and it was a real one too. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him close to me. He  responded by hemming into my shoulder. He really was going to make some girl the happiest person alive one day.


“Thank you Calum, I have no idea where I would be without you.” I confessed to him, and it was true. He was a star in my life of a midnight sky. No we weren’t in love, but I did love him with everything I had.


“Let’s go get you cleaned up, yeah? Then can we get some pizza? I’m fucking starving.” He said, standing up holding his hand out to me. I took it and chuckled,

“Fuck yeah lets get some pizza.”

My Heart...

“My sweetheart… It has been such a crazy journey for us, it feels like I’ve always known you….

“When I came to, here in Eorzea, I was alone. I was trapped in a body foreign to me, my left arm having been replaced with a heavy and weighty mechanical one and worst of all, no one that I could turn to for help.

“I had hoped that, knowing the tales of my father, I could one day become a great fighter, but at this point, I was having trouble even walking.

“It was a long month for me, and I honestly was ready to give up. I had no home or family to return to, and my temp job as a housing inspector was about to end. So like a fool, I spent a portion of my saving on a new outfit, hoping to possibly build some confidence…

“I couldn’t begin to tell you why I wandered in that night, but I found myself inside the Quicksand, and had all but shut out the rest of the world as I read a new book. And that was when this all started. You bumped into me, we exchanged our apologies, and we joked a bit. I thought your name was cute, and I loved your hair. You loved my hair and outfit as well, mentioning yourself as a seamstress and lover of fashion, and you loved my style. I found myself at your shop, you repaired my jacket, and I almost expected that to be the end of our time together….

“I had been walking by the next day, hoping to run into you again. I waited in the same spot of the Quicksand for what felt like hours before leaving… when I found you dancing away outside. I sat down to watch, and you were to taken by your dance that you didn’t notice I had sat down. You dance was cute, but also calming. I must have nodded off for a moment, since the next thing I knew, you came to take a break and sat with me.

“You were always so happy and full of life it seemed, while I was struggling to barely crack a smile. You asked me out on a date, and we went to one of your favorite places to sit and relax.

“I admit, it was a great place to relax, and before I knew it, were were both naked in the water and holding each other. It was a closeness I had never known before, and despite the cool water, I felt so cozy and warm, and I knew where I wanted to stay for a good long time.

“We started going off on more dates together, being almost inseparable, and I even started to amass quite the wardrobe. We spent every possible moment together, our hearts opening and growing closer every day and every moment. I was shocked when you asked, even though I knew that it was soon to happen.

“We went to one of your favorite places to hide out, and you asked me to Bond wit you. I was ecstatic! The person that I loved with all my heart felt the same way for me as well. I wanted to burst, but luckily you were there to hold me together.

“We set the date and time, we got our dresses and veils fit and ready as we counted down the minutes before the event was to start… But sometimes life throws you a curve. Our Bonding was cancelled on us, the Chapel staff having double booked. We were crushed. We had everyone there, some having had traveled for days to arrive. How could we tell them that they had to go home and come back later?

“But we pushed forward… I pulled you out under the star-filled sky and led our own ceremony there on the steps. We we both bawling our eyes out, first from having been cancelled on, and then secondly from knowing that we would hold true, and have our ceremony whether it was official or not.

“It was beautiful, many in attendance claiming it to be the most amazing ceremony they had ever attended. After we had finished, and our guests had left, intended to wait to reschedule… only to have Claribel present to us our rings, telling us how moved they were and chose to make our Bonding official.

“You were so cute and beautiful in your dress…

“We took a nice Honeymoon, visiting many of our favorite places, even stopping by a hot spring for a bit. I’m glad they let us keep the robes… Th-they did let us keep them right? R-right? We were allow to take them?

“Happily Bonded, we continued with the task of fixing my false arm. So experiments produced progress, so with catastrophic failure and changes. One of them, trying to create a sort of synthetic skin with alchemy, blew up in my face, turning my hair silver and my eyes a pale blue. I think we would have panicked a bit more, had we known the changes we permanent…

“And… well time went on and my hair grew back. I love you more and more with each passing day and I cannot imagine life without you. We tried more experiments, had some success, some failures too. Though it is easier to tell people it’s just face paint, but I think this synthetic stuff staining my face looks really awesome!

“We decided to reopen your shop together too! We haven’t had much business as of late, but I’m sure things will pick up again soon. We got my arm to a mostly normal state… but we both know that when there are improvements to be made, there will be experiments to be performed. 

“It was recently, that I lucked out and a friend of my father contacted me, proud to see how much I had overcome against all odds, and a late Bonding gift, granted to us his home, as he had planned to move on to study back in Sharlayan. It was all right before your long trip to Sharlayan as well, and I spent the whole time you were gone dressing up the place, wanting perfection in it before you returned home.

“I know things lately have gotten strange, both of us feeling saddened by the events beyond our control. But we both remember to laugh, that one core thing that can and will always conquer sadness. I know you groan at them sometimes, but I still see the smile on your lips.

“And with the Starlight Celebration quickly closing in upon us, you chose to give me my gift early; a cute Housemaid’s outfit. I always admired your own, loving how it looked on your… and… may have tried it on a few times when you were not home. I love it! Thank you so much for making it for me in secret!

“It has been such a crazy journey so far, and I am thankful for every moment, for every second that I spend with you. And for the sad times when you are at work, you are always in my thoughts. I love you sweetheart… You are my one and only, my wife, my true love and my soulmate. I will love you forever and for all time.

“With love, from my heart to yours…

                       -Iris ♥  “