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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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In which H longs to be selfish


angst, fluff

When Anne gave Harry a ring on a Sunday morning in March, asking whether he was awfully busy one weekend the following month, him being the humble mumma’s boy he was, said he could likely rearrange some things for her and the gathering she had planned back in Holmes Chapel.

Although, he was in two minds since he was raised to act both warmly and professionally in character by none other than Anne herself and didn’t want to screw anyone over by moving, for instance, that informal dinner-come-meeting with a new company he and Jeff were looking in to.

However when Anne elaborated further as to what the event would entail – a relatively intimate reunion of sorts at his childhood home, with old school chums of his and Gem’s, with the parents that Anne got on well with alongside family friends both old and new – Harry couldn’t help but wonder about one person in particular who’s attendance was likely up in the air.

She probably won’t be there, he thought to himself. But it didn’t take long for him to pick up the phone and cancel the damn dinner.

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What A Feeling - #1 Heart Rates & House Parties

*July 2017

“Good morning, good morning,” Nick Grimshaw said over the radio airwaves. “We have a full house in the studio this morning because Y/Band’s/Name is joining us. Why don’t you all introduce yourselves so our listeners know that you all are in fact here with us.”

“What’s up, London,” your brother, Mitch, said into the microphone. “Mitch is here.”

You laughed shaking your head. “Hiya, it’s Y/N, thanks for having us Grimmy,”

“Even though its a bit early, I’m here too,” Jeremy yawned.

“Can we get this lad some coffee?” Taylor laughed.

“He’s already had like four cups on the way over,” you laughed.

“It was a long night,” Jeremy laughed.

“Oh, was it now?” Grimmy smirked. “Anyway, since you lot are our guests, why don’t you pick the first song of the hour?”

“Uh, okay, lads what should we pick?” You asked. “This is a lot of pressure.”

“What’s your favorite song right now?” Nick asked.

“I can answer that!” Taylor smirked. “She’s obsessed with Harry Styles’ solo album.”

“No, I’m not!” You blushed. “But it is a great record, you have to admit that.”

“I don’t think anyone was denying that,” Nick laughed. “What’s your favorite song from his album?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you laughed. “Uh, why don’t we go with Only Angel? That’s like a good morning song, right? It starts off all nice and slow and then bam it turns into a jam.”

“Good god, never say that again,” Mitch laughed.

“Alright everyone, here is Only Angel by The Harry Styles requested by none other than the beautiful and talented Y/N,” Nick said before starting the song.

After the song finished up, you went into the actual interview.

“Okay, so you all are family, right? Mitch and Y/N, you two are brother and sister and then you Jeremy and Taylor are brothers, but you all are cousins?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, it’s just a big family gathering,” you laughed.

“So, how did that work? Did you all just decide to form a band one day or what?” Nick asked.

“Um, well, we grew up in a very musical family. Our Dad was a professional drummer and songwriter for many well known artists, so we just grew up surrounded by music. But as far as us becoming a band it literally all started in our garage,” Mitch laughed.

“Yeah, anytime we’d all get together, we would just go to the garage and start messing around with our guitars and other instruments. I’d say by the time we were about fourteen or fifteen is when we started taking it more seriously and writing our own songs and performing them outside of the garage and our families,” you said.

“And here are, almost ten years later with seven number one record breaking albums and countless awards,” Nick laughed.

“It’s crazy to think about really,” Taylor said. “That we’ve been doing this for so long and our fans are still wanting to hear new music from us and coming out to our shows.”

“We’re really thankful and grateful for our fans because if it weren’t for them, we  wouldn’t be here after all these years in the business, but honestly I think that it helped that our fans are sort of growing up with us. When we came out with our first record, I was almost sixteen at the time and now I’m almost twenty six, you know? So, as we were growing up and experiencing life, we wrote that into our music and our fans were experiencing similar situations,” you said.

“Well, it’s really a great record and we love it, we play your songs all the time. Thank you all  for stopping by today with your busy schedules, we loved having you,” Nick smiled.

“No problem, thanks for having us,” Taylor smiled.

Once you all were off the air, you took off your headphones and shook everyone’s hand.

“How long are you going to be in London?” Nick asked you.

“Um, we’re here all week,” you smiled.

“Great. I’m having a bit of a house party with close friends tomorrow night, would you want to come?” He asked. “All of you are invited.”

“Sure, sounds fun,” you smiled. “Need us to bring anything?”

“Just yourselves!” He smiled giving you a hug. “This is gonna be so fun!”

You laughed shaking your head at him before grabbing your things and leaving the BBC Studio.


“Hello everyone, we’re here with none other than movie  star Harry Styles, here to talk to us about his new film Dunkirk,” Nick said into the microphone.

“Hi,” Harry laughed putting his headphones on.

“So, how you doing? Last night was a huge night for you,” Nick said.

“Yeah, it was a great, I’m a little exhausted, but I’m good,” Harry said.

“Good, good,” Nick said. “Now, I saw Dunkirk yesterday at eight in the morning and it was rough. I was so emotional and it was just a fantastic film,” Nick said.

“Thanks, yeah I get a bit emotional watching it myself, which I’m not sure if that’s okay, you know crying during a movie that I’m in,” he laughed.

“Only if it’s in a cool way,” Nick joked.

“Always,” Harry laughed.

“Now, we know when you’re performing for shows, you have rehearsals and what not, but when it came to memorizing your lines, how did you go about it?” Nick asked.

“Uh, I mean I just had the script with me and ran my lines with some friends or as it got closer with some of my cast mates like Fionn or Tom, but yeah it’s a lot harder to remember lines than rehearsing music,” he laughed. “Although, I’m really glad there was very little dialogue as a whole.”

“Okay, so now we’re gonna play a little game,” Nick said. “I’m sure you’re wondering why there’s a heart monitor behind you.”

“Yeah, I’m a little worried right now,” Harry laughed.

“Too bad,” Nick laughed. “So, what we’re gonna do is the Doctor is going to hook you up to the heart monitor and we’re going to show you a series of images and some other things and see how you really react to them.”

“Oh god,” Harry laughed shaking his head.

The doctor hooks Harry up to the machine and they wait for his normal heart rate before beginning.

“It’s like you’re at a steady 65, so let’s begin,” he said. “The first picture we have here is of you and your Mum from last night’s premiere.”

“She looked beautiful,” he nodded.

“Okay, heart rate is still steady,” Nick said. “What about this one? Former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik in a leather jacket and no shirt ensemble.”

“That’s a great look,” Harry said. “But personally for me a little too sweaty.”

“I agree and Harry’s still staying at a steady rate of 65,” Nick said. “Now, what about this one? This a photo of a Y/N from Y/Band’s/Name. What do you think of her?”

Harry started blushing and tried to hide back a smirk. “I’m sure she’s a wonderful person,” he said quickly.

“Have you ever met her before?” Nick asked.

“No, I haven’t,” he responded.

“Your heart rate has increased to almost 80,” Nick smirked. “Now, Y/N was actually on our show just yesterday morning and she’s quite the fan of you, why don’t you listen to this.”

“What’s your favorite song right now?” Nick asked.

“I can answer that!” Taylor smirked. “She’s obsessed with Harry Styles’ solo album.”

“No, I’m not!” You blushed. “But it is a great record, you have to admit that.”

“I don’t think anyone was denying that,” Nick laughed. “What’s your favorite song from his album?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you laughed. “Uh, why don’t we go with Only Angel? That’s like a good morning song, right? It starts off all nice and slow and then bam it turns into a jam.”

“How do you feel about that?” Nick smirked.

“I I-uh, I’m glad she’s a fan,” he said nervously. “I’m a fan of hers as well.”

“Uh oh,” Nick laughed. “Your heart rate’s rising. We’re almost to a 100 folks.”

“No, it’s not!” Harry blushed shaking his head.

“Yes, it is,” Nick laughed. “I think it’s save to say that you might have a bit of a crush on Y/N?”

“I just like her music is all,” Harry said.

“I don’t think so, your heart rate is officially over 100. I think this is a new record,” Nick joked.

“I hate you. I hate all of you,” Harry laughed. “You two are idiots.”

“Oi, who are you talking about?” Nick asked.

“Lou and Harry,” he said pointing to them behind the glass of studio.

“Well, we’ll let you take this one home,” Nick smirked handing Harry the picture of you.

Harry shook his head and Nick went off the air. The doctor unhooked Harry from the monitor and he got from his chair.

“Sorry about that mate,” Nick smirked.

“I hate all of you,” Harry repeated

“Yeah, yeah,” Nick laughed. “You’re still coming round to my party tonight, right?”

“Maybe,” Harry said. “I don’t think I should after that,” he smirked.

“Oh, come on,” Nick laughed. “You know you’re still coming and you can’t hate us forever.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll be there,” Harry laughed. “But I still hate you.”

“After tonight, I don’t think you’re gonna hate me at all,” Nick smirked.

“And why is that?” He asked.

“Oh, just wait and see,” Nick said.


It was the night of Nick Grimshaw’s house party. You decided on a simple outfit of tight black jeans, a nice blouse, and some heels. You met everyone down in the lobby of the hotel before getting into a car to drive to Nick’s house.

“Hey Y/N, did you check Grimmy’s show this morning?” Jeremy smirked.

“Nope, I was sleeping,” you laughed. “Why what happened?”

“Oh, you mean you don’t know?” Taylor asked.

“Obviously not,” you said rolling your eyes.

“Harry Styles was on there today and he played some game with Grimmy involving a heart monitor and Grimmy brought you up, Harry’s heart rate rose to over a 100, supposedly,” Mitch said.

“Are you serious?” You laughed with a bit of blush on covering your cheeks.

“Yeah, I saw the video,” Jeremy said. “He was blushing so hard over you complimenting his album.”

“I bet he’s so embarrassed,” you said.

“I say he thinks you’re hot,” Taylor said.

“I highly doubt that,” you said. “He probably was just getting embarrassed or something, I mean that causes a rise in your heart rate too.”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s obvious that he’s not the only one embarrassed,” Taylor smirked.

“Fuck off,” You laughed pushing him back to his side of the car.

Truth be told, you did have a little bit of a crush on Harry Styles. You’ve never met him before, but there was obviously a physical attraction towards him and you were a huge fan of his music, even when during his One Direction days. Your crush though, was simply a crush and you were sure there would be no way he had a crush on you.

You all arrived to the party and walked inside. Since a few people from the radio and the music industry were there, you knew some people in attendance. You went straight over to grab yourself a drink and went through the crowd of people to mingle.


Harry arrived at Nick’s house with some of his close friends. When he walked inside, he got himself a drink and went in search of the host. He found Nick over by where the music was playing, of course, he thought to himself.

“Harry!” Nick said hugging him.

“I see you’ve had a few too many already,” Harry laughed.

“Eh,” he said. “I’m just a bit tipsy.”

“I can tell,” Harry said.

“I’m so glad you came! There’s someone I want you to meet here,” Nick said.

“Oh, really? Who?” Harry said.

“Y/N,” Nick smirked.

Harry almost spit out of his drink. “W-What? Y/N’s here?”

“Yep. I invited her yesterday when she was on the show,” Nick said.

“Wait? You knew she was going to be here tonight?” Harry said. “And you still went along with the heart rate shit?”

“Look, Lou told me about your little crush on her and she’s obviously a huge fan of you, so why don’t you just go and introduce yourself to her?” Nick said. “You never know, sparks may fly, music might be played…”

Harry shook his head. “I can’t. Not after what happened today. If she’s seen that, she’ll probably think I’m like obsessed with her.”

“You kinda are though,” Nick joked.

“No, I’m not,” Harry groaned.

“Anyway, just go talk to her mate. It’s a party, it’s what people do,” Nick said.

“I can’t just fucking walk up to her,” Harry said.

“You do it all the fucking time to people,” Nick said.

“I know, but I don’t think I could with her,” Harry said looking around the room.

He blushed when he saw you talking with your bandmates and some other people he couldn’t really see. You were laughing at something and he couldn’t help, but admire your smile. You looked really beautiful and he wanted to talk to you, he did, but his nerves were taking over. He hadn’t ever felt like that in his whole life and he doesn’t even know you.

“Fine, if you won’t go and talk to her, I’ll introduce you two myself,” Nick said grabbing Harry’s arm and pulling him towards where you were standing.


“Oh, Nick, hi,” you smiled when you saw Nick making his way to you.

“Glad you were able to come Y/N,” he smiled hugging you. “All of you, really. So, I thought I’d introduce you all to my best mate, Harry. Y/N, Jeremy, Taylor, and Mitch this Harry Styles, Harry Styles this Y/N, Jeremy, Taylor, and Mitch,”

“I got that, thanks,” Harry mumbled.

“Hi,” You smiled holding your hand out. “Nice to meet you.”

Harry blushed as he took your hand into his as he shook it. “Thanks, it’s great to met you too. I’ve been a fan for a really long time.”

“Oh, thank you,” you smiled. “We’re all big fans of you as well.”

“Especially, Y/N,” Taylor smirked wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“Thanks,” Harry smiled as you blushed. “Um, can I get you another drink or anything?” He asked nervously.

“Uh, actually, yeah, I could use another,” you smiled.

“What are you drinking?” He asked.

“I could just come with you to the bar, if that’s okay,” you said.

“Sure, why not,” he smiled. “Does anyone else need anything?”

“We could use a few beers,” the boys said.

You rolled your eyes. “We’ll bring them back. Try not to move around too much, I’m not hunting your asses down just to give you your beers.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mitch joked.

You and Harry pushed your way through the crowd and over to the bar.

“So, what brings you to London?” Harry asked.

“Promo for newest album mostly,” you said. “But we also planned a small show this week too.”

Harry nodded. “How long are you here for?”

“Just the week,” you said. “Then we head off to Paris, a few different cities in Italy, and then we’re going to Australia for a bit.”

“Wow,” he said. “The joys of promo season.”

“Yep,” you laughed. “But I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of promo recently with Dunkirk right?”

“Yeah, I’ll actually be headed to NYC soon for the premiere there,” he said.

“That’s exciting,” you smiled. “I love New York, although usually when we’re there it’s for work.”

“Yeah, I just recently bought an apartment there, so I find myself going there more for leisure time,” he laughed.

You both got beers for everyone along with drinks for you and Harry before making your way back over to the group. You handed everyone their beers and they ended up walking away and going to talk to other people, leaving you and Harry alone.

“So, I know your brother is the band, right?” He asked. “Which one is he?”

“Mitch,” you said.

“I can see that now,” he nodded. “You two look alike.”

You laughed. “Unfortunately, yeah,” you joked. “But everyone knows I’m the prettier one of us.”

“I’d have to agree on that,” Harry laughed taking a sip of his drink.

You blushed a little and smiled at him. “So, what about you? You have a sister right?”

“I do,” he nodded. “Gemma she’s older than I am and she never lets me fucking forget it,” he laughed.

“Oh, I know! Mitch is the same way,” you giggled.

“Does he pretend like he’s your parent or something?” He asked.

“Always,” you said. “When we first started out, our parents were on tour with us, but once we got older, our parents stayed home while we went off on our own and that was when his Dad mode stepped in. Whenever I was around a guy or we were out drinking or just doing whatever, he’d be hovering around all the time.”

“He doesn’t seem to be hovering around right now,” Harry said.

“Oh, he is, trust me, he’s just learned to keep his distance,” you laughed.

“Should I be scared?” He asked.

“No, I think you’re okay,” you giggled.

As the party went on into the late hours of the night, you and Harry spent those hours talking and doing a little bit of dancing. By the time, you realized how late it was, you started gathering your bandmates to head back to the hotel. You said your goodbye to Harry and Nick before walking out to get your car.

Right as you were about to climb into the backseat, you heard your name being called.

You turned around and saw Harry practically running down the driveway to you.

“I uh, I wanted to uh, g-give, uh give you my number,” he said holding out a napkin with writing on it.

“Oh, thanks,” you said. “Um, I’d give you mine, but I don’t have anything to write it on.”

“That’s okay, you can just text me it, if you want,” he said nervously.

“Okay,” you smiled. “I had a good time tonight. I’ll talk to you later?”

“Yeah, can’t wait,” he smiled.

You gave him a wave before getting into the car and shutting the door. The entire ride back to the hotel, the boys were teasing you about Harry and getting his number, but you just let them because nothing was going to take the smile off of your face.

(y/n)’s Song (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Summary: A song fic based on Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” watch you relationship grow starting from the time you first met.

Time Period: Modern

Warnings: None really. There is one part that has arguing in it, but it’s not terrible.

Words: 3,400

A/N: Hello! So it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but I’m glad to be posting this story for the first day of my 1k celebration. Anyway, as mentioned, this is inspired by a Taylor Swift Song, so I don’t own any of the lyrics. I hope you enjoy this and have a fabulous day!

Bolded/Italics: Song Lyrics

Italics: Memories

She said, I was seven and you were nine. I looked at you like the stars that shined in the sky, the pretty lights.

You stood behind your parents, trying to make yourself invisible, as your parents spoke to their good friend Rachel Hamilton. A young boy, two years older than you, stood beside and he looked quite bored.

“Mom, can’t I go back inside?” he complained.

“Oh, Alex, why don’t you take (y/n) to the backyard. The two of you can play while the adults talk.” she suggested, giving Alex a push towards you as your parents pushed you to Alex.

Alex grabbed your hand and dragged you to the backyard where a life-long friendship formed. He looked at you and sized you up and hoped you didn’t mind running around and getting dirty. You didn’t.

“I just want you to know that if you try to make me do anything girly, I’ll beat you up.” Alex threatened, as he tried act menacing.

“No you won’t.” you stated, looking into his eyes.

He started at you in shock. “Oh yeah? What makes you think that?”

“You don’t seem mean or icky like the boys at school.” you admitted, smiling slightly.

And our daddies used to joke about the two of us growing up and falling in love, and our mamas smiled and rolled their eyes and said oh my my my.

While you and Alex ran around, playing hide and seek, your parents watched fondly from afar. It was silent until your father spoke up.

“You know, I think I see the beginning of a relationship. I’ll bet you that those two grow up and get married.” you father promised, a fingered pointed at your mother and Alexander’s.

The two women just rolled their eyes and laughed, but they thought about the possibility. It would be a could match. Right?

Take me back when our world was one block wide. I dared you kissed me and ran when you tried.

As that week progressed, you and Alex spent every free minute together. It wasn’t uncommon if you ended up staying for dinner at his house or vice-versa.

One day, the two of you sat inside and were talking about school. Since Alex was in fourth grade, and you were only in second grade, you loved to here the stories of what went on in his classroom. Today, he was telling you had this girl Jasmine kissed a boy named Anthony.

“And then-”

“Alex.” you interrupted and looked straight into his eyes. “Kiss me.” you dared and wondered if he would actually do so.

He sat down for a moment and you thought he wasn’t going to accept the dare. However, you were caught off guard when Alex stepped closer to you, lips puckered. You squealed and ran away from him.

“No, Alex, don’t. Please.” you laughed, while running outside, trying to escape the boy trying to kiss you.

Oh if you could have only stayed in that time when your entire world was a block wide.

Well, I was sixteen when suddenly I wasn’t that little girl you used to see.

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anonymous asked:

Can we get Bakugo x kirishima relationship headcannons?? Thank you!

Hi lucky anon! Actually during this year I’ve written down from time to time these headcanons about BakuShima, my favorite pair in BnHA, so I just fixed few things and posted. Since it was a sort of “work in progress” there could be contradictions or holes, but I hope you can enjoy them the same! Let me know, even if you want some more!

BakuShima/KiriBaku Relationship’s Headcanons

-I spent a lot of time thinking how they got together: First, I believe that Bakugou would be the first one to realize his feelings. He’s gonna deny, fight and ignore them for a long while but he’s too brilliant and self-conscious to not realize he’s in love. The problem is that our sunshine boy, Kirishima, is not gonna understand that he actually feels something for Bakugou until someone helps him. I bet he’s just “He’s special because he’s Bakugou.” Full stop. No complicated things.

And when someone, maybe Ashido or Jirou, without realizing helps him to give that “special” a name, this is what I think is going to happen.

Bakugou was studying together with Kirishima in his room, and his patience was gradually decreasing. Annoyed, he watched as his friend scribbled an answer on his notebook, stared in the void, blinked like he had woken up from a dream and frantically erased the answer. Then he glanced at Katsuki, met his stare, blushed and looked down at his papers again.

He had already repeated the process more than ten times. For. The. Same. Damn. Question.

“Shittyhead, are you trying to get on my nerves or what? Are you even freaking trying to answer correctly?” he growled slamming a hand against the table. His steamy palms crackled, but he tried to control himself. He couldn’t blow up the table for the third time in two months.

Kirishima jolted at his words and nearly lost hold of the pencil.

“Uhm- It’s just…” he mumbled fidgeting nervously and consequently irritating the other boy even more.

“What the fuck is wrong?” he roared, “Tell me before I make you explode,” threatened clenching his fists.

“ARGH!” Kirishima groaned putting his hands in the hair before slamming his head against the table.

“Uh?” Bakugou blinked at him, shocked. That was not the reaction he was expecting.

Suddenly, Kirishima perked his head up and fixed his eyes into Bakugou’s.

“I like you. A lot.” He burst almost desperately, “I didn’t realize it until Ashido made a joke about it, but it makes so much sense you know? The problem is that I don’t know what to do now! I mean, it’s obvious you are not going to like me back because have you seen yourself? Manly, a hero, strong, unexpectedly smart… So now I’m feeling nervous and I don’t know how I should behave because it’s my first time and I don’t like keeping things from you and-“

“Oi,” Katsuki tried to interrupt him, raising a hand, but the other ignored him and continued to blabber, caught in his doubts. This made his palms sweat and emit smoke.

“-And I don’t want to ruin our friendship, because I know that, even if you’d never admit it, we are friends. Best friends, Ashido says. And the thought of not having you near because you’re disgusted by my feelings is just too much for m-“

Bakugou grabbed his face and blew him up.

The explosion echoed in the entire building and smoke filled up the room.

“MAN THAT WAS DANGEROUS! A-Are you that mad?” Kirishima, completely hardened, cried astonished while he waved the smoke away from his face. Oh God, he had ruined everything. He shouldn’t have spoken. He shoul-

“LET ME FUCKING SPEAK DUMBASS!” Katsuki screamed standing up and reaching a dumbfounded Kirishima. He grabbed the collar of his burned t-shirt and roughly pulled him up, few centimeters from his face.

“First,” he hissed through gritted teeth, “What the hell do you mean with “someone like me”? Haven’t we already established you’re fucking awesome?”

Kirishima just nodded confused, magnetized by those red eyes.

“Second,” Bakugou continued relaxing a bit, “I fucking like you too, idiot. I was just waiting for you to realize it. You are so slow dammit,” he growled averting his eyes.

Kirishima’s jaw dropped. He stared at Katsuki speechless.

And then, he went from kicked puppy to cheerful puppy in less than a second.

“Are you serious Bakugou?” he thrilled standing up and grabbing his friend’s hand.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Katsuki replied, trying to free himself from his hold, but the other didn’t even realize and continued squeezing him.

“So we can date? Like, being boyfriend and boyfriend?” Kirishima was beaming, emitting his own light. Bakugou could swear that he had to have eaten a ball of sun or some romantic shit like a star when he was little to have a smile that bright.

“I’m not playing the girlfriend Shittyhead,” he snorted rolling his eyes, but he nodded. Just a small gesture.

It was enough for Kirishima.

“BAKUGOU” He screamed jumping into his arms.

“Shit!” Bakugou wasn’t prepared and fell on his ass with the other boy on top. “Oi Shittyhair! Do you want me to fucking kill you?”

Ignoring his roar, Kirishima continued to hug him and repeat, “I’m so happy man, I’m so happy I can’t believe it.”

Katsuki sighed defeated and just stayed put, fighting a smirk on lips. For now, he was going to let him be and he just awkwardly hugged Kirishima back.

-Katsuki uses pet names mixed with insults, ex. “Stupid Babe”; while Kiri prefers to use a nickname, the name or “Babe”.

-When Katsuki calls Kirishima by his name, our boy stops what he’s doing, blushes furiously and stares at Bakugou jaw dropped. Yes, Bakugou loves to play with that soft spot of his and teases the hell out of him.

-Kirishima likes to pick him up, out from nowhere. Like hugging and spinning him around or bridal style or throwing him in the air. The first times he did it, especially if they were in public, Katsuki used to blow him up. Now, in private, he just let him do it, slightly annoyed, and doesn’t even bother to curse him. He even smirks a bit, because he knows that it means Kiri is particularly happy. Their friends can’t understand how Kiri can pull it out and blame it on his quirk.

-Kirishima has in his head what I call “Fifty Shades of Blasty”: he learns how to distinguish every shade of Katsuki’s mood simply by the way he’s swearing, grunting or stomping his feet. It’s a bit creepy, but they barely need to talk to understand each other.

-Since Bakugou has to be the best in everything, he’s gonna be like that in dating too: he doesn’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, what Kirishima likes or not…The only problem’s that he’s not the best at coming up with the right ideas to celebrate (he’s usually chooses simple things and uses few words), but Kirishima is happy the same.

-Kirishima is the enthusiastic type, so he would really, really like to help his boyfriend cooking, but Bakugou doesn’t even let him near the kitchen. Last time Katsuki allowed him to, only because Kirishima hardened in time he didn’t end up in the hospital. The kitchen wasn’t as lucky as him.

-Bakugou, as I already said, is like a cat. Spoiled and unpredictable; he’s the one to decide when or where he wants cuddles and doesn’t care if it’s the appropriate moment or not. He wants them? He takes them.

“We should be studying. Tomorrow we’ve a test and we’re in Todoroki’s room!”

“Shut the fuck up and give me a hug.”

-Even if Bakugou usually smirks, grins, snorts or scoffs only, he has a laughter that Kirishima loves and does everything he can to hear it at least once a day. Truth is, Katsuki loves to laugh with him too because he has fun and feels comfortable just by being together with Kiri.

-Kirishima is very vocal about his love or affection, while Bakugou is more the type who talks through actions OR expresses himself in the most unpredictable moments.

“Hey Blasty, I bought your energy drinks while coming home.”

“I fucking love you.”

“Oh thank you babe”

*School library, full of people, half of the 1A is studying at the same table*

“Ehm, Kacchan?”

“What Shitty Deku?”

“Is something wrong? You complained we were slow at answering the questions but now you’ve been staring at Kirishima for more than five minutes…”

“Because I hella love him.”

Midorima choked on his drink and Kirishima slammed his head against the table for the embarrassment.

-They are both morning birds, so there hasn’t been any problem with waking up at different times. Just, Kirishima is immediately a sunshine while Bakugou is even grumpier that unusual: until he has drunk his coffee, you can’t even talk with him. His boyfriend prepares it for him as fast as he can to receive his goodfuckingmorning kiss.

-Bakugou has a soft spot for Kiri with his hair down. He pats his head more often, plays with them or just grins at him when he thinks Kiri is not looking. He finds him twice cuter.

-Bakugou is probably the bluntest guy ever and sometimes it can be difficult to deal with, but for Kirishima is a positive trait. Whenever he’s feeling down, few rough words from Katsuki can lift his mood, because he knows he’s not lying. Katsuki never lies to him.

-Each of them thinks that the other is smoking hot, but Kirishima says it openly while Bakugou just glances at him and smirks.

*changing clothes in the locker room*

Bakugou takes off his shirt.

“Babe, can you get any manlier?” shirtless Kirishima whistles, beaming with pride while staring at him.

Katsuki snorts and shakes his head, just checking his boyfriend’s abs and smirking; yeah, he was a lucky guy.

-obviously, the only one who can insults Kirishima is Bakugou, unless you want to find yourself in a hospital for the next months. However, Katsuki is not particularly jealous: he’s confident Kirishima is going to choose him over and over again and he trusts him completely.

On the other side, Kirishima is more insecure: he trust Katsuki, but sometimes he feels…not enough. Luckily, his boyfriend is quick at noticing his discomfort and usually reassures him without a word, by casually wrapping an arm around his shoulders or resting the head against his.

-they both like action movies, so Saturday’s night is dedicated to film and popcorn.

-Kirishima thinks that Bakugou is like popcorn. Hard at first, soft and delicious when it pops (or opens up, in his case)

-At first they had problems working together as heroes because they naturally tended to pay more attention to each other’ safety than to the surrounding or other people involved; however, when they noticed, they quickly managed to learn how to get their head into the mission. Complete trust in each other’s capabilities and strength helped. Kaminari screaming “Stop screwing mentally during a mission!” or “Get a room you two!” helped too.

-Once, Katsuki started a tickling fight just to discover Kirishima isn’t ticklish at all, even without using his quirk. Unfortunately, Kiri learned that Katsuki, on the other hand, actually is.

-Even if he’s rough, ready to curse and swear and frequently hits Kirishima, in truth Katsuki doesn’t like to use his quirk on him. Especially when arguing. He has the secret fear that one day the other boy is not going to harden fast enough and Katsuki is going to hurt him badly. So, when he doesn’t control himself and uses it, it’s probable that he’s going to mutter some apologies afterwards.

-Kirishima is even more cautious, because Katsuki is not bulletproof and he doesn’t want to cut or hurt him in any way. He prefers to get a hit on the head and suffer for a second instead of hardening himself and risking to hurt him accidentally.

-Kirishima likes holding hands, even if Bakugou always complains saying that his are sweaty and continuously crackling, so it’s gross and dangerous. Kiri just ignores him and he has learnt to harden his hand at the first signs of nervousness from his boyfriend.

-While sleeping, they unconsciously fight for who’s gonna be the big spoon. It ends with Katsuki sprawled on his back and Kiri curled on his chest.

-Kirishima with a black leather jacket is the end of Bakugou.

-Obviously, even Bakugou sometimes has doubts or problems. Kirishima understands quickly when something is troubling him, but usually lets him the time to mull it over and waits for him to talk about it. Or, he chooses an extremely careful and relaxed approach. Then he listens to Katsuki, seriously answers and reassures him as best as he can and finally cuddles the hell out of him.

A frequent doubt of Katsuki during his no-days is: What if I’m really going to become a villain one day? Kirishima got mad the first time he heard him saying that and screamed that he WAS a hero and he knew he was strong, determined, brave and goodhearted enough to remain one. If not, Kirishima would kick some sense into him again. No buts accepted. Now, when Katsuki brings it up, Kiri lists all the people he has saved and all the times he has shown to be a true hero. He can go on talking for hours, with Katsuki lying beside him with the head on his lap, silently listening.

-When Katsuki goes to visit Kirishima’s family, he tries to be polite. It doesn’t work well: “Thank you Shithead” “Can you fucking pass me the water please?”, but everyone appreciate his efforts, especially Kiri.

Bakugou’s parents love and cherish Kirishima as their own son. Katsuki’s mother always asks him if his son is treating him well and threatens Katsuki to behave because “You’re not going to find someone else who can put up with your shit like him.”

anonymous asked:

What are your other favourite fics?

hey anon! so i realised i have quite a few fav fics, so these are just my absolute fav favs! (and i know u didn’t really ask for a rec but ur getting one lol) these are fics that i’ve read all at least twice bc i loved them so much, so you should def read them once (or more, like me lol) x

All Time Favourite Fics

Young & Beautiful

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

everyone knows i would literally die for y&b so yeah … if u haven’t read it yet pls love urself and read it it’s so beautiful and painful and sad and amazing i could literally ,,, go on for days

Love Is A Rebellious Bird

AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

Don’t hum Bolero.

so THIS FIC oh my god i still rmbr the first time i read it listen it is SO beautifully written, and the angst is great, the smut is Amazing honestly i just adore it

These Inconvenient Fireworks

Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

i think if falling in love with fics were possible this would be the one i fell in love w bc honestly… not only is it SO well written but it’s so real? if that makes sense. and so so so equally funny, hot and angsty. prob my fav fic ever tbh

Fall At My Door

A-list actor Harry Styles and award-winning musician Louis Tomlinson have an acquaintances-with-benefits relationship, so whenever their busy professional lives happen to land them in the same city, they meet up. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.And that’s all it is. Until it isn’t.

ahhhh !!!!! i LOVED this fic from beginning to end!! i think i’ve read it 3 times oh my god i love it so much. it’s so perfectly done, you get both of their perspectives and ahhhh just a must-read imo

(more under the cut!)

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Party Like A Stark

Originally posted by yesilliniz

Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (5/6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6

Summary: Your 19th birthday party was a memorable one and maybe the best one yet.  One of the best things that came out of the party was Peter.  There’s definitely something budding between the two of you, but will it last?

Warnings: just some cursing!


AN: Hey friends! I know this is being posted late, it literally took me hours to write this chapter! Also don’t think I don’t like Zendaya’s character after reading this! I just thought it could work! also The actor or Ned, Jacob, is Filipino, and I’m filipina so I wanted to kinda to make his birthday party accurate to how it would be in real life haha anyway sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it!!

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Welcome Back (Chapter 1)


Samurai Jack, Rated M for later Chapters

Plot: Ashi is gone, Jack doesn’t know what to do with his life. But the Gods decide Jack deserves one wish after defeating Aku. Jack uses this wish to bring back Ashi. But at what cost? Jack will have to get through new troubles in order to be with Ashi, but she’s back; and that’s all that matters to him. (M for lemon in later chapters)


Jack smiled sadly as the ladybug flew from his finger. He slowly lowered his hand, watching it fly off in the distance.

He sighed, sitting down against the tree and closing his eyes. He couldn’t contain how he felt. He… missed her. He missed Ashi. He missed…his Ashi. Slowly, Jack began to fall into a restless sleep.


A booming voice made Jack open his eyes, he looked around lostly. This was not the place he had fallen asleep to. It looked almost like the sky, but much brighter and in more colors Jack has only ever seen a few times before in his life. He slowly blinked in realization-…wait…
He spun around, only to be before the three gods he’s only seen a few times in his life.

He starred, speechless, as the one in the middle began to talk. “Samurai…You have done a great deed for us.” The one on the left began to talk, “You have vanquished the evil that was Aku!” The one to the right spoke last, “And for that, we will grant you one wish.”

All three spoke now, “Anything of your choosing.”

Jack blinked, “..A-a wish?” He muttered, his gaze searching all three of them. For a moment, Jack didn’t say a word; until a desperate sputtering came out of him. “A-ashi! Bring Ashi back!” He said. When the gods said nothing, he got to his knees. “T-the girl. W-without her Aku would still be ruling. Please. That is my one wish. Bring her back to me.” He begged in a shaky voice. Usually Jack was able to hide his despair, but here… It was all coming out. He was on his knees to these gods, his body shaking and his eyes watering at the thought of Ashi.

There was a moment of silence, before the gods slowly nodded. “Very well.” The middle one said. Jack looked up, his eyes wide.

“But…” The left one pointed at him, “That girl had Aku within her. She will be different than she was before.” Jack frowned, “…H-how so?”

The right one chimed in. “She will be weak. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will have to nurse her back to health.” “That’s fine!” Jack quickly cut in. “I will do anything for her. If it takes every second of my day that will be fine.” He whispered shakily.

“Alright then, Samurai. This is the wish we have bestowed upon you.” The three gods all moved their hands up, a light began to shine from them and onto the ground in front of Jack. Jack had to shut his eyes due to the extreme bright light, but after a minute- everything went pitch black. Jack had kept his eyes closed up until he heard a weak fit of coughing. He cracked open his eyes to see… “ASHI!”

Jack quickly scrambled up and ran to her, tackling her into a hug and pulling her into his lap. His hug only got tighter, his eyes brimming with tears as he breathed out shakily. “A-Ashi…I thought… I thought I lost you…” “J-ja…Jack, you’re hurting me…” Jack gasped, instantly loosening his hug as he looked at her. He studied her eyes for a minute, shakily running his hand into her hair. She wasn’t in anything, so Jack took off his robe and put it on her. She sat up, but looked like she was having trouble. “W-what…happened, how am I here?” She coughed again, rubbing her eyes as Jack continued to stare at her; as if looking away would mean she would disappear again.

“The…the gods. They…gave me one wish, for defeating Aku… I-i wished for you to come back.” Ashi’s eyes widened, and she starred at Jack for a long moment, before letting out a small cry. Her eyes began to water and tears began to slowly fall from her face. “I-i d-didn’t want to go…J-jack… I didn’t want to leave you. I-i was…finally happy for once…” She rubbed her eyes, crying out freely now as Jack instantly held her again. “Shhh, shh. it’s okay. I’m here now. You’re not going anywhere, Ashi. You’re here to stay. For good.” He told her quietly. His hand began to pet her hair again, her cries eventually went to light sniffles.

Ashi clutched onto his shoulders, snuggling herself into his robe as she looked up at him. She now noticed how Jack’s hair was done and messy, his eyes looked baggy and tired, but his face seemed happy with relief. “…How long…have I been…gone?” She trailed off in a quiet whisper.

Jack frowned, “About two days, perhaps. Maybe longer. I…didn’t really pay attention to the days.” He explained quietly. Ashi slowly sat up, but closed her eyes tightly right as she did so. Jack frowned, “What’s wrong?” After a moment Ashi sighed, “I just felt dizzy.” She whispered. “The gods did mention that you’ll be weak…” He murmured, “Perhaps it is because you no longer have Aku in you.” Ashi frowned, “…Which is also half of me. So I basically lost half of myself.” She murmured quietly.

Jack frowned, “Well… at least now I don’t have to worry about you kicking my butt.” He gave a small smile, joking around with her. Ashi blinked, suddenly hitting his shoulder as he flinched, letting out a small laugh. “Alright, alright. You can still do that.” He said, rubbing his arm and giving Ashi a loving smile. Ashi glared at him with anger, but her lips betrayed that- showing a happy smile.

After what seemed like hours of them just sitting there, holding each other and enjoying just being near each other again; Jack slowly got up, holding Ashi bridal style in his arms as he looked down at her. “We’re going to go straight home, so you can get some rest.” He whispered. Ashi blinked, frowning and shaking her head. “N-no, no. I don’t want to go to bed. I want to be awake, with you.” She said quietly, looking at him with wide; scared eyes. Jack’s own eyes softened, and he gently kissed her forehead. “Ashi, you won’t disappear again. It’s okay to close your eyes.” All Ashi did was look away and shake her head, it was obviously she wasn’t believing that. Jack let out a simple sigh, and began to walk back home.

There was a lot of commotion when Jack returned home. Everyone was confused on how Jack had got Ashi back, but after a quick word with his father- things slowly began to calm down. It made sense Jack was gifted by the Gods after all he had done for the world. Jack was now with Ashi in his room, she was being looked over by one of the many workers here. The lady moved her hand along her skin, making sure her body was doing okay. “She seems quiet weak, so we’ll put her on a specific diet to hopefully raise her energy levels.” She said softly, placing her hand on Ashi’s head. Ashi flinched slightly, her eyes glancing over to Jack who gave her a reassuring smile. Ashi seemed a bit more jittery after coming back, but she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. Her punch from earlier was something he had barely felt, he didn’t want her to think of herself as weak though; he knew with enough love she would be back to her old self.

Ashi was starring at her feet, letting the nurse do whatever it is she needed to do without much protest. Her eyes glanced back up at Jack when the nurse backed up a bit. “Lady Ashi, could you stand up for me?” She asked. Ashi blinked, glancing at Jack. “Lady?” She murmured. Jack blushed a bit, glancing away. “Heh, well…you are…my wife.” He murmured. Ashi gave him a soft little smile, slowly sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Even though we weren’t able to finish the ceremony?” She asked, in which Jack shook his head. “That doesn’t really matter, you’re still my wi- Ashi!” He gasped when Ashi attempted to get up, but fell- the nurse caught her in time and tried helping her stand up. Ashi was shaking horribly as she tried standing upright, the nurse was holding her hands tightly, but Ashi fell back onto the bed. She breathed out shakily, “I-i can’t.” She murmured.

The nurse frowned, she moved closer to Jack and whispered; “She’s going to need some physical therapy.” She murmured, “Keep an close eye on her, I’ll bring in her food in a moment.” She did a small bow before exiting the room. Jack glanced back at Ashi; who was quietly starring at the ground.

Slowly Jack sat beside her, moving his hand onto her back and rubbing it up and down. She gripped her robe that the nurses had put on her, it was black and silky. Ashi closed her eyes tightly, letting out a quiet sigh. “…Was I worth being brought back, Jack? I’m…not the same.” She trailed off. Jack grabbed her chin gently, tilting her head to look at him. “…You’re still Ashi. I’ll love you no matter what.” He whispered quietly, leaning in and kissing her lips. Once they pulled away Jack noticed the tears in Ashi’s eyes, she hugged him; her arms wrapping around his neck.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

376 days were enough for Y/N to meet Harry after building herself up, only to be teared again into the same pieces she was once left.

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The Strength of Two

Summary: Courage comes at a cost.

Pairing: Soul/Maka

Rating: T

Tags: Angst, Anxiety, Hurt/Comfort, Humor

Word Count: 1,600

Available on Ao3. Special thanks to @skadventuretime for being a lovely beta~

If you ask Soul Evans if he has any superpowers, he would say for certain that he does. But he won’t tell you about how he can turn into a literal fucking scythe, nor about the way he is able to command the rhythm of a fight with an improvised melody from the piano in his mind. While he might cite his cool-kid aesthetic as being ‘super,’ if you ask him in earnest, he will tell you that his power is being able to read his meister like she reads Austen.

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Barry Allen x Reader: Trust Pt 2

Its been 3 months and Barry still hasn’t seen you and he’s worried. The search the CCPD put out hasn’t even found clues to where you could be. Barry has secretly been trying to find Mardon so he can get to you but that’s not really working.

“Barry I’m sure that wherever she is she’s fine” Eddie folds his arms as he rolls his eyes at Barry. He understands the seriousness of the situation he’s just tired of hearing about it.

“Eddie she’s not fine, god Mardon has been beating her… she’s pregnant Eddie we have to find her before it’s too late” Barry sighs

“It’s been 3 months Barry what if…” Eddie stops himself and sighs

“What if what” Barry says now standing up

“What if it’s too late Barry”

“Don’t say that we will find her I’ll do whatever it takes” Barry squints his eyes and runs off to Star Labs
You were in a corner with your knees to your chest as tears streamed down your face. Mardon beat the living hell out of you the day he dragged you out of the coffee shop which resulted in you having a miscarriage.

You were devastated, the only joy you had was taken away from you in an instant. Its been 3 months and you look like hell ,Mardon relocated all the way to the other side of town with broke down building and dark alley ways and more danger and of course he drug you with him.

You haven’t ate in 3 days and you felt like your stomach was in your back. Bruises and dried blood covered your skin. Your throat was dry and your voice was raspy and hoarse from all the screaming you did when Mardon decided to hit you for no reason. It got so bad that you gotten use to it and now you don’t even scream or yell when he hits you.

All you had on was a brown sweater with holes in it and leggings since Mardon left all of your things at the house. You were currently laying on the floor. You felt broken, your chances of being free were nonexistent. You wouldn’t see Barry Allen anymore and it pained you dearly, you just want it to be over.

Mardon stomped in the broken down building and looked at you and rolled his eyes.

“You’re so dramatic y/n” he walks over to you and just stares down at you and you don’t even move

“If you would’ve listened to me you wouldn’t be in this situation” you just closed your eyes trying your hardest to ignore him.

This is going to be a long night

“Guys she has to be somewhere in Central City we can’t just give up on her…she’s suffering” Barry was starting to get frustrated it’s like no one wanted to help out at all.

“we looked everywhere barr” Iris rubs his shoulder, trying to calm him down but Barry wasn’t having it

“Cisco can you do the little facial recognition thing”

Cisco just sighs and nods his head “I can try again”

After waiting for 20 minutes Cisco finally gives Barry some feedback.

“Barry I hacked into all the satellites in Central City and this one in particular caught Mardon walking in some broken down building”

“Okay good do you have a location”

Cisco squints his eyes while leaning forward, looking at the computer screen

“uhh oh I recognize this building you remember Hillwood apartments it had caught fire ”

Barry nods and runs out of Star Labs.
You were having trouble keeping your eyes open. It’s been too long without food and Mardon had been on your ass since he arrived. You were lucky he left again and of course he didn’t bother telling you it’s not like you give a damn anyway.

You were about to just give up and close your eyes until you felt a gust of wind on your face.

“Y/n it’s me Barry” Barry leans over you and you smile weakly at him

“Hi” you croaked

“Hi” he whispers and picks you up bridal style and runs to Star Labs
When he got to the lab you were unconscious so he rushed you to the med bay, where Caitlyn immediately started treating you.

Barry was thrilled to have you back but at the same time he was worried and completely pissed off at Mardon. He was currently pacing back and forth at super speed.

“Barry” Joe tried to call out to him but Barry didn’t respond

“BARRY” Joe yelled and Barry stopped

“What the hell is wrong with you son”

“Joe did you see the amount of bruises on her skin” Barry asks quietly and Joe softens but when he went to talk Barry cut him off

“Did you see the blood on her face”

“When I saw her Joe I… I wanted to kill Mardon for causing her pain for bruising her for making her bleed, in that moment she looked so fragile like glass and I was scared.”

“She spent 3 months alone with that Bastard just suffering I wasn’t fast enough Joe she suffered because of me” Barry’s voice cracks as his eyes water and Joe pulls him in for a hug

“Barry you can not stand here and blame yourself son you didn’t know where she was what’s important now is that she’s okay and that you find Mardon so we can end this”

“You’re right…thanks Joe”

“No problem”
Mardon finally comes back to the broken down building and looks over to where you was laying before he left and his face turned red at the sight of your body missing.

“What the hell” he says through gritted teeth and starts destroying anything in sight until he stops and realizes something

“Flash” he growls

3 hours later you wake up to bright lights and beeping.

You groan as you sit up and take in your surroundings and you recognize the medical looking room.

“Star labs?” You whisper, confused as you pull the IV out your arm and stand up but your legs were weak so you leaned on the wall for support as you open the door.

Everyone turns to your direction and Barry was by your side immediately helping you up.

“You shouldn’t be out of bed y/n” he says quietly and Caitlyn runs to you

"He’s right you need rest” she looks at you sympathetically

You look up at Barry and furrow your eyebrows"What happened”

Barry throws his arm over you and slowly walk back to the med bay “Y/n I found you you’re safe now Mardon can’t hurt you"You smile as your eyes water and sit on the bed

"Barry thank you so much” you look at him and he’s already smiling at you. You thought you would never get to see him again but here you are smiling back at him.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner-

"It’s okay I’m fine”

“I was so scared y/n when I saw you I thought you was dead” Barry whispers and you can see the tears start to form in his eyes so you reached up and grabbed both sides of his face and looked in his eyes for a few seconds

“Barry look at me okay I’m still here I’m not dead” you whisper and he nods his head and pulls you in for a hug and he notices the missing bump that you had 3 months ago.

“Y/n what happened-

"Miscarriage” you whisper and bite your lip as Barry pulls you in for another hug

“I’m so sorry y/n” Barry’s voice crack

Barry was really pissed off at this point not only did Mark put his hands on you but he made you have a miscarriage.

“Y/n from now on you are staying with me okay I’ll ask Joe about it and I’ll buy everything for you until your back in action okay just say yes cause I won’t take no for an answer”

You grin at him “yes sir I understand” you joke and he laughs

“Get some rest okay” you nod and he walks out the door and instantly frowns as he sees Mark in the cortex throwing a fit.

“You have something that belongs to me Flash"Mardon folds his arms

"Y/n doesn’t belong to you and she’s a person not a thing so leave”

I’m not leaving without y/n”

“You got 5 seconds to turn around and walk out or else” Barry growls as his mind replays seeing you half conscious on the ground.

“Or else what” Mardon stepped up to Barry menacingly and Barry couldn’t stop himself all he sees is red as his fist connects with Mardon’s face repeatedly.

“Barry stop” Joe runs up behind Barry with Cisco at his side trying to pull him away which worked for 2 seconds but Barry quickly sped Mardon into the pipeline.

“Barry what the hell” Iris says

“He hurt y/n”

“Barry you can’t just use your anger you could’ve killed him”

“That was the point Iris” Barry looks at her shocked face and Joe walks up to him

“Barry what has gotten into you"Joe looks at him with wide eyes

“I think I know what’s going on…Barry here has feelings for y/n” Cisco proudly says and Caitlyn shakes her head at Cisco

“Well barr is that true” Iris puts a hand on his shoulder and he puts his head down

“Yes okay I love her”

Everyone just smiles at him and pat his back

“I love you too Barry”

Barry turns around and sees you leaning against the wall with a huge smile on your face

“I thought I told you to rest y/n” Barry grins at you

“Well you should know by now I’m not one to listen"you joked as he pulls a stray hair behind your ear

"Well um you don’t have to worry about Mark anymore and uh do you really want this well me” Barry cringes on the inside

“Of course I want you Barry Allen"you lean up and kiss his nose

"are you sure? What if I can’t protect you, what if-

"Barry believe me it’s okay I trust you” you say quietly and smile up at him as he pulls you closer to him.

“God I love you”

We Are Family: Labor Day Weekend

Summary: Parties are well celebrated at the brownstone, and Labor Day is no exception. Clint adds some extra fun into the mix by bringing a surprise.

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson

Warnings: None

Word count: 2603

Read previous parts here

“Shouldn’t we try and help them?” you asked Nat as you sat on the back steps. 

She shook her head, a playful smile gracing her face. “No way. Watching is way more fun.”

You eyed Thor, Sam, and Clint warily as they tried to complete their most recent goal.

Clint had strolled into the house earlier with a huge grin on his face. “You’ll never guess what I got!” he had exclaimed.

You had all followed him to the front yard and found a huge white and blue lump sitting on your lawn.

“Well? What do you think?”

“What the heck is it?” Bruce had asked, poking the lump with his foot.

“It’s a pool, obviously! Fury got a new one and gave me this one. There’s gonna be swimming tonight!”

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Solving for ‘X’

I wrote a little highschool!AU destiel to celebrate my birthday! What could be better than young nerds in love ❤︎

Castiel was the best in the class at algebra, and everyone knew it.

There were people who were close, sure, but Dean definitely wasn’t one of those. Chewing on the end of his pencil, he watched as Cas - wearing a neat blazer, and wearing it well - scribbled letters and numbers on the whiteboard, while Ms Mosely looked on approvingly.

“Then you can multiply by 3,” Cas said, “to solve ‘x’. It’s twenty one.”

“Excellent work, Mr Novak,” said Ms Mosely. “You’ve come on leaps and bounds this semester. Please return to your seat.”

Dean rolled his eyes. And Cas saw it, too, as he resumed his seat - the one right in front of Dean’s. It was obvious from the way that Cas’ lips turned down, and his cheeks flushed. Even the tips of his ears went a little pink; Dean had the perfect view of them, from right behind him.

He willed himself not to feel bad. Castiel’s ego had to be sky-high, seeing as he was ruling the school as far as grades went. He could probably use being taken down a peg or two.

Even still, it stuck in Dean’s mind all the way through the lesson, even when Ms Mosely set them some algebra problems to do individually and Dean could see Castiel’s pencil flying across the page, solving the equations in record time, while Dean himself scratched aimlessly at his notebook - stuck on the first one. When the bell was about to ring, he leaned forward and flicked Cas on the back, hard.

“What’s the answer to number one?” he whispered, under the cover of Ms Mosely reaching down into her desk and clattering open her drawer. Castiel only looked at Dean for a very, very long moment - and let his gaze linger in a way that made Dean very, very aware of the fray in the shoulder of his leather jacket, and the cheapness of his t-shirt, and the fact that he hadn’t had time to style his hair right that morning.

“What?” Dean demanded. Castiel said nothing at all - and then, very pointedly, he rolled his eyes at Dean, and turned away.

Dean fumed until the bell rang five minutes later, and then stormed out of the class.

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ML drabble: Perfect

(Inspired by this post here)

To say that he had a bad day was an understatement.

Today was suppose to be the day he was going to hangout with His best friend Nino, but he had to cancel due to a last minute photo shoot. This type of issue was something that Adrien had sadly gotten use to. He knew his best friend understood, but he could read how disheartened his friend was from his texts despite their understanding words.

Adrien tried his best to convince his father to schedule it for another time, but of course, Adrien knew better then anyone how futile that discussion was to argue with Gabriel Agreste. His father quickly dismissed his son’s pleas as usual and sent him on his way to the shoot.

The camera man there was very particular on how he wanted the pictures, even insulting Adrien when he made a slight error. After losing his afternoon to the strict camera man, he overheard the man insult him behind his back calling him a “spoiled brat” despite Adrien being on his best behavior. He held in his frustrations with the cameraman and walked off to go home. 

The photo shoot was for a new billboard that his father was having put up. Adrien knew that this billboard was going to be up by tonight. Which was why his father was so insistent on him going today.

When Adrien arrived home, he was surprised to find his father standing at the door, a look of disappointment on his face. The camera man had apparently told his father of his “Less then perfect” modeling. Adrien wanted to tell his father that the man was lying, that he was an arrogant jerk who should not be allowed to hold the camera. But his words die as his father’s cold glare pierces the blond teen’s mind.

“I expect better from you. Do not let something like this happen again.” Gabriel spoke low and sternly, his voice conveying disappointment and frustration. The man didnt need to mention what would happen if he heard about anything like this again. The threat in his voice was more apparent then the words that were spoken.

Adrien trudged to his room and placed his stuff on his bed. He went into his bathroom to wash his hands. As he looked up for a second, he noticed his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His neatly brushed golden hair rested gracefully on his head, his emerald green eyes seemed light despite the emotional turmoil he was hiding. People had described his face as cherubic, or angel like, his father even called his looks ‘Perfect’. He use to think that it was a compliment. But he knew that his face and his body held a secret burden that he would happily exchange.

Perfect, a word that seemed to haunt him in everything he did. His grades needed to be perfect for him to stay in public school. His piano lessons, fencing, and mandarin had to be perfect for his father to allow him to keep doing them. His modeling, his looks, his attitude all needed to be perfect, so that his father would even acknowledge him.

Perfect. He really hated that word. 

“Plagg, transform me!”

Not even the cold night air could soothe the blond cat hero’s fiery mood.

He ran from rooftop to rooftop as if an akuma was at his heals. He wanted to get as far away from his home as possible. 

After 10 minutes of sprinting, he stopped to take a breathe. He began to calm himself as he looked down at the city below.

Even at night, the city was both busy yet somehow serene. The city light shined brighter then the stars in the sky. The people walked the streets with smiles, laughing at jokes, or just making pleasant conversation. Chat noir’s ears couldn’t tell exactly what they were saying with the countless people walking and talking, but it seemed pleasant enough.

Chat noir smiled a bit as he watched some of the people take notice of him and wave. Chat noir waved back before disappearing into the night on the rooftops.

He went a few blocks away and found that there was very little light at the section of the city. Not to say it was a bad neighborhood, but it was definitely more suburban and calm.

He activated his night vision to avoid hurting himself, he continued traveling through the quiet section until a partially lit section of roof caught his attention, stoping him in his tracks once he saw what was on the roof.

It was a billboard. But it wasn’t just any billboard, it was the very billboard his father had put up using the photos taken from earlier today. His father’s insignia in the corner of the billboard, with his picture taking up most of it.

It was the first picture that was taken at the shoot. Adrien was wearing his father’s recent design for a business suit. His hear was styled neatly and his modeling smile on the billboard was apparent. 

Seeing the billboard brought the stress that the blond teen had been trying to forget right back into perspective.

The hero moved to where the billboard was, standing a few feet from it. He took a deep sigh.

“I’m… So tired of you.” He spoke to the billboard. “Looking at you makes me sick. ..and so sad.”

His words seemed to be projected at the perfect image that everyone had associated with Adrien Agreste.

Chat noir felt his throat swelling as the words began pouring out of his mouth

“Sometimes I wish… I wish… You didn’t exist ANYMORE!” He roared the last word.

“Cataclysm!” His ring hand began glowing with his destructive special power.

“I HATE YOU!” He shouted just before slamming his hand on the billboard.

His head hanging low as his dark power slowly spread throughout the billboard turning it black as night before crumbling into black soot.

He fell to his knees, weeping in frustration as he looked over the destroyed billboard.

In his anger and frustration, he did not realize that there was a red clad heroine that had witnessed him destroy the billboard.

After a minute, he stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes, only to catch a glance of his red clad crime fighting partner

“Ladybug? What are you..”

“What the heck was that?” Ladybug interrupted his sentence, her face showing her anger and confusion.

The cat hero looked a bit confused by her anger until he remember what he just did. He had destroyed his father’s billboard.

“I… I dont..” Chat stumbled over his words, he couldn’t bring himself to find a logical excuse behind his action. He was just so angry.

“That doesn’t give you the right to destroy that Billboard. That wasn’t destroyed by an akuma, I can’t fix that damage.” Ladybug told the cat sternly.

“Good.” Chat noir muttered unintentionally.

Ladybug felt her temper rise. The reason she was out was because she wanted to get a look at the billboard, since she had heard about it from Alya who was told about it by Nino.

“That is a lot of money in damages Chat. There was no greater good to save by doing this. It was pointless destruction! Why did you destroy that billboard?”

Chat noir looked at ladybug, her look seemed to almost mirror the cold gaze of his father. It made him want to blow a gasket.

“Because I wanted to!”Chat noir shouted. Catching Ladybug completely off guard. He was ticked, no that word was too weak to describe his feelings. He was absolutely seething with rage. All of the frustration from 15 years of his life was starting to come to the surface and he wasn’t sure if he could hold it back. “It needed to get torn down.”

Ladybug took notice of the black cat’s emotion, she had never seen him so angry. Seeing him like this made her feel terrified, this was akumatizable level of anger.

“Chat… please calm down. Why would you want to tear down an Adrien Agreste Billboard so badly?” Ladybug inquired a touch nervously. Did Chat know Adrien in real life? Did he do something to anger Chat? She doubted that, Adrien was too nice and sweet to ever make anyone mad at him. 

Chat noir felt his anger begin to fizzle out as he focused on calming himself.

“It is a bit purrsonal my lady. I would rather not discuss it.” Chat noir explained calmly adding a pun to show that he had calmed down.

Ladybug however still pressed on.

“Did he do something to anger you? Are you jealous of him? Please tell me so I can help.” Ladybug questioned. Her tone showing concern. But the cat wasn’t sure if the concern was for him or for his “perfect self”.

“Are you asking because you are worried about me?” Chat asked his eyes looking at her closely. his voice holding back a floodgate of emotion. “Or are you asking because you are worried about him?”

“I am worried you might do something you’ll regret.” Ladybug stated. “You aren’t acting like yourself.”

His ring had began beeping, but the tension of the situation seemed to have made the beeps go unheard between the two.

Chat looked at Ladybug, watching her face for any subtle giveaways on if she was hiding anything.

“Do you have feelings for him Bugaboo?” The question posed innocently. The emotional weight behind the question hidden from her view.

He watched as Ladybug thought about the question before answering.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Ladybug replied, slightly hesitating as she spoke. Chat had caught the hesitation. He knew the truth.

Chat noir began laughing. Ladybug began staring at the cat with a look of confusion plain on her face. He stopped laughing after a few seconds before he spoke.

“Of course you would fall for him. Isn’t that just perfect?” He spat as he said perfect.

“I never said I was in love with him?” Ladybug lied, her words almost sounding convincing, but clearly they weren’t enough.

“I noticed the way you were acting with him when we were against that hypnotist. How you were willing to give up your miraculous for him, even when it was an illusion. How the first thing you did was rush to him to make sure he was okay. I know you are in love with him.” Chat pointed out. “This just only confirmed it.”

Ladybug wanted to deny it, but she didn’t, she couldn’t. Not in a way he would believe.

Chat noir watched as Ladybug tried to say something, but she said nothing. Chat knew he was right. He turned his back on Ladybug.

His ring was on its final paw.

“It is getting late Ladybug. I suggest we call it a night. There is no danger at the moment, and I believe we both can use some sleep.” Chat noir said hollowly. He prepared to jump but Ladybug placed an arm on chat noir.

“Chat wait.” Ladybug pleaded. Her eyes filled with guilt and pain. Chat felt his anger melt as shame for his actions hit his heart.

“I am sorry.” Her words were brief, but the three words were all she could muster. He stopped to look at her before turning his back again.

“I dont blame you for falling for him. The perfect lie always seems more appealing.” Chat noir spoke softly, just loud enough for her to hear.

He ran off, he quickly managed to hide on one of the darkened rooftops, knowing she didn’t have night vision. He transformed back into Adrien, he poked his head out as he saw Ladybug stand by the destroyed billboard for a second, before leaving. He was back to being on his own.

His black Kwami was definitely peeved.

“Wait to go romeo. You made her cry. For what? Falling in love with you? Isn’t that what you wanted?” The cat kwami commented.

“She isn’t in love with me Plagg, she is in love with the perfect me. That isn’t me Plagg. That will truly never be me.” his reply a mix of sorrow and frustration.

“Well, if she isn’t truly in love with Adrien. She definitely truly hates Chat noir thanks to all of that commotion.” Plagg pointed out.

Adrien balled his fists in frustration.

“Well isn’t that just perfect.”

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“Don’t fucking call this article Murphy’s Law!” joked Cillian Murphy in a 2004 interview in Complex magazine, referring to the fact that more stories on him than he cared to mention had said title.

Twelve years later, he’s a lot more relaxed about it. Cillian on the cover of 7 Days Magazine. Interview + 7 must watch Cillian films below the cut.

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Busted (Liam Dunbar ft Pack  Imagine)

Request: Can I get a imagine when you and Liam used to date and your best friends so when he tells you he slept with Hayden you get mad and sleep with theo and the pack gets mad 

 A/n: Request are open! And there is slight smut!! This is kinda bad so i’m sorry

 Liam and me had been best friend ever since we were little. Over the years i had gotten a crush on Liam but i kept quite, not wanting him to know and ruin our friendship. 

 In freshman year everything changed. Liam and I became girlfriend and boyfriend. Everything was going great we were happy, I was happy. I’m with the love of my life and my best friend. But all of that went downhill when he started hanging out with Scott and his friends.

 At first i didn’t think nothing of it but soon it turned into Liam ignoring and ditching me for them. One day i got enough of the bullshit and broke things off and we decided to still be best friends and that’s when i found out about the supernatural world. 

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#9 Finally Interested Part 5 (Harry Styles)


This is the Final Part of the Not Interested Series. 

Read the first four parts here:  Not InterestedA Little Interested, Maybe Interested, Only Interested 

I hope you like it! Please tell me your views? I update faster with comments! Really!

I didn’t quite know how I felt. There were days when I just laughed and joked about everything but then I just grew numb after a while. The other days, I just didn’t speak to anyone and sat in my car or attended classes sitting in some corner.

She was all over the place now. I could see her everywhere, talking to people, helping people. College festivals were on her head, and Madam was very busy. She had tried talking to me a few times. They usually ended with me insulting her which led to breaking my heart in pieces again, sometimes slamming the door on her face. She was trying to apologize she had said. Bullshit. All of it was bullshit.

I guess the fault was mine. I let her in. I believed her lies. Thought she’ll be this simple girl who could be my star. It was all a lie, and I was an idiot. “Hey, man!” Josh hit my shoulder, pulling me inside the frat house for another party. We kept it invite-only this time. It never worked but, every new council always tried.

“This woman you have to agree was a slut and not even worth calling a slut,” They knew about what happened. One of the times she walked in trying to apologize, I was drunk with these guys and blurted out everything and then, kicked her out. I still remember her eyes that day. I was shocked when she had tried to talk to me, again. I wouldn’t have talked to myself.

“Yeah enough, I’m over it!” I said, trying to stop him.

“Hey, Casey is here. Asking about you, huh, she is,” He hit me, again. I encouraged his movement and then, got him distracted, walking away.

I took a few drinks and planned to crash in my room when I heard her voice. “No, I don’t have an invite but, I have to meet Harry!” She shouted while the fresher argued with her.

“It’s invite-only!” He repeated.

“When is it invite-only!” She cried, “Look, if I can’t go in, could you please call him?” She asked as I peeked through the window. She was wearing a short black dress which I had bought for her. She looked incredibly innocent but still, a sin in it. She had her hair down as she turned wiping her eyes and then, went back to arguing. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to see her crying but, I couldn’t get over what she did. Somewhere I knew this was about ego but, she had gotten herself hurt so many times after, it might also, be about heartbreak.

“You aren’t allowed here,” Max pulled the door wide open, and she took a step-down. “Whores are banned.”

“I’m not a whore,” She wiped her eyes.

“You look like one,” He smirked.

“Could you please call Harry?” Why was she trying so hard? I was a bet, right; which she won.

“He doesn’t want to talk to you. You know honey, if you are so desperate to get fucked I could probably send this guy to do the deed,” He pushed the freshman forward who fiddled on his feet. There was a crowd near the door, watching him insulting her and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Or our dog is also…”

“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed pushing Max away. She was mess standing in front of me. My heart broke again, why was she doing this? She was shaking from the hurt and, I knew she’ll break down if another word was said to her.

My eyes softened, “Why are you here, Giselle?” I asked, softly.

“Ugh,” She sniffed, fiddling with her wallet, and pulled out two tickets, and pushed her hand forward. Her hands were shaking while tears just fell. “Your favorite play is today at nine-thirty in the city auditorium and, I thought maybe,” she met my eyes and for the first time looked defeated. “Maybe not…” She nodded. The music behind had died down, and everyone was quietly listening to the drama played out on the front door. All of them were assholes. “I’m sorry…” She said, nodding her head and wiping her tears turning away.

“You know, it’s nine-fifteen. I think, if we drive a bit faster, we’ll reach in twenty. They anyway always start late,” I said while I heard people gasp behind me and I closed the door behind me. She looked shocked and walked towards the car while she followed me.

Without a word we sat inside the car and she waited for me to say something. I didn’t; I didn’t know what to say. She looked away after some time and fixed herself. We reached on time and the play hadn’t started yet. We were escorted to the best seats in the house. She must have paid a fortune for this. We were given our drinks and snacks. I read the entire plan and there was a dinner at the end, too.

We hadn’t said a word to each other but, she walked close to me. I felt she was trying to assure herself that I was there. During the play, she started shaking and sniffing while I knew it wasn’t because of the play. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her and pull her close. She hugged me chest and tried to calm herself down. We stayed attached the entire play, and I tried to rub her legs or back whenever I felt her shiver.

The play was beautiful, it always was. We were led to our dining table which was in a closed room with just us and a beautiful view. We sat down and she just looked numb sitting in front of me, looking down at her plate. We had said nothing to each other. The food arrived slowly and it was all my favorite. What was this woman doing? I could feel her eyes waiting for a response every time I took a bite.

 “We have two choices for dessert, this evening – Meringue box with Amaretto Cream and Fruit and Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie. Which one would you like to have?”

 “The Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie, please?” I answered.

 “Excellent choice, and Ma’am?” He asked her.

 “The same, please,” She squeaked.

 My eyes kept watching her but, she never met my eyes. Max did go far today. He’ll have to pay for it. No one should talk to anyone like that. But, you did? Remember that night. It’s a miracle she is still sitting in front of you.

 I did go far. “Did you like the play?” I asked. Finally breaking the silence between us, it was getting a bit too suffocating.

 “Hmm,” She nodded.

 “Why are we here, Giselle?” I asked and she looked up. Her eyes could hold a conversation in themselves.

 “I’m not sure,” She whispered.

 We were served our desserts and, I slowly took a bite savoring the taste. I was eating this after two years. It was always never available or two expensive to afford in college. She remembered everything.  

 Walking out of the restaurant, I was wondering if it was all worth it? She had apologized, I had hurt her back. Revenge was over. I felt she had given up and she walked straight towards my car.

 “So, umm, I’ll take a cab,” She tried to smile but, her eyes betrayed her. I couldn’t take it. I held her face in my palms and pressed her against the car, kissing her finally. Our lips moved in sync, as I put all my frustration, heartbreak and hurt in it. Her hands pulled at my shirt pulling my body closer to her. I wrapped my arms around her, blocking all her escapes from my lips. It was a while after we pulled away, “was this some last hurrah,” She asked sniffing.

I pressed my forehead against hers, “why are you doing this?” I asked.

 “What do you think?” She asked. I kissed her again, missing her lips against mine. We pulled up near this hilltop which had a perfect view of the sky. I opened the overview and pulled our seats behind making it a bed. “I can’t get over how beautiful the sky is,” She sighed.

 “I’m sorry for what Max said,” I spoke. “It was wrong and I should’ve stopped him way before…”

 “It’s okay, I’m not thinking about it,” she replied. “I’m sorry for hurting you,” She said after a while.

 I just turned my head to look at her. “You’ve said that.”

 “I forgive you, I forgave you long back. But, you kept coming back?”

 “I felt horrible. I’m not a bad person. I’ll take anything but, the way you looked at me that day. I’m really sorry. I won’t hurt you, now. I swear I’m going away anyway…”

 “Where are you going?” I asked sitting up.

 “Exchange program, for the next semester. I’ll be away from you and you can…It was so stupid to even think of such a thing. I was angry – on a lot of things and, suddenly you were there and I didn’t think. I didn’t mean to hurt you or fall for you. I’m not a horrible person, really…”

 “Hey, shh…I know you aren’t, I’m sorry for making you feel that way and saying all those things. I was hurt and alcohol is never good,” I kissed her. “I thought you were my star.”

 We didn’t say anything after that. I dropped her off at her dorm and went back home. The party was still going on but, I preferred my room more.

 “So, you’ll be back in 4 months?” I asked her. She was packing her luggage while I was admiring her butt.

 “Yep, 4 months…” She sighed. “This room will be free, you know.”

 I raised my eyebrow. “My room-mate? Remember? You can try your luck?”

 “I have a thing for her room-mate actually? And I’m very focused,” I smirked. She gave me a big smile and went back to packing.

 “So, when I see you again in four months, can I take you out?” I asked her. I had made all my friends apologize to her.

 “I thought we were already dating?” She asked, her eyes big.  “Are you breaking up with me?” She looked as if she could cry, again. I wasn’t having any of that anymore. We had our fill.

 “What no! I was kidding! My god! I can’t even joke!” I held my chest, dramatically.

 “Not when I’m leaving you can’t!” She hit me. “It’s long distance, though?” She said after a while, “Loads of problem with long distance,”

 “Really?” I smirked.

 “Will you be able to hold on to your star?” She blinked her eyes innocently.

 “Will you? Who will be there to satisfy this little minx?” I tickled her.

 “Toys,” She pulled her tongue out.

 “Remember when you stalked me in the club?” I asked her.

 “That is very mean. Shut up!” She hit me.

 “You did stalk me, telling me not to go and get my one night stand,” I smirked.

 “I was saving you from embarrassment. Her husband is in the army!” She rolled her eyes.

 “My perfect chance of getting laid, you had stolen!” I said, climbing on top of her. She was back. Finally, I had her with me, in my bed, in my arms. I won’t let her go, again.

 “Sure, you can still go and look for one, you know. You were anyway not interested in me?” She said, pushing me down and climbing on top.

 “Are you kidding me? With these breasts? I’m very interested in you,” I said kissing down her neck.

 “Hmm,” She moaned, “I’m very interested in you, too.”


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Keep Quiet- Harry Styles Oneshot

In which Harry drags you along to the set of Dunkirk and things get a little R-Rated in his trailer.

I’m not sure if Harry is portraying a soldier in the movie or not and I also don’t have the slightest clue about the travel route from France to Dunkirk, but I tried to make everything as accurate and realistic as possible. I hope you enjoy!

He had called you late that night. The screen illuminated your entire bedroom as you answered with precaution, worried that something might be wrong.

“Harry?” you squeaked.

“M’sorry to wake you love, but i was wondering if you’d like to tag along to Dunkirk with me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

“That’s good to hear babe, pack your things and we’ll head to the station, yeah?”.

You were probably more excited than he was. It was his first big film and he needed you there for moral support and lots of reassuring pecks on the lips. Harry arrived at your apartment half an hour later. With a quick embrace, you kissed and hugged and giggled, followed by your appraisal for his beanie-clad head. You inhaled his scent, nuzzling your nose where his hoodie met his neck for a few more seconds, then headed out the door. After stopping to snap a quick picture of Harry and an employee at the train station, you finally reached the hotel. The next morning consisted of him enthusiastically introducing you to all of the co-stars and staff members he had met the day he auditioned. He then moved on to show you all the props and costumes they would use on set. It was so adorable to watch, like a little boy showing you his collection of action figures for the first time. The way his dimples peaked and his hands waved in animation when he talked about something he was passionate about was priceless. You remembered the day he was casted. He had called you about six in the morning spilling the good news. You both jumped and screamed over the phone and you baked him a congratulatory cake for when he came home later that night.

He broke the news that he would have to get a haircut, but nothing too drastic and he’d donate the hair to a charity. He’s a little insecure about it, hence the beanie and the hat that makes him look like a paperboy but you always reassured him that he looked amazing yet he still prefered the hats when in public. You loved the way the freshly chopped ringlets would cling to his forehead in the shower, and how you could play with the hair at the nape of his neck when he kissed you. He enjoyed it too, the way he’d hum against your mouth in appreciation.

He got you settled in his trailer. He ensured you had snacks, drinks, and a sense of sanity being that there wasn’t any internet connection. You had prepared ahead of time and packed your textbook and some notes to study and finish up your paperwork to keep yourself busy while he was shooting. After one final kiss good luck he was headed out.

“Styles!” you called.

“Yes babe?”

“You look sexy in uniform.” you smirked.

“Get to work missy!”.

You heard him chuckle to himself after he shut the door. You were knee-deep in your essay when he returned about two hours later. “Fifteen minute break” he explained.

“You know what could happen in fifteen minutes?” you suggested.

He looked at you with a light in his eyes and strolled towards you with a motive. You kind of panicked.

“Harry i was just joking”.

“Am i laughing baby? I think you and I both know what we’re capable of doing in fifteen minutes.”

“N-no not here Harry.” you stuttered.

But it was a little too late. He had already scooted your books to the side was leaning in to meet your lips until you exceeded in stopping him. You knew if he was to to touch you in anyway you’d give in so you got up from the couch and darted towards the other side of the trailer. He raised an eyebrow and grinned at you. He made his way towards you and you skipped past him to the opposite direction. You were both laughing once you got what he was hinting at and you huffed out a sigh of slight annoyance when you realized that playful Harry felt like chasing you around the trailer. You tried running from him again except he caught you and pinned you down onto the couch. He began tickling you like the little shit he is, making you laugh until you were out of breath.

The minute you were eye-level you realized he was completely on top of you. The atmosphere changed and back came sex-god Harry. It was light a light bulb went off how quick his mood changed. Before you knew it he got up and shimmied out of his costume, then climbed over top of you again, mumbling something about “Didn’t you say I looked sexy in uniform? Too bad i’ll have to take it off..”

“You could get fired Harry” you warned.

“Not if you keep quiet baby”.

He kissed down your neck, making sure to pay extra attention to your sweet spot eliciting a moan to escape from your lips.

“You want it (Y/N)?” he asked. He awaited for your nod of consent, then effortlessly removed your jeans and underwear.

“This is gonna be quick, okay?”.

You nodded. You didn’t care as long as you didn’t get caught. He quickly, but gently moved inside of you, stretching your walls. He automatically picked up the pace with skill. He was moving quick as he had said he would- and hard. Your breath quickened, releasing exhales of air in place of moans. Your hands ran through his hair as he kissed down your neck once more. You heard his short grunts in your ear while whimpering a moan in his. You said his name, which made him thrust into you even harder. You bit your lip to stifle your screams, again settling instead for quick huffs of air. Your head fell back onto the couch and you worried that the trailer might be rocking back in forth but you were to busy trying to keep quiet to check.

You leaned forward and sunk your teeth into his collar bone, just above the bird. He always bled when you did this and though it was never intentional, he fucking loved it. Same went for when you left scratches cascading down his back. He loved having the stinging reminder of what he could make you do. He loved it even more when he found out you were never aware of when you were doing it. Just like you had no idea how loud you could be until the neighbors complained, or that you were even capable of what did he call it? Oh yeah,- squirting.

The two of you were an entangled mess of limbs and stifled moans. You were both close and despite the cool weather outside, the temperature in the trailer was rising. He put his hand over your mouth masking the inhuman scream emanating from your throat. You arched your back off the cushion and released your orgasm, Harry following suit. You both took a minute to catch your breath. He kissed you sweetly, thanking you for putting up with his antics. You helped him back into his costume and he into your jeans. You wiped the sweat from his forehead and fixed his hair back into place, erasing any sign of sex.

“Part two at the hotel tonight?” he giggled.

“You’ll have to catch me first, Soldier Styles”.


-All the love, Vanessa. :)

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Circle of Friends in Taiwan Live Report

this is so late ahhh sorry I couldn’t do it first minute because my flight was basically right after the live and packing and everything but ;;;


 Okay!! Before you read here are some warnings:

1. Heavy fangirling
2. Amatsuki-biased.
3. Maybe a little homo-ness because it’s COF how can you not

Ready? Let’s go –>

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