i would try to dance like this but chances are it would end in disaster

Tell Me

Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

Tell Me English MasterlistDime Masterlist en Español

“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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where the sun and stars meet


Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader (oh my word, she’s done it, she’s written a non-Lin fic, holy moly, we never thought this day would come)

Summary: He knew you well enough to know when you were forgetting to breathe.

Note: i fell straight into rafa hell and apparently this is how i decided to handle it lmao. @fragmentofmymind and @alexanderhamllton had to deal with my yelling about this so go give them extra love THEY DESERVE ALL OF IT I LOVE THEM A LOT. 

okay omg i love you guys and i hope you enjoy the garbage, feel free to come yell at me about it <3

Word Count: approx. 4500? (guys it’s a ONE-SHOT ARE YOU PROUD)

Being a twenty-eight year old woman living in Los Angeles could be tough.

In six years of residence in the city of stars, you had realized that sometimes the lights weren’t so much sparkling as they were blinding. Blinding of the goals you’d set out to achieve, the paths to get there, the hope and promise of a state drowning in sunshine and smog. Although you had never expected it to be, the journey wasn’t easy.

Sure, you’d had plenty of dancing gigs during your time there so far, but your heart was in choreography and you were determined to keep working until you made that goal happen. You knew that you were talented, that when you were in your flow you could tell stories and string together phrases and characters with even the most subtle pieces of movement. Every once in awhile, though, you lost your flow.

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anonymous asked:

Romantic prinxiety Where Roman and Virgil don't get along but the theater needs another singer for there musical legally blonde ( if you haven't seen it before you can change it I just love that musical ) Virgil does it because he needs his grades up in theatre class. Virgil winds up playing Emmett and Roman plays Elle ( he's the only one who can hit the right notes and they don't care he's a boy ) they have to rehearse the kiss and turns out that they like it more than they thought they would

I love this prompt and it took a while to get enough time to sit down and write this, but I like how it turned out.  My school put on Legally Blonde last year, so I was familiar with it, but still needed a little refresher.  I also changed up the prompt a tad, but hope you enjoy!

Stick to the Script

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Prinxiety, platonic Moxiety and Logince
Warnings: physical injury (nothing graphic)

Summary: Someone must’ve said Macbeth because they’re going to need a new Emmett.  Virgil is volunteered for the role and neither he nor Roman are too happy about it.

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

The stage was crazy this time of year, it wasn’t quite tech week yet, but the theater was bustling with students learning their lines and dance numbers. Virgil watched from behind a curtain on side stage as Roman and Logan performed their lines.

“Oh, and getting one of Stromwell’s daily quotes right is almost as important as acing the mid-term,” Logan recited.

“But you didn’t hear it from me.” Virgil finished under his breath.

“I still don’t get why you didn’t try out.” Virgil jumped and turned to face Patton, his heart racing. Damn, they really ought to get that kid a cowbell.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see me on stage,” Virgil said, crossing his arms. “I’m better back here as SM where there’s order and no surprises.”

As if on cue, there was a loud crash from the stage followed by a long, agonizing moan.

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It’s Not A Side Effect of the Alcohol, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love (stenbrough)

read it on ao3

i spontaneously decided to get this finished n post it wooo!!!! i hope you all enjoy!!!

(if you can figure out what ive adapted the title from you get 10 cool points)

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” The losers yelled, encouraging Stan to drink his beer in two seconds flat. His throat bobbed up and down as he swallowed, and his face was flushed from the sudden rush of alcohol. Liquid dribbled from his mouth and he wiped it away with a grin, holding up the glass triumphantly as Mike threw his arm around him and ruffled his hair. 

“Stanley actually being wild for once, what’s up with that?” Richie reached for his hand over the table and Stan shook it mock seriously.

“Can’t I just chug beer for the hell of it?”

His smile was easy going, cocky, different to the gentle smile he always adopted when sober.

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Long Live - Chapter 7

This one got a bit longer than i expected. I also had a bit of trouble with it as the words i wanted didn’t seem to want to exist for me. Thank you to @mylasagnaisraw and @ilovemyspoopydad for beta-ing this chapter for me! You’re both angels!  

Edit: I accidentally uploaded the unedited version first, sorry!

Pairing: Prinxiety

Words: 2266

Tag List: @eternal-sanders @eternalsavvyskies @generalofthefangirlarmy @ireblogstuff-andineedalife @isnt-that-wizard @de-is-me @fander-berb @deadprinxietywalking @datonerougecookeh  @aaliyahadams1738 @hetaliagurl5 @ilovemyspoopydad @ai-logical @thegreatdot @protecterofalltheaus @fandomsandanythingelse @cutie5780 @bleebtheweeb @justanotherpurplebutterfly @wizxrdscorbus @imnotcrazy-i-swaer @thekwhale @worthless-dude @averaillisa @soulydyingalone @alright-cupid @gaysonofjafar @breckein-blog @kuwata-kun @waste-disposal-unit @swiggtyswag19 @lostgirlgwen @squashymoon-wink  @fandomsandnonsense7 @cutecatwhiskers @sandersandthesides @cleopolitian @mewsicalmiss @musicphanpie-b @wrendoesstuff @breeziegem @alyrie @novagalaxy4real @prompty-writer @jordisama @broadwaytheanimatedseries @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @lizziepopanime @satisfied-sanders-sides @piko-blaster @save-the-spiral @dusk-lunari @heartsthetics @la-fandom-freak @irrelevantbutfabulous @cochroachkappa-blog @thestoryoferissur @abstractedthinking @kasylikescookies @awesomelissawho @demonickittykat @not-lonely-but-alone @moonibinbon @everlalvenia @casmyth @r4v3npuff @hanramz-the-fander  @pointless-blog-name @mazalittlesadist @queer-ax

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The playlist for Long Live can be found here!

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12

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dating yugyeom!

Originally posted by jypnior

- okay so he would be such a cutie

- he would definitely be awkward at first

- like when he tried to ask you out for the first time it took him a whole hour to psych himself up to do it

- even then he was still kinda stumbling over his words 

- so when you were “yes i will go out with you!!!!!!” he literally just lit up 

- his crooked smile would be on display and he wouldn’t stop smiling the whole day

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Follow my Lead

A/N: I’m not sure if there will be a part two or not. I have a lot of things on my list to write. If there is it will not appear for a while. Sorry it took so long to get this posted. Sick Parents and no life.

Word Count: 1,243

Request: Maybe a Julian Albert imagine based on the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran?

Originally posted by nellaey

We’re going out tonight. Get dressed. I’ll be there in 20.

I rolled my eyes as I stared at the text my friend had just sent. She always wanted to go out. She just dumped her last boyfriend and was on the prowl… again. 

Normally I would have objected; I would have come up with a half-assed excuse to avoid the drunken disaster she would become. But this week had been an utter shit fest. The CEO had come in from New York and was on my back about the new media proposal and my coworkers were less than helpful. Not to mention that Chase, one of the media consultants had been relentlessly asking me for a date; about one step short of sexual harassment. And had he not been a complete arrogant asshole I might have said yes. 

I slipped on my loose spaghetti strap black tank and favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans before throwing my long hair up into messy top-knot bun. Before long Hannah was knocking down my door, “Open up! Come on let’s go!”

I swung the door open and stepped out into the hallway, locking the door behind me, “Hey Hannah. Where are we going? Dom’s or Eclipse?”

“Actually this guy I work with recommended another place. The Lighthouse Tavern. It’s kind of low key compared to our usual places but it should be fun,” she squealed before we scurried downstairs and climbed into a cab.

When she said low key she wasn’t kidding. Hannah usually preferred dance clubs with raging music and sweaty men but this was something else entirely. We walked in and it was extremely chill. There was music playing from a juke box and a couple pool tables in the back as well as darts. Not at all Hannah’s speed, but surprisingly, I was really enjoying the ambiance. 

Hannah leaned over the bar showing herself off to the bartender, “I’ll have a vodka cranberry,” she smiled and played with her hair. The bartender not-so subtly glanced down her shirt before turning to me.

“Gin and Tonic,” I forced a smile then straddled the stool next to Hannah, “So who recommended this place again?” Hannah worked as the assistant to the Captain of the CCPD but from the looks of this place it wasn’t a police bar.

“His last name’s Albert. I don’t know him very well,” she took a sip from her glass, “ He just started at CCPD a few months ago, works in the crime lab.”

I nodded before taking a large swig of my drink, “Want to shoot some pool?” 

“No,” she smiled eyeing a man sitting at the other end of the bar, “I think I’m good,” she grabbed her drink and her clutch, “I’ll catch you later.”

I watched her walk off to the tall, shaggy haired man sitting there with a crooked grin. “Yeah, bye,” I whispered to myself before turning back to my drink, no longer in the mood to shoot pool.

“Excuse me. Sir,” a blonde man leaned against the bar next to me, trying to get the bartender’s attention in that irresistible British accent. “Sir,” he waved at the man who obviously didn’t care about his customers needs. The blonde let out a huff and I stepped in.

“Hey,” I let out a little louder than intended but it clearly pulled the man from his daze, “I’ll have another, and my friend…” I motioned to the stranger who looked a little confused but responded quickly.

“Oh yes, a pint on tap,” he gave a small smile and then joined me sitting on the stool where my friend had just been. He leaned in and gave a heartwarming smile, “Thank you.”

“Oh, not a problem,” I replied casually as the bartender handed both of us our drinks. I ran my finger down the side of the glass, the condensation collecting on my skin.

“I’m Julian,” he held out his hand, a quite formal introduction for where we were. But there was no denying it. He was holy hell attractive. The blonde hair, blue eyes, and that jawline.

“Y/n,” I shook his hand and sipped my drink admiring his name. What was he doing here with me? An extremely attractive man with a British accent chose to spend his evening talking to me. Maybe my week was turning around after all.

“I haven’t seen you around here before,” he leaned against the bar casually, as if he had used this line hundreds of times.

“Are you a regular?” I brushed my hair from my face and let a small smile play at my lips.

“I wouldn’t say regular, on occasion,” he took a drink, his glass hiding his face.

“My friend suggested it,” I also took another drink hoping that my night would continue to turn out better than expected.

“You must thank your friend for me.” I felt myself blush and tried to hide the redness that was obviously flooding my cheeks, “Would you like to dance, Y/n?” he offered his hand and with a smile I accepted.

He popped a few quarters in the jukebox and selected a song. The music began to ring through the air. 

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow

Ed Sheeran’s new song about two strangers meeting in a bar… well it sure was accurate. Julian had his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His eyes were blown wide with lust. There was no denying the attraction between us.

You come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop
Put Van The Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance
And now I’m singing like

I ran my fingers up around his neck and began to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. I bit my lip thinking about where this might lead.

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

His right hand cupped my cheek and he brushed my lips with his thumb, his eyes burning into me. I licked my lips and he leaned in closer. My breath hitched as his lips grazed mine.

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body

His lips were soft, warm. His lips moved expertly against my own. We worked together in perfect synchrony. He pulled back slightly and intertwined his fingers with my own, “You want to get out of here?” a shy smile played at his slightly swollen lips.

Resisting the urge to yell hell yes, I whispered, “Yes.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and began to guide me from the bar, the song still playing in the background.

And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body

Ever so accurate.

Tags: @audasia25 @jackieislit @johnmurphys-sass

It’s Pancake Time! Yuehua Boys

Masterlist can be found (here) 

Summary: (Requested)
Yuehua Boys makes pancakes with/for you (Wanna One’s Maknae Line) 

A/N: Dedicating this to @wannawrite, I had a really shit day today after receiving some of my results but writing this made it a lot better T^T I hope you guys like it :’) (yes I love euiwoong & hyungseob sm if it isn’t obvious enough lol)

Justin Huang (Minghao)

  • Justin was really craving for pancakes so you told him you could cook some for him as you always made it your younger siblings
  • A food fight will 100% start since he is just really playful
  • It hasn’t even been a minute and you already have flour on your face
  • Well Justin soon had milk in his hair
  • You guys will just laugh it off after cleaning up
  • Both of you will start mixing the ingredients
  • There will super loud music blasting from his speaker and you will sort of bob your head to the rhythm
  • Which led to a mini dance off and somehow you two invented the ‘pancake dance’
  • Made a bet that he could flip better pancakes and the loser had to wash the dishes
  • Even if yours was obviously the better pancake, he still insisted that he won
  • But he eventually gave in and offered to wash all the equipment
  • Really good at improvising like he said you could replace eggs with banana and it actually turned out amazing ???
  • You two will make the most decadent pancake
  • Nutella and marshmallows on top of each pancake to create the ultimate pancake stack since you guys have such a sweet tooth
  • Feeds you with “Here’s come the aeroplane”
  • You will just glare playfully at him and folded your arms when it happened for the 3rd time cause you were starving
  • He did smirk and just pinch your cheeks before taking another forkful and fed you
  • “Stop being so irresistible.”

Lee Euiwoong

  • You two generally cook a lot to save money since you guys are still young
  • Also because you two have a lot of after-school activities so there wasn’t a lot of time you guys could spent together
  • However, Saturday mornings are always reserved for 'Breakfast Special’ since he has the day off and he gets the kitchen at home as everyone else in his family will be out
  • While it is a 'Breakfast Special’, you two usually just have pancakes since it was something you two really enjoyed eating
  • You two love to experiment various recipes in your free time too
  • So you and Euiwoong have your own special pancake recipe after many trials and errors
  • It was a simple and plain pancake recipe but it was legit the best pancake you have ever eaten
  • You two decided to spice things a bit today by adding hot chocolate mix and cinnamon into the mixture along with changing the shape
  • You decided to use a mould to make bear shape pancakes like the ones you saw on Youtube
  • It actually came out pretty decent as it miraculously didn’t burn considering that it was your first try
  • He will have this really silly grin on your face as he watched you clenching your fist and mumbling 'yessss’
  • Each time a pancake comes up perfectly, he will give you a kiss on the cheek to 'reward’ you
  • tbh he just wanted an excuse to kiss you 
  • You guys will go the extra mile to decorate even if you know that you will finish eating it in less than 5 minutes
  • Chocolate chip to form a smile for the bear
  • Strawberries for the ears and even using melted chocolate to outline the bear’s shape
  • In the end, he will change his wallpaper to a photo of you posing with the pancake stack
  • “I look so bad in it woong …..”
  • “But you always look so beautiful to me?”

Choi Seunghyuk

  • He wanted to surprise you by making breakfast
  • But you end up waking up when he was making too much noise trying to find the measuring cups lol
  • You woke up immediately since you were a pretty light sleeper
  • Rather than making your own mix, you guys just stick to the box mix
  • Mainly because you guys had other plans after breakfast
  • And time was obviously not on your side so you guys had to rush
  • A lot of playful bumping on the waist but other than that, it’s relatively quiet in the kitchen
  • You guys have an unspoken chemistry
  • like he knows exactly what ingredients you needed and will quickly hand it to you based on your expression
  • You could tell whether he needed more oil on the stove as well just from his gestures
  • Pancake stack comes out super impressive and Seunghyuk would brag that he is the pancake master
  • While you gently reminded him that he failed to even find the ingridients half an hour ago
  • Lots and lots of peanut butter with chocolate chip (im actually sort of allergic to peanut butter rip)
  • Gives you a super long hug and whispers ‘thank you’ in your ear when you plate it 
  • He will be extremely satisfied when you priased him for how well it turned out
  • You will just melt as you saw his eye smile that you did offer him more of your pancake 
  • Seunghyuk will take a lot of photos and sends it to his mom
  • He will be beaming from eye to eye when he sees her reply of praising how nice it came out and showed it to you

Ahn Hyungseob

  • After watching his meringue video, you made a resolve to never let him touch your kitchen
  • When he told you he wanted to make pancakes for you, you literally went
  • But Hyungseob really wanted to help and he started pouting
  • A pouty Hyungseob was never a good thing
  • So you decided to just do a Dutch Baby pancake where the pancakes will cook in the oven
  • So the chances of a disaster happening in the kitchen is lesser
  • The kitchen still ends up a mess cause somehow Hyungseob accidentally spilt some milk, broke 2 eggs on the way to the fridge and knocked down a bag of flour
  • You two spend more cleaning the kitchen than making the pancakes
  • But in the end, it’s all rewarding when he kisses you on the forehead and tells you how thankful he is to have such a patient girlfriend like you
  • One thing he does gets right is the timing of when to take out the pancakes
  • A minute later after Hyungseob had pulled it out from the oven which was when the timer would ring would have resulted in a burned Dutch Baby
  • Decorations are pretty minimal as you will just paired it with whichever berries that are seasonal
  • “How do you make a pancake smile?”
  • “Uhhh you use chocolate chips?”
  • “No Y/N, you butter him up!”
  • You groaned as you shoved a spoonful of pancake into his mouth to stop him from making any more puns

Jung Jung (Zhu Zheng Ting)

  • A gentleman so I doubt he would let you do anything
  • He did try to shoo you out of the kitchen until you insisted on helping
  • Because you were the one who wanted to try out a recipe you saw online for breakfast
  • You guys will make crepes cause Jung Jung said the texture sort of reminded him of one of his favourite Chinese Street food, 煎饼 (ngl it’s one of my favourite street food as well, y'all should try it one day)
  • You did do anything to make him happy especially knowing how much he missed the food back at his hometown
  • Gives you a back hug and places his head on your shoulder as you start cooking the crepes
  • He just stares at you but not in a creepy way when you are busy
  • He literally looks at you like there’s honey dripping from it cause that was how precious you were to him
  • He likes seeing how focus you get and he gets a moment to just admire how gorgeous you were
  • The crepes come out really really nicely
  • You two will decorate it will strawberries and whip cream
  • But you two snacked more on the strawberries rather than actually putting them on the crepe
  • Eventually, the crepe comes out pretty empty so Jung Jung decided to drizzle chocolate sauce on it or it was literally just going to be a plain crepe
  • It does taste as pretty as it looks but you were super worried that it only tasted good to you
  • But he did assure you that he was pretty much blown away by how good it tastes as he will keep praising it

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

These Final Hours

Title: These Final Hours

Paring: Pynch (Adam/Ronan) with some side Sarchengsey (Blue/Gansey/Henry) 

Rating: T

Summary:   Ronan had really been looking forward to missing out on the quintessential high school experience, but sometimes plans change.

Words: 5,766

A/N: For Pynch Week 2017 Day 3: “Dance With Me”. Thank you to @dreaamscaape and @xiunens for beta-ing this for me!


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The Way Things Were

The Way Things Were

A prequel to ‘A Change in Times’

Requested by @3waystraffic ;

‘Hi beautiful! I just read “A Change in Times” and here I am fluffing my brains out! I was just wondering if you’d like to write the story of one of these girls, back in the 40’s, but one who really mattered. Like idk, Steve couldn’t pick her jacket, but she was brave enough to just ask to wear Bucky’s?It could be the one, or one of a few, girls he really loved? But she engaged herself as a nurse and died during the war, before him? Thank you for paying attention to this shady request Have a nice day!’

Contains fluff, angst and death

Authors note: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on ‘A Change in Times’ I can’t tell you quite how much it meant to me. I hope you enjoy this prequel :) Lucy x

Change In Time

Bucky held you close as you danced, all the while breathing in the intoxicating scent of your perfume and trying to figure out where the hell Steve had got to. He craned his neck and scanned the crowd but there was still no goddamned sign of him. It was five minutes until closing and if that little punk wasn’t there to help him pull off his move then he had no chance of a second date with you; and he really wanted to go on a second date with you.

“James? Are you okay?” You asked, looking up at him with wide eyes

Bucky inwardly groaned; as much as he liked you, he couldn’t shake the hatred he felt for his first name. In a futile effort to distract you, he quickly spun you away from him in a blur of your peach dress and by the time you had made your way back into his arms he had almost forgotten your question. You looked up at him again and studied his blank face as he kept looking around the room. You couldn’t understand it; had you done something wrong? The evening had been going so well up until about twenty minutes ago. Were you not providing him with enough conversation? You had known this was going to happen. Daisy had told you in no uncertain terms that the infamous Bucky Barnes was way out of your league, and you should have listened to her.

The song ended and people pulled away from their partners to applaud the band. You couldn’t help but notice out of the corner of your eye that Bucky’s hands were in his pockets as he looked around distractedly in the midst of the applause, probably hoping to get away from you so he didn’t have to walk you home. With a heavy sigh, you straightened out your dress and made your way through the crowd to the exit, not wanting to make the evening any more awkward than it already was.

“Okay folks this is the last dance of the night, thank you all for coming.” A man onstage crooned into the microphone as the band fired up one last time into a slow song

Bucky snapped out of his search for a moment and reached for your hand to pull you in for the last dance, only to realised belatedly that you were gone. Damn it! He panicked a little, praying to god that he hadn’t blown his chances with you. He scanned the crowd yet again, only looking for you this time. If he had craned his neck a little higher and directed his gaze to the left he would have caught a glimpse at your skirt following you out of the door. But by the time his eyes fixed on the doorway you were already through it, fumbling in your bag for a handkerchief to dab your eyes with as they became teary. Why did you always have such bad luck when it came to dances? The past five you had been to had all ended in disaster. You had really hoped this one would be different.

Small clusters of people crowded the way to the exit point. You pushed through as politely as you could, mumbling apologies the whole way until you got out of the door. Once outside you took in a deep breath and tried your best not to cry as you shivered in the cold New York air. You had left your coat on the couch in a cruel twist of fate which hadn’t mattered that much on the short way over from your cousin’s apartment. But they were halfway across the state by now on their way to Canada to see your aunt in Montreal, and without a key to let yourself in you were screwed.  What on earth were you going to do? Your apartment was at least an hour away if you walked, and you were sure you wouldn’t be able to find your way in this blasted snow. The door behind you opened, and out of it came a small blonde man who was probably about your age. He was flushed and looked a little like he had a fever. You watched as he stumbled slightly and coughed into the cold air. “Are you alright, sir?” You asked, looking at him caringly

The young man looked up at you and blinked. “You’re supposed to be inside.”

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he seemed to unthreatening you would probably have thought there was some plan to kidnap you. Maybe he was just confused; he didn’t look well at all. “Sir, are you alright?” You asked, half wondering if he wasn’t ill at all and was just intoxicated

He opened his mouth to reply and instead coughed a worrying amount. He braced himself against the wall with one hand and for a moment you thought he might collapse. You placed a delicate hand on his shoulder and once he’d regained his breath he waved it away. “Thank you, ma’am, but I’m fine. The cold just doesn’t agree with me,”

“Is it asthma?”

He seemed surprised you had guessed this, and nodded almost gladly. A moment passed and he looked at you with a mild curiosity. “What are you doing out here? I mean, surely the dance hall is warmer than out here.”

A snowflake landed on your eyelashes and you suddenly realised that you were still crying. “My, er… My date couldn’t wait to get away from me.” You sniffed, dabbing your face with your handkerchief

The young man’s eyes widened a little “Really? What happened?”

You told him how Bucky had been too busy scanning the room for an exit to notice you leave, and how for the last few dances he hadn’t been interested in you at all.  The young man chuckled and shook his head. “What’s so funny?”

He smiled at you kindly and stuck his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. “Well, it seems to me that you’re the one who couldn’t wait to get away from him.”

He was right; you had been the one to rush out, not Bucky. You had ruined your chances with yet another person, great. You started crying again, but this time you let a sob leave your body. The young man placed a hand on your arm and almost drew it away when he felt how cold you were. “I really liked him,” You confided

“Then why are you out here?”

Daisy’s words echoed through your mind, telling you how ridiculous it was for you to go dancing with someone so… So much better than you. “Because I’m not good enough for him.”

The young man bit his lip, looking thoughtful. “I don’t believe that.”


“Nobody is ever not good enough for someone; people are all the same, no one person is better than the other.”

You nodded, letting his words soak through you as you wiped your eyes again before putting your handkerchief back into your bag. “Would you like me to go and get your coat?” He asked

“I forgot to bring it.”

He looked disheartened and coughed again against the cold air. “You should go home,” You said to him, sniffling ever so slightly “this cold will do nothing for your asthma.”

“I don’t think it will do much for you without a coat, either.”

You smirked despite yourself and then let out a long sigh. What on earth were you going to do? You looked at the young man beside you and asked him a question. “What’s your name?”

“Rogers, Steve Rogers. And you are?”

The door behind you both pushed open to reveal a frantic Bucky Barnes. His eyes fixed on you and a relieved smile immediately spread across his face “Y/N!”

Bucky’s enthusiasm practically bowled you over as he stepped out into the night. “I thought I’d lost you, what are you doing out here?”

“I, er…”

“She was just talking to me, Buck,” Steve said with a sideways smile at you

Bucky looked at Steve and was very suddenly alarmed “You punk, what are you doing out here in the cold? I thought you were going to get a cab home.”

“As if I can afford that, Buck.”

You looked between the two in confusion as they bickered over Steve’s wellbeing. “You know each other?” You asked finally, breaking their conversation

Bucky looked at you and smiled, his cheeks were flushed in the cold and small droplets of snow were catching in his hair. You felt yourself blush as you realised, not for the first time, how handsome he was. You also realised, for the first time, how kind this young man was. His caring nature oozed from him as he fussed over Steve, unwinding the scarf from his own neck to put around his. “He’s my brother,” Bucky said

Steve looked at him almost tearfully and nodded “That’s right.”

You found yourself smiling and shivering at the same time. Damn it was freezing. You eyes Bucky’s wool coat and couldn’t help but notice how warm it looked. Could you ask to borrow it after you had abandoned him in the dance hall? He didn’t seem hurt by it, but then again maybe he was good at masking his emotions. You decided to take a chance. “James? Do you think it would be alright for me to ask if I could borrow your coat? I left mine at home and it’s so cold out here.”

Bucky smiled so widely you thought his face was going to tear in half. “Of course,” He said, undoing his coat and shrugging out of it

He placed the heavy coat over your shoulders and couldn’t help but laugh slightly as how big it was on you. You smiled at him, and he felt something twist pleasantly in the pit of his stomach. “Bucky,” He blurted out

You raised an eyebrow. “Pardon?”

He flushed and scratched the back of his neck “I er, my friends call me Bucky.”

You grinned at him, feeling a lot easier than you had ten minutes ago. “Does that make you your friend?”

“For now.” He smiled

Steve coughed, this time deliberately. “I’m going to head home,” He said when Bucky turned around to face him “I’ll see you tomorrow, Buck. It was nice meeting you, Y/N,”

You all said your goodbyes and by the time Steve was gone you and Bucky were still stood smiling at each other. “I, er, I think I owe you an apology.” He said, suddenly looking a little nervous

“What for?”

“Well, I know I was a bit absent back there the past few dances, but you see I was trying to find Steve in the crowd; I like to keep an eye on him, that punk always seems to find trouble.”

You felt relieved and embarrassed at the same time. It wasn’t that he didn’t like you, he was just looking out for Steve. Maybe Steve was right, maybe you were good enough for him.”I’m sorry too,” You said “for leaving you stranded out there, and then for stealing your coat.”

Bucky laughed and shook his head “Don’t worry about it, it isn’t the first time a dame has left me alone on the dance floor.”

You smiled, looking down at the snow beneath you on the sidewalk. “I don’t suppose you know the way back to Harrier Street?”

His eyes twinkled “I do.”

“In that case, would you walk me home?”

“On one condition,”

Your heart jumped in your chest. “What would that be?”

A devious smile crossed his features “That you come out with me again, next Sunday. And then maybe the Sunday after that if you can stand me.”

You felt a nervous excitement course through your body, which was now feeling warmer in Bucky’s coat. “I’ll sign up for that,” You grinned

Bucky turned on his heel and nodded his head towards the right “It’s this way, come on.”

The walk home was cold, but you wouldn’t have changed one thing about it. You had laughed so hard you were sure you’d burst a lung, and you felt so easy in his company that you found it hard to believe you had been crying about him little over an hour ago. As you walked up the steps to your door he stayed by your side, and as you put the key in the lock he still stood there patiently. “I’ve had a lot of fun tonight,” You said earnestly

Bucky laughed “Sure looked like it when you were crying outside.”

Crap. He’d noticed. “I’m sorry,” You said sheepishly, looking at the ground “I guess I was kind of nervous. You see, my friend Daisy said that I didn’t stand a chance with you and I thought she might have been right.”

“Daisy? That wouldn’t be Daisy Penn, would it?”

You looked up in surprise and nodded “You know her?”

He laughed a little and nodded. “Unfortunately, yes. We went out a couple of times, but I broke it off after she yelled at a waitress for spilling a glass of water on our table. She’s been bitter ever since,”

You laughed too, realising not for the first time how petty Daisy was. “And hey,” Bucky said, looking you in the eye “don’t ever think you don’t stand a chance with me, Y/N. Unless you turn out to be the kind of girl who hollers at waitresses, I’d say that your odds are just fine.”

You blushed, trying to draw your gaze away from his eyes and failing. “Goodnight, Bucky.” You said, mustering all of your bravery and taking a step forward to kiss him gently on the cheek

“Goodnight, Y/N,” Bucky smiled as you disappeared behind the door, holding his hand to his cheek where you’d kissed him


Two years later, you and Bucky sat on the couch in your apartment with solemn expressions. You had gone out with him that next Sunday, and for every Sunday after that. However, you didn’t think you would be going out on a Sunday with him again any time soon.

“When do you ship out?” You asked, trying desperately to swallow the lump in your throat

“In two days time.”

“Does Steve…”

“No,” He shook his head “I’m not going to tell him until we go to the Expo.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want him to have time to worry, especially with you going next week too.”

You bit your lip and looked at Bucky; he’d got a new haircut ready for shipping out. Stray hairs still sat on his collar. How was this fair? How was it okay for the world to take him from you without guaranteeing a return? What if he didn’t return? How could you learn to live in a world where he didn’t exist? You fussed over his collar, brushing the hairs from it hurriedly as though they were your worries. Bucky’s hands gently grabbed yours and your mind was cast back to the first time you had held hands on the way to the dance hall. You remembered how your hand had felt as though it was on fire, and the way your heart had beat so fast that it had almost hurt as you had looked at him to see if he was comfortable. He had smiled in bewilderment at your intertwined hands and not let go until he dropped you home hours later.

You felt your eyes prick with tears; all you seemed to do since Bucky enlisted was cry. And since you enrolled to become a nurse on the front line, he had never been far from tears either. His blue eyes were swimming in them as he looked at you, and there was tenderness in his gaze which made you feel safe as it always had. “I love you,” He whispered

Every time he told you felt like the first. Even when he screamed it in the worst of your arguments your heart still stopped completely for a moment and then began to work overtime. You thought of the night he had said it for the first time, and how you hadn’t been ready to say it back.

“It’s okay,” He had whispered, biting his lip as he looked at you “I know you aren’t ready to say it yet. But I needed to tell you because… because you’re the first person I want to tell everything; if I eat a really good sandwich, I can’t wait to tell you about it; when I see a funny looking cloud I want to show you. And that’s why I love you, because you’re the first person I’ve wanted to tell everything to.”

A month later you had been ready to say it back. You remembered how it had felt when you realised, the sheer elation of it had made you run from your apartment building in the dead of night for twelve blocks with nothing on your feet. You had hammered on Bucky’s door and practically screamed it at him when he opened it. At first he had looked at you in shock, then he blinked and began laughing. He had taken you in his arms and spun you around as you both said it to each other over and over again.

“I love you too,” You whispered back, your voice wavering

You thought about kissing him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop staring into his eyes for long enough to do it. You drank the sight of him in as though you were dying of thirst. You desperately tried to memorise the curve of his brow and those beautiful, exquisite eyes. “Marry me,” You said suddenly, not realising you were even thinking it until you had said it “when all this is over, marry me and we can have a life together.” 

You had expected him to look surprised, but he simply smiled and said “I thought you’d never ask.”


Bucky knew something was wrong the minute he was called into see Colonel Phillips. His dog tags had thumped heavily against his chest as he had walked into his tent and stood to attention. “At ease, Sergeant,” Colonel Phillips had said, looking a little pale “come and sit down.”

Bucky had done as he’d asked, trying to stop his hands from shaking as he looked at the older man’s grim expression. He had known before he had even opened his mouth what he was going to say.

It had been quick, apparently. You had run into the field to save a man who had been left behind, not thinking twice about yourself. The bullet had hit you right in the abdomen, but you had kept struggling on so you could to get to him. He had young children waiting for him at home, there was no way you were going to let a bullet stop you from sending him back in one piece. “She managed to get him back behind our lines,” Colonel Phillips had said gently “but she had lost too much blood by the time she made it back. There was nothing they could do.”

Furious tears spilled from Bucky. His body trembled and his heart exploded as he thought about you, about how much you had understood and challenged him. How much he loved you. How dare the world take you from him? How dare they deprive everyone of something so pure. “I’m so sorry, son.” Colonel Phillips said, placing a hand on his shoulder “If its any consolation, she saved his life. She died a hero,”

You had always been a hero to Bucky, every time you said something you knew you had to say but didn’t want to, every time you stopped to help someone pick up coins they dropped in the street he had known you were a braver person than he ever could be. Bucky clutched your handkerchief tightly in his hand, remembering the words you had uttered as you pressed it into his palm.

“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes. Please don’t leave me, please come home.”

“She was always my hero,” He said, his voice breaking with every syllable “without her, who can save me now?”

Bucky collapsed in his seat like a puppet who’s strings had been cut, and wailed into the handkerchief with still smelt of the perfume you had worn that first night he had danced with you. And for a moment as he inhaled it, he saw you laughing and twirling in that peach dress and he wished more than anything that he could go back in time to that moment; back to the way things were.

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anonymous asked:

How would a wedding be like for the 2pAllies

This one has been sitting in the ask box for awhile and I apologize. I did not mean to let it sit this long. -Admin Jay

2p Canada: *grabs the victims…err witnesses…probably Allen, Francois and Oliver/Zhao* “Let’s do this…”
Matt would not want a fancy ceremony or a lot of people there. If he is getting married to his s/o then they know that he does not like people getting into his personal life. So just the mandatory witnesses, who were already family would be enough of a crowd. He would just have a quick marriage at the local courthouse and then treat his s/o however they wanted afterward. But the actual wedding would be simple, cheap, and take no more than 10 minutes. 

2p France: *does not show up* 
Francois does not like commitment, that being said, marriage is the ultimate commitment right behind children.  So he would naturally be completely against the idea and if someone proposed to him, he would either say no or just not show up at the altar. There is that rare chance that the forgot what day the wedding was, or that he was too hungover to show up, but most of the time, it would be him ditching them since being tied down and being in love is not his thing at all.

2p America: *goes to courthouse with victims…witnesses! That’s the word! Throws party later* “So you want to be stuck with me forever, doll? Alright…I warned ya…”
Allen is not one for formal occasions. So trying to set up a formal wedding with him would end up being a disaster.  Also, he can’t stand priests (maybe cause the whole devil red eye thing…) so he wouldn’t want religion in the wedding either. Basically, he would drag some friends down to the courthouse with his s/o get married there, go out and do whatever they wanted to do afterward, then throw the biggest party ever. Win-win for everyone involved! 

2p England: *plans wedding for at least 2 years, every detail perfect, pastel colors everywhere* “So how many guests will be on your side, again poppet? I lost track.”
Oliver would love planning his wedding day with his s/o. He would want every detail perfect and would love to come up with ideas with them. He would want the wedding to be a perfect blend of them as people. Oliver would want to bake all the treats and cakes, but if convinced he could let someone else create the wedding cake…maybe. He tends to be a perfectionist with cakes, so if they even mess up one detail it could be a disaster for them. Though he would be more focused on his s/o all day and enjoying every second of the beginning of their new life. Oliver would always be in a state of puppy love with his new partner. 

2p China: *bites his lip and shrugs* “Okay, you wanna plan with me?”
Zhao isn’t big on plans…but he does love a good party. So if his s/o could convince him that one formal event wouldn’t be so bad and they could have a big party afterward he would be more relaxed about the idea. If he truly loves his s/o, he wouldn’t mind being tied down. He would love being by their side. Out of the party group, he is the most willing to get married to the right person and can be very committed. He would clean up for the wedding day and be as much as a gentleman as he could be, but would love to dance the night away with his new partner. Though Zhao’s favorite part is the wedding night~…

2p Russia: *makes a very formal occasion of it, ballroom dancing and all* “This is the beginning of forever then? May it be fortunate.”
Viktor is a pessimist and a skeptic. That being said, he will not deny what he sees or feels. If he is in love with his s/o and they have been with him through thick and thin, then he will not push them away now. Viktor’s wedding would be very formal and almost too serious, it would be up to his s/o to make it fun and colorful. He would let them have a lot of control over the wedding, mostly because he would want to see them be happy, but also it would be a way of showing them how much faith and trust he is putting in to them. If they have opened him up this far, then he will not fear them letting him down now. 

ASKS - Students

Asks sent to my main, answered here. Theme - how would I do at EU?

geekshallinherit said: hey are you sam? i can’t give you my name, but i need help. specifically advice. the word is, if one needs help navigating the trickiest of situations life at eu has to offer, they should come to you. people say you know things. i’m sure the significance of that word, “help,” isn’t lost on you, and anyway i didn’t come empty-handed, so i hope you’ll hear me out. i have a problem with a name. before i came here, i had never had much of a family. i won’t go into detail, but i was in foster care. now i don’t keep in contact with anyone i knew before i was emancipated. when i got into eu, i changed my name, like people do here. i followed all the rules and found a tight-knit group of friends. we stick together when our school or personal lives get tough. we even banded together to rescue our friend when she was taken. (she was one of three last year, so you can’t use this to id me) my point is we’re close. here’s my problem: everyone here - human, gentry, otherwise - knows the name the people i love most call me by. my new name has become my true name. my friends know that they know, but others? a chill goes up my spine every time teachers, less-close friends, and campus staff call me by my name. i don’t think it’s legible on my face, but people here have become good at seeing without showing what they’ve seen. this school just has that effect. i can’t just get a new nickname, because as soon as i tell people to call me something different, they’ll know something’s up. basically, i’m stuck just letting the gentry call me by my truest name and hoping they don’t figure it out. my friends and i have talked deep into the night about this and none of us knows what to do. that’s why i’m here. i said i didn’t come empty-handed, and i meant it; this teddy bear is the last token i have of my life in the system. his name is taco. he’s brown and ratty and i don’t remember who gave him to me besides the fact that, like everything, it wasn’t my birth parents, but he’s well-loved. i hope this will be sufficient for you to help someone who cannot even tell you their false name. you don’t have to answer right now; you can find me on the quiet floor of the library pretty late into the night most nights. but if it pleases you, i don’t have long to wait. and sam? i would really appreciate your help.

Help freely given, because I have a lot of small kindnesses to pay forward, and I Owe – your best bet is to change schools, my guy.  In a place where reality is less shaky, your true name is just a name, and even someone saying it with intent wouldn’t be able to compel you against your will.

If you’re hellbent on staying at Elsewhere, you’ve got two options. The first is to carry on and keep hoping no one realizes what a precious thing you’ve handed them. The second, if you think you can do so with subtlety, is to try to change your nickname anyway. I know you’re worried it would broadcast the importance of the old nickname, but it’s not actually rare for people to realize that maybe they don’t want to go by, say, Deeznuts for four years straight. It’s a nickname and it gets old. If you’re careful about it, you might be able to shift to a new name without anyone catching on.

If things go really, really badly, remember that your true name is not just a weapon to be used against you. If your loved ones know it, it can bring you home.

(and to answer the ask i didn’t include - i go by she/her, thank you for asking!)

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drunken kiss | finn shelby

reader kisses finn when drunk, finn rejects her, so reader goes into hiding cos of the embarrassment

send requests here and prompt list is here 

Originally posted by bonniebird

The hangover you was feeling was nothing compared to the embarrassment. After a long night of drinking, you believed it would be a good idea to try to kiss your best friend, Finn. He pushed you away, causing you to trip and fall in Tommy who ended up carrying you home. The sudden boost of confidence that you suddenly had when you was drunk always ended in disaster. It was either dancing on the tables or trying to kiss any guy in you could. The aftermath always ended up with you feeling like an idiot.  

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thetourguidebarbie  asked:

"both of us are trying out for the same chaser spot on the quidditch team and once it's clear we're the best there by far we start doing progressively crazier stunts to outdo each other" au

This went way off from the prompt! I have such a hard time with high school age sexy times, hence why they’re not in school.

No Time For Common Sense

Caroline’s limping when she makes her way out of the shower stall, her flip flops slapping loudly on the tile floors. The locker room is quiet since the other women trying out for the team had been quicker than she was. She liked them all, which was a bonus. They’d made plans to get together for brunch over the weekend, to compare notes about their tryout experiences.

She’d heard them file out a half hour ago, talking and giggling, while Caroline had still been wincing through shampooing her hair. Her left side feels like one continuous bruise and her knee is screaming bloody murder courtesy of a rough landing. She’d barely managed to pull out of a spin before crashing into the ground, had been thrown from her broom and hit the grass in a roll.

At least she’d managed to keep a hold of the quaffle.

That seemed like a small victory now that Caroline can barely bend her leg but she’d take it. Stairs are going to be a bitch tomorrow. She’s dreading the lecture she’s going to get when she drags herself to Bonnie, one of Caroline’s oldest friends and current mediwitch in training, to get it looked at.

It’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with before over the last few weeks. Tryouts for the New Orleans team are notoriously brutal, sabotage not uncommon. There was one chaser spot open this year and Caroline was determined to get it but she wasn’t the only one gunning for the position. She’d already made it through two cuts and there was only one other person left in the running. The worst possible person.

In addition to being a giant pain in the ass Kol Mikaelson was also the brother of the team’s captain which was why Caroline was pushing herself, and her body, to such extremes. She knew she was better than Kol, that she would work harder. She only had to convince Klaus.

And she would.

A throat clears, startling her, and Caroline hand flies to the knotted towel at her chest, checking it’s secure. Her jaw drops for a moment when she sees Klaus lounging on one of the benches, looking perfectly at ease despite the humidity, the tendrils of steam floating around the room. “Can’t you read?” Caroline hisses before she can even think about reconsidering. “This is the women’s locker room.”

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“well, reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to.”

fandom: criminal minds

starts in season 2, episode 22 “legacy” but it quickly diverges from canon

pairing: moreid

word count: 1,858

warnings: swearing, car crash, racism, mentions of alcohol

a/n: it’s lowercase partly because aesthetic, partly because i started typing it that way and was too lazy to change it. enjoy <3

i’m tagging @dontshootmespence​ b/c i think you might like this and idk how you’ll see it otherwise (oh god why am i doing this yike)

read it on ao3



later, when morgan thought about it, he was jealous.

jealous of what, derek? he asked himself.

he didn’t let himself answer.

he was afraid of what the answer would be.

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Zootopia Fanfiction: Star of Ceratais chapter 2: The Last Night of Normal

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceratais. Ok I really want to thank everyone who has supported this new story so much within a week this story has amassed 143 followers, 109 faves and 70 reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys you really are great people and I hope you enjoy what’s to come. Oh and to answer a common question I’ve got this week Ceartais is a Irish Gaelic word for justice and it’s significance will be addressed in upcoming chapters. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/3/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 2- The final night of normal.

Hannah raised her paw and placed it under Robyn’s chin then guided her in for a kiss, Robyn could hardly believe what was happening, she closed her eyes and focused her other senses on the kiss. Hannah’s kiss was soft and sweet, just like her. Robyn’s heart was thundering along as she felt all the skin under her fur heat up, the butterflies in her stomach were dancing and her lips felt like they were melting. Hannah ended the kiss, pulled back before admitting shyly “I like you too.”

“You…you….you.” Robyn uttered, her head hazy from the kiss.

“I like you Robyn.” Hannah repeated, trying her best not to giggle at Robyn’s dumbfounded face.

Robyn’s face was a muddle of shock, confusion and celebration, she just didn’t know what to say. Her plan to ask out Hannah had never got past confessing her crush, there was no chance in hell she was going to admit she was in love, that would be a disaster. “Can you say that again?” she asked, pretty sure her voice was more shaky than usual.

“I like you,” Hannah smiled “I’ve always had a crush on you.”

“What?” Robyn squeaked “Hold on, you have a crush on me? Since when?”

“Honestly?” Hannah replied, looking at her feet “Since before I came out, long before actually…you were my first crush.”

“W-why didn’t you say anything?” Robyn reacted.

“I didn’t think you were into girls.” Hannah answered.

“Holy crap.” Robyn mumbled.

“Sooooooooooooo….” Hannah dragged, tilting her head and staring at Robyn with her aqua blue eyes “is this the part where you ask me something?”

“Oh yeah,” Robyn realised, she could hear her own racing heartbeat as she asked “You want to go out with me?”

“Of course you dummy.” Hannah answered before kissing Robyn again.

“I-I can’t believe this.” Robyn gave a lovesick grin.

“Well it’s a bit of a surprise for me too.” Hannah charmed, keeping her cool as she took hold of Robyn’s paw. “I have to ask though; who knows about you being Bi? I mean I’m your best friend and you didn’t tell me.”

“Only Luna and Kodi know.” Robyn revealed, loving the feel of Hannah’s paw.

“You haven’t told your parents?” Hannah nearly gasped.

“Look it was hard enough telling you.” Robyn jested.

“So when are you going to tell them?” Hannah wondered.

“My plan was to have you pick me up for a date and then kiss you in front of them.” Robyn joked, scratching her head awkwardly.

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Hannah complimented with a smile.

“Huh?” Robyn sounded, not believing that Hannah didn’t know she was joking.

“Skip the awkward coming out speech and just say ‘Hey this is my girlfriend’, your parents are cool so they won’t make a big deal out of it.” Hannah followed up. “I wish I had done that with my folks, would’ve been a lot easier.”

Robyn was about to protest but then actually thought about the option, Robyn knew that her Mom and Dad would have no problems with her being in a relationship with a girl, seeing a few of Judy’s siblings were gay and two same sex couples were close friends with the Wildes. Robyn could avoid all the anxiety and the uncomfortable confession by just showing up with introducing Hannah as her date. “Hmmm that ain’t a bad idea Savage.” Robyn grinned,

“So when do want to go out on a date?” Hannah asked, a little giddy.

“How about tonight? I kinda’ had this little fantasy where we would go for a nice meal in the Sapphire quarter of Sahara Square.” Robyn voiced her plan.

“That sounds amazing, but aren’t you grounded?” Hannah shot down.

“Crap, I forgot.” Robyn huffed.

“We can do it next week, don’t worry.” Hannah soothed.

“Wait, I got an idea.” Robyn smiled, getting her phone out of her jeans pocket. Right now she felt like the luckiest girl alive, she just hoped that this streak of luck would stay with her as she selected Luna’s number.


In the business sector of Savannah Central different skyscrapers rose like trees in a woodland, some were gaudy eyesores, some were well designed pieces of architecture but one particular building stuck out like a sore thumb it was Zootopia’s first skyscraper ironically called the Small tower after it’s architect a Echidna named Cuthbert Small who designed the building for a steel firm back in the 1920s but now it was all refurbished and the corporate headquarters of Dawson Tech. A company that was leading the way in healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals and more importantly augmented limbs for amputees, within four years the company had grown to unprecedented levels and consistently making profits while keeping drug costs down for the consumer. The CEO and chief engineer of the company was Olivia Dawson and she wasn’t like any other CEO in Zootopia or the rest of America, she implemented some very conscious rules but also some very odd ones. The first and most welcomed rule was a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any type be it species, gender, sexuality, and religion but there were other rules like board member must take suggestions from staff and there was no dress code so you could either come in your best suit, pyjamas or cosplay if you wanted.

But as Luna Wilde stepped out of the elevator at the forty second floor, simply known as the lab she was wearing her best suit and holding two paper coffee cups and headed straight for the desk beside the lab entrance where a small pot belly pig barely out of his teens was typing away at a computer, he had very short white fur over him with black spots the most noticeable one was over his right eye. “Morning Pua.” Luna greeted brightly.

Pua looked up from his laptop, a little surprised “Oh good morning Miss Wilde, I didn’t hear the elevator.”

“Let me guess, you trying to organise Olivia’s crazy schedule?” Luna asked rhetorically with a laugh, passing the pig a cup of coffee “Hazelnut Latte with an expresso shot, just how you like it.”

“Thanks, you didn’t need to.” Pua replied gratefully, he was dressed in a casual white shirt and black shorts.

“I figured you need it with little miss tornado in there.” Luna chuckled, nodding at the lab entrance.

“Believe me Miss Dawson is a great boss, she’s kind and very caring,” Pua sighed “but she has more energy that any mammal I’ve ever met, I mean how can a person so small have that much fire in them?”

“Ha! She’s nothing compared to what she was like when we were kids, I remember one summer she modified my parents’ police cruiser so much it was like a tank and that was just with stuff she found laying around the precinct.” Luna reminisced.

“Sounds like her.” Pua replied before taking a swig of coffee.

“Is it cool for me to go in?” Luna asked, the manners instilled into her as a child would never die.

“Miss Wilde you own 10% of this company, you may go wherever you like.” Pua answered with a knowing grin.

“Thanks Pua,” Luna responded, putting her paw on the scanner beside the double door to the lab “and for the last time; please call me Luna.”

“Not going to happen Miss Wilde.” Pua bantered, as he went back to work.

Luna just shook her head as the door unlocked and she entered the lab, only to be met with the sound of very loud metal music and the clinical smell reminiscent of a surgical theatre. “Olivia?” Luna announced her presence, but received no answer. She walked by a glass case of robotic limbs of varying sizes and around the corner to see Olivia on a table top looking down a mouse sized microscope with a bank of rodent sized computer monitors next to the scope. The twenty two year old brown mouse had a wrapped lollipop tucked behind one of her heavily pierced ears, a simple white lab coat covered a red tartan dress with torn fishnet tights and had a multitude of necklaces hanging around her neck. “Hey!” Luna barked over the loud music.

Olivia looked up from the mircroscope and looked at Luna with a hint of surprise “Hey, I thought told you to swing by in the morning?” she queried, her Scottish accent sounding tired.

“It is the morning, it’s like 8am.” Luna tittered at the sleepy look on her best friend’s face as she hit a few keys on her computer to silence the music.

Olivia let out a groan then griped “Yet another night of sleep eludes me, I swear I’m starting to forget what my bed looks like.”

“Aww poor little genius.” Luna cooed “Anyway why’d you need me to come in? I thought we were meeting for drinks tomorrow?”

“We are but this couldn’t wait,” Olivia replied, sounding excited yet sleepy as she pressed a key on her computer, the large screen on the wall came on showing a schematic of what looked like a robotic insect “I finally cracked it.”

Luna’s eyes lit up with wonder and gasped “You finished the prototype!?”

“Prototypes,” Olivia corrected “I managed to make two batches last night; project steel blood is a go.”

“I can’t believe it,” Luna yipped “all your hard work has finally paid off. Medical assisting nanomachines, you’ll win a nobel prize for this!”

“It ain’t about the prizes,” Olivia said, sounding proud “it’s about who we can help. Think about it, cancer sufferers, mammals with HIV and Aids, we could change their lives.”

“So what did you program the nanomachines to do?” Luna asked, unable to tear her eyes away from the technical marvel.

“A simple command; adapt and survive.” Olivia answered.

“You do realise that medically that is the furthest thing from simple?” Olivia asked with a slight laugh.

“Meh.” Olivia shrugged “It’s only the prototypes.”

“I’m so happy for you, Olivia.” Luna expressed.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without your help, that’s why I’m crediting you as well when I announce it.” Olivia informed with a knowing smile.

“What?” Luna gawped “No, I didn’t do anything important I just gave you some pointers.”

“You taught me how the nanomachines can act with white blood cells, hormones and enzymes. Without you I would’ve probably ended up making something that would kill a patient.” Olivia pointed out “You’re getting some credit for this whether you like or not.”

“…Thank you.” Luna replied timidly.

“Anyway there’s something else I need to talk to you about.” Olivia changed the subject as well as her facial expression, it was one of worry “I got some intel on Rosethorn robbery from Marian, seems the same thieves just arrived in Zootopia.”

“My Nan gave you this intel? Where did she hack into this time?” Luna asked, fully aware of Marian Wilde’s alter ego.

“The aviation authority’s network, seems like the same plane that the thieves used in Scotland landed in Zootopia yesterday morning.” Olivia relayed “These bastards stole all my data and the only working model of the Elixir system and bet my vinyl collection that there in Zootopia to attempt another raid.”

“What are you going to do?” Luna asked, guessing that her friend had already formulated a plan.

“Easy I’m going to track the lowlifes, Marian locked onto to one of the thieves’ phones so that a certain Metal Vigilante can welcome them to the neighbourhood.” Olivia voiced her plan with a little devilment in her voice.

“So I shouldn’t be surprised if I hear reports of Spitfire on the TV tonight?” Luna asked rhetorically.

“I could use another pair of paws on this, you sure I can’t persuade you to suit up for old times’ sake?” Olivia queried cheekily.

“No.” Luna said flatly, but her amber eyes looked sorrowful.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Olivia apologised.

“It’s ok, I miss the old days to. It’s hard to think it’s been four years.” Luna remembered with a sad smile.

“I just keep imagining that Andraste will make a heroic comeback.” Olivia hoped.

“Andraste is dead, the only way I can help folks now is as Dr. Wilde not as some mad vixen with a bow.” Luna said, trying to remain positive “Besides with work, hanging out with you and Aleks I’ve got no time to be a super hero.”

“How are things going with tall, grey and handsome?” Olivia probed, hungry for gossip.

“He’s so sweet, he had a candle lit dinner ready for me when I got home from my parents’ place. I’m thinking of asking him to move in with me.” Luna admitted.

“After only three months? Damn it must be love.” Olivia joked.

“Well he spends most nights at mine anyway, his apartment is like a shoebox and yeah I do love him.” Luna justified, realising how much Aleks meant to her.

“Well before you give him a key you best introduce your Romeo to your parents.” Olivia advised

“Do I have to?” Luna whined, the prospect of introducing Aleks as her boyfriend was daunting to say the least.

“What are you going to do? Wait for when you’re walking down the aisle with lover boy to say to your parents 'Hey this is your very soon to be son in law’?” Olivia badgered, knowing Luna was avoiding the conversation with her parents.

“Ok, ok.” Luna gave in “I’ll talk to Aleks later then see if Mom and Dad want to come out to dinner, I’ll have to make a nice public restaurant so Dad can’t make a scene.”

“There you go, I bet it won’t be so bad, besides I’m sure your Dad’s mellowed a bit by now.” Olivia assured, taking out the lollipop from behind her ear and unwrapping it.

“Ugh, I wish.” Luna grimaced, picturing her Dad’s reaction.

“So what happened with Robyn yesterday? You said something about a fight at her school” Olivia wondered, popping the cherry flavour confection in her mouth.

Luna was about to answer when her phone began to ring, she pulled it out of her suit pocket to see it was in fact her little sister calling “Speak of the devil,” Luna commented before answering the call “Hey Robbie.”

“Hey Lu.” Robyn greeted and instantly the older Wilde sister noticed that the younger was excited about something.

“Everything ok?” Luna asked, pondering whether Robyn had asked out Hannah.

“So I need a favour, a pretty big one actually.” Robyn opened.

“Ok shoot.” Luna replied.

“I need you to convince Mom and Dad to unground me for tonight.” Robyn requested.

Luna wondered why Robyn had asked for such a thing but answered “I can give it a shot, but I’m going to need a reason to give them.”

“I have a date with Hannah that I can’t miss.” Robyn revealed sounding giddy.

“Oh my god!” Luna squealed with joy “Robbie I knew you could do it! Don’t you worry I can make it happen.”


Judy wasn’t focusing on her surroundings, the bunny’s mind was still on her daughter’s brawl the day before, part of her knew that she needed to give her kit space to sort this out on her own but then again her maternal instinct wanted to get to the bottom of the problem so she could protect Robyn from it. She was only brought out of her thoughts when a voice spoke “So in closing; our ZPD overseas recruitment initiative has been a great success and I propose we make it an annual practice.” Commissioner Mason Bogo said in his usual deep tone.

“I see no problem with that, how about you Judy?” Mayor Trevor Moon asked for the chief’s opinion, the 78 year old wolf looking dapper as ever.

“Y-yeah, the recruits from Europe have been great.” Judy answered, caught a little unawares. The three were sat in Judy’s office at precinct 1 for their monthly meeting, the formal stuff only took about half an hour so the rest of the time the three friends would just catch up.

“Something wrong Chief Wilde?” Bogo asked, his cop gut telling him something was bothering the rabbit.

“It’s just something dumb with my youngest kit.” Judy tried to brush off.

“Little Robyn? Why what’s wrong with the little firecracker?” Trevor asked, concerned due to knowing the girl since she was born.

“She got in a fight with another girl at school.” Bogo answered instead of Judy.

“How’d you know that?” Judy asked instantly.

“Benjamin saw it on furbook, he is the king of gossip after all.” Bogo answered, used to his husband’s habits “By the sounds of it Robyn handled herself well, you should be proud.”

“It’s not about the fight, it’s about the reason for the fight, she wouldn’t tell me or Nick what it was about.” Judy complained.

“Didn’t you used to do the same at her age?” Trevor theorised.

“Of course I got into fights but it was always for a just reason.” Judy stated.

“Then there’s no reason to think that Robyn’s reason was unjust, she’s a lot like you.” Bogo countered.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Judy sighed.

The conversation was halted by a rapping on the office door Judy turned and said loudly “Come in.”

The door opened slightly before the smiling face of Luna Wilde popped out “Hey Mom.” The young doctor greeted brightly.

“Luna,” Judy replied, happy to see her daughter “I can’t remember the last time you came by the precinct.”

“Must’ve been when I was still chief.” Bogo smiled as the vixen walked in.

“My word, I felt old when I got up this morning but seeing you all grown up now makes me feel ancient.” Trevor joked as he got to his feet and went over to the young woman.

“Oh Trevor, you’re still the most spry and dashing wolf in Zootopia.” Luna played along, getting on her tip toes to kiss the wolf on the cheek.

“Flatterer.” Trevor replied smugly.

“If I remember correctly the last time you were in this office you pranked me.” Bogo remembered, kneeling down to hug Luna.

“Oh yeah,” Luna recalled, hugging the big buffalo back “I hid in one of your filing cabinets and frightened you with a Halloween mask while my Dad filmed you.”

Judy suppressed a laugh before saying “Then he posted to youtube.”

“Which resulted in him being put on parking duty for a month.” Bogo finished sounding victorious.

“How are the twins?” Luna asked, Mason and Benjamin had adopted two jaguar boys six years ago and it turns out both cops were natural fathers who enjoyed every second with their sons.

“Well Arthur is starting karate lessons this week and Alan is obsessed with his latest science project for school, both of them have so much energy me and Benjamin can barely keep up.” Bogo gushed like any doting dad would.

“Give them a hug from me will you?” Luna asked happily.

“I’ll make sure of it,” Bogo acknowledged “right Mayor shall we leave the chief and her daughter to it?”

“I think we shall, goodbye you two.” Trevor bid farewell as he walked out of the office.

“Oh Wilde one last thing, I’ve scheduled a meeting Monday morning with Skye to discuss if the MCB can help with the Spitfire case, can you be at city hall for then?” Bogo asked, unbeknownst to both high ranking officers Luna froze and started to scream internally at the mention of Spitfire, the very vigilante Luna was best friends with.

“Sure thing, I’d love her opinion on this case.” Judy complied with a nod to which the commissioner nodded back before closing the door and leaving the mother and daughter alone.

“Did he just say Spitfire? I thought that was some silly urban legend.” Luna questioned, acting casual and unbelieving.

“No it’s true the ZPD has opened a case file on this 'Spitfire’ character, some security footage was passed onto us from City Hall, this legend is very much real.” Judy informed “Never mind all that, what brings you here? Is everything ok?”

“Don’t worry nothing’s wrong,” Luna eased her mom’s nerves “I have a proposition for you.”

“What kind of proposition?” Judy asked in return with an arched eyebrow.

“I will give you the juiciest bit of news regarding my romantic life in exchange for a favour.” Luna offered, flashing a smile reminiscent of Nick.

“Romantic life?! You have a boyfriend?” Judy yipped with glee, clapping her paws together.

“I’m not saying another word until you grant my favour.” Luna bartered.

“Name it.” Judy responded, literally bouncing up and down with anticipation.

“I need you and Dad to unground Robyn for one night so she can go on a date.” Luna informed.

“Robyn’s got a date?! With who?” Judy gasped, overjoyed that both her girls were being courted.

“You’ll find out tonight when her date picks her up at 7pm, they’ll be back home by 10.30 I guarantee it, do we have a deal?” Luna baited, noticing the excited look in her mom’s eyes.

“Deal!” Judy said way too loudly and way too quickly “Now tell me about this guy your dating.”

Luna’s mind filled with images of Aleks as she smiled “Well he’s a fox, no surprise there. He’s softly spoken and sweet, such a gentlemammal and…I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I think, you know, he might be the one.”

“Oh sweetie.” Judy reacted with sincerity, her paws taking hold of the vixen’s.

“I want you, Dad and Luna to meet him this weekend, I was thinking we could all go to a nice restaurant in the rainforest district together…just please try and reign in Dad, you know how he can get.” Luna gave her concerns, she really wanted the first impression to go well.

“Let me deal with your father, tell Robyn she can have her date too.” Judy promised.

“Thanks mom, I’ll text her now. You’re the best.” Luna replied, kissing her mom on the cheek before leaving the very happy bunny in her office to run the precinct.

Luna was hallway to the parking lot and had already text her sister telling her the good news when she spotted someone very familiar to her across the foyer. He was slim built fox with silver fur in his early twenties with a pair of gentle but focused eyes framed by a pair of designer glasses, he was obviously a SWAT officer owed to the fact that he wore combat trousers and a black ZPD t shirt which body armour could cover over easily. This fox was Aleks Rojek, precinct 1’s latest recruit and the mammal who had a hold on Luna’s heart and his heart belonged to her. Luna was about to walk over to him when she spotted someone else approaching her boyfriend.

“Rojek.” Nick Wilde called out, holding a mug of coffee. Luna saw her dad and made a quick escape to the stairwell to avoid any awkwardness.

Aleks turned to the source of the voice and as soon as he saw a superior officer was addressing him he stood up straight, saluted Nick and replied with a clear “Captain.”

“Easy with the saluting rookie,” Nick laughed off “you ain’t in the academy anymore.”

“My apologies sir, your customs are still a little strange to me.” Aleks reacted, he spoke perfect English but his Polish accent was clear to hear.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to us crazy Americans soon enough.” Nick grinned “Anyway I didn’t get to compliment you yesterday.”

“Compliment, sir?” Aleks asked, unsure of what his captain meant.

“The way you handle yourself during that drug raid yesterday, you kept a level head and were always looking out for your fellow officers.” Nick praised “I’ve seen so many newbie SWAT officers go into a raid and be trigger happy but not you, I like that.”

“We’re handling weapons that can kill Captain, to use a gun so recklessly would be betraying the badge.” Aleks explained, pointing at Nick’s shield on his breast pocket.

“Damn your just like Carrots when she was a newbie.” Nick chuckled.

“Carrots, sir?” Aleks queried.

“Chief Wilde, when we first met she sounded exactly like you, you keep being you Rojek and you’ll go far.” Nick smiled, patting the younger fox on the shoulder before walking up the stairs to his wife’s office, leaving the worried Aleks wondering how Nick would react to him dating Luna.


Nick’s good mood did not last, as soon as he went to see Judy to discuss some cases his overly jubilant wife had dropped not one but two bombshells; that Robyn was going on a date tonight with a unknown boy and Luna was currently dating some mysterious guy. It irked Nick that Judy was so happy for the girls when all Nick felt was dread, dread that his two baby girls were about to have their hearts broken by two callous and despicable boys, he knew these unknown dates were after one thing because it was the same thing he was after at that age. He always wondered why the fathers of all the girls he dated as a young fox were so apprehensive of him but now he knew he didn’t want his daughters getting hurt it any shape or form. Now Judy had given Nick a firm warning about not going into his 'Nightmare Dad’ mode, not to threaten the suitors, not to do a background check on them (Which he couldn’t seeing as the girls had very cleverly not revealed their names) and under no circumstances was he to wave his tranq pistol in their faces to intimidate them. It was bad enough for Nick when Luna graduated high school early just after her 15th birthday due to her gifted intelligence, she was too young to move into college dorms so he thought Luna would avoid the sleazy college frat boys which thankfully Luna never socialized with, but soon enough she managed to find foxes her own age and instigated relationships, Luna was confident and beautiful it was easy for her to ensnare a date, it was Nick’s worst nightmare.

At this moment in time Nick was preparing a thai prawn curry for him and Judy to eat when Luna entered through the front door using her spare key, carrying a large bag from Furever 21 and wearing an elated look on her face “Hey Dad.” She said, closing the door.

“Kiddo,” Nick gave a half assed smile “what’s with the bags?”

“These are for Robyn, so she’ll look even more beautiful for her date.” Luna answered, clocking onto her father’s lame attempt at being gleeful.

“Oh…” Nick sounded “So who is this guy that’s taking Robyn out on the town?”

“No comment.” Luna smirked as she made her way down the hallway to her sister’s room.

“Crap.” Nick mumbled to him-self, he looked at his watch Judy said she was going to put a couple of hours at the gym so she might not be back when Robyn’s date arrives “Screw it.” Nick said, setting down the chilli peppers he was slicing and heading to his room to get his bow, arrows and his baseball bat. Judy told him not to threaten Robyn’s date but she didn’t say that he couldn’t show off his weapons.

Meanwhile Luna opened the door to Robyn’s bedroom “Hey I got you a surprise!” she announced holding up the bag.

Robyn who was lying on her bed reading a chapter of 'Lord of the Flies’ for her literature class “What kind of surprise?” Robyn asked looking at her sister with suspicion.

“Ok don’t freak out,” Luna answered grinning like a Cheshire cat as she pulled out an eggshell blue dress with thin straps “I got you a dress! It’ll go great with your fur colour.”

Robyn’s eyes bulged at the dress, it was a pretty dress to be sure, but a dress all the same and Robyn detested wearing them “There is no way I’m wearing that!” Robyn defied, standing up, mortified that her sister was attempting to make her more fashionable.

Luna had expected this reaction but was undeterred “C'mon you’ll look gorgeous.” She tried to sway her sister.

Robyn crossed her arms and stated “Not happening.”

Luna then locked the bedroom door and sniggered devilishly “Yes you are.”

Five minutes later Robyn was stood up defeated, feeling like a fool and clothed in the dress, which she did look amazing in. Luna had a face of pure smugness as she got out a make up bag and held up some mascara “Now for some mascara.” She grinned.

“You touch me with that I’ll break your arm.” Robyn threatened, her face like thunder.

“Oh don’t pout.” Luna responded.

“I appreciate all this Lu,” Robyn sighed “but I was just going to go in some jeans and a t shirt.”

“You’re telling me that you have a date with the girl of your dreams and you’re going to dress like every other day?” Luna asked in a judging tone.

“Well yeah, let my natural beauty do all the work.” Robyn replied.

“Don’t you think Hannah’s going to make an effort and dress up?” Luna pressured.

“…I guess.” Robyn conceded.

“So are you going to let me do this?” Luna asked, holding up the mascara pen.

After a few seconds Robyn let out a quiet “Fine.”

Back in the open plan living room/kitchen Nick had placed his high tech bow and an assortment of arrows on the table so they were clear to see, Nick looked at the time on his phone it was nearly 7pm and Robyn’s date would be here at any moment. “Little punk, coming to take my baby out.” Nick quietly growled to himself, holding onto his baseball bat. “I’ll take him out with this if he tries anything.” The over protective dad was considering calling in a favour with Jack or Finnick to see if they could track this Casanova in the Sapphire Quarter. Just then a knock at the front door came dragging Nick from his plotting, Nick gripped the bat tighter as he went to the door and opened with his spare paw. He opened the door wearing a stern face but it vanished as soon as he saw who was standing there, it was his goddaughter Hannah Savage wearing an expensive looking black dress coupled with her signature kind smile, in her paws was a bouquet of pink peonies that looked like they came straight from the florists. “Hannah?” Nick asked, still not figuring it out.

“Hi Nick,” Hannah replied before looking at the baseball bat and asking “you off to the batting cages?”

“Oh this,” Nick replied, a tad embarrassed, he leant the bat against the wall “it’s nothing. Come in.”

“Thanks,” Hannah said, walking and noticing the bow and arrows on the table “sorting out your archery equipment huh? My Mom goes mental when Dad does that in our kitchen.”

“Uh, yeah. I was just tuning up my bow.” Nick lied but he had to ask “So is this a double date thing with Robyn or something?”

Hannah stopped herself from laughing at her oblivious godfather and answered “Not exactly.”

In that second Judy, dressed in her gym gear, bounded through the open doorway and greeted “Hi.” But was not expecting to see Hannah holding flowers “Oh Hannah, what are you doing here?”

“Well…” Hannah began but ceased talking when a jittery Robyn appeared from the hallway with an excited looking Luna behind her.

“H-hey.” Robyn stammered, her nerves wracking and feeling like an idiot in this dress.

Hannah’s aqua blue eyes absorbed the beauty Robyn that was radiating from her right now, if Hannah was smitten before she was definitely hooked now “You look beautiful.” Hannah breathed.

“Thanks you look amazing too.” Robyn replied with shyness.

Hannah took a step forward and handed Robyn the bunch of peonies “I got you these, you always said they were your favourite.” She charmed.

“Thank you.” Robyn smiled, touched by the sweet gesture. Now or never Wilde she mentally rallied before biting the bullet, leaning in and kissing her girlfriend on the lips, she pulled back to see a pair of flummoxed faces on her parents, she then nervously added “I think you already know my girlfriend.”

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I’ll Take Her Place (Chapter 5)

Summary:  AU. When Allura breaks the news that she is to wed Prince Lotor in order to continue the peaceful relationship between Altea and Daibazaal, Pidge knows that she has to do something to change that. And so, with a little help, she comes up with a new plan. A better plan

Pairings: Keith/Pidge (main) ; Shiro/Allura (minor), Hunk/Lance (minor) ; Lotor/Allura (one-sided)

Chapter 1 - Previous - Masterpost

Also posted on AO3 and fanfiction.net

Just a heads up, I work in retail and I’m now in The Week of Black Friday, which means the next chapter may be a little delayed while I try to survive work. (But not for long.)

Chapter 5

“I think I made things worse,” Keithir said the moment his mentor opened the door which joined their rooms together.

Thace sighed and stepped aside, letting the younger Galra enter. “Ulaz will be back soon. He was invited downstairs to see this castle’s cryo-pods. Apparently one of them is malfunctioning.” He watched as Keithir wordlessly padded over to the couch and sat half-curled against one side, legs pulled up close to his chest. Not for the first time, Thace was struck by just how young the prince was.

He joined him on the couch, near enough to let Keithir know he was there for him, but far enough that the prince had the space he preferred. “Do you want to wait for Ulaz?”

“No. We don’t have to.”

Thace settled back and waited.

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Six Dates And How To Fail At Them [Cullen-centric]

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/(??)

Metaverse: Dance Like No One Is Watching (modern AU/dance!fic)

Synopsis: Cullen Rutherford is not completely incapable of finding himself a date, but he just doesn’t have time to look. When his friends catch the wind of it, they volunteer to help him improve his love life. To various degrees of success, of course.

Read on AO3

Over the years Cullen had tried – really, he did - to find a woman who would put up with his particular set of peculiarities. That being said, he wasn’t exactly keen on approaching random women, perusing online sites, or putting himself at a bar on a Friday night. All of that sounded worse than spending a whole day calibrating a finicky trebuchet. So when some of his friends decided to help him find female companionship, he was almost relieved.

He should have known better than to trust Varric with these choices, but he learned that lesson a tad too late. As he sat at a booth of some disreputable dive, the dwarf in question sitting across from him, in came a woman that he could only have been described as ‘The Sex’. Her luscious brown body completely filled out her skimpy white dress and the overflow boldly spilled in all the right places. She immediately spotted him and he felt like prey pinned down by a hungry vulture.

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anonymous asked:

Yo! Can I get reaper with an s/o like Widowmakers but they remember him a little? But every time he approaches them they're frightened due to the trauma, thank you!

((Soooo, I may have used a bit of darkMercy vibe here, where they acknowledge that they need something to hurt Reaper so she kidnaps and creates this one))

‘Keep out of his range. Do not engage. Retreat if seen by subject.’

Infiltration had been your main goal; break into the outlier Talon organization, gather information from their computers systems and get back out. You had packed extremely lightly, a blaster pistol on your hip, a thigh bag, your transdermal poison gloves and your ‘invisibility cloak’. Thus far the light bending and refracting cloth had been keeping any direct action unnecessary, a quick jump into a corner or against the wall behind the fabric shielding you from plain sight. That is how you had made it so far into the building, your back pressed against the wall as you stalked into the mainframe room, ducking into a corner. There were still men wandering about but you weren’t worried. This plan had been perfectly crafted by Angela, the pacifistic omnipotent surgeon. She said that Talon had information on cell absorptive-regenerative technology that could be absolutely ground-breaking for her work. She needed it if she was going to learn how to perfect her research on life-restoring and healing technologies. And you were more than happy to oblige the woman, she had saved your life afterall.

She had found you after you had been critically wounded and left for dead in a coma in Lagos after a protest between pro- and anti-Omnics broke out. She had responded with other international disaster services and had taken you back to her facility in Sweden to personally look into your recovery. She had tended and cared for you the entire year, keeping your body healthy and tending to you as best as you can; staving off muscular atrophy, brain damage and bed sores. Even with all her hard work, however, you still had woken in ‘imperfect health’ as Mercy had called it.

Retrograde amnesia, most events prior to waking up in her lab wiped from your mind. Your name, your age, your background; all gone and forgotten. You had the occasional flicker; blue uniforms and sparkling, gold metals, the ever-lingering smell of peanut butter, a swirl of words and phrases in languages you had never known but could somehow understand and a man in black. He came to you in your dreams most nights; a face you couldn’t see and a person you couldn’t reach. But you knew him, you could feel it in the very pit of your being. He meant something to you, he was someone important to you…but you couldn’t for the life of you remember.

Angela said that you would remember soon enough, explained that worrying over it would do nothing more than push the memories further from your mind. Angela had taken to calling you Veil, a name that tugged at something in your chest, something that made you feel a slight connection to who you were. She even offered you a way to take your mind off of struggling to remember, she would train you. And train you she did. Rigorous physical hand to hand combat, arms training and poison applications. You had stumbled your first few weeks but you then found yourself using muscles and attacks you had never seen before. Muscle memory, Angela had explained, hypothesizing that you must of had some type of training before all this had taken place. You had learned to love training, it gave you a connection to the life you couldn’t remember, to the person you were before all of this. That’s why when Mercy had asked you to use those skills, you had jumped at the chance. Jumped at the chance that maybe, just maybe helping Angela would unlock the barrier in your way.

“HQ to Veil, come in Veil.”

Your hand flew to your ear, Angela’s voice coming through loud and clear. You pressed yourself into a corner next to one of the computer’s control panel, throwing your cloak over your head before responding.

“Yes HQ”, you whispered, your voice barely rising over the sound of the computer fans in the background.

“Status report?”

“I’ve found the computers. They’re switching shifts now. Going to extract the information and pop smoke.”

“Good girl…see you soon.”

You smiled, a swell of pride filling your chest as you pulled your hand away from your ear. Your eyes danced around the emptying room, smiling to yourself as you watched the last technician walk out, leaving you alone with the high speed computers. Your hands dipped into your thigh pouch, fishing out the sticky holopad. All she had to do was attach the device to the mainframe and it would do its magic, gleaning the information that Angela needed within five minutes. In, out and done in no time. Your hands pressed the device against the back of one of the mainframes, smiling as you watched the device come to life, code dancing across the screen. This felt oddly…familiar. The infiltrating, the stealing of information, the adrenaline rush at watching men come and go mere inches away from you. It rattled something hard in your mind, your body flinching as you tried to think too far back. Angela had warned that this was a sign that you were pushing yourself too hard but…you could feel something back there, your fingers grazing it but not able to fully grasp it.

You nibbled on the inside of your cheeks, fingers tapping against the warmth of the mainframe as you mentally counted down. Your fingers hovered over your sidepiece, your foot bouncing as your eyes darting around. Something felt off. Something was off. The room had gone eerily silent, the sound of computer fans gone.

“What in th—”

Black smoke surrounded you, forcing your back against one of the tall computers, an arm pressed against your throat. Your hands came up trying to claw at the offending limb, fingers slipping through the viscous black gas before both of your wrists ended up pinned above your head. This is who Angela had warned you against, who she had told you to immediately run from if encountered. This was ‘The Reaper’.

Your eyes danced over him, trying to search for a weakness to allow you to escape. Black armor, black clothing, black hood with a white mask, it reminded you of the barn owl…of the night you and— You eyes snapped shut, a reprimanding sharp pain crackling through your brain. You groaned lowly shaking your head and opening your eyes to glare at the monster of a man in front of you. This had to be his doing…right? You took in a gasp of air as you felt his forearm pull back, his red eyes looking you up and down.

“What do you–”


‘Mi reina, te amo.’


‘Keep that lip up and I’ll show you want happens to bad girls.’

‘Querida princesita’

‘I love you, Y/N.’

Your body went stiff, unfocused eyes going wide as memories hit you like a blow to the head.Y/N. Y/N. That name. Why did you know that name. Why did you know that voice? What…were those memories?! Tricks…they were tricks. You couldn’t know this person. This is why Angela had told you to run, he was manipulating you. He had to be.,…right?

Adrenaline came swooping in, hitting you like tank, hand grasping at your pistol as you dropped your body weight. Your hand ripped the holopad off of the machine as you went to the ground, spinning and throwing your cloak over your head. You needed to get away from him, he was trying to confuse you. You took off running, sparing a glance over your shoulder as you doubled back the way you came, hand lifting to your comm.

“HQ…I’ve been compromised.”