i would trade one of my brothers for him

I have an english guy staying in my house for a week

He is amazing but he leaves tomorrow and it is making me upset!!

I made him dinner the other night as it was just me and him and home and he said it was ‘well good’!

And then when I got home today he offered to make me a cup of tea.

And he’s in love with my miniature poodle puppy!!


Solas approached the Inquisitor, careful not to disturb the quiet moment between rider and beast. Lavellan hummed a melody Solas had almost forgotten, quietly  rubbing down the newest member of her stables, a hart gifted by her clan. He stopped, gave one cough to signal his presence and held his hands behind his back. “So, Inquisitor, have you given him a name?”

She did not look up, but gazed tenderly at the hart’s white fur. “Anuon.”

“Ah– ‘place of good pain.’ It must be bittersweet to have a reminder of what you’ve left behind.”

The Inquisitor smiled, it was softer than he’d seen before. “My older brother tended to the harts; as a child I spent a lot of time with them. I often went with him when he met with human merchants to trade them.” She laughed and gazed conspiratorially at him. “The Keeper would be furious if she knew that. This young one was meant to be sold to Duke Antoine, but since he is dead…”

She let the thought trail off, lost in a myriad of thoughts. Her clan was safe, but it didn’t stop the nightmares where she was too late. “It’s nice to have a small reminder of home, even if it hurts to think about sometimes.”