i would totally work

I’m just gonna say it… I like Buffy/Angel better than Buffy/Spike. I love Spike as a character and I do enjoy some aspects of his relationship with Buffy but man as much as I don’t want to care about Forbidden Heterosexual Love Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Borenaz totally made it work. 

I would have been like 500% more interested if Spike and Buffy’s story was about Spike learning to deal with his feelings for her being unrequited and the two forming an unlikely but strong friendship. But that’s just me and my hatred for Man Hopelessly In Love Pursues Uninterested Woman Until She Falls as a trope. 

Anyway I lean bangel, y’all. But also Buffy/Faith is Good. 

“I remember looking at Miss Hawkeye’s earrings and I thought they looked kind of nice.”
“Well, that seems like a rather simple reason.”
“What’s the point in overthinking things?”

“Back when I was in Resembool, I met a little girl who had long hair and I thought it might be nice to grow it out.”
“That’s it? Seems like a pretty simple reason.”
“Is it? Yeah, maybe it is. But most of my reasons are. When it comes down to it, the life of a sharpshooter is pretty simple. We pull the trigger and an enemy falls.” 


kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)

I refuse to accept that Mike would be anywhere but the hospital waiting room during Ginny’s MRI

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

If I had the power in me to spend more than 30 seconds thinking about tfp I would totally take on trying to think how the shooting schedule worked but the idea of spending time with this ep disgusts me

Thank you all for the information about the pointe shoe thing with Lance! It’s really helpful to know more about the things I’m actually drawing about. I’m sorry, if I was disrespectful with my wording, I didn’t mean it. I know it is a lot of work to go on pointe, but I also think Lance would totally work really hard on that. I imagine him as a really passionate dancer… but the fact is, that he is a show off as well ;) 

So yeah, I read all the comments on my post and I am really glad I know more about it now :) Thank you all and a happy new year ♥

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5 disguise anon- PIA YOU MUST TELL US THESE THINGS I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WERE HOLDING OUT ON US WITH A HYBRID AUGUS! I must reevaluate my life now. This changes everything.


I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU. 

@miraculouswolf17 said to hyakunana: Regarding the Pokemon/Arslan pic you did with Etoile a year ago or so do you think Arslan would have a Talonflame?


Danny Summoned

Guys, i just… i have seen practically /nothing/ for Danny getting summoned by someone, like circles and chants and sacrifices and all that jazz (either and/or to all of that) like just think of the possibilities! I’m serious, cause i have barely any myself but here’s at least one: Some student or someone who wants to meet danny phantom So bad *coughpaulinacough* they start looking up occult ways to summon a ghost, cause no way are you getting that close to a ghost fight just to meet him, and they try out a summoning circle - nothing special, his DP symbol in the middle, maybe someone saw his ice powers and threw in a snowflake, idk - and they go all out, and try and try and try every variation of it they can till FINALLY the lights go out, the circle glows and Danny appears from the icy winds blowing out of it, totally confused. He has an awkward conversation with his summoner, and flies home. They spread around that they met Phantom and others start figuring it out, which leads to Danny having to figure out how to reject the summons, easy enough since the circle is in complete. This adds in some GF thoughts but i feel like his circle would include elements that show off his connection to Sam Tuck and Jazz. Sam is a rose (thorns included of course) Tuck is a Motherboard, Jazz is a book, Valerie is a gun, frostbite represented by the snowflake, (Dani)Elle - i call her Elle honestly - is represented by a feather of freedom, a gear to represent Clockwork and then a Crown to represent that Danny is the king of ghosts. The three of them keep a spare of paper with the summoning circle on them at all times for when Danny gets captured (we know it’ll happen) and they try to keep it away from everyone else cause its harder to resist the pull from the actual complete circle.  But then Valerie gets a hold of it cause Tucker dropped it, or she saw it when they were summoning him away from the clutches of someone, and she uses it, and shit happens.

I have yet to come up with a chant but I will have one for you all soon enough!

I think I’m gonna call it the Summoning Au (creative i know)

Ravenclaw Raven refusing to wear the skirts that goes with the girls’ uniforms because it’s “impractical for outdoor classes and work in general”. Ravenclaw Raven getting detention for arguing “vulgarly and without any consideration for the hierarchy” with a professor who ordered her to change her outfit after she changed into pants. Ravenclaw Raven going to detention in her underwear.