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What, another book review already?  Yes, because there were actually two new Yuri!!! on Ice books that came out this week!  This time, I’m reviewing Yuri!!! on ICE Koushiki Guidebook Yuri!!! on Life (Yuri!!! on ICE Official Guidebook Yuri!!! on Life), published by Fusosha.  This book focuses on the figure skating aspect of the show, and there’s some stuff about real skaters as well.  So if you’re a fan of the anime and also a skating enthusiast, this one’s for you! (If you’re looking for the other book instead, you can read my review of Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fanbook GO YURI GO!!! in my previous post.)

This book is not available in English or French, but there are plenty of pictures (mostly full color, and there are a few black-and-white sketches as well).  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover art hidden underneath is similar to the image on the jacket, except it’s zoomed out and the three characters are spaced a bit farther apart so you can see their individual poses better.  As for skaters other than the three main characters, don’t worry, they’re in this book as well, so you can enjoy their style… JJ Style!  And Emil style, and Michele style, and so on:

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Fall Extravaganza (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! Just something I came up with for you all, and I know it’s not Fall, I wish it was, but lets just pretend that it is Fall for this imagine! So this is a few little clips of the reader giving Bucky the full “Fall extravaganza” experience!  

Words: 2,121 

Warnings: None! Fluff fluff fluff! I haven’t edited it for mistakes yet! 

I’m sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been extremely busy! So I was gonna try to update an requested imagine today but once again, time slipped away from me. So I decided to give you all a little something I’ve been working on here and there. Don’t worry, next week I don’t have too many plans so hopefully I’ll be able to update a couple imagines. Love you all bunches! 

And for those celebrating the Fourth on Monday, have an amazing day and be safe, don’t like get in the way of a firework or set your hair on fire. That would be very bad. (One year my dad almost set my neighbors house on fire..they never found out though. We moved the next year.)

It was your favorite time of year. You loved everything about the season of Fall. It was the time to bring out the boots, sweaters and leggings. The pumpkin spice latte became available at Starbucks, the leaves turned into beautiful mixtures of yellows, oranges, browns and reds. Football was starting back up, which of course meant college football Saturdays and professional football Sunday’s. There was so much more that made your heart pump with excitement and your happiness grow high.

This year was the first time Bucky would be around the Avengers during Fall. He had moved last winter and had warmed up quite a bit since then, a part of him was still gone and it probably wouldn’t return. However, a part of him had came back. His cheekiness, of course had made a comeback. Along with slight attitude and a humor. All of that you could deal with, it was the flirting that made your cheeks flush and your heart beat a little faster than normal.

So it was true; you had developed a crush on Bucky Barnes. It had started when he first moved in, there was just something about him that made you attracted. He was highly attractive, that was an obvious factor. But it wasn’t just that, there was something else that you couldn’t put your finger on.

Nat had caught on to your crush and always tried to find ways to push the two of you together. You found it slightly annoying, yet slightly nice. It was always an excuse to be near Bucky, anyway. His presence made you calm, even on your worst days. He made you feel safe just by being in the same room as you, which you loved for when you came home from a mission. The first thing you always did after a mission, was linger in the rooms Bucky would be in. You’d watch TV or play a game, sometimes you would just find an excuse to hang around the gym while he would work out.

Nat had came up with a plan to push you and Bucky together this Fall, it was a plan she’d been waiting since the beginning of Summer to put into action.

You, Bucky and Natasha were lounging in the living room one afternoon. You were painting your nails, your back was leaning against the couch as you used the coffee table to rest your hand on, you were being careful not to spill any. Bucky was sitting on the couch, only a few inches away from where you were leaning, he was playing some game on his phone. Natasha was watching one of her favorite show’s season premiere, one you had already seen the night before.  

“Hey Bucky,” Nat turned to look at him, she was sitting crisscross in a chair. The show had just went to commercial. Bucky tapped away at his phone for a couple seconds more before looking up at her. “When was the last time you properly spent your Fall?”

This caught your attention and you paused your nail painting, the brush lingering over your pinkie finger.

“What do you mean?” Bucky’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“Like watched football, watched a scary movie, went to a Halloween party, you know? All the fun things people do in Fall.” Natasha explained, her eyes flicking over to you for a brief moment, seeings you hesitating in continuing your nails. She knew you were listening in.

Bucky chuckled slightly, “Not in a very long time.”

You turned around and gasped jokingly, “As in the 40’s?” Bucky’s eyes snapped down to look at you and he grinned, nodding his head.

You looked over at Natasha and narrowed your eyes as she grinned, of course this is what she’d been planning. She knew you would drag Bucky into your Fall extravaganza. You looked back over at Bucky and flashed a smile, your eyes dancing with excitement which made Bucky smile.

“It’s settled then!” You went back to painting your nails. “You’re doing the perfect Fall bucket list and I’m going to assist you, I’m like the Fall Queen.”

“I’m not even going to resist.” Bucky laughed, going back to his game and Nat went back to her show, a smirk clear on her lips.

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Black Keys (Baekhyun, OC) Part 1

Okay, so I was listening to Baek and Chen’s “Really I didn’t Know” from Immortal Song 2 and… inspiration hit :P 

OC- Leila

(Baekhyun’s POV)


The sound of the monitor woke me from another nightmare. A nightmare that’s been haunting me for the past few months; always the same one: me sitting on the cold stone floor, a girl—my girl—wrapped in my arms, and then slowly, so very slow…I feel her grip on me loosen; feel her body go cold until it’s only her lifeless form against my aching chest. 

I sat up straight in my seat, wincing as my back ached. I hate sleeping on this chair. I hate everything about it here: the white linen cloths, the small empty refrigerator in the corner, and the smell of medicine and antiseptic, which burned my nostrils like I’m inhaling gaseous fumes. I never liked hospitals. I never got really sick so I wasn’t one to go here often. The worse sickness I had was probably the flu. I never had anyone to visit in hospitals either, nor do I have regular check ups. This was the first and longest time that I had to stay in a hospital. And the reason for my stay in this horrid place is lying on the bed right in front of me.

Leila laid there sleeping, pale and unmoving, her chest heaving slowly. A series of tubes and wires are connected to her nose and arms, probably the only thing keeping her strong enough to wake up. I hate to think that way but that’s the cold hard truth. She has cancer, though you could hardly tell whenever she’s awake. She always has a smile on her face, talks too much, and tries to brighten everyone’s mood. That’s Leila for you, the flower girl. I could still remember the first time I met her…



It was a rainy Thursday afternoon when I entered the coffee shop in front of the rehearsals studio, where I’ve been practicing for the past eight hours. I was feeling horrible, considering the fact that I was completely blank and couldn’t write a new piece. My mentor was breathing down my neck like a hawk, saying things like: “You can do it. Just keep playing.”, as if that was going to help. And then there’s the weather, which was a freakin’ downpour, making everything worse. My favorite leather shoes were wet and I was shivering from the cold. I wanted to growl at the sky for giving me the worse day ever.

Once I got into the coffee shop, the heater hit my face like a warm embrace, the smell of coffee beans were comforting, lessening my sour mood. I removed my bonnet and shook my slightly wet hair as I made my way to the counter.

“A cappuccino please. Make it a Grande.” I said to the girl on the counter as I fished my wallet from my pocket.

“Coming right up, “ she smiled as she took a cup. “Can I have your name please?”

“It’s Baekhyun.”

“Come here often, Baekhyun?” the girl asked, flirtatiously. I so don’t have time for this, I groaned inwardly.  “Not really.”

“Really?” she smiled slyly, finding her grin a little too forced and unnaturaly; like she was trying too hard. “Cause I see you almost everyday going in and out of that building across the street.”

“Uh-huh.” Busted, I thought. “Must’ve mistake me for someone else, then.” I didn’t want to be mean, but I was just not in the mood. The girl seemed to get the idea and deliberately ignored me throughout the rest of my stay. I turned from the counter and looked for a seat. The coffee place was packed and there wasn’t a vacant table in sight except for one stool in between a girl and a guy on a long table lining the window.

“Grande Cappuccino for Baekhyun!” the barista called and I handed in my receipt, got my coffee, and went over to the stool.

The girl was hunched over the table, reading, while the guy was busily typing on his laptop. I placed my bag by my feet and sat down; my back facing the window, elbows leaning against the table. I took a sip of the coffee and sighed; immediately feeling better.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket but I ignored it. Knowing it’s probably my mentor calling for another practice session. I’m a pianist slash singer-songwriter. In training that is. I’m only twenty years old but I’ve already graduated from music school. They say that it wasn’t at all surprising, considering that my grandfather was one of the most renowned pianists that ever lived. Byun Baekhyun, whom I was named after. It runs in the genes, they say,

Thinking about my family background was starting to sour my mood all over again, reminding me of my writer’s block, so I changed course. I looked around to keep my mind occupied and found myself glancing to my right, my eyes meeting a silver chain on a narrow wrist. It was a simple bracelet but what caught my eyes were the charms on it. They were music charms; notes, piano keys, sharps, and the like. My eyes glanced higher and I saw her holding a hardbound book with a blue jacket. It was completely bare so I didn’t know what she was reading. I then moved to her clothes. She was wearing a yellow floral dress over a white cardigan; a sharp contrast to the current weather we were having.

Who wears a summer dress during the rainy season?

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The girl said, not taking her eyes off her book. I blushed at her comment and immediately looked away, sipping my coffee as to hide my embarrassment. I could see the girl smiling from the corner of my eye. She was laughing at me! Oh dear god…

Turning a page, she suddenly looked over at me with a teasing smile. “What? Got tired already?”

I looked to my right and was completely blown away by the sight of her. She was beautiful. Pale-skinned with rosy cheeks like a porcelain doll. Her eyes were bright green with flecks of gold, her nose and cheeks were dusted with freckles, and her smile made my stomach churn—in a good way. Her wavy dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders, shrouding the edges of her face.

She looked at me expectantly so I guess I was staring at her too long. Though I think I said something like, “Uh…”

She giggled, “It’s okay. Don’t have to be embarrassed.”

I cleared my throat, “Sorry. I was just—“ I though of an excuse for staring and then I saw her book. “Just wondering what you’re reading there.”

She smiled. gods her smile was beautiful. “This?” she held the book, “Nothing special. Just something I pulled up from my Mom’s chest.”

“Ah.” I said. “Must be a classic, then?”

“Not really.” She shrugged. “Thought it’s nice enough. I started it and couldn’t stop.”

“What’s the title?”

“The End.”

I snorted, “Well that’s ironic. However did you start with it?”

She laughed, a sweet melodious sound like playing the high notes on the piano keys. “You’ll be surprised.” Suddenly, thunderclaps sounded outside and the rain poured even more. I scowled, now I’ll get my shoes wet even more!

 I looked back at the girl and was surprised to see a totally different expression gracing her face. It was an expression of pure and utter bliss. She looked at me, still smiling and I had the sudden urge to kiss her.

Sh*t Baek, I thought. Don’t be a creep!

“Don’t you just love it?” She whispered; a dreamy expression etched on her features.

“What?” I asked in a daze.

“The rain.” She gestured towards the window, still smiling.

“Uh, not really. It gets me wet, it cancels shows, and it disrupts my Internet connection at home.”

The girl looked at me and rolled her eyes, “Well if you look at it that way—“

“How should I look at it?”

“Don’t you love the way the water sounds when it hits the ground? That pitter-patter thing? Or the way water blobs look through the windows? Like dewdrops against the glass?” she said and as she touched the glass in front of her. “Ooh! There’s also the way the water feels when it hits your skin… like a sweet kiss.”

“A kiss?” I asked, giving her a weird expression.

“Yeah. A kiss. A Kiss from the rain.” She murmured as she looked out the window; a look of tranquil gracing her features. I stared at her, knowing I should be wierded out by what she just said but it turns out that I found her explanation quite wonderful. She saw things in a different way… a good… beautiful way, unlike me. In fact, after hearing her side, it kind of made me feel like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

She snapped out from her reverie and looked at me, “Oh! How rude of me. It’s Leila. Leila Gray.” She reached out her hand and I took it; noticing how soft it was. “Ah. The ‘heavenly flower’.” I quoted, and she snorted as she rolled her eyes at me. “And you are?”

“Byun Baekhyun.”

“Like the pianist?”

“My grandfather.” I nodded, preparing myself for the usual response. The ‘Oh my god! Seriously?’ or the “No way?! You are?!’ By the looks of her bracelet and the fact that she knew my grandfather, she was probably a music enthusiast and the odds of her doing that was most likely.

“Nice to meet you, Baek.” was all she said, surprising me. And as she smiled, I swore I heard a melody form in my head.

End of Flashback


Seeing her this way makes me want to hurl a table across the room, or punch a hole in the wall. I hate it. I hate the way her eyes are closed, hiding her beautiful green eyes; hate the way her hair lay lifeless on her pillow, a sharp contrast to her now pale white skin; hate the way her expression is so blank and empty, like there’s no life left in her. I hate the way she looks like she’s dying even though I know she is. But I refuse to accept it.

She promised she would fight.

We would fight…together.

To be continued.


I just love writing Baek in these kinds of stories… keke~ Anyway, how was Part one? Do you guys want more? :P


Maisie Williams On ‘Game Of Thrones’ And The Future: “It Needs To Happen Organically” 

Maisie Williams has every reason to be cheery, even as she’s battling a cold. Her Emmy nomination for playing Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones is as long overdue as any acting recognition has ever been: how many actors can claim to have taken a character from awkward little princess to dangerous warrior in the space of just six ten-episode seasons—and as part of a mammoth ensemble cast—without it ever feeling false or unjustified? Think of Arya, watching her father’s execution, helpless; serving the table of the man who architected that execution, incognito; making a list of sworn enemies she intended to kill, who were all bigger, stronger and more powerful than she could ever hope to be; suffering the painful lessons of Jaqen H’ghar, resolved to push back.

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