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A king may rule, but watch a queen conquer

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Avengers Chatroom: Princess Clint

Requested By Anon

Scenario: The Avengers and co. discuss their Disney equivalents.

A/N: I meant to post this sooner, but the Wi-Fi decided to pull a Loki.

Vision has created a chatroom.

Vision has invited Wanda, Scott, T’Challa, Clint.

Vision: Kindly send assistance to Y/N’s room right away. Make haste.

Wanda: What happened?!

T’Challa: On my way, I may or may not have pushed Bucky out of the way and he fell quite hard. Minor casualty.

Vision: You cannot inform the others. I fear for their sanity as well.

Vision: Y/N is making me watch Disney movies. Thor has managed to escape. The coward!

T’Challa: That’s what you need help with?!

Wanda: T’Challa hurt Bucky because we thought you and Y/N were in danger!

T’Challa: I would’ve pushed him either way so it’s not a problem really. Gives me an excuse actually.

Wanda: Oh. Okay then.

Clint: I’m sorry Vision, but we cannot help you. We’ve all been through the whole Disney movie marathon. SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US!

Scott: I thought you liked it! I did…

T’Challa: Luckily I do not have to go through it.

Vision: You’re next.

T’Challa: … I have duties to my country. I will not have the time.

Scott: That’s what we all thought. Y/N will find a way to make you watch the movies.

T’Challa: Oh, look at that. The Dora Milaje have decided to be near me at all times. Hahahaha. Who could have ordered that?

Vision: Magical flying carpets are a terrible form of transportation. First there is the health risks and then the possibility of dead insects on you. I do not understand why it would be used.

Scott: R.I.P my children …

T’Challa: I thought you were only fond of ants?


T’Challa: Not when he starts throwing funerals for them.

Wanda: It was a mistake Scott. I really did not see Antony The Second.

Scott: He was so young…

Vision has added Loki.

Vision: You have a strong resemblance to Scar.

Loki: I am nothing like that mutt! Who told you that?! Was it Y/N?

Scott: He’s having “The Marathon.”

Loki: I may have caused the New York incident, impersonated Odin, killed Phil, faked my death, tried to murder my brother, decimated a small town, annihilated tons of people and let the Frost Giants into Asgard but I would NEVER wish that upon anyone!  I would rather make love to a bligesnipe than endure that.

Wanda: I thought the God Of Mischief would be a better liar. You loved watching the movies with Y/N, Pietro and I. Also, don’t you father a child from a horse? Seems like you wouldn’t hesitate to love a bligesnipe.

Loki: Silence, you blasphemous wench!

Wanda: I won’t hesitate to inflict pain upon you.

T’Challa: I see your training with Natasha is paying off. This is a new side to you.

Wanda: Thanks. Nat suggested I specifically target Loki as part of my intimidation training.

Loki: Ohhhh, I am SO scared!

Vision: I would not test her, she sent me through several layers of the Earth’s crust. It was like descending to Hell.

Loki: My apologies.

Clint: Doesn’t Thor remind you of Mufasa?

Loki: A bit, yes.

Scott: And Scar is his brother. Yup, definitely you and Thor.

Loki: … Does Scar not kill Mufasa?

T’Challa: He does. Why?

Loki: Oh, no reason. I suppose I don’t mind resembling Scar.

Loki: Now if you’ll excuse me. I must attend to pressing matters.

Wanda: Lurking around the base eavesdropping on everyone and then cackling when you think you have something to blackmail them with is not pressing matters.


Loki has left the chat.

Clint: Which Disney character would I be???

T’Challa: You are too excited about this.

Scott: Robin Hood.


Scott: Merida…

Clint: Better.

Clint: Oooh T’Challa would be Bagheera!

T’Challa: I’m not surprised. Couldn’t you have come up with a more in-depth character?

Clint: Shh. Shh. Just accept it.

Scott: What about me?

Clint: One of the ants from Antz.

Scott: How come you get to be a princess?!

Clint: We should match the others!

Scott: Do that without me!

Scott has left the chat.

Clint: There can only be ONE princess.

T’Challa: It is times like this that I am grateful for my long stays in Wakanda, far, far, far away from you people.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Oh we actually plan on accompanying you on your return to Wakanda.

T’Challa: I knew this day would come, I just did not expect it so soon.

Tony has added Steve.

Tony: Hello, you left your glass slipper outside.

Steve: What?

Vision: He is indicating that you are Cinderella.

Steve: No. No way.

Tony: C’mon! First you were, well… you. Then you transformed! Just like Cindy.

Steve: How many times did your dad show you pictures of me before and after the serum?

Tony has added Bucky.

Tony: Why don’t you give Steve here a kiss to awaken him from his slumber? Since he’s not Cinderella, he must be sleeping beauty. You know, by being frozen all those years.

Wanda: That’s actually a good match.

Bucky: Why don’t you kiss him Tony? Isn’t it true loves kiss?

Tony has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: I forgot. I would totally be Tadashi Hamada.

Tony has left the chat.

Vision: We are watching Finding Nemo now. Fish do not have the mental capacity for such actions.

Vision: Hello, It’s Y/N. I’m taking Vision’s phone :)

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: Poor Vision.

T’Challa: If we are continuing to find our Disney equivalents, may I suggest Violet and Dash from the Incredibles as Wanda and Pietro.


Wanda: Ohhhh no!

Steve: Who are they?

Clint has banned Steve.

Bucky: That wasn’t very nice.

T’Challa: Why don’t you go join him?

Bucky: … but I want to know my equivalent. Also, I’m still upset with you!

T’Challa: It was a minor injury!

Bucky: I HAD A CONCUSSION! SAM DREW ON MY FACE WHILE I WAS UNCONSCIOUS AND IT’S NOT COMING OFF! Who draws plums and sausages on someones face?!

T’Challa: … That’s not what the drawings are.

Bucky has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Who here can offer me safety from Y/N? I have managed to evade them for the past three hours.

Clint: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Thor: Who is this Rapunzel?

Clint: You, of course. You know, the Disney princess with long hair, like yours.

Thor: No! Y/N has turned you too! Snap out of it Clint! I shall do what Lady Natasha did for you when you were under my brother’s control! It’s the only way to free you from this curse!

Clint: No Thor wait!

Clint has been disconnected.

Thor has left the chat.

T’Challa: What did Nat do to Clint?

Wanda: She punched him really hard.

T’Challa: … I see Thor as Hercules, don’t you?

Wanda: I do actually.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Why was Clint screaming? It stopped so abruptly.

Y/N: Oooooh.

Y/N: Cool, can I match the others too?

T’Challa: Of course.

Y/N has added Nat, Bruce.

Y/N: Nat is Mulan, Bruce is the beast or Stitch.

Nat: Yes I am.

Bruce: The characters with anger issues. Makes sense.

Nat: Bucky would be Buzz Lightyear.

Y/N: Why?

Nat: I blame Tony for this. One second.


Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: Y/N, stop cackling so loudly! That’s my thing, not yours!

Loki: Oh I see why, carry on.

Loki has left the chat.

Y/N: Excuse me, there’s something I have to do.

Y/N has left the chat.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I have been spared! Although I wish it was after I was done watching Snow White.

Wanda: I’ll finish watch it with you.

T’Challa: Me too.

Vision: That would be appreciated.

Bruce: Can we watch Bambi afterwards?

Nat: And then Pinocchio?

Vision: Do not tell Y/N, but yes, I would love to watch more Disney movies.

T’Challa: Our own Disney movie marathon.

Wanda: I’ll get snacks.

Bruce: Should we invite the others?

Nat: No. Tony will throw popcorn at Steve resulting in Steve giving Tony a lecture and we know how boring Steve’s lectures are. Sam and Bucky will bicker every 10 minutes, Loki will think it’s funny to hide all the snacks, Thor will try to eat all the snacks and get angry at Loki, Clint may be dead, Y/N has already seen the movies and Peter has an exam tomorrow.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: I’m back! I got the stupid drawings off. Hey why does Y/N keep asking me to give them a hand? I ask what they need help with but they just start laughing and run off.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: I love Disney! Why wasn’t I invited to this chat?!

Bucky: Maybe because nobody likes you.

Sam: This is why I drew dicks on your face, because you are one.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Omg guys so Baz grew up in his scary big mansion far away from roads right? So he probably never got trick or treaters because the kids were too afraid (and probably too lazy) to go all the way to the front door.

Which means Baz has absolutely no experience with trick or treaters.

So just image Simon and Baz living together and it’s Halloween, and suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Baz opens the door, and there are 3 kids, dressed so well that Baz thinks there are actually a real ghost, vampire and witch in front of his house.

Just imagine his reaction omfg.


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if you're still thinking of doing the blupjeans discord i would totally love to join, need more of this lovely content in my life

Good news anon– i made one!! If you or anyone else wants to hop on it, here’s the link: https://discord.gg/MD4yBNz

Make sure to read the rules before you join! 

Spread the jove (jean love) 

Mystic Messenger High School AU

A/N: Happy New Year everyone! Here’s something to start off your 2017! I’m working on a story for this but I’m not yet sure if I’ll actually publish it on here or not. Actually the boarding schools I did research on to develop Mystic Ridge Academy, had a dog walking club and I’m jealous because I would totally join that club lolol. Anyway, I hope everyone’s 2017 goes smoothly and I will be getting your requests done soon! Sorry for the delay, 2016 was a shitty year but I’m back on track now! Seven, Saeran, and Yoosung are under the cut so this doesn’t clog up your dash as this got really long!

Jumin Han: 4th year Student (17 years old, soon to be 18)

  • Jumin is one of the richest and most popular guys at Mystic Ridge Academy.
  • Jumin’s father is the Chairman of C&R International; the Chairman is one of MRA’s biggest contributors.
  • Student Council president
  • Overly obsessed with his cat, Elizabeth the 3rd, constantly tries to bring her into his classes.
  • Because his father is the biggest benefactor, Jumin is the only student allowed to keep a pet in his dorm room where he lives by himself.  
  • Since the school has a dog walker’s club, Jumin started his very cat club. Although there are quite a few students who have joined, (mostly women who want to get close to Jumin) the club isn’t as successful as the dog walker’s club.
  • Always wears the full school uniform on campus and even in casual settings on or off campus, he’s wearing a nice suit or is dressed in dressy casual wear
  • Also a part of the Entrepreneurs Club and the Investment Club as per his father’s requests.
  • Best friends with V since kindergarten
  • Let’s be real, his backpack probably cost like $1,000. Fucking rich boy. If he even carries his backpack that is, he probably makes his bodyguards carry it since he has like 4 around him at all times.  
  • Sometimes when his father gets a new gold digging girlfriend, he’ll lash out by throwing a huge party or taking his yacht out for a ride when he’s not supposed to.
  • His parents don’t pay that much attention to him anyways, considering his father is either working or off vacationing with women and his mother is off traveling around the world, but around the holidays, they’ll fight over him just to try and one up each other by being a better “caring and loving” parent. Jumin HATES it.
  • Because of his father’s constant womanizing, Jumin doesn’t date which causes a rumor (by Seven) to float around school that he’s gay.
  • Plays golf for a sport but doesn’t participate in gym
  • Diligent student so he can live up to his father’s expectations

Jihyun “V” Kim: 4th year Student (18 years old)

  • Also one of the richest and most popular guys in school mostly because of his mysteriousness.
  • Photography hoe
  • He’s that kid whose house would be perfect party central since his parents are gone basically 24/7 and they just don’t care but V isn’t a party guy. He prefers to either keep to himself or just a small group of friends that he trusts
  • Photographer for yearbook club and head of the photography club
  • Always carries his camera case around and if he can’t he has a safe in his room for it and his other expensive and important objects.
  • Had been in a relationship with his girlfriend Rika since 1st year up until she committed suicide a few months ago
  • Dad Friend™
  • Always tries to make everyone happy and feels so guilty when he can’t
  • His dorm is filled with cacti and succulents
  • Works at an art exhibition where he submits his photographs.
  • If it’s nice enough out, you’ll see him sitting outside on campus under a weeping willow smoking his pipe and reading.
  • His schedule is mostly filled with courses relating to art and literature
  • Since his parents are always off traveling, his photography teacher has become somewhat of a surrogate mother to him.
  • Quite close to his sister even though she’s abroad at college, they always phone each other once a week.
  • Not quite sure if he wants to go to college or if he wants to follow is his family’s footsteps and travel abroad while taking photos.
  • If you can’t find him, check the photography club’s darkroom. He likes spending time in there because it relaxes him when he’s stressed out about certain things/people (specifically a certain person if you know whom I’m talking about *wink wonk*)

Jaehee Kang: 4th year Student (17 years old, soon to be 18)

  • What club and extracurricular activity is this girl not in?
  • Vice-president of the student council (she really hates working under Jumin Han and basically being his assistant ¾ths of the time), she’s also a part of the Women’s Leadership club, Martial Arts club (specifically in Judo), Meditation club, Coffee club, and the (unofficial) president of Zen’s fan-club.
  • Constantly is telling Jumin that her job is Student Council VP and not Elizabeth’s or his babysitter
  • Attends every production that Zen is in no matter what
  • Straight A student with 4.0 GPA
  • Interested in being valedictorian
  • Her mom died in a horrible car accident her 1st year of high school and her dad died of cancer when she was super young.
  • Is friends with most of the staff at MRA
  • Actually helps out her favorite teacher during her free period (this makes her a teacher’s pet)
  • Overworks herself so she can prove to her terrible aunt that she can do well in life without depending on her aunt and uncle.
  • Works part time the Javawocky Books & Café as a barista
  • Is at MRA on a scholarship
  • People call her a robot because of her constantly serious attitude
  • Prefers to have a single room so she can have peace and quiet and keep it the way she wants

Hyun “Zen” Ryu: 3rd year Student (17 years old)

  • Easily the hottest and most popular guy in school
  • His fan club is bigger than Jumin’s and he takes A LOT of pride in that because he and Mr. Trust Fund Kid have had this stupid rivalry going on with each other ever since they came into contact
  • Hates school so much.
  • Troubled family life especially from his mother who’s emotionally (and physically?) abusive
  • Secretly is in the theater club and acts in all the major productions under his codename Zen so his parents don’t find out. (His dad knows since he is a teacher at MRA but doesn’t mention this to his mother because he quietly supports his son)
  • Glad that MRA requires a Fine Arts elective so his mother doesn’t really have a say in making him quit unless she doesn’t want him to graduate
  • Wants to become an actor someday
  • The theater director has become his biggest supporter and is willing to back him up on his dream
  • Only gets decent grades so his mom doesn’t get suspicious of what he’s spending his free time doing instead of studying
  • Smokes/drinks when he’s stressed
  • He’s that kid who brings booze to the parties because he basically charms his way into getting alcohol
  • Also can charm himself out of any situation
  • Has a motorcycle
  • Not religious but thanks God every day that he doesn’t have to live at home anymore
  • Wishes he was a 4th year already so he can graduate
  • Comes off as your typical flirty “and then what happens ;)” fuckboy but he actually is a gentleman and has a heart of gold
  • Bad boy but treats women right
  • (I wanted Zen to have at least one supportive parent even if his dad only supports him in secret. We don’t hear much about his dad so I headcanon his dad as as quiet submissive guy to Zen’s mom’s controlling and dominant personality therefore his dad doesn’t speak up as much)

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Umm, I just want to ask but... Do you still ship YuriYuu because OtuRi is the roll now? (( I'm hoping not xD because I see them as best friends

Okay um, I’m really sorry if I misinterpret your ask because I have never heard the phrase “[ship name] is the roll” before ^ ^;;;

I know that OtaYuri or whatever the ship is called is really popular now, and while I love Otabek as a character and am interested in seeing his friendship with Yurio grow, hopefully to the levels of Phichit + Yuuri and Chris + Victor, I personally do not really ship them romantically ^ ^;

YuriYuu is still one of my main ships, the ending of the series certainly did not discourage my love of it at all. In general I ship Everyone x Yuuri ^ ^;; (I totally would not be opposed to Otabek joining in on that, kinda want to draw a Yurio -> Yuuri <- Otabek tagteam…)


im sorry this took forever but i also hope this is what you wished for

seren would probably get on with pearl the best (pearl really likes priff actually, but isn’t overkeen on interacting with the elves) but she generally likes all of them. it took her a while to get used to amethyst and steven but they think she’s pretty cool and steven sings a lot of songs to her, which she loves a lot. he was very excited cause she’s the biggest non fused gem lady he’s seen apart from jasper (and rose of course, but he hasn’t really met her and jasper was mean so). garnet really likes the bond between seren and the elves, she’s actually good friends with lady hefin now, as unlikey as it seems. and i’m gonna stop now, as this weird runescape/su au i have going on could go on FOREVER

I feel like Romano would totally join in on beating up Mussolini’s dead body when they hung him up in Milan 

Because Romano wasn’t actually axis for very long and had to leave Veneziano behind (Since North Italy was in total civil war between Axis and Allied while South Italy was completely Allied and had an Axis resistance force) and Mussolini made it total hell for North Italy and abandoned the government and Vene to fend on their own when he got arrested.

Like I can see Romano being “This is what you get for what you did to my brother you piece of shit” 

Green Eyed Deadpool

Prompt @deadpools-babe: Can you make a Deadpool x reader where DP’s being a jealous dork to everyone looking (staring) at her girlfriend. 

A/N: I feel like Deadpool would be insanely jealous so I <3 this prompt.

Warning: As always, SWEARING!!!!

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

“Wade, I really don`t know why I need to come along on this hit” you whined.

“Babe, I need support- emotional, sexual support” he pulled you closer to him, his gloved hands wandering down to your ass.

“Mmm I think you just get bored staking out henchmen” you chuckled, your own gloved hands circling his neck.

“90s rap can get boring after a while” he sighed.

“Hey who am I kidding! Salt n Peppa are my girls” he relented.

“Sweetie, we really need to balance this mercenary/lovers life. I`m a mercenary, you’re a mercenary, and I really want more time to be lovers” you flirt.

“Ugh baby, let`s go do the hit, and come back and do our own” he pinched your ass and you squealed, walking out of your apartment.

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The thing that bothers me most with communist/anarchist historical nerd infighting is, y'know, you weren’t there.

In the sense that, you didn’t grow up under the old regimes, you weren’t having to pick sides during a revolution and civil war while being barely literate, you didn’t have a bombardment of propaganda from every angle telling you why THIS ideology is the right one not THAT one. You weren’t there and can’t understand the pressures these actual REAL people were facing.

So let’s not pretend ‘oh my particular ideology was faultless and we didn’t do a thing wrong d/w it was the liberals/marxists/anarchists/someone else who did the bad thing’. No. Horrible things happened and the late 19th/early 20th centuries were a brutal time to be alive. Everyone did something.

Can we just look at this shit historically instead? 'Oh the leninists did this and it was the wrong thing to do but I understand the cause of it happening’ 'oh the anarchists made the wrong decision at this point in this particular civil war and it was bad’. Stop picking different historical figures to support or loathe like they’re a fucking sports team. I’m sick of reading these pointless irrelevant arguments about historical things where people refuse to accept that something happened because it makes their 'team’ look bad. Read the history, understand that these people were fighting for their lives and weren’t infallible, understand how and why certain things happened and how they could easily happen again. But don’t look at these people as if YOU were there you would have had all the right answers and made all the morally correct decisions because you most certainly would not have. Even as an anarchist I’m perfectly able to see that if I’d been in Russia in 1917 I would have most definitely joined the Bolshevik party. I would have totally been taken in by them. As a commie at the time it would have been ridiculously hard to resist.

Anyway my point is, shut the fuck up. All your heroes and favourite ideological groups have done heinous things at some point. Think about what communism or anarchism or socialism actually MEAN to you and work towards building that as a goal, instead of arguing with would-be comrades about historical incidents that are rapidly losing their relevance to our current conditions. This isn’t on some Left Unity tip, this is literally 'if you want communism, why are you alienating yourself from people who want the same thing as you because of some historical reading where you can never understand the participants’ mindstates’. Full Communism ain’t gonna happen in a bubble where only our particular ideology grows and takes over.

(as long as we’re all in agreement about no stalinists tho, fuck THOSE guys no doubt)

Dear Really Horrible Name,

Well, for one, we would have lost another important member of our squad. The tragedy would have been even worse…

And even if Shinji had survived, he would have never forgiven himself. I know him. He would have blamed himself for Ken’s death till the end of his own life…

It was bad enough to lose our Senpai… And Ken’s… still a kid. I dunno about you guys, but… I know I’d have spent the rest of my life wondering ‘I wonder what he’d have grown up to be like’, or 'what would he look like if he were still around now’

I’ll never forgive Strega for what they did to Aragaki-senpai. But, if we’d have lost Ken-kun, too… I’d just have lost it, I think. I know, that kind of stuff is usually Junpei’s shtick, but I gotta admit… I think I might just have ended up run out there during the Dark Hour on my own, hunting for them…

I ’d have totally joined you…

…And I would have caught up to lead you guys.


You would have had my support, too. Even if I wouldn’t have wanted anymore bloodshed, I would have wanted answers. Why it had to be, why they had to do this. Even if I’d have known there were no real answers. I would have wanted to make them… think about it.


Koromaru-san says he would have been lonely. Shinjiro-san and Ken-san where always among his closest companions. The loss of one of them struck hard, but the loss of both would have triggered even more undesirable feelings…

>Ken seems thoughtful.

…Am I really that important? To all of you? It would have all been the same I I had been the one to die? And twice as bad if it had been both of us…?

Huh? O-Of course you are! You’re one of our team! Why would you ever think you’re not that important!?

You’re one of us, kid. You’re invaluable, just like anyone else here. There’s absolutely no way your death wouldn’t affect us at least as badly as everyone just said it would have.


>Ken looks like he’s about to cry…

…I regret everything… I regret ever wanting to die…!

No man is an island. None of us will ever be alone. Amada. Do you realize now that, as long as you can open up to others, you will never be alone with your pain?

> Ken nods his head a little.

…Yeah… I already know it now. I… I’ve got you guys. There was never any need to be scared of… how powerless I am on my own. Scared of living… If only I had realized sooner…

Again, there’s no use living in the past. We’ve got your back now, kid.

Yeah, and don’t you forget it!

I definitely won’t.

…Thank you all.