i would totally go lesbian for her

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Personally I still can´t believe/take it seriously that Regina has emotionally ties to the Robin who died. For me it was like Regina saw a stone somewhere on the ground, took it said "Now I love you/you are my true love" or some other similiar bs. No version of Robin is worthy. I even would find it more believable if Grumpy would be her love interest, because at least there is some history. Regina deserved so much better and not this punishment.

True. It’s ridiculous. He was as random as much as their token lesbians (from their Very Special Gay Episode™) were shoved–as a “here ya go, you can now shut up about representation” at those of us who have been here from day#1, totally engrossed into the beautifully organic dynamics between the Heroine of the story, Emma Swan (MIA since circa mid S3) and the Antihero, the Evil Queen, butchered when this limpet of a LI has been attached to her arse, because–straightwashing?

And then multiple convoluted storylines down the line, this version of FrobinHood (fake Robin Hood) might be less bland and with more spunk, but it makes this writing choice even more contradictory. Because if he’s a common ale-chugging thief that steals for himself, and if the new ‘mended’ EQ is now supposed to be the same like Regina herself (the mix of all the darkness, the weight of guilt, but also having strength of love, remorse–and the consequences of things she’s done to try to redeem herself?) shouldn’t he be even LESS worthy of her? And then on top of that, there’s the fact that they were ‘destined’ back when all three of them (both Frobins and Reginas) were different people–after which they took different paths and pixiedust means jack shit anyway, as we know from Rumple’s father? So if it’s our experiences and choices that make us the people that we are… then yeah. She’s now ‘given’ (literally and metaphorically) to a complete stranger who has nothing in common with the man she thought she loved (I still believe that it was desperation, not love–fight me on this) and then the people that she killed (the King and Queen nonetheless) don’t matter because they ‘weren’t real’, and Pinecone (inexplicably not aged) somehow is? Why?

Because he’s wearing the same fugly mug of the wife-cheating hypocrite who once ‘gave’ her so much that he filled her heart with as much love as her son did–enough to give some to the EQ to make her.. .what, loving? Lovable? Remorseful? She’s still fucking halved, and all for what? To satisfy one part of the crowd. But not the tiny shipper group called OQ (there’s like 8.5 of them out there, plus their Twitterbots) but the bland dim GA who gets attached to that white dude hero and he gets the girl no matter what–because that’s everyday heteronotmative ‘romance’ for ya?

And to get there, they had to keep bringing him back, retconning the retcon out of retcon, because–third time is the charm. ‘Cause you know, egomaniacs would never admit the mistake, and here they made two: the first was how they ‘wrote’ him (random, non-existant characterization–relying on us to project the ‘Robin Hood’ lore into him) and second, the casting. Because in order for a ship to be popular (yeah, they ‘don’t write ships’ my shapely arse) the casting needs to be spot on. It’s the reason why many problematic ships are so popular (good acting, apart from good looks?) and SMeag however failed big time–he was dull, boring, lacked the charisma and anything but leading man material. He’s probably still counting his blessings that he landed a job for being so incredibly unlikable. (Hell, he had to resort to internet harassment to win all ten of his fans, didn’t he?) Meanwhile, the bottom of the barrel was appealed to, and producers counted their Disney dollars. There are inevitabilities in the American media game, that tend to involve horrible people making their living off of the stupidity of a stupified public, because thinking too hard about the awful world around is harder than mindlessly consuming the candy given in the form of popular entertainment. It’s a formula, one that the so called shippers of ouat, mainly OQ and CS’ers, mindlessly promote for their own twisted reasons.

like if you put me in charge of writing a lesbian rom com about a woman having to come out to her family before she got married I would totally have the main character running around trying to come out to her extended family in increasingly hilarious and disastrous ways and then when the wedding day had arrived she would be like “shit I forgot to come out to my crotchety and undoubtedly conservative 90 yr old great aunt nancy she’s gonna show up and it’s going to be a shit show”

and then great aunt nancy is just like “good for you, me too, can you believe I convinced the str8s that my girlfriend betsy was just a roommate for 60 years lmao”

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I'm pretty sure that Taylor is not as straight as she wants to seem, the question that I keep asking myself is: why doesn't she come out? Is she afraid her album sales will go lower? Does she fear she will lose her "good girl faith" (see what I did here (?????)) image? Yet she would be such an ispiration to all the LGBT members (like me) and she would be hella a lot more happier being confident with who she really is.

I totally get that mindset, but you also have to understand that Taylor is in a really awkward position on many levels. 

First of all, she is in a position where she comes from a strong country background in her career and her success was started based on her “young american country girl”/ “america’s sweetheart” image. So to go from a straight-laced country girl to a lesbian would be a big jump in terms of image for a lot of her fans. I mean just think about the outrage she faced when she switched to pop music.. The issue too with that switch is that because of her sweetheart image and her reasonably clean music, she has garnered a predominantly young, straight, female audience and because of her country roots, they also tend to be conservative. This is why her bearding works so well, because she tends to pick guys that her young fanbase fantasize about as well. Of course people went crazy over Hay!or, because at the time, Harry Styles had every tween girl’s heart and if they couldn’t have him, their “bestie” Taylor could! Taylor’s image relies on this “relate-ability” to her fans. This is why she uses tumblr, and invites her fans to her house, it all just adds to the idea that Taylor is just one of the gals, one of your besties. This image, however adds to the risk of her future coming out.. because it will give the idea that she has lied to all her “friends (fans). No one likes being lied to and discovering that all of the boys she’s dated were fake and her entire musical discography is about various girls would be seen as a massive deception. 

None of this even taking into account that at least half of her fanbase are  extremely homophobic and would drop her on the spot. 

So this whole fan issue would lose her a large portion of her fans (supposedly). I personally think she would end up gaining more fans because of her coming out. I think a large reason she is disliked by non-swifties is because of her image. She gives off a very guarded and fake image and I think a large portion of the GP sees through the narratives she pushes. A coming out would most likely clear up that fake-ness and would give her a sense of genuineness that would be popular. But I don’t think that is a risk that Taylor is willing to take just yet.

Another issue with her coming out, that I see, would be the net of gays that would be ragged out of the closet with her. As she is largely known for her relationships with men, her coming out would most likely raise some questions about the men shes dated. I think the older ones (Joe, John, Taylor(?)) but the more recent/high profile ones would be seriously brought into question. The biggest being Harry Styles. There is already a huge question mark placed beside his sexuality so Taylor coming out would most likely be the proverbial nail in the coffin. It would also put pressure on a few of her “besties” to also come out, most definitely some question would be placed on Dianna as she has always had some question. This would unravel quie a bit, placing Louis Tomlinson, Lea Michelle, Karlie and various others at risk as well. Now, I personally don’t think Taylor cares about the collateral damage much (other than Karlie and Di maybe) but it is a factor that her team has to consider. The time has to be right for her AND Karlie (assuming they’re still together at the time). 

So I totally agree that she will make a huge impact on the world by coming out, I personally believe it will be a while until we see that. As an earlier Gaylor Swiftie, I used to believe that she was about to come out, but taking all these factors into consideration I know that the stars will have to align to ever see a coming out on her part. I used to be quite hopeful that it would come soon, but now I am of the opinion that she will essentially glass closet her way through her career and will come out (possibly) once retired or once her audience shifts to an older more alternative crowd. I think TS6 will be incredibly important to her future, if she shifts to a more alternative pop sound, her audience will surely shift and may allow her to come out.. We will see. 

(sorry this turned into an essay.. lmao)

Calling all lesbians (trans-inclusionary obviously)

Please reblog if you think trans lesbians are beautiful, worthy of respect and would totally fuck / date one should the right lovely trans lady come along.

In response to a truly horrible person who took it upon themselves to reblog someone’s trans visibility post and call her a predatory man for identifying as a lesbian. When called out, she stated that no lesbian would want them (not even a lesbian herself btw) so I’m going to prove her wrong.

Edit- this applies to all trans wlw. I said lesbian to link it to an argument where a terf didn’t believe those things, spoke on behalf of lesbians and when I tried to tell her that as a lesbian, the trans woman in question was beautiful, she said smth like ‘haha actual lesbians let’s take a headcount’ in a mocking way so … I took a headcount and looks like well over a thousand actual wlw agree with me!

me: hey

sixteen-year-old me: hey

me: what’s up

sixteen-year-old me: oh nothing just watching glee… dianna agron is so pretty i would totally go gay for her haha

me: um first of all you shouldn’t say you would “go gay” for dianna agron, - because, after all, you’re straight, and doing so is disrespectful of lesbians

sixteen-year-old me: oh… yeah i’m definitely not a lesbian i have a big crush on this guy from bible study… but he doesn’t like me back… haha sometimes i think i’d be better off becoming a lesbian and dating my best friend! crazy!

me: what is WITH all this lesbophobia… do you have any idea how offensive it is to say you would “become a lesbian” if some guy didn’t like you back?

sixteen-year-old me: sorry… i’m just going to go back to reading this fanfiction about kurt and finn, which is the main glee couple i read fic about. i’ve read faberry fic… once… and it made me feel… funny… i just don’t think it’s for me lol

me: honestly if you were a true gay ally you would vocally and enthusiastically ship faberry and all other femmeslash ships

sixteen-year-old me: well it’s just that as a very repressed teenager attending an all-girls school i’ve spent a lot of this year observing the school’s only lesbian couple be constantly mocked and jeered at, and that kind of scares me, and i certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think *i* was a lesbian, because i’m not! but i am a fledgling supporter of gay rights and if i’m just super enthusiastic about kurt hummel then people won’t necessarily think i’m a lesbian.

me: you’re so problematic

sixteen-year-old me: :(

me: *a gif of kate mckinnon saying ew*

Thoughts for the Update

Alternatively: How will Ngozi destroy me this time?

  • Kent Parson?
  • mmm I keep hearing things about potential Zimbits angst but,, vague things,, I night be projecting 
  • When will the canon Nurseydex return from war???
  • Are we going to see more of the Falconers??? I hope so. 
    • I want to see more of Tater; I love my tol russian son.
    • I would probably die for him and I know like 3.5 total things about him R I P
  • Are we going to see more of Georgia Martin?? Will Ngozi ever unlock the hidden hockey lesbians??
    • I trust her with my life 
  • Have I mentioned Kent Parson?? I’m worried about him; what is he doing??
    • Answer: His best. I just hope that his best doesn’t lead to Pain™ 
  • Wow I can’t believe that Zimbits is actually living the dream,, like I’ve never been happier in my entire existence. 
    • But things will probably happen, as they tend to do in stories, so I just need to sit down for a little bit and scream
  • How’s Shitty doing? Like it’s pretty obvious that Harvard hasn’t been a super chill time for him, but I hope it’s at least gotten a little better since the last update. 
  • Also! I love my co-captain sons. I hope they’re living their best lives and continuing to be wonderful and joyful and the lights of my lives
  • I need more Lardo content,, reveal it 
  • We get five new updates with our baby tadpoles!! Five!! I can’t wait to learn more about my children!!
  • Dark Ngozi show me the Forbidden Foxtrot

Feel free to add your own we only have a short time for last-minute hiatus thoughts and theories

She’s so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Medusa. 

We were best friends in Athena’s Temple. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Poseidon who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to the Ocean, and Medusa was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with Poseidon, she’d be like, “Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?" 

So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-girls pool party, I was like, "Medusa, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re lesbian.” I mean I couldn’t have a lesbian at my party. There were gonna be girls there in their *bathing suits*. I mean, right? She was a LESBIAN. So then her mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then she dropped out of Athena’s Temple because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was a bed of serpents and she was totally weird, and now I guess she’s on crack.

On why I think Karmy becoming canon would fit just right.

Honestly, I know it would be cute and legit to show Amy and Karma going back to being friends and accepting to move past Amy’s feelings. I don’t deny their friendship is an important thing and it would totally be honorable to keep Karma certain about her feelings and the two reinforcing their friendship thanks to those hard times they’ve been through. That wouldn’t be awful, that would be okay and nice because I do love Amy and Karma as the best friends they are no matter if there is romance or not.

But, I also think that it would be a good move from the writers to make Karma admitting romantic feelings for Amy. Not only to please us all, but because there are so many instances of young women nowadays who aren’t sure of how they feel and we all know that it’s okay to take your time in this situation. Karma’s feelings towards Amy are vague and a lot of the things she has done and said could be interpreted as both romantic or platonic. There is vagueness. So Karma being complicated in her approach of Amy’s romantic feelings would totally be an accurate portrayal of what happens for bi/pan girls if she ended up realizing that she also loves Amy. Sure it would still make sense if she ends up truly being straight and it turns out that she’s always been a straight girl crush after all, but I think we also had a lot of shows giving us the “friendship is everything” trope already, and although it’s a beautiful and honorable thing in itself, Faking It is a show that’s been breaking too much ground to only stop there. There’s an opportunity here to show a new angle about sexual orientation : the whole process of figuring it out, which is much rarer on tv than friendships overcoming all obstacles.

Honestly Faking It writers : make Karmy a thing. Not only because we crave to see it, not only because yes we’d be disappointed to see Amy having to burry her feelings until she finds someone new, but mostly because it doesn’t have to end badly for the lesbian/bi character who loves the straight girl. It can have a happy ending because there are straight girls who sometimes realize they aren’t entirely straight, and that’s something that’s happening almost as often as straight best friends gently rejecting a love declaration. 

Sometimes the basic straight-girl-crush story can turn out to be a journey of self-discovery. 

Jason is so disgusting though like his entire Twitter feed is just justifications for why killing her wasn’t a bad thing and a bunch of reviews about why the episode rocked to stroke his own ego
It wasn’t revolutionary. It wasn’t a big shock. It wasn’t anything aside from bullshit.
Just another example of a lesbian character getting treated like dirt.
And then Jason has to audacity to go in an interview and say he “totally relates” to the reaction her death is causing?
How the fuck would he know? If he actually understood he wouldn’t have pulled this shit in the first place. I’ve had enough.