i would totally fit there

so the figure skating anime is coming but you know what else should totally be a thing? figure skater mikleo. like he specializes in water/ice and he’s slender and elegant and all. and sorey would be his biggest fan of course


Person 1: I’m so thirsty right now

Person 2: *waving a bottle of water* Oh, I have a water for you. And I have a dick. I don’t know if you meant like you’re thirsty for water or if you want a dick but I have both so

🔈 As usual, turn the sound ON 🔈 

Poor Duster, all he wanted to do was smoke and chill alone, after a long day of work. But Kumatora had to come and ruin everything by seducing him?!

Here is another cringy video editing practice of mine.

Below, I posted the individual frames without the crappy VHS effect, if this can be relevant to anyone’s interest.

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Going Down (Jikook)

Hey! So, this has already been posted on Ao3, but I decided to post it here too because, well, why not? Along with this, the next chapter is available on my Ao3 here, as well as a ton of other jikook. 


Title: Going Down

Pairing: jikook w/ side taegi

Words: 5.1k

Genre: smut, humor

Rating: NC-17

Jimin has been asked many odd, sometimes creepy questions while sitting alone at a club. Though usually, they are somewhere along the lines of “Wanna make out?” or “How about coming home with me?” Among the creepiest was when a young woman approached him and asked him if she could recruit him for her next porn film. He politely declined her and ordered another drink. As for the others, well, depending on the mood and the person asking, he might accept, or he might turn them away. (Usually the latter, because strangers in clubs could come from anywhere and carry anything.)

But the creepy ones aside, he’s been asked some weird, obviously alcohol-induced questions as well. Like just now, by the kid who came to sit next to him. He looks a little more than tipsy, his eyes drooping every couple seconds only to snap open again and stare at Jimin. Behind him, a couple stools down, two guys that look about his age sit and stare. One sends the boy an urging look, then the other waves his hand and mouths Well?

The boy continues to stare, expecting an answer to his ridiculous question.

Jimin clears his throat and says, “Can you repeat that?” It’s possible he could have heard him wrong…

He can’t see much of the boy’s face—just that he might be about his own age and is kind of cute—but even in this dark room he can tell he’s sweating. He tugs the sleeves of his red leather jacket and looks down, scrunching his nose like he’s in deep thought. Make that super cute.

He sends an uncomfortable glance back to his friends who sit idle, watching, waiting for him. One of them looks more interested than the other, but both have a look of mischief. Jimin is ready to feel bad for the way they seem to be patronizing him until he nods in their direction and clears his throat.

“I asked you if you were an elevator,” he says in the same shy way he asked it the first time.

Jimin laughs and sighs. This kid really is drunk.

“Sorry,” he says, lifting his drink to his lips. He can’t remember what he ordered and doesn’t really care, but it tastes good anyways. “But I’m not—”

“Because I would totally go down on you.”

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Why Am I Like This | Part 3 | JUGHEAD JONES X READER

Description: Archie continues to bagger Jughead about his feelings for the reader hoping he’ll realize it will be better in the long run if she knows. Later in the day, Jughead comes home to see Archie and the reader asleep next to each other after they fell asleep practicing for their upcoming performance at the homecoming dance which leads to an interesting event between him and the reader.

Word Count: 1758

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

Jughead was starting to see the effects of Homecoming week all around Riverdale high. Banners were being hung up in hallways, girls were dressing up nicer trying to get last minute dates, and new relationships were getting formed every day.

It made Jughead sick to his stomach with longing. The whole feeling was new to him, he had never longed to be able to hold a girl’s hand in the hallway or be the reason a girl smiles filled with love. But things were different this year, for the first time he wanted to be able hold a girl’s hand in the hallway or make her smile filled with love.

Things were getting easier though, now that Archie knew of his un-denying affection for (Y/N) Jughead finally had someone to vent too. It was better than keeping it all bottled up or writing about it on his computer, he had learned his lesson.

Jughead stared out of the window as Archie drove them to school, taking the scenic route. Trees blurred by along with the occasional runner, not another car in sight. Out of nowhere, Archie started slowing down causing Jughead to lurch forward.

Archie pressed a button and the window next to Jughead’s face rolled down. The car continued to slow until they ended up traveling next to a familiar (Y/H/C) girl.

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I feel like Anti and/or Sean are just straight up fucking with us by now...

Let’s take this new photo as an example.

Well lets start with the hair: It’s dark again, remember when this was like it the last time? You guessed it: Last October, when all this Anti Stuff started up.

Lets continue to his Caption: There actually are Two different ones. One on Twitter and another one on Instagram: ‘Finally feel like myself again!’ and ‘I’m back in bla- I mean green!

The first one would totally fit into the ‘Anti never left-Theory’, as if Anti could finally show a bit more of his true self again. And in regard of the second one: If there ever were Colors I would link with Anti it would be Black and/or green, seen as most representations, whether in Fanart or one of Sean’s videos, have him with green and Black eyes or wearing black clothing.

Now take a real close look at the photo. Notice anything weird?

If you look really close you can see letters left and right of his head. ‘R’,’E’, something that seems to be an ‘R’, and an ‘N’

I personally can’t make out, if there are any letters directly over his face, but there are two possible Words, that would fit the Anti theme pretty well:

1. Reborn

With Sean dying his hair dark green again, it is as if Anti is emerging again, reminding all of us about what happened last year, maybe his plans have changed, maybe they haven’t, but before us is a new, reborn, Anti, maybe even stronger than before…

2. Return

Maybe Anti has given us a Signal, letting Jack dye his hair in a darker shade of green again, again reminding us of what happened last time and marking his return.

Both possible Words basically say the same:

Anti is on his way back and if you ask me, he is stronger than before, maybe even having control over the other alter Egos, like Chase and Dr. Sneeplestein.

Or all of this is just one big Joke and


  is just sitting there enjoying seeing all of us slowly loose our Minds.

I read a lot, too—pretty much anything I could get my hands on, from dad’s history books to fantasy novels—because I spent a lot of time sitting around in hotels and airports and dig sites in foreign countries where I didn’t know anybody. (Carter’s POV, The Red Pyramid, p.2).

  • headcanon that after Carter and Annabeth meet in The Crown of Ptolemy (which I haven’t read yet oops) they exchange book recs regularly bc they’re both Nerds™
  • and Carter always makes sure that the books he recommends to Annabeth are available in audio format bc he’s aware of her dyslexia
  • and their shared reading always ends up in intellectual debates
  • #CarterKaneAndAnnabethChaseAsBookBuddies2k16

twitter art dump

all of these were for fe_69min prompts, which I wrote in the captions (along with comments)


Hi there dear anons !
yes, all MM bois all so nice and love MC wholeheartedly and truthfully, no doubt, no comparison as this isnt a competition, heheh but if we are talking about preference then, this is my preference, owo)/

Yes I am bias to Jumin because i just love him so much (???)


My drawing above is just to show my own understanding on both ship/ how I interpret it.

From this point onwards is just

my preference

, please dont take it too seriously–

I prefer Jumin to be with his childhood friend, V, more as he is the one of the first person to ever break Jumin’s cold icy heart and totally understand him and since they have known each other for a long time I think V and Jumin just born to be together ? hehehehe

Not to mention as in my previous ask I do have soft spot for childhood friend and V would totally fit the role. And since I am bias to Jumin, so ofc I want him to be with someone who can treat him nicely and totally understand him and (in this case) Jumin and Zen ship is more like Jumin try to understand Zen antics more rather than he himself being understood.

Not that I hate Jumin Zen I just state my preference, www I am cool with Jumin Zen, sometimes their relationship is hilarious hahahaha

I should stop before its getting longer heh anyway thank you for reading !

p/s; cant wait for


next week ! //whale noise

anonymous asked:

Does Beanji say "I need healing" or anything related to that phrase? Because that would totally fit (and maybe embarrass him in front of the other healers)

He say “Mada Mada” and “+”

rikerssexblouse  asked:

Fuck marry kill: Torres, Paris, Kim

Ugh, this is HARD. 

Tom would convince me to kill him to save the other two. Harry would try to do the same, but Tom would succeed. So I’d kill Tom and feel badly about it for the rest of my days because I love him and also I would totally fit in with the (dysfunctional) Paris Family, what a missed opportunity. 

Then I would have incredible grief ridden rage sex with B’Elanna. She would hate me almost as much as she hates herself for what happened to Tom. It would be amazing. 

And I’d marry Harry because he would be an incredibly attentive spouse and super supportive, especially emotionally. And he would understand that I was more in love with Tom and more attracted to B’Elanna because he is, too. 

fmk meme

anonymous asked:

In the "Believe In Luigi" AU, Would Peasley be Pearl? (*ships all the gay Luigi ships*) And where would Popple and Fawful fit in?

while i totally see the resemblance and i would LOVE to just keep handing Luigi boyfriends, its technically not a steven universe au. the show just reminds me so much of the story i’m writing because it ends up being Luigi and a team of five villains he convinces to help him save the world.

so as much as i love Luigi pining after Prince Perfect, he unfortunately doesn’t cross paths with the villain squad. :/ as for fawful…

yeah, that’s pretty much how it happens.

aspoonfullofsmiles  asked:

I love how you draw lance with red earnings ! Ruby's are actually julys birthstone and I think he would totally wear them. Also your art style in general is so precious and the colors are lovely! ♥️

oh my god i can totally see this. They would fit him so well !! After Lance started to wear Ruby’s, Keith will continue to buy him different ones and every earring will look so pretty on him. Soon, Lance has a whole collection of Ruby’s <3
And thank you so much aaaa