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Trash Bag ♡ (Masterlist)

 KEY: 💋Smut/😊Fluff/ 😏More Smut then Fluff/😘More Fluff then Smut/🖤Dark/😭Sad&Heartbreaking/♡ Preferences 

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ღ Blogs I like

❀ Grayson Dolan❀


😊Sick Ex

💋 Lake House (PG 13)

😊 He’s Sick

😊 Mr. Mom

😊 Fanfics

😏 We Need to Talk (PG 13)

💋 We Need to Talk (PG 13) [Part 2]

😊 Age Is Just A Number

😊 Stressed Out Trip Home

😊 Prank Gone Wrong

😊 Too Busy For Me

😊 #YouGotStoodUp

😊 Creator Summit

😊 Welcome To New York

😊 The Guitar

😊 Perfect

😊 Stargazing

😏 Take It Out on Me

😊 DM Diary

😊 She Didn’t Have Time

Grayson Dating a Curvy/Thick Girl would Include

Daddy Kink with Grayson would Include

Friends with Benefits would Include

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✿ Ethan Dolan✿ 


😊 Truth Detector

😊 What you Mean to Me

😊 Vacation Time

😊 Sick Day [Part 1]

😏 Sick Day (PG 13) [Part 2]

😊 Tuesday Selfie

😊 Galway Girl

😊 What are Friends For?

😊 My Rib

♡Your relationship with Ethan would Include

Ethan as the dad of twins

Ethan Attending your Graduation

Daddy Kink with Ethan would Include

😊 You Don’t Have To Go

😭 Aftertaste

😏 Piercing Theories [Part 1]

💋 Piercing Theories [Part 2]

💋 Come Play with me Daddy

😊 Pizza with Old Friends

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❤ Blurbs❤-Little short imagines type things

😊 “You’re so small/I can’t breathe” (Ethan)

😊 “Who Gave You That Black Eye? (Ethan)

😊 Easter Bunny (Ethan)

😊 Grayson Cuddling (Grayson)

😊 “We’re not getting a dog/When’s the last time I said I love you” (Grayson)

😊 Easter Egg Hunt (Grayson)

💋 Daddy E (PG 13) (Ethan)

😊 Forehead Kisses (Grayson)

😊 He Gets In A Fight For You (Ethan)

😊 Gymnastic Injuries (Grayson)

😊 Slide Into My DM’s (Grayson)

😊 Study Break (Ethan)

😊 He’s A Tattoo Artist (Ethan)

😭 All of The Stars (Grayson)

😊 Little Things (Both)

💋 Happy Birthday (Ethan)

😊 Anxiety Attack (Grayson)

😊 21st Birthday (Grayson)

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✩ Mini Series ✩

➪😊Now or Never Ethan

➪😭 I Like You Okay? Grayson

➪🖤 Drug Lord E Ethan

➪😏 Just Friends Grayson

Over Again. Part 3. (Jeon Jungkook.)

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Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Jungkook attempts to make your life a living hell, but becomes guilty along the way.

Warning – Angst, and asshole Jungkook. This honestly sucked. 

Words – 2,025. 


Part 1. 

Part 2. 

“Is there a tattoo on my forehead that says, ‘Jungkook, please torture me! I beg of you!’ Because I am pretty sure I don’t.” You stabbed your cup of Ramen noodles with your chopsticks as you talked to Taehyung at the airport. Taehyung had managed to drag you to the airport to pick up his girlfriend, Dijah.

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Jaebum; of old age and surprises

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[ps he looks so fucking matured in this gif alright]

You had called Jaebum last night, wishing him a happy birthday over facetime and letting him spend his birthday with his family. Honestly, you didn’t have any plan to surprise him, seeing as you were still across the world on the night of his birthday and Jaebum wasn’t really big on birthdays; not his anyway. He would rather spend it at work saying how it was his thirtieth birthday and it started to seem dull as he got older. But Minsik had plans, and he had personally called you asking where you were and when you had told him you were thousand miles away, he completely freaked out.

“But you have to be here!”

“Why?” you laughed, messing up the front of your hair to add volume to it.

“It’s his thirty-first birthday.”

“Thirtieth.” You corrected and he only replied with the click of his tongue. “Hyung’s not happy alright when you’re not around.”

“He’s fine alright? He’s thirty years old. I’ll go see him in a few days.”

“No!” he argued and somehow had convinced you to take the closest flight back home to (in his words) make Jaebum’s day.

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different anon but that's so funny cause i actually told my friends if i got a tattoo of Shizuo it would had been the art of him on the top right of the art you did from last year. the little chibi shizuo. i love it.

// awWw bless ya shizuo tattoos are the best tattoos, id probably get this tattood on my forehead 

you know at this point im so desperately in need of season 4 to start that i dont even care who the main will be
it could be the beer man from season 1 and i would still tattoo his face on my forehead
it could be the school nurse and i would still gif the fuck out of her every move
honestly it could be penetrator chris and i wouldnt even mind i would in contrary do somersaults while singing the penetrator song in every known language hell i would even sing it backwards because this my friends is what this hiatus has done to me

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Hi! I remember some time ago, you posted a list of lgbt+ books you'd read and liked, and I went looking for it the other day and have apparently lost the bookmark. Do you happen to have the link on hand, or remember your recs? Thanks so much!

hmm, I’ve had a dig around – this post is about half lgbt+ literary fiction and half not, and this one is purely m/m fiction recs. 

(I might as well get a forehead tattoo that says EVERYONE READ REGENERATION.)

if you’re looking for that kind of list, though, low-key patron saint of book recs @lotstradamus has about seventy of them, GO FORTH AND BE AMAZED.

I will say that as of the present moment, both lottie & myself would 100% add sebastian barry’s days without end to that list–which I know because she shouted at me until I read it–and I would reiterate my rec of austin chant’s peter darling, which is a trans gay romance.

Everything you want me to be

Anonymous said: GoM + Takao + Hanamiya when they expect their s/o to be interested in clothes, shoes, makeups, bags, etc. But instead her interests are books, specifically novels, computer and internet, anime and J/K-pop, and writing?

A/N: HERE YOU ARE! It was so fun to write that! I like how creative you were with your ask. I hope I didn’t disappoint you or anything (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و If I did you can tell me! I… I can stand all the criticism (ಢ⊱ಢ 。) my personal favourite here is Midorima (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


You can feel full of suspicion glare boring into your skull as you scroll down your phone. You don’t even bother to look ahead. You’re too pissed and if that meant you’d fall over a trash can then so be it.”

“My answer is not changing, Seijüro.” you inform your boyfriend yet another time this day, “Please just stop staring at me like that. It gives me creeps.”

“How am I looking at you, (Name)?” Akashi frowns.

“Like I’m a crossbreed of giraffe and elephant.” you sigh and pocket your phone, “I wouldn’t tell you in the first place if I knew you’d be like that.”

Akashi blinks at you, realising that maybe he has been staring a little to much. He shakes his head lightly.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just never met a girl like you.”

“Is that a bad thing?” you ask, starting to get worried.

“No… I don’t think so.” he replies after a moment of silence, “It’s new.”

“Is new, bad?”

“Definitely not.” Akashi smiles softly, “It’s interesting.”


Shopping malls. Stuffy, loud, full of people and nerve-wracking mix of smells. To say the least, Aomine was not a fan of them. So when you asked him to accompany you to the store, he reluctantly agreed but only because it was pretty late and he didn’t want you to walk alone at night.

With every single shop the two of you passed, Aomine’s face twisted. Just give it few minutes and he’ll undoubtedly hear: “Oh! There’s a new dress by insert-some-bloody-fancy-sounding-designer-name!” or “I need that bag!” But as you manoeuvred around people, not even sparing a glance to those fancy looking rugs, Aomine found himself baffled.

“Oi, (Name)?”

You hum in response, not slowing your pace.

“Don’t you want to…” he pauses, not really sure if turning your attention to the dreadful side of shopping is a good idea. But his curiosity is eating him. “You don’t want to try some stuff or get a bag?”

You frown, stoping on your tracks. “No. Why? … should I?” you add a little bit more frantically. You were neither hipster nor fashionista. Just… ordinary. What if Aomine didn’t like your style, what if… Your stern thoughts meet Aomine’s low chuckle.

“That’s not what I’m saying.” he says, “I was just curious. Usually girls love that kind of things.”

You glance at Aomine, the innocent look on his face easing your mind.

“It’s not really my thing, you know… I’m more books-music kind of girl. Very low maintenance…” you smile, embarrassed, “It’s not a good thing, I guess…”

“It’s great.” Aomine interjects with a huge grin, “I love it.”


“What are you listening to?” Kise asks as he plops on the ground beside you. You hand him earplug and lower the volume so the song would not scare the shite out of your boyfriend.

You hear Kise chuckle. “Well, well… who would have thought! Little miss Proper-Lady has a taste!”

“I’m not only looks and brains, Ryota!” you huff but internally you positively beam, “I also happen to have an extraordinary music taste.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed you like (Band/group’s name), (Name)cchi. You look to girly for them.”

“Well, frankly speaking you didn’t struck me as their fan either.” you state tartly but you’re not really mad. “Who’s your bias?”

“I don’t have one!” Kise sneers, “I’m a guy. We don’t have bias’”

“Oh come on! I know you do! Everyone has!”

“Well, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do!”

“No, I don’t.”

You give your boyfriend a look full of doubt. Kise chortles nervously.

“I don’t. I mean it.” he repeats but as you wiggle your eyebrows suggestively, he finally gives in, “Just don’t tell anyone, got it?”

“Fret not, Ryota. Your secret’s save with me.” you beam, “Name you bias in three… two… one…”

“(Idol 1’s name)!”

“(Idol 2’s name)!”

The friction between you is nearly palpable. Honestly, you believed this would be a bonding experience. Too bad the two of you glaring at each other says otherwise.

You take a deep breath before commenting stiffly: “It’s a free country.”


You’re nervous. No! Scratch that! You your stomach hurts and you feel your legs giving in underneath your weight. All because of something important and far more intimate than sex is happening. Access’s to body and mind are on completely different levels and now you’re more than well aware of that major gap as you pace back and forth, waiting for Kuroko to be done.

“… and? What do you think? Tetsu?”

“I’m not done yet, (Name).” Kuroko informs, his eyes not leaving the computer screen as he scrolls down the sentences you wrote. You ponder why does it take him so long.

You’re about to ask but Kuroko cuts you off. It’s not that hard to pinpoint the moment when you open your mouth since you’ve kept pestering him every 5 minutes now.

“Just sit back and wait. I’ll tell you when I finished reading.”

You give out inpatient sigh but plop on the couch.

Some time later, Kuroko rubs his eyes before turning swivelling chair to look at you.

“And?! How is it?” you shot up, anxious about his opinion. “What do you think? Did you like it?! Just… tell me everything. I… I can stand criticism.”

Kuroko ruffles his hair and sighs, a tad consternation visible on his usually stoic face.

“… your grammar, (Name).” he says slowly, “Your grammar is awful.”


“I completely understand what you’re saying, (Name). You have my full support on any of your hobbies and if you ever have an extra ticket to any concert, count me in. After all who am I to judge you? I’m an adult man yet I happen to carry toys around me sometimes just because my horoscope tells me to. I also breathe and live according to what it says. I don’t have the right to question your interests.”

More or less that was what you thought Midorima would say to you after finding out that your interests did not included talking about make-up and singing up on a waiting list for a designer bag. The least to say his reaction was not something you assumed could happen.

For the past minutes Midorima has been scrolling through his phone, probably asking his personal fortune teller if dating you was a good idea. Finally Midorima puts down his phone and fixes his glasses, before locking his eyes on you.

“Madame Antoinette says you should reconsider your options, (Name).” he informs straight-face. “If you don’t, the repercussions will be awful.”

You sneer at the ridiculousness of this situation and the Madame Antoinette herself. Who the hell names themselves that?!

“Comes from the man who believes that number nine represents the devil!”

“Now, (Name), let’s not be so hasty about this.”

“You bought a paint sprayer to cover every bloody ‘nine’ in the registration plates you saw, Shintarou!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms in the air, “You went to jail, for goodssakes!”

“… it was just a lockup.” Midorima corrected tartly, “But that’s not the point! You need to reconsider your options, (Name)! Madame Antoinette is never wrong!”

“Oh, bite me!”


“Come on! Just five minutes!” you whine, tugging on Murasakibara’s sleeve. (Band/group’s name)’s band new single has just became available and for those who buys it within the next 10 minutes there’s a promotional poster. Pretty neat deal but the only problem was your boyfriend was dead-set on passing that opportunity.

“Pleasepleaseplease… Please! Atsushi! I’ll buy you… I’ll treat you for burritos. A whole month!”

Murasakibara halts and it gives you some hope only until you see him glaring down at you.

“I won’t fall for this twice, (Name)chin. You said it the last time and all I got was a coupon. And it was just ten percent off type.“ he informs and resume walking. Or at least he tries as you jumped in front of him and push him in the direction of the shop.

“What are you doing, (Name)chin?”

“I’m using my chance to prove my dedication to (Band/group’s name).” you pant but Murasakibara doesn’t budge. “I don’t deserve to call myself their fan unless I support their hard work!”

“Why are you into…” Murasakibara pauses, glancing over his shoulder to look at the flashy poster sticked to the windowsill. He really doesn’t get it. “I thought you were into… I dunno… bags and clothes and all that stuff. You’re a girl after all.”

“I couldn’t care less about brands. You only pay for the name. What’s so great about it?”

“Then what happened with the scarf I gave you for Christmas?” Murasakibara asks after a moment of silence. “I haven’t seen you wearing it yet.”

That remark makes your cheeks flush red. Murasakibara indeed got you some designer piece of clothing as a gift. You kept it in the closet. Under shoe boxes. And a vacuum cleaner.

“Well… I have it of course!” you stammer slightly, “I keep it for special occasions of course!”


“That’s so rich, (Name)chan!” Takao rolls with laughter, “I wouldn’t have guessed! You look so… so normal!”

You give your boyfriend a blunt look from above the book you were reading. It was plain ridiculous how did Takao insist to make such a fuss about you being a bookworm. Really.

“And how should I look, eh?” you deadpan, “It wouldn’t be tattooed on my forehead, Kazunari, now would it?”

Takao laughs harder, probably at some absurd picture in his mind of an encyclopaedia’s headwords being engraved allover your body.

“What an opportunity!” Takao exclaims, rubbing his tearful eyes, “I just can’t let it slide. You’re not getting away with this.”

“Get away with what exactly?” you ask snappishly, “If you’re planning to tease me about my taste in books then good luck.”

“What do you mean?” he frowns, “Your hobby has just became my ultimate weapon! I’ve never believed the books could be dangerous. Who would have thought I’ve lived my life in ignorance for so long!”

“I highly doubt that.”

“How come?”

“Because in that case,” you raise your eyebrow mockingly, “You’d have to read them all.”


The distasteful scowl on his face is enough of a confirmation that he didn’t expect you to be into… well… into something the girls he knew weren’t interested in. Hanamiya’s expression only worsened as you let him into your bedroom, walls covered with colourful posters, bookshelves filled to the point he preferred to keep away from them just in case they would fall over.

“So… you’re one of those girls, eh?”

Those girls?” you raise your eyebrow questioningly. Truthfully, you were pretty damn nervous about opening up about your hobbies. You only managed to reveal your intellectual treasures after few months of being with Hanamiya. His reaction… you were pretty hurt. Hurt and angry.

“Which girls? Dumb bimbos who spend their days wondering what lipstick they should wear? Or those disgusting wenches who feed of their boyfriends, convincing them that if they love them they should buy that bloody Chanel?”

With every another sentence of your rant, Hanamiya’s eyes widen. It’s been the first time you to snapped at him. You’ve never been anything but patient and kind, and yet here you were, fuming. He wondered if maybe he crossed the line or something.

Despite his inner musings, Hanamiya manages to keep his face cool. He smirks and flicks your forehead, then casually strolls around your bedroom, checking out titles on your bookshelf.

“Don’t be dense, (Name). I was joking. It doesn’t really matter to me what you—“ Hanamiya cringes, feeling your intensive glare boring in his back. Wrong words. “There are no girls like you. There’s only one (Name).”

Still facing the bookshelf, Hanamiya smirks smugly. He managed to wriggle his way out of a possible argument and it was pretty damn neat move. Hanamiya’s eyes slide over book covers and one particular title, makes his stomach twist. Hanamiya’s throat goes dry.

“But… (Name)… you’re not fujoshi, right?”  

Netflix and Chill

A/N: I love writing with Corey. He’s probably my new favorite to write about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. Ladies enjoy….😉😉

tagging the usually peeps: @hushothermuses @banrioncethlenn @gelinas22 @helluvawriter @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @wwe-smutfics @fan-fiction-galore

Triggers: Fluffy as fuck…it’s adorable I can’t lol

Enjoy xx

“Netflix and Chill Sweet Pea?” My lovable best friend snakes his arms around my waist as I make dinner for us. He puts his head on my shoulder as I stir the pasta.

“that’s implying that we sleep together and I don’t wanna see your dick ring again. It’s a little scary”

Corey smirks,kissing my cheek sweetly”I see you staring at my junk. Look if you want to ride the beast,just let me know”

I laugh,swatting his hand away from my lower stomach.

“that’s not a beast”I turn around to look into his beautiful eyes”that’s a serpent that just looks weird. And can we stop talking about your dick please? Its making me lose my appetite.”

Corey shrugs,laughing while going to set the table for dinner”oh stop,you would love a peice of all this”

As he gestures to his body,i throw a spoon at him.”just fucking set the table Casanova”

Corey and I became friends a little over 4 years ago. I was dating his best friend when I found out he was seeing someone else. I was absolutely heartbroken. I lost the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.But I ended up with something so much better, Corey. I have no idea what i’d do without that snarky,sassy tattooed hottie of a man.

“so I have the greatest love movie set up for us”Corey beamed,grabbing me to cuddle up next to him.

“i swear if it’s hostel”I turn to him,bringing the blanket to cover us”I will rip out your dick ring”

He smirks”why are you so obsessed-”

I glare at him.

”it’s not hostel I promise”

I curl up next to him as he put his arm around me. I can see why people thought we were a couple. Cuddling up against each other,Holding hands,just because. I think the thought of it was always in the back of my head. What if Corey and I became an actual couple? Would it still be the same? Would we be able to still to joke around like we do?

“Sweet Pea?”he snapped out of my day dream and nudges towards the screen. I gasped feeling my heart swell.I grab his face and kiss his cheek sweetly.

“I remember when you that this was your favorite movie when you were younger”He caressed my cheek,smiling warmly.He is making it so hard not to fall in love with him.



Did I just?

Am I love with Corey?

I look into his beautiful eyes that just drag you in”but I never told you that it was my favorite”

He starts to look away,biting his lip”I remember you telling James that Belle was your favorite princess and you wanted to dress up as her and him as the beast for Halloween and then.” He stopped talking.Halloween was when I caught James cheating on me with Cynthia,Corey’s girlfriend.

I start to tear up”I can’t believe you remember that.I mean that was 5 years ago. I can’t remember what I ate yesterday.”

Corey grabs my waist,making me face him.I straddle his waist as I smile down at him”I remember everything about you.Your favorite flower is Sunflowers. You love Jasmine,Mulan and Pocahontas also. You love Starbucks but you drink Decaf Tea in the morning. You love a good book and would much rather curl up on a Friday night with one than go out”

I bite my lip and listen to every word Corey was saying. He grabs something behind the pillow as he hands it to me.A chocolate heart,decorated with Belle and the Beast with a bouquet of Sunflowers.”Amaya,Would you be my Valentine?”

I grab his face and smile”I would love to be your Valentine Mr.Graves”

I don’t know who leaned first or which one of us starting it but we started to kiss.He runs his tattooed fingers through my hair,stopping at the base of my neck.We fight for dominance,as he pulls me closer. I feel my heart race as he kisses down my jawline to my neck and back up,kissing my lips again.He presses his forehead to mine,pecking my lips sweetly.”God I have been wanting to do that forever Amaya.James never deserved you.He’s a fucking idiot that messed up everything with an amazing woman.I love you,i always have and I will cherish you always Sweet Pea”

I kiss his lips,his fingers wiping my tears away”I love you too Corey.You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me Corey.”

“Say it again”

“I love you Corey”I kiss around his face, laughing as he tickle my sides”I love you so much”

He grabs my hand to lay me down on his chest,pressing play,wrapping his arms around me”this is by far this best Netflix and Chill date I have ever had Sweet Pea”

I kiss his chest,laughing softly”it really is Corey.Happy Valentine’s Day handsome”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Sweet Pea”


“Sweet Pea?”I snap out of my daydream,looking over at my husband holding our daughter,Julia”you okay? you were spacing out a lot.”

I smile at Corey”just thinking about first Valentine’s Day together”

Corey grabs my hand under the blanket,rubbing my hand sweetly”it was the best Netflix and Chill date I have ever had”

“I love you Corey.”

Life has a funny way of working. If you would have told me,i would be sitting here with my loveable husband with our daughter and a little boy on the way watching Beauty and the Beast,i would say you are insane and laugh at you.It has been the best journey I have ever been on and I would never change it for the world.

Corey grabs my hand to kiss it”I love you too Sweet Pea”

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Don't know if you are taking requests at this point, but if you are, I saw your Loki one(bayonetta) and loved it and I can't find anyone else who posts them. Can I get another one or maybe a continuation? I not that's ok, just really want to see some more people acknowledging his awesomeness

I can’t find anyone who posts them either and it hurts my heart

Everyone needs more smol Loki in my opinion, and not the Asgardian one (though he cute too). Unfortunately I don’t really do part two’s for things unless I’m really really inclined to :1 But I can def write another one, so here’s some short fluff

And I’m always taking requests hon

“I have a feeling you’re keeping something from me.”

Loki froze.

“Keeping something?” He repeated, trying to be casual, but you could already detect that raise in his pitch when he was nervous. Dead giveaway.

“Yeah,” You drawled, crossing one leg over the other in the chair as you stared him in the eye. “Care to explain?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, love,” He regained his confidence after the slight blunder, lips parting to give his signature smirk. His blue, jeweled eyes stared at you from under the darkness of the hood, and an eyebrow rose, as if daring you to challenge him.


“Okay then,” You gave in just like that. He seemed surprised at your surrender but you didn’t give him time to think, instead calling the waiter with a gesture of your hand.

The waiter came over, a polite smile on his face. “Yes, miss? Would you like to order something?”

“Yes,” You smiled. “Just a water for now. And one for my friend as well.”

“Your friend?” The waiter tilted his head in confusion. “Will they be coming soon?”

Your eyes slid over to Loki, letting your lips turn up into a smug smile when he panicked, clearing his throat.

You watched as he looked at the waiter in a purposeful manner. The waiter blinked, then again, and suddenly he was looking at Loki like he hadn’t seen him before.

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t see you there?” He was very confused but shook his head, seeming to let it go. “Anyhow, I will be back in a minute.”

You crossed your arms this time as the waiter left. “You were saying?”

Loki bit his lip, chuckling nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Loki,” You rolled your eyes. “I’m not an idiot. It took me a while to realize it, but people don’t see you unless you want them to. Also, that ‘tattoo’ in the middle of your forehead does this weird glowing thing that I’m sure wasn’t in the ink package.”

You pursed your lips. “Plus when we first met, you literally saved my life from that speeding car. I really don’t believe you had been ‘in the right place’. So what’s the deal?”

You’d known the boy for a good while now. He’d aforementioned, saved your life, and you’d been hanging out with him ever since. He claimed to live nearby but you’d never ever been to his home, and he would pop up out of nowhere to spend time with you. After watching his suspicious behaviour for what seemed to be forever, you decided to act on it.

Loki sighed, puffing out his cheeks in a decisively childish manner before letting the air out. “You are too smart for your own good, love.”

“Thanks,” You smiled innocently.

He placed his chin on his palm, staring into space while the restaurant buzzed around the two of you. “Its my fault.”


“I got too attached to you. I should have left earlier.”

“You’re not making sense, Loki.”

“If I told you, you might not believe me.”

“Try me.”

He made eye contact with you. “I’m actually part of a god of chaos in human form that just recently helped save the world.”

There was silence before you rolled your eyes again. “Haha. Real funny. Now if you weren’t going to trust me you could have just said so.”

Loki popped a lollipop into his mouth, tufts of his silver hair peeking out from underneath his hood and accentuating his chocolate skin as he twisted the sweet around his tongue casually. “Told you.”

You waited for him to continue but when he didn’t you grew uncomfortable. “You don’t actually expect me to believe that? Do you Loki?”

“Aesir, technically,” he mused, before a cloud passed over his face darkly. “Scratch that, it’s Loki. Hmm, could be both. Who knows?”

You stared at him.

“Take a picture, love,” He said bluntly, pulling the candy out of his mouth with a soft ‘pop’ and pointing it at you. “Might last longer.”

You flushed angrily and he only shrugged at you, looking up at the ceiling as the waiter returned to place two glasses of water on the table.

He looked around, frowning. “Did your friend leave, miss?”

You weren’t paying attention, instead focused on Loki, who was now absentmindedly cutting into the rim of his glass with one of the cards he always carried around.

He was cutting the glass.

With a card.

You could only gawk, ignoring Loki’s mischievous and laid-back smile.

“He’s in the bathroom,” You mumbled, looking right at your friend - your friend who you were very attracted to - and wondering if you were sane.

When the waiter left again you bent over the table, excitement and a quiver of fear in your eyes as you stared at him expectantly.

“Tell me everything.”

Loki played with the card in his hand, rolling it over and between his fingers before closing it in his palm. When he opened his hand again the card had vanished.

He smiled.

“Betta’ prepare yourself then, love.”


Ty: “Kit, I need you to tattoo yourself male genitalia in the middle of your forehead, I need to prove something”
Kit: *without questioning* “Ok”
Kit: *after the tattoo is done* “What do you need to prove?”
Ty: “To Julian that you are worth of me, he said this is the only way for him to accept you as my boyfriend”
Julian and Emma: *laughing hysterically in the background*

the whole concept of “straight edge” is so gross like… being sober is 100% cool & respectful, but this like… aggressive hyper-masculine cult built around shaming addicts & like this brand of self image built around being superior to everyone else is so…. boring & unimpressive and 90% of the time just comes off as Mean and Bad. tbh, if i ever decided to give up drinking/drugs i would just…. be lowkey about it & if someone asked i would just say that im sober instead of like tattooing it on my forehead and shaming every single other person who isnt living exactly as i live. thats just my opinion tho:+)

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YOU CANNOT GIVE DEFINITIVE CONSENT WHILE INTOXICATED. Robert WAS subject to unwanted sexual advances irregardless of his own persistence to perform them. He could under no justification give consent. Bex recognised that he was drunk and was fully aware that he would regret it-Considering the countless times he has soberly indicated that he does not want her YET she convinced herself that requiting the act was acceptable under the circumstances? While having the capability to act APPROPRIATELY?

can i tattoo this on my forehead anon?

i think this is why so many people have such a problem with us saying it was rebecca that took advantage, instead of the other way around. i don’t actually know what he said to her as i actually couldn’t put myself through watching that scene (not because of the actual cheating, but all of this consent stuff hit me straight away.) but i have seen quotes/gifs. i think a lot of people take him saying what he did as direct consent, and if he was sober it would have been, but he was incapable of standing properly, so what he said made absolutely no difference. 

she knew he was drunk, she pushed him off the first time and actually acknowledged it. and if i remember correctly she said something about not putting herself through it again (correct me if i’m wrong) but she knew exactly what she was doing, she said he was too drunk, so she should have stopped it going too far. i’m not saying that robert’s innocent, he shouldn’t have gotten so drunk, but if i’m going to lay the blame on one person for it all, it’s easily going on rebecca.

i’ve been drunk way too much in my life already, and i have never acted appropriately whilst drinking, in fact i’m a mess. so for rebecca to take him seriously, to go as far as thinking she was still in with a chance with him the next morning is something i can’t get my head around. it’s ridiculous to think that she didn’t know he was acting like he did because he was in pain, she knew what he was going through and i personally belief that if The Incident didn’t happen, she would have tried again sometime soon regardless, because she is desperate for him. and it just makes all the ‘forced’ abortion stuff even stranger for me. 

i know a lot of people love rebecca, but i really don’t understand how people can fully defend anything she’s done. 


[[Summary: I was given a prompt of Jaal playing with Ryder’s makeup, and then told to make it smutty. Needless to say, this is NSFW. 

Jaal x Ryder

Under a cut halfway through. NSFW.]] 

Makeup was Wren Ryder’s armor, just as much as her chest piece or helmet. Before going planetside, her routine had to be conducted just so, as short as it was. Eyeliner first, and then eyeshadow, spread over her eyes like the character from that old vid she had watched with Alec- Blade Runner, filmed far before first contact, when AI was just a futuristic concept and not a reality. Every time she applied it, she thought of her father with a pang at once painful and sweet; they may not have seen eye to eye, but every day she realized how similar they had actually been.

Jaal had taken to watching Ryder in her pre-landing routine, seemingly fascinated by the precision with which she applied everything. Today he interrupted her for the first time, perched on the edge of her bed and leaning forward. “Ryder, may I try?”

Turning around from her mirror to face him, Ryder shrugged. “Why not? Go wild, Jaal. Not too wild though. I don’t want to have to explain to Lexi why I have an eyeliner pencil lodged in my eye.” With a laugh, she gestured to her tools and scooted her chair back.

Gently, Jaal picked up the brush Ryder used to apply her eyeshadow, holding it between two fingers gingerly. After dipping it in her favorite dark color, he brushed it over her face, touch so light that it was a tickle more than any real feeling. “Jaal, you’re not going to break me. You can do it a little harder than that.”

Granted permission, Jaal applied more pressure, silent for a few minutes, biting the corner of his lip in concentration. It was hard for Ryder not to smile at that, and eventually she gave up, settling on, “I like watching you work.” With an audible snap, the brush chose that moment to break beneath Jaal’s fingers as he let out a frustrated grunt and Ryder leaned back unconsciously, eyes closing and then opening as she realized she was in no danger of getting wood shavings in her eyes.

Time to see the damage. Turning back, Ryder turned her face this way and that in the mirror. Jaal had managed to get the eyeshadow impressively all over her face, his hands simply too large for the precision required to apply just to eyelids, or even near to them. “Well… I look colorful.” It was just about the only polite thing she could say, but as soon as it came out of her mouth, it sounded almost like a condemnation rather than the half-hearted compliment it was meant to be. “I don’t think angara are really built to handle human tools like this. Don’t your people have makeup though?” It seemed like such a universal, a given, but maybe it was yet another thing that was left behind in the Milky Way.

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I totally be agree with you about Tenerife Sea being about Taylor; I just can't see how it would be her favorite Multiply song if it was about some other girl at the Grammys who fits "the only sense coming out of someone's lips" Like, I'd be offended if the 2 hour conversation with Elton John meant nothing. Also there's a video of Ed performing the song before it came out on he album where he clearly says "best", so it definitely was not originally Beth

plot twist: it’s about elton john

5:11, i watch this everyday

Yes I am 18, and yes I have five tattoos.
It’s my decision.
They are meaningful to me.

The one on my arm represents my life (tree of life) and the six birds flying from it are my family because they are my life.

The butterfly behind my ear is the one I share with my mum, she is one of the most important person to me.

The flower on my wrist is one I share with my mum and sister, we are bonded strongly and we wanted to show that.

The semi colon is my support of mental health to the people that I love dearly that I know who suffer daily from it.

The daisies around my ankles are one of my favourite and my nieces favourite flower (it’s cute too) I don’t see my niece anymore because I no longer live at home (moved for uni)

Just because I am young, it doesn’t mean that I need your opinions on what I put on my body. I would appreciate unnecessary things to be kept to yourself, it’s not like I’m going to tattoo a cactus to my forehead

Thank you for reading.