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Christian Yu - Worth It

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Request: Can i request a Christian Yu scenario where he flies back to Australia for your birthday surprise but you guys are not on speaking terms? Fluffy ending please! 

You had been on the phone with Christian for over two hours now and there was still so much to talk about and too many stories that haven’t been shared yet. Whenever you were talking to him, time would fly by in a blink of an eye. You’d listen carefully when he was retelling things that had happened to him and he’d always make you laugh with his stupid and random remarks.

You felt your eyelids growing heavier with every minute, but you didn’t want to hang up the phone. You missed him too much. And even though speaking to him on the phone couldn’t make up for his physical absence, it was the only thing you could get. Hearing his deep and soothing voice made it a little bit easier for you. Long-distance relationships sucked and you wanted to give up a long time ago. It was too hard for you, constantly missing him and not being able to see him. It would have been a lie to say you haven’t fought because of it. His lack of time, his lack of presence, his job that made him be so far away from you in the first place. Furthermore the Wi-Fi didn’t always work properly, making it hard for you to communicate without lag. It added to your frustration and he got fed up with it as well. He just wanted to hold you in his arms and spend time with you like every other couple.
Yes, you fought a lot for that reason. However, the moment you saw him, all those doubts and fears vanished into thin air.

It was worth it. He was worth it. 

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Fight me

So, turns out that Ray Narvaez Jr, sniper for The Fake AH, FBI’s fourth most wanted, had managed to exist for 25 years, in the land of the PB&J, without ever having eaten a peanut.

And, because nothing could ever be simple with The Fake, turns out he was deathly allergic.

Geoff, being Geoff, had panicked and been no use to anyone.

Jack, being Jack, had taken over and bundled Ray into the passenger seat of her Adder and driven to ER, promptly followed by the others.

It was the first time in the history of the city that someone had ever been admitted to Los Santos General escorted by a fleet of supercars.


“This is stupid,” Ray rasped as he was fussed into a bed and hooked into monitors and IVs and who knew what else, but were ‘vitally important’ and ‘please stop pulling them out sir’.

“Stupid is not mentioning your tongue swelling to three times the size after eating a peanut M&M. Stupid is eating the rest of the bag,” the nurse scolded as he checked the IV stand, “Staying overnight for observation after you almost died? Super smart”, he grinned at Ray with the bright smile of a camp counsellor.

He had a very nice smile.

“Fight me,” Ray huffed and crossed his arms, looking anywhere but the handsome face in front of him.

Turned out he had a very nice laugh too.


The second time, Gavin had taken a shine to the man keeping Ray prisoner.

“Hey fuck off Gavin. Find your own hot nurse to flirt with,” Ray slurred around his medication.

The nurse froze and turned bright red. He laughed awkwardly as Gavin flashed an apologetic smile and a half-sincere shrug.

“The redhead on the front desk has a thing for accents though?” he offered by way of consolation.

Gavin’s pout transformed into a massive grin, “thanks Ryan!” he said as he pulled him into a hug and grabbing his ass.

“The laws of dibs are unbreakable!” Ray protested, leading Gavin to wink and stick out his tongue before leaving the room.

The nurse, Ryan it turned out, was looking at him with almost patronising amusement.

“What are you looking at nerd” Ray rasped.

“The law of dibs?”

“Whatever, fucking fight me.”


The third time Ray is rushed in, it’s after a heist.

“So let me get this straight,” nurse Haywood said, hands on his hips, “you were out celebrating.”


“Celebrating something that also gave you severe road rash and a black eye and left you smelling of gunpowder”

“Parkour injuries” Ray said solemnly.

“Sure,” the nurse said witheringly, “and the fact that the Maize Bank is currently on fire is a complete coincidence?”

“Serendipity bro”

“So you’re celebrating as the result of an evening of actions that can be explained in a court of law. You go to a Chinese and order chicken satay.”

“So when you say it like that you make it sound bad.”

“Oh, does it now? I’m glad.”

“Ah, fight me nerd.”


“I’m going to duct tape an epipen to your hand and tattoo ‘ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS’ on your forehead”, nurse Haywood says as greeting the fourth time.

“Ryan why,” Ray said as Geoff dissolved into laughter.


“There are easier ways of getting my attention.” Ryan said not even looking up from his clipboard.

“I have no idea what you’re on about.”


“Why would I want your attention, I’m way out of your league and you’re mean to me.”

Ryan rolled his eyes, “Can I believe you’re dumb enough to accidentally eat peanuts five times in a two month period? I’m starting to think so,” Ray opened his mouth to protest but Ryan held up a finger to stop him, “Can I believe that you managed to accidentally do it only when I’m on shift? Please.”

“You don’t know my life” Ray said, his usual deadpan delivery marred by what could only be described as a sulk.


The sixth time, Ryan was distinctly not on shift.

“He’s not here,” said the redheaded nurse with the fondness for accents, when Ray tried to subtly ask about it with the finesse of a sledgehammer.

Her bedside manner left a lot to be desired, he thought, as she moved him around like a puppet and stabbed him with the IV with more force than Ray personally thought was justified.

Nurse Turney finished her work on his monitors and gave a satisfied nod, “alright, I’ll be back in an hour to see how you’re doing,” before picking up her clipboard and pen, off to harass more idiots who’d eaten things they shouldn’t have.

The night of observation ahead seemed impossibly long and dull, and Ray was surprised by how disappointed he felt about it, and how embarrassed he was by his own reaction.

The door had barely closed more than a minute before nurse Turney stuck her head back in.

“Oh, Ryan asked me to tell you - if you wanna fight, he’ll be at Il Fornaio tomorrow a seven.”


When she was gone, Ray stuffed one of his pillows over his face to hide his big dumb grin.

Losing it All Part 4 — Sweet Pea x Reader

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Synopsis: Y/N is a former north sider. Her mother has recently died of cancer, her father has turned to alcohol, which has caused them to lose everything and move to the south side. The story starts on her first day at Southside High where she has to figure out how to fit in.

A/N: usual warnings in this post. I will also introduce my theory for who Sweet Pea’s parents are (hopefully it will be right, because I’m never right).

I spent three weeks in the hospital; Serpents stood by my door at all times keeping my dad away. Sweet Pea came as often as he could, bringing me my homework and watching old sitcom reruns with me. It was the happiest time in my life, despite being trapped in the hospital. Today was my discharge day and I was mostly recovered. Sweet Pea came to pick me up.

“You can stay at my place, my grandma doesn’t mind,” Sweet Pea wanted to make sure I wasn’t going back home.

“I can take care of myself, not that I don’t appreciate the offer.” I was sick of being his project; Sweet Pea was always putting me back together.

“It’s not a problem,” he was clueless.

“I’m not a child. I don’t need you to fix me!” I snapped; I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, hell I didn’t mean to say it at all.

He stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes were intense, “is this what you think this is? I’m not doing this to ‘fix you,’” he put air quotes around the last words, “I’m doing this because I’m in love with you, but if you don’t feel the same way fine I’ll leave you alone.” He turned and stormed away.

“Sweets wait!” I fucked up big time. It took me less than an instant to realize I couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving me. He didn’t listen so I ran. God it hurt, his long ass legs moved much quicker than mine. I finally caught up to him, grabbed him by the bicep and forced him to turn around.

“What?” He was still pissed. I didn’t speak; instead I got up on my tip toes, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I could feel his smile form beneath my lips, he hoisted me up supporting me against the truck he borrowed from FP, not that he asked, so I guess he stole from FP. “I can’t wait to get you home,” he whispered in my ear while breaking the kiss, “we shouldn’t do this here.”

We pulled up to the trailer he shared with his grandma. I could already smell the smell of food cooking before we got inside, “god that smells good.”

He smiled, “good, she will be excited to have someone new to force food on.” We walked inside.

“Sweet Pea, who is your new friend?”

“This is Y/N,” Sweet Pea pulled me in close under his arm.

“Oh! Y/N it’s so good to meet you,” she pulled me in for a hug, “I’ve made dinner, you must be exhausted I’ll bring some into your room.”

“Thanks,” a big smile spread across my face.

“Follow me,” Sweet Pea took my hand and led me back to a small bedroom. “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

“It’s perfect.” We sat on the bed entangled in one and other and I felt the need to ask the question, “where are your parents?”

“My mom wasn’t really cut out for motherhood and I don’t know who my dad is.”

“I’m sorry,” I said kissing his forehead.

“Don’t be, it’s his loss. He used to send money to my grandma, but that stopped.”


“Yea, a few months back. Guess I’m too old. On a more exciting topic; Tall Boy wants to initiate You this weekend. If you’re up for it?”

“Up for it?”

“It’s physically involved, I can’t really say more.”

“I can handle it,” I honestly wasn’t sure if I could, but I needed to prove my worth.

Sweet Pea’s POV

The initiation had started; I was standing right behind her listening to her scream the Serpent Laws right back into Tall Boy’s face.

“Go get the knife,” Tall Boy pointed to the snake aquarium. Y/N did the unthinkable; she shrugged totally fearless, whispered into the cage and held her hand out. The snake slithered up her arm, not making any moves to bite her, Y/N grabbed the knife and walked it back to Tall Boy the snake still wrapped around her forearm like a bracelet. The entire bar got silent; a smile spread across my face. “Impressive,” Tall Boy’s mouth dropped, it was the only time the snake had never bit anyone. I wasn’t looking forward to the next trial. Everyone started filing out back lining up. I was suddenly unsure of where to stand. As FP’s son Jughead was supposed to be the final one in line, but that had always been my spot.

I looked at Tall Boy. “Are you stupid boy? Get in fucking line.”

“At the end?” I sounded like an idiot.

“Of course where else would you fucking stand?” I got in my place, and just watched as Serpent after Serpent balled up their fists and slammed them into Y/N’s body. She didn’t fall, or stumble, not once. Then came my turn.

“Don’t take it easy on me Pea.” She was bruised; I didn’t want to hit her, but I slipped on my brass knuckles and landed a punch on her jaw. “That all you got?” Her voice drowning in sarcasm. I pulled her in tight and squeezed her as hard as I dared. The rest of The Serpents cheered.

“Welcome to the family kid,” Tall Boy said from behind us holding her jacket.

“Thanks,” Y/N said with a smile on her face as she slipped it on. “How do I look?” She asked giving me her sexiest look.

“Good enough to eat.” I took her by the hand and led her back to the bar to get a drink. The Serpents all came by to congratulate her; we took two shots each. “You okay?” I wanted to make sure she wasn’t too drunk.

“Are you kidding me? I’m the daughter of an alcoholic, I’m going to need about six more of these.”

Talk Boy was sitting next to us and chimes in, “speaking of your dad what do you want to do about him?”

She downed another shot and took a second to think, “I want to kill him.”

“Kid I know your angry but he’s your family,” Tall Boy didn’t want her to do anything she would regret, but she wasn’t impulsive like me; everything she did was calculated.

“The Serpents are my family. I’ve lost everything else.”

“If that’s what you want.” I sat with her while she got her Serpent tattoo on her forearm.

“Does it seriously not hurt?” I asked; she hadn’t flinched during the entire initiation.

“Physical pain I can handle; it’s just the other kind that kills me.”

“I promise I’ll never hurt you,” I pulled her head close, careful not to disturb the tattoo artist and kissed her forehead. I tilted her head so her ear lined up to my mouth, “ there’s one more part of the initiation,” I moved my hand to her upper inner thigh.

“Oh? I think I’m going to like that part.”

A/N: sorry I meant to write more, but I didn’t want to half-Ass the juicy bits and I think I was running out of room. I hope you like it!

Utterly Normal

Sam Winchester x Reader

1450 Words

Written for @impala-dreamer and her one prompt for all Sam challenge. The prompt was:  “I promise, I won’t let go.”

As long as you had known Sam, you dreamed of him, and of the life the two of you could never have together. Everything from the white picket fence, to the boring desk job before you would come home to his dazzling smile. Never once did you tell him, knowing he would give you that soft smile of his, saying something to take away the awkwardness of the moment. So, you kept the wonderful dreams to yourself, knowing they would be the only way you would ever experience a somewhat normal life.

With each hunt draining you, almost killing you once or twice, the dreams sometimes disappeared for days or weeks at a time. Often leaving you lonely, and wanting that comfort they provided. So, when you woke up one morning, with Sam’s arm wrapped tight around you, your bare chest pressed to his, you didn’t think anything of it at first. Glad to have your favorite dreams back, you cuddled as deep as you could, not wanting the dream to end. “Y/N, we need to get up.” Sam chuckled against your hair. “I need to go to work.”

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Jaebum; of old age and surprises

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[ps he looks so fucking matured in this gif alright]

You had called Jaebum last night, wishing him a happy birthday over facetime and letting him spend his birthday with his family. Honestly, you didn’t have any plan to surprise him, seeing as you were still across the world on the night of his birthday and Jaebum wasn’t really big on birthdays; not his anyway. He would rather spend it at work saying how it was his thirtieth birthday and it started to seem dull as he got older. But Minsik had plans, and he had personally called you asking where you were and when you had told him you were thousand miles away, he completely freaked out.

“But you have to be here!”

“Why?” you laughed, messing up the front of your hair to add volume to it.

“It’s his thirty-first birthday.”

“Thirtieth.” You corrected and he only replied with the click of his tongue. “Hyung’s not happy alright when you’re not around.”

“He’s fine alright? He’s thirty years old. I’ll go see him in a few days.”

“No!” he argued and somehow had convinced you to take the closest flight back home to (in his words) make Jaebum’s day.

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I would always see this dude at my local super market who had “I AM DISEASED” tattooed on his forehead. This dude always creeped me the fuck out of me because he would just walk around looking miserable and not even buying food or anything like it was fucking bizarre. like he was from fucking  the 1920s or something.

so i always tried to avoid this guy but he was just fucking around whenever i was

no matter what time of day i went to the supermarket i’d see this guy in ultra-candid ways all over. 

i dont think you can really get how fucked up this guy with his dumbass tattoo was.

but, one time i was just thinking to myself in the store alone like “where the fuck did this guy get his fucking tattoo from” and of course, get this, here comes around the aisle - the soap aisle or something - and he’s heading straight for me.

I’m petrified i don’t know if i wanna scream or what it’s just scary , but

He leans over to me, he says “Do you want to know why I have ‘I AM DISEASED’ tattooed on my forehead.”

i didnt say shit but he spoke anyway because fuck me i guess “I GOT IT BECAUSE I TRULY AM DISEASED. I HAVE A SICKNESS AND THAT IS WHY I’M INTERNED TO THIS SUPERMARKET. THIS SUPERMARKET WITH THE ONLY ATMOSPHERE ANYWHERE ON THE EARTH THAT I AM ABLE TO SURVIVE WITH MY TERRIBLE AILMENT” he said this shit like he trying to shame me and it was fucking working it felt terrible

i left that store and i don’t shop at it anymore, but only because it shut down i guess.

like it shut down and i haven’t seen that “I AM DISEASED” guy since. I don’t even know what happened to him. But, it’s fucked because he’s probably dead. THat’s why I’m against amazon acquiring whole foods like we are killing are supermarkets???????

I Looked For You In All Of Them

Happy birthday Carry On!!! This is half of my contribution to the @carry-on-bday-2017 celebration!!! (The rest will come on the 8th) Please know that I am super sleepy and that this has not been edited XD 

Rating: T

Word Count: 1959

Tags: bar fic, snowbaz, what if Simon never went back to Baz’s house, Reunions, angst, fluff, kisses, this was done in such a rush i apologize, 2 chapters

Summary: What if Simon never went back to Baz’s house after the events of Chapter 61? But what if they met again in a bar years later, not knowing who they really were?Also inspired by the quote: “Then find a thousand men who look exactly like Simon bloody Snow and break each of their hearts in a different way.”

Chapter 1     Chapter 2


I found him again last night. He had his curls: bronze, bloody wild, and lying every way other than flat. He had deep blue eyes, a mole dotted above his lip, and a clumsy sunshine smile. It wasn’t luck. Just a terrible coincidence.

I always do this now. I stagger into a bar, drowning in the mistake I made the night before, and I try to find the bloke that looks good and golden and completely wrong for me. So I can make his bloody night, whisper all of the pretty words that never left my tongue, and run off into the darkness with the pieces of his fallen smile and broken heart in the dust. I’m still in love. Or I’m in love with that feeling. The feeling I get when my imagination takes over, and I’m pulling everything from that night, and suddenly the strange face between my hands isn’t so strange anymore. Last night was cracked lips and a rattling cross that burned my throat. It was the smell of something baking or something burning. It was the feeling of fire sparked with electricity. It was him.

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In That Dim Light, A Spark - rowaelin fanfiction 3/?


When Aelin Galathynius is assigned to do extra work with a tutor to make up from her leave of absence in college, she finds herself at odds with what she thought the rest of her life would be like.

AO3 : Part I, II, III, IV, V : tags - angsty af, alcohol use, drug use, college AU, think HoF-era. This gets really depressing, sorry. I almost cried while writing this chapter, and I never do that.

Tagging: @viridiantopaz @feysand-rowalin @xoluosox @rekaro12 @squaddreamcourt @photofeesh @urbisie @ny–lon (if anyone else wants to be tagged let me know, and make sure you are searchable on tumblr or you won’t see it!)


When Aelin walked to the study room the next day, she was much better prepared for whatever Rowan was going to throw her way. Getting through these study sessions so she could pass the two tests and then the final exam were the only reason she would put up with his attitude. But she’d definitely handled worse. And at this point, in a mere two-day span, she realized she would never let Rowan Whitethorn see her fail or show him a sign of weakness. So what if that wasn’t the point of her being here? It was nearly a point of pride, proving him wrong.

Aelin opened the door to the study room quietly. Rowan had his back to the glass wall and his head was down. Slamming her books onto the table next to him, she frowned when he failed to even jump. Aelin was normally very, very good at sneaking up on a person, making her presence hidden until the moment she decided otherwise.

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“Marigolds”, ML Reveal Week - Day 1: Fluff

Day 2 >>  Day 3 >>  Day 4 >>  Day 5 >>  Day 6 >>  Day 7 >>

(AO3 / FFnet)

Marinette was almost sure the two most important boys in her life were simultaneously and independently trying to kill her.

For example, there was her former crush and dear friend, Adrien Agreste, probably possessed by some supernatural powers. He was acting very strange lately, especially in her presence. His sudden fascination with black clothes and silver accessories wasn’t maybe that surprising – everybody has a right to a Goth phase, and Marinette would be the first to admit that he absolutely rocked motorcycle boots and leather jackets. But his facial expressions were getting odder by the day.

First came the winking. It took Marinette two days to gather the courage and ask if he had conjunctivitis and if it wasn’t high time to see a doctor. Adrien mumbled something about new contacts and at that the winking stopped.

But then he started with the grins. Whenever it was adequate or not he would shot Marinette with one of a wide selection of grins, smirks and smiles, all hitherto unseen on his handsome face. There were half-grins, lopsided grins, grins so wide that if it wasn’t for his ears the top of his head would be in serious risk of falling off. Toothy grins. Beamy grins. Marinette was surprised his cheeks could stand all that smiling. To her (and everybody else’s) relief the grinning phase ended abruptly with a painful case of lockjaw.

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I had two photo ops with Jared at Nolacon. For one, I wanted us to touch foreheads, which turned out amazing. for the other one, I wasn’t sure what to do. A few days before the con, the boys went to ACL festival and Jensen was wearing a shirt that said “Tattoos Tonight”, and talking to some friends on twitter, I mentioned it would be nice to wear the same shirt at the con. It came up that Jared said once he would like to tattoo “No Regerts” like the Milkyway ad, and I mentioned I’d like to turn that into an op. Thanks to awesome Kelios, who sent the shirt to my hotel since I wouldn’t be able to get it in time, I was able to make the op happen. 

When I walked to my Jensen op, he said “I love your shirt” and I was so excited. When I returned for J2 op, Jared was like “hey Jensen, look at her shirt!!” he was ridiculously excited, and i told him it was for his op later. When I went for Jared’s op, he loved it! And I am so glad with the result, I’ve wanted a funny op since I always go for hugs and stuff like that because up to some point I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to have a lot of ops from different cons, but now that I’ve been to three and have some hug ops, I can start messing around a bit. I truly love it and I ADORE Jared’s face. I’m never throwing that Milkyway wrap away!

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different anon but that's so funny cause i actually told my friends if i got a tattoo of Shizuo it would had been the art of him on the top right of the art you did from last year. the little chibi shizuo. i love it.

// awWw bless ya shizuo tattoos are the best tattoos, id probably get this tattood on my forehead 

Funny Drawing

Summary- Maddie wants to know what that funny drawing on Dean’s chest is. 

A/n- Part of Dating with Children, link below to get caught up. Back to back shirtless Dean? Yes Please!!

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Dating with Children Masterlist


“What’s that?” Maddie asked pointing to Dean’s anti-possession tattoo. Dean looked down to see what she was pointing at, kind of forgetting it was even there.

“It’s a tattoo,” Dean explained. “It’s permanently inked into my skin.”

“It’s a funny drawing,” Maddie said, wrinkling her nose. “Why did you get that?”

“People get tattoos all time, I got this one a few years ago. Sam has a similar one.”

Maddie studied it more closely, tracing the pattern with her finger, “But what is it? It looks like a weird flower with a star in the middle.”

Dean laughed, he’d never really thought about that, “Yeah, a little. It’s not really supposed to be anything, just cool.”

Maddie shook her head, “I guess it’s a little cool.”

Maddie ran off to play, her curiosity fulfilled for now. Dean wandered into the kitchen to find Clara. He walked up behind her and lovingly wrapped his arms around her waist, “Maddie just asked about a million questions about my tattoo.”

Clara laughed, turning in his arms, “Kinda surprised that it took her this long to notice it.”

“Why don’t we see how long it would take her to notice if you got one.” Clara raised an eyebrow at him, “I think you should get an anti-possession tattoo. It would make me feel better to know that you have one. Keep you safe.”

Dean lovingly kissed her forehead, continuing on, “I’m not always here, and it would reassure me that you’re protected when I’m not. Maybe we could get Maddie like a necklace with the symbol or something.”

Clara smiled, “Then we’d match my house and all the siduals you’ve hidden here.”

Dean blushed, “You know about that?”

Clara laughed, “Oh yeah.”

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Ok y'all buckle the fuck in

I know I said I would do this yesterday morning but I’ve been busy af and this shit it still plaguing my every thought

But ANYWAYS I met aether, fire, and the mastermind himself TF and I’M STILL SHOOK like fire is the most beautiful person I have ever seen with my own two eyes and he was so sweet like when he came up to me I basically just word vomited about how much I love him and he did this vaudeville ass animated little bow and it was so fucking CUTE I wanted to scream into the void and then I told him he was the ultimate hype man and that he stole the show (because he TOtally does) and when he signed my ticket he asked my name and put wrote “hype man” which I’m TATTOOING ON MY FOREHEAD FOR SURE and then we talked about the Fresno show and he was like “that was such a weird show” lmao and then he gave me a hug and I thought for sure I would die in his muscular arms tbh I’m 100% sure I will never love somebody the way I’ve fallen in love with fire

And I met aether after the Fresno show and he recognized me after the SF one and he also said that it was a weird show lmao but I told him I love his album and he thought I was talking about meliora but i was like no YOUR album life is often brilliant (which you should check out bc it’s really good) and he was like “my album?!??!?” and I was like yeah and his eyes lit up and he looked soooo happy and he said “oh my god thank you so much that’s so nice to hear in california of all places” and then he told me to listen to some of his other bands lmao

Air came out too (which I was surprised about) but he didn’t really seem interested in spending time talking to people like fire and aether were so he just went around signing things and then left (prob bc his wife and daughter were there)

But oh lord in heaven papa himself Ticonderoga Fog came walking down the sidewalk with his skinny ass legs and his daughter in tow and without even trying he now owns my soul forever but it was honestly so weird seeing his face and hearing his voice at the same time lmao he was sooooo nice though and he seemed genuinely happy to meet everybody and to talk to them and everybody that met him just showered him with compliments and praise (LIKE HE DESERVES) and he was so grateful like I got so emotional before he even came over to me just watching him interact with other people (which sounds lame af but idc lmao) but when he came up to me he signed my ticket and I forgot that I wanted him to sign my infestissumam booklet bc I was dying inside (in a good way though) so then he asked me if I wanted him to sign that too and of course I said yes then I told him that I had so much fun at the Fresno show that on the way home I had bought a ticket for that night and BOY LET ME TELL YOU HE LOOKED RIGHT INTO MY EYES VERY INTENSELY AND THANKED ME and I will literally never be the same but then he also said the Fresno show was weird (idk why they all thought it was weird I asked all of them why and I never got an answer)

THEN some homeless guy started yelling at us from across the street and TF was like “what is that” and I was like it’s market st there are lots of homeless people here and he was like “yeah there’s been lots of yelling all day” and then I was like yeah they tend to do that and he laughed and then I asked him if I could get a hug and he was like “of COURSE you can” (he does smell really nice oops)


Emilio Martinez - Semicolon

**A/N trigger warning

You rolled up the sleeves of your Jake Paul sweatshirt to your elbow.  “Okay,” you said to Chance as you put your arm down on the table.  You two were arm-wrestling.  “Let’s do this.”

Chance nodded and put his elbow down too.  Your boyfriend, Emilio, was the referee.  

“Go!” he said.

You and Chance both immediately started pushing against each other’s hands.  You pushed against him until his hand hit the counter, and you smiled.

“y/n what’s that?” Emilio asked as he pointed to a tattoo on the inside of your elbow.  

Your face turned pale when he asked.  You hadn’t told anybody about your tattoo.  “It - it’s a semicolon.”

Chance looked at you with his eyebrows knit together in confusion.  “Why a semicolon?  You some English nut?”

You rolled your eyes.  “It’s none of your business,” you said as you walked out of the kitchen, out the back door.  You sat down with your legs dangling over the side of the drained lagoon, looking at your semicolon.  You hadn’t told anybody because it was a symbol of something you’d much rather forget.

You heard the door open, and a couple seconds later you noticed Emilio’s familiar figure sit down beside you.

“I am sorry,” he said to you.  “I should not have asked.”

You sighed.  “It’s fine.  It’s just…  A symbol of something I’d much rather forget.”

He nodded.  “You do not have to talk about it.”

You slowly shook your head.  “You’re my boyfriend, you should know what’s happened to me.  It’s about time I told somebody.”

He sighed.  “Are you sure?”

You nodded.  “Yeah.”  You looked down at the tattoo.  “When I was younger, I got bullied.  A lot.  I don’t even know why.  But it went on for years, and in high school - they started spreading awful rumors about me.  I lost the few friends I did have.”  You looked down into the empty place where there should be a pool.  “I-I didn’t want to live anymore.  Those people had ruined everything for me, and then they went and took my only friends away from me.  I wanted to end it.  But I didn’t.  

“The semicolon is a symbol.  The purpose of a semicolon is to connect two phrases that could have been two separate sentences.  Like, you could end a sentence, but you decide to make it longer by adding a semicolon.  I could have ended my life, but I decided to keep going.  That’s the semicolon.”

He hugged you tightly as a ear dripped down your face.  “Babe I am so sorry,” he whispered in your ear.  “But you are okay now.  You are loved.  We are your friends now, and we would not do something like that.”

You nodded your head as you sniffled.  “I know.  I got the tattoo when I moved to LA, to symbolize the new part of my life that I decided to continue by putting a semicolon.”

He kissed your forehead.  “I love you, y/n.  And I am glad you are alive.”

You smiled into his shoulder.  “So am I,” you said as you grabbed his hand gently.  “Because now, I have you.”

He nodded.  “You have me.  And if anyone tries to treat you bad, I will kill them.”

You smiled as you leaned your head onto his shoulder.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, y/n.”

you know at this point im so desperately in need of season 4 to start that i dont even care who the main will be
it could be the beer man from season 1 and i would still tattoo his face on my forehead
it could be the school nurse and i would still gif the fuck out of her every move
honestly it could be penetrator chris and i wouldnt even mind i would in contrary do somersaults while singing the penetrator song in every known language hell i would even sing it backwards because this my friends is what this hiatus has done to me