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idea: stricklake but in a rumbelle au

“My price…is her.” 

Gasps fill the room at that, horrified and shocked and Stricklander allows himself a smile, the smirk on his lips sharp to begin with what with his fangs but sharper still in his satisfaction. Bular, beast and brute that he is, would have demanded the Trollhunter outright. It is due to his methods–

impure as they are–

–that this demand has taken on a far more devastating toll to the young hero. Before, he would have sacrificed himself in a thoughtless and selfless blaze of glory. This, oh, this is so much worse to the young hero’s heart, a blow of unthought of cruelty. 

It is so much worse and therefore, so much better. 

The Trollhunter’s dear Lady Mother for peace between the Darklands and their own beloved kingdom of Arcadia. It is too delicious

The young knight eyes burn blue and bright with outrage, and the daylight of his sword glows all the brighter with the same hatred as he glares at Stricklander, at the abomination who would dare to make such a demand. He swings the weapon at him, pointing it in such a way that Stricklander knows with no small amount of amusement that the boy dearly wants to run him through with it. His words are gritted things, torn between clenched teeth. “Get out. Now.” 

Stricklander bows low, the shadow of his horns crossing the floor in a way that’s positively demonic, he’s sure. A deal with the devil is only too appropriate for such a situation, and he dressed himself accordingly. “As you wish.” 

Indeed, it is no matter. Time will tell and he is sure he will win this waiting wager. He turns on his heel, his cloak flaring as he crosses to the doors. And then, he will make history as the one who–



He turns back, the confusion he feels also rippling through the room in whispers as she steps forward, and…

well. He had heard rumors, but to see her is another thing entirely. 

Her beauty is striking enough already, with those sapphire eyes and that glorious molten fire of her hair, that pale skin so unlike his own stone, but with a weak spirit it would have no effect. And hers is no weak spirit. She is a firebrand, burning bright and steady and serious with her earnest gaze and the firm clench of her fine jaw, her whole body aflame in her quiet desperation, her selfless gaze. “I will go with you.”

Stricklander can only stare as the Trollhunter rushes to her, his armor disappearing in his horror. “Mother, no–!” 

“James, please.” She turns back to him, any desperate love replaced with stony resolve, a cool disdain as she looks up into his own fiery gaze. “My friends…my family…they will all live?” 

Stricklander hides whatever amazement –to offer herself, he had no way of knowing she would do so, be so utterly– and inclines his head to her, the flourish made all the more mocking what with how his horns weigh the movement down. “You have my word.” 

She closes her eyes, and then opens them, the blue of them all the more beautiful what with how wet they are. “Then you have mine. I will go with you, forever.” 

Stricklander smiles, his teeth sharp and his stony heart victorious. “Deal.”  

  • Barbara: You’ve been really stressed so I thought I would take you for a spa day, just you and me.
  • Jim: A what day?
  • Barbara: A spa day.
  • Jim: What is this word “spa”? I feel like you’re starting to say a word and you’re not finishing it. Are you trying to say “spaghetti”? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day???

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Are you still taking prompts? I would love to see your take on Jim and Eurus' conversation (the bits about Molly, natch).

Yess, I am! Mainly because I got such few Sherlolly ones. Here is a bit of both: GO SHERLOLLY AND MOLLIARTY


His eyes watched her, steady – pupils dilating very little. She turned to the left, as he turned to the right. She could feel his breath ghosting on the glass. Ordinarily – this would be a moment of romantic chaos.

His mouth was open just slightly. She could count the wrinkles on his face – it was a distracting observation to make, and one that she would have time for if she had been bored. She was sick of every little detail of the guards anyway.

But his words – they were more interesting.

The buzz of everything dulled – and she could hear him.

“And what do I give you in return?” he asked softly.

“Don’t be so prosaic,” she said.

“My apologies,” he said courteously.

She could feel his brain whirring, at her speed – at her level.

“What would make these five minutes worth it?” she asked.

And he smiled – he smiled so perfectly, so brilliantly, she almost held her breath.

“Molly Hooper.”

That almost sounded disappointing.

The wind rustled just slightly. She could hear the way his suit jacket moved along his arms. She could break down every little thing about his morning, and he knew that, she knew that – Moriarty knew that. She could have the strad, the man, Christmas, this entire facility, and that would not stop her from noticing everything about where the cloth came from by the way it rustled.

“Is it?” she asked.

“I will make it interesting for you,” he added. “You wouldn’t need to consider every pithy detail of these – well, I suppose you can call them people.”

“What do you offer?” she asked, enunciating her syllables.

He grinned. “You can’t hurt her,” he said.

She paused, watching him. She was waiting.

His hand touched the glass, the lines pressing against every little grain that made it up. “Because I won’t let you. And because it would break his heart more if she lived.”

“Time’s up!” came from the speaker system.

Jim Moriarty turned around, leaving with Jonathan of two-dogs-three-kids-an-unhappy-wife-living-in-Newcastle-who-dreamed-of-being-a-rockstar.


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Crack au where jim was raised by gnomes

Because my sleep addled brain can’t stop thinking about this, imagine full sized teenage jim trying to fit through a tiny gnome hole and getting stuck. He is the scourge of trollmarket, stealing from shops and leading revolts against trolls. Jim bites. Jim will bite you if you ever mention eating gnomes. He will even bite trolls and then learn that that’s a bad idea. He even has his own hat, courtesy of the gnomes.


can you imagine tho

a group of gnomes above ground somehow adopts this lost human toddler and start teaching them their ways. They somehow get him into trollmarket, but by that point he’s covered in leaves and twigs and mud and such, and no one can tell that he’s human.

He’d probably figure out he couldn’t fit in the gnome holes early on, so he learns other ways of escape. He’s really good at evading capture, and then he picks up stealth and essentially becomes a Trollmarket cryptid. The trolls talk about this mysterious thing that seems to live amongst the gnomes, but accounts are almost always second hand, and so outlandish no one believes them. It’s too intelligent to be an animal, but it grew far too quickly to be some sort of troll.

Eventually he ends up cornered in the library by Blinky and Arrrgh. Blinky goes to pick him up, Jim bites him and yelps because that was a mistake. Blinky holds him at arms length, puzzled, because this being isn’t particularly strong, and he feels kind of squishy. He puts two and two together and he’s dumbfounded to realize that there’s been a young human living in Trollmarket for years.

Cue Blinky and Arrrgh taking him in. Blinky starts teaching him, how to read, how to speak, and Jim picks it up pretty quickly. Arrrgh just watches out for him, acting as a calming presence whenever he gets too jittery. Jim does start walking out in the open in Trollmarket more often, though he keeps his distance from other trolls. Blinky and Arrrgh tell no one what he really is, worried for his safety, and they encourage him to keep his covering of branches and mud as a disguise. (trolls start speculating that maybe he’s some form of lost dryad or something)

He goes back above ground sooner or later, this time with Blinky and Arrrgh rather than through the gnome tunnels. They manage to get there at a point where the trolls can safely step outside, but Jim can still get to see the sun.

At some point Jim encounters a young Toby, and despite Jim being covered in sticks and having not interacted with another human being in a long time, they get along. Toby lives alone with his nana, so his first instinct when faced with this feral child is to invite him to his house for some real food. Jim is ridiculously scrawny, he hasn’t exactly been getting proper healthy meals in a place filled with trolls, so when Toby offers him food, Jim is just i would die for you. Toby takes Jim back to his house and Nana Domzalski adopts him without question.

Blinky and Arrrgh had been discussing sending Jim to live above ground for a while, because it just wasn’t safe for him in Trollmarket. They’re sad to see him go, but they agree he needs to be among his own kind. Once it’s clear that he’s been given a home with the Domzalski’s, they return to Trollmarket.

Of course Jim doesn’t forget about them. And he still has connections with the gnomes. He manages to convince a gnome or two to carry letters to Blinky to keep in contact.

And when the day comes that Jim is chosen as Trollhunter, he knows exactly what’s up. This time around there’s no yelling and fainting. Instead he greets the two of them like family.

Jim knows Trollmarket like the back of his hand, but Toby’s never been there before, so Jim immediately shows him around and teaches him about all the best shortcuts and hiding spots. No one recognizes Jim as the strange thing that was running about with gnomes a few years back, but the gnomes know him. Jim’s able to bargain with them to leave Bagdwella’s shop alone for a bit, in return he gives them a few interesting things from aboveground.

The only troll who might recognize him, other than Blinky and Arrrgh, is Vendel. Others will talk about that strange tree creature that used to slink about, and Jim will act all innocent while Vendel just *narrows eyes*

(of course at some point after Draal has joined the team, they admit to that whole thing, and Draal is just “wait WHAT” because he remembers that scrawny little plant monster stealing something of his once. Jim just grins mischievously)

Unexpected Guest (Moriarty x reader)

Request by anon: “Moriarty x reader where she gets dog (something big like a great Dane), and he doesn’t like it but one day she comes home to find him and the dog all cuddled up and sound asleep? Lmao thank you mate, I love your writing btw!!!”

Word Count: 1028

Summary: Jim comes home from a long business trip, only to find you’ve gotten a dog. A big great dane at that. He acts like he despises the dog, but one day you return to find an adorable surprise.

Author’s Note: As I’ve said before, I’m not an organized person. I planned on doing requests in order, but things don’t really go as planned when I’m involved XD Don’t worry though! I have a whole list of the requested fanfics, so I don’t forget to complete them :)

Warnings: Nothing really. 

“Jimmy! You’re home!” You exclaimed happily. The consulting criminal stumbled back a step as you threw your arms around his neck. You buried your face into his shoulder, and his lips tugged up into a small smile as he returned the hug.

Moriarty had been gone for a few weeks while helping a client get out of a nationwide manhunt. Finding a way to smuggle the guy into another country was the hard part. The man needed a new identity and everything, which the client paid a pretty penny for. However, Moriarty never did anything just for money. The challenge that was involved in this particular job attracted him to accept it.

After letting you cling to him in happiness for a few more seconds, he needed to pull back so that his new suit wouldn’t wrinkle. He did so, and he took the opportunity to look over your appearance. Jim noticed that you did your makeup a little special today. When he told you he was coming home, you decided to surprise him a bit. It definitely worked. Moriarty grinned wolfishly, and pointed it, “I love what you did with your makeup, (y/n). It compliments my new suit very well.”

You glanced down at his attire, and you realised that he was right. You didn’t mean for that to happen, but it was a welcome mistake. After admiring your embarrassment, Jim couldn’t help himself. His suit be damned. One arm snaked around your waist to pull your body to his. His other hand rose up to caress your cheek, and he brought his lips to yours hastily.

He sucked at your lips in a random moment of lust, and you reflected his passion. Your hands moved to the back of his head while his hands rested on your hips to keep you in place. Moriarty moved from your lips to trail small kisses from your jaw down to your neck, and you basked in the attention you had craved for during the time of his absence. Mumbling against your skin, he said in a soft tone, “I hope you missed me as much as I did you.”

You hummed in agreement before moving to put some space in between you two. Jim hadn’t told you he would be this long until you had gotten the phone call this morning, which was way overdue. “Of course I missed you. I’ve been cooped up in here with nothing to do for three weeks! Three weeks, Jim!”

“I know, I know. I really am sorry, darling. It took much longer than I expected it to. If I had known it would have taken this long, I would have had someone there to take my place. I promise,” Jim replied with a mix of annoyance, anger, and sincerity. He ran a hand back through his hair to keep a few strands from falling out of place, and his eyes glared around the kitchen in irritation.

You nodded at him before signing as you took his hand in yours. “I know you would have. I’ve just been lonely these few weeks.”

As if on cue, a huge dog entered the kitchen. His striking blue eyes looked up at the two of you as he sauntered over. The great dane nudged Jim’s hand out of yours so he could nuzzle your hand affectionately. Jim froze with his hand still outstretched unsure of what to do. No one who valued their lives would ever dare to remove his hand from yours, but this dog had done it so carelessly and you didn’t seem to mind. Or even notice.

The consulting criminal kept his death glare trained on this intruder, as he hissed, “What. Is. That.”

You moved your hand to scratch the speckled dog’s neck. You smiled down at the dog before moving your gaze up to meet Jim’s. Your smile didn’t waver at the sight of his scowl, since you were kind of expecting it. “This is Buddy, I adopted him a few days ago.”

A few weeks later, you were standing outside the house searching your coat pockets for the house keys. With five bags of groceries on each of your arms. You could barely carry all of the weight, but there was no way you were going to make two trips to the car if you could help it. It was drizzling after all, and you didn’t wanted to get caught in the rain if it started to downpour. 

While searching your pockets, your fingers finally grazed the edges of the familiar house key. You pulled it out of your pocket. With the plastic straps of the heavy bags making your arms uncomfortable to the point where it was borderline painful, it was hard to put the key in the lock. After a bit of a struggle, you were finally able to jam the key into the lock to get inside of your house. The door shut behind you, and you set the bags onto the kitchen island.

Jim was usually quick to welcome you home even if you were only gone for ten minutes, but he didn’t come this time. He probably didn’t hear you. In the moment of silence, you heard a small sound. After listening to it for a bit, you still couldn’t figure out what it was. You slowly ventured closer and closer to the source of the sound, which was in the living room. Before you rounded the corner to look, you realized what the sound was. 

It was the soft snore that Jim made when he was sound asleep. You peeked around the corner, and saw that Jim was indeed sleeping. He was laying on the couch, accompanied by Buddy who was sprawled on top of him. It was apparent that the couch wasn’t made to fit the both of them. 

You grinned at the perfect scene you had stumbled upon. You had to find the camera before they woke up. Not just for blackmail, but more for bragging rights. You knew that adopting Buddy was the right choice, and you wouldn’t let Moriarty forget it.

That’s all folks!



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If Jerome was the readers boyfriend and Jim was her father, would they put aside their differences to keep her safe? If so, can you do an imagine/ one shot for it? 


Warnings:Blood, violence

   When Jim found out that his only child was dating a murderer he was furious, he wouldn’t let Y/N leave the house for a month she was only allowed to leave to go to school. He slowly started to let her have more freedom but she wasn’t allowed to see Jerome, Jim tried to get Y/N to tell him where Jerome was staying but she wouldn’t say a word. Jim was starting to get worried that she actually was in love with the psychopath, he didn’t understand why. Jim believed that Jerome wasn’t capable of loving, not him he’s insane.  Jim was now sat at his desk at the police station at 10 P.M. waiting for his daughter to arrive when he got a call.

“Hello?” He asked, he was confused as to why he would be getting a call at this time on his personal phone.

“Jim, we have a problem.” Harvey’s voice rang out, Jim’s heart dropped at the words.

“What’s wrong?” He asks standing up.

“Y/N has been kidnapped.” Harvey says sternly.

“No, no she can’t be.” Jim said putting his coat on.

“Where are you?” He asks grabbing his keys.

“12th Street alley.” Harvey says before hanging up, Jim gets in his car and heads to the location. When he gets there he sees Harvey and a few other policemen.

“How do you know it’s her?” Jim asks panicked.

“Her cell phone is crushed and there is blood, we are going to have it tested to make sure it’s her.” Harvey answers.

“Do you think it was Jerome?” Harvey asks.

“Could be.” Jim says as the realization that his daughter was kidnapped sets in.

“I’m gonna kill that fucker!” Harvey exclaims, he was like an uncle to Y/N.


The next day they found out it was Y/N’s blood, they also found someone else’s blood on Y/N’s phone, his name was Jeffrey Gobmier. Jim was going through paperwork about the man when a private number called his phone, he hesitantly answered the phone.

“Hello?” He answers.

“Jimbo, how’s it going?” Jerome’s voice rang out.

“Jerome.” Jim said loudly.

“I know where the ever so precious Y/N is.” Jerome continued.

“But I need your help.” Jerome said.

“What do you need?” Jim questioned, curious to if Jerome actually knew where Y/N was.

“I’m going to need some of your men and you.” Jerome requests.

“No way in he-”

“I will get Y/N back.” Jerome interrupts, Jim sighs.

“Fine but I swear if you try anything you will be dead.” Jim threatens.

“You must have forgotten, Y/N means a lot to me, I would never do anything to put her in harms way.” Jerome tells Jim.

“We’ll see about that.” Jim said.

“I’’ll see you tomorrow at 7 P.M.” Jerome said before hanging up.

Jim didn’t tell Harvey about meeting up with Jerome, he would only tell Jim he’s stupid and try and lock Jerome up. Jim wasn’t fully confident that Jerome wouldn’t try and kill him but he had to take the chance. Jim got 5 of the other police officers to go with him, they all got into their cars and went to the address Jerome gave them.

“Don’t shoot unless I say so, no matter who you see.” Jim told the other officers over the radio. They arrived to what seemed to be a decent sized mansion, they parked a block away from it to see a man with his hood covering his face. The man looked at Jim and smiled, it was Jerome. Jim walked towards him holding his gun tightly.

“Is that the place?” Jim asks pointing towards the mansion.

“I didn’t think you would show up Jim.” Jerome said taking his hood off.

“Just answer the question.” Jim said sternly.

“That’s the place.” Jerome finally answered.

“Do you know where she is in there?” Jim asked.

“No, we’re going to have to look around.” Jerome said before walking towards the mansion, Jim motioned for his men to follow. They got to the mansion and tried to open on of the windows.

“Ya know for someone who kidnapped the Commissioners daughter you would think he would have more security.” Jerome said before jumping through the window, Jim silently agreed and followed after him. The window ended up leading to a hallway, they walked silently towards the door at the end of the hallway. Jim nodded at Jerome before opening the door, they were met with a dark staircase going down to what seemed to be the basement.

“You think she’s down there?” Jerome asks.

“Hopefully.” Jim said making his way down with a flashlight, Jerome and the other men went down after him. They heard quiet whimpers coming from the far corner of the basement, Jim looked for a light. He soon found one and turned it on, what he saw made his stomach turn. Y/N was covered head to toe in bruises, cuts, and blood, she was tied to a wooden chair with a gag in her mouth.

“Y/N.” Jerome said quietly before hurrying to her.

“You’re going to be okay, I promise.” Jerome whispered, and in that moment Jim could see all of the love and care in Jerome’s eyes, all of it was for Y/N, his daughter. Jerome managed to cut the ties and take the gag out of her mouth, Y/N sobbed as Jerome pulled her to his chest. Y/N pulled away and looked up towards her father.

“Dad.” She said simply before running towards him, hugging him tightly.

“I never thought I would see a killer and a Commissioner working together.” A voice boomed, Jim turned around to see Jeffrey holding up a gun towards Y/N.

“You don’t have to do this.” Jim said.

“Oh but I do Jim.” Jeffrey pulled the trigger but Y/N never felt the shot, she looked down to see Jerome with a blood stain on the lower half of his shirt.

“Jerome!” Y/N cried sinking down to him, Jim quickly shot Jeffrey in the leg causing him to fall down the stairs. Jim put him in handcuffs and shoved him towards an officer before turning to his daughter.

“Get him in the car an make sure the E.R is ready for a shooting victim now!” Jim shouted as 2 officers took Jeffrey to a police car and the other 3 grabbed Jerome.

“Come on Y/N.” Jim said grabbing her hand.

“He can’t die Dad, he can’t!” Y/N sobbed.

“He won’t sweetheart.” Jim took her to the car and followed the police car to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Jerome was quickly took into the operating room to get all of the bullet fractures out of his abdomen. Jeffrey was took to get his leg patched up before he is thrown in jail, and Y/N was getting the blood wiped off of her and to get stitches and checked for any internal injuries. After Jerome was out of surgery Y/N went to his room with her father.

“Are you going to arrest him?” Y/N asked.

“He helped me find you, I think that at least lets him have a chance to hide from me again.” Jim smiled.

“Good because I wasn’t going to let you anyway.” Y/N smiled, they heard a grunt and looked over at Jerome, his eyes fluttered open.

“Hey.” He says grinning.

“I’ll let you two talk.” Jim said before leaving the room, he shut the door and took one last look at the two. He saw Y/N kiss Jerome on the forehead. He thought about how worried Y/N looked when they were heading to the hospital, not worrying about herself only Jerome. Just like he had when he jumped in front of the bullet for Y/N, maybe Jerome was capable to love.

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Ummm... Hi! If you're still doing the Childhood headcannons, I love the one you wrote for bones, but I would love either a Jim or Spock headcannons, AOS :D If you don't have time that's perfectly alright ☺️

Childhood headcanons, 6/10, for @jiminthestreets-bonesinthesheets 

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AOS Jim Kirk 

 Warnings - Angst, mentions of abuse/neglect, canon (kind of) character death. This is not a happy headcanon.

Random Fact Jim’s first steps

Jim learns to run before he learns to walk.

He’s ten months old – Jim’s always been advanced for his age – and Sam, a little man at nearly four, is holding a toy communicator. 

A shiny toy communicator.

“Kirk to bridge,” Sam says theatrically, flipping open the comm unit with more force than strictly necessary, “Come in, bridge.”

“Mine,” says Jim, reaching a chubby little hand and furrowing his tiny brow.

“Beam me out, boys!” Sam shouts joyfully, smirking at his little brother. “There are monsters here.” 

He turns, clinching the comm tightly in his fist, and runs.

And Jim follows him.

Jim’s first memory

Jim’s first memory is of books.

It’s a hazy memory, muddled and vague, just a snapshot in time. 

Jim’s in Winona’s bedroom.

Apparently, he’d climbed on to her bed, and apparently, had pried open the nightstand where she’d kept the bedtime stories – trains and boats and starships, always starships.

Apparently, he’d found his favorite book – Captain Angelou and the Battle of the Black Hole. 

What Jim remembers, though, is flipping shiny pages with clumsy fingers. He’s curled up in Mommy’s good dressing gown, sky-blue silk cool against his bare legs.

He’s sitting in the open drawer of the nightstand, book in his lap, a smile on his lips.

Best Friend

Sam is Jim’s best friend.

It’s Sam who’s always been at Jim’s side, Sam who understands Jim like no one else can, Sam who’d drawn Frank’s attention and deflected his blows, Sam who had stood by Jim when nobody else would.

If Jim is fire, a raging inferno, blazing anger and burning passion, Sam is water; cool, still, but deep, enduring, a force of nature, calm but dangerous, unstoppable, relentless, understated, powerful.

Sam is the INTP to Jim’s ENFP, the absent minded professor to Jim’s social butterfly.

“See the minnows, Jim?” Sam would ask quietly as Jim had collected the largest rocks he could find to drop loudly into the creek – the larger the sploosh, the better – “I wonder what they think when the sunlight hits the weeds?”

And Jim wonders, too.

Sam is older, more mature, calm and collected as Jim struggles with the injustice and inconsistency that is his life.

“Why?” Jim would ask through tears.

Why is Frank such a bastard?

Why can Mom not look me in the face? 

Why does everyone leave?

“I don’t know, Jim,” Sam would answer softly, reaching to take Jim’s hand in his own. “I don’t know.” 

It never occurs to Jim, not once, that he might take Sam for granted.

Not until he loses him.

Least favorite food

 Jim divides up his life, sorts his experiences, by time.

 There is Before Tarsus and After Tarsus.

Before Tarsus, Jim is a picky eater – thin crust cheese pizza or chicken tenders – not nuggets, never nuggets – with macaroni and ketchup. The macaroni cannot touch the chicken, but the ketchup must douse both, or Jim will not touch any of it.

After Tarsus, Jim eats what’s on his plate, mindlessly, mechanically.

He doesn’t have a least favorite food.

Defining moment

“Don’t you ever let anyone see you, Jim,” Sam tells Jim every day.

Jim is fourteen, Sam is nearly seventeen.

They’re thin, scrawny, but not emaciated, not yet. Mercifully, Tarsus IV, for the most part, has a temperate climate, and they make do with what they have, scrounging off the land, surviving in the wild.

Sam is observant and thorough, testing the edibility of indigenous roots and weeds on the soft skin of his inner arm, and Jim learns to catch fish with his bare hands, luring them to the surface with his fingers.

It’s a system they fall into naturally. Sam gathers, Jim hunts. Sam plots, and Jim provides.

They eat raw. “No fire,” Sam tells Jim firmly. “Not until we have no choice, Jim. The smoke will lead them right to us.”

They sleep with their backs pressed against one another, huddled beneath a spread of dry leaves for warmth, scattering the meager evidence of their presence in the morning.

One day, Sam leads them to the woods just north of Governer Kodos’ property.

“I don’t want you going out today, Jim,” Sam says that morning. He pauses what he’s doing, dropping his dulled knife in order to look Jim soberly in the eye.

Jim nods, because Sam’s been right for the past four months, and Jim’s not going to argue, not now. 

“Remember,” Sam starts, reaching for Jim’s shoulder, catching his gaze with gentle brown eyes. “Don’t let anyone -”

“I know, I know,” Jim laughs. It’s been the same warning every day. “Don’t let anyone see me.”

“Got it in one,” Sam says with a smile. “I’ll be back before sunset.”

The soldiers come in the dead of night.

“We know you’re here,” they call, the harsh light of their lamps spilling into the darkness of the caves. “Come out now, and Kodos will be merciful.”

“Shit,” Sam breathes, catching Jim’s fingers in a vice grip and pulling him silently behind a large rock. Their backs are to the interior wall of the cave - there is no escape, nowhere to run. “How did they find us?” 

Jim thinks about the little girl he’d seen yesterday, all wide green eyes and sunken cheeks, thinks about the wild tuber he’d offered her – “Here, eat this,” – thinks of Sam sneaking silently around the gardens of the governor, hunting scraps and weeds, careful to take only what wouldn’t be missed. 

“Don’t let anyone see you, Jim, not ever,” Sam had said, had told him a thousand times.

“I won’t, Sam,” Jim had answered, had told him a thousand times.

The footsteps move closer. Jim counts them, in the dark. There are three guards, he realizes, all armed with phasers, all alert, all healthy and strong. 

Jim’s heart sinks in his chest.

“You can’t win, boy,” the first one taunts. He is closer now, close enough that Jim can count the soft wheeze of his breaths. “We know you’re here.”

Sam catches his shoulders sharply, presses his hand hard against Jim’s lips to stifle his startled yelp. “Jim,” he whispers, hardly a breath in the silence. “Listen to me.”

Jim is listening.

“You’ve got to run.” Sam’s eyes are wide and dark, sharper than Jim’s ever seen them.

Jim opens his mouth to protest.

“No, listen,” Sam’s saying, pinching Jim’s skin sharply. Jim gasps, the sound muffled by Sam’s warm skin. “I’m going to distract them, but you’ve got to run, do you hear me?”

There’s something dark, deadly, in Sam’s gaze. 

Jim nods.

He’s never seen Sam so focused, so serious.

“Run, Jim. Run for all you’re worth, and don’t you dare look back.”

Jim nods, breathless, and then, quicker than he can blink, Sam’s releasing him, jumping into the blinding light of the guard’s lanterns with his hands raised.

“Here I am,” he says easily.

The guards smirk. 

Jim watches in horror as one levels his phaser at Sam’s forehead.

Sam is unflinching, fearless.

“I don’t believe in no-win scenarios,” he announces softly to the cold barrel of the weapon as it digs into his skin. 

The phaser fires with a high pitched whine. 

And Jim, Jim runs.

Biggest fear

Before Tarsus, Jim’s biggest fear is drowning.

There’s something about suffocating, about knowing what’s happening but being powerless to stop it, about the cold water pulling eagerly at him, churning, swirling, that gives Jim nightmares.

After Tarsus, Jim’s biggest fear is losing.

“I don’t believe in no win scenarios,” Sam had said.

Jim makes up his mind that he doesn’t, either.

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Using French is very unnecessary…

anarfea  asked:

Imagine you were a writer for Sherlock S5. What would you do?

Oooh, good one.

If I had free reign, and there was a way for it to not be crap, I’d bring Jim back (which will surprise no one, I’m sure). 

But there is no way for that to actually work now, beyond the version of him living in Sherlock’s head (which could still definitely be fun at odd moments). So, I would move things on. I would definitely have a scene in 5x01 where John alludes to the ‘romance would complete you as a human being’ conversation, and have Sherlock just outright say, ‘no, you don’t need romance to be complete’ - because I enjoyed S4 (while acknowledging it has issues), but nothing will induce me to be okay with that bullshit, John Watson.

I would basically take the series back to the things that made everyone fall it love with it in S1. Funny, smart, and related back to the source canon. I would definitely bring Irene back for an episode - not for romance purposes, just for excellent snark and a good game. I’d be interested to see what Irene can bring without Jim planning her moves for her. 

Mycroft would show character development from the events in S4. And seeing as I can do whatever I want, I would let him and Greg get it on. The surprised look on Greg’s face at finding himself with Mycroft would deffo be worth it. :D I would not let John beat up Sherlock any more. There would be cute parentlock scenes, without any actual Johnlock. 

And for an overarching theme/background threat…well, if I can’t feasibly have Jim, I would take an appearance by his brother, working in cahoots with Sebastian Moran - who is the son of Lord Moran. Link S5 to S3 with the North Korea connection (Lord Moran being their spy, and Jim breaking into a weapons facility there in the year before he died), and use that as a springboard for a three-ep arc. 

This is the right version
  • Jim: Sebby, you're going to stay here, and guard the helicopter.
  • Sebastian: Okay, first let me say hello to Mycroft.
  • Jim: Don't you even think about it.
  • Sebastian: *shakes Mycroft's hand* It's so nice to finally meet. I have heard so much about you, it's almost like we're family. Jim and I are your biggest fans.
  • Jim: *facepalms himself*
  • Sebastian: Where is your brother though? Jimmy would love to have an autograph.
  • Jim: I can't take you anywhere. Stop making such a scene. Are you jealous?
  • Sebastian: After nearly deleting me from your mind, your own boyfriend, because of Sherlock...Use your brain for once, and figure it out if I'm jealous!
  • Mycroft: Nevermind. It's not that important. I'll find someone else for my sister. Bye.
  • Sebastian: Next time you accidentally deleted me worse things will happen.
  • Jim: *swallows* Okay, Tiger.

thefaultinourbookshelves  asked:

Imagine First Officer Jim having an undying enthusiasm for everything that has anything to do with science and Captain Spock is trying to court/flirt with him and he's all "Commander, do you have a history of long term relationships of the romantic nature?" and Jim is just like "Captain did you know science science and science omg" and Spock is upset because he thinks Jim doesn't like him or is ignoring him but he doesn't realize that talking about science is the only way Jim knows how to flirt

imagine once spock figures it out 

imagine spock ‘flirting’ right back with his own equations and theories

imagine jims face just lighting up with excitement and a little bit of a blush

thatmysticbafflingwonder  asked:

Never have I ever meme: Groundhog Day au?

Oh my god, NO, though I love that film and it’s such a fun trope.  I do think that in order to succeed, a fic using that framework has to be so cleverly thought out and intricately plotted in order to read like it’s organic and flawless, so personally it seems a bit intimidating to attempt.   I think if I did try to do it… I would write Jim Kirk/Spock, and the day of Jim taking the Kobayashi Maru, and make Jim stuck in the loop taking that freaking simulation over and over again, having to face issues about growing up, his father’s death, and his determination to beat the test, along with his horribly inconvenient growing crush on the Vulcan who made the test in the first place. 

Send me an ask about whether I’ve written a thing [ship, trope, dynamic, category of fandom, etc.] and if I’ve written it, I’ll link you. If I haven’t written it, I’ll tell you how I would write it if I did.

I feel like Harvey would actually be afraid of taking a vacation with Jim back on the GCPD.

“I go away for a weekend and I come back to you being Captain? JIM!”

and it just progressively gets worse over the years…




anonymous asked:

If Morairty never existed do you think the boys would have been able to be romantically together sooner?

I actually think that if Jim wasn’t around, it would take longer for Sherlock and John to get together.

What Jim calls “The Final Problem,” we call TJLC. Basically, Jim’s goal is to burn Sherlock’s heart out, which would be a man who feels nothing - incapable of love, that’s what Jim wants - and we definitely don’t have that yet. Sherlock has realized he’s in love; that’s the opposite of burning his heart out.

But that’s exactly Jim’s plan. It’s a really long game (five seasons worth, funnily enough).

Falling’s just like flying“ implies that Sherlock won’t know the difference between falling in love and getting his heart burnt out until it’s too late. This is super important: falling and flying (getting your heart burnt out and being in love) are going to look the same until the very end because Jim has set it up. Jim has been showing Sherlock how much he loves John since the beginning. Haven’t we known all along that Jim wants to show Sherlock how big his heart actually is exactly so he can burn it out better?

JIM: I’ll burn the heart out of you.
SHERLOCK: I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.
JIM: But we both know that’s not quite true.

Jim can’t burn it out if Sherlock doesn’t know - or pretends not to know - that it exists.

Think of Sherlock in ASiP. Jim couldn’t burn his heart out because Sherlock didn’t love anything/realize he loved anything enough for Jim to be able to use it against him. So showing Sherlock his own heart is exactly what Jim did at the pool:

Jim went and deliberately pointed out the thing Sherlock loves the most - the thing Sherlock learned he can’t stand to lose - and made him think about losing it:

But the thing is: Sherlock still didn’t know how much he loved John. He doesn’t figure that out until TSoT:

Jim couldn’t really burn Sherlock’s heart out until Sherlock was truly aware of the depth of his emotions. Which happens at John’s wedding to Mary. And who put Mary in their path? Jim.

Jim is using a three-step plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out, which is what he calls The Final Problem:

MYCROFT: The damsel in distress. In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook: the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption; then give him a puzzle … and watch him dance.

  1. The promise of love
  2. The pain of loss
  3. The joy of redemption

Jim tested this plan with Irene:

It’s important to note that “the joy of redemption” was false:

Obviously, Irene does fall for Sherlock, but that was Irene as herself, not Irene-as-Jim’s-minion, and that’s the important part (for right now) because this is Jim’s plan. That’s the last step of how Jim’s going to burn Sherlock’s heart out: false joy of redemption. And it seems like it works because the end of ASiB is as close as Sherlock ever comes to having his heart burnt out:

SHERLOCK: Oh, enjoying the thrill of the chase is fine, craving the distraction of the game – I sympathise entirely – but sentiment? Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.

Irene was the trial run of burning Sherlock’s heart out to see if the theory was sound; John is the real version. All the things that bring them together are things that Jim has set up. Jim’s “The Final Problem” is Johnlock. Jim is literally trying to get Sherlock and John to fall in love so he can yank it out from under Sherlock at the end. Sherlock won’t know the difference until it’s too late - falling is just like flying.

Obviously, that’s not going to work, but that’s Jim’s plan, and the bringing them together part is working well. Of course Jim has underestimated how much they love each other.

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One Night Stand!AU Part 7

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 3.5

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Jim calls him exactly twenty-seven times, until Leonard eventually silences his phone and hides it under his pillow so that he can’t see the screen.

It’s for the best, he tells himself over and over again, until the words become a useless mantra that don’t seem to fit together anymore. It reminds him of when he was a kid, saying one word repeatedly until it falls apart and leaves him confused and unsettled.

Thank God it’s a Friday. It’s the only consolation he has, that he doesn’t work weekends.

Leonard ends up calling Nyota and drinks himself to complacency, lying on his couch with his head in her lap and a half-empty bottle dangling loosely in his hand.

“Don’t say ‘I told you so,’ Ny,” he murmurs, pulling a cushion over his face to block out the light. “I’m an idiot.”

“You are,” she tells him. “A damn idiot, Len, for ending it like that.”

“I didn’t have a choice,” he protests, and she yanks the cushion off his face, lips pursed disapprovingly. “Besides, thought you didn’t like the idea of-”

“I didn’t want you hurting yourself,” Nyota says, exasperated. “And look what you’ve gone and done anyway!”

Leonard stares up at her helplessly and wants to cry.

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anonymous asked:

(1/3) Jim's lips are crashing against his, desperate and in constant motion and exactly what Bones doesn't want. He doesn't want the desperate, rushed, and needy sex that always makes him feel so hollow after. He doesn't want the awkward glances and the unbalanced feeling of not knowing where they stand, he can't take it anymore. So he firmly pushes Jim away and says those three dreaded words. "We need to talk." "No we don't," Jim replies and he reaches out for him again but Bones steps away.

(2/3) “We do. Jim, I can’t do this anymore. It’s not fair to me, not if we’re not going to be together and not if I’m going to have to watch you take home other people after every night at the bar. We can’t. I can’t keep giving into you and thinking that someday you’ll stay,” Bones says. He’s holding Jim by his biceps, forcing him to stay and listen and he’s watching as Jim’s face turns from anger about the rejection to sadness. “I didn’t think you wanted- You. You never asked, Bones… I just-”

(3/3) “I assumed. Okay? No one has ever wanted me to stay and it’s you, Bones. It’s you and I just wanted to take whatever you would let me have,” Jim says. He doesn’t try to break Bones’ hold on him he just stares at him with pleading eyes. Bones shakes his head before dropping his hands and pulling Jim in for a tight hug. He huffs a laugh into Jim’s ear and says “We’re the biggest idiots there are. Let’s try that again.” Bones pulls away slightly and kisses Jim again, like it means everything.

Oh my goodness anon, this is so perfect because I can hear them doing this and saying this and both being so scared to want more even though it comes as easily as breathing. And then they let go of the fear and suddenly they don’t remember why it was so easy to hold on to, because letting go feels like breathing and healing and two hearts becoming one.