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Why do you further the cliché that sangwoo is into forcing Bum to crossdress? I thought the manwha made it clear that it was the logical consequence for him to wear sangwoo's mother's clothes because he didn't have any himself and sangwoo's didn't fit him due to the size difference. It's not a kink and shouldn't be portrayed as one. It was a disturbing solution to a clothing problem. Stop romanticizing this manwha and the abuse in it.

Oh sweet anon, if you want to have a proper discussion with me I’ll gladly have it with you but not if you feel the need to hide behind your computer/phone screen. But for now I’ll just try and clarify, not because I owe you anything, but I like clearing up misunderstandings and preventing more from happening.

I don’t know if you just don’t read Op’s tags or you just skim past them or whatever, but this, and all my other “shippy” fanart for that matter, is in an AU where they are both healthy people, no mental disorders, abuse or anything else from the original manhwa.

If you really want to think about it, the clothing size difference is not enough of an excuse for Sangwoo not to give Bum his own clothes. How many people do you see wearing over sized shirts and belts exist for a reason. I’m not saying Sangwoo has that kink, but come on, he did that on purpose. 

Relating to my own mini comic that I just posted, which I’m guessing is what you’re referring to, Sangwoo isn’t forcing bum into anything. It’s a silly dare that Yoon Bum could easily say no to. Except in my AU Bum actually likes cross dressing, a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong with it. I like drawing boys who cross dress, because guess what, they’re just clothes. They don’t define anything. You’re welcome to not enjoy cross dressing but that is your own opinion that I never asked for. 

 I will never romanticize the abuse that’s in killing stalking. There’s nothing cute or sexy about people harming others or holding them captive. The only instance where inflicting pain on others would be acceptable is in cases where it is consensual, such as BDSM, but I am no expert in that area so I can’t comment much on it either. 

All I’m saying is, this is a completely separate world from the original. I love the characters and their designs and I love exploring different ideas and scenarios with them, that’s the whole purpose of having an AU. Again, you’re welcome to disagree, and if you don’t like it, please ignore it. Sorry if my art rubs you the wrong way, I can’t please everyone. I make art for myself, and I love and appreciate all the people that enjoy it with me. Feel free to block me or whatever you need to do, but in the future please try and refrain from sending negative messages to people, they do more harm than good.I hope you have a nice day anyway and thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify my stance once more. 

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Hi! I came across your read/skip it Animorphs post. I read all the books years ago, and would love to be reminded of the main plot points from each book in a short format (i.e. shorter than the entire plot descriptions for each on wikipedia!) Do you know of anywhere there's a spreadsheet or something with an overview of each book? Or any sort of masterposts covering things throughout all the books? Thanks if you can help at all! :D

I do not know of any such list, but I will throw this question to the very helpful #animorphs tag to see if anyone can help you out. If no such guide exists, I may make one!

Welcome to the Family || Sam Drake x Reader || Drabble

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Characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Request: Yas! [A sam x reader where they adopt a puppy :) plz?] I love dogs so much 

Prompt: You and Sam adopt a puppy together because Sam wants you to be safe when he goes away. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @solarsystemus @roses-are-bae


A/N: I actually love dogs like a lot???? My school documentary is based on dogs and I just rlly love dogs and Sam Drake so like two of my favourite things? I love dogs.

A lot. 

“-hmm how about this happy looking guy?” Sam pointed to a small space where he caught sight of a joyful German Shepherd pup. You simply sighed and looked at Sam, “You know I’d love to take all of them home…” you frowned as you glanced at all the homeless pups and dogs. 

You were glad to go to a shelter because there were plenty of dogs in need of a home. Unfortunately due to lack of presence at home at times, harvesting so many dogs at once wouldn’t be wise. Your eyes caught sight of a ragged looking dog, very shaggy and bright blue eyes to compliment its breed of Husky. 

“Would you object if we got two dogs…” You spun on your heel, eyeing Sam with a pleading look as he contemplated. It was a brief silence before he reluctantly nodded, “so the pup and this fella?” He gestured to the docile husky. You nodded eagerly. 

It was perfect, now you and Sam could brag to Nate and Elena of having a ‘proper’ family since the two often busted your balls for not having kids. That was that for you two now, signing the ownership papers you were both on your way home with two new dogs, Alfie and Gunner. 

Alfie just turned three years old, an absolute character, incredibly affectionate and taken a loving to you. Following you around the house like a shadow and whimpering when you had to leave, it was quite a scene to witness. Gunner was no older than ten weeks old and had grown attached to Sam, so much so that Sam doesn’t particularly take her on walks, he carries her down the street. 

The four of you were a quaint happy family, both dogs adjusting well to their new home and you and Sam. And of course when Sam was gone away with Sully you had both Dogs to yourself. Watching Gunner grow bigger and older as the weeks passed and watching Alfie become protective of his younger sibling.

The main thing was that you were safe at home, safe from burglars, safe from invaders and safe from anyone who wanted to get back at Sam with Alfie and Gunner by your side.  

This is so important.

Let me repeat that.

This is so important.

This is not teasing touches. This is not some scene in the onsen where they both happen to be naked. This is not Victor getting physically close with Yuuri just to ‘mess with him’ or to ‘help him find Eros’. This is not a comedy routine or some throwaway comment that could be interpreted a thousand different ways.

This is a serious, emotionally charged scene integral to the plot. This is a conversation whose purpose is to give the audience a glimpse of the inner workings of the minds of these characters. This is Victor, admitting to Yuuri that not only is he okay with dating guys, he’s okay with dating Yuuri. These are canon words coming from Victor’s mouth.

Victor said he’s willing to be Yuuri’s boyfriend. I am not making any leaps of logic or forming headcanons- Victor just canonically admitted that he is attracted to guys and is completely okay with dating them.

This is representation.

Do you have any idea how huge this is???? This is Victor, a main character, portrayed as talented and beautiful and someone people idolize and aspire to be like. He also happens to be gay. He doesn’t embody any over stereotypes and he isn’t defined solely by his sexuality- He’s just Victor.This is a massive step forward, not just in sports anime but for anime in general. This is what we were hoping for, and we’re not even at the halfway point of the series yet.

How amazing is that???

happy trc childhood headcanons

i always see incredibly tragic childhood headcanons for the raven gang, which is fair because most of them had tragic childhoods in one way or another, but i want to imagine that at some point they had some happiness, or at least not full sadness, so…


  • listen, adam parrish was the matilda of his school library. he was the shy little seven-year-old kid that snuck in during recess and read as many books as he could get his hands on. the librarian slowly grew very fond of him. little adam parrish reaching up to the circulation desk with a pile of kids’ science books about dinosaurs, space, rocks, plants, physics, anything that interested him. staying up late with a tiny reader flashlight that he got for free at the scholastic book fair or something. dragging stepstools over to the shelves so he could reach books on the top shelf by himself
  • legit every dog in the trailer park loved adam. he greeted them all after school. as like a ten-year-old, he got a job walking all the dogs. (the money went straight to his parents, but he was happy to spend time with the dogs anyway). one time one of his neighbors’ dogs had a litter of puppies and before they gave them all away, adam went over and gave them each a hug and played with them for a few hours
  • adam got crushes on boys and girls both from a young age because he was always full of love and affection that was reaching outward looking for someone to land on. he had a huge crush on his kindergarten teacher, who was this young blond lady who totally knew that adam liked her and thought it was adorable and let him hold her hand on field trips and stuff. he had a crush on his reading buddy when he was in first grade- it was a fourth grade boy, and he was actually not as good at spelling as adam was, but adam was too shy to correct his spelling
  • adam loved cars since he was little. it was possibly the only thing he did at home that gave him joy. the first time he fixed an engine (or whatever you do with cars idk) he felt like his whole heart was lighting up and he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be. the next day at the library he asked the librarian for books about car engines and he found out that there were jobs where you could do more than just fix cars, you could invent whole machines and engineer how they worked, and he was filled with determination to get to a place where he could do that


  • orla was like seven or eight when blue was born, so the fox way household had to deal with two terrifying children at the same time. for a while when they were little, orla and blue were the dream team of mischief. they watched the parent trap and were inspired by all the pranks and attempted to play a prank on the whole household. unfortunately, living in a house full of psychics makes it difficult to effectively play pranks, so they got caught by calla while attempting to cover all the adults’ bedrooms in toilet paper. they got in huge trouble for wasting toilet paper but were also weirdly rewarded for being clever and independent
  • blue learned about academic feminist stuff at a young age from all the women in her house. so she was the Resident SJW of her elementary school. when she was required to make valentine’s day cards for everyone in her class, she made ones with lil feminist cartoons talking about heteronormative misogynist traditions. in kindergarten she punched a boy in her class for saying something sexist. she tried to stage a protest against the school dress code in fifth grade. when she got in trouble for it, maura raised hell with the school
  • maggie’s said before that none of them had any friends before meeting each other, which I mean they probably had *some* pseudo-friends at some point or other, but it’s likely that Blue spent a lot of recesses alone. her solution was to go around to every tree on the playground and get to know it. everyone thought she was weird anyway, so it was easy to get away with holding long conversations with the trees. she gave each of them a human name and they each had a personality. on arbor day she brought them gifts that she made at home
  • she was always trying to make her own clothes, but she learned all her sewing and knitting skills one summer when she went to a free class at the public library. until then she used all sorts of different methods, not all of which worked. she was a menace to any fabric that entered the door of 300 Fox Way. it was a bad idea to let her watch the sound of music and see the scene where maria makes dresses out of the curtains. maura saw the light in blue’s eyes the second she saw that scene and took down all the curtains in the house and hid them, because she didn’t believe in telling blue not to make clothes out of the curtains, but she also didn’t believe in having her curtains torn to shreds


  • this child picked flowers for his mother all the time, i guarantee it. for a while there they thought he was gonna be a florist. i promise ronan lynch brought five gabillion bouquets of wildflowers into the house for his mother
  • he wrote short stories as a kid. his fourth grade class had a creative writing week and they all had to write books. he came up with wild, creative stories, not based on dreams or dreamers or anything from his life at the Barns, but shitty ones like all kids write. he wrote about a racecar who was best friends with a cow and how they learned to get along even though one was fast and one was slow, things like that. his mother read all his stories and told him they were great
  • he was a Big Fan of shit like nancy drew and sherlock holmes because he thought it was so cool how they solved mysteries, so he roped matthew into joining him in becoming a detective. there weren’t too many mysteries to solve… i guess this IS gonna get sad but obviously there were mysteries to solve re: what the fuck his dad was doing but declan didn’t want ronan to have to know about that, so he would make up fake mysteries by like stealing stuff from the kitchen. eventually ronan caught on to the fact that the culprit in every mystery was always declan and he realized he didn’t want to be a detective anyway
  • also i want to imagine that ronan was that kid who changed what he wanted to be when he grew up like, a lot. one week he was DEFINITELY gonna be a racecar driver. another week he wanted to be a bullfighter, but then he changed his mind when he found out they killed the bulls because he is the friend to all cows of course. another week he wanted to be an artist, and another week he wanted to be a farmer, and another week he wanted to be a forest ranger, etc etc.


  • gansey was the kid who is so polite you think he’s a tiny adult. you know how sometimes like four-year-old kids say shit like “excuse me, ma’am, would you like me to take your coat?” and it’s like what the fuck… he was that kid. it was partially because it was sort of bred into him and partially because he adored when adults would give him little smiles and ruffle his hair and tell him that he was very polite and well-behaved. actually helen hated this because she wasn’t nearly as well-behaved and she would scowl every time her little brother got complimented for his manners
  • speaking of helen, she and gansey were NOT always little angels at the fancy parties their parents held. they loved to play games there. helen’s favorite was to steal little trinkets without anyone being able to tell, gansey’s favorite was scavenger hunts where he would pretend he was on a noble quest in the ballroom
  • i feel like gansey would have loved indiana jones movies. i know this for a fact. when he got older he realized that they were ‘not accurate to the true experience of archaeology’ or whatever, but they still held a special place in his heart (bonus: he both idolized and was attracted to young harrison ford probably)
  • the ganseys took their children to museums to Enrich Their Minds. this might have been a bad idea though, because gansey was Struck and Bedazzled in Wonderment at every museum he saw. he was the kid who actually read the signs on each exhibit and did the weird educational activities that the museum offered. he listened to the audio tours. he came home babbling about what he learned for hours. take this time to imagine gansey at the cloisters in new york (which if you don’t know is like a medieval monastery they shipped over brick by brick from europe and filled with medieval art) just LOSING it. in the room of unicorn tapestries he feels like he’s being imbued with Destiny. he is eight goddamn years old


  • little henry loved the whole world. he loved little inchworms that he found in the backyard and he gave them names (mostly he named them after pop divas. britney spears the caterpillar was a member of the cheng household for a while). he loved every kid in his kindergarten class and tried to play with all of them during recess. he was just full of love and wonder
  • actually, to expand on the recess thing, henry cheng was the king of recess. he was the kid who organized the Great Game of Tag, famous among all the third graders, a game that stretched over months of recess and only ended when the snow forced all the kids inside. there were elaborate rules, rivalries begun, glorious battles fought over this game of tag
  • he was in ESL because his first language was korean, but he got the hang of english pretty quickly- he’s a fast learner. he just didn’t speak it all that often for the first few years of elementary school, because he liked listening more than speaking, so the teachers thought he wasn’t good at it. in the end it was his love of belting out top 40 songs on the playground that made them realize that he was actually fluent in english. (although i know you can know songs well without knowing the language, but he would often change the lyrics to be about his personal life)
  • he organized political protests from a young age. he protested the school administration in, like, fourth grade, for not having an adequate meal plan for kids who couldn’t afford lunch. one time he tried to protest his parents for making him clean his room, but i won’t get into that because his parents were not great, but it seems like the type of thing he would do


  • i firmly believe that noah dressed in his sister’s clothes until the age of nine or so, he just wore dresses and didn’t care. people made fun of him but he just rolled with it. he only stopped because his tastes changed and he wanted to be more skater punk
  • he was a huge stan of 90s boy bands like n’sync or whatever, i don’t even know if i spelled that right i just know that he was a Nineties Kid TM and he loved all that crap.
  • his favorite class was art class. he was, however, not the favorite student of his third grade art teacher, who liked to keep the room tidy, because he made gigantic fucking messes in the pursuit of creativity. i’m talking fingerpainting, collages, glitter, ripped up construction paper, wild sculptures, glue everywhere. (listen I taught a crafts class for little kids and let me tell you, noah was one of a specific type of four-year-old who takes a liquid glue container and pours it ALL OVER EVERYTHING with a manic glee in his eyes) luckily in fourth grade they switched art teachers to a hippie type who loved creative messes and she encouraged him to the point that he organized an art gallery for the whole school in the gymnasium. it was very successful and exciting
  • noah ate every goddamn Novelty Nineties Food that you could find on some dumb Buzzfeed nostalgia list. Dunkaroos, Gushers, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, Scooby Doo mac-n-cheese, Kidz Cuisine, green ketchup or whatever. the more gross and artificial and neon colored and totally awful, the more Noah loved it. he RAN lunchtime snack swaps, he had every item you could possibly want, the envy of every other lunchbox carrier in the school. (on halloween he and his friends were those kids who made like a three-hour-long plan to hit every house they could and make a ridiculous candy haul) (but noah always donated half of his candy haul to charity)

feel free to add more if you think of more!

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Was Kindness also mean to Oreo?

I’mma take this opportunity to share the humans again, since I understand that post must have been buried and I might not have marked it as mobile since it was before that system–

So my close friend Dee drew my humans a lONG time ago during a stream and at first it was just a buncha shenanigans… but then it became increasingly canon shenanigans, especially with each kid’s fighting style.
Their target? I’m sure you can guess who…

(Permission was granted to post these in image form, since links get lost and overlooked. Image 1 can be found here, and Image 2. These were for a mock-fighting game that may or may not happen.)

(Image 1 and Image 2)

All of it is naturally exaggerated, but the premise is the same–Oreo did not come out a happy flower. Each of these kids are varying ages from 8-12 and none of them have EVER seen a talking plant or monsters before, so you can guess how most of them felt.

Green in particular might have been Kindness’s representation, but that doesn’t exclude them from a natural human reaction.

(Bonus context: Not all of these kids are nonbinary, but I’m going to avoid that topic until their refs are done. I know they’re merely “OCs” to people because there aren’t any canon designs, but that doesn’t make their relevance in MF’s, or canon Undertale’s, story any less. If there were canon looks, I’m sure I would have stuck to them instead of letting these children design themselves.)

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Why do the lines mostly come from Tony? we never know what Steve is thinking, it felt like Tony cares more than Steve do, while "till the end of line" was said from both side

well not necessarily. the ‘you gave me a home’ arguably tHE most significant line you could use to sum them up comes from steve. the entire quote: 

“mr. stark, when i woke up in this era, i had no one, nothing, you gave me a purpose, somewhere to belong… you gave me a home.”

it’s true that as a general thing tony is more the big long speeches guy but of the three other quotes from that answer, it was in the context of tony mourning steve post-civil war. bc u asked me for something that was ‘equal to’ that quote, and i assumed you meant something tragic and epic. 

and ofc they do have those moments but the thing abt stevetony is that they’re not just tragedy and they’re not just heartbreak. the huge otp-worthy status of them doesn’t just come from one great line or one great speech. they’re about the quiet moments in between, the moments of normalcy and everyday life out of the suits when they’re not fighting aliens or villains or the government. they’re about yeARS of trust and friendship and the profound comfort they found in each other that comes to mean the same for them as ‘home’.

they’re about tony knowing steve’s favorite kind of bagel, and sparring in the training room and steve taking tony’s ‘oh i play lots of tennis’ excuse at face value, they’re about tony walking into the room saying ‘good morning beloved’ and steve not batting an eye. they’re about being referred to as mom and dad of the team to their faces by everyone that knows them. they’re the couple that stands off at the side of the room having an argument where a collection of marvel’s most prominent heroes from the avengers, the x-men and the fantastic four look on, making various comments like ‘they love each other’ and ‘they’re the backbone of the avengers’.

they’re about steve believing in tony, believing in him when he needed him most in his struggle for sobriety, standing by him when he was humiliated in front of the UN for being made to seem drunk. about steve fighting for tony’s reputation when people badmouth him because they don’t know know the real him, and not just the person he pretends to be in front of the cameras. they don’t know as steve does how brave and wonderful and kind this man can be. steve acknowledging tony’s resourcefulness when he tells him he needs tony stark’s genius rather than iron man’s strength at a given moment. steve being eternally grateful to tony for opening his home and his life to the avengers and to steve. and tony who never hesITATEs to jump to do something for steve, whether it’s making him a new shield or giving presents in the form of state-of-the-art everything or just spending time with him and growing to become one of the closest friends he’s ever had. and tony’s undying faith in steve the person, not just the shield and the superhero. tony who hangs around after meetings in their early days as avengers just to talk to steve because he likes spending time with him. who takes him to the smithsonian and shows him the future and tells him how grateful he is to have him in the 21st century. tony who fills the rooms of his houses with things that remind him of steve, whose best example of a hero and a good man will always be steve. 

not to mention the number of times tony has sacrificed himself for steve, stopping his heart, giving him cpr and exposing himself to toxic chemicals to save steve’s life. the number of times both of them have had to watch the other die, once or twice in their arms. but they’re always looking out for each other and always worrying about each other, not just on the battlefield with life-threatening injuries but about normal things, like how their day was, or how their latest relationship is going or how they’re handling the stress of multitasking and juggling their responsibilities on the team or with SHIELD or with tony’s companies.

it’s about the way they balance out each other’s flaws because desPITE what hickman would have you believe these two are capable of reconciling in the middle of their differences and becoming stronger for it. it’s about them constantly being shown standing at each other’s sides, as a deliberate move by writers in every avengers run since the 1960′s. whenever a main team line-up has been announced, it’s these two standing at the forefront of the group. 

and yeah, all of this could be encompassed in those four words ‘you gave me a home’ but it’s also sO mUCH mORE than that. i love otp tags as much as the next person but i’m not really thAT interested in summing them in x words or less (esp for a point of comparison to another ship) because wh y would you want to encompass five decades of history and love and tragedy in a mere handful of words.

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How do you tag your characters when you're posting a story up to AO3? DO you tend to tag all of the character who are and are planning on making an appearance, or just the characters the story is centered around? Because I'm ready to post a story and it's basically Alistair and my Cousland, but it's also going to be during Inquisition so there's a lot of people in play at that point. Thank you in advance!

The easiest shorthand I’ve found is to ask myself, “If I tag [x] character, would a fan of [x] character would be disappointed at the end of my fic at that character’s presence (or non-presence)?”

In my opinion, the tagging system on AO3 shouldn’t be a roster of every name that enters the fic even once; instead it should function as a advertisement, a way for people to communicate that your favorite characters A & B and your favorite trope C all occur inside. If I tag something with Merrill, that means anyone who searches for Merrill on AO3 is going to find my fic listed somewhere in the results. That means they’re looking for her to play a part, not to have one line offscreen or a sideways mention that doesn’t even let her in the room. 

It also helps to ask “what is the fic about?” If my fic is about how Hawke and Isabela go on a seafaring adventure but Sebastian comes by to say “so long” at the docks, I probably won’t tag him. Yes, he’s in the story very briefly, but it’s not about him or his growth or his character, and I don’t want people who want to read fic about Sebastian to find mine in their search and come away disappointed.

Anyway, that’s just my personal rule. I know a lot of people tag very differently, so you should definitely keep an eye out for other alternatives! :)

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Hun. The whole Chaolena is dead post was terrible. You just jinxed yourself. As someone who's said "I know exactly what's going to happen in the next book" and then it crashes and burns I suggest not doing that. Rowaelin can end up in the grave. I'm not saying this to be a bitch. I don't even have any ships in that series. Chaolena can come out of the grave and Doraelin is not dead so..... In books there's infinite possibilities :)

first of all, hun, it was a joke. based on this post I saw ages ago and found hilarious.
obviously you do have ships specifically Chaolaena or you would not be so butthurt by my post.
I would like to point out that I am entitled to my own opinion and ship (and posts because it’s my blog?)
I didn’t tag Chaolaena unlike other ships because I don’t want to spam their tags. tbh I find it inconsiderate when people tag their anti ship in hate posts. don’t do that, people.
I tagged Rowaelin only because it was meant for fellow Rowaelin shippers. I have nothing against other people and their ships because like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion which includes their own ship. including you who is so offended by a silly 30 second edit I made.
my post was terrible you say? please. I didn’t write up a whole post bashing Chaol (and why are you dragging my cinnamon roll, Dorian, into this????)
I didn’t even say a thing about Chaol. OR DORIAN. I didn’t trash talk anyone. so I don’t really see what’s so terrible about it. 
I am sure the only people who are as offended by it as you are… are anti Rowaelin shippers. 
I simply made an edit to entertain myself and my friends and almost 200 other people so far.
and then you say I jinxed it? if my dumb edit of a tombstone has that much sway over the next book, I WILL MAKE 9000000 more.

“i’m not saying this to be a bitch” but have a nice day, anon.