i would tag other m but honestly

Reblog this if you’re a Bughead shipper or you love Sprousehart as a couple, but would never post nasty or invasive comments to any of the cast, and you keep your shipping in tags on Tumblr.

I’m honestly so sick of seeing the hate towards us now. Just because I ship Bughead (a healthy teenage relationship on a TV show) I’ve been labelled as homophobic and racist?? Just because I really like that the actors who play those characters are together in real life, I’ve been labelled as delusional, a bully, unable to differentiate between characters and actors, and apparently also pathetic enough to send hate to other cast members! This is so unfair!

I wouldn’t dream of EVER commenting hate on anyone’s social media. I also wouldn’t harass Cole or Lili about their relationship. I strictly keep to the tags on here, and I know most other fans on here do the same.

Some users are making out like we’re doing something wrong. I’ll say it again… IT’S NOT OUR FAULT THAT OUR SHIP IS THE MOST POPULAR! It’s also not our fault that the actors are dating in real life. You can ship any characters on the show that you like. Just stick to the correct tags and none of us will even see it to give you ‘hate’. As for Sprousehart, that is a real relationship between real people and no matter what you say, you can’t change that. You need to accept it. Stay out of the Sprousehart tag and ignore it if you don’t like it. If you hate the way the show’s going, don’t watch it.

I can’t stand being labelled as something that I’m not, just because other people don’t like what I support due to it’s popularity. Stop spending your time hating something, and focus on what you love instead.

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(Totally love your blog i found it the other day and went thru the whole thing! I very much enjoy it.) Also how do you think the batfam would react to Mar'i Grayson getting bullied? (Keep doing what you do and i hope many good things come your way!)

this is so sweet! thank you so much honestly, it means a lot to me. *hugs if you are cool with it*

  • Mar’i would go to Damian first just because she knows if she goes to Dick first, Dick won’t be angry he will be wrathful and want to teach the kid a lesson himself and Dick is an adult and that isn’t okay.
  • Damian tells her to tell Dick when Kory is around and he will come over too, that way he can’t be impulsive and do something stupid because while Kory will be sad that this is happening, she will brain storm on how to solve the issue.
  • Dick comes home to see Damian and Mar’i playing some video game and he makes fun of Damian for missing him which Damian rolls his eyes at and goes back to focusing on the game. Mar’i and Dami decided to tell Dick and Kory at dinner tonight that Mar’i was being bullied and since Damian knows how that feels he can offer support to Mar’i (telling Bruce he was getting bullied wasn’t easy)
  • Mar’i looks down at her food pushing it around and eventually just says it quickly because it’s like a band aid. Kory gasps and Dick gets this expression on his face and demands to know who is hurting his daughter and says he is going down to the school right away he wants the kid expelled
  • Damian tells Dick to stop because that won’t help. Dick and Damian argue which at least keeps Dick occupied and Kory can focus on Mar’i. She asks if it is verbal or physical, and Mar’i replies a little bit of both. She tries not to let any expression show on her face and just goes “okaayyyyyy…..we need a game plan, but let’s wait until your dad is calmer.”
  • Kory and Mar’i finish their dinner in nice talking about nothing really important while Dick and Damian are in the other room arguing. Eventually it starts to get quieter and quieter and then they emerge from the room. Dick looking all red faced but a lot calmer then he did before and Damian with a triumphant smirk on his face.
  • They all finish their dinner and go to the living room. Damian lightly runs a hand up and down Mar’i’s spine for support and she tells them exactly what has been happening. Dick trying to keep his cool, starts to pace the room which Kory shoots him a look that makes him sit back down.
  • They decide that with the type of bullying that is going on, Kory will call the school and talk to the principal about it to see if Mar’i can have her classes rescheduled so she isn’t around the bullies that much. Dick lets out a giant whine at this because all he wants to do is get these kids kicked out school but that’s not what Mar’i wants. She wants to handle this mostly on her on.
  • After the principal agrees to switch her classes (because Dick can be very convincing), Mar’i only has to see the bullies at lunch which is a lot better because she has friends who can protect and help her. They don’t come around so much, and when they do, she has a voice to speak up to them which she didn’t before.

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recommend other Trans and Gay™ peter/mj/ned blogs pls

@transpeterparkers @transpeterman @transspidermans @transspidernnan @transspiderboy @chase-is-not-crash @nedxpeter

and honestly i know i’m forgetting loads of blogs so i would recommend just scrolling through the trans peter parker tag and checking out blogs, same for the ned/peter/michelle thing (i need more people to join that ship asap)

if you’re a blog that focuses on any of these then feel free to comment for people to check you out!!

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I've seen asks about your birthday and oOf, May I draw something for your birthday ??

well gosh I’m certainly not gonna say no to anybody drawin stuff! I said so in the other ask but it’s honestly just super awesome that anybody would want to in the first place – thank u so much! <3

(that said - and I’m also repeating myself here- but i am not gonna be able to think of drawing suggestions cause i’m terrible lmao, thank y’all once again for even wantin to tho like i can’t stress that enough that’s so lovely???)

((EDIT: also if anybody does then please, make ur own post for it and just tag me in it! seems only right for the aactual artists to get any post notes! <3))

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We've seen an artist S/O with grillby. How about being mainstream and writing some headcanons for Artist!S/O with the ut brothers (and uf sans because honestly he's wonderful and I can't get enough of headcanons) I'm mainstream but the only other interesting thing would be seeing either mettaton or blooky since they're artists too.. *muses*

heyyhey i finally finsihed this
im trying a new format for these things btw

also i didnt do blooky because i couldnt think off anything that would suit their personality. but i still love them


- He absolutely loves when you draw near him, because he can sleep while ou do so, since you create such a relaxing atmosphere.
- He loves to show off your art work, because he’s honestly proud of how it always turns out.
- He sometimes flirts with you, saying that he could be your model if you ever want to draw him.
- He actually carries about 10 pencils with him, always, in case you have an idea that you want to get down real quick. He doesn’t have paper, however.


- His favorite thing is seeing your finished works, because it just reminds him how perfect you are to him, and of course you’re perfect, you’re dating him.
- He’s actually incredibly delicate when handling your art, as to not tarnish the magic you create.
- He carries pencils with him, as well, but in his boots, so they’re sometimes snapped in half or caught in between his bones.
- He buys you all sorts of art materials, wanting you to branch out just so he could see what your art would look like if you were a marble sculptor, per say. (Yes, that does mean he once bought you a marble block and a chisel.)


- He gets ecstatic when you take up his offer to draw him, because he knows you’re talented, and if you draw his talent then that’s like, twice the talent.
- His hobby, it seems like, is showing you off to the world. 
- He loves you being on set with him, as he is on camera, he’ll want you to doodle while watching him.


- When you draw around him everything is silent, and normally you’re sitting in his lap, so he knows you’re safe, so he finally has a chance to relax somewhere outside of the house.
- Red flirts like Sans, but he offers to be your nude model
- He’s actually amazing that someone as talented as you would want to date him
- He gets really, really flustered when you actually draw him, and if you do draw him nude, he’s blushing the whole time.
- He likes seeing your hands all dirty from the graphite, or markers, or whatever you used to create with.

It’s unbelievable how many people I had to block while going through the Goro tag and their number is steadily increasing.
I honestly don’t understand why someone would post hate in a character tag, do they get a kick out of annoying, angering, or hurting others? Does it make them feel superior when they hate on a fictional figure and everyone who happens to have a more complex opinion about it?
There is a big difference between honest critic and blatant hate, if you voice your concerns and critical thoughts about a character then I’m more than willing to read it, maybe you see something I don’t and that I might find interesting to think about for myself.
And even not, at least I learn about a different perspective and can understand the reasoning behind your viewpoints and feelings, it helps me to understand you as a person.
But what good does it do to spread negativity and hate in a place that is meant to give others a space to talk about and share what they like? Especially when it comes to characters like Goro, someone a lot of people connect with on a personal level based on very sensible grounds.
Tumblr demands safe spaces but can’t even leave character tags alone, one of the easiest things you can do, but it seems that it’s enough to like something they deem problematic in order for you to lose your right to be treated with even the tiniest bit of decency and compassion.

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I'm new to the sims community so would u mind telling me a few tips to owning a simblr? Thx!!!

oooo boy ok!!!

1. do what u love. if its just reblogging inspo pictures or making lookbooks it doesn’t matter!!! it’s gonna feel tedious if u do something u don’t wanna do
2. tag properly!!! the s4mm/s4cc tags are for custom content only - if the post has links to the cc then ye ye put it in the tag otherwise nah
3. talk to other simblrs!! this sounds cliche but honestly I’ve met a cool ton of folk in the sims community just from randomly reaching out!!
4. try random challenges!! those 30 day cas challenges are really fun!! u don’t even need to publish anything its just cool to try things out of ur sim comfort zone
5. this is prob just me but i try to keep my blog as organized as possible, legacy tags, name tags, only showing specific posts on my browser blog to make things look Cleaner - it stresses me out if its not clean/organized so i try and do that as much as i can
6. take inspiration from other simblrs!! u like one aspect of someone’s editing? try it out!! as long as ur not blatantly copying them and just using some inspo into creating ur own awesome things its okay!! download someones psd or action!! download a base sim and have fun!!!

also!!! if u do decide to download a crapton of cc organize ur mods folder!! subfolders!! icons!! its great!!!

i hope this helped????? tbh the main thing is to remember to have fun because if u go head first into it u’ll tire out real quick. pls remember that u come first and that ur blog is second ok ur wellbeing is more important ♥

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Hey I couldnt help but notice that you mentioned Sumire in your tags. What are your thoughts on her? Some people like her a lot while some dont and just think shes Hinata 2.0.

I don’t like her but I don’t hate her. I’m just annoyed at the fact that the anime focused too much on Sumire aka SP’s OC rather than Sarada, you know, one of the main characters? I honestly don’t care about any of the “new” irrelevant characters and would rather learn more about Chouchou, Inojin and the other canon characters tbh. I wish SP took this opportunity to flesh them out since we didn’t really get to know them in the manga. 

Imagine helping human!Castiel get ready for his first date.

Characters: Y/N, Castiel

Warnings: There is a teeny tiny insignificant crumb of a crumb of angst right in the beginning. Other than that, nothing aside from Cass being a cute little dork.

A/N: I honestly just searched the gif thingy for “Supernatural imagines,” picked a gif, and wrote this. I actually quite like it, but I’m not quite sure how well I wrote Castiel. At least I tried, that’s all that counts. If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave them in any way you see fit. (send an ask, a message, leave a comment, etc.)

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future works, please send me an ask!

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How could it possibly take two grown men three and a half hours to go on a supply run? 

Not only that, but they left me here for no good reason. There are only three people in the bunker, we don’t need that much stuff. However, both of my brothers, no matter how old, will always be children. They’re probably wrapped up in an argument over whether to get pie or carrots. While they argue about what to get, I’m stuck here reading a grossly wrong Greek vampire legend because believe it or not, if you stay somewhere long enough it is possible to read all the books five times through. After that, one really has no desire to read them again.

My mental conversation was cut short by the creaking of the bunker door opening and closing.

Awesome, finally, it took them long enough.

Then, I realized there was only one pair of footsteps. Maybe Dean made Sam bring in all the stuff. 

Wouldn’t he have said something by now?

Out of caution, I placed my hand on the gun in my waist band while I stood to turn and greet the approaching footsteps.

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You have such a popular account !! Do you know how I could get more views on my posts ? I'm new to Tumblr and would really appreciate the help !! 💗

Honestly it really depends on what you enjoy and wants you blog about! There are tons of fandom communities to become a part of, blog styles, and ways to manage your blog.
I try my best to keep a queue running so my blog is at least somewhat active when I’m not here.

I also give shoutouts when I can to blogs with similar content or queue from archives so other bloggers can get noticed more.

If you work hard on content and want it to get noticed, check the tags of similar content so you tag your content with the proper tags. Only the first 5 tags tend to show up in Tumblr search; so I use main tags and then my own blog tags.

Overall I want to let you know that Tumblr is fun, but Tumblr popularity isn’t everything, and can sometimes even be stressful. I think the most important thing is that you enjoy your blogging experience. Best of luck!

anon said:  I mean, it’s fine for bh to show yoon/min sleeping together on the same bed and tk sleeping together in bon voyage season 1 but not kookmin sleeping together. Huh, too many rated scenes to cut i guess so they decided to just not showing it 😏

Please separate ship names from now on, so they don’t go in other tags, please! :)

I’m hoping we get a jikook bed scene in the behind the scenes of the episode. honestly, that’s like all i want in life. but omg, i hope they didn’t have sex or anything, especially since there might be cameras in their room skefe. imagine how awkward that would be for the editors omg. but i’m still very bitter we didn’t get a jikook bed scene. 

the best worst thing - Molnija - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Relationships: Shirabu Kenjirou/Yahaba Shigeru, really small mentions of Akaoi and Goshihina
Characters:Shirabu Kenjirou,Yahaba Shigeru, with guest appearances by Oikawa Tooru and the Akizaka University volleyball club manager
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Witchcraft, this is for the hq-rare-pairs halloween fest!, i’d tag this with something else but i honestly don’t know with what, it’s actually really dumb, seijoh and shiratorizawa have never played each other, because it would have been inconvenient
Language: English
Words: 14932
Chapters: 1/1

Shirabu Kenjirou was cursed, he decided after the third downpour of frogs onto his balcony.

In which Yahaba’s pettiness knows no bounds, Shirabu suffers the consequences, and magic may be involved.

it’s 3am end me now
there’s probably some mistakes still in there I just needed to finally get it out … good god …….

I just have to go off a bit i'm sorry

If you honestly think stanning Paul is a good thing after all the shit he said and did and after this tag and several other social media platforms exposed and dragged him and his minions, you’re fucking stupid. Like we should not have to explain to you why after all the posts and news stories that have gone out. And don’t try to play it off like people aren’t allowing to have an opinion. We all know that all of us here don’t like him so why would you willingly act a fool? That’s like stepping out into traffic and getting surprised that you got hit by a car. What else did you expect?


Hey y’all this is @they-need-a-revolutionary‘s side/group blog for The Lunar Chronicles Musical! Just some quick guidelines to set up here:

  1. Honestly I don’t have very many restrictions regarding posts so long as it’s appropriate and related to the concept.
  2. It would be lovely if all the posts are tagged with #the lunar chronicles musical or #tlc musical.
  3. Please be kind to the other members!
  4. This is a group collaboration! This means that not every idea or suggestion will be used. However, I will try my hardest to make sure everyone is heard.
  5. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns! I’m always happy to clarify.

I will be updating this as needed.


Hey there.
This blog is sfw, but I don’t know if I could make a character a stoner without making followers uncomfortable.
It’s legal some places, illegal some others. It does a lot of good when prescribed and it can be a problem for some others. It’s a touchy subject.
While I obviously could not do it on site, if I make a darigan chomby I’d like to consider making her a stoner. Would this make any followers uncomfortable? Honestly it’s not a trait I hold in higher regard than others’ comfort.
I know some people I follow smoke. I have no idea how many are opposed to marijuana.
While I’m not going to spam the tag with pics of neopets taking chunky bong rips, I was considering drawing a joint. This could be mistaken for a rolled cigarette visually. But I won’t do it if you let me know it would upset you. So this is your chance to let me know.
I think anon asks are enabled for now if you don’t want to say something with your name attached.
It’s a site visited by kids… I just don’t know how taboo it’s considered by the Tumblr neotagger community.

Edit: Another thing I could do is maybe post the image to my main art blog and then post a cropped/safe image here redirecting people to the image with a warning. Would that be better?

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If I met you in real life we would definitely fan girl about namjin together and talk about school like we always do lol 🍞🍇💕

abbY FALSDKFJLASKJGLKSDJGDALSKFASD I’M HONESTLY LAUGHING SO HARD BC I JUST IMAGINED US IN CLASS TOGETHER AND FAILING BC WE’D JUST CONSTANTLY TAG EACH OTHER IN CLASS LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but like ilysm like????? idk if I have designated emojis for anyone else??? 🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇🍞🍇

“If I met you in real life…” finish it in my ask!!! ✨

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The reason I love Black Mirror so much is how mature Dick and Babs are in it ,they're finally written as proper adults and Synder did a great job of showing how much they care for each other without making it cliche.I miss this versions of Synders writing tbh.

it’s honestly everything i didn’t know i wanted… it shows how much better the narrative would be if dc wasn’t so attached to the idea of the ‘original’ hero and actually let the characters grow up. i haven’t actually read much pre52 about batman so i’m definitely going to look up if i can find any more titles like this one.