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You cannot tell me that Guzma wouldn’t do this.
He is the bug smoocher and he will smooch every bug.

Alternate title; Golisopod is a whiny baby.

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Yo, d'you have any headcanon voices for any characters?

yeah! i’m just gonna do undertale, since you didn’t specify a certain au! ~Mod Chrissu

Toriel: her voice is so light and motherly, but it also has the edge it needs when she needs to be stern. I imagine that she has a gorgeous singing voice! To me, she sounds like how she does here.

Asgore: Deepish, but not too much. Very gentle. Like, a tenor-ish voice. He has a big, booming laugh! Something like this.

Sans: Suuuuper deep. But not dumb sounding, he’s eloquent and his diction is well developed, and sometimes when he’s angry or not paying attention to it he rolls his r’s like his brother. like this

Papyrus: His voice cracks a lot, mostly because he’s shouting all the time. He uses his teeth a lot when he talks, so his vowels sound strained and reedy almost. Rolls his r’s, as i said before. i know he’s singing in this video but shhh

Alphys: Basically Mabel from Gravity Falls, except with a lisp. 

Undyne: OKAY I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DESCRIBE BUT. HOW SHE DOES IN THIS VIDEO IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK SHE SOUNDS LIKE (harsh language warning, like this video is rated t/r man)

Frisk: sMOL KIDDO,,, I mean i personally hc frisk to be mute but if they had to have a voice it’d be the va from this video.

Asriel: again, SMOL. but it’d be small, scratchy voice. it almost sounds like a whisper sometimes! like in this video

Flowey: THIS VIDEO SUMS IT UP. He a sarcastic lil blossom. 

Mettaton: Very posh, uppity sounding. like this

Chara: sorta garbled and echoy, far away. they are a ghost after all. someth like this

that’s about all i can think of atm!!

I told you I spent an entire day drawing Silmarillion children! Here’s a bunch of dark-haired babies.

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞

Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.

Following the Skullgirls vibes, here’s a collab with @hnai-reenei ////

I drew and lineart it, they painted = w=//

Just look at these precious people! So much love for them <3

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates 11 Olivier Awards nominations!



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

     see i say ‘you’re all diamonds’ but that implies that this is a metal gear focused blog … which i swear it isn’t. as much as i love big boss, this is about richard and his development that was all thanks to you guys. i’ve a lot of ground to cover when it comes to his development, and i know i’m a bit behind, but all-in-all i just want you to know how grateful i am to all the mutuals i have here. since i can’t gush about each and every one of you, here, i’ll just make a quick blogroll instead. and in the end, i really do want you guys to remember that you are all diamonds to me.

but okay WOW 130+ followers is a lot for me. i’m excited to get deeper into this character, explore more universes with him, and just see where it goes. keep in mind that this is just an appreciation post, so it’s nothing special (but it rly is to me), so you guys may get mentioned more than once if we’re mutuals on more than one of your blogs. that’s intentional, and without any further word-vomit, here’s the blogroll!


@handofhonor | @a-riotous-beauty | @playsvulgar | @gunkanjiima | @lxonessa | @betterhealing | @amongheroes | @camewithguns | @gothamcartel | @hotshotflyboy | @missperegcine | @dvastatus | @vexvenoire | @kingxfmischief | @fightsfor | @ncxiously | @warhybris | @alshrike | @venuscode | @createdhero | @suollac | @mamakirk | @punchit | @techbred | @postmortemed | @meiyoisan | @nowidcws | @raisedwar | @revvolver | @alacrus | @rcsebush | @slipstreamcd | @petitewidow | @hisphantom | @doomedfist | @lazaruus | @talestobetold | @ammisum-victoriam | @thankchrist | @paternall | @kaldwinslain | @brokenbirthright | @neckerchiefsandmagic | @batomos | @lysglorie | @rondeursx | @gunbris | @savedgirl | @odiouus | @theprixrity | @heroheart | @wuunderkinds | @gcngju | @fcult | @barbedlucille | @maziking | @bladedrawn | @valkiriya | @tankmeta | @luthoritative | @arepure | @liviingweapon | @missus-jayy | @slverplter | @kaldwinmarked | @apegene | @bcrmherzig | @lemurmure | @huckleberryed | @six–shots | @widowheaux | @improvises | @scornedstraysheep | @toogcddamnold | @gensome | @flowerissms | @burgerflips | @amerekiss | @saltruin | @scnshiiine | @frostiiness | @murderchased | @inusitus | @coinflippings | @pirateswrit | @saustavam | @americabrand | @krempuff | @wintercoded | @weddinplanner | @iviaw | @therussianandthefinn | @1000liveslived | @bluethreepilot | @kauboi | @tcmbraider | @weidelein | @luvshock | @cafveinated | @medaltali | @handcfhealing | @okamii | @dxadwalk | @highlandsiren | @rcdpup | @ccandidum | @devourstar | @speediings | @oncforall | @ripsfaces | @arrowbled | @mercyhoe | @empactivate | @estanima | @0000000000011 | @upqrow | @oracleborn | @sxphiroth

Season 4 of The 100
  • Clarke: I'm dead in the City of Light with my soulmate Lexa.
  • Lexa: Once every episode you get a 5 minute fluff scene of Clarke and I being happy and safe and treated well, like we deserve.
  • Anya: I'm back and magically somehow in the CoL too with Lexa and I give her really great advice, and Clarke and I have an amusing love/hate dynamic.
  • Lincoln: I hang out with them sometimes. Also people appreciate me now.
  • Raven: I'm the main character now and immune to physical pain. Also I'm immortal, bitches.
  • Octavia: I realized I'm madly in love with Raven and most of this season is me trying to win her over which is not hard because I already have her whipped. And I'm the new commander and often travel to Arkadia to see Raven. I'm immortal too so the writers can't fuck up Octaven.
  • Pike: I'm dead.
  • Kane: I'm chancellor.
  • Abby: I'm just a doctor now, but I'm also a great mother figure to Raven.
  • Jasper: I'm still mental health representation but Improved. I don't blame women or Monty for my problems, and I'm nice to the CoL version of Clarke.
  • Monty: I'm a happy and peaceful little bean and I'm getting married to Jasper.
  • Harper: I'm allowed to acknowledge and work through my problems in a healthy way and experience the psychological damage that being tortured has brought me.
  • Bellamy: I went back to being awesome and reliable season 2 Bellamy, but I took responsibility for everything I did and I didn't get off easy and I paid a price for my crimes like everyone else. And I apologized to Clarke for being horrible to her. Also Miller and I are sarcastic assholes together and it's great.
  • Jaha: Jaha who?
  • Murphy: I'm free from Ontari and allowed to recognize my history of sexual abuse for what it actually was and I don't have to brush it off as if it's ok and I deserved better and realized this and now I'm back with Emori and Emori treats me very well and is very consent conscious and together we're like the Bonnie and Clyde of The 100.
  • Emori: I'm still cool.
  • Ontari: Octavia killed me and I am not in the CoL with the cinnamon rolls, I just don't exist. But Rhiannon Fish is still hot af.
  • Roan: I'm the unproblematic Azgeda king.
  • Niylah: I'm safe and happy and have a great gf
  • Echo: I'm in a very healthy and mutually respectful romantic relationship with Bellamy. #Echamy #Becho #happiness
  • Sinclair: I suddenly exist again and I am a great friend to Raven Reyes BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT.
  • ALIE: I was destroyed. rip
  • Wells: I'm also somehow magically in the CoL and Clarke and I are best friends and I'm super supportive of her and Lexa and I'm the same great guy, perfect precious cinnamon roll, that I've always been.
  • Costia: I have a head.
Situational comedy where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are living in a flat in London trying to blend in with the muggle neighbors

•Using magic around the house for small things- secretly having to obliviate some kids who saw through the window oops
•Little old ladies in the building asking Sirius to take their dogs out because “they’ve taken such a liking to you, you sure have a way with dogs” - Remus snorts into his tea
•Idk how you even hide a werewolf every month in a small flat in the city but hoo boy can you imagine?

thank you thank you thank you

So I just reached my next thousand and I am…. speechless. This is CRAZY. I made this blog in 2012 and all I wanted to do was express my love for this show through my gifsets and posts. It was definitely much smaller than any other fandom I had ever been in at the time but I think that’s also what made me feel so welcome.

There were some people I ended up talking to and becoming friends with but some that I never talked to and just simply admired. A lot of these blogs are inactive now but every single one of them has made me what I am today. I figured I should show my appreciation for a majority of these people. I will DEFINITELY miss out on a few people because the list is, believe it or not, quite long despite the size of the fandom. Anyway, here I go! (this is in no particular order btw)

  1. I’m gonna start with @kinneysexual. Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin with Cami? When I joined the fandom, I think you were probably the most popular qaf blog/giffer (well you were to me, anyway). I was SO inspired by all your wonderful and unique gifsets and I’m pretty sure I would just stare and stare at them for hours when I could. I’m not kidding, I was so so so impressed and in awe of your talent and ideas. I don’t think we ever talked privately but anytime you reblogged one of my sets or mentioned me in a post, I would just DIE of happiness because you were honestly my QUEEN hahahaha. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have gone on a massive giffing spree when I made this blog. Thank you.

  2. @kinneys. What the hell would I have done without your BEAUTIFUL qaf edits? I ain’t playing, y’all. Alice would take a few screencaps from the most difficult show to colour, put them together and turn them into ART. FUCKING ART. HOW???? I JUST DON’T KNOW TO THIS DAY. THANK YOU for making the show look a million times prettier than it actually is. Your skill also inspired me to edit even though I was never and will never be as talented as you are. Thank you.

  3. @kinneyism. You are absolutely brilliant. In a way, your gifs are DECEIVING because you look at them and you’re like “wow! this show looks nice! It seems like the type of show that wouldn’t be complete torture to colour!” Well NOPE. YOU JUST HAVE MAGIC POWERS. I’m not kidding, while you inspired me to make gifs, I also felt extremely intimidated by you and would sometimes think well, what was the point of even trying to make gifs when art like yours already existed. But I pushed myself anyway and I never ever would have without your help! Thank you. 

  4. @bottomvich. Another amazing, talented person. You were one of my biggest inspirations in this fandom. I don’t know what else to say other than thank you for blessing us with your gifs and edits. Your edits were gorgeous enough and then you gave us A LOT gifsets and just wow. I’m glad that I found your blog and that you were one of the people I really looked up to. Thank you. (also I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged every single one of your qaf edits)

  5. @celebrate-the-victories. SARAH!!!!! This is super cute ok but I did a lil bit of research and I’m pretty sure this is the first post of yours that I reblogged. So basically in four years, the tags I leave on your sets are still exactly the same??? Why am I not surprised????? OKAY MOVING ON TO THE MUSHY MESSAGE. Your blog REALLY stuck out to me. I was mostly seeing these really great Brian/Justin edits and I loved them but YOU. You posted these GORGEOUS gifsets of Ted/Blake, sets of them I had never seen giffed before and coloured with such a distinct style that made my heart warm. I was so happy that I found your blog and I’m so so so damn happy that you’re one of the few I followed at the start and are still active in the fandom and still posting these unique Ted/Blake sets that make me wanna die. NEVER EVER CHANGE. You are truly wonderful. Thank you. And I lowkey always wanted to be your friend BAHAHAH but I don’t think I ever actually reached out to you. GURL LOOK AT US NOW, CALLIN EACH OTHER BY NAME IN TAGS AND POSTS. 2012 ME WOULDA BEEN SCREAMIN (2017 me is still screaming what am i talking about) 

  6. @xchelspaige​. Chelsee! You were one of the first blogs I followed, I think. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Your gifs have always been gorgeous to me. But following you for this long, I witnessed your gifs getting better and better, prettier and prettier. The fact that you’re still making and posting your beautiful gifs l just…. This fandom is so lucky to have someone as nice and talented as you in it. Thank you. 

  7. @queerasfcuk​. Okay, wow. I don’t know how to put this… You have made some of the BEST gifsets I have ever seen for this show. Oh my goodness. Your talent and creativity BLOWS MY MIND. All your sets have thousands of notes but you deserve millions! You were one of the blogs that both inspired me and intimidated me! I love everything about your gifs from the font you use, the way you sharpen them, their speed, the colouring, EVERYTHING. Can we all take a moment to appreciate these ICONIC gifsets though???: x x x. I appreciate all the effort you put into creating sets like those, I know I couldn’t do it. I can’t even tell you how much you really inspired me. Thank you.

  8.  @ksica​. ONE WORD: HOW??!?! Just the other day, I was stalking my own blog (LMAO) and in one page, I reblogged a bunch of your qaf sets in a row and holy wow…. You have the most distinct colouring style on this entire site, I think? I’ll see a gorgeous and vibrant set and I’ll just know it’s yours. I don’t remember if I initially followed you for doctor who or queer as folk but damn I’m pretty sure you can colour ANYTHING. You are sosososososoososososo talented and I wish my qaf gifs were at least near your level. And you’re also just ridiculously nice??? Your entire blog is everything I aspire to be hahahahahaha. Thank you. 

  9. @candlewinds​. JEEEEESS!!!!!!!!! I miss you SO much wow! I don’t think I followed you until I was maybe in the fandom for like two years or so??? But I remember seeing a bunch of your edits and just being completely amazed and inspired by you. You don’t wanna get me started on your gifsets PLS. You were one of the people with superpowers. The powers to make a 144p show look 720p. I CANNOT TELL YOU what your blog meant to me oh my god. I think you’re one of the first few friends I really made in this fandom and I’m so glad we really ended up talking instead of just reblogging each other’s posts and talking to each other through tags HAHAHAHA. You are, without a doubt, one of THE nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting. I remember we became friends then I went on a massive hiatus and when I came back, you were one of the first people to talk to me and you said something really sweet like “I’m so glad to see you on my dash again!!” and it made me so happy to be back. Thank you. 

  10. @justintaylor. OKAY, LISTEN, LAURA. I LOVE YA AND I HATE YA. HERE IS WHY. I REMEMBER THE EXACT MOMENT I FIRST SAW ONE OF YOUR QAF GIFSETS. I was literally in SHOCK. I was like “wait……..wait… why the hell does this look like it was giffed from a 1080p download/blu-ray dvds??? those don’t… exist for this show???” And so I stalked your blog for hours a lil bit and my jealous ass found out you had the dvds and I was FUMING ASIDHASOIDHAISHI I don’t think I had the desire to buy the box set until I saw your gifs tbh?????? I miss your qaf gifs so much though! I still think your sets are some of the prettiest in this fandom ever!! Maybe one day, I will make it to your level <3333 

  11. @itsbriankinney. LEIRE! I wonder if you’re sick of me praising your gifs at this point HAHAHAH IDC IMMA PRAISE THEM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I already had the dvds when I followed you and I might as well BURN THEM ALL tbh. You don’t have the dvds and yet your gifs are better quality than mine will ever be lmao ashiahsiohasduaiasdhi and I can’t even hate you for it because you’re only the sweetest person on this planet omfg. I’m so grateful to call you one of my friends on here like I feel honestly BLESSED hahahahaha. I’ve only been talking to your for a short time but for some reason, I trust you with my life??? And I feel like you’ll always have my back and that’s such a nice feeling to have??? At first, I loved your blog for your qaf gifs but now I love you for so much more! I also realised we watch a lot of the same shows and share the same opinions and ships which is a plus! Thank you for being so kind to me. I hope you know by now that I will always be here for you!

  12. And last but definitely not least, @xoxoemynn​. The first post of yours I saw was a response to an ask. I don’t remember which one it was but I remember being so in awe of how well you wrote. So obviously I had to stalk your blog for days and read as many of your analyses of the show/britin as I could. Yeah, I got nothing I needed to do done during those times bahahaha. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH. I’m pretty sure ever since I found your blog, I desperately wanted to be your friend lmaooooo. So when you first messaged me, I was honestly fangirling, I’m not kidding. FANGIRLING. AND LOOK AT US NOW!! ACTUAL children laughing about things only CHILDREN laugh about iadhaishiashdaih and sending each other screenshots and talking like teenagers in high school and tbh I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to go through my biggest Tumblr drama with AHAHAHAHAH. You made me almost cry laughing during a time I probably should not have been laughing oh my god. I cannot imagine what I would have done without you. YOU ARE JUST SO GENUINE AND WONDERFUL AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO SAY “EMY IS MY FRIEND GUYS”. Thank you so much for your generosity and for making me laugh and for being there for me and for existing. Ily <3 

Unfortunately, some of the blogs I wanted to mention have deactivated and/or changed their urls and I don’t recognise them anymore. But just know, there were a lot more people who are in this list. And I’m so so so grateful for every single one of them. Thank you for making my time in this fandom nothing but wonderful. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!