i would tag au but that would be dumb



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

ive seen aus for danny being the older concerned brother and jazz being the younger half ghost gal but what if they were twins

i feel like there would be less protectiveness on jazz’s part? like they would have each other’s backs but there wouldn’t be that “must protect child from crazy parents”, more of a “oh god our crazy parents” commiseration

also at school i feel like with jazz being the same age as danny she would be all like “don’t embarrass me by being weird or dumb, i have to impress our teachers!!!” but then would awkwardly tag along after danny and his friends bc she doesn’t have other friends

ok now im making myself sad and that was not where i meant to go with this

so I read a unpopular les mis opinion of somebody who said ramin was too ‘ugly’ to be enjolras, and my mind was blessed with this dumb thought.