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Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

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reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent


Warnings: swearing I think?, my bad writing (im sorry), food mention

Summary: Where the only reason you left your house after your break up with Tom is because you don’t like wet waffles. He tries to win you back.

A/N: this is lowkey based off of Hoodie by Hey Violet but not enough to where I would include it in the music AU. I had just some dumb problems with this writing cause like I’m really southern so I call carts buggies and I knew no one would know what that was so I struggled with cart also I’m currently wearing a hoodie and it took everything in me to not chew on the strings. Sorry for my long A/N. -R

Waking up is never an easy process for me and my neighbor’s lawnmower in the background isn’t helping. I sit up in bed clutching my comforter to my chest as I try to feel around for the shirt I was wearing last night. It was so hot in my apartment last night with the busted AC I had to tear off the comfortable Hogwarts hoodie and now that is six AM and it has freshly rained I’m now cold and in need of that hoodie so desperately. I eventually find it and slip it over my head and proceed to the kitchen to make coffee.

After I throw some frozen waffles, that must be way past expired, in the toaster I try to root through my pantry to find a jelly, jam, chocolate syrup, anything really to throw onto my otherwise bland and wet waffles. The right string of the hoodie is soon in my mouth as I try to search for a spread. Once I realize I have nothing to put on my waffles I spit out the string and accept my wet, bland waffle fate and proceed over to my coffee maker.

I pull one of the waffles out of the toaster and walk over to my coffee maker only to find that I am also out of my favorite coffee flavor. I refuse to drink just back coffee because black coffee is for people like Satan not me. Now I’m going through all of my pantry and refrigerator and anything else I can think of to look in to gather myself a shopping list. As I jot down all the things I need I put the hoodie string back into my mouth and kick myself in the butt for not going out to get groceries in fear of seeing him.

I walk back to my room and put on whatever I could pull off as pants and head out of the house. I consider walking to the store because you know it’ll be good for me but I decide against it because no one wants to carry that many bags for that long. I climb into my car and a familiar song comes on. I immediately shut it off because no one needs to cry right before going grocery shopping especially when they already look like a complete wreck. The ride to the store is quiet but I think that’s how I like things now there’s no more cameras no more Tom Holland this Tom Holland that now it’s all about me. Tom would hate my wet waffles but I think I could get accustomed to them but black coffee was something I wasn’t about to do. I let my thoughts drift to Tom and soon I’m at the store.

It’s so early in the morning the the store is dead other than a few elderly people getting things for whatever elderly people do. I grab a cart and subconsciously put the hoodie string back in my mouth before strolling the isles grabbing whatever I think I want and throwing it in the cart. I eventually make it to the frozen isle and grab some chocolate chip waffles because those always seem to come out more crunchy than the normal ones. My next stop is my coffee.

I reach the isle and I throw my usual stuff into my cart but I’m not stopping there. I grab a few more flavors and I’m just about to move on with my life when I feel someone tapping on the dead center of the Golden Snitch on my back “hey where did you get that hoodie I had one just like that but I think I lost it?” The voice has a very familiar accent but I pray it’s not his accent that it’s just another British person seeing as I now live in London. I pretend like the person isn’t there in hopes that they’ll leave but I am not so fortunate “excuse me where did-”

“I heard you the first time” I finally say and turn around to look at him. Tom freaking Holland the one person in all of London I was trying to avoid is asking me where I got HIS hoodie. “You got it from that online store you used to love before they went out of business for whatever reason I don’t remember” I quickly try to put my coffee into my cart and get out of that situation as fast as I can but Tom grabs my arm.

“Can we please talk about this… about us” he asks with the same look in his eyes as he did when I broke up with him. I want to tell him that I never want to see him ever again but then I’d be lying to both of us so I let him walk with me so I can get some bread

“Talk you have until I get all of my stuff and then I’m done Tom”

“I miss you.. I know that’s the dumbest thing to start off with but I really do” he reaches up and grabs my favorites type of bread from the top shelf “no matter how many times you say the bread on the top shelf is fresher it won’t become any truer” he then hands me the bread and it put it in the area of the cart where a child would go.

“I told you the movie world is taking over your life and I still firmly believe that” now I have everything I could need but I don’t want to leave him just yet so I keep wandering isles.

“You said that it was taking over our life” I gave him a weird look and he continues “our life as in me and you us together. You were tired of people never leaving us alone you were tired of interviewers over stepping and asking us about our sex life you were tired of so many things but not us” I stop in the middle of the isle because he was right. I had avoided him because I was tired of everyone around us but not us “I mean you still have my hoodie” he laughs

“What? It’s warm you don’t get to judge me”

“And I’m not”

“I was trying to avoid you so much I made wet waffles and almost drank black coffee”

“Can I come home? Living with my parents again is kinda the worst”

“I dunno… how can you sweeten the deal because if I let you come back home all I get is a gross boy and lord knows I don’t want that”

“I’ll make sure you never eat wet waffles and almost drink back coffee ever again”

“Fine it’s a deal” as soon as the words leave my lips Tom is dancing around and hugging me.

“We gotta checkout fast cause I miss our TV” he laughs, takes the cart from me, and races off to the checkout. I follow slowly behind admiring how much I love this boy.

ive seen aus for danny being the older concerned brother and jazz being the younger half ghost gal but what if they were twins

i feel like there would be less protectiveness on jazz’s part? like they would have each other’s backs but there wouldn’t be that “must protect child from crazy parents”, more of a “oh god our crazy parents” commiseration

also at school i feel like with jazz being the same age as danny she would be all like “don’t embarrass me by being weird or dumb, i have to impress our teachers!!!” but then would awkwardly tag along after danny and his friends bc she doesn’t have other friends

ok now im making myself sad and that was not where i meant to go with this

so I read a unpopular les mis opinion of somebody who said ramin was too ‘ugly’ to be enjolras, and my mind was blessed with this dumb thought.