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the trailer for ep 34 : *comes out on friday*

ep 34 : *doesn’t come out on monday*

me, knowing full well that if a trailer comes out on a friday the episode will never be released on a monday :

ideas for a (very very sad, read ahead at your own risk) non-magical/maybe modern newt/credence AU floating around in my head: 

- credence is gay. he’s had the misfortune, however, of being adopted by vicious anti-lgbt “activist” mary lou, who is an enthusiastic fan of “pray the gay away” rhetoric and beats him whenever he so much as looks at a boy.

- graves is an older man who grooms credence with faux-kind words and promises that he’ll take credence away to live with him one day – just as long as credence gives him what he wants.

- newt is still a zoologist – but he’s also a happily bisexual lgbt rights activist!

- they meet the day credence finds out that graves has been lying to him, using him, and never intended for them to have a life together at all. credence can’t take it; he snaps, storms out into the street in a flurry of uncontrollable emotion, rage and despair. 

- newt spots him just as the police begin to surround him. credence is violent, lost, and standing on the edge of a bridge. nobody wants to approach him. the police are armed. 

- newt puts himself in between them and credence, and promises he can talk this boy down. just let him try, he says. he’s good at calming people down (what he means is, he’s good at calming animals down, but he reckons there can’t be too much difference, right? after all, people are animals too).

- it’s a delicate process, but newt manages. he speaks to credence in kind, gentle words; he smiles at him, but always takes him seriously. slowly, carefully, he works out credence’s reasons. newt tells him that he likes boys, too, that his parents weren’t so happy about it either. but that it’s alright – and that he isn’t alone. tells him that if he’d like to just come down, perhaps they could talk some more, somewhere a little quieter, and a little more comfortable. perhaps over a cup of tea. 

- credence comes down. 

- newt takes him somewhere quiet. maybe a library – he doesn’t want credence to feel trapped by taking him home, but somewhere like a café would be too public. 

- they talk. or rather, newt talks, a lot, and credence listens and can’t quite believe what he’s hearing.

- newt tells him about the time he first realised he was bi. about how scared he’d been. tells him how his parents had never outright said he wasn’t welcome anymore after he came out, but how he’d felt it nonetheless, and how much it had broken his heart to leave them. tells him that despite that, he doesn’t regret coming out – tells him about his activist work, about the friends he has now. but not just about that; newt tells credence about his other work, too, about the zoos he’s worked in and the creatures he’s studied and the book he’s working on that’s almost finished, he’s sure of it. 

- they talk until the sun starts to set. newt mentions that it’s getting late – that’s when credence tells him that he can’t go home. not now. not ever again. newt suggests, gently, that he has a spare room at his place. but only if credence wants. 

- credence does.

I’ve been really hesitant to post this here because tumblr can get pretty vitriolic about dieting and weight loss but fuck it, I’m proud of myself.

After recovering from my illness in early 2014 (in which I couldn’t hold down food and lost about 70lbs from pure starvation), I began to heavily overeat all the junk I possibly could in fear that it would happen again. Except I didn’t stop, because that’s not how that works, and I ended up at 213lbs. Uncomfortable all the time, out of shape, unable to wear my old clothes and unable to afford the rare and elusive Good Plus Sizes.

So I said fuck it and changed my eating habits entirely right before the holidays, which I survived without incident. I’m at 39lbs down as of today, which puts me halfway to my goal of 135-140ish, and is why I’m so excited for my upcoming costume! I’ve got more energy, am lighter on my feet, and fit a lot of my clothes again.

So here’s me in the same shirt/pose in August and a few days ago.

I won’t post about this often and have tried not to other than recipes and I know it’s not for everyone. But man I’m proud of my discipline.

Mehhh.. Have some shapeshifting!Danny scribbles.

Actually an offshoot of the snakeowner!Danny au (yo au of an au, gotta go deeper). This is a what if Danny didn’t stop just at the snek tongue with the whole shapeshifting ability and developed it to the point where it became a main staple power of his. Danny has a total ball with this power and even spends a bit of time researching some mythological creatures because yoooo that’s some cool shit.

Also, in this particular au, some young ghosts don’t have a strong sense of self. It can be a bit of a problem for Danny because whilst he has no problems with pushing the envelope regarding his shapeshifting experiments, he sometimes forgets himself. That is, spend too long shapeshifting, and your original form no longer becomes your ‘default’. (Vlad by contrast does not have this problem, nor the sheer shapeshifting potential/ability that Danny has because he is ‘set in his ways’, so to speak. If Vlad were to try to shapeshift, he would have to work to maintain it because his body ‘remembers’ what he is ‘supposed’ to look like. Danny’s form on the other hand, is much more malleable because he doesn’t have the same mindframe.)

Close Future - Part 3

Part: 1

Part: 2

Summary: Your stay at the Stark Tower is extended, and after talking to Sam, your time with the Avengers seem to take a more permanent turn.

Warnings: Pain (still a stupid warning but yeah)

Words: 2 304

A/N: Okay so I want to post longer parts than this and I’ll do that in the next part! Also, the tags are messed up I’m pretty sure I’m not tagging people idk. Sorry if it doesn’t work!


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She could hear sounds before she could see what caused them. Her head felt heavy along with her entire body and she could only describe everything as if she had been his by a truck and then fallen asleep for two days straight. 

“Y/N?” Tony called out as he noticed her nose scrunch up, eyes moving behind closed lids. “Take it easy.”

She managed to open her eyes and felt sick. She held back her guts and looked around the dim the room which only she and Tony were in. She heard the steady beat of her heart being motored to her side and felt a needle stuck in her arm, a long tube filled with clear fluid traveling from it.

“How are you felling?” Tony asked, taking a quick glance of her vitals before returning his focus to her

“Like the day after a hell of a night.“ She groaned, submitting to her eyes who wanted nothing but to close shut again. Tony smiled, liking the reference to himself as he asked Friday to alert Bruce that Y/N had woken up.

“We did some testing whilst you were out, tried to find out what happened? Seems that awesome brain of yours can’t handle too much awesomeness… We measured your brain activity again and it was lower than the before-numbers from yesterday. I’d equal that as to you needing to recharge, right?” Tony asked, trying to understand her powers which became more complicated the more information about them he received.

“Yeah, I guess they work like a battery in a way, only I don’t plug in the charger over night. I do that when I wake up.”

“So you just decide to fill up on juice, or how does it work?” Tony gave her a look as he neared the electrodes they had replaced on her forehead. She nodded and watched as he removed them.

“I decide to not use my powers. That way, my body can catch up from a whole night of work.”

Bruce appeared behind the glass door across the room and pushed the door open, remaining in the doorframe. “Hey, Peter wants to come in, if that’s okay?”

“Sure.” She smiled before Bruce walked inside and held the door open, Peter walking in right behind him. “Hey, Spider-Boy.”

Tony looked in surprise towards her before glancing over to Bruce who met his stare, his lips threatening to curl up into a smile.

“Actually, it’s Spi-”

“I know it is.” She interrupted Peter, still smiling. “I’m just messing with you.”

Peter looked down at her as she laid on the flat bed, eyes closed in tiredness whilst still talking to him. “Are you okay?”

“Oh I’m fine! I’ll be back to prime health in an hour or something I’m sure.” She assured the worried teen. “By the way, can we make this thing go up?”

She motioned for the bed and Tony handed her a small remote which had rested on the side of the bed frame. She pressed the up button and groaned in discomfort as her stiff and aching body moved. Her back began to repeatedly crack and she lifted her thumb, the bed stopping. “Oh, that’s not… Pleasant…”

“You good?” Tony grabbed the remote from her hand and out it back in it rests where she could still reach it. She nodded, briefly opening her eyes, her breathing heavy.

“Where’s- where is Sam?” She had wanted to know the answer to that questions since the second she was awake and not too out of it. Bruce looked away from her like he didn’t want to answer the question, but became the one who did it anyway.

“He left. Suited up, if you know what I mean.”

“Mhm…” She sighed in response. “Is Steve around, possibly?”

“I can go get him.” Peter volunteered, just wanting to help despite that it would have been easier to just let Friday contact Steve. Peter was out of the lab before anyone could reason with him.

She almost looked ahead in time to see how long it would take for Steve to get down to the lab, but she caught herself before completing the action thankfully. It was strange, to be so restricted when her powers were such a natural thing to hear by then. She had never really worried about not being able to use them. Sure, she passed up on it a few times the first hour after she woke up, but after that, things were back to normal again.

“Don’t do that.” Bruce said as he saw how her eyes never flashed with color but how they still became withdrawn from reality. She snapped out of her thoughts, her eyes landing on the scientist at the end of her bed. “I don’t know how your powers operate, but I don’t think you’re ready to run them just yet.”

“I’m not, but it’s so easy to fall into it. It’s been seven years since I got them and now I have to concentrate to it use them instead of the other way around.” She sighed as she felt the sick feeling from the sedatives still churning in her guts. “I think I’ll just stay here for a few hours or so, if that’s alright?”

Bruce nodded. “Of course.”

Peter opened up the door with Steve at his heel. The Captain looked over to Y/N who was visibly drained, not only physically. “You wanted to see me?”

“Yeah, could we talk? Alone?” She asked with her eyes diverting to the others in the room. Neither o them said anything but began to leave. Tony had to push Peter out with him but soon the two of them along with Bruce were out of the lab and the door shut behind them.

Y/N turned her focus to Steve again who crossed the room to be closer to her. “You’re the closest to Sam here… I just want to know what your thoughts are, on all of this.” She gestured around herself, hoping Steve would get it.

“I think he feels bad, now.” He sighed, pulling a chair which stood against the wall to the short end of the bed. “I think that’s why he took off shortly after you fell asleep. I don’t know what you think about him, but just know that he’s not as angry at you as he makes it seem… He hasn’t told me everything from his time in the military but he has mentioned you multiple times, how you saved his life on countless occasions. He just needs time to accept the decisions you made and to move forward.”

The man was smarter than she had thought. “So you think it would be good if I stayed here?”

Steve remained silent for a few moments. He had thought about how much it would help to have someone with her abilities around, but he had also thought about what would be the best for Sam. His conclusion had been the same.

“Yeah, I do.” He nodded. “You and Sam both know that you work well together and in a larger team. You could use your abilities to do good by others and save lives… I have a feeling that that’s something you want.”

She nodded, feeling emotional all of a sudden but skillfully containing them. “It’s all I want.”

“Exactly, so we’ll fix this, whatever it is. As soon as Sam gets back I suggest you two talk.”

“I will- I mean, we will.” She sighed, exhausted. “And now that you’re here I just have to ask, where are the rest of the Avengers and who are they? I know about the Hulk and Thor but I’ve seen neither of them, then there is that man that became four stories high over in Europe about a year ago…”

Steve smiled, looking down at his hands in his lap. “There are a few more, but Thor is in Asgard, I think. And then Hulk and four-stories-tall guy you’ve already met…”

She looked at him, raising a brow questioningly.

“The Hulk is an alternate side of of Dr. Banner that he doesn’t really like talking about, and then Scott can become both four stories high and shrink down to the size of an ant, hence his nickname, Ant-Man.”

“No. Way.” She gasped. “Scott, is that guy? I never would have guessed.”

“Neither did we.” Steve admitted with a small chuckle which lightened the mood necessarily. “You have everything you need?”

He looked around her where he saw nothing but machines and medical appliances. She followed to where his eyes were and shrugged her shoulders. “You mean if I need anything after all you’ve given me and all you’ve done? No thanks, I’m more than fine.”

“Hey, if we are truly in the talks of you joining this dysfunctional little family, I don’t think you should worry too much about receiving things, especially not help. If I know Tony right, he’s going to construct the best suit you can imagine the second your name goes on paper around here.”

Subtle pain erupted in her head again and Steve froze as he saw the light dance in her eyes for just a split second. A strained whine rumbled in her throat as the spin settled, her lips parting. “Sam’s coming… I couldn’t help but see it.”

Perhaps her subconscious continuously tried to search for Sam, but it had not been her own doing to look ahead incase he would show.

There were two knocks on the door before it slowly opened, a quiet and withdrawn Sam standing in the doorframe. Steve glanced back to him, beginning to stand up when Sam put a stopping hand out. “You can stay.” He explained as Steve sunk back in the seat. “I don’t have anything to hide.”

She watched the man she had known for what felt like her entire life. The days and nights in enemy territory had seemed twice as long and harsh as the ones at home. The bond they had created was one of a kind and despite everything, both of them knew it was unbreakable.

“I’m sorry.” She began but Sam raised his hand again.

“No, I am. I shouldn’t have said those things to you. If I had your abilities, god knows I wouldn’t have a single clue of how to deal with them, when to use them and when to stand down. You’ve done an amazing job over the years and I owe you my life.”

“Stop…” She tried again.

“You would make an exceptional addition to the team, Y/N. I’m sorry we lost contact after Iraq. I’ll try to make up for the time we lost.”

She hated him. “You’re such a softy, you know that?” She laughed half heartedly, trying not to cause her body too much pain.

“Still not softer than you.” He teased, lips tightly pressed together in a smile as he tried to maintain some masculinity after her remark. Steve felt content seeing his friend unite with his own one.

“I’ll- I think I’ll rest now, though. We can go all soft later when this is over.” She winced and tapped her finger against her head. She reached for the remote and brought the bed down enough so that she was still tilted slightly. Her mind dozed away as the drugs still clung heavily to her body. She fell asleep again, a much warmer welcome awaiting her when she would wake.

“I swear to you, I flung around the entire Empire State Building!” Peter assured whilst Tony waved him off, knowing the truth but enjoying to torture the kid a little.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” He said and took a bite of the grilled asparagus beside his steak. It was rare for so many of the Avengers to be gathered and even more so to eat a proper meal together. Tony had ordered in food from a five star restaurant in Soho however and no one on the team would ever pass down on such an offer.

“That does not mean you should do it.” Steve lectured Peter before he could say anything more. The elevator dinged, interrupting their conversation and pulling their attention towards Y/N that walked out in Stark Industries sweat-attire, pale and tired looking.

“Can I join?” She asked hesitantly, seeing a perfect seat between Sam and Peter which she had to assume had been reserved for her.

“Of course, here.” Sam got up and wandered to the kitchen counter which was the closest thing to the dining table yet far away due to the sheer size of the room. He returned with a plate of food as she took a seat, awkwardly smiling from all the attention she was receiving. Sam put the plate down for her and sat back down.

She look at her dinner, a nice steak with grill-patterns across its glazed surface, equally as appetizing asparagus beside it and roasted potatoes with red whine sauce on the side. “This better than anything I’ve eaten the past 10 years… Thank you.”

“How are you feeling?” Bruce asked as he had been the one that kept the most track of her health.

“I’m fine. I’m not gonna push it, but I can use my powers again… Watch out for Natasha’s drink, Scott.” Y/N warned Scott who was mere inches away from the glass of water with his elbow. He swallowed his bite harshly as he and Natasha stared at her. “Anyway.”

“You’re sticking around with us?” Tony questioned, not wanting to get his hopes up too much although he had taken Peter’s side and liked the girl.

She glanced towards Sam who looked down at his plate, a smile on his face.

“Yeah, I think I might.”


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a concept: the princess bride but……..gay

            𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐂𝐀𝐍𝐍𝐎𝐍:  𝖉𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑'𝖘 𝖉𝖆𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖊𝖗

// Ember is a very COMPLICATED individual. She’s loyal to a fault to her Dad, a lesser extent her mother, and she can be very SWEET or incredibly MANIPULATIVE. Even if she cares about someone very deeply, (though it’s hard to worm one’s way into her little heart) she will not hesitate to end their existence if Roman wills it. Even if it’s someone she considers her mentor, like Ruby, or her best friend Ivory. She’ll fight and try to argue that their death would serve no purpose, but if he can’t be convinced, she’s still willing to send them  𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓽𝓸 𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓵

don’t look at me with such distant eyes.


strangcrthanfiction  asked:

soc!! of course :D

  • favorite character: how dare you make me choose between my seven (7) children
  • least favorite character: JARL BRUM jan van eck tante heleen pekka rollins and i’m not narrowing it down, they can all choke, fuck ‘em i hope they rot
  • 5 favorite ships (canon or non-canon): ninej, kanej, wesper, helnik, jesper/wylan/kuwei  t b h
  • character I find most attractive: i always feel so weird answering this question bc they’re all like 15 - 17 but i guess nina?  
  • character I would marry: nina or inej except that would stop them marrying each other :/
  • character I would be best friends with: JESPER or wylan or inej
  • a random thought: i just remembered that text post that said smth about there were six crows at the start of soc and six at the end of ck (counting kuwei ofc) and every time i remember it i i have to just.  sit down
  • an unpopular opinion: i think soc was better than ck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  there were parts of ck that felt a bit too rushed for me but i do overall think it was a really good book, just not quite on the same level as the first one
  • my canon OTP: i’m honestly not gonna be able to choose
  • non-canon OTP: NINEJ
  • most badass character: hi have you met my daughter inej “i like it when men beg” ghafa?????  the wraith who makes slavers tremble in fear before her????  she was inej ghafa and her future was waiting above??????  alternatively: kaz “what do people think when they see me coming?” [”they think they should cross the street”] brekker
  • pairing I am not a fan of: there aren’t any i’ve seen that i don’t like tbh!  but i feel like most people for soc tend to stick with canon pairings unless it’s ninej lmao (and me in the corner rarepair shipping) (also ninej is basically canon so….)
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): i can’t really think of one?  but i do think dunyasha was kind of underused, i’d have liked to see more of her/known more other than like 2 appearances and some good one-liners.  it felt like she was more of a plot necessity at times than a character in her own right.  (i’d also have loved more on kuwei but i don’t think he was screwed up in any way, there just wasn’t space in the plot and leigh said we’ll see him again so that was probably deliberate?  especially bc she did the exact same with wylan in soc and look at the beautiful pov we got in ck)  but yeah the dunyasha subplot is part of why i prefer soc over ck, it just felt a liiiittle bit rushed at times but overall i have no major complaints, only small nit-picky ones
  • favourite friendship: JESPER AND KAZ but kaz and wylan come such a close second

send me a fandom/pairing/character

spaghettisaurus-rex  asked:

What is the story of the time you got stuck on a ski lift?

well, it’s not really like, a story. back when i lived with my dad, until i was 10 or so, we used to go skiing every (almost every??? many???? idk, i’m bad at time intervals) winter vacation. my dad’s family unit (brother-sister-stepmom-dad) was very athletic. my brother and sister were always doing Sport Things.

i was not always doing Sport Things. i couldn’t catch a Sport Ball if you put superglue on my hands.

Exasperated Coaches & Me, A Retrospective Of Actual Events:

  • soccer camp, 1999: “ok team!!! time to run a lap to warm up!!” [girls takes soccer ball to middle of field. sits on it. puts chin in hands.] “mollyhall, we’re running a lap now.” [girl looks up at him, very Unimpressed By Sports.] “look, u get like, 15 minutes of running from me, tops. i can run it now or i can run it during the game but you have to choose one.”
  • after school basketball, 2004: [after a penalty, girl bounces basketball at referee as hard as she can, just to see if she can bounce it over his head. everyone starts yelling. girl, genuinely confused:] “why is everyone so mad????”
  • girls crew, 2006: [girl writes a song about how eating elk bladder would be preferably to rowing girls crew, plays it on bus on the way to regattas.]
  • girls JV soccer, 2007: “can you please tell number 7 to stop cracking jokes on the field? it’s making our players laugh, and we don’t think she’s taking this game seriously.” [girl blinks slowly. she is absolutely, in no way, shape, or form, taking this game seriously.]
  • after school fitness, 2009: [girl grapevines for a mile]


the point is: i am not athletic. one of the ways that this manifested in skiing was that it was hard for me to ski smoothly, because my naturally pigeon-toed feet meant that i was constantly “doing the pizza” which would bring me to a stop. which, i mean, that’s fine, except it meant that my skiing process was a lot like stop-and-go traffic.

  • if all the drivers were 200 years old, and absolutely FURIOUS that they were sitting in traffic and not in boca playing shuffleboard with their neighbors, gladys and darryl. 
  • why is my imaginary son always named lil barry??? i don’t know.

it made me very slow, which in turn made me very boring for my brother and sister to want to hang out with, unless they were tricking me into going on black diamonds just to laugh at me scooting down the whole thing on my butt, complaining loudly.

anyway, i ended up riding the ski lift alone a lot. one time–i’m going to guess that i was around 8?? but that’s honestly a shot in the dark–the ski lift got to the top of the mountain, where you’re supposed to stand up and ski away, and the safety bar wouldn’t rise. it was stuck. and i mean, i was a loud kid (<– no one is surprised to learn this), but i was also VERY SHY AND STUBBORN about making a fuss when there was a problem?

  • this continuing issue has led to a lot of weird moments with my landlords.
  • “mollyhall what do you MEAN the bathtub hasn’t been draining right for a yEAR. a WHOLE YEAR??? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING.”
  • “well, my plan A was just to keep having to take three-minute-or-less showers for the rest of my life, and then eventually die.”

i just get so deeply annoyed that i can’t solve it on my own that i decide to live with the problem, or die on a ski lift.

so for those of you who don’t ski, the ski lift drops you off and then immediately heads back down the mountain. they don’t, at any point, stop moving. you just jump off and go on your merry way.

i could not. i was stuck in a seated prison.

“um,” i said. my brother and sister hopped off the lift in front of me. my turn was fast approaching, and the bar still wouldn’t lift. “ummmmmm.”

i shook the bar. the bar did not budge. i said “please.” the bar was like “fuck you.” i tried to sort of slip under the bar, but i was outsmarted by engineering, which had specifically designed these lifts to prevent people from slipping out under the bar and plummeting to their deaths.

as the ski lift sped past the part where you’re supposed to jump off and began turning around, i felt very sure that i was going to be trapped on that ski lift forever. people would tell the tale for years to come of Poor Brave Mollyhall, Who Died Of Old Age, Having Been Trapped On A Ski Lift For 84 Years.

  • then, as now, i had a flair for the dramatic.

luckily for me, at the top of every ski hill there’s a little hut with a bored employee in it getting paid to make sure that nobody atop the mountain is having any kind of emergency. he squawked like a turkey who’s just realized that it’s the day before thanksgiving, and ground the ski lift to a halt.


  • i would have loved to get off the lift.
  • me and this bored employee both wanted, very urgently, for me to get off of the lift.

i pushed at the bar. the teenager pulled at the bar. my sister and brother were already gone. people had begun to notice that the lift was stopped, and that a puffball in ski clothes was sitting alone on a lift halfway turned back on the mountain, blocked by a poor employee who looked like he was on the brink of a panic attack.

“okay, this is okay,” he said. “this is fine. we’re all going to be fine.”

he did not sound convinced. 

i started to cry. “i’m going to die on this ski lift.”

“no!” he said. “no, you’re probably not!”


  • A WORD OF ADVICE: never introduce the concept of “probably” into someone’s confrontation of their own mortality.

i honestly don’t quite remember how it happened, but they ended up calling down the mountain to explain the situation, and had to send me down the mountain in the lift, alone, loudly wailing. 

i like to imagine what skiiers below must have thought of that tiny, screaming puffball, a lone small puffball going the wrong way in a sea of slightly taller puffballs. i like to imagine them going back to their hotel rooms to tell their spouses/lovers/family, “dude, some puffball TRULY fucked up on the mountain today.”

by the time i made it down the mountain, where a kindly technician came out and helped lift the bar and set me free, my brother and sister were convinced that i had died on the way down. my sister bought me a hot chocolate. my brother fed me french fries.

everyone agreed not to tell our parents.

I Only Get Jealous Over You Newt x Reader
Pairing: Newt x Reader

Fandom: Maze Runner

Description: Newt has liked you ever since he saw you but he’s never had the guts to tell you. When Thomas arrives in the glade you start spending a lot of time with him and Newt gets jealous.

So ya I hope you enjoy. This is my first ever Newt x reader so sorry if it sucks. Also I changed things a bit. Once Thomas comes Teresa doesn’t come right after but that’s basically it.



You had been one of the first ever gladers to arrive in the maze. It had been strange and scary, going up in an elevator with a bunch of other boys. As time went on in the maze you and the other gladers had realized that you were the only girl to come up in the box.

No one treated you any differently because you were a girl. In fact every glader adored you. You were the mother, but sometimes the sister, Most of the time you were the friend.

You were a runner. The co-leader of the runners actually. You and Minho were tied for best runner. Sometimes you two would race each other. No matter how fast either of you ran it would always end up being a tie.

Minho was probably one of your best friends. He could always find a way to make you laugh. Even though you loved the teasing tough guy Minho you couldn’t help but love it when he opened up to you, when he admitted he was scared. It was those times that you realized that no matter how hard these boys tried to be brave and strong they were when the were just teenaged boys that had emotions and could cry.

Minho was only one of your best friends though. The other one was Newt. Newt wasn’t just a friend to you though the more time you spent with him the more you realized you were hopelessly in love with him. You knew he would never feel the same so you brushed it off and tried to ignore it. The last thing you wanted was to ruin the amazing friendship you had with him. Little did you know he felt the same about you.

Everything changed when the new greenie came up the box. Another boy you made note in your head as he stared out at the glade. You were at the front standing in between Newt and Alby. You liked to stand at the front because you know the boys could be a bit intimidating at times and you wanted to make sure they see your friendly face. The greenie focused on you and he stared in awe.

“Day one greenie, rise and shine.”


Newt and Alby had offered to give the greenie the tour but he refused. You were discussing the maze with Minho when Newt, Alby, and the greenie came walking up to you. “Hey slintheads ” Minho paused “and the greenie” you rolled your eyes at Minho’s arrogant greeting. “Stop calling me greenie” muttered Greenie.

“Aren’t you taking him on the tour?” you asked.

“We were going to but he said he only wanted to talk to you.” Said Alby.

“Looks like someone has a crush on y/n” Minho teased.

You laughed, the greenie flushed bright red, and Newt just grumbled under his breath.

The greenie spoke up “I mean if you don’t want to it’s ok…” He trailed off.

You laughed, again. “No it’s fine.” He didn’t seem convinced. “It’ll be better than talking to this shank.”


You started walking and beckoned the greenie to follow you, he did.

“Those shanks back there are Alby, Command, Newt, Second in command, and Minho, Co captain of the runners.” You pointed to each guy who were still staring at you two.

“What’s a runner?”

You laughed. “You don’t want to know, trust me greenie.”

“Stop calling me that.”

“I would except I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Thomas.”

“That’s a nice name”

“Yours is y/n, right?”


“That’s a even nicer name.” You grinned.

You explained to Thomas everything you could. You explained how what he was experiencing was what everyone had experienced. You told him that you were one of the first ones here and also that you were the only girl. You liked Thomas, you could tell you were going to be friends. You had just told him about the jobs around the glade when he asked what your job was.

“I’m a runner, co head runner actually.”

“I think I wanna be runner.” You laughed. “No you don’t.” Was your answer.


Thomas and you bonded over time. The more time you spent with Thomas made Newt avoid you more. Even though it hurt you ignored it. When you did hang out with him he was frustrating and rude. He made you want to hang out with Thomas more.

It was the bonfire for Thomas. You Newt and Thomas were sitting together, surprisingly. Newt usually liked to stay away from Thomas. You sometimes caught a glare from Newt sent in his direction. Either that or Newt would stare at you.

“Taste this greenie” Newt handed some of Gally’s moonshine to Thomas.

“I’m not a greenie” he said taking the drink from Newt.

“You are until a new greenie comes up the box” You said with a smile. Thomas sent a playful glare in your direction and he sipped the drink. A second later he spat it out on the ground.

“What the shuck is this?” He had picked up on the glader slang.

You and Newt burst out laughing. “Honestly, are you trying to poison me?” That comment made you and Newt start laughing all over again.

“It’s Gally’s moonshine. I don’t drink it but for some reason Newt does.”

“You just have to get used to it.”

Minho came over and started talking to Thomas. You and Newt faced each other in comfortable silence. Newt’s lips curled up into a smile and you couldn’t help but smile as well. His smiles were contagious. Everything about him was contagious, but in a good way. You rested you head on his shoulder and sighed. He played with your hair. Everything was perfect. Then you ruined it.

“You’re in a good mood today.”

“What do you mean love?” You straightened and looked at him. He tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

“I don’t know you’ve just been distant lately. Actually ever since I started hanging out with Thomas.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He looked away from you.

“Don’t play that game with me. What’s up Newt? You can talk to me.” He looked back at you and you rested your hand against his cheek. He looked at you and suddenly you understood.

“Are you jealous” He looked away “you are!”

“I’m not jealous”

“Newt you so are”

“I DON’T GET JEALOUS OKAY?!!” Everyone looked at you two. “And I especially wouldn’t get jealous over someone like you.” He sneered.

You were hurt “What do you mean someone like me?”

“Y/N I’m sorry I just got angry I didn’t mean…”

“Whatever Newt.” You said his name with as much hatred you could muster. You stormed off towards the deadheads. You heard Newt call after you and Minho call him a slinthead. You didn’t start running until you knew none of them could see you. Tears started spilling out of your eyes. You didn’t know why it hurt you so much. Maybe because Newt had never actually been rude to you. You began to realize that it wasn’t just the last episode that had hurt you it was just everything. You felt like you were losing your best friend. You sat down on a dead log and let the tears fall out.


It wasn’t Newt it was just Thomas. He saw you and started jogging towards you and enveloped you in a warm hug. You squeezed back. You started sobbing. “Oh Thomas I’m sorry I ruined your bonfire party”

He let out a light laugh “You didn’t ruin it, and besides I would rather be with you.”

“you’re an amazing friend Thomas.”

He laughed again “I know.”

You shoved him. “Don’t get cocky now!” He hugged you again and you smiled.

“Hey Y/N?”

“Yes greenbean?”

He scoffed at the nickname. “Is Newt your boyfriend?”

You froze. “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to I mean I’m sorry… That was a little strange”

You laughed. “It’s fine weirdo…” You playfully shoved him away. “And no we aren’t we’re just really close friends.” You tried not to show how much you wanted something more to happen.

“Oh… Okay…” He pulled you close. Again.

“You know I’ve never cried before now.”


“Well that I can remember…” He nodded understanding.


“THOMAS!!!” You screamed. Newt had to hold you back from trying to run since you would be crushed by the closing walls. Thomas looked at you as if to say I’ll come back and you looked at him trying to say you better.

That night you couldn’t sleep. You just stayed there wrapped in Newts arms sobbing. You had been crying too much for your liking in the past few days

You couldn’t lose Minho, Alby, and Thomas at one time. You just couldn’t. You had tried to run into the maze but Thomas made it in before you. Keep the shuck face alive Minho. Both of them. God why didn’t you go with them.


When you found out that they were all alive you felt like you might explode. You just stood there. You couldn’t believe it. You saw a blur in front of you and before you new it Minho had tackled you to the ground in a large hug. “You shuck faced slinthead I’m so happy to see you again.”

“Alby was stung!” Minho whispered. You untangled yourself from the boy and saw Alby being carried away. You chased after them.

After you dealt with Alby you went back to your hammock. “Where’s my hug?” He didn’t have to ask twice. You got up and embraced Thomas in a nice warm hug.


After his short punishment Thomas officially became a runner. Minho decided he would run with you at first because you were closer to him than Minho was. Both of you enjoyed your runs together it was nice not to be alone in the maze. Your runs brought you closer together and this made Newt even more distant and irritable. You were still sticking to your jealous theory though you didn’t bring it up anymore.

Though you hated it you came to terms with the fact that you and Newts friendship was probably over. You didn’t know why. Sometimes you thought about not talking to Thomas anymore, but then you realized Newt wasn’t aloud to choose who you were friends with.

One day Thomas couldn’t go running with you because he wasn’t feeling well. Minho protested and said he was a “shuck coward”. You finally convinced him that he was aloud to take a day off. “It’s not like he’s doing his own section” you argued. “Stay safe.” He told you before you left. It was sweet, almost like something Newt used to do.

When you returned you were engulfed in the biggest hug Thomas had ever given you. “Thank god you’re ok.” He whispered.

“Hey greenie I thought you weren’t bloody feeling well.“ Called a familiar voice. Thomas instantly separated from you embrace and before you knew it Newt was holding you in an even tighter one. You struggled to break free.

“What’s wrong love?”

“Oh so now you care!” You yelled tears blurring your vision “Now you actually give a shucking klunk about me, but guess what your to late! ”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve ignored me for almost a month now and I don’t know why!” You calmed yourself down. “Please Newt just tell me why…”

He sighed and glanced around. All of the the gladers were staring at the two of you. Newt grabbed your hand and dragged you to somewhere a bit more private.

“ Y/N,” He sighed “Y/N I’m in love with you… Shuck I’m so hopelessly head over heels In love with you. I have been ever since I saw you in the box with me, and seeing you with that bloody greenie breaks my heart. I know I’m too late, and everyday of my shuck life I’ll have to live with the fact that I didn’t have the bloody courage to tell you that I love you.”

You just stood there taking in the news. Newt loved you… He loved you… And you were just shucking standing there?! Kiss him you slinthead!! Before he realized what he just said you pressed your lips against his. He was shocked at first but then he started to kiss you back. The kiss was perfect. Whenever you imagined kissing him you had never thought it would feel this good. You both pulled apart but rested your foreheads against each other’s. “I love you too you shank.”

You both just stood the smiling like idiots with each other until you spoke up. “I knew it!”

“Knew that what?”

“I knew you were jealous.” You teased.

“Ok, maybe I was… But I only get jealous over you.”

You leaned in to kiss him once again.
Part 2: I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia after experiencing a series of traumatic events. I was told they never really happened. But I know they did.

Part 1

The nights leading to my first encounter with Dr. Jessica were spent sleeping in my parentsโ€™ room. I couldnโ€™t stay in my own. Whenever I went back, I was greeted by the sight of the black womanโ€™s ruined body. It looked like the creatures had taken away the parts they needed, but what they left was hideous: tendons and gristle and fat stuck deep inside the recesses of her skeleton. The one time I ran in to grab a shirt for school, I saw one of the things curled up inside her splintered rib cage. When it noticed me, it uncoiled itself and rose like a cobra until it reached my height; a tube of glistening muscle as thick as my thigh standing at attention as I rushed to get the shirt. I stifled a sob when I saw how much bigger it was than the others Iโ€™d encountered.

The death of my friend, or my โ€œepisode,โ€ as my parents called it, was on a Saturday. I was allowed to stay home from school on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday were business as usual. I was happy for this; I loved school. My teachers enjoyed me, I had a couple friends, and I always got good grades. I was scheduled to meet with the school psychologist on Friday, and I was looking forward to whatever help he might be able to provide. On Thursday morning, though, something happened.

Keep reading

This is your daily reminder that Cass Hamada’s entire life changed overnight, and instead of being resentful about it, she raised her two young nephews as a single mother with all the love in her heart while also being a successful small business owner, and you should not ignore her as an amazing person and a huge part of Hiro and Tadashi’s lives.

a fic where derek’s tastes buds are hypersensitive to preservatives. so he loves going to BACON HILLS, a grass roots diner that cures its own bacon and makes homemade non mass produced sausages with sage and cranberries. so no weird additives. AND THEY MAKE A DAMN GOOD WAFFLE.

Stiles gets a job there as a pan scrubber or something and one day he catches Derek inhaling a plate of the finest breakfast foods Beacon Hills has to offer and he looks so happy. 

DEREK HALE PROFOUNDLY HAPPY ABOUT A PLATE OF WAFFLES AND REALLY GOOD SAUSAGE not to mention that cute dishwasher that came by to refill his coffee order