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ideas for a (very very sad, read ahead at your own risk) non-magical/maybe modern newt/credence AU floating around in my head: 

- credence is gay. he’s had the misfortune, however, of being adopted by vicious anti-lgbt “activist” mary lou, who is an enthusiastic fan of “pray the gay away” rhetoric and beats him whenever he so much as looks at a boy.

- graves is an older man who grooms credence with faux-kind words and promises that he’ll take credence away to live with him one day – just as long as credence gives him what he wants.

- newt is still a zoologist – but he’s also a happily bisexual lgbt rights activist!

- they meet the day credence finds out that graves has been lying to him, using him, and never intended for them to have a life together at all. credence can’t take it; he snaps, storms out into the street in a flurry of uncontrollable emotion, rage and despair. 

- newt spots him just as the police begin to surround him. credence is violent, lost, and standing on the edge of a bridge. nobody wants to approach him. the police are armed. 

- newt puts himself in between them and credence, and promises he can talk this boy down. just let him try, he says. he’s good at calming people down (what he means is, he’s good at calming animals down, but he reckons there can’t be too much difference, right? after all, people are animals too).

- it’s a delicate process, but newt manages. he speaks to credence in kind, gentle words; he smiles at him, but always takes him seriously. slowly, carefully, he works out credence’s reasons. newt tells him that he likes boys, too, that his parents weren’t so happy about it either. but that it’s alright – and that he isn’t alone. tells him that if he’d like to just come down, perhaps they could talk some more, somewhere a little quieter, and a little more comfortable. perhaps over a cup of tea. 

- credence comes down. 

- newt takes him somewhere quiet. maybe a library – he doesn’t want credence to feel trapped by taking him home, but somewhere like a café would be too public. 

- they talk. or rather, newt talks, a lot, and credence listens and can’t quite believe what he’s hearing.

- newt tells him about the time he first realised he was bi. about how scared he’d been. tells him how his parents had never outright said he wasn’t welcome anymore after he came out, but how he’d felt it nonetheless, and how much it had broken his heart to leave them. tells him that despite that, he doesn’t regret coming out – tells him about his activist work, about the friends he has now. but not just about that; newt tells credence about his other work, too, about the zoos he’s worked in and the creatures he’s studied and the book he’s working on that’s almost finished, he’s sure of it. 

- they talk until the sun starts to set. newt mentions that it’s getting late – that’s when credence tells him that he can’t go home. not now. not ever again. newt suggests, gently, that he has a spare room at his place. but only if credence wants. 

- credence does.

I’ve been really hesitant to post this here because tumblr can get pretty vitriolic about dieting and weight loss but fuck it, I’m proud of myself.

After recovering from my illness in early 2014 (in which I couldn’t hold down food and lost about 70lbs from pure starvation), I began to heavily overeat all the junk I possibly could in fear that it would happen again. Except I didn’t stop, because that’s not how that works, and I ended up at 213lbs. Uncomfortable all the time, out of shape, unable to wear my old clothes and unable to afford the rare and elusive Good Plus Sizes.

So I said fuck it and changed my eating habits entirely right before the holidays, which I survived without incident. I’m at 39lbs down as of today, which puts me halfway to my goal of 135-140ish, and is why I’m so excited for my upcoming costume! I’ve got more energy, am lighter on my feet, and fit a lot of my clothes again.

So here’s me in the same shirt/pose in August and a few days ago.

I won’t post about this often and have tried not to other than recipes and I know it’s not for everyone. But man I’m proud of my discipline.

ok but a world in which gods actually grant wishes based on donations to their temples or amount of praying to them etc.

and two people who have massive crushes on each other going to pray at the temple of the Love God(dess), each of them for the love of the other

until one day they accidentally meet in front of the temple/in some waiting area and they both start sweating profusely because ‘what is this person doing here, are they praying for someone else’s love?!’ and one of them immediately increases their donations so the gods, while the other just basically spends every free moment in the temple

meanwhile the Love God(dess) is having so much fun with these two, of course not telling them that they don’t really need any divine help in this matter

Mehhh.. Have some shapeshifting!Danny scribbles.

Actually an offshoot of the snakeowner!Danny au (yo au of an au, gotta go deeper). This is a what if Danny didn’t stop just at the snek tongue with the whole shapeshifting ability and developed it to the point where it became a main staple power of his. Danny has a total ball with this power and even spends a bit of time researching some mythological creatures because yoooo that’s some cool shit.

Also, in this particular au, some young ghosts don’t have a strong sense of self. It can be a bit of a problem for Danny because whilst he has no problems with pushing the envelope regarding his shapeshifting experiments, he sometimes forgets himself. That is, spend too long shapeshifting, and your original form no longer becomes your ‘default’. (Vlad by contrast does not have this problem, nor the sheer shapeshifting potential/ability that Danny has because he is ‘set in his ways’, so to speak. If Vlad were to try to shapeshift, he would have to work to maintain it because his body ‘remembers’ what he is ‘supposed’ to look like. Danny’s form on the other hand, is much more malleable because he doesn’t have the same mindframe.)

I just finished queueing up 50 posts and I am much tired!! But I have to because the Nintendo Switch is coming out on Friday and I preordered so… 😂😂 I miiiight be a bit inactive next weekend. (Probably not though because I’m so addicted to tumblr, you don’t even know). Thanks for the comments you guuyyyysss ❤

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This is your daily reminder that Cass Hamada’s entire life changed overnight, and instead of being resentful about it, she raised her two young nephews as a single mother with all the love in her heart while also being a successful small business owner, and you should not ignore her as an amazing person and a huge part of Hiro and Tadashi’s lives.

When I am in a weird type of mood and considering heavy matters of the heart I tend to listen to old tangos so I get in an even heavier mood. Now let me drown in them and feel them to their full extent.