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Prompt: Hi! I love these stories, and I have a request. So I know you have a story that is similar like this and I love it, I was just wondering if you can do one where they are on a press tour instead of just a panel ? I love the idea of being asked questions with the cast. I’m sorry if this is too much of a bother but it would be cool if you could do it thanks for reading this😁
Word Count: 686
Author’s Note:

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I’m counting this experiment a success! What I started with and what I was going for (left) versus what I actually made (right). I’ll still add some pearl and rhinestone embellishments before it’s done, but I’m happy with this prototype.

This is 30+ little pieces of lace reassembled into the shape I needed. I mounted them onto netting using fabric glue to prevent fraying. It’s painstaking work, but still much more efficient than hand-beading or embroidery.

I wanted these decorative panels to resemble professionally-made lace that would be used on a fancy gown in real life, rather than the simple outline depicted in the reference art. Without the equipment, expertise, or help to design my own lace from scratch, I chose the next best thing: cannibalizing pieces of lace that *were* professionally-made. …Now I just have to make seven more! 😅

#zelda #cosplay #costume #twilightprincess

five times [moonbin]

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word count: 823

warnings: none, just extremely cheesy

“A successful [relationship] requires falling in love multiples times, but always with the same person.”

The first time I fell in love with you was an accident.

“Moonbin!” You squealed as your friend had you pinned under him on the couch, finger furiously flitting across your sides. “Stop tickling me!”

“Why would I do that?” He smirked, only tickling you more.

You finally managed to grab his wrists, stopping his attack on you. The only thing was, he was still straddling you on the couch. You felt your cheeks heat up at your position, and he seemed to realize it as well, quickly climbing off you.

The second time I fell in love with you was a surprise.

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I'm a new DM hosting a group of new players. Im happy to say that thus far, everyone is having a great time. That being said, the party (Paladin, Bard, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Rogue, all 3rd level) are about to make their way into a dungeon to take on a zombie beholder. Part of me feels that I am coddling them too much, as I quite often fudge rolls to keep them alive. However, I fear that should one of these new players lose their character, they won't want to play anymore. Any advice?

Killing PCs isn’t something to take lightly, but if you never do it, your players will lose their sense of danger and caution.  You might decide that that’s okay for your table, but most people playing D&D want to experience adventure, and overcoming real challenges and danger is a part of that.  Most players don’t like losing characters, but they can accept it and find enjoyment in making a new character to love and experience.  As long as they don’t feel like their death was unfair, they should be okay. 

That being said, unless the zombie template makes monsters weaker in your game, a Beholder is WAAAAAY too high level for a party of 3rd level characters.  It’s not a fair fight, and you’re just begging for a TPK.  If you want to give them a challenge, have them face something with a CR 6, or a couple CR 5 monsters.  Picking the proper Challenge Rating also means you won’t have to fudge rolls (which tends to piss players off if they find out you’re doing it). 

In most versions of D&D you’ve got a bit of a safety cushion - the characters will mostly likely go unconscious before they die.  And once they’re unconscious, it’s natural that most enemies would ignore them.  PCs are still very savable at this stage - in fact, I’ve never seen a character “bleed out”.  But it is a great way to make players aware of their mortality.  I don’t consider a boss battle successful if I don’t knock at least one PC unconscious, to be honest. 

I can count on one hand the number of PCs I’ve actually killed, but my players haven’t grown complacent because I plan my tough encounters to be close calls.  If you’re picking the right Challenge Ratings, you can take your players to the edge of death without actually killing them most of the time.  I’ve written about CR calculations in the past, but if you’d like to me to tackle a more specific scenario, I’d be happy to do so.

TLDR: As long as your challenges are fair, most players can accept the occasional loss of a character.  Without challenges to overcome, the game can lose tension and feel less rewarding.  Practicing choosing the right Challenge Ratings for your encounters will solve most of these problems.

Captain Swan Season 7 Fic

Hey there CSers! This is the blog where I will be writing my very own version of Captain Swan in season 7, picking up right where season 6 left off!

A story ends when and how you want it to end. To me, the canonical story of Captain Swan came to an end in season 6. However, I am not ready to let go of these two and I really would have loved to watch a season 7 of Captain Swan.

After the heartbreak/disappointment over Jennifer Morrison’s departure settled in, I came to an important conclusion: just because I will no longer have Captain Swan on my screen every week that doesn’t mean their story has to end. If I longed so much for a season 7 that would keep its focus on the ship that I love, why couldn’t I just create it myself? And that is how this blog came to life.

Despite doing this mainly for myself (I want my version of that season to be the one I remember some years down the line), I also want the fandom to have a say in this story and to contribute to it. I am opening my ask box to any prompts you may have regarding Captain Swan in season 7: what would you have liked to see happening to them? What would make you read a season 7 version of the two of them? Put all your prompts in my ask box and I will try to fit them in my story as much as possible! Find more info here.

I am planning on writing 18 chapters (including prologue and epilogue) and so far these are some of the things I can tease that you can expect to find in this fic:

Sheriff Swan & Deputy Jones adventures
More Killian Jones backstory
More Emma Swan backstory
Captain Swan discussing/planning their future
Domestic moments
Captain Swan teaming up together and travelling between realms
✔ Development of Emma and Killian’s friendships/familial connections

Alternate Universe moments/first meetings that push the main plot along

For now this is what I can promise you to find. I already have some ideas outlined and I have started writing. I plan on finishing a good part of the chapters in advance so I can post once a week. And, here and there, there will be times I may ask you to vote in certain details that will be part of the story (not major plot points because I don’t think that would be honest of me to do, I still want to be in control of where I take the story), but I really hope I can count with CSers to bring this project to life and make it a successful one! Thank you so much.



Black People Just Don’t Like Me

When I was in ninth grade, my mom finally let me go to public school. I was so excited as I got to shop for school clothes for the first time, and not just school-approved shoes to go with my uniform. What wonders would be in store for me the first day Delia my nanny dropped me off at my newest home for higher learning? Would I meet my first pregnant teenager? Would I begin a whirlwind romance with a teacher? When were cheerleading tryouts? I’d watched some documentaries like Degrassi and Easy A to prepare, but I still had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side of that metal detector.

In my first period I got the biggest shock of my life.

My class was like 50% minority! Well, I should say 48% minority with a couple Asians who I don’t count as minorities cause most of them are successful.

Never one to crack in scary situations, though, I just did the same thing I did when I was swimming in the Keys and thought I saw a shark: held my breath, and investigated, tentative, but ready to punch something in the nose if need be.

I realized we had assigned seating, our names written on an index card taped to our desk. I found mine quickly, and checked out my neighbors. To my left, Mark Rosenthal. Cool. I love Jews. My parents would never let me date him, but we could probably be friends. To my right, however…well, let’s just say it was a doozy.

“Ka–Quaw–Kay–” I tried to sound out the unfamiliar arrangement of letters on the index card next to me, but it was impossible! I’d never seen those letters next to each other in that way! Was this a foreign language? Was it a typo? Luckily, the subject of the confusion arrived just in time.

“It’s Qiana.” Ahhh. Key-ah-nuh. Got it. “I’m Rebecca.” And then I saw her. Skin the color of poop, but not like a bad poop. A really healthy one like when you get enough fiber in your diet. Her nose was wide and took up like half her face, the other half was for her lips. And her hair….it was like two puffy clouds on either side of her head. Without controlling it, my hand reached out to grab one of the cotton-y looking structures.

Qiana swerved out of the path of my touch. “Don’t touch my hair.” I was devastated. I hadn’t done anything to her! But now she was angry at me. And just looking at her tall, masculine frame, I knew she could beat me up. I turned around in my desk and put my head down, crestfallen. She didn’t talk to me for the rest of the year, even on her birthday when I told her her new hair looked like spaghetti. Did she think I was insulting her? I love spaghetti!

I didn’t have much luck from there with Blacks, either. Later that week another Black girl in history gave me dirty looks for saying that maybe Africans should be grateful for slavery, since, after all, they did get to come to America.

The next year, when a certain Kayne West song came out, a whole group of Blacks got mad at me for just singing a catchy hook. It was then that I realized, do Blacks just not like me?

I get it, “white” people have done a lot of bad stuff, but isn’t that all in the past now? Sure, my ancestors owned slaves but if I was alive back then, I would’ve told them “Hey! You should pay them minimum wage, at least! Or at least if it’s gonna be an unpaid internship, give them college credit!”

I’ll never forget when my Black ex-boyfriend accidentally got me pregnant. At first, he was really happy! We’d been dating for three years and were about to graduate college. He’d even talked about proposing to me but I didn’t have the heart to tell him daddy would kill me rather than let me marry someone dark skinned. That’s not just black, though! He wouldn’t want me to marry an Indian or an Italian, either! And Greek is pushing it! I told Deshawn I couldn’t possibly have his baby, not cause I didn’t love him, but because I couldn’t bring some half breed into my family’s home. He broke up with me on the spot! I mean, I obviously don’t feel that way, why should I once again be punished for those who came before me?

Fast forward to a couple months ago. We just hired a Black girl named–well, I don’t know her name, I just call her Sister–as part of a diversity initiative at my job. Not only is she qualified, but she also ticks THREE minority boxes, since she’s also an immigrant from Nigeria. She asked for the day after Father’s Day off because she’d still be traveling back from Dallas. Now, I don’t know what kind of game she was trying to pull, but, what on earth does she need to go to Dallas for on Father’s Day? I’ve never asked, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know her dad. I denied her request and now, she won’t even make eye contact with me in the storage room, which I always accompany her to so she doesn’t steal anything. No, I don’t think she’s gonna steal cause she’s Black, but she did grow up poor….I assume.

I just don’t get it. Blacks just don’t seem to like me. Maybe I should try to get on Sister’s good side and bring her some watermelon.  It’s been so hot in the office lately, and that’s the perfect refreshing treat, right?

Wish me luck! And thanks for reading! You’re awesome!

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So I'm starting a web comic of my own and while I worship and hold fey winds akin to divinity, I have to ask: how long was fey winds "out there" in the vast macrocosms of the interwebs before it was noticed? I'm really scared no one will see/like my work, especially considering it's "unusual."

Ok! This a deceptively complicated question but I will try to unpack this!

First of all: Go for it!! I hope you have fun making your own comic!!

Second, a story: When I was like 14 or 15 I was talking to some rando about my dreams of making comics and he straight up told me “phhfffpt yeah, you’ll never make comics, you should just give up now”. I made a mental note of “Fuck you, dude” but I also already knew that he was wrong. Because I always loved comics and I KNEW that someday, I’d make my own. (beyond what I drew on lined notebook paper at school!)  I don’t think I really thought about being “noticed” that much when I started, other than as something that would be awesome and cool if it happened one day. If you’d told me nobody would ever read my comics back then, I would have made them anyway.

Now, for the real deal: What you have to do is question WHY you are embarking on this (probably gigantic, ambitious, multi-year) journey of comics. Is it because you will literally explode like the bus from Speed if you stop making comics? Do you love comics, but is there this one comic you want to read but doesn’t exist yet so you have to be the one who makes it? I’m going to be really honest, all the comic creators I know make comics because making comics prevents them from spontaneously combusting. 

I am ABSOLUTELY NOT saying that you should give up. I am saying that being “out there”, “noticed”, “seen”, “liked” and “unusual” are not things that should preoccupy you. It is scary to think that maybe people will hate what you do, but it’s par for the course. If you have a story that is part of your heart and you want to get it out, do it. Go for it, and don’t worry about being “noticed”!

Furthermore: what even is “being noticed”? What is its value? Is having five loyal fans “worth” more or less than fifteen who don’t really care about your work? How do you count that? (Spoiler: you do not, or it will drive you insane) You have to decide what your own success is and what it’s worth to you, because other people can’t decide that value in your place. (This goes for everything else too, actually!)

If I told you it was possible that nobody might notice your comic, would you still work on it? Does the work itself have meaning for you, or is it the end result that counts for you?

And finally, the actual answer to your question: It took me a few years to build up momentum for Fey Winds, but keep in mind, that was 10 years and the landscape of webcomics was very different! Nowadays, I think it’s both easier (there is SO much more visibility to be had) and more difficult (there are a lot more comics out there so it’s difficult to be The First Person To Do XYZ). And I think it’s definitely still a multi-year job. A friend of mine in the webcomics trenches estimates that it takes about 2 years of hard work to really put a comic out there.

There are things you can do if you’d rather test the waters before flinging yourself in: submit to anthologies, make short comics, join comics communities etc. In a lot of ways, that’s the smart thing to do… But I have to admit that when I started making comics, I just jumped in and never looked back… and there’s nothing wrong with doing that either!

Good luck with your comic!!

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ps: i’m glad you like FW! <3

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Do you know if any fics where Allison and Chris (and Victoria if she's still alive) have to face up to what their family did and became, no excuses allowed?


Anonymous said:I’m so fed up of fics where Allison is depicted as all sunshine and rainbows who can do no wrong. Are there any fics that deal with her faults? Especially sterek fics? Also thanks for the blog guys, it’s always just what I need after a bad day.

Yup. - Anastasia

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bon sang ne saurait mentir by Hyb

(1/1 I 766 I Teen)

Guilt tastes a lot like silver, Chris has found.

Regrets Collect Like Old Friends by Chiomi

(1/1 I 1,735 I General I No Pairing)

Allison hates everything she’s become.

Début Verte by QuickLikeLight

(1/1 I 2,817 I Mature I Allydia)

“How dare you?” Kate had asked her, and it plays in her mind still as she turns the soil, burying the ashes. “How could you?”

Sometimes a thing has to be destroyed to be well again. The sickness in the grapes, in their own hearts, told her all she needed to know about that.

A Crash Course in European History by dancinbutterfly

(1/1 I 4,482 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Allison’s summer has been bad enough without Derek Hale appearing at her door. Luckily, he doesn’t seem angry and she knows where her dad keeps the wolfsbane bullets.

Clearing the Air by Udunie

(1/1 I 5,156 I Teen I Sterek)

Chris Argent never thought he would ever be invited to a werewolf pack meeting. Being kidnapped and held hostage? Sure. Being taken so they could torture him for information? Wouldn’t be the first time. But actually being invited in a more or less civil (or at least not hostile) manner? No chance in hell.

Phases of the Weaker Heart by calrissian18

(1/1 I 16,197 I Teen I Sterek)

She’s still standing, and it’s a weak thing to count her successes by, but she’s building up to being strong. Maybe for the first time.

Summer (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14
Part 15

Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Genre: Fluff // slight angst (smut in next part)

Word Count: 1,046

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (CHEM FINAL WAS A SUCCESS!!! I GOT A 74 HELL YEAH)

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)

Originally posted by jonginssoo

A month after Jongin’s realization, he still couldn’t take his mind off of her. There were more nights that she slept in his bed than her own; Jiyoon was practically already his - just without the hand holding, the kissing, and the mutual love. Jiyoon wasn’t in love with him like he was in love with her.

Both of their families were surrounding a fire that was crackled every now and then. Jiyoon’s chair was close to Jongin’s, her head leaning on his shoulder. Just an hour ago, she was shivering so he’d given her the sweatshirt he’d been wearing.

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Yellow // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon – can you write an imagine based on the song “Yellow” by Coldplay

To him you were the most beautiful thing in the universe. Youshone brighter than the stars in the sky, the only reason that he could still see the path in his darkest days. To him the world revolved around you because without you the sky would be dull.

 Look how they shine for you

Of course you didn’t believe him. In your opinion you werenothing special, in fact you were below ordinary. He always tried to convince you otherwise, you’d lost count of the amount of times he’d returned from the studio with a proud gleam in his eyes as he announced his success in writing his newest song proving your worth in his life.

 I wrote a song for you and all the things you do

When you first met Conor he was in a dark place, he was stuck in an endless cycle of depression and saw no reason to try escape. That was until you came along. You came into his life by chance, both bursting into each other’s life accidently but the outcome was far better than anticipated.

You danced around each other for months stuck in an average friendship, but an unwilling one as you both craved more but feared taking the next step. It came as a shock when he finally made a move, he asked you on a date and you were elated about it. Before long that date lead to another one, which lead to another one, which lead to the relationship you were now in.

You couldn’t be more pleased that he’d decided to make that move on you because he was undoubtedly the greatest thing to ever happen to you. He made your days bright, he was your moon and you were his stars lighting each other’s world.

What a thing to have done

He made your imperfections feel less important because he made sure that he always reminded you how you were perfect in his eyes. To him every part of you was beautiful no matter how many times you denied it.

If he wasn’t reminding you of your beauty he was telling you how much he loved you. A month or so after you’d officially started dating you told him you loved him, it was a complete accident and you thought you’d completely messed everything up but the glimmer in his eyes and smile on his face as he told you his reciprocated feelings took you completely by surprise.

 Do you know, you know I love you so?

At the beginning of your relationship Conor often got a lot of stick from his friends, they made fun of him for being hopelessly in love with you and when your relationship progressed more the boys would mock him for staying home with you instead of going clubbing with them.

Of course it bothered him but he put up with it because you were more than worth it. He’d made it clear to them they could say whatever they desired about him as long as they left you out of it and they respected that wish.

 I drew a line for you

In his mind you controlled the night sky, you made the sun and stars shine and kept his life full with warmth. You filled his once dark life with an overwhelming light that he prayed would never fade away.

 Look how they shine for you

 And all the things you do


Meditation: Why is thinking of nothing SO HARD (or 7 days with a total beginner)

When we mods started talking about the idea of starting a bookclub, one of the first discussions we had was around what we most wanted to achieve, and what we thought we’d struggle with. I (Rose) said that I wanted a way to turn down the noise in my head before the moments it makes me explode in a negative way. Julie instantly said “meditation”, which was bad news, because meditation was my answer for what I thought I’d struggle most with.

I’ve tried it before. Chanted “om” at the end of yoga, counted ceiling tiles from the giant silk cocoon of an anti-gravity pilates class (don’t ask), I’ve lit candles, downloaded apps, sat in the garden but it always seemed doom to fail because while my body became still, my mind would pick up the slack, galloping though random associations until I found myself mentally exhausted and drained.

So I stopped trying, and even when we started WE, I didn’t attempt that practice until a week ago, wanting to cling on to the small successes I’d found with gratitude, and not start a practice that I felt sure was not compatible with my mind. But meditation week arrived, and I wasn’t busy. For once work seemed to be under control, I had friends cheering me on and absolutely no good reason not to have a proper go at meditating. So I promised myself I’d do it for a week, wholeheartedly and with as little baggage as I could muster.

Here’s what happened.

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Flowey you need to find 5000% of your chill, buddy.


Decided to do a simpler coloring style on this instead of the realistic detail I’ve been doing lately but it still looks like it did in my head so I count it as a success! *v* 

Also this scene made me SO UPSET.

The Way You Are

Summary:  I’d absolutely die if I could have a Dr. Spencer Reid imagine about the reader rejecting him because she’s of average intelligence with like a job that not super successful but still good like a teacher (I’m not hating on teachers, I’m going to be one)

For: @thebadassbitchqueen

Word Count: 1259

Originally posted by toyboxboy

You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have feelings for Spencer.

He was perfect to you, with his beautiful light brown eyes that’d constantly be on you showing he was listening; or his smile that would come on every time you entered a room, and just the little awkward quirks he has.

And don’t get you started on his brain.

You found it the sexiest thing about him, and just the way he would spew facts that weren’t needed in a certain conversation lit a spark in you.

With all these things, it even confused you on why you rejected him.

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I will always wonder what happened with Sterek

A Sterek post I made ages ago has been having a bit of a renaissance today: Sterek: An angsty, pining love story

I re-read it when the notifications started to come in, because I was curious to revisit what I’d been thinking about back then. Turns out I was a romantic sap. It was pretty bittersweet to read it and feel those feeling again.

Ah, Sterek. It was such an interesting ship.

With the benefit of hindsight, this is what I think now about Sterek in canon:

  • In the original line-up of the show, parallelism had the characters paired up in various ways and their contrasts used to inform the different story threads. Most of the combinations of the six characters were used in one way or another – for instance, we had the antagonistic pairings of Scott/Derek, Stiles/Jackson, contrasted to the more serious Hale/Argent. And the friendships of Scott/Stiles, Allison/Lydia, contrasted to Jackson/Allison, along with the alienation of Lydia and Derek. But the two openly heterosexual couples (Scott/Allison, Lydia/Jackson) plus their counter storylines (Lydia kissing Scott, Jackson and Allison’s weird friendship) meant that the primary romantic parallelism in seasons 1 and 2 gave us this: Scott/Allison, Lydia/Jackson, Stiles/Derek. Romantic comedies always use the secondary couples this way, so on purpose or not (I think it was, actually), the relationship between Stiles and Derek filled a particular romantic (in potentia) space given the narrative conventions.
  • Sterek in s1 and s2 was written like a classic hate-to-love storyline.
  • The Sterek storyline really was nobbled from season 3 onwards. The difference is notable, and it had to have been deliberately done. You can’t nobble something that doesn’t exist, is the thing. Was it always planned as a storyline? Who knows, and who cares at this point. Whether intentional or not, the dynamic definitely changed between s2 and s3, and the change was done to minimise it.
  • Despite the effort to write it out of the overt text, someone was still committed to telling the story, because Sterek’s arc actively progressed at a level beyond baiting, right up until the finale of 3B. There’s an obvious push/pull between the minimisation of the Sterek arc, and the way it continues to be told in more coded form as a serious story. Hence Derek’s anchor scene in the 3B finale.
  • It was nobbled again in s4, as the previous efforts hadn’t worked to minimise it enough. 
  • And yet the arc still progressed right up to the finale in s4, although predominantly in the subtext. At this point it counts as baiting, because there was no way it could pay off in any meaningful way at that level of storytelling, and they clearly already knew Hoechlin was leaving.

I would so love to be a fly on the wall and find out what the hell happened behind the scenes. Someone or several someones made an active choice to no homo Sterek right at the point the show got successful and people with money were paying attention to it, and I am so curious about why. It really has played out as a textbook example of how to successfully woo an audience, and then successfully alienate them, as the current ratings show pretty clearly.

Honestly, it’s the story of the Golden Goose.

(The cynic in me thinks that’s why Stiles’ jeep is for the chop this season too – Toyota wants it gone. The fact its a fan fave doesn’t matter.)

[Fic][Request] Fooled

Thank you so much for loving my fics! And thank you for the prompt!

Lol, that prank made me feel so bad for Jungkook. Not sure if I can pull this off to your liking, but I will do what I can. :3

Title: Fooled
Word Count: 1644
Genre: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: It’s hard to tell whether the mission was a success or failure.

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why portugal?

(( I’m guessing you mean why did I pick to run an ask blog about Portugal? tbh it’s kind of a long story, but I basically do gmail roleplays a lot, and counting an rp that I’m still not really sure if the character was meant to be portugal or not but I ended up inadvertantly giving him portugal’s personality on accident anyways, I think it would make it close to 3 years that I’ve been roleplaying as him. @sinunamor was (and still is) one of my rp partners and she convinced me to start an askblog for him because I apparently write him decently. I was hesitant at first, because I thought the whole askblog trend was dead, but after seeing the success of other askblogs I decided to join in :D

tbh I could’ve done an askblog for Romano instead, but because he already has like god knows how many people running askblogs for him I felt like I wouldn’t have been able to keep up, and also I’m a little rusty on writing for him. ))

Ever since you talked about Roobarb (a show I loved growing up and still do), I’ve wanted to maybe see more classic British cartoons from waaay before I was even born and still loved! Though if you bash them, meh, whatever you don’t have to like ‘em. These would be:

Bananaman, The Trap Door*, Bagpuss, Danger Mouse (1981 & 2015 versions) and Count Duckula. (*along with all the weird monsters on the show)

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
Here’s reference if you try to find ‘em for yourself.


The only one of these I havent seen/heard of is Bagpuss, but it looks cute as hell judging from the picture.

I forgot about Count Duckula, my brain kinda subconsciously linked it to the weirdly elaborate Disney Duck Universe (Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, the Duck Comics that are hugely successful in Europe but surprisingly absent in North America). 

The Trap Door is my favourite of what you listed cause im very biased towards claymation and monsters, claymation monsters is a 2 in one deal for me.

The Soulmate Scars Theory (Daichi Katsuragi)

Hello lovelies! This is my entry for voltagefanbase‘s 2000 follower contest. It’s based on a prompt I saw a few weeks back. I hope you all enjoy!! (ps. I have to get up for work in 4 hours but this was totally worth the all nighter!) :)

Prompt: The mysterious cuts and bruises that suddenly appear are actually injuries that your soulmate has obtained, and you share the same marks on your skin.

It was a recent theory, ‘The Soulmate Scars’ people called it. My parents called it ridiculous. Maybe that’s because none of their scars seemed to match up together. Maybe that’s why they fought so often.

The Soulmate Scars first made headlines about twenty years prior. The institution claimed to have found evidence supporting bonds between soulmates. Only a few people even took the study serious. The theory behind it showed up more often in children’s fairy tales than in any actual academic classroom. But then those children grew up, and in an instant the generation old theory became a real romantic potential notion. The internet became a trove of information. There were a multitude of blogs, articles, and forums to stumble upon. All dedicated to those who indeed found another with matching imperfections.

I examined my body in the bathroom mirror with the usual utmost scrutiny. Another one appeared. I traced the new scar along my upper arm. He must be a clumsy one. As a child my parents, the logical sort they were, fought hard against the new soulmate theory making headlines. They insisted it was complete and utter nonsense, and that one day I would grow up and meet someone wonderful and realize that fact on my own. After graduating college and starting a successful career of course. But still the idea intrigued me. So I would listen in to the gossip the other kids spread; the children of less strict logistical parentage. The children whose parents would let them dream.

The new scar joined many others, far too many to count. The marks were the reason why I couldn’t quite believe my parents when they claimed the whole theory was ridiculous. True I am a little clumsy, constantly tripping over myself, and bumping into things. Those should cause only bruises though, not leave behind actual scars. Not that my naive young self knew any better. My parents being far too busy for me, never rouse the slightest bit of fuss when a new strange mark would arrive. I guarantee they never even noticed.

It was during my teenage years when the marks dramatically increased. Previous a new mark would appear every so often, the old one used to fade long before a new one showed. Instead they seemed to show up on a fairly regular basis now. I didn’t pay them much attention until a couple years later. I was eighteen and attending a friend’s baseball game. A foul ball popped upwards, the sun’s bright rays blocking out where it would land. “Head’s up!”  the coaches called. Well… I stupidly looked up. And WHAM. Struck me right in the face. The thick sunglasses I was luckily wearing had saved my vision, I had only a tiny scar across the bridge of my nose from the strong impact. That’s when I knew.

All those other scars could not possibly be mine. The baseball incident was the first time I had ever gotten injured, aside from the stray cut here and there of course. I compared my injury to the newest scar that made its appearance only the day before. Mine was still red and slightly swollen, it had bled like crazy until the doctors stitched it up. The wound looked so fresh, so unlike the other scar. When had any of the other marks ever swelled? Bled? Never. Not once. That’s when I knew. I had to have a soulmate out there. It must be his injuries showing on my body. It was the only explanation for my scarred and bruised body. I kept my newfound secret from my parents. They wouldn’t understand. But each time a new scar appeared I would lightly trace it, knowing it was another injury my soulmate obtained. Knowing there was nothing I could do to make him feel better.

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This is long so if y’all want part two let me know, but this was inspired by this bc it’s my actual favorite thing ??? 

in which he swore nothing to be beautiful again / tony x fem!reader 


Tony was confused. Which was rare, because hello, he’s a genius. He was confused how someone this beautiful could be an avenger. Don’t get him wrong, all his team mates were attractive, just that he wasn’t attracted to them. But she, she was fucking absurd, because she was so fucking beautiful, her eyelashes batting away as she listened to someone speak, her hair pooling down her shoulders as the finest silk, her big round doe eyes always drifting away from him as they met his own. He wasn’t even going to start about her personality, because he wouldn’t shut up for days. 

And it sort of even angered him, because besides being absolutely angelic, she was normal. She was smart, yes, but not a genius, she was skilled, another yes, but not a soldier. And that made him so fucking confused to the point where he was hacking into SHIELD’s system, looking at her files. And ironically that made even more question marks pop around him, because he couldn’t hack it. Again, he’s a fucking genius, and SHIELD stuff should be nothing, yet here he was, tugging at his hair as he couldn’t even open her file. He was now even considering the fact that she was added to the avengers by Fury on purpose, it being to fucking taunt him.

“Mr. Stark?” The lab door opened and he didn’t even have to turn to know who it was. She was the only one to call him formally, he even found it attractive for some reason, fucked in the head probably, but it also pissed him off because why couldn’t she just fucking approach him as Tony?

“Mr. Fury is asking for the last missions reports. Are they quite done yet?” There she was, looking away from him again as he glanced back, not gifting him the honor to look at her beautiful eyes.

“What are you? Fury’s new lap dog? I’ll hand them to him myself.” He sighed, rolling his eyes, mostly to himself because he was acting like an actual fuckboy. And for those who don’t understand internet slang; hi cap, or his metal handed friend from the 40s, why the fuck are you reading this, but yes, a fuck boy, acting like an actual douche towards the girl you like.

“I’m just trying to do my job, Mr. Strak, I’ll let Mr. Fury know that from now on you want to hand all the paper work to him yourself. Sorry to bother you.” Then she flashed him an apologetic smile and was gone, making him even more frustrated about everything about him and her. Ha, funny, there is no her and him. 

It was fucking ridiculous, because not only he was a genius, already mentioned like a gazillion times because gotta make love to the ego, he was also a billionaire. Yet here he found himself not being able to buy the thing he wanted the most. You’re probably thinking love, but that’s laughter worthy, because look at him; he’s treating her like shit, he’s actually a piece of shit and he’s no where close to being worthy of someone like her. So really, he just wanted to buy some medicine to cure himself from this love sick puppy disease.

For now alcohol did the deal, actually it didn’t help at all, Tony just liked to think that it did, because he couldn’t find anything else. Maybe being nice to her would help, maybe shutting the fuck up would help too

They were out on a mission, taking out a hydra base, and now, since he just went through a near death experience, he found this new type of anger. And he didn’t know how to let it out, luckily, Y/N happened to be sitting right in front of him.

“Guys, honestly, why do we have to take Y/N with us? She’s dead weight, I nearly fucking died?” And for the first time ever she didn’t look back from him, actually everyone in the quinjet looked right at him, Y/N’s eyes layering with sadness he’s never seen before, and was this guilt he was feeling now?

It’s probably worth mentioning that the near death experience was actually caused by Y/N. A panic attack caught her while they were in, and in Tony’s attempt to save her before she got shot he nearly got obliterated by the new guns Hydra were using. And to think that he out of everyone should understand anxiety, he chose to be an asshole about it. Really, what’s new.

“What the actual fuck, Tony.” Clint broke the silence, the team even held back the language joke, because the archer was right. All of them actually grew pretty close to the girl during the time she was with them. Especially the ones who knew about her past with Hydra. 

Hydra’s puppets weren’t supposed attack New York while Tony was trying to drown himself in alcohol. He wasn’t supposed to be the only at the tower, he wasn’t supposed to step into his suit and face them alone. He wasn’t supposed to get beaten by them to the point where he couldn’t move. And he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to get saved by Y/N.

All of their guns were pointed at him, his usually jokes filled mouth was dry as he closed his eyes for the last time. Well hey, at least this will cure his love sick puppy disease, right?

And when nothing came he fluttered his chocolate eyes open again, taking in the prettiest sight that he’s ever seen. Y/N was right in front of him, white wings spread from across her back. Actual fucking wings, with silver coated feathers, shielding him from the enemy. He was probably hallucinating, because the girl who he’s been calling angelic just fucking turned into an angel. But the beautiful sight was immediately ruined as his eyes trailed onto her face, twisted in absolute pain. He seemed to nearly forget that a group of heavy armed soldiers were shooting at him, the angel in front of him acting as his shield. And when he saw holes in her beautiful wings, her body falling lifeless on top of his, he swore that nothing will ever be beautiful to him again.

It’s not the first time he was self-loathing. He usually just hid behind narcissism, but this time he really fucked up. Tears pooled down his face as he looked upon her file. A weapon X mutant, experimented at a way too young of an age, abandoned to only be taken in by Hydra. And Tony wanted to scream because that’s exactly why she panicked at their last mission. And all Tony did was be an asshole about it.

“Did you open them?” He was disturbed by Natasha walking into the lab.

“Yeah.” He squeezed out, wiping his eyes quickly so she wouldn’t see him crying. “I just don’t understand. Like this is a SHIELD file, why couldn’t I hack it? And how the hell do you know the password?”

“Y/N took care of it herself, not to hurt the ego, but you’re not the only genius around. I know the password because well I’m not an asshole to her. And because I was leading the mission that freed her from Hydra.” She gave him a sad smile, patting his shoulder. “Speaking about Y/N, shall we go see her?“ 

He rarely left her side. She was unconscious, but that didn’t stop him from repeating apologies over and over again. He wasn’t sure if she could even hear him, but he hoped, because he had so much to say. And he didn’t have anyone else to tell this to. All this fame, all this success, yet Tony had no one. Heck, he didn’t even have Y/N, he hoped that when she awoke that she’d punch him. He deserves it. In her place Tony would kill him.

He stared upon her, her breathing smooth in the hospital bed. It was nearly 3 AM, but Tony wasn’t going anywhere. The plastic chair he was currently sat in became his bed for these days. Maybe even months now, he lost count. All he wanted was for her to wake up. God, even nearly dead she’s still so beautiful. I would kiss you even if you were dead. o o ptv

Her giant wings laid uncomfortably under her, being so big that the ends fell from the sheets. All she was missing now was a halo Tony thought to himself. But his attention everted from her face back to the wings, the right one now brushing against his knee. So lightly, the white feather trailed down his leg, making the superhero tense up. Now again he looked back at her, only to find her eyes open, gazing right at him.

“Who are you?”

anonymous asked:

who would you say are the most successful models off the show? in terms of how many jobs they book/ how prestigious they are.

That’s a pretty good question! 

First off, I wouldn’t count Lena Gercke or Stefanie Giesinger to that list because both of them are pretty successful but I wouldn’t call them models.

With cycle 12, it’s too early to tell, especially since most of them are still bound to OE.

Cycle 11: Lara Helmer could be on the list, depending on how she does in the future. Also, Julia Wulf is doing pretty good so far.

Cycle 10: Katharina Wandrowsky is doing a few things here and there, we’ll see how she does. She didn’t book any bigger jobs yet but did have a few nice editorials and her stay in Madrid was also pretty nice.

Cycle 9: Ivana Teklic did book a few great things (Haute Couture FW, Dior, Roberto Cavalli) but unfortunately, she quit modeling. Also, Anna Wilken had some nice appearances on the runway, but she’s also not too active anymore. We’ll see where Jolina Fust will go, she does have the potential but she’s not really doing much with it yet.

Cycle 8: Carolin Sünderhauf for sure. Definitely one of the most successful ones. She had some nice campaigns, editorials. And she’s still active, so there’s probably more to come. 

Cycle 7: Luisa Hartema is doing quite good but could also do better considering her huge potential. I wonder where she’s going with her new haircut.

Cycle 5: Alisar Ailabouni - she’s been doing quite good at New York Fashion Week over several years, also did well in Paris and Milan last season.

Cycle 4: Brenda Kranz apparently - I didn’t follow her career, so I can’t say too much about her. Also Sarina Nowak after her transformation from model to curvy model.

cycle 3: Vanessa Hegelmaier. Also can’t say much about her but she was a pretty big deal back in the days.

cycle 2: Hana Nitsche, same with her.

I hope that answers your question a bit. Thanks for asking! :)