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cute couple things — p.p.

summary : extended dating peter would include… ft. a bunch of random thoughts i had about peter being a cute soft boyfriend !!!

  • reads your favorite books and memorizes lines from them that he can sneak into conversations to make you smile :)
  • it’s v hard for him to not look at you when he’s with you he just always wants to be looking at your face
    • “it’s, like, really hard to stop staring at you”
    • “huh?”
    • “you’re so pretty i can’t stop looking wow”
  • lights up !!!! when you walk into a room even if he’s just seen you two minutes ago and you were only in the bathroom for like a second
  • kisses you all of your face whenever he can just infinite amounts of kisses pressed across your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids 
  • he doesn’t really do nicknames like he’s not a darling sort of person
  • if he’s gonna call you anything it’ll probably be babe/baby/pretty girl or something of that sort
  •  (i started the pretty girl trend on the low don’t @ me)
  • sometimes you call him bro and he gets so offended 
    • “listen,,, peter,,, bro,,,,”
    • y/NNNN i’m not bro!!!!!!”
    • “k bro”
    • “you’re the worst” 
  • his face resembles that of a disgruntled pouty kitten whenever you call him bro
  • in school he taps his cheek lightly while facing away from you until you give him a kiss there and does that periodically throughout the day until MJ throws a pencil at him
    • “peter enough she’s kissed you like fifty times in the past twenty minutes haven’t you had enough”
    • “it’s never enough”
  • hands down gives the best hugs ever!!!! sweetest, softest, warmest hugs that you never wanna leave and they leave you a blushy mess for hours
  • nerd who tells you that you’re prettier than any star in the sky
  • will fight for your honor even if it means getting punched in the nose by one of flash’s bigger friends because flash won’t take on peter himself
    • “fuck peter why would you even call flash a giant dick??? like i know he is one but why would you ever you know his friend is like some sort of mutant tree”
    • “he said your butt was nice i can’t just let that sort of comment slide babe it’s unacceptable”
  • always knows he can rant to you about science bc you actually listen!!! and you care!! and you ask questions and you make him SO HAPPy!!
  • asks for permission to do everything
    • “hey would it be cool if i held your hand right now”
    • “yes of course”
    • “oh awesome!”
  • you send him selfies and his replies vary but they’re usually along the lines of
    • “oh my gosh you’re so cute i’m coming over”
    • “i love you you angel let me kiss you tomorrow”
    • “wow i have a real liFE ethereal as the love of my life i love the world”
  • sends a goodnight/goodmorning text every day with each heart emoji he can find 
  • his entire recently used section is just different colored hearts and rainbows and sparkles because he uses emojis obnoxiously
  • he’s convinced that the worst thing in the world is having to leave you after a long day of hanging out on a saturday or something
  • will 10/10 complain for hours to may about going home because he’s not with you anymore and he’s clingy
  • you’re his best friend and he’s not afraid to scream about it
    • “my best friend is dating me!!!!!!! i’m so lucky i love them so much” 
    • “peter we know”
    • “well now you know just a little extra all right?”
  • wishes you were able to fall asleep in his arms more often but you’re still young and he’s like oh well we have forever to do that
  • you insult each other all the time basically but??? you both love it banter is everything
      • “penis parKER flash is clever tbh”
      • “you’re such a little shit i’m actually going to fight you”
      • “seriously i dare you put your fists up now”
  • if you post a selfie and he doesn’t like it right away you’ll text him seven times in a row hinting that he should go like and comment 
  • texts at four am about random conspiracy theories or weird facts that only you two would find interesting 
  • shoulders = pillows on the train/bus most of the time
  • he is such a slut for having his hair played with ngl
  • it makes him so happy n calm he could lie like that, with your fingers just raking through his hair, for hours on end
  • he’s never felt more at home than when you’re sitting with him at his kitchen table eating mushy mac and cheese that he tried to make himself because may wasn’t home to help him out as you playfully make fun of him for ruining pasta
  • listens to ed sheeran songs with you because he’s an ed lover honestly and every song makes him think of you
  • hand massages when you’re cramping up after long tests or in class essays that leave you super stressed n anxious (fuck u ruby thx for the idea that murdered me n my soft spirit)
  • knows how to settle you nerves better than anyone else and vice versa
  • puts his hands on your cheeks before he kisses you 
  • you always joke about spidey in class and no one gets what you’re saying but he does and freaks out
    • “that’s a sticky situation”
    • “y/n” 
    • “don’t worry i found that on the web
    • y/n
    • “do you think spiders are men
    • “oh my gOD”
  • he doesn’t care at all if you take one of his sweaters or all of his sweaters he just gives zero fucks you could take them all and he’d love you for it 
    • “here take this one too”
    • “peter i have too many and it’s almost april”
    • “but you’d look so cute in this one” then he pouts and you’re a goner
  • peter writes you tiny notes in class that are his weird thoughts and ramblings and feelings but you save them all and put them in a memory box
    • there was one and it said here’s a concept : you have a bright future ahead of you, and i’m there. i like that concept.
      • you did, too
  • watches every cheesy romantic movie on netflix with you not just because you want to, but because he does too and he can’t help it that’s just how it is 
  • matching ugly christmas sweaters at christmastime because peter parker is an annoying headass and refuseS to go anywhere without one during the holiday season and if he’s wearing one he’s making you match
  • super spidey strength allows him to give you piggy back rides all throughout manhattan when you guys head to the city 
  • makes you kiss him in the rain even though there’s water up your nose and your hair is matted to your forehead 
  • one text makes your heart go !!!!!!!!! because that’s your boy!!!!! and you love him so much because he’s a lovely beautiful person that deserves the world !!!!!
  • making out is rarely super fast n intense like it’s still intense but you go slowly and you can make out for hours without a c are in the world
  • makes sure his hair looks nice before he goes out on a date with you
  • tells you that he loves you and that he’s happy you’re a part of his life as often as he can manage 
  • just wants to love you unconditionally forever
  • texts you at 11:11 every night and says something cheesy as fuck like “you’re my wish tonight babe” or “11:11 is always for you” and sometimes he’ll @ you on snap and you’re like wow we’re That couple 
  • but honestly???? you don’t care that much he’s so cute
  • knows your order at every restaurant/fast food chain/coffee shop imaginable and if he happens to pass by a mcdonalds or dunkin donuts while he’s swinging around queens he tries to pick something up for you 
  • you love his eyes you could probably get lost in them they’re gorgeous
    • “peter your eyes are so lovely i hate you”
    • “aw i love you more babe you say the sweetest things to me”
  • you think his smile is the prettiest thing ever
  • and when his face scrunches up when he’s super happY???? amazing you kiss him immediately everywhere and he gets so flustered and he giggles and tries to squirm away but not really
  • cause he loves it
  • and he loveS YOU
  • i love my boyfriend goodnight to all

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Masterlist - Updated 30/4/17

Originally posted by sebastiansource

- read my masterlist here . Please come and let me know your favourites -


Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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every time you say, “everyone has the right to own a gun,” you fucking spit on the people who’ve been fucking mowed down in public places, who lost their lives on a casual Tuesday in a place that’s supposed to be safe.

“Everyone has the right to own a gun,” you argue.

Everyone has the right to mass murder anyone they want, at any time of day?

What is this, the Purge? 

You sicken me. 

Sandy Hook wasn’t enough for you. Little children going to school and watching their classmates die, parents who have to live with the knowledge that a 20 year old who had fucking issues bought a gun one day and decided he wanted to pay back the world for all it ever gave him, and there was nothing that could stop him. 

Pulse, ah, but gay people, who cares about them? Certainly not you. 

If little kids getting their heads blown out didn’t bother you, why would adults?

Christina Grimmie? Yet another victim of male entitlement? 

Well she was just some girl, right, guns are still more important. 

Freedom, you know. 

Ariana’s concert, well, you never liked her music.

Her fans were shot, well, big deal.

And now another concert. 

Oh well. 

I guess that’s just another 50 down.

No big deal, right.

Who cares, the CONCEPT of gun ownership is so much more important that individual lives, right?

all those people who died didn’t die in vain!

they died so that Americans would KNOW

that every single one of them has the right to own a gun. 

I’m sure as they died on the fucking streets while their friends and family and fellow Jason Aldean fans screamed and hid under cars and ran for their lives, they were so proud to die for an American cause!  




Steve and Tony looked at each other and tried not to smile at the sound of a frantic Wade yelling for his boyfriend.

Ugh. Wade. Peter could do so much better. Peter is an honor student, he’s top of his class, he has a bright future full of opportunity, and he’s Tony’s son, dammit. And Tony doesn’t want his beautiful, perfect child in a relationship with a mercenary. Is that so wrong? Wouldn’t Peter rather date someone with more potential? A doctor maybe? No matter, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. As of now, Tony is just going to watch as his brilliant plan folds out.

Steve answers the door and narrowly misses getting punched in the face by Wade’s aggressive knocking.

“Oh, hi, Wade, it’s nice to see you today,” Steve feigned innocence, “Peter is in his room. Can I get you a snack or something to drink?”

“I’m good, Mr. Captain. Thanks.”, Wade grumbled as he walked past Steve and straight into Peter’s room, slamming the door behind him.

Steve and Tony froze and looked at each other in anticipation then scrambled to press an ear to Peter’s door when they heard muffled yelling.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about, baby!”, Peter yelled back, sounding confused and exasperated.

“Oh, don’t ‘baby’ me! You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! HASHTAG SINGLE?!?! THAT’S how you’re gonna break up with me?!”

“Wade, I haven’t even posted in, like, a week. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”




Steve and Tony ran across the room and tried to look like they’ve been busy in the kitchen this whole time as Wade stormed out of Peter’s room and out of the tower. They decided to wait a few minutes before checking on Peter. So far, everything has gone according to plan and Tony is very happy about it.

After about 5 minutes, Steve gently knocked on Peter’s door,

“Hey hun, can I come in?”

Steve opened the door upon hearing Peter’s automatic lock slide open and found him curled up on the bed, furiously wiping his eyes. Steve smiled sympathetically and sat down on the edge of the bed,

“Hey, big guy. What happened?”

Peter tried not to cry as he rehashed the conversation he had with Wade while Steve pretended he wasn’t listening at the door and heard every word.

“I just don’t understand,” Peter said tearfully, “I never posted that picture. That picture isn’t even of me, that’s not even our bathroom! But Wade wouldn’t listen so now the love of my life hates me.”

“That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”, Steve chuckled and Peter couldn’t help but crack a half smile at his dad. Steve tried his best to cheer Peter up, but he couldn’t shake the guilt he was feeling. Peter wouldn’t need cheering up if it wasn’t for him. Sure, Wade is a jackass but he’s Peter’s jackass. If Wade makes Peter happy, who is he to keep them apart? He’s gotta talk to Tony about this, Steve can’t stand lying to his son.

                             ~                                                          ~                                                          ~

“Absolutely not.”

“But Tony-“

“Steve. Honey. If we tell Peter then we’re the bad guys. Peter will never trust us again! Let him be sad for now, he’ll bounce back soon enough and it’s like it never happened. It’s for his own good.”

Steve sighed thoughtfully as Tony continued tinkering with whatever the heck he was working on at the moment.

“Look, Tony, I know how much you dislike-“

“I hate him.”

“…I know you have strong feelings towards Wade, but I can’t live with myself after what we did to Peter!”

“Wait. What?”, Steve flinched when he heard Peter behind him.

Tony shut his eyes tight and cursed under his breath before dropping his tools and turning around to face his son.

“What did you do to Peter?”, Peter asked, narrowing his eyes at his parents.

“Nobody did anything to Peter. Go to your room.”, Tony snapped.

Peter turned his attention to Steve, “Pops, what did you guys do?”

“Steve, don’t do it. Be strong.”, Tony murmured.

But contrary to popular belief, Steve was not strong. At least when it came to Peter, that is. His son could give him that look with the puppy dog eyes that say “I trusted you and you betrayed me” and it’s all over. Any willpower Steve has will just vanish.

“We. Um. We sort of… shopped? For your photo?”

“Photoshop, Steve.”, Tony said as he rubbed his temples. He loves his husband and son but man, could they give him a headache.

“Yes, photoshopped. We photoshopped your face to another person’s body. Well, Tony did. And then we… hacked?”

“Yes, Steve.”

“We ‘hacked’ into your account and posted the picture for Wade to see. Well, Tony did. And we made sure the words under the picture would make Wade mad so he you guys would get in a fight… Well, Tony did.”

“Steve. We get the picture, dammit.”

Peter looked at his feet and took a second to process this. His own parents were trying to sabotage his relationship?

“Why? Why would you guys do that?”, he asked.

“We’re really sorry sweetheart”, Steve placed a hand on the side of Peter’s face, “We thought it was for the best. I think now we see that we were wrong, don’t we Tony?”

“Hm? Oh. Uh… yeah. Totally wrong. Won’t try this again anytime soon.”

“You mean that, Dad?”, Peter asked Tony.


Peter smirked. He had his Dad in a box right now and they both knew it. He might as well take advantage of this opportunity and embarrass him.

“Then would you mind calling Wade for me and explaining all of this to him? I’d like my boyfriend back.”

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Illusion of Choice (M)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Summary: You’ve grown up with the Jeons, Jungmin and Jungkook, for as long as you can remember, your parents being very close. But little did you know that this is because you are in fact arranged to be married to the Jeon heir, Jungmin. However, a tragedy causes Jungkook to take up his brother’s mantle, and that includes becoming your fiancé.

Word Count: 7.3k+

Genre: Heir!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Smut and mentions (but not depictions) of death

A/N: Honestly one of the thoughts going through my head while writing this was “What’s the best way to make the readers suffer?” I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

You always wondered why your parents let you have boy best friends. After all, being from such an affluent family, as well as being the oldest child, you will be expected to marry someone for the good of the company. Letting you be around boys would just risk you falling for someone that you can’t have.

These are the thoughts running through your mind as your parents call you up to their study on the eve of your 18th birthday, and you know that the day has come. They would finally tell you who you were betrothed to. You stand in front of your father’s big wooden desk, listening to their spiel about your duties as the heir to their company, only listening for one thing: a name. However, what leaves your father’s lips is not what you expected. The words “Jeon Jungmin.”

Jeon Jungmin, whom you had grown up with, along with his brother Jungkook. You had always been closer to Jungkook, having been closer to him in age, but Jungmin would always show you his drawings and sneak you an extra cookie at the dinner table.

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Christine and Chloe eventually convince Michael to tell Jeremy how he feels
Michael decides to do it over text since he doesn’t think he could handle doing it in person

Michael: Hey Jeremy can we talk? 
Jeremy: sure whats up
Michael: This is gonna be hard for me to say but
Jeremy: hey its ok take your time
Michel: I have a huge crush on you and I’ve had it for a few years now.  Sorry.
Jeremy: shit im sorry michael but I dont feel the same im sorry
Michael: Oh right yeah sorry dude didn’t mean to make this awkward haha
Jeremy: you ok
Michael: I’m sure I’ll be fine 

Michael’s crying at this point 
Both Chloe and Christine had convinced him to tell Jeremy because they thought he felt the same
But obviously, they were wrong
Of course they were
Why would anyone like Michael
He was annoying
A loser 
A stoner
And to top it all off now he didn’t even have a best friend 

When Michael tells her, Chloe is all ready to fight Jeremy but Michael tells her to let it go
Over time the group splits
With Michael, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine in one grou[
And Jeremy, Rich and Jake in the other
Over time the two sides of the group lose most contact
Though Chloe and Jake still talk from time to time 

In his second year of college, Jeremy works out that he is definitely bi after a few nights at a club 
In his last year of college, Jeremy realises that he was actually in love with Michael 
But it’s too late to do anything about that 

Chloe invites both sides of the group to her and Brooke’s wedding  
Everyone shows
Except Jeremy
Michael tries not to let it get to him
But it does
He’s just so angry that Jeremy allowed all of this to become so awkward between them
They were meant to be a team
Player 1 and Player 2
Who cares if it’s platonic or romantic?
He just wants his best friend back

Rich and Jake’s wedding? No Jeremy 

When Brooke has her first kid? No Jeremy 

When Jenna gets promoted to head of her newspaper? No Jeremy 

When Michael is half asleep on his sofa with a glass of wine in his hand after looking after Christine Lohst all day? Of course that’s when he shows up 

Ugh they’re gonna start to shout soon
Oh hell yeah I’ll open it soon
It sucks Chlo left me here alone
Here in this toddler’s battle zone
I feel a headache coming up
Is Chloe ever giving up?
Splash splash splash splash
Throw some water in my face
Now I’m in a better place I open up the door and - 

“Wait why are you surprised? This is my house”
“Christine said it was he- oh shit”
“Christine said what?”
“You’re a terrible liar Jeremy”
“But she didn’t say ANYTHING”
Michael raises an eyebrow
“Ok fine well she may have told me that this was her new apartment and so I was stopping in to visit her like I usually do”
“…you usually visit Christine?”
“So are you two…”
“NO NO NO she’s not my type”
“Why are you still here Jeremy? Christine’s not here.  Unless you wanted lil Christine in which case she’s sleeping in the guest room”
“Right yeah sorry.  I’m bothering you aren’-”
“You’re no-”
“I’ll jus-”
“You don’t ha-”
“Uh what?”
“Would you like to come in for a drink?”
“Oh I…”
“You don’t have to Jeremy, it was just an idea”
“No it’s ok I’ll come in”

Michael finds another wine glass
“Red ok?”
“Red’s perfect thanks”

“So Jeremy how’s everything? What are you doing now?" 
“Oh I’m a games developer”
“You don’t look particularly excited about that? That was like your dream job”
“Oh well normally people get really bored when I talk about work”
“Jeremy you’re talking to the guy who was tempted to play apocalypse of the damned with his adopted niece this morning”
Jeremy looks at up that
“Apocalypse of the damned huh? We never did finish it did we?”
“Never too late to continue”
Both of them look at each other and then there’s a quick scramble to the living room

“I don’t know how well it’s gonna work cos I obviously haven’t played it in years" 
“Dude the console doesn’t have a speck of dust don’t lie to me you probably played this yesterday”
“Shut up Mr Games Developer”
The loading screen comes up and it’s just like high school again
Just the two of them
Michael presses start an-
Lil Christine comes in
“Uh hey Chrissie”
“Uncle Michael why didn’t you tell me Uncle Jeremy was gonna be here”
“I didn’t know myself”
“Mom’s gonna be so happy”
Both men look at each other
Michael speaks first
“Uh why?”
“Because mom is always talking about how you two should have been together and now you are!”

Jeremy and Michael both go bright red and neither of them speaks
Michael manages to get some words out  
“Nah Chrissie it’s fine.  Why don’t you back to bed and I’ll come in and see you in a moment”
“But I want to talk to Unc-”
“Christine Lohst - bed now”

"I’m sorry about her”
“She’s not the one who’s apparently been telling her three year old that we should be together”
“Chloe has very strong feelings about what happened in high school”
“So do I”
Michael stares at him, saying nothing
 "I shouldn’t have let your feelings get in the way of our friendship and I’m so sorry that I did.  It was stupid and I hate myself for it"
“Wait shit no don’t say that.  I’m just as much to blame as you are.  It’s not like I really tried to keep our friendship together.  I thought it’d be easier to just let it fall apart.”
“So we’re both sorry and stupid and wish we could be friends again?”
“Then I’m glad to be your new old friend Michael Mell”
“And I’m glad to be yours Jeremy Heere”
“I should probably tell you something though”
“In my last year of college I worked something out - I was an idiot in high school.”
“We already said this”
“For another reason.  I was an idiot because I didn’t realise I was head over heels for you" 
“I’m sorry Michael.  It took me so long to figure it out and I just rejected you in high school even though I felt the same”
“What about now?”
“Do you feel the same now?”
Jeremy takes in Michael
His scruffy hair, his glasses that need to be pushed up, the oversized hoodie he still hasn’t gotten rid of and looks into his eyes
“Well, what about you Michael? Do you still like me?”
Michael doesn’t even hesitate

anonymous asked:

malec + "are you drunk?" please! :)

The booming bass was moving through him like a thunderous sky, and Magnus took a moment to bask in the vibrations wandering over his skin. Pandemonium was packed, bodies upon bodies enjoying the electrifying atmosphere. They had come here for a night out, the place familiar enough to allow all worries to sink into oblivion.

He felt the haziness dig into his mind, the drinks they had consumed earlier finally making themselves known. Alec had been in a particularly adventurous mood tonight, asking for a taste each time Magnus ordered another cocktail while refilling his own glass of champagne over and over again. When Alec had suddenly jumped up and tugged Magnus to the dance floor, he knew the limit had been reached.

“Alexander,” Magnus laughed, “are you drunk?”

Alec shot him an offended look. “No. I didn’t drink that much.”

“You’re a bit of a lightweight, babe,” Magnus reminded him, resting his hand on Alec’s neck.

For a moment, Alec looked ready to defend himself before his gaze drifted from Magnus’ eyes. Raising his hands to his boyfriend’s face, he gently used his thumb to wipe away a smudge of makeup on his cheek. “Have I told you how much I love your face?”

“This would be the fourth time tonight, Alexander.” Magnus’ voice was dipped in fondness, and he let his own hand drift from Alec’s neck, down his arms, and to his waist. The beat was still heavy around them, magnified by the pleasant cloud forming over his thoughts. One song turned into another, and Magnus used the transition to tug Alec closer by the hips.

“Well I do,” Alec insisted, lips moving against Magnus’ cheek, “it is a very lovely face.”

Scrunching up his nose, Magnus leaned forward to press a kiss to Alec’s jaw. “Oh, is it? I can see an equally lovely face right now.”

“Impossible.” Alec said, “But just to clarify.. do you love that face?”

Dragging his nose up Alec’s cheek, Magnus couldn’t help the smile that spread on his face, “Of course I do.”

“Good.” Hands smoothing down Magnus’ back, Alec pulled them closer together. And under the neon lights, bodies pushed against each other, heartbeats aligned, and their lips met in a kiss.

Coincidences (Steve Rogers x Short!Reader)

Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me. I’m actually contemplating if to make this a multi-part but we’ll see how this goes>.< And Enjoy!

Pairing: Steve x Short!Reader

Summary: Pre-CACW. You start off the day with people teasing you about the one thing you can’t control, your height. Then just when you thought your day couldn’t get worse it gets…better? You start seeing the same cute guy everywhere you go and you start to wonder if it is just a coincidence or fate.

Word Count:1,768

Warnings: A handful of swears.

(Y/N) – Your name

(L/N) – Last name

(s/c) – Skin colour

(B/F/N) – Best friend name

(F/R) – Favourite restaurant

(f/f) - Favourite food

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry I didn’t see you there…and still, don’t,” the stranger smirks at his own retort before going on his merry way. Probably to a business meeting with CEO’s and shite based on the way his snazzy Kenneth Cole suit made him reek sophistication, it’s always these types that feel to need to be pompous jerks to everyone else. I mean, I know that my 5’2 frame isn’t helping to lessen the insults but still, you shouldn’t be so mean to someone you don’t even know. But then again, when you’re out here on these crowded streets of New York during lunch hour, who’s being nice? I’m lost in my thoughts when,

“Oomph!” my face meets stone and I violently get pushed, my bum becoming best friends with the floor. Oh wait, that’s not stone, it’s someone’s chest which is covered by a navy blue V-neck…someone’s rock-hard and muscular chest. I inwardly drool as I look up towards his face which now makes me want to melt. His baby blue eyes grant him just enough softness to complement his killer jawline and blonde hair, and not to mention the worry that he held in them which makes me smile. And let us not forget those perfectly sculpted lips which urge me to just crash-

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you there.” Alright, fantasy over.

“Don’t worry, most people don’t,” I shrug away his hand that he oh so generously set out for me with my own (s/c) colored hand and raise myself up from the ground, dusting whatever specs of gravel landed on my Levi blue jeans and a cream-colored blouse.

“Pardon me, ma’am, I meant no disrespect. I was on my,” he seems to pause as if remembering something, “iPhone and wasn’t looking at where I was going.”

“If you say so…,” I sigh, “well I guess no harm was done so enjoy the rest of your day.” I begin to walk towards my intended destination only to hear a faint “wait” from behind me causing my body to instinctually turn in his general direction, only to see him jogging towards me.

“I didn’t get your name, I’m Steve Rogers at you service ma’am.” He puts out his right hand and I hesitantly, but eventually shake it with my own, seeing how my (s/c) hand fit in his pale one.

“It’s not like you need it…but mine’s (Y/N) (L/N), and there is no need to be so formal either.” My phone suddenly rings shifting my attention to the screen which vibrates with impatient texts from my friend. “And I have to run. Nice to meet you I suppose?” and I trot off before he could say anything in reply.


“What took you so long? Look I know that love-making is a slow and sensual process but that shite is for the night alright, quickies are a morning thing for a reason. Oh wait I know, you were busy untying those goddam ropes with friggin’ origami knots, I already told you those kinks are-”

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Here’s my attempt at @redhotchilisimblr’s first Replica Challenge! I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The house looks like it would be easy, but it was tough to get the proportions right (I’m still not totally happy with them, but oh well), and I quit out of my game a couple of times to look for CC. ;-p This was also my second attempt after a failed one that I bulldozed. So it was definitely a challenge! 

The rules stated that I needed to decorate the porch and do landscaping but the backyard was optional so I skipped that for now. ;) (I did a little of the interior because I was in the mood for a little minimalist decorating.)

I built in Newcrest as the rules mandated, and I chose the colors of dark gray/moss green/white for my palette (though the gray looks a bit purple in these pics). Many thanks for redhotchilisimblr for a fun challenge! I’m ready for the next one. :)

One Night with a Psychopath

Description: Jim Moriarty takes reader to a ball, where things soon take an unexpected turn. 

Characters: Moriarty X Female Reader 

Triggers: Sex 

Length: 1,998 words

Note: Sorry guys this was a long one but I plan on writing more parts to this. Hope you like it! 

He left the invitation on top of your pillow in your bedroom. It was typed with calligraphy letters that made it seem like you were being invited to 17th century French ball rather than a modern one. You had told Jim that you would rather swim in shark infested waters than go to a fancy party with him. He took this as an act of playing hard to get, which you could tell turned him on oh so greatly. His mouth grew into a devilish grin and he reply with a simple, “We’ll see”. Moriarty made your skin crawl, however, as of lately you weren’t sure if it were in a bad or good way. Being Sherlock’s assistant was turning more into a nightmarish fever and when the criminal mastermind himself took a liking to you. It become even more of horrifying carnival attraction that you where forced to participate in. You roll your eyes at the invite when your phone beings to ring. You know exactly who it is before even looking at the caller ID. 

“What?” You answer. 

“Is that how you greet your date?” Moriarty replies. His Irish accent is playful almost like he knew it made you shiver in delight. 

“What makes you think I’m even going”? You scoff

“Please, don’t try and think you’re smarter than me. Darling, I am a bad boy for a living, you should know by now I always have a plan”, he says ending the last part with a sing song tone. 

There is a silent moment until you hear a sigh on the other end. 

“Meaning, if you decided not to join me. I’ll have to pay your mother a visit, now wouldn’t I?” Moriarty explains with a serious infliction. 

Your heart drops to your knees as you realize the severity of the situation. It dawns on you that Jim will not be letting you off the hook as simply as you hoped. 

“What should I wear”? You tried to sound sarcastically cheerful. 

“Something sexy”, he says. Before finishing with a quirky goodbye. 

You were left stunned and heart pumping into your chest  You knew you had to go to this damn ball for the safety of your loved ones but in the back of your mind, you felt a jolt of electricity from the thought of being with James Moriarty.     

The evening of:   

The red dress hugged your curves in all the right places with a backless detail that showed off your soft skin. You looked in the mirror and smiled, you look smokin’. “Eat you heart out, Moriarty”, you say to the mirror before heading out. The car was waiting outside your flat, Jim as usual with his games was meeting you at the venue. You were nervous for what the evening held but most of all you were nervous over your emotions towards the psychopath. Like most textbook psychopaths, James Moriarty was charming, handsome, and supernaturally smart. He made you flush every time he said your name, every time he even looked your way with those deadful eyes. 

The ballroom was cluttered with societies finest trying so desperately to sound more sophisticated than each other. You walked in scanning the room for Jim but the stares of the men and women alike blocked your sense of direction. They were looking at you either with lustful eyes or jealousy, it made you slightly uncomfortable. Just as you were about to text him, a familiar accent filled the air. James was in the center of a group of people, laughing at every word he said. For a brief second you thought of running, telling someone you were brought here on threats towards your family but you caught Jim’s eye as you stood there contemplating. His stare burned holes into your skin as he walked away from the crowd without saying a word. When you were face to face he leaned in kissing your neck softly growling into your ear. “You look amazing”, he whispered. He handed you a glass of champagne with a teethy grin like a predator who found his next meal. The two of you walked around the ballroom greeting every other couple as they made their rounds. You could still see men fixated on you as you moved, you could also see the glimmer of jealousy in Moriarty’s behavior as he ushered you away from these men. If he wanted to play silly games, you were more than happy to play. 

“Is someone a little jealous of how much attention this dress is getting”? You ask.

The question took Moriarty aback as he paused for a second. Giving you a look that seemed to only be reserved for the great Sherlock Holmes. You flashed him a smile as you walked passed him and began talking it up with another gentlemen at the bar. You could feel Moriarty’s death stare even has your back was turned but this only excited you more. In all the time you worked for Mr. Holmes, you had never experienced this type of stimulation before. A dangerous man taking you out to a ball whilst you flirt with other men was like having a severe death wish. However, you thought if he was distracted by you, he wouldn’t hurt your family. Perhaps that’s a better reason than admitting that you loved the way Jim looked at you with desire filled eyes.

“If you want to play, (y/n), we can play but I’m warning you I don’t play fair”, Moriarty said. 

He was standing in the back of you as you were speaking to a man in front. This revaluation made the hairs of your neck stand up. 

“Excuse me”, you smiled at the man and he quickly noticed Moriarty, moving himself along without saying goodbye.Moriarty looked at you with an open mouth as if he was faking a surprised expression. He laughs, pulling you in as the music starts up and people begin to dance. 

“You’re sick, you know that”? You gave him a distasteful look. 

“Oh yes, my dear, my sweet sweet dear. I’m sick and twist but your still here, aren’t you?” He answers.  

The way he looks at you burns a fire beneath that you try to suppress. The swaying of the dancing and the licking of his lips might as well take you down right now. 

“I have too, remember”? You snap back. 

He laughs at your sudden burst of attitude like it excites him. “You are sassy, I love it. I’ve never met someone who would dare test me like that”, he explains. “If you were anyone else, I’d have to… well you know… accidentally push you off the balcony”, he said as a matter of fact. 

“Well I’m glad I can be so entertaining for you”, you reply. Realizing that his body was inching closer to you as the music slowed to a stop. Your knees became weak at the thought of his kiss on your neck again but to your disapproval he only teases a kiss. Pulling away with an enlightened expression. 

“This place is boring me and you’re far to beautiful to be at such a dull party”. Before you could protest, he called his Sebastian to bring the car around. 

 The air was brisk causing you to shiver wrapping your arms around yourself. Jim wasted no time in peeling off his jacket and placing it on your shoulders. He winked as he lead you into the car. Your heart began it’s usual abnormal rhythm the one James Moriarty was responsible for. As the car moved towards it’s destination, Jim placed his hand on your knee, massaging it, and working his way to your thigh. You didn’t stop him not because you didn’t have a choice but because you needed this, needed him. 

“You are going to get it when we get home”, he whispered into your ear. Slightly nibbling on the lope, your body tightens and it feels like your entry being was lit on fire. 

“We’ll see”, you smirk. 

Moriarty’s Personal Space: 

 Jim walked you into his estate with a determination, giving you no real time to examine the exterior of the place. But, to your knowledge it looked as if he lived off in the middle of nowhere. Trees and what looked like a garden in the distant tipped you off of your surrounding. 

“Welcome”, he said opening the door, revealing a gorgeous interior that could only be described as something out of a posh magazine. You looked around in awe at the crystals fixtures and 18th century paintings plastered on the wall.

“Nice bachelor pad”, you narrowed your eyes at the criminal consultant. 

He shrugs bashfully looking at the floor, “ I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty nice. I don’t normally bring dates over”, his tone is child like.  

Rolling your eyes you can’t help but feel those pesky butterflies form in the pit of your stomach. “Do you always have to be a smart ass”? You ask. 

His expression drops at this and he walks towards you with lustful intent. He breaths in your hair, his eyes fixated on yours as he presses himself against you. Your body begins to boil with desire as you feel him growing underneath his trousers. 

“Let me show you my play room”, he says as he kissing down your neck.

You nodded in agreement, your voice caught in your throat as he leads you up the staircase. Moriarty’s room was surprisingly warm and very clean. You thought it might be filled with gruesome sights and people hang from the ceiling or something equal as horrifying. However, this room gave the impression that someone normal slept in here. Which was equally as troubling to find. 

Jim closed the door behind. “Do you like it”? He asked holding your shoulders from behind. His fingers teasing the material hugging them, slowly crawling his fingers around as they dragged down fabric. He kissed the back of your right shoulder causing a slight moan to escape your mouth. Jim stepped back. “Oh I see I hit a pressure point”, he giggles. 

“It can use a new fresh coat of paint”, you narrowed your eyes at him, gesturing to the bedroom walls. 

He raises an eyebrow at you with a smile forming onto his mouth. “Bed, now”, he says shortly. You obey but never taking your gaze away from him. You sit on the bed lifting you dress that your thighs are exposed. There is a hungry look in Jim’s eyes more than before with just a hint of mischief. He begins to unbutton his shirt also never taking his gaze off you. Something dangerously sinister is brewing in his concentration but you feel far from in danger. He steps towards you whilst he works his shoes and trousers still staring at you with that famous Moriarty stare. You fish your arms out of your dress, revealing a navy lace bra that shows a little more skin than a bra should. Jim smirks as he slightly pushes you onto the bed and hovers over your. 

“Do you want me, (y/n)”? He asks. 

“Yes”, you reply. Biting your lower lips, watching as his hand move underneath your dress, pressing his fingers just at your entrance. You know your wet, you have been since the car ride here. 

“You are a bad, bad girl”, he says lowering himself closer to your lips but doesn’t quiet touch them just yet. 

He’s teasing you, you can tell but you don’t care at this point, you just need him if only for this moment. His fingers are playing with your lace panties, he inches his way into the side of them and just as you can’t take anymore teasing. He moves his index and middle finger inside you, causing you to gasp, which he catches with his mouth. His kiss is intoxicating, passionate and menacing. Biting on your lower lip, his tongue swirling in your mouth, the damn psychopath is an expert at kissing. He plays you like a musical instrument with the just the touch of his finger tips, you’re purring out in ecstasy. Working your way down south you feel every corner of this body, smooth except for the tiny ridges of his abs. You stroke his member and watch as he closes his eyes in pure pleasure, groaning as your confidence grows and your rhythm speeds up. Moriarty kisses you deeper and harder, pulling you closer he releases his fingers from inside you. 

“I bet you taste delicious”, he says. Taking his fingers into his mouth pulling them out with a pop. “Mmmmm”, he moans. 

Slipping the rest of your dress off along with your panties, he tosses them to one side. You tug at his boxers and he springs free. 

“Defiantly not bored anymore”, you say. 

He shakes his head in a rhythmic motion and smiles. “You’re a terrific alternative”. 

Moriarty places himself in your just between your legs, moving his way down to your breast, sucking at biting at the skin. This causes you to let out a moan in satisfaction. He looks up at you with a crinkle in his forehead and a smile that could stop a lion mid run. 

“I bet I can make you say my name”, he says in a sing song manner. 

You snort and laugh. “You’re on”, you simply reply. 

He continues to work your breast as he does he inches his way slowly into you. Swerving his hips in a clock-ward motion, leaving you yearning for him, your body crying out for gratification. You want to yell his name but you well this would mean you lose. He looks up at you again with a picture perfect smile. 

“I know you want to”, he teases. 

“I don’t think so”, you breathe. 

“Fine, if want to play rough, I am more than happy too”, he tone is dark. 

Moriarty thrust himself inside you quickly just enough for a groan to escape your mouth. Biting your lips hard so that nothing else finds its way out. He kisses down at your neck as he pulses through you, quicker and harder. Your back arches in approval, he shifts and hits a weak stop, causing you to form his name on your lips. However, you stop yourself before reciting the rest. 

“I always get what I want”, Moriarty whispers.

“Not today”, you groan. 

He thrust harder, deeper, with just a little bit of force. 

“Ugh!” You cry out in delight. 

He nips at your chest, frantically racing up to kiss your mouth, deeply and more passionate than before. His hips grinding into you, he knows fully well you are close to the edge. Gripping his back with your fingertips, softly biting his shoulder as he groans into your mouth. 

You think to yourself that you might just win against the criminal consultant. Until he shifts once again into the right spot, slowly at first but then he picks up speed. He stares into your eyes as if waiting for what he already knows is coming. 

“Uh! Jim!” You scream. 

Clasping your hands onto your mouth, hoping by some miracle he didn’t hear a thing. He laughs in triumphant, coming shortly after, and collapsing on your chest. 

“You owe me”, he breathes. 

“Shut up”, you snap back. 

“I don’t just place a bet on anything or one”, he says. Rolling over onto his back, he flips onto his side and places a hand on his head prompting him up. Moriarty stares at you intently before continuing. 

“I ask that you join me tomorrow night for dinner and a show”, he explains. His eyes have a serious tint to them. 

“Just dinner?” You ask. 

He nods with a grin, “Just dinner and a trip to the cinema”. 

You think for a minute at all the possibilities that could go wrong by daring to date James Moriarty. In his bedroom you see a different side to the criminal mastermind. There’s no threat, no true danger, yet you know there is, somewhere out there the possibility of this ending very badly. You figure one shag and a dinner date won’t be too bad as long as you keep your guard up. 

“Fine, one more date and that’s it”, you finally utter. 

“Fantastic!” He giggles. Pulling you in closer and nuzzling your neck. 

What can possible go wrong? 

Title: Escape the Night I(Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The team is all invited to Tony’s housewarming dinner party, a 20s themed soiree with a twisted surprise that not even Mr. Stark himself knows about.

Word Count: 2472

A/N: WOOH! This is definitely inspired by Escape the Night on YouTube Red; I love it so much that I had to write something. If you guys like this part, let me know and I’ll totally do a part 2! I hope you enjoy!

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Beautiful- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: The four times Tom was utterly in awe of your beauty. (Based on ‘Never Seen Anything Quite Like You’ by the Script)

Word Count: 1400

A/N: There are a lot of time jumps, so I apologize for that in advance. Also, I feel uncomfortable writing wedding scenes, especially when the character is a real person, so I am sorry for how terrible the last one is.


“So, Tom, I heard that you have a celebrity crush-” Ellen stopped herself to laugh at the embarrassed Tom. He ran his hand through his hair as his face became red, “Look at you! You’re all red and flustered.” She exclaimed. She placed her elbow on her armrest and leaned into Tom on it. “Would you look to tell the audience?”

“No, no, no. Please no.” Tom begged.

“Okay, well, then Tom from two weeks ago- was it?- can tell them.” She replied, pointing up to the screen and a clip from a different interview with Tom popped up.

“Who is your celebrity crush?” The interviewer asked. Almost immediately, Tom answered.

“Y/N Y/L/N, definitely her. She’s absolutely beautiful and she’s killing it right now with Divergent and Cinderella.” On-screen Tom eagerly replied as present day Tom hid his blushing face behind his hands.

“Aw, Tom, why are you embarrassed? It’s cute.” Ellen teased as the audience laughed and cheered, “Y/N even agrees.”

“What?” Tom asked, looking at her in confusion and slight excitement.

“Y/N was on the show yesterday and she said she thought you were cute.” She explained.

“There’s no way.” He replied in disbelief as a clip started to roll on the screen.

“So congratulations on Pirates. It’s a brilliant movie.” On-screen Ellen told you and you smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Tom Holland also agrees.” Ellen added and you laughed lightly.

“So I’ve heard.” You nodded.

“Have you now?”

“Well, when you’ve got a massive comic book fan as your best friend, you tend to know when the new Spider-Man actor admits he has a crush on you.”

“If Tom was to be watching this right now, what would you say to him?” Ellen asked. Tom’s focus was on the screen, on what you might say to him; his attention was anywhere but behind him, where you currently stood silently shushing the audience.

“Tom, I find you to be very cute and very talented. Good job on Civil War and good luck with Spider-Man.”

“Isn’t that nice?” Present day Ellen turned to Tom as the clip ended and he reached for his mug.

“Yeah, but, uh, it’s still embarrassing.” He replied, drinking some water.

“Oh well, you’re about to be even more embarrassed then.” She chuckled.

“Boo!” You exclaimed from behind him and he spit out his drink, bolting to his feet.

“Oh my God!” Tom shouted, covering his mouth.

“Hi.” You laughed.

“I told you, Tom. That was hilarious.” Ellen couldn’t help her laughter as a slow-mo replay of Tom’s actions was shown on the screen.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” You smiled, holding your hand out to Tom.

“Y-yeah, I’m so sorry. My brain is trying to process all of this. Wow, you’re even more beautiful in person.” Tom said, making you laugh. As he shook your hand, he made eye contact with you and it quite literally felt like time had stopped for both of you.

“You’ll thank me one day.” Ellen said, breaking your trance and making both of you laugh.


(One month later)

You were doing press in London for your latest film and finally got a day off, which meant you could stay in your hotel room the whole day in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt with absolutely no need to get dolled up. Around lunchtime, you rang for room service and a few minutes later there was knock on your door.

“Coming!” You said, standing up from your couch and heading over to the door. You opened it and you were greeted with, instead of a hotel employee bearing your lunch, Tom. You yelped and shut the door quickly.

“Y/N, are you okay? It’s just me.” your boyfriend said.

“I know. What are you doing here? I thought you had to be in Atlanta.” you asked, trying to steady your breathing. The last time anyone had seen you like this was years ago and you were not prepared to let Tom see you in jeans with no makeup on.

“Laura had a scheduling conflict, so she had to back out. I got another few weeks off while they search for a replacement.” He explained, “Why aren’t you letting me in?”

“I-I’m not decent.” You stated.

“Yes, you are. Just let me in.” He knocked again and you sighed.You slowly opened the door and let him inside your room.

“If I had known you were coming, I would have looked better.” You spoke as he closed the door behind him.

“You look beautiful.” Tom said in awe, pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“Not really.”

“Yes, really.” He stated, planting a quick kiss on your lips, “How has the press tour been?”

“Busy and today’s my day off. How did you know where to find me?” You asked, sitting on the couch and he sat beside you.

“I have your manager’s number.” Tom replied, “I would have called you, but I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“So Laura is gone? How will you find a replacement?”

“Well…” He trailed off, “I kind of told Marvel I knew a famous actress who’s schedule would be open soon and who would be willing to play my love interest.” Tom smiled at you hopefully, “So what do you say? After you finish up promo here in London, do you want to come back to Atlanta with me and be my Liz?”

“Did you ask my manager about that too?” You asked.

“Maybe.” He shrugged, making you giggle.’

“I’d love to be your Liz.” You smiled, kissing him.


(A couple weeks later)

The day you and Tom would be shooting the scene in which Peter goes to Liz’s house before Homecoming came around and Jon Watts believed the scene would be even more realistic if Tom hadn’t seen you at all that day or in your Homecoming look. Thus, you hadn’t seen Tom since the night before and he had no clue what your Homecoming dress would be like. You nervously stood behind the door, mentally rehearsing your lines, as you waited for Jon to call action.

“And action!” He announced. You opened the door and walked onto the kitchen set.

“Wow, doesn’t she look beautiful, Pete?” Your ‘dad’ asked Tom. Tom turned around to face you and he was speechless.

“Y-yeah, she does.” Tom nodded. Forcing himself to stick with the script, he turned back around to face your ‘father’.

“Good answer, kid.”

“Dad, don’t embarrass me.” You said, smoothing out your pink dress as you walked to stand beside Tom.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Your ‘dad’ announced.

“Wait, wait, pictures first!” Your ‘mom’ said, pulling out a camera for the two of you.

Jon called cut and Tom turned to you in awe.

“You really do look beautiful.” He said and you blushed.

“Thank you.” You replied, kissing him quickly.

“Y/N! Peter can’t have Liz’s lipgloss on him.” The makeup artist stated, making you laugh as she gave Tom a napkin.


(Two years later)

You were nervous, you’ve never been this nervous. ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall’ you reminded yourself as your clutched the flowers in your hand.

“Y/N, are you ready?” Your best friend and maid of honor asked.

“Let’s do this.” You let out a shaky breath and she smiled at you. You watched as she left the room and you followed her. It was silent, all you could hear was your heart beating and the soft music. You slowly rounded the corner. Your eyes went up the aisle and straight to Tom’s. He smiled brightly at you. Everyone stood and watched as you walked past them.

You came to a halt at the altar, standing in front of Tom. You handed your bouquet off to your maid of honor and your hands fell into Tom’s…

“Mrs. Y/N Holland. I like the sound of that.” Tom whispered in your ear during your first dance.

“I quite like the sound of it too.” You replied with a laugh.

“You look so incredibly beautiful in this dress.”

“You say I look beautiful in anything.”

“Because you are beautiful. I’ve never seen anything quite like you. I love you so much, my wife.”

“And I love you too, my husband.”

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Institute Business with Mr. Lightwood and Mr. Bane

When Alec awoke it was to the sensation of having a dream within a dream. It seemed like that was how it was every morning that he woke up to the soft satin of Magnus’ sheets draped lightly over his body, Magnus’ solid form curled into his own. He would wake up from a dream, a beautiful dream, the kind colored with hues of gold and cream, with the sounds of the ocean and memories of laughter from his younger years. He would wake from a dream so beautiful it seemed impossible to top, and then he’d wake up, and somehow he’d become conscious to a world even more beautiful than the one his mind had conjured up for him.

At first, he assumed he’d awoken only because his mind had run out of beautiful pictures to show him, but he soon realized it was Magnus’ stirring that had pulled him from his dreamland.

Without opening his eyes, Alec mumbled, “good morning, Mr. Bane.”

Magnus pushed further up in bed. “I’m sorry, Alexander, I didn’t mean to wake you”

“No,” Alec tried to dictate despite his face still being half-shoved into the tan-gold pillow cases of Magnus’ luxurious bed, “Don’t be. I’m glad to just,” he breathed in the honey-rich scent that followed Magnus like a trail of pixie dust, “lay here. With you.”

Magnus rested his hand on the side of Alec’s face that wasn’t enveloped in a pillow, stroking his thumb lightly across Alec’s cheekbone. “And so would I, darling shadowhunter, but I have warlock business to attend to and-”

“No,” Alec said again, eyes still shut, almost defiantly, as if he were rebelling against leaving the bed. He changed his grip on Magnus, so that instead of his arm resting lazily across the warlock’s bare chest, he used both of his arms to grip him like a vice. “No moving. Just… Just lying.”


Alec raised one thick eyebrow (or maybe he raised two, Magnus couldn’t tell with Alec’s face shoved into the pillow), “Magnus…”

Magnus smiled, but began to try to break through Alec’s grip, “If you would kindly… just… remove… your.. VERY strong arms… from around my waist… I could just..” Each word was punctuated by a flex of his upper body to try to release Alec’s grip on him, “breakthrough…” Finally, Magnus escaped Alec’s body-lock by simply inching downward until he had slipped out the bottom of Alec’s encirclement. “Then I could get to work.”

Magnus was reaching for his robe when Alec finally opened his eyes and leaned across the bed to grab Magnus’ hand. “Might I remind you, Mr. Bane, that as the Head of the New York institute, I can arrest you for not heeding the words of a high-ranking official?”

Magnus smirked, his competitive side getting the best of him as he intertwined his fingers with Alec’s and climbed over to him with his knees on the bed, “and might I remind you, Mr. Lightwood, that as the High Warlock of Brooklyn, I could kick your pretty butt?”

Alec looked up at Magnus, who was towering over him now that he was kneeling on the bed and Alec was lying down. He shifted his position so as to look Magnus in both his shimmering yellow eyes. “Oh please, Mr. Bane, show me what it is you intend to do.”

“Well,” said Magnus, one knee now on either side of Alec’s hips, a pair of Alec’s sweatpants hanging loosely from his own strong legs, “first, I could hit you with a spell, right here.” He ghosted a hand over Alec’s exposed stomach, “and the magic would spread, all through here,” he used both hands now to trail a path from Alec’s stomach to his hipbones.

“And then what?” Alec asked with a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, still able to put a teasing tone behind his words, despite his level of distraction.

“And then, shadowhunter, I would knock you off your feet, literally of course, and pin you down, so that you were underneath me, as you are now.”

Alec closed his eyes for a second, feeling the crackle of electricity Magnus now had running through the air, whether from magic or wanting Alec couldn’t really tell. “And after…?”

“Next, I would tie you down, and then remove myself from you like so…” Magnus swung his leg back over Alec’s body so that he was no longer straddling him. “And then…” Magnus trailed, placing a firm hand on Alec’s chest, trailing a finger through the hair there, “I would runawayandgettowork!” He said the last part as quickly as possible so as to not give the dreamy Alec time to react as he hopped off of the bed and almost ran to his office, grabbing the book he needed on the way in.

Alec sat in shock for a moment, letting his eyes flutter open to the sight of the empty room, the hook Magnus’ robe usually sat on now vibrating from the force with which the robe was removed from it. “He didn’t,” Alec whispered to himself, or maybe to the robe hanger, he wasn’t sure. “You didn’t!” he called to the apartment, and to Magnus in the other room. “You sneaky little…” Just then, a call came in on his phone, whom the caller ID identified as Jace. Alec picked it up and held it to his ear.

“Hey Jace, can you give me just one second? I have to attend to something. Institute business, you know.” He set the phone down on the table as Jace was saying his “yeah yeah of course,” and Alec stalked from the room, yelling as he went.

“Magnus! You can’t get past me! If this is because you thought you heard me snoring again, I’ve told you a MILLION times I don’t snore!”

Jace smiled down at his phone, the folder in his hand forgotten. “Institute business.” Of course.

One word prompt fic 

AN: If you follow me on twitter (smoakbettsqueen) you’ll know I’ve been in a writing rut lately unable to write anything, I asked some awesome friends @callistawolf and @latinasmoak for some prompts and thus begins this little mini series of fics all from their prompts that take place post 523.


“Mr. Mayor, your two o'clock is here.” Marlene’s voice echoes across Oliver’s large office, but before he can query her on what two o'clock the intercom goes dead.

He frowns in confusion his hand moving to his daily planner, his hardcopy daily planner. His forehead wrinkles in confusion as he flips through the well worn pages, trying to find out who he’s supposed to be meeting with. He really hopes it’s not the Hub City mayor, he’s almost certain they are meeting on Friday at two, the large stack of regulations and agreements that he’s suppose to go through before that meeting -that he’s already rescheduled twice- is currently staring back at him. The mayor of Hub City is  never going to want to meet with him again if he’s not even prepared for this meeting.

“Why did I buy you that fancy state of the art tablet if you’re just going to be a caveman and use that planner?”

A familiar teasing voice calls out, halting all of Oliver’s thoughts, much like she’s been doing for the past 6 weeks, or 6 years if Oliver is being honest with himself.

He looks up and can’t help but smile as Felicity glides into the office the little floral romper she’s wearing rustling as she walks. She’s holding a tray with two large cups of coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.

The cuffed sleeve of her romper has slipped off and Oliver can see the tan curve of her shoulder. He’s already tempted to press his lips to against the soft curves and pull down the V of Felicity’s flora romper and explore the rest of her tanned skin, all too familiar of just how far that tan really goes, or doesn’t go as the case may be.

“Your two o’clock at your service, Mr. Mayor.” Felicity says cheekily as she does a slight curtsy with her gifts despite the fact that she’s in a romper and not a dress.

She takes one look at Oliver’s expression though and backs away from him when he takes a step towards her. “No. No. No. Keep those thoughts in your head mister.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Oliver protests his smile widening when Felicity holds the hot coffee and what he assumes are chocolate croissants -his absolute favourite-  like a shield in front of her. 

“No, but that face and that smile. I know that smile.” Felicity accuses, “you’ve got dirty on your mind. That is not the kind of services I am bringing. We will not have a repeat of what happened last week.”


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Come to the dark side, or not.

 Anonymous said:

Ok, so I’m at a scene and I have my two main characters in adjoining prison cells. He’s been captured because he turned against the dark force and had been secretly helping the light because he fell for the female lead, and she was fighting for the light all along, but the darker side has been trying to coerce her into joining. Could you do some dialogue where she’s ready to give in and he tries to talk her out of it?

 Anonymous said:
Villain x hero prompts, the hero turns into the dark side to be with her!

Anonymous said:
Aaaaaahhhh! Your Villain x Hero prompts give me life!!!!! Could you possibly do some on the villain trying to get the hero to join them? I’m having a bit of writers block. PS! I love your blog!!!! 😍

 1) “You think surrender will save people?” Maybe, given the situation, he should be gentle but he was simply too furious.  After everything, how could she think for even a second that they were the better option? She’d seen what they’d done to him! “It won’t. Trust me, that’s not how these people work. You surrender and they win. Game over. Maybe your friends will still be alive but it will be in misery, or hey, maybe they’ll just kill everyone anyway because it’s not like you’re going to stop them.”

2) “I love her.”
“Clearly to the point of madness. She’s sweet to you, that’s great, good for you. I’m sure you’ll be very happy making love not war when the rest of us rot. Tell me - tell me just one thing-” their best friend’s voice cracked. “What sacrifices is she making for you? What is she doing to prove her love to you or is it just you that’s making the compromises?”
“She’s not the one currently trying to ruin everything. Yeah, so sorry that I did the selfish thing for once to be happy. I thought maybe I’d done enough for the lot of you.”
“The lot of us? I take it back, you two are perfect for each other.”

3) “They want you to fight for them, but they’re scared of what you can do. Terrified of your power just as they’re frightened of mine. Do you really think,” the villain leaned in close. “That when I’m gone they’re not going to turn on you?”

4) “Sometimes,” her voice drifted through the wall, so empty and lost. “I think I’m not as strong as you think I am.”
He swallowed hard.“Please.” He wished he could reach out to touch, to gather her up close through the cold stone walls and make it better because he knew how hard it was to resist them. The only reason he’d been able to do it was because of her. “You don’t have to fight forever, just a little bit longer, yeah? A few seconds, a few minutes, a day. Break it down. You saved me. Now I’m going to save you and get you out of here, okay?”
He had no idea. Still, he injected some confidence into his voice. “You forget, these are my old stomping grounds. I’ve still got some strings to pull here.” And maybe that string would now end up being a hangman’s noose, but if it saved her…well, if it saved her he’d do anything.

5) “Come, now.” The villain held out her hand. Implacable, expectant, calm in her waiting. “Let me make it all better.”
They crossed over and maybe it wasn’t better but falling was a lot like flying when you squinted right.

6) “I could give you the whole speech,” the villain strolled closer. “Threaten to kill your friends, life of luxury, oh no all your friends are really turned against you…blah blah blah.”
The hero watched them warily. 
“I think you’re too strong for that,” the villain said. “Not easily swayed or broken. It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about you. You’d do anything to save them.” The villain sighed. “So I think I’m just going to do this is instead.”
They zapped the memory-wiper against the hero’s skull, shattering all memory of life before, and promptly switched their face to concerned. “Oh thank god, I finally found you…”

Can I be the groom?

I stumbled over some text messages today and they just screamed Bughead, I swear. And they were stuck in my head the whole day. That’s why I had to type this little one shot. 

I normally don’t write in english and I edited this myself, so I’m sorry for any mistakes. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let me know if you do! <3

Warning: FLUFFY xD


Betty couldn’t help it. She stared at the screen of her phone for a brief moment and then started laughing. The day had been batshit crazy and she was beyond annoyed. That’s why she texted Jughead. After all it was his wedding too. But he couldn’t help her with the last preparations right now, because he had to promote his newest book. He tried to get out of this promotion tour, but Betty encouraged him to go.  And that’s why he had to endure her ranting, about flowers, cakes, dresses, her mother and Veronica now. Those two really just wanted to help her, but somehow, they ended up making everything worse. They were just…a little bit over the top. Jughead really had no chance to answer between all the messages he got. But after Betty had finished, he finally answered.

J: Hey, Betts. This may sound a little bit demanding after all you went through today. But can I play some important role in your wedding? Like…the groom?

Betty laughed so hard, that tears were running down her cheeks. This day had been so stressful. But with just one text message, Jughead could lift her mood. After she had calmed down a little bit, she was finally able to answer.

B: I don’t know Jug. You’d have to wear a suit. And you can’t wear your beanie. Also, I’m pretty sure you’d have to dance with me. And you’d have to be nice the whole day. Is that something you can pull off?

Betty smiled, making herself comfortable on the couch and looking at the ceiling of their living room. They had moved in here one year ago and Betty was still in love with this house. It was beautiful and she was glad, that they were able to afford it. Her phone buzzed and Betty smiled and bit her lip, when she read Jugheads response.

J: I’m offended. I’m not only an amazing writer. I’m also an amazing actor. I can totally pull that off. We have to talk about the beanie though.

It took Betty only a few seconds to send her reply. She grinned while typing her response.

B: Maybe I should rather cast another groom. One who doesn’t wear a beanie. I could ask Veronica, if she’d lend me Archie for one day.

She waited patiently for Jugheads response. At first, she only got a GIF showing a man who fainted. The blonde laughed out loud again. Of course Jughead knew how to cheer her up, even if he was thousand miles away. Now he was typing again.

J: I just read our contract again (you agreed to it, when you accepted that ring from me). The contract says you have to cast me for the role of the groom. No other option. With or without my beanie. Also…you wouldn’t be happy with Archie. He can’t dance at all. And he doesn’t look as good as me in a suit.

The blonde giggled and began to type her answer.

B: Oh, is that so?

His answer came very fast this time.

J: Sure. You can’t deny you like me in a suit. May I just remind you how Archie’s and Veronica’s wedding ended for us?

Oh, she didn’t need a reminder of that night. Betty blushed. She was glad Jughead couldn’t see it. He would have teased her immediately. But he proved once again, that he really knew her.

J: I know you’re blushing right now. So why not give in and book me as the groom already?

B: You’re annoying.

J: But you love me.

Betty chuckled and shook her head, typing another message.

B: Doesn’t make you less annoying. But, oh well. Congrats. You’ll be the groom. I don’t want to hear you complaining at our wedding in three weeks!

J: That’s my girl. You won’t. I’ll marry you, why should I even think about complaining?

Betty shook her head again. This time, because she still couldn’t believe, that she was lucky enough to marry the love of her life. They texted back and forth for a while, until she finally went to bed. Tomorrow would be another crazy day, she knew that (she had another meeting with Ronnie and Alice). But she also knew, that Jughead would be there for her, whenever she needed him.

Well Done, My Student - Overwatch Pre-recall AU!

Genji tried to keep his composure. It never gets any easier…

Hanzo slashed his blade twice across Genji’s body, forming a bloody X on his chest, before finally plunging the katana into his abdomen. Genji winced in pain and dropped to his knees looking at the hilt sticking out of his abdomen; at the blood gushing out of him at an alarming rate; at his brother’s expression which held no signs of pity nor remorse.

The world grew colder and still as Hanzo made his final gesture, kicking his brother off the mountain ledge. Genji fell to his death, the sword still in its place. He did not feel pain. He was unable to feel anything. If anything, he felt betrayed. Betrayed, but not scared. Not anymore.

Zenyatta removed the Orb of Discord off of Genji. “I still do not understand why you keep insisting on replaying this memory over and over, my student.”

“It’s a reminder, master, that even the ones closest to you could hurt you in more ways than you could imagine.”

“Was this why you left the Overwatch program?”

“Had I stuck around until Overwatch was shut down, I would have been on the run like a fugitive; like the rest of them.”

“I see…”

Zenyatta hovered next to Genji as they both assumed the meditation position. Genji closed his eyes and placed the palms of his hands on his lap and remained motionless


They both meditated for a good twenty minutes before Zenyatta broke the silence. “Tell me, Genji…” He hovered the orb of Harmony over the both of them to ease the tension of what he was about to ask his student. “.If you were to meet your brother again, what would you do?”

Genji opened his eyes

I’d slice him through and through…

I’d strike him down where he stands…

I’d hurt him the way he hurt me…

I’d tell him how I will never forget what he had done…

I’d let him know how inferior he made me feel…

I’d show him he didn’t deserve to feel superior than I was…

I’d complain to him about how father preferred him more…

I’d scream at him for how he treated me all those years…

I’d yell at him for disappearing…

I’d scorn him for betraying me…

I’d tell him how much I’ve missed him…

“I’d let him know that I forgive him; that I am ready to move on and make up for the time I lost with my brother…”

“No grudges or seeking vengeance?”


Sombra slid her chair away from the desk and turned around to face the archer who has been standing behind her for about an hour now.

Hanzo stood still as he stared at the hacker’s screen. “Brother…” He tried his best to hold back his tears, but his attempts were futile.

“Now, Shimada. We honored our part of the deal, now it’s your turn.”

She was right. If there was one thing Hanzo knew, it was that honour resides in one’s actions, and that he was a man of his word.

“Very well. I agree.”

Reaper placed his hands on Hanzo’s left shoulder. “Welcome to the team.”

Sombra smiled. Having a powerful resource such as Hanzo Shimada would greatly benefit Talon. They could definitely use a man with his skills and his- “Oh I almost forgot!”

She slid her chair back to her desk and leaned towards the microphone. “Well done…

…my student.”

“Thank you, master.”

Genji closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation.


A Draco x reader request from anon!  This took me forever, and I have no idea why…but here it is!  Thanks for your patience, lovelies!  Enjoy! xx

Imagine:  Draco x reader. The reader is a pure blood but after her parents finding out that she’s dating Draco they kick her out. She goes to the Malfoy manor. Soaked from the rain with her magical bag and cat. Will Draco’s parents turn her away?

Originally posted by huhhowaboutno

The rain was unwelcoming, stinging your exposed limbs like an agitated swarm of bees.  As your weary gaze trailed up the cobblestone walkway, framed artfully with hedges of brilliant green, and settled on the foreboding structure before you, you shivered. Malfoy Manor, although grand and definitely awe-worthy, stood silent and stern in the summer rain.  You found yourself unsure and wrought with a sudden anxiety that washed through your very skin, much as the water did your clothes.

A meek “meow” echoing against the cold stone nearly caused you to jump out of your skin.  Your orange tabby cat hissed and whined in your tensed arms, clawing at your bare flesh. Swallowing hard, you adjusted your grip and proceeded through the unfriendly shadows of towering topiaries towards the oak French doors.  

You chewed on your lip as you shakily lifted a hand to knock against the glossy surface.  The knock was swallowed by the pounding of the rain on the roof above you, mixed with the dripping of your hair and clothing.  The cat stirred in your arms once more and you breathed in deeply, closing your eyes and praying fervently that he would answer the door.

Your eyes snapped back open to the sound of the great double doors creaking open.  With relief, they met the grey eyes of a welcomingly familiar white-blonde haired boy and, all at once, welled with tears.

“Y/N?  What on Earth…?” Draco stepped into full view, his black turtleneck clinging flatteringly to his slender, muscular frame.  The sight of this man, your only love, was nearly too much.  Your tears flowed freely and burst from your swollen eyes, coagulating with the rainwater that remained on your cheeks.  Without wasting another second, you flung your arms around the fair man in the doorway and let your tears and sobs fill the fibers of his unseasonal sweater.  The orange cat jumped to the black marble floor and sauntered into the manor, standing out like a flame against its dark surroundings.

Draco was immediately filled with dread and confusion as your arms constricted around his midsection like a vice.

“Y/N!  Love, what’s the matter?  What’s happened?” he pulled you back only a few inches so as to hold your face between his hands, hurriedly brushing a few soaked strands of hair off your temples. Your eyes burned and your lip quivered as you tried to blubber out an explanation.  Sobs escaped one after another from your throat and Draco wrapped an arm around your shoulders, ushering you inside and closing the door behind you.  

You were in such a state, you simply couldn’t describe it. Anguish and fear coursed through your veins and you nearly crumbled to the ground upon entering the grave foyer of Malfoy Manor.  Draco remained calm and collected, at least on the outside for your benefit as he scooped your shivering body up effortlessly into his arms and ascended the stairs to his bedroom.  His eyes gave him away however; they swam with unease and worry.  You choked knowing how nervous you were making him.

Placing you gingerly against the cool green silk of his four-poster bed, Draco knelt in front of you and squeezed your hands.  He spoke in barely a whisper, hoping his voice didn’t shake.

“Y/N, darling…please tell me what happened. Let me help you, please,” he pleaded and lifted your hands to his eager lips, kissing them gently.  You shuddered and sniffed.  The horrible truth reopened the wound in your heart.

“M-My parents, Draco…t-they…” you bit your lip to hold back a pained sob.  He stroked his thumb over the back of your hand and sat patiently, the love and care written almost painfully in his pale complexion.  You took a deep breath.

“They’ve kicked me out,” you stated plainly, trying ever so hard to detach yourself from the words, which cut through your very being. Draco’s shoulders dropped and he moved quietly to sit beside you.  He rubbed the tops of your cold, bare arms and was quiet, but frowned.  You couldn’t quite read his expression.

“Bloody Hell, you must be freezing,” suddenly standing, Draco fished around in his wardrobe and produced a black jumper.  He extended it to you and nodded for you to put it on. You shakily held out your arms and he slid the garment over your head before sinking back down beside you.  He tucked a wet strand of hair behind your ear and searched your eyes.

“Now, why have they thrown you out?  How could they, darling?” he murmured, his eyebrows knitting together.  You swallowed and dropped your gaze from his.  Your lips quivered as the words you so desperately wanted to keep inside tumbled from them.

“They know about you and me…about us, Draco,” the familiar sting of tears persisted behind your eyes as you fixed them to the ground, afraid of his reaction.

“I’m so sorry, love…I was stupid and–“ you were whispering until Draco’s lips pressed softly against yours.  You welcomed the familiar feeling and blossomed under his lips, letting your damp hands slide through his fine hair.

“They were bound to find out, Y/N,” Draco cooed, stroking his thumb over your cheekbone.  You closed your eyes and kissed his palm.

“You’re the one who deserves an apology…” Draco stood quietly and walked to the window, watching pensively as the rain cascaded down the glass outside.

“If it wasn’t for who my family is…for who I am…” he turned to look at you with pain in his eyes and a scowl twitching on his lips, inwardly directed at himself.  “You’d still be safe and sound at home.”

You choked again and shook your head fervently, stumbling over to him and engulfing him in your arms.  He held you close and buried his face in your neck.  The two of you shared a moment of silent sorrow laced with the utmost care and love of two searching souls.  Somehow this man never failed in making you feel safe; in a sense, he was your home.

The loud crack of Draco’s bedroom door swinging open struck you both apart, your hearts beating nearly out of your respective chests. You stood by the window, eyes wide, as Narcissa Malfoy strode into the dimly lit bedroom.  In her arms was a mass of orange fur.

“Draco, darling, the funniest thing!  I was accompanying the house elf into the kitchen to prepare for tonight’s dinner when I found this little fellow snacking on our hanging plant,” for such a striking woman, Narcissa’s laugh was light and comforting as she stroked the fur of your tabby cat.  Her eyes smiled as she looked upon her son, but you tensed when they landed upon you.  She quirked her head and her fair eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were expecting a guest, sweetie,” she looked down at the cat, which was purring incessantly.  “Is he yours then?”

You swallowed and nodded slowly.

“Yes, ma’am,” you stuttered.  Draco cleared his throat.

“Mother, this is Y/N,” he started to explain, offering a small smile.  All at once, she herself broke out in a smile.

“Oh!  My goodness, we’ve heard so much about you, dear!” she exclaimed.  You stared in confusion and were hesitant to respond. She continued:

“Draco mentioned he was dating a lovely girl from school, I just didn’t realize we’d get to meet you so soon,” she chuckled. You shot Draco a wary glance and he turned a rosy shade of pink as he avoided your quizzical stare.

“Well, it certainly is lovely to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy,” you finally sputtered.  The tall, slender woman before you looked exactly as you’d pictured.  Only, in your mind, she had been cold.  This figure before you had warm eyes and a kind smile.  To your own surprise, you found yourself confusingly at ease in her presence.

“Mum,” Draco interrupted your distracted thoughts as he gently placed a hand on the small of your back.  

“Y/N hasn’t got a place to stay for right now,” he started, choosing his words with exact preciseness.  “Might she be able to stay here?  At least for a few nights.”

You could practically feel Draco’s breath filling his lungs and holding still inside of him.  Narcissa smiled demurely.

“Well, I, for one, would love the opportunity to get to know Y/N,” she nodded.  You exhaled along with Draco and looked to him gratefully before looking back to Narcissa with the same thankfulness dancing across your expression.

“Oh, thank you so much, Mrs. Malfoy…I promise it won’t be for very long.  It’s just that my parents and I…well…” you searched the cold marble floor for answers and pushed back any remaining pain.  Draco stroked small circles into your back.  It helped.  “We’ve had a bit of a quarrel, that’s all.”

Narcissa nodded knowingly and strode towards you, never letting her gaze fall from your face.  You found yourself a bit intimidated by the beautiful, grand woman in front of you and a tinge of pink burned across your cheeks.  The woman only offered a sympathetic smile and extended the orange fur ball towards you.  The cat looked to you and mewed in protest.  Your nervousness broke and you smiled.

“Seems he’s fond of you…I don’t mind if you watch over him for a while, Mrs. Malfoy,” you explained, the cat seeming to stuggle back towards Narcissa.  She looked almost relieved and bundled the creature back up in her arms.

“Lucius will be cross…we don’t keep pets, you see.  The fur gets on the carpets…but I’ll just have to convince him,” she winked.  Draco let out a sigh and bit his lip.

“Oh yes…what about father, mum?  Will he allow Y/N to stay?” Draco’s voice was quiet, and you tried desperately to read his expression.  It was nearly a mix between fear, desperation, but quiet determination. Narcissa stroked the cat and raised her eyebrows, shrugging.

“Y/N is a part of your life, Draco, and she comes from a noble family from what you’ve told me.  He will allow it, and so will I, provided that Y/N is shown to her own bedroom of course,” she smiled gently and touched her beloved son’s cheek before nodding to you and exiting the bedroom.

You let out a breath so deep, you thought you might deflate right then and there into a limp mass on the floor.  Draco’s arms were back around you instantaneously, pulling your body against his and rubbing your back.  You closed your eyes and placed a small kiss under his jaw.

“Thank you, love…thank you,” you mumbled against his skin. He kissed the top of your head, and then frowned when his lips were met with such wet hair.

“You need a hot bath, darling,” he cooed, stroking your cheek. A small smirk played across his lips and you blushed.  After kissing the tip of your chilly nose, he sauntered into his connecting bathroom and soon, you heard the rushing of hot water as it began to fill the bathtub.

Draco stood in the doorway, his turtleneck slung over his shoulder and his hand tucked away in his undone jeans.  You stood shivering, whether from the cold or from the sight of your love in such a sensual state, you had no idea.  He quirked his eyebrows and smirked, beckoning you to him.  Without another word, you slipped off your clothes and joined him.

Your eyes fluttered in the small panel of sunlight that slipped past the blackout curtains onto your flushed cheeks.  The sound of Draco’s steady, deep breathing only inches from your ear did wonders to ease you into your still new surroundings. You smiled and rolled on to your side to face the sleeping man beside you, and giggled hoarsely and quietly when you noticed how disheveled his white-blonde locks were.  His body, though nearly pale as snow, radiated a heat that was irresistible.  You pressed yourself against him and placed a lingering kiss on his collarbone.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” you whispered against his skin. Draco yawned and pulled his eyes open with great effort.  Upon seeing your smiling face, so close to his, Draco grinned sleepily and pressed his lips to your forehead, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Good morning,” he mumbled against your hair.  You smiled as his eyes closed again and he traced his fingers over the exposed skin of your back.  The sensation was calming and soft.  You relished in the familiar feeling of him.  And yet, you could recall a sensation similar to this, years ago when you were small.  

Images of your mother and father’s bedroom blurred through your mind as a 5-year-old you teetered through the cracked door.  You’d been crying, as nightmares terrorized your lonely sleep.  You could feel them lift you into the haven of their bed, your mother’s soothing kiss to your cheek, and your father rubbing your back to calm you as Draco was doing now, over a decade later.

“Darling?” Draco’s eyes blinked open once more as your tears rolled off his skin.  He propped up on one elbow with his eyebrows knit together, gripping your arm. “Darling what’s the matter?”

You sniffled quietly as nostalgia washed over you, and shook your head.  Your heart ached with a still fresh wound.

“I can’t believe they’ve thrown me out Draco…” your voice cracked as you spoke quietly, a lonely noise in a dark, unfamiliar room. “I miss them.”  The warm skin of the familiar boy’s hand brought you back, cupping your cheek and stroking away your tears.  Draco’s expression had softened and he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“All will be well, love,” he assured softly, slipping his arms around your waist once more and pulling you against his body.  You sniffed and braced your hands against his broad chest.  

Despite your distress at the previous days happenings, his words soothed you and you believed him.  In his arms, you felt almost as you had in your parent’s bedroom all those years ago.  As you peeked up through the strands of his white-blonde hair into those cool, grey eyes, you couldn’t help but smile through the reminiscent tears.  The man you so loved smiled back.  With a lingering kiss on his pale, eager lips, you knew you had found another haven.


Cross my heart and hope to die doll’ Bucky laughed leading a small brunette to bar to order her a drink. ‘It really did happen’

The restaurant was full of soldier’s uniforms and twirling dresses. The air filled with expensive perfumes, alcohol, nicotine and sweat coming from people moving to the band playing swing. The last night before soldiers were going to leave the country to fight. The night to remember. 

The smile quickly disappeared from Bucky’s face when he looked at the red bar chairs. He had been looking there for over an hour trying to see yours reaction at him changing partners and dancing with them through the night. This time though you weren’t alone like you had been only minutes ago when he escorted his current partner outside because it was too stuffy for her in the room. This time you were in a company of a man. Also soldier judging by his uniform. A soldier who just made you laugh and whose hand, in Bucky’s opinion, really didn’t have to rest on the back of your chair.

James?’ a high-pitched voice next to him brought him back from his trance ‘Is everything okay?’ 

‘Pardon me sugar’ Bucky looked at her quickly before his gaze returned to you ‘Let’s get you this drink shall we?’  before she could answer he already started walking towards you making the girl move faster to reach his pace and don’t lose contact with his arm.

One apple blossom please’ Bucky said leaning against the counter. He moved to the right bumping in the soldier’s back. ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you’ he said waving his hand around.

That’s alr-’ the man turned around and started but was quickly cut off by Bucky.

Y/N!’ Barnes almost shouted ‘I didn’t see you here’ 

‘That’s surprising since it’s where you left me and Steve and left with Dolores or Claudia or Jane’ you said taking a sip of your drink.

What can I do? I couldn’t let beautiful ladies stay at their tables all the time in a night like this’ Bucky laughed but his gaze was focused on man next to you ‘Oh I didn’t introduce myself’ he reached his hand ‘James Barnes. Sargent James Barnes’ he said shaking man’s palm and emphasising his military rank. He knew it wasn’t the highest one but still hoped that the man would be impressed. 

Nicolaus Johnson’ the man smiled.

He is captain’ you said smirking when Bucky’s smile fell a little bit ‘And who is your companion right now?’

Well this lovely lady’ Bucky said looking for the first time at the girl at his side since he had stopped by the bar ‘Gave me an honour to dance with her for the last couple of songs and I must admit she is a delightful company’ he added making the girl giggle when he put his arm around her waist. 

I don’t doubt that’ you smiled squeezing your glass a little bit tighter. ‘What happened with your previous one?’ 

‘Her boyfriend interrupted us’

‘What a bastard’ you said sarcastically turning a little bit more in your chair so you sat on it sideways. 

Right? Fortunately this beauty helped me with my misery’ he said winking at his companion making her blush.

You cleared your throat and looked at the edge of your red dress fixing it a little bit. Looking at Bucky with this girl made you feel hot outside in the worst way possible and it wasn’t something you wanted to admit.

Well aren’t you a lucky lad?’ you said. Just then the band started playing new song.

The girl made a high pitched sound and started lightly pulling Bucky towards dance floor ‘It’s my favourite song James! Come on’ 

Yes James go’  you said ‘Don’t worry about me. I have a good company’ you added putting your hand on captain’s wrist and smiling at him.

Bucky felt like he was boiling. He clenched his jaw and was about to say something when the girl pulled him harder and made him follow her on the dance floor. 

You looked at the wall opposite the bar. Colourful bottles with alcohol reflected the lights casting shaking, rainbow-like shadows on the floor.

Is he someone important for you?’ Nicolaus’ voice brought you back. 

No one you should worry about’ you put on a fake smile and looked at your companion ‘Absolutely no one’ sweet liquor made its way down your throat. 

Good’ the soldier’s voice went an octave lower as he moved his chair closer to you.  He gently grasped your free hand and raised it to his mouth. 

Bucky twirled his partner completely deaf for her cheerful laughter and comments. The more he was looking at you and Nicolaus the more and more grim his face looked. When captain’s lips moved softly to your wrist Bucky’s feet stopped moving. 

James?’ the girl almost lost her balance ‘Why are…’

‘I’m sorry love’ Bucky said letting go of her hand. ’I’m feeling sick’ he gave her a tight smile before started manoeuvring through the crowd. As far as it was possible from you, from the captain, from the burning feeling in his chest. 

Chill evening air kissed his flushed skin the moment he opened the door. Outside the street was almost empty except few drunks leaving one bar to enter another. 

The music was muffled and the light coming from the bar was dimmed when he approached the wall and started kicking it before hitting it with his fist. 

Big guy try to find someone your size’  the music became louder for a second the moment your voice torn through the air. ‘Did your date not appreciate your dancing skills? Hurt your pride so decided to leave her?’ 

Bucky didn’t even look at you as his hands moved to the buttons of his jacket to put them in place. ‘What are you doing here? Weren’t you busy?’ 

‘Could ask the same thing’ you approached him slowly crossing your arms over your chest. Your heels made a soft clicking sound that made James look at you. 

Not feeling it. But go. Nicolaus is probably lonely. Especially his lips. Must be getting cold poor things’ 

Clicking stopped ‘Excuse me?’ 

‘Why are you here Y/N?’ Bucky sighed pinching the bridge of his nose for a second. 

You left…’

‘I did. And?’ James interrupted you shrugging ‘Didn’t know I had to report myself’

‘Girls weren’t enough or their boys got mad?’ 

‘Not my type of crowd’

‘Well you are surprising me’

‘Because you must know everything?’

‘What’s your problem?’

‘My? I don’t have a problem’

‘Oh of course not… Steam is coming out of your ears you noticed?’ 

‘Cold weather. Maybe you should go back inside. I believe nice and warm soldier jacket is waiting there’

‘Are you jealous?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous! About what? Him?’ Bucky laughed bitterly ‘Why would I care?’

‘Oh my God! Why are you such a baby?!’ 

‘Sorry it is not the way you want it to be princess!’

‘Could you just calm down and talk to me?!’ 

Talk to… DAMN IT!’ Bucky shouted spinning in place‘You drive me wild!’ 

‘What?!’ you moved closet to him so you were almost chest to chest 

You spent the night with some fella who seems to be glued to your skin and then expect me to just talk to you?!’

‘What the hell James!’ you pointed your finger in his chest ‘Oh so you are allowed to swim around and catch every lady that is fainting over your square jaw but I can’t have a company?! I can’t believe you!’ 

You moved away ‘I do what I want with who I want and who do you think you are to make decisions for me?’ 


‘My WHO?!’ you shouted ‘You’ve just said you don’t care’ your voice went lower ‘So don’t. I’m done. Goodnight’ you swallowed hard and looked him up and down before turning around and heading back to the bar. 

I’m an ass Y/N’ soft voice made you turn around ‘A player. A coward’ you have never seen Bucky’s face this sincere, desperate and hopeless at the same time. ‘It’s my last night before I’m leaving and I’m still nothing more than that’ 


He raised his finger ‘You wanted me to talk so I talk’ a humorless laugh escaped his throat. ‘I’m a coward remember, might stop every moment’ 

You closed your mouth listening intently. 

Bucky took a shaky breath ‘As I said it’s my last night and I’m fighting with someone I never wanted to fight with. Nor hurt. And I must have a talent because I achieved both’ 

‘So before anything else - I’m sorry. Truly. I am sorry. But the thing is you do drive me wild. You can be cocky, talk too much, completely ignore me and my fragile masculinity is not ready for that’ your soft laughter stopped shaking of his voice ‘You can annoy me and anger me and make me jealous and be a real pain…’

‘I thought you were apologizing’

‘And interrupt me’ Bucky raised his eyebrow pointedly ‘But…I like it. And I can’t give up on you, especially not because of my own stupidity. So if it is the last night then Y/N Y/L/N you must know one thing and I expect nothing in return’ he closed his eyes before his blue orbs met yours ‘I love you’ 

Your breath hitched the moment those three words left his mouth. You had no idea how long you had been frozen until you saw a small, sad smile quirking Bucky’s lips. He took out his cap from the pocket of his jacket and put it on his head before turning around and slowly walking down dark street. Next thing you remembered was your hand on his elbow, his surprised face and his soft lips meeting yours.

When you pulled away the world came back to its regular motion and bubbly laughter left your lips upon seeing Bucky’s face - eyes still closed, cheeks flushed, lips puckered. His blues slowly came to view when his face turned into silent question. 

Ditto soldier’ you whispered taking hold of his lapels and pulling him once again ‘I love y…’ the last word was swallowed by James’ lips closing on yours and his arms caging you in the most desperate and loving embrace.

Oh yes you drove him wild.