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After Ron and Hermione got engaged and when they already got their wedding bands, Ron was wearing his before they even got married. Because why does only Hermione have to wear a ring? He wanted wear one too.

So about the speedpaint…I’ve ended it and…

The winner is ‘’An OC that belongs to Byu’’ ???? *throws confetti* ????

Okay I was totally NOT expecting that choice to win??? like who are you????? why are you so nice?? omg?????? AAAAAAAAA????

I’m really grateful for the fact that people actually want to see my OCs,I’m just filled with joy <3!

Since I didn’t thought that this was possible, I really don’t know which character I should do now soooo…

Would you guys rather that I just choose one of my OCs??? Or maybe you wanted me to draw a specific OC of mine???? or maybe another poll???? I don’t know I’m so confused right now, what should I do???? aaaaaAAA :’D

either way this made my day <3 thank you so much to everyone who voted!! and don’t worry,just because the other characters didn’t win,that doesn’t mean that I won’t draw them in the future ;3

PSA: okay so I am making this because rules are not up yet


as you have noticed, this isn’t canon tv show damon but book!damon. do I have influences from the show ? not really ?? I read the books when I was 13 ? 14 ? aka before the show even started and I really can’t say I was ever a tvd show person ( TO yes / TVD no ) so I am not really updated. though this can change with PLOTTING

my damon is based on the two first books & yet he is not exactly like the books. which means : stefan did not turn damon ( I think that was the show ? idek BUT I HAVE READ THIS SOMEWHERE so in case this was wrong sorry ) katherine did. damon HATES stefan’s guts. HE IS NOT ANYTHING CLOSE TO IN LOVE WITH ELENA. his interest on elena is to HURT STEFAN. katherine is kind of an open wound but he does not seek to really reunite romantically with her either. in his main verse his only romantic involvement will be BONNIE MCCULLOUGH // @melodicheart.

those are the important stuff I want to have said. I am open to plotting and let the show influence my potrayal. THANK YOU FOR READING & FOLLOWING AGAIN. 

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You're in class AND drunk?? That sounds like something Sirius and James would do 😂

I am James soooo… no but seriously my head is about to split in two and I’m hungry :(

Oh, it’s lunch time, isn’t it? And I forgot to feed my pet~ 🕷💕

I don’t usually post things like this…but I really wanted to test what I’d look like as Muffet. So here is a super closet cosplay makeup /edited test of Muffet! Doing this may have convinced me to actually cosplay her. It would take a lot of work, but I love Muffet and Undertale won my heart! 💖

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Desmond and Maxwell having slumber parties to talk shit about people. At least Desmond would babble on and on about who he hates and who he thinks are sleeping together. Desmond is the gossip queen so he'd love to just hear all the juicy secrets that Maxwell would have from being the inquisitor.

Oh my god yes! Maxwell would love that! He doesn’t really talk trash about people (unless they are Orlesian nobles), but he does know a bunch of gossip/juicy secrets and he LOVES to hear it as well! He’d have so much fun listening to Desmond being salty about people and just sit there like:


the hollow boy countdown: 2 DAYS

one quote → “life’s in death, and death’s in life, and what was fixed is fluid.”

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I'm 4'11 and 90lbs but I still feel soooo fat. What would you recommend I do to get down to 80 fast?

I’m not going to reccomend anything, your current weight is fine. If you’re really dissatisfied try toning

Lots of love


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you know what posey's sad speech reminds me of? those kids who get to the end of high school & finally realize that was prob the highlight of their life and it's all going to be downhill from there yk? Like the realization that all your friends have future plans & stuff going on in their own ways, but you are totally lost on what to do next. I really hope he takes some time off & travels or something

Traveling would do him SOOOO much good!  I’ve always pitched that he needs a traveling music show.  He could be soo good with that.

“The Mysterious Painting” - Digital Oil Painting

In the course of cleaning the Dark Castle, Belle finds a strange painting of a man with the canvas half slashed. Only the eyes were really untouched by destruction. They were a lovely deep, warm brown that seemed to be really looking at her. There was… something strangely familiar about that look, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

The original is by Disney, I just painted over to give it a Rumbelle makeover. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Bella's Lullaby (cover)
Carter Burwell

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hey i saw your request box was open soooo would you be up to doing a gifset of some of the great bughead scenes?? no worries if not, just thought i'd suggest :)

Of course! I will tag you in it once I am done with it!

Hawkeye please…

I love that he’s a muppets fan.

Honestly marvel should put these two together more in the a+X series going on.