i would so let him hit

I really love and will not let go of the idea of people constantly hitting on young Baze when they’re out in Jedha because he’s tall and broad and built like a tree trunk and has good hair

so of course Chirrut would totally tease him for it, constantly asking “what do you look like then? I have a right to know if my best friend is practically a demigod, everyone must think i’m ugly in comparison!”

and before he can think Baze blurts out “you’re not ugly you’re gorgeous” and Chirrut is like what and Baze is like what

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I need so much angst tbh so RFA gang + V finding out that MC cheated on them (doubts that would happen tho)

*:・゚✧ a|n: so it was my one month anniv yesterday!! even though i thought it was before but lets not get into thisyou wanted angst so here u go ✧゚・: * ++ thank u ssssm for 5k!! we hit it on my 1 month anniv woooo!!

why would you cheat on them? (ps it was hard to add comments to such a sad hc) ++ a read more cos it’s kinda long but prepare to be sad (= ╯︵╰,)ノ

° Yoosung

  • classes were dismissed early and he reALLY wanted to show you his grade on the paper you helped him on
  • practically runs home excited to see you and he rushes into your room
  • he quickly quietens down when he sees you playing tonsil tennis making out… with another boy - unaware of the fact  he was standing there
  • he just freezes at the doorway watching you two for a while
  • he even rubs his eyes, pinches his arm, blinks a few times to establish if.. this.. is real?
  • has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop himself from letting the pools of tears spill over his eyes
  • when you hear his sniffles you walk over to him to try explain [bs] but he gives you a forceful push away and looks at you both with his lip quivering 
  • “I-I hope y-you’re both ha-happy, I didn’t k-know I made you so unhappy MC.. I’I’m so so so-sorry”  
  • why are you apologising omg nO STOP
  • picks apart on everything he did wrong and says that’s why you left him.. he was never good enough for you..
  • that one time that he didn’t let you on the computer, when you told him to do the dishes and he didn’t that’s why you left
  • incredibly hurt and confused, the rest of the world is going on it’s business abut he’s in his own bubble of silence picking himself apart
  • he runs into his room before sinking onto his bed and the tears glide over making him a blubbering mess letting them take over
  • the pain seems to swallow him into a deep abyss … why did he have to be so stupid? he wouldn’t be in this stupid position where his heart is heavy and his eyes sting 
  • god damn it get out of my head please please I’ll do anything 
  • plays LOLOL like his life depends on it to drown out the thoughts of you so Saeyoung as to drag him to classes
  • always cooped up in his room: red eyes a l l the time and he’s completely lifeless - his insecurities have rocketed sky high
  • his heart feels hollow - like he’s missing something? it was as if you’d slapped him across the face and said “I need someone better
  • people try get him to dislike you in order to move on
  • but whenever your name leaves his lips his eyes tear up but you can see him visibly fume up .. he can’t hate you..
  • he can’t throw away your photos together, or that silly handmade gift you gave to him - it’s like binning a part of him
  • whenever he sees you at a party - he just gives you a lopsided small smile before walking off again fighting his tears because he’s reminded of how he ‘fucked up’ with you
  • He’s a complete mess but tries to play it off trying to keep his cool but he’d be very formal when you approached him - looking down at his feet apologetically while you talk to him
  • there is no joy, no happiness, no brightness and he is in the center of this deep, choking misery that doesn’t seem to have any end

° Zen

  • wow so you’d both go to an after party to enjoy yourself after his new film premiere and god he’d be so excited eeeeeeek
  • he’d be taking 1000 selfies at the premiere jesus he’s just SO happy
  • he’s going to find you and offer you a drink but he can’t find you??
  • asking everyone where you are he’s extremely panicked 
  • so when he sees you and other guy in the corner of the room the worst comes to mind he’s fuRIOUS AT THE GUY
  • he’s pushed the guy to the wall and is grabbing him by the collar - he’s out for b l o o d.. how dare you touch MC I will ki-
  • he instantly freezes up and loosens his grasp on the man letting him go and turns to you - ..what did you just say?
  • in those few seconds the world stops and he feels dizzy.. you wanted this?
  • backs away slowly looking from you to the other guy you were making out with - who has a small grin on his face [fuck off]
  • he’s pushing everyone away with angry tears pouring out from his eyes, his his head hurts, his breaths are shorter he can’t believe it
  • he wants to cuss you out, scream at you - but the only thing he is capable of doing is squeaking out
  • “why.. would you..? how? I can’t”
  • runs out of the party pushing everyone away and gets on his motorbike speeding away to just anywhere away from you
  • he’s driving subconsciously to the place where you first kissed - damn it 
  • barely focusing on the road gets beeped at several times but he doesn’t fucking care, he just wipes the tears from his eyes before speeding on
  • nothing matters anymore
  • scrambling off his bike - he runs to the top of the bar rooftop like you both used before falling to his knees and sobbing at the edge
  • he wanted to do so much more than just pathetically sob but that was the only thing he could do
  • taking an old selfie of you both from his wallet he stares at it before furiously ripping up the photo into a million pieces while taking swigs of a drink he found on the way up there [that’s a health haza-]
  • but his hands are shaking and he  can’t help but smash the bottle furiously and screaming before lying down on his back and covering his face with his hands
  • everyone betrays me… I can’t trust anybody.. they’re all the same
  • you were the only person he could confide in & trust but now his heart reflected the shattered bottle - mangled
  • seeing all your missed calls he chucks his phone elsewhere before stealing more drinks from the bar downing them all
  • he hates you, he loves you, he wants you scream at you, he wants to kiss you, he wants to leave you, he wants to make up - his brain is just screaming at him
  • he’s found hours later by Jumin’s search party drunk and passed out :((((
  • but this becomes a regular occurrence as he drinks and smokes to forget about the confusing void you left in his heart as he completely avoids you to try get rid of this damn pain in his chest
  • occasionally you get drunk texts from him but whenever you reply you get no response.. it’s a cycle of pain.

° Jaehee

  • since she rarely invests her emotions on someone else this would be a huge let down for her.. she’s never experienced ‘heartbreak
  • and a reminder she cares for you.. a lot
  • so one day when she arrives to the office and sees your coat outside the manager’s desk she’s confused
  • but where are you?  (´・_・`)ゞ
  • she continues on with her work but she needs the stapler from the managers’ room so she just walks in there - she usually does
  • but what she sees shocks her soul out of her body
  • “Is that.. MC… and my manager?”
  • she doesn’t really react and just blinks a few times before clearing her throat and you can’t help the look of surprise on your face [yes u cunt]
  • but before you can say anything Jaehee just .. ignores it?
  • she just weakly whispers “I’m here for a stapler.. thank you”
  • taking the stapler she runs out the room even though you’re calling for her and even following her [fuck off]
  • heads straight into a single toilet locking the door before leaning on the basin and taking deep breaths recollecting her thoughts
  • her heart was thumping and she felt sick… deep breaths Jaehee..
  • she lied to me.. don’t think about it until work ends.. okay
  • calming herself down and wiping the few tears from her eyes she splashes cold water on her face and she readjusts herself and walks out again looking.. okay?
  • she walks straight past you and everyone else looking fine? everyone’s confused but she just plays it off
  • drowning out her worries with work she overworks.. for days.
  • she doesn’t want to face you at home and the problem so she doesn’t leave the office for about a w e e k!!??!./
  • she’s incredibly snappy to everyone and is extremely sleep deprived surviving on mugs of coffee and her eyes are super red
  • after a few days she’s threatened by Jumin [wow] to actually go home and she reluctantly agrees.. she has to face you now
  • taking a deep breath before opening the door she notices something different.. everything of yours is gone.. 
  • there are no traces of you..
  • her hearts starts ripping again as she absent mindedly  looks around the house.. it was like you never existed - she feels numb from the shock
  • biting her bottom lip to stop herself from crying she returns back into the main room where she notices - your scarf
  • she picks it up and thats when the emotions overwhelm her
  • breathing in your scent she starts to whimper into the scarf quietly hugging it - MC.. why..
  • the pain seems to swallow her before her breathing hitches and she lets loose cradling the scarf
  • theres a hole in her heart and this pit in her stomach.. this is what true heartbreak feels like but she can’t show this to anyone
  • so she continues doing what she does best.. acts as if everything is okay

° Jumin

  • wow cheating on Jumin? how did he not find out earlier is my question
  • him taking you out to dinner was a regular occurrence.. he liked showing you off to people - you were his beloved
  • so when you asked to go outside to take a call but spend over 20 minutes there.. he was worried as H E L L
  • excusing himself to go check he finds you beside the restaurant in a small alleyway and you weren’t alone
  • he manages to clear his throat before walking up to the man you were ‘caressing’ and pushes him to the wall before you start screaming at him
  • but he ignores you before giving the guy a swift simple punch across the jaw.. he had to take out his anger somehow?
  • because that’s all he felt in that moment. anger and betrayal.
  • adjusting his suit he grabs your arm before uttering two simple words “we’re leaving” [run]
  • the car ride home is awful.. he can’t seem to gather his thoughts and emotions and did his hand hurt even hurt? he can’t feel a thing now
  • drowning out your apologies in the car he stares lifelessly ahead until you get home and the questions are running and ticking through his brain
  • telling you to get out and go straight to bed he decides to spent the night at a hotel.. he needed a break
  • but thats a horrible idea.. a night alone with his thoughts um no
  • the second he arrives at the hotel he just calmly turns off his phone and sits on the edge of the bed. still lifelessly
  • “..Now what..”
  • it still hasn’t really hit him? the only person he could trust fully.. had .. cheated on him?
  • pacing around the room there was no logical solution for this.. what was he supposed to do?
  • running water over his slightly cut hand he starts to feel the slight stinging sensation and instantaneously he feels an an ache, a deep ache from the core of his body
  • sitting down once more he then flicks over his wallet and stares at the photo of you, Elizabeth and himself 
  • and it triggers an overpowering wave of emotion
  • the room spiraled and he sank to the floor, finally letting the sadness overtake him
  • the world had crashed it shattered to tiny pieces and they were piercing through his heart..all he could think about is how much it hurt.. it hurt so bad he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs
  • he bows his head as his shoulders trembling.. why would you do this?
  •  it gets hard to breathe and he feels lightheaded but the physical pain doesn’t amount to the emotional pain
  • … he changed for you.. you helped him and crushed him all over again
  • throwing the picture away from him he brings his knees closer to him.. all his anger was now gone.. he was just.. tired
  • returning home the next day with red puffy eyes he sees all your stuff gone and he has a fixed mindset. love sucks.
  • immerses himself in work and different women from time to time - he always claims he’s okay. but you’ve destroyed him. another soul tormented

° Saeyoung

  • he’s been through.. S O much with you.. this would almost kill him..
  • one day he came over with flowers for you to surprise you at your house and you had forgotten that you’d given him your keys
  • seeing another man’s shoes at the front door he wouldn’t really care.. he’s an open person tbh
  • but hearing giggling from upstairs and clothes on the stairs? that was..
  • creeping up the stairs slowly he peeked into the keyhole before seeing you and someone else just.. well it was obvious
  • his broken heart was still and for a moment but he clenches his jaw before placing the flowers outside your door and leaving swiftly
  • every breath he took downstairs stabbed him like a knife being plunged into his chest over and over again ripping at him  
  • driving away he only felt numbness but then hatred and dysphoria surged through him with so much power he had no option but to pull over
  • his breath hitched in his throat as he broke down
  • his heart stopped beating, it had only beat for you and now his mind went black, as did his heart
  • he need you so much.. you were the only stability in his life yet you betrayed and left him like everyone else
  • “… Is there something wrong with me? That’s why no one wants me.. or just betrays me”
  • returning home he’d have to let his anger out somehow??
  • frustratedly pulling at his hair he grabs a photo frame of you both together and hurls it at the wall before slumping into his computer chair
  • he would have given his life for you yet you stepped on his heart leaving a deep void and a dull ache
  • he also like Jumin and Jaehee would try to immerse himself in work but he’d be very reckless about it
  • crying himself to sleep as he forces to delete your spam of messages but then he’s all cried out and he’s just numb
  • numb from everything.. everyone and the world
  • he can’t focus as everything he does reminds him of you.. he almost gives out his identity and messes up
  • but strangely enough he doesn’t care? he doesn’t care about anything at all because in his eyes he deserved it
  • he was being too selfish when he wanted you to himself.. when he was just a worthless hacker that everyone should avoid - it was dangerous enough anyway - 
  • it was stupid of him to hope for a future anyway..
  • forcing himself to believe this he isolates himself from everyone now, his remaining family, friends, work.. he had to be alone for everyone’s sake
  • he deserved this constant tugging lump in his throat that wouldn’t go away

° V

  • honestly speaking even if he suspected you of cheating he wouldn’t do anything
  • but when countless people confirmed that you were definitely cheating he’d get over his fears and confront you although he didn’t want to
  • when he was met with silence as your response all he could do was let out a small sigh and a feeble smile before getting up and could only respond with.. “okay”
  • it was clear to him that you didn’t love him anymore but he loved you still.. with every ounce of his being
  • but he just wanted you to be happy.. so he broke up with you right then and there because “if you’re happy with him, please continue to do so.. but I will always love you and I will always wait.”
  • it crushed his soul to say that as he walked away - but sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go [17 agen lol]
  • he needs some time off - so he goes to where he is most at peace
  • an open field where he could try mend his heart
  • but it felt as if world had fallen on his shoulders, feeling cracks of his heart as if it was glass, and they were trying to pry their way out
  • he didn’t even feel resentment.. just an engulfment of sorrow
  • taking out old photo books he quietly sat there flicking through the memories you created together tears dripping onto them
  • “how long was she upset for, I wish I could apologise?”
  • he was silently reflecting to himself but at the same time he couldn’t help but let a smile play on his lips remembering all the happy memories you spent together
  • you were so beautiful
  • he knew while flicking through though that if you needed him, even for a second he’d be there.. he’d give his all for you
  • he missed your presence, his other half, the one who understood him and never judged him for his mistakes
  • but he would feel guilty keeping you in a relationship that you didn’t ant to be in.. that was his main priority.. your happiness
  • so he vowed would stay by your side as a loyal friend no matter how much it hurt him to see you love another person
  • even though a constant nagging pain deep down inside his body would make feel utterly drained.. he would be there for you
  • every day forward he would pick himself up and show everyone he was okay and if ANYONE tried to be rude to you
  • you bet your ass he’d stick up for you.. even more than your current lover
  • but at the RFA party one day, when your new lover proposes to you -  he lets the tears fall from his eyes freely as he finally bursts from his seams
  • you’re not in his grasp anymore.. you’ve completely left him

(i haven’t proof read this I apologise its tired i’m late)

alec had to admit, when magnus casually mentioned that alec should show him a few things about archery on a sunny tuesday morning in the target range of the institute, alec had felt a kind of smug pride burn in his chest. the sunlight had been filtering through the windows, catching bits of dust and catching at the tips of magnus’s spiked up hair and he looked… breathtaking. but more than that there was this amused kind of darkness around his eyes as he said it so casually, while alec still had an arrow nocked.

“what do you say?” magnus had finished with, tipping his head to the side slightly, leaning against one of the pillars. and alec was pretty sure his grin was blinding as he eagerly responded.

“i’d love to.”

maybe if he hadn’t been so smug he would have seen the mirth twinkling in magnus’s eyes but instead his pride eclipsed him and he turned back to the target, letting his arrow fly. it hit dead center and at that moment he felt entirely invincible if he was honest with himself.

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let’s talk about Icarus. let’s talk about how he built his wings with the intention of falling. how he stopped flying once he hit high enough altitude and knew the impact would break him. let’s talk about how no one tried to save him.

i learned how to be vulnerable for you. i learned how to say yes, to stitch my mouth shut so I couldn’t say no. if my body was a temple I figured out how to become unholy. i learned how to tuck my wings in and plummet once I hit high enough altitude. it was easy to shatter.

this isn’t bitterness. this is backwash from 2 years of drowning. this is me coughing up water that hasn’t seen the sun since freshman year. this is me unstitching my mouth and building new wings.

let’s talk about Icarus. let’s talk about how not everyone who disappears under the waves stops breathing. some people learn how to survive that way.

let’s talk about how i learned how to survive that way.


Hey! YOU! Hey you!!!!

My good friend Girbeagly doesn’t think he’ll hit 20,000 by PAX South (January 27th)

Brian is one of my closest friends and he has helped me immensely over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him.
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It would be so so cool if we could make this happen for him. So let’s do it! Reblogs are helpful too! The more the merrier!

Brian’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/Girbeagly

The best Marichat scenario


Adrien is very conflicted. He loves Marinette and Ladybug both. He is sad and confused, until Ladybug confronts him about why he’s so sad and he tells her there’s someone else he likes, and she’s all like

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And so he’s like “You know, if I fall in love again I should go for the second love or however that saying goes” but he’s all like


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So he takes the route which lets him get away with hitting on Marinette


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But then while he’s flirting with her one time Alya’s there and they kiss and Alya GETS IT ON CAMERA AND POSTS IT ONLINE AND SHE’S LIKE

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“Hey, you and Chat Noir’d make a really great couple”.

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So we were fighting a boss designed to have more people in our party. Dropouts left us without a chance in hell, this thing was nearly knocking is out with one hit. There’s me (Druid), a fighter and a Wizard I think. Everyone’s down but me, who has 1 health.

Druid: “OK. Alright, I wanna heal fighter with cure wounds.”
Dm: “Alright, it’s done, he has 4 health.”
Druid: “So, uh, let’s get technical here. Say I turned into an ant and crawled into Boss’ ear.
Dm: *perplexed silence*
Druid: “Then turned back into a human. That would one shot him, right? Bust his skull?

Whole table is dying and DM is entertaining the idea due to our desperate circumstances.

Dm: "Yeah, but you’d die too.”
Druid: “I literally just resurrected last game. I have no fear. ”

Amidst all the bullshit about Rowan being abusive, I think people sometimes forget that it can be…you know, nice for your partner to be protective and a lil jealous. Personally, I like it when the people I’m dating want to protect me. Obviously this protectiveness can’t inhibit my daily life and my ability to make choices. But I’ve had partners who pulled me out of the way of oncoming traffic. Who texted to make sure I got home safe. Who had me walk on the inside of the road so if a car hit us they would be hurt and I would be okay. Rowan’s protectiveness of Aelin has always seemed to be in a similar vein: he just cares about her safety. I don’t find that abusive in the least. Also, lets keep in mind that he never attempts to take away Aelin’s choices. He listens when she has him go save Dorian in EoS. He listens to her when she goes to Adarlan without him in QoS. In both cases, he knows aelin is in more danger without him there, but he doesn’t violate her will power or take away her ability to choose. He just…lets her be Aelin. 

And now onto his jealousy of other fae: again, I’ll make it personal. I’m a pretty jealous person. I like it when my partner feels similarly jealous. Too much jealousy can certainly destroy a relationship, but thats not what we see in EoS. We dont see Rowan ever suspecting Aelin of wanting other males. We merely see him get a bit antsy about other fae checking her out or looking at her. It’s a bit overdone in my opinion, but I get the sense that it’s reciprocal. 

Aelin feels similarly protective and jealous of Rowan. We definitely have evidence that she is protective of him when it comes to Maeve (she has him released from the blood oath). And can anyone imagine Aelin being happy if another fae hit on Rowan? Yeah, she’d be pissed. But she would never suspect Rowan of cheating on her or anything. 

The jealousy that exists in Rowaelin isn’t the type of jealousy that in my experience harms relationships. It’s just a bit of “hey we just mated and i love you and I would die for you and i dont like the way that strange man is looking at you.” There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, for someone like Aelin, who has essentially never had anyone who knew her 100% and wanted to be with her forever, this protectiveness might feel good. It shows that rowan cares for her. And this is the girl who lost her family, lost her home, was abused by her care giver, lost her first love and best friend, was enslaved for a year, lost her other best friend, was rejected by her second love interest, and was convinced she was worthless. She has never had anyone stand by her and protect her. Aelin has been the only person Aelin can rely on since she was 8. So imagine how wonderful it feels to her to have Rowan, her mate, who has pledged his life to her, stand up for her and protect her. 

Finally, if Aelin and rowan truly had an abusive or unhealthy relationship, there’s no way that Rowan would be okay with Sam. He goes with Aelin to Sam’s grave!!! He is very respectful of Sam’s memory and she shares this with him and he takes care to be kind and thoughtful towards her about it. She trusts him enough that he is the only person she brings with her to Sam’s grave. The first time she ever visits it. And Aelin, similarly, isn’t pissed about Lyria. She figures out that her and rowan are true mates, yet out of respect for his past with Lyria, she doesn’t say anything. Inside she is likely screaming with joy, but she doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to pressure him.

So y’all, get it out of your head that Rowaelin is abusive. Yes they are jealous and protective of one another. But this works for them, neither has an issue with it, and it isn’t done in an unhealthy or abusive manner. In fact, they are 100% respectful of one another’s past relationships, something that is extremely healthy. Also, take into account why someone with Aelins history might want to feel protected and loved. 

Preferences - How They Would Comfort You (TVD Guys)

I apologise completely for my inactivity guys but this is a preference and it can be guys and girls from either show about anything you like if you wanted to request xxxx

Damon Salvatore

Damon is a real dick and as we all know, he’s not the most sensitive person but if he really cared about you, he would do everything he could to make you feel better. He would just hold you, try and make you laugh “What do you get when you cross a vampire with snow? Frostbite!”, let you rant and hit him if you needed to. He would compliment you and tell you everything you needed to hear and more than anything, he would be there in case you needed anything.

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan is so sweet and kind and I think that what he’d be really good at is understanding. He’d get that you’re having a hard time and he’d use that to try and help you. He’d just let you sit there in silence or even let you cry on his shoulder and he’d hold you close and hug you so tightly and just whisper to you. “Everything is going to be alright, I promise.”

Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy could write a book on how to deal with heartache. He’s lost so many people time and time again that he’s got used to the dull ache of that hurt. He’d be so understanding and I think he’d sit with you and tell you stories and if you needed it, you could lie in his arms and he’d let you sleep and he’d keep you protected even though he’d know that there’s nothing he can do. After a while, he’d try and make you smile through video games or something stupid just to take your mind off of things. “You bet your ass I can beat you at MarioKart”

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler is an impulsive guy and he would hate to not be able to help you. He would do anything he could, unable to sit there and do nothing. He’d hold you and talk to you. “Hey, hey it’s okay, there’s no need for tears, don’t cry.” He’d want to make you smile and would offer to do so many things and even make jokes about himself being a dog. He’d be desperate for you to be okay and happy because his happiness relies so heavily on yours.

Matt Donovan

Matt is just like everyone else you’ve ever met except for the fact that he knows about the supernatural and that means he’d want to protect you anyway. So when you need comfort, he’d go into super protective mode and want to hurt anyone that hurt you. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t be able to stop many things that would hurt you and would then try and comfort you by holding your hand and letting you talk about whatever you wanted.

Alaric Saltzman

Alaric would probably be more like a father. He’d hug you and feel guilty that he couldn’t protect you but he’d kiss your forehead and tell you that everything would alright no matter how bad it seems. He’s kind of an expert on tragedy so he’d really understand and help you any way he knew how whether that’s letting you rant to him or giving you something to hit.

Kai Parker

Kai wouldn’t understand. He’d see that you were upset but he wouldn’t get why. What he would do, though, is try to make you feel better, regardless of how that may be. He’d try and make you smile by cracking jokes or hurting someone you hate and if that didn’t work, I think he’d hug you and say something like ‘In movies they do this sometimes’. He’d hold you and tell you crappy stories and though it would suck, it would totally help because he just wants to help.

Enzo St.John

Enzo knows heartache and one thing he knows better than most is hopelessness and he’d do anything he could to stop you from feeling that way. A part of him would definitely think that he’s let you down somehow by not protecting you. He would hold you and let you do whatever you needed to. He’d try and make you smile too and when you eventually do he’d be so happy. 'There it is! It’d be a shame if the world was rid of a smile as beautiful as yours sweetheart’. He’d just be the best, caring for you and comforting you no matter what the problem was.

BTS Reaction to you getting hit on by a member of EXO


 lolol Jin would be so salty when he saw you talking to Suho. Once you came back over to him he’d unleash the sass.

“Hey Y/N remember me? Kim Seokjin? Loving, caring boyfriend of Y/N? Eldest hyung of BTS? PErfect in every way? BOYFRIEND OF Y/N???”

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I have a feeling Yoongi would not be happy, but he wouldn’t really let it get to him that much. Other than a solemn reminder that you were his and only his, he’d let it go fairly quickly.

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Aw Hoseok would be soo whiny and clingy after seeing Baekhyun flirting up a storm at an awards show. He wouldn’t leave your side fpr the rest of the night and would be even more touchy than usual. 

“Hobi you know Baekhyun and I are just friends right?”

“Yep, I know”

“Is that why your’e currently breaking all the bones in my hand with yours?”

“You betcha”

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Namjoon would be juuuuuuuust a tad protective. You’d see his dominant side come out real quick, but he’d maintain calm until he had you alone.

“I didn’t like seeing you that close to Chanyeol Y/N. I guess I should remind you who’s girlfriend you are?

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Taehyung isn’t the jealous type, so seeing you chat up D.O wouldn’t really bother him…until you’d been over there for over half the night and not paying attention to him. Tae would be a little mopey until you came back and showered him in affection.

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Jimin would get a little hot under the collar at the sight of Kai offering up his assistance in teaching you dance moves. He’d casually join in, but make it clear he was claiming your time.

“Like this Jagi, let me show you just how it’s done”

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Kookie would be sooooo protective as he watched you talk to Sehun. Every time one of you laughed or shyly touched your hair made him even more jealous until he just couldn’t take it anymore. He’d try to be casual and diplomatic but his age would betray him and he’d come off a little rushed and impatient.

“Uh, Y/N. Could you just come right this way. Very important.Business. That I need you for. It’s about the..uh..let’s just go”

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[Werewolf AU] When They Meet Other Members as Puppies For The First Time (BTS)

Requested by the lovely @leftmyheartinyokohama <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON:  He’d have such a great time. He wouldn’t even mind that one pup (Taehyung, was it?) decided it was his mission to chew up Namjoon’s favorite shoes

YOONGI: I don’t think he’d be too into the energy levels of the pups, but once you hit him with those puppy dog eyes, he couldn’t say no to letting them run wild through the house

HOSEOK:  Just as energetic as the pups, you’d end up watching him too lol

SEOKJIN:  No one would squee like him. Mama-jin mode activated, he would helicopter over them all day 

JIMIN:  He would be so excited, hot damn. You’d almost think he was a puppy himself by how much he jumped around

TAEHYUNG: Although I bet he’d love to have the puppies around, he might also become a little more needy for you attention (because he’s the only pup for you)

JUNGKOOK: He’d be a mix of Jimin and Taehyung, because he’d have an absolute party with the pups, but he’d want you to himself at the end of the day


A/N: So some time ago (read: a long, long, long time ago), the ever so lovely @cupcakequeen1999 requested a sequel to Cupcakes and Diets and I happily obliged. 

The request:

Would you do a sequel where T'Challa gets hit with some sort of aphrodisiac drug while he and Black Widow are on a mission, and while Nat is trying to find cures, Peter Parker and the reader have to watch over him but T'Challa is all high and is blabbing very sexual things to his wife? Bonus points if Peter never lets them live it down!

Summary: Drugged T’Challa is very horny. And Peter is a little shit. 

Warnings: A little bit of violence, some mentions of blood and needles (for all my friends who, like me, absolutely despise those little devils). Some swearing. Also, there will be light smut and very suggestive themes. Overall, this is one big hot mess in every sense of the word. But I enjoyed writing this!


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“Though we had to part, though we could never be together again, we had no regrets. Even if he returned to his world, married another woman and had children with her, if the man I loved was happy, then I could be happy. And I am. Our hearts had joined and so, even if he lived in a different world, that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling, or my love for him.” ©

Monsta X reaction to some guys hitting on you while walking down the street

Shownu: Shownu is honest to god too much of a sweetheart to outright yell at the guys or violently confront them. He would just wrap a reassuring arm around your shoulder or maybe make you walk slightly in front of him so that he is covering you.

“Just keep walking baby”

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Wonho: Hoseok seems like harmless cutie but I feel like when it comes down to protecting his significant other he would be anything but passive.

“Those fuckers, I’m going to bash their faces in” 

“Babe, let’s just leave”

You would have to kind of drag him away from the group of rude guys.

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Jooheon: Joohoney definitely has his more aggressive side. He would go up to the guy and get up in his face. Honestly, you would be kind of scared for the guy as you have never seen your boyfriend that angry.

“What the fuck did you just say to my girl?”

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Kihyun: I feel like his reaction would depend heavily on how rude the guys are being. Like if it’s just some petty catcalling he would bring you closer and flip the group of guys off. But if it’s really excessive, to the point where you are highly uncomfortable, he would definitely try and fight them.

“Come on babygirl, let’s cross the street”

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Minhyuk: Minhyuk only looks soft. I feel as though because of his sunshine personality a lot of people don’t see him as threatening but if a group of guys is shouting disgusting things at you as you walk down the street before you know Minhyuk is clutching the front of one of their shirts cursing him out.

“Bitch what the fuck did you just say to my woman?”

“Minhyuk calm down let’s just go”

“Go, after what he said to you? hell no”

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Hyungwon: is lowkey threatening and intimidating as fuck. He wouldn’t even have to get in anyone’s face. Like one side eye from him and all of the guys would be looking elsewhere.

“That’s what I fucking thought” he’d say, shaking his head in disgust as the group of guys looked away in fear.

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Changkyun: He doesn’t seem like the confrontational type and honestly you wouldn’t want him reacting to those guys anyway. He would simply interlock his fingers with your and guide you away from the situation.

“God those guys are assholes”

“it’s okay, I have the most amazing guy protecting me”

“They’re still assholes”

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I feel so bad! college is getting worse and worse each semester as far as work load and difficulty of classes which is why I have been on such a long hiatus/ Plus I am rushing this semester so I’m even busier between class, work, and Greek life events. Please forgive me (T_T). I will do my best to post more often!

Credit to gif owners! thank you for making great gifs!

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Hi it's the Poly!MC anon again ^^; would you mind writing how the RFA+V+Saeran would react and help comfort MC when they found out MC's other partner has cheated on them... multiple times..



  • he would cuddle you a lot
  • give you any kind of comfort food you desired
  • offer to kick their butt (or have a girl kick their butt if said partner was a girl)
  • let you cry as much as you needed
  • take you to egg their house


  • would be so pissed
  • im talking willing to kill them if you asked him to
  • promises you that you deserve so much better
  • offers to hit on any future partner you get before you get attached to make sure they wont cheat
  • lets you vent as long as you need


  • nice cup of coffee right off bat
  • she has a shit ton of work but puts it to the side as you are most important to her
  • if they tried to fix shit with you she straight up judo kicks them
  • lets you go through any of her stuff to reassure you she isn’t doing the same thing as they did


  • will have all future partners followed to make sure they aren’t cheating on you
  • super pissed they hurt you, but even more concerned with making sure you’re okay
  • lots of comfort kisses ie forehead top of head etc
  • offers to have them politically destroyed


  • destroys them and their reputation using his hacking skills
  • lets you cry and vent as much as you need to
  • doesn’t get mad when you accuse him of doing the same, just proves he’s not
  • doing extensive checks on all future partners


  • cries with you bc you’re hurt
  • super super sweet, offers to do literally anything you ask
  • you want ice cream? ok, a wolverine? he will find a way dammit
  • ends up holding you all night


  • fucks. them. up.
  • that cult might have been bad but he learned a fuck ton of shit
  • and he used everything he was taught to fuck them up
  • super pissed they hurt you
  • held you and held back their anger while comforting you bc you were more important than his rage 
  • threatens all future partners if they hurt you


Slow Mo Guys FAHC Origins

It began with one question.

Hey Dan?

Yeah Gav?

Ever wanted to know just how slow human reflexes are?

The two have always been inseparable. Following each other’s ideas through thick and thin. So when Gavin had the idea of filming slow motion cinematography Dan was right there with him. They filmed the silliest ideas-how would your face look like in slow mo if I hit it Dan, come on, let me test it out, for the video b! They did old science experiments and human movements. Then, they dealt with destruction-it was the most fun to record, seeing the glass shatter and explosions flare out, the colors of red, orange, grey, black circle through the sky above. They got more adventurous.

How would a shotgun look like in slow mo Dan?

Well let’s find out yeah?

Soon enough they were using various guns, makeshift or otherwise, in their shots. And they were entranced. The way a gun really functions had Dan fixated and searching for more to test out. The smoke and deep sounds of a bullet firing kept Gavin on his toes, begging for more. Bangers, fires, sledgehammers became a part of their lives. They loved every bit of it.

Eventually, Dan got into the military. He left Gavin on his own from time to time, but whenever they had time together, they filmed. They filmed and got more enthusiastic. Dan got access to more ammunition for them to test, got skills to perform more stunts. And Gavin loved it, he loved seeing Dan excited for his sake. They enjoyed this newfound hobby.

When Dan’s away, Gavin decides to gain a new hobby. He’s always been pretty smart, though he sure doesn’t act like he is from time to time. He worked on computer codes, and he was good. Eventually it turned to reprogramming. Finally, it became hacking, it was immersive to him. He loved this too, wanted to do something with this in his life.

He did small things, not too noticeable, messing with cameras in his area, seeing just what he could do. He felt amazing, like a spy film, he’s always thought they were amazing, he’d be a spy if he could.

Dan trained hard in the military. Ever since he was a child did he want to do something good for the country. Now he was finally there. Eventually, though, he started to feel something else. He wanted more, but of what? Freedom. Attack. Destruction. He collected arsenal, for Gavin to film but also for himself. He wanted them, needed them. He left the military more and more then, rather doing his own thing with them than with the army he’s in.

Gavin saw this, spark, in Dan’s eyes when handling his collection. And Gavin, oh god did he love it. He too wanted to do more than these slow motion videos with his life. He wanted to be adventurous once more.


Yeah, b?

Let’s do something absolutely mental.

Like what?

…I dunno. But it will be the best thing we will ever do.

..I’ve got an idea.


Oh yeah.

Their first crime was definitely something. Gas masks on and lab coats swaying in the breeze they took down an entire convenience store with just their adrenaline and a pair of assault rifles. And they continued. Each time more spectacular than the last. They gained popularity in the streets of the UK, they were the Slow Mo Guys. Whether it was simple pistols to flamethrowers and grenade launchers, they created havoc and the two were unstoppable.


Yeah b?

Why are we still here?

The two had always dreamed of making it big in America. And though they got big in a much different way than they expected, that was still their goal.

Y'know why Gav. I’m still in the military. Have to be, plus it’s our source of ammunition. But I promise we will go. Soon.

In the meantime, the Slow Mo Guys held the UK in their hands, bending them at their will. And when Dan was gone, Gavin did his own thing, unlocking Intel on some of the most powerful people in the world. Soon enough, he got recognized for this talent, in America. A man named Burns contacted him for help, offered him jobs. And he took them, he only needed to get info and check cameras so he could stay home.

Then, he got a call for an offer unlike the others. A man was starting his own crew, and had heard of him. But, he also mentioned Dan, though not by his name.

The Slow Mo Guys - that’s your name right? - have gotten pretty well known. Hell, I’ve seen shit on your crew on TV, and I live in Los Santos! Y'know where that is? West coast baby. And I want all y'all in my crew, the Fakes. Think about it, and you can contact me with your answer. This is the offer of a lifetime. Just ask Burns for Ramsey and he’ll connect you with me.

Gavin couldn’t even talk with the man’s speech and the sudden end of the call. He processed the information and couldn’t handle his enthusiasm. He was finally going to America, with a job, a plan, and Dan will be right there with him. He’d tell him when he came back.

Dan, I’ve got the best news!

You finally got some?


Sorry sorry, what is it b?

We got a job offer in America. A crew wants to hire us full time! We can live our dream.

Gavin described the conversation with Ramsey in full detail, how they were famous in America just as much as in England. How they’d be set for life with money, a place to stay, and safety and protection. The both were set on this offer, until one small problem crept back to them.


Yeah Dan?

I-I can’t go.

What? Why not Dan?

I can’t leave yet b. I still got half a year in the military, I’m sorry.

I can fix this, get Ramsey to wait till we can both go together!


I’ll figure it out, maybe he’ll be alright with it!


We can both go, if he wants us he’ll be willing to wait!


Gavin, go.


Go to America without me, it’ll be fine.

But Dan! You’re my b, I can’t leave you.

Who said anything about leaving me? Like he said its an offer of a lifetime. I’ll figure out a way to get there after I get out. But you deserve this. Don’t let me hold you back. You were always the brains of this operation.


Just do this for me, make sure I got a spot reserved with them.

OK Dan.

Gavin called Burns and contacted Ramsey.

See you made the right choice! When you wanna get here?

Gavin flew to Los Santos within a week. Dan had already gone back to his squad so he couldn’t see him go, but he made sure to beforehand. When the plane landed, he was met by Burns-just call me Burnie, really it’s fine-and he took him to his office. There, two people waited for him. A man in a suit, his hair disheveled but kept nice, and a lazy smile set on his face. The woman next to him was completely opposite to him, sporting a tacky Hawaiian shirt and blue striped shorts, her face soft and kind. The man came up and held out his hand.

The names Geoff. Geoff Ramsey. This is Jack. Welcome to the crew.

I’m Gavin. Gavin Free. Wonderful to be here.

It began with one question.

Hey Gav?

Yeah Dan?

See you soon, b.

Can’t wait. They’ll love you.

Dear most high school choir teachers

Just because they can hit the note doesn’t mean they should
For the love of Jesus make the altos sing louder
If you have a transboy let him wear a suit even if he’s a soprano
If you have a transgirl let her wear a dress even if she’s a bass
Just because they’re not professionals it doesn’t give you the right to let them suck
If a section or person can’t get it right don’t pray they will help them

Let me tell you guys about my new boyfriend

So it all started out with my friends and I playing a good ol’ game of Overwatch last night. There we were in Eichenwalde, defending the payload. 

There was a Genji on the enemy team who would not get off the payload. He was really good at evading all our hits—I think he only died like twice—and in the end we were surprised he didn’t get a card for having gold objective time because hot damn, son, he was contesting the payload the whole match.

We fought against him for a few rounds and every time we were surprised he didn’t get a highlight. I put in the match chat that I wanted to vote for Genji because he was honestly really good. 

We lost him after that match. A few matches later, one of my friends screamed over the Discord chat that he was back on the enemy team. 

“wynnedotte!” the Genji said; he remembered me (this is where I started to loose my shit)
I yelled in the match chat (I don’t have any screenshots of this, sorry :v) “GENJI WE MEET AGAIN” and he actually said “hi” back I couldn’t believe it

He got potg, we all rejoiced; I didn’t care that he was on the enemy team. After that match we all friend requested him, he joined our group, and this is where shit got real

We sat all over Eichenwalde together.

We told him we’d never found a Genji who wasn’t allergic to the payload; what kind of allergy meds did he take to be not-allergic to the payload? He was kinda confused but he replied:

We had several dinner dates in which @dddragoni tried to wait on us and @silverbearclaws got insanely tired of our sappy romance

We even had A Moment by the flaming sword where he revealed he’s as much Gency trash as I am:

I was crying. I’d found my Genji. 

From that point on we were always together.

There was a skirmish round where someone else on our team picked Genji before he could so he went McCree and threw his flashbang in the air to create fireworks for our date by the bikes.

look at this beautiful nerd

He would constantly defend me against Hanzos

dddragoni was our Dad™ for a bit

We had the whole family together at one point. Grandma Ana made sure we took our vitamins.

This was the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me. Whoever up at Blizzard said “Hey let’s make sitting emotes” deserves a raise for all the good they’re doing in the world.

Cold Pizza (chapter 3)
  • Jaehyun fluff
  • word count: 1,045
  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2
  • a/n: here u go chapter threeeee send in feedback pleaaaaasee

“I’m only joking,” he laughed out when he saw your face.

He ridiculed love in front of you, how could he do that? You let out a small fake laugh to make him think that he didn’t actually get you but he did. He knew he did. He was so sly with his words and actions he could trick anyone, he was too smart to be a pizza guy.

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Dating S.Coups (SVT) Would Include:

So it’s 3:25 and I didn’t get a whole lotta stuff done like I wanted to and no one is talking to me and I feel lonely and I get weird early morning welp ;; Hope you all like

  • You’re rlly close by the time he confesses, probably old friends or you work in Pledis or smth;you’re basically best friends
  • So when he starts developing feelings he doesn’t realise at first and when he does it hits him hard
  • Worried about ruining what he has with you but also doesn’t want to let you get away so he’s all “be a man Seungcheol”
  • After being v shy and smiley when confessing you of course say yes bc it’s about fucking time he confessed to you lmao
  • It’s not that much different only labels and kisses
  • Like he was into skinship before but now he’s not willing to let you go
  • Koala Cheol, esp when he’s tired
  • Will literally cling to your side and kinda just wrap his limbs around you
  • Neck kisses on both accounts
  • You especially enjoy giving then bc he’s ticklish and his neck is v sensitive and it’s hilarious seeing him squirm
  • Usually ends up in a tickle fight or smth
  • Constant play fighting aaaah
  • Getting annoyed bc he’s too sexy for anyone to handle
  • But he’s also v cute like he keeps changing between both and you dunno what to fEEL
  • Going to the gym together and competing to see who can run the most or whatever
  • Always proving his strength to you by carrying you places like he picks you up in the fireman’s lift for no reason
  • Cute pecks out of nowhere
  • Often on your forehead or lips hehehe
  • When he has more time or he gets home from work he likes to cuddle
  • He finds it v relaxing like after a tiring day knowing he can come home and cuddle up to you makes him so much happier and kinda less tired
  • Likes it when you lay back against his chest or cuddle right up to his side at night
  • Omg making out with this man
  • Passionate and intimate - and completely spontaneous
  • He just likes being close to you
  • You love going to practice to watch him and the others bc he gets in the zone and he’s so authoritative and just ah
  • Going to tiny cafés no one knows about at like 3AM
  • Sleeping either curled right up to his sides with his arms around you or laying on top of him
  • Though he snores sometimes so
  • Hugs from him are the best bc he’s so strong you feel safe and warm and just
  • They’re always so loving you know
  • Taking them food to practice and the members jokingly calling you “mom” bc you look after them
  • Catching him staring at you a lot and he just smiles and you get all blushy bc dimple :33
  • Complaining to each other and you constantly asking him about how he is bc he’s the leader of a 13 member group he gets very very stressed
  • Long walks at night when you both can’t sleep which happens more often than you’d think
  • He’s obsessed w your hair he plays with it and brushes it and just
  • You go to see him at events and he performs so much better when you do bc knowing you’re there cheering him on makes him feel elated
  • When you have smth like a test or whatever he gives you pep talks and it’s moments like those you see one of the qualities of a leader he has that rlly shines through
  • The members being weirded out bc you guys laugh for no reason sometimes by just looking at each other
  • Movie nights where you watch some of the movie but never get more than halfway through bc you end up in his lap with his tongue in your mouth oops
  • Eating out bc you both can’t rlly cook or you just cba
  • Sometimes practice goes on too long and he misses a date and that’s how like 90% of your fights occur
  • Him doing aegyo and you eventually forgiving him bc it wasn’t his fault and he’s so fucking cute when he pouts
  • There are times he comes home all teary eyed like “y/n am I rlly fit to be a leader” and you just hold him bc he’s doubting himself again and mutter words of praise into his ear until he feels better
  • It’s moments like this that make him most thankful to have you ;u;
  • After that happens the first time is probably when he says ‘I love you’ for the first time and you’re kinda just all “ik”
  • He says it at least once a day after that
  • Cute morning texts / calls when he had to leave early (and sometimes pancakes if he had time <3)
  • His family love you and your family love him almost more than you I mean he fits in straight away
  • So much early morning sex omg
  • Protective papa Coups when netizens be netizens
  • He’s not the jealous type bc you guys are so lovey dovey he knows you’d never betray him
  • The members always teasing you both (mostly him bc he’s always talking about you, bless)
  • When he’s on tour he always texts you to make sure you’re caring for yourself and so you know he is
  • But also being spammed with texts from other members (esp Jeonghan, Josh and Vernon)
  • “He won’t stop whining about how much he misses you” “I thought he spoke a lot about you before. He hasn’t shut up since we got here.” “Y/N pls call Seungcheol he’s crying bc ‘what if she breaks up with me bc I’m not always around aaaah’”
  • When they get back you go to see him at the airport and he kinda just scoops (hahahaha) you up and refuses to let you go, mumbling about how much he missed you over and over between kisses
  • Sex when he gets back bc he missed that too
  • Overall he loves you with all his heart and shows it, constantly trying to prove what a man he is and being v skinshippy with you bc he wants you to be fully aware of his affection! The members find you adorable albeit very greasy, and you complete each other to the point he wonders how he managed to get through life without you at first ^^

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-Amind Belle