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the way that jimin and jungkook stared into each others eyes was too much for me, it was just different, i don't even know how to explain it

The stare wasn’t just different from how other ships stare at each other (I would put some gifs to prove my point but ik someone would attack me for it so 🙄). It was different than their own stares. Compared to last year, this stare was so much more deep and… meaningful. Like:

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compared to: 

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In the first gif, the one from last year, you can see they’re joking around. Jimin was making fun of how big Kook’s eyes were and Kook got a little nervous, but was still being playful. Their heads are closet, and there is tension, but compare it to the recent one and you can see the difference right away. In the second gif, Jimin is already staring at Junhkook all hard and shit like “damnnnn” which same tbh. And then Jungkook looks over with this super tiny smile and you can feel the tension from 6734674 miles away. The way their heads lean closer and they just forget about the live and I just……. it’s so beautiful. Character development is a wonderful thing. Look at that. My sons went from joking friends to actual husbands. Iconic. 

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willow x kennedy

First, I’m really sorry about the delay on this. I got pulled away right after I hit reblog and I know it’s standard Tumblr etiquette to stick around for asks.

I’m going to talk about Kennedy as a character first, because it informs my opinion on Willow/Kennedy.

I didn’t like Kennedy. That’s a weird opinion because it was extremely popular and then extremely unpopular to say so. The reason why for me is because, as I mentioned on an ask a few weeks ago, the thing that makes me dislike a character is when their flaws go unaddressed/without consequences. Damn, I should have mentioned Kennedy as a character I don’t like in that last ask. Anyway, Kennedy came in like yo, I’m an entitled know-it-all brat. And I was like cool. And then she never got a moment where it was like no, you’re not? You’re a brand new baby? She continued to act like she knew more than Buffy, who’s been slaying for years, and I just found that ridiculous. Maybe if she’d been around longer we would have gotten an arc where she realized how inexperienced she was and that would’ve been fine. But as she appeared, UGH. It was treated like she deserved to have such a superiority complex and she was able to get in with the leaders via Willow. 

So. On to the ship. I disliked the ship on the show because I felt it was treated too seriously. I would have been so supportive of a fling for Willow post Tara. Just someone to have sex with and let off some steam in all that stress? I’m game for that. But it was treated like a real romance and I didn’t feel like that was realistic for Willow’s headspace at the time. Nor did they have the chemistry for that.

TLDR: This would’ve worked for me with a few tweaks, but as is: nah.

this is the most self indulgent thing i have drawn in some time. 

more street racing gang au Chick ft. Natalie, whos actually in a biking gang herself, and some of Chicks “helpful” wingmen. 

Sometimes I encounter artists/writers who don’t ship JuZen but see Jumin and Zen as good friends (BroTP basically) and that makes me super happy, because it’s nice to know other people have noticed they have the potential of becoming great friends in the game (as proven in Zen’s route).

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Rama and Morrigan if your still taking them \(owo )/

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

TBH these two would kill everything if together. Gigit is the only Leash keeping Rama from abusing the power of those two Yveltals. I’m sure Morrigan would only encourage it and then try and get him to teach her how to summon and tame a legendary for herself. and won’t that be hell in a handbasket XD


Hello! I have been a fan for a long time. You have taught me that being Black does not hinder who can love me (despite what many would say)  I was wondering who you would ship me with?! Thank you! I recently got an Instagram and just requested to follow you. My name is @tzbbi.

Your man is: Seungjun from KNK

He’s going to take you on a tour in the city of Seoul, while holding your hand and kissing you, every time someone stares he’s like, “You see this?”, “She’s mine!”

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thoughts on deckerstar?

Anon you don’t even knOW what you got yourself into with this ask. 

Okay so let’s talk about Actual Miracle Chloe Jane Decker and Literal Devil Lucifer Morningstar. I am so invested in this ship I would sell my soul for it. There is literally so much I could say about them but I’ll just bring up a few main points:

The Sass:

The sass is REAL. And I do mean that in a literal sense. See most on-screen ships lack this element of friendship. Sure other couples bicker and maybe they fight, but deckerstar is different. Where other ships it seems forced or plot-centric, but with deckerstar it rolls off the tongue in a way that only people who are comfortable with each other can pull off. 

And this type of friendship is so important! I do mean friendship. You can’t have a relationship built entirely on lust, it just won’t work. That’s why deckerstar is such a breath of fresh air. Lucifer and Chloe are friends and that’s so important. That’s what makes them them. That’s what I like about their relationship. It’s believable. Which leads me to my next point.

The Tension: 

The tension works so well for them. Seriously how neither of them are hot and bothered by the time one of their bicker sessions is over is beyond me. Like damn, nobody should be able to have that much tension in one room. 

It also keeps things interesting between them. Like okay that ONE SCENE in 2x12, yeah you know the one. The one where sexually reserved Chloe Decker smacks Lucifer Morningstar’s ass and he kinda liked it? Yeah that one. I’ve never seen a ship pull that level of cheesiness off in film or TV and make it work. But that’s the weird part is that it works for them. I can believe it from them and its extremely entertaining to watch. Which is why this next point is a bag of mixed feelings.

The Slow Burn:

THE SLOW BURN OH DEAR LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH. Usually I’m bittersweet about slow burns. If they’re done well I love them, but if they’re drug out ugh. That’s why deckerstar is such a jumbled mess of feels for me.

I’ve never been this invested in a slow burn outside of some fanfic before. With their tension and their banter I want them together so bad, but watching them skirt around each other is so satisfying. The writers do such a great job giving you a crumb of deckerstar and getting you to beg for the whole cake. 

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up: I love deckerstar for the fact that they respect each other and the credibility of their relationship. I am heRE and camping outside for when their ship finally sails!

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If the Epikegster selfie went up on social media and was connected in any way to the vlog, I bet there would be a small but dedicated Bitty/Parse contingent.

You are so right! 

and actually, if jaded-jarse-blogger is big on Eric now, it would stand that maybe they’d enjoy bittyparse to some extent. 

mmm my mind just went to “well then they like pb&j” and then to “wow they write a fuck ton of Kent/Troy/Jack at this point and would probs be like ‘I still don’t want to ship Eric with professional hockey players but I lowkey want to ship him with everyone’” 

also my bae is a defender of rarepairs and would protect bittyparse lovers as long as they respect Eric’s personal boundaries 

There should be a post just about Eric posts 

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Hi, I'm a SwanQueen shipper but I also like Swanfire, OutlawQueen and StableQueen. I'm not a fan of CaptainSwan due to reasons like it's become mostly what the show is all about, but I don't hate it and would never start a ship war. I don't get ship wars myself so I tend to stay out of them. I love your blog too.

I don’t get ship wars either. They’re completely pointless and we’d all be having a lot more fun if we just learned to leave each other alone.

I can’t say I don’t vent about things that annoy me on here, because I do (a lot), but that’s what untagged posts and private chat are for.



 For a ship- male character please. I’m female, 5"3, medium blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly tanned, curvy figure. I can be shy at first but once you get to know me I’m quite outgoing, I’m quite sarcastic and I have a short temper but I’m actually really nice & sensitive it’s just hidden behind the resting bitch face HAHA. I have slight trust issues with people but if I trust you I really trust you. I like reading, music, tv shows & fashion

 Thirteen Reasons Why: 

 I ship you with:

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I believe that you and Alex would make a great pair.  While he made his mistakes with Hannah, all in all, he is a good and pure person.  You are the person he needed to help him heal.  Without you, he wouldn’t be alive (I’m saying Alex lives)


I ship you with:

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Reggie, while having his jerky jock side, is a sweetheart who loves nothing more than being in love with you.  He enjoys your quips and sarcastic manner and knows to back off from an argument because let’s face it, he’s never going to win.

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do alb and orb have a ship name?

I love that everyone calls Orthoclase ‘orb’ now haha
I don’t really know, I haven’t thought about what their ship name would be!

These are terrible omg feel free to help me out here guys