i would say the same emma :d


“…some things are better left in the past. And true things are destined to repeat themselves.”

I’d like to say something about this. I’ve already seen a post that highlights this parallel between Henry/Jacinda and Swan Queen.
We already knew they were going to parallel the moment Lucy showed up to Henry’s door, like he did all those years ago with Emma. They brought one parent to the other and, with the due differences, their meeting in the cursed reality is almost the same as Swan Queen’s. 

They also paralleling Snowing, like A&E said they would (a great love story like Snow and Charming). Of course they only mentioned Henry’s grandparents, they couldn’t say his parents because they didn’t make them canon. And yet, as it’s obvious, they parallel his parents, too. 

I’ve seen people getting angry at the parallels, I am one of them, and people liking them, I am one of them, too. I mean, how could I not love Henry paralleling his mothers with his true love? But I also know that I’ve been here for the past six years, saying that Swan Queen had the potential to be an epic love story, hoping for them to actually have the courage to make them canon, only to be called delusional. Only to hear them say to me that I was seeing something that simply wasn’t there, that they were just friends (friends that couldn’t even hug if it wasn’t about the boyfriend. Yes, I’m still mad about this.) And now they’re doing the same story, but hetero. And it’s canon. So yeah it bothers me, it REALLY, REALLY does.

“Until we met, he was you. Which means that there’s hope. All you need to do is believe.”

What I really liked about Emma saying this to Wish Hook was that it reminded me of the S3 finale when Killian tells her, “Otherwise I’d remember that damn barwench I’d kissed.” Past Hook’s life would have changed course if Killian had remembered Emma in that moment because, as he told her, he knows how she kisses and he’d have gone after her. Since Wish Hook and our Killian were the same person before Regina’s curse hit (if I’m remembering this correctly from Wish Hook’s explanation), the significance of this moment and Emma (and Killian) knowing that she can help Wish Hook the same way she could have helped Past Hook (and did help our Killian) is really sweet and reinforces that whenever, wherever, Emma is a huge, huge positive influence in Killian’s life. The scene didn’t have a ton of emotional impact for me on the first watch, but I liked it a little better on the second and this line was why. It’s the one I’ve been thinking about all night.

TDA and Love

Hi Cassie! I would be honored if you answer to a simple question, you say that Ty will fall in love in TDA and i would know if we already know that person, it his a new character or we know it thanks to TMI? I hope that you’ll see this and that maybe you’ll answer, thanks for your time. — cadiamocomelacrime

We don’t know the person Ty is going to fall in love with yet. (We haven’t met many ten year olds in CoHF and I think the ones we do meet are related to Ty, and I don’t really want to swim in that river again …)

IS CRISTINA GOING TO BE ATTRACTED TO MARK, OR MARK TO CRISTINA? I MEAN: ”Cristina held back from telling Mark that there was no world in which he didn’t stand out.” and you once said Mark has a love interest/parabatai. Thank you! — emmaxjules

Well, she could just be saying that because he has antlers or something. Who can say how he came back from the Wild Hunt? Cristina has a complicated love life, and so does Mark. Mark may even be carrying a torch for someone from Faerie. (Neither Mark nor Cristina have parabatai, though.)

Hi Cassandra Clare, thank you for your books you’ve written so perfectly and your imagination, which I fell in love it. A question arises after your previous answer me. I hope you can answer. It is about whether we will see in the book scenes where Emma be jealous of another girl in love with Julian? I appreciate your response and with love. Arely — atena-moon

Hi, Cassie. My name is Hayley and, like everyone else asking you questions, I’m in love with your books! I adore the way you write and I hope to be just as successful someday. I wanted to ask you if there’s a possibility for Emma and Mark. (I don’t know if this is how you ask. Hopefully it is.) I know it seems everyone is already shipping Emma and Julian, and their story will be amazing no matter the outcome, but they’re parabati. There is no romance allowed between them and I think they’re better for each other as brother/sister. My thought is, Emma already shows some interest in Mark. It could be good for Mark to help heal Emma’s wounds from the Emma/Julian romance and for Emma to help him get over his time in Faerie world. So, is there a possibility for them? I’d love for you to answer this, but even if you don’t, I’m just glad that I actually got up the courage to write you and that you actually read it!! Thanks!! — nerdygirly811

Sure, this is a fine way to ask. Ye olde ask box.

Emma does notice Mark is cute in CoHF, though he is sure spirited away before she can declare her love (and I’m mostly kidding: her thinking Mark is cute is a function of her growing up. We often notice older brothers, sisters, of friends first because they’re older, therefore admirable, and around, therefore nonthreatening.) 

Otherwise I’d just say slow down, pardner! We don’t know if there’s going to be an Emma/Julian romance for sure, or whether Emma will have wounds to heal. (Well, it’s me, probably everyone will have wounds to heal.) 

I guess I would say that Mark, after coming from years in Faerie, does not view relationships the way everyone else in his family does. “in love” and “monogamy” do not go together in his mind. If you went on a date with Mark, you could expect him to kiss everyone else at the bar. Everyone else.

Hi Miss Clare! I love all your books. You broke my heart into a million pieces, especially when I read Will’s death. Anyway, i’d like to ask, is it wrong to ship Mark and Emma? It feels really weird but idk, my mind is like, “Go Mark and Emma!” but I also ship her a little bit with Jules. It would be great if you answered my question haha thanks :D — mikaaaii

You can ship Emma with anyone you want. You can ship her with Mark and Jules. Though there really isn’t an OT3 to be had there given that Mark and Jules are related. 

It’s interesting to me because when people say “I hate love triangles!” (I mean, I clearly, am biased because I love them) they tend to remain drawn to triangulated relationships. Which is fine. For me, a love triangle requires two people to be in love with the same person and for them to have about an equal chance of securing that person’s love. But there are a million ways to triangulate relationships without actually having a love triangle. One, for instance, is to introduce jealousy, merited or not. Another is to introduce another person as an obstacle but not an equal love interest. If Tessa had loved only Will and felt obligated to Jem because he was dying that would have been a triangulated relationship but not a love triangle. Even a villain can triangulate a relationship. Wickham triangulated Elizabeth’s relationship with Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, but few consider it a love triangle: it however works as an important story engine! So even if you hate the love triangle, hate not the triangulation. It’s probably in a lot of your favorite romances. :)

*Sorry I gave a speech about writing love triangles to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and this stuff remains stuck in my brain!

Also: thank you guys for being so interested in the TDA characters so early on! It keeps me going.