i would recommend it to anybody

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Ok I really need Sandor and Sansa to reunite in Season 7 or at least in the next book the anticipation and unknowing is keeping me awake at night and my studies are suffering and I just want to write and draw Sansan all day long. Can anybody recommend a psychologist proficient in curing Sansan withdrawals pls.

LOLOLOL nooooo! We would be the last people to discourage you, but we have just what you need to feed your ship! Here’s a few links to get you through:

Fanfiction recommendations

Fanfiction recommendation lists

Book quotes


Fan art

Fan music mix


Sansan inspo

Sansa inspo

Sandor inspo

Sansan wedding inspo


Writing reference

Happy Shipping!

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If possible please show off some more of pet shops SSStier bullshit nonsense. People need to know this bird is NOT NICE

ye, so there’s a plethora of reasons why petshop is considered “petshop tier”, and is usually super-duper banned when the game is played competitively, probably a lot more than i’m aware of but i’ll tell you what i can

much of petshop’s bullshit revolves around this move right here, these ceiling icicles. it’s performed by holding down Light, Medium or Heavy and releasing. all 3 can be held down at the same time

these icicles hit high, is an important thing to keep in mind here

being able to charge up these icicles by holding down the buttons you’re not currently using basically means you always have some way to apply pressure and scare your opponent into blocking, which is what you want because that means you can do this shit

if timed properly there is zero way to block this, and it leads into petshop’s basic bread-and-butter combo

did i mention his bread-and-butter combo does 100% damage, by the way? because that’s a thing, and is probably the #1 reason he’s banned

if his opponent isn’t in the corner he can’t do the unblockable high/low shit as effectively, but he can still get left/right mixups thanks to his “teleport”

but even without this “teleport”, the icicles still leave him with an effective way to keep the opponent away from him, and SPEAKING OF

his keepaway can be really strong and really annoying, because his primary projectiles are done with the Stand button, i.e. NOT any of the buttons used for his ceiling icicles. this allows him to use both at the same time, and it can make him really hard to approach

capcom must’ve been at least somewhat aware of how good he was, because petshop’s projectiles do not deal chip damage. that’s not much of a fix when his actual combos do 100%, but it does at the very least incentivize him to come to you when you have a life lead. this is what you want, because if you hafta chase after him you’re gonna hafta wade through a minefield

petshop also has crazy mobility, moreso than any other character. he can freely fly around (he has no jump, though), dash in 6 directions and can pretty easily escape from danger when he manages to get trapped in a corner. it’s a big problem. 

he also outright avoids a decent amount of low attacks just by floating there, so he can be hard to even land hits on once you DO get close enough, especially if your character’s reliable combo starters happened to be lows

a character having one or two of these qualities would be great, but petshop has all of them. he can do whatever the fuck he wants and there’s not much anybody can do about it. my advice is to main petshop–that’s what i did!

i probably missed some shit, truth be told i’m not super knowledgeable about this game (or jojo in general). if anyone wants to know more, i recommend asking @grooveonfight, they can tell you a lot more than i can!


OK i was too excited to wait until i was done with zine stuff to tell u abt these two podcasts i lost my mind over these last two days !!!!!!!! FIRST PIC is adam and caleb from the bright session !!!!!!! a very good podcast i recommend

SECOND IS from the penumbra podcast kdgld specially my favourite episod (juno steel and the train from nowhere im actually going to draw more from this episod Most certainly) i !!!!!!!!!! WOULD RECOMMEND AS WELL !!!!!!!!!!!! actually if you listen to it PLEASE let me know forreal… askbox is rigth there open to anybody let me know if u loved it or if u despised it LET ME KNOW!!!!

The Music Room  [ A.A ]

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Request: Archie hears this amazing girl singing and tries to find her and all this time it’s been the reader one of his best friends that he’s loved since forever but hasn’t been able to ask her out due to rejection but accidentally slips he loves her when he finds her singing

Word Count: 1291

Warnings: None 

A/N: Hi guys! I would recommend listening to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ seeing as the song is mentioned a little bit. I know it’s an oldie but I mean the lyrics make it timeless. 

Also, recently my posts haven’t been showing up under any tags so I’m really sorry if a lot of you don’t get to see any of my writing because of that. I’ve really been trying to fix that but nothings working. I would really appreciate it if anybody who could help out could message me about it?


You sat with your back to the wall beside the door to the music room. You had finally found it empty and decided to make full use of it. You had been trying for days to find some space for yourself to just spend some time alone with the solace of the school’s instruments and the peaceful aura that the silent feel of the music room pulsed through itself.

A small smile crept onto your face as you made sure the door was locked and fiddled with your bag to make sure that it was comfortably lodged between your elbow and the floor. You placed yourself specifically so that any student or teacher passing by couldn’t see you through the small window in the door.

This was the first time you’d been in the music room since you had found out about Archie and Grundy, though, you had been in here on your own many times before. At first, your mind couldn’t help but be pulled into the awkward memory of whatever may have happened between your best friend and the former music teacher, but you pushed the thought aside. Now was the time for you to just be you and for you to do what makes you feel the happiest.

For you, singing was the best way of letting out any pent up emotions, it was a way for you to feel more free than ever. After finding out about Archie and Ms. Grundy, you were beyond stressed. You were angry at Ms. Grundy and you were angry at Archie. But you were also sad and hurt and the amount of frustration that you had felt was undeniably surprising. You loved Archie as more than just a friend–more than anything and it pained you that Ms. Grundy had so easily (and illegally) taken advantage of the oblivious and golden-hearted boy that was and is Archie Andrews.

For days on end you had been wanting to let it all out through your voice and now you finally could. Without having to worry about anything–not about anyone hearing you nor about any of the more serious drama that had been taking it’s place in Riverdale–you sang the first few words to your favourite song. A smile finds its way to your lips as you carry one singing, louder and clearer than you have the ability to anywhere else. The lyrics of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ fell from your lips with a sense of passion, love and talent that would be sure to make anyone double-take.

It was a song that you knew was quite old yet you still couldn’t seem to look past the meaning and love that went into the lyrics. The song warmed your heart and made you feel at home.

“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one,” 

Archie had been trying to fit in the time to work on his own music (in the music room, of course) and he had finally been able to squeeze that in until he had heard the most angelic sound that ever danced through his ears coming from the thin space inbetween the door of the music room and the floor that connected the hallway to the classroom. He had heard the voice before and had desperately tried to put a name and face to it but had always failed in doing so. But now, he knew that it was his chance to do so.

Forgetting about his intended plans, he reaches for the door handle, letting out an audible groan once he realises that the door has been locked. He takes no notice to the stares he receives from passing students, stepping forward and curiously and hopefully peering through the small window. He bites his lip when he notices a pair of black converse (your black converse) just barely making it’s way into his line of vision. It didn’t even occur to him that those could have been his best friend’s shoes and he didn’t even take notice of the drawings that you two had decorated the white soles with only a month ago.

You notice the door move beside you, the vibrations barely brushing against your arm. Someone was trying to get in. With a sigh, you shrink backwards, only waiting for the mystery person to knock on the surface of the door. A groan forces it’s way out of you once you hear the tapping of knuckles against the wooden door.

You stand up, instantly greeted with none other than Archie’s face through the window in the door. His eyebrows raise once he sees you, a gobsmacked expression falling over his face. Yanking the door open, you meet him with an almost scared look on your face.


“Was-was that you singing?” He blurts, stepping into the classroom. Archie already knew the answer, but he couldn’t help but ask. He was in love with you and he knew it but it only made him realise just how much he didn’t know about you. Even if he did know more than anybody else.

“Uh, yeah,” You sheepishly reply, “It was me.”

“You never told me you could sing–”

“It’s nothing really, Arch.” You mumble, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

“But it’s not nothing, Y/N. You’re an amazing singer,” Archie closes the door behind him before he places a hand on each of your shoulders. His fingers lightly grip you, slightly pulling you into him. “Jeez, I’ve heard you singing so many times. Only, I didn’t know it was you. And god, the more I learn about you; it just makes me love you even mo-” He cuts himself off, abruptly halting his rambling, biting his lip and pulling his right hand off of your shoulder to scratch the back of his neck. Truthfully, he knew the most part of what he said probably made no sense whatsoever except for the most important piece.

“What?” You ask him, wondering why he had suddenly stopped talking. As much as your heart skipped when he said that he loved you, the two of you had exchanged those words many times between yourselves. But it had always been platonic seeing as neither of you had the courage to face possible rejection, so why would now be any different?

“I-uh, I love you.”

“Oh. I love you too–”

“No, like, more than that,” He takes a long step closer to you. Your breath hitches at how suddenly close he is, suddenly nervous about the fact that you were pretty sure he could hear your heart beating right out of his chest. Archie had never been this close to you. So close that you could feel his breath on the skin just underneath your nose and right above your lips. His chest was almost touching you, the pounding of his heart unknowingly to the two of you, matching the beat of your own. “I’m in love with you.”

And before you know it, Archie has placed his lips on yours. The softness of his kiss was still passionate and sweet, and you found yourself kissing back without hesitation. Your hands rested on his chest and his loosely held you just above your hips. You were the first to pull back, your heart racing as Archie leans forward, as if he never wanted to stop kissing you.

“I love you too, Archie.” You smile at the grin that Archie flashes you, his arms wrapping around your torso as he nuzzles his face into your neck. He chuckles, his voice vibrating against the soft skin of your neck.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that.”

Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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by now this is old news, but shipperblocklist has been created by starryklance specifically to name out ‘problematic’ shippers for the stated purpose of blocking them.

shippers are leaping to be added to this list in the sweet-hearted hope that if their name is on the Shame Wall, antis will actually block them and not use this as a handy-dandy list of people that deserve harassment whenever an anti is feeling low.

(They start with the above note about how shippers have ‘made their bed’ and they can lie in them, because their ships are toxic and she just wants a safe space away from all the bad shippers, darn it! and I don’t know if it occurred to her that if she actually blocks the people on the list, they can’t exactly reach out to her to ask for corrections …)

I’ll give starryklance credit: I think she genuinely believes in her cause here and genuinely wants shippers to stay out of her space. And I fully respect and encourage the practice of blocking people that create or reblog content you don’t like. But there’s a lot of little, skeevy things going on here that I can’t help cringing over:

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*curtsies* good morrow, Duke! What's a good book to read when you're taking it easy and just want something chill, and funny (but not too funny bc I don't want be bleeding through my nose band-aids)/something low-key dark (but not something too upsetting bc I don't want to cry into my nose band-aids)? (I'm recovering from nasal surgery.) Three favorites would be If We Were Villains, The Secret History, and Good Omens. (bc I'm on meds, something Labyrinth or Fear&Loathing-esque might not be bad)

sorry if the message is incoherent. Having trouble typing. Have a nice day! *tries to curtsy and make her leave without bleeding on your floor*

*Curtsies* I have never seen anybody who needs to read John Dies at the End more. It’s not a campus novel by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re looking for dark, funny, trippy, and weird, look no further. The sequel is actually better imo, but start with JDatE. Other ideas (if you have a low tolerance for profanity or stupid humor) would be Johannes Cabal the Necromancer or Lev Grossman’s The Magicians (which might be the ideal mashup of campus novel, black comedy, and fantasy). Hope this helps and get well soon.

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for books for a romance-repulsed aromantic friend who loves to read. Most YA books have a lot of romance in them and I was wondering if you knew of any that didn't or if you could point me toward someone who would know of some of these types of books. Still fictional, and probably YA, but no romance.

Hi, anon! That’s a really sweet thing for you to do. I don’t read a lot of YA, but here’s some links of lists of YA books without romance.



If anybody reading this knows of any good examples of YA books without romance, please feel free to add onto this post!

I decided to answer this question from @conspiracyranting in the form of a text post so that I could add it to the Onision tag, and because it’s a subject that I’ve been planning to cover for a while. And the answer to your question is: yes, absolutely. You nailed it. In this case - at least while we’re talking about Onision - I do think that you used the right term when you described his reaction as “narcissistic rage”. I think I may have even argued exactly the same point in one of my previous posts.

Before I continue, however, I first want to define what the term ‘narcissistic rage’ means from a psychological standpoint.

Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is a perceived threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth. Narcissistic injury occurs when a narcissist feels that their hidden, ‘true self’ has been revealed. This may be the case when the narcissist has a “fall from grace”, such as when their hidden behaviors or motivations are revealed, or when their importance is brought into question. Narcissistic injury is a cause of distress and can lead to a dysregulation of behaviors, as seen in narcissistic rage.

To the narcissist, the rage is directed towards the person that they feel has slighted them; to other people, the rage is incoherent and unjust. This rage impairs their cognition, therefore impairing their judgment. During the rage, they are prone to shouting, fact distortion, and making groundless accusations.


And, as you pointed out, Blaire White’s criticism of Onision’s videos, opinions, appearance, actions, behavior, and “logic” triggered a narcissistic rage in him, because she dealt a heavy blow to his ego by doing so - she questioned his perception of himself as perfect. This is also why he spends so much time debasing his exes and arguing with his critics (rather than creating quality content), producing thirty minute-long response videos to even the most minor of allegations being levied against him: his ego just cannot let it go. In his eyes, he has been slighted; he must level out the playing field again by getting revenge. (Sadly, his fans - who lack objectivity, and are mostly too young to understand the concept or value of skepticism, due process, and researching both sides of the story before forming an opinion - lap this up, and readily reflect his anger because they idolize him. The reason why his responses are generally so disproportionate to the criticism is because of the enormity of his fan base - he gets a ton of attention and admiration from teenage girls for making those videos, not to mention that sweet, sweet ad revenue.)

However, despite the fact that he will defend himself against anyone who criticizes him in any way, anybody who watches his videos can spot this pattern: he especially hates being criticized by women. And, as you and many other YouTubers, anti-O’s, and casual observers have astutely noted, he seems to be particularly triggered by Blaire White. I personally haven’t seen the videos that she’s made about him (although I did see her do a livestream about him with MrRepzion and two other YouTubers back in December, so I AM somewhat familiar with her viewpoint and speaking style), so I can’t say for sure what exactly about her triggers him so much. Is it the fact that she’s transgender? Is it because she reminds him of somebody else? Is it the actual content of her arguments? Is it something else? I have no idea. But nonetheless, it is extremely obvious to even the most casual observer that something about her damages his ego more than any other YouTuber who has ever criticized him over the years, regardless of gender. Even his own fans noticed the toxicity with which he spews insults at her. His video about her (”She Lied To You…”) was so vitriolic that I actually have trouble watching it. The words he spits at her, the absolutely unhinged, unbridled hatred and rage that flashes in his eyes as he calls her a dumb bimbo cunt to his 1.9 million-strong audience of 15-year-old girls - it’s not the type of average, reasonable, justifiable anger that we all see and experience on a daily basis. (Frankly, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up to witness. There’s just something so incredibly dark and unsettling about Onision that just his facial expressions alone make my stomach churn. Every atom in my body intuitively screams “There is something very wrong with this man” whenever I see his face.) If he felt about me the way that he feels about Blaire White, I would be terrified to live with him.

That said, Blaire White is by no means the only person who has triggered him into a narcissistic rage before. In Onision’s world - the world in which he is an omnipotent, omniscient, all-powerful, universally admired and envied god - simply disagreeing with him can trigger this. And for the people who are close to him - the people who get wrapped up in his circle, like Lainey, Billie, Sarah, or even platonic friends like Cyr - the simple act of expressing their own authentic self in his presence, without his permission or input, is threatening to him, because it challenges his grandiose view of himself as having complete power and control over the people in his life. Any display of individuality is intimidating. To him, his “loved” ones are just another tool that he can use to get what he wants - power, control, attention, praise, admiration, and codependency… in other words, narcissistic supply. We see this every time a woman leaves him, and he feels the need to take his power back by insulting, slandering, and degrading them on social media (see: humiliating Adrienne by revealing the number of sexual partners she’s had, implying that she’s such a whore that he had to get STD tests because of her, and making fun of her vaginal hygiene; revealing to his followers that Billie had been raped and had an abortion, accusing her of being a druggie loser and high school dropout, etc). We see this every time he gets in an argument with Cyr, or Shane, or one of his other YouTube “friends” whenever they express a difference of opinion, and he feels the need to equalize the field again by insulting them and playing the victim (”I let you stay in my house for free, gave you food and equipment, allowed you - a much smaller YouTuber - to piggyback off my fame, and this is how you repay me? By refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton/being acquainted with somebody that I dislike/satirizing me/disagreeing with me in any way?”). He even does this when much more popular YouTubers that he’s not even friends with say something that he disagrees with - for example, when he felt slighted by Andy Biersack, and the whole fiasco with Dan Howell. (Wisely, in these cases, his retaliation was minimal because of the fact that they are so much more beloved and cherished by their respective fanbases than he is (which I’m sure he’s puzzled over and genuinely does not understand). He knows that he can’t pick on them like he can pick on smaller YouTubers like Jaclyn Glen or Blaire White, or reviled YouTubers like LeafyIsHere or Keemstar - there would be too much backlash from his own fanbase, and he would end up creating drama that he wouldn’t be able to recover from.)

Aaaanyway. I went on a bit of a tangent there. But basically what I was trying to say was that yes, I think you’re right: what you’re seeing in Onision’s response to Blaire White is compete, unadulterated rage triggered by a narcissistic injury to his ego. Bingo.

**If anybody is interested in the subject of narcissistic rage, I highly recommend the videos of Sam Vaknin - they’re very informative, and he’s an incredibly intelligent, well-read, and eloquent speaker, one of the world’s leading experts on the subject of narcissistic personality disorder (as well as a sufferer himself). Click here to watch his video about narcissistic rage.

The list of recommended FT-related blogs that you should follow!

As 2016 slowly comes to a close (and, thank goodness, it will!), I thought I would like to take the time to compile and come up with a list of blogs to follow, and that are recommended for anybody new to the Fairy Tail fandom around here.

A few notes to bear in mind, ‘though:

  • This rec list was composed by myself. I had looked through the many blogs around here, using the “Fairy Tail” tag (and other tags related to it), doing so for more than a couple of years.
    • A majority of these blogs that were listed below, have been blogs that I have followed recently. 
  • Also, this rec list consists of blogs that have previously posted FT-related content, and blogs that are still posting FT-related content up to the date of this post.
    • As a result, certain blogs may not currently be confined to the FT fandom (or have become multi-fandom, in some cases)—but they are still listed below, due to the FT-related content that was posted in the past.
  • Finally, this rec list is divided into four categories, based on the following: 
    • blogs that are known best for the fanart, 
    • blogs that are known best for the fanfiction, 
    • blogs that are known best for both fanart and fanfiction (maybe even more—such as self-produced gifs, colourings, edits, etc.), 
    • and, blogs that are known best for other content, in general (such as analysis of characters and chapters, rants, reblogs of FT-related content, and etc.)

So, without further ado, here’s the list of recommended FT-related blogs to follow!









And, that’s it (for now)! Of course, the blog that I post this list on, can also be considered a recommended blog to follow…since I do post some FT-related content from time to time. 

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns…let me know—and I’ll consider putting out an updated version of this list!

Sooo…is anybody interested? I’ll take any questions or suggestions! We have 12-16 characters created so far and would love more to think on!

This was a quick thing I threw together, the actual designs look much better, and some have already changed.

But please recommend the most likely options, so far there is only one unlikely character but once he was suggested we couldn’t get him out of our minds

Do NOT romanticize the stydia kiss

As someone who suffers from extreme anxiety and often has panic attacks (I actually go to classes at my local hospital to try and over come my anxiety.), if anybody dared tried to kiss me when I was having an anxiety attack I would probably pass out from excruciating confusion, stress, and probably even have more of a mental break down. When someone is having a panic attack you.do.not.touch.them. ALSO if lydia is as smart as she comes off to be, you don’t want to hold your breath during a panic attack. That would most likely make you pass out from hyperventilating. To calm down you are supposed to regulate your breathing and take deep breaths, often why yoga is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety. SO POINT IS DONT ROMANTICIZE A KISS THAT MADE NO SENSE AND JUST MESSED WITH A BOYS FEELINGS!1!1!!!!!!!!! Honestly, it’s offensive to someone like me who actually has suffered from this disorder my whole life, so I dont want anyone to tell me that she was “just trying to help him” bc fuck that, that would literally only make things worse. THANK YOU

How to get your daily dose of a-spec positivity while avoiding assholes

1. Set up tag blockers. I personally use tumblr savior because my browser doesn’t support xkit. After typing in every phrase I could think of that might be attached to upsetting posts, my dash is remarkably clean.

2. As a follow up to 1, avoid the temptation to click on posts that are hidden. This was something I had to learn the hard way. If something is flagged with a tag you blocked, don’t read it, just keep scrolling.

3. Don’t be afraid to hit the unfollow button if a blog you’re following won’t stop posting upsetting content. I had to part with some mutuals because of this, but it’s made my experience on this site better in the long run.

4. Keep your eyes open for lists of safe blogs to follow. The people that make the lists usually are very clear about the criteria that went into making the list. You should be able to find a lot of good blogs in this manner. I have a few of these lists on my blog.

5. Use the block button liberally. Seriously, don’t be afraid to block people, especially if they come to your blog looking to pick a fight or if you’ve seen the user repeatedly go after different bloggers. They aren’t here to debate, they’re here to harass people.

6. Be careful going into the a-spec tags. It’s a fact that I really hate about this site, but it’s the current reality. Some people have nothing better to do than to spam a-spec tags with hate. Instead of going into the tags if the negativity gets to you, I would recommend going straight to blogs full of the content you’re searching for.

Be safe and try not to feel too discouraged. Tumblr is an awful representation of real life lgbtqiap+ spaces. I know I say it a lot, but it’s the truth. If anybody behaved how I’ve seen here at safe spaces, they wouldn’t be welcomed back.

Everybody has two biases

Bias One: I love you so much. Pure perfection. Bless you, bless your family, bless your family’s family. Look at them they’re pure gold. So cute. So adorable. Sweet n squishy I just :) they deserve the world :)

Bias Two: 0/10 would not recommend this nerd to anybody. They poisoned my water supply, burned my crops, and brought plague into my home. They used me for land development. They haunt me everyday and I bet they double dip get them off my dashboard right now

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics you'd recommend of Kylo coming out of the bacta tank specifically and any aftercare he gets from Hux?

Hmmmm I feel like I should be able to bring something to mind here, but it’s not coming, at least in terms of Kylo exiting a bacta tank specifically rather than just generally recovering. Are you looking for Hux being caring and concerned, or would a snippy nurse Hux suffice? 

Anybody who has recs please chime in!

*urgent lizard/terrarium psa*

Okay, I know this may be a *duh* to some people or whatever, but this goes for ANY TERRARIUM THAT HAS A THERMOMETER INSIDE OF IT: 

I’ve had my bearded dragon, Drogon, for a little over a year. She’s an absolute sweetheart and my baby and I’d be terrified if anything happened to her. Anyways, I’ve been using a nice electronic thermometer for her tank to take temperatures because I’ve always found it to be accurate and it was an affordable thermometer. Its been in her tank for about a year and has been attached to the inside of her tank with industrial strength Velcro. I’ve never had a problem with it sticking to the tank or anything.

I went clothes shopping today and came back late so I immediately went and did my stupid exercise routine, threw in some laundry, and took a shower. When I went over to check on her and my snake, I nearly had a heart attack. The thermometer, through the course of the day, had melted off the side of the tank with the sticky side up and somehow had become affixed to her belly. She was stuck at the bottom of the tank with a heavy, sticky thermometer to her and had not been able to get up to bask for what I’m assuming was several hours. I basically had a minor heart attack. Here’s a list of reasons why this is bad:

  • there
  • is
  • a
  • fucking
  • thermometer
  • on
  • your
  • lizard’s
  • sensitive
  • belly
  • can’t bask means body temp goes down, could make her sick/give her digestive problems
  • painful, sticky thermometer on her belly :C

Thankfully, I was able to get it off of her belly with a warm bath and some Vitamin E oil but it still took me about half an hour to coax it off of her. She obviously wasn’t very amused by it (I can’t blame her) and I promptly took the thermometer out of her tank and plan on getting a heat gun tomorrow. She was very pleased to get a nice treat of apple chunks and kiwi after having to deal with it. Thankfully, she is fine and is now happy and basking under her lamp and appears to have suffered no ill effects. However, this could have been much worse. It could’ve taken off scales or skin. It could have possibly burned her belly. She could have tried to take it off herself and hurt herself. I’m extremely relieved that this didn’t happen to my lizard, but I’m scared that it could happen to another more unfortunate reptile and somebody could be left without their pet. Its not exactly something that one thinks about immediately when setting up a suitable habitat for their reptile but needs to be taken into consideration. 

Please, please do not use Velcro, even industrial strength Velcro, to attach a thermometer to your terrarium if at all possible. Find a way to use magnets or something. If you can, it is actually most recommended to purchase an infrared head gun such as this one on Amazon for about 13$ plus shipping and handling, or from a hardware store if you’re able to get to one. I just didn’t because I had initially bought a decent one for her tank and thought that if I replaced the shitty store Velcro it would be fine. 

And before anybody asks, the rest of her terrarium is fine. No sand, no sharp edges, fresh veggies every single day and crickets three to four times a week. Baths and a mani-pedi once a week. She’s a very spoiled princess. I would just hate for some other poor animal to have to go through something worse or even for them to lose their life for something as silly as fucking Velcro. 

Thanks for reading!

17.04.24 Kizoku Tantei EP2 Selected Kizoku Scriptlines - Aiba Masaki [English, Spoiler alert]

(To Takatoku)
Well well. So this is the brilliant tantei Misaki-san mentioned. OHOHOHO brilliant tantei-san.

(To Misaki)
We have met once in the crime scene and I heard her outstanding deduction. Though at the end it was me who solved the mystery.

Gozen: But there is falling stone, what do the authorities here spend the tax onto? I should scold the government head later.
Sato: Gozen, it seems it is not simply a falling stone.
Gozen: What mean you? Sato.
Sato: I have confirmed the condition of the stone, it should have been pushed by someone. There was circle mark on it.
Gozen: That is unforgivable. If anything happens to beautiful Misaki-san, it’ll be a huge loss to our country.

(On victim’s books)
Though I haven’t read the novels I have watched the movie Tanaka recommended. Um… Actually it was no fun.
Well, it is almost for sure that adapted drama and movie are more boring compared with original novel.

But to a best-seller novelist this is rather a small villa. If his earning is not flamboyantly spent and returned to the town there would be no meaning.

(Knocking door of victim’s house)
It’s better to make sense of the falling stone issue.
As incentive perhaps I can get the manuscript copy.
Perhaps he hates to admit the guilt so he pretends not at home.
O-i. Is anybody here?

Misaki: What are you doing?
Gozen: I’ve made everything polite. There is no reason I am to be blamed. Isn’t anybody here?

Misaki: Sensei doesn’t want others to see his workplace. If you enter his workplace it’ll be big trouble.
Gozen: I see. If you say so… I more and more want to see it.

(Seeing the dead body)
Well well, there is such a show awaiting, even I don’t know.
I am often involved in mystery, but as the first person to discover the dead body… Sato.

Sato: Gozen (killed) this man?
Gozen: I don’t do such unrefined things. You should know this.
Sato: Yes.

Gozen: But recently the biggest event is, this year’s spring, Tsubaki’s stupid son lost a big deal at the casino in Morocco taking the Nice castle, thing like that? That is so tedious. Sato have you foreseen such thing?
Sato: No, I felt the sense of crime, but just up to that.
Gozen: You felt the sense of guilt. Indeed you have a sensitive nose. If Spiegel has sensitive nose as yours, hunting would be more fun.
Sato: Pardon my arrogance Gozen, you would know that taking brilliant hound would make hunting not meaningful.
Gozen: Indeed. Hunting is a sport not for result but for enjoying the process.

(To Misaki)
Please be relieved Misaki-san. Whatever happens you could rely on the brilliant tantei-san here.

(To Takatoku)
Lady first. I shall leave the mystery to you for the time being. Popular mystery novelist is murdered. This draws the attention of the world. This is a chance for you to get popular, Onna tantei-san.

Of course I believe that Onna tantei-san would solve this mystery.
Though she has no track record.

(To Takatoku, seriously, no smile but still soft tone)
An insult to my servants is an insult to me.
If you do it again, I shall forgive you not.
And you have a misunderstanding.
Tanaka is just my tool.
If we have to talk about win and lose, you are just having a game with me who is using Tanaka as tool. Don’t forget that.

(To Matsuo)
Good day. Meeting another beautiful lady, what a lucky day today.

(To police)
The country’s security cannot be entrusted to authorities as brutal as you. I should immediately deal with this with your superior. Yamamoto.
What is your name and rank? Give me your name.

(To Takatoku)
Do you want to say again that I am the murderer?

So you managed to judge calmly. Congratulations, Raccoon-san.

Beautiful ladies cry in front of me, Kizoku cannot leave this alone.
Just then I had a date promise with these two ladies. I cannot pass it.

Gozen: The genuine bad person is the onna tantei-san here who is to create a false charge.
Takatoku: My deduction is wrong?
Gozen: Yes. I am such a fool having expectation on you. Time is wasted, and two ladies are hurt.
Takatoku: So you have other deduction?
Gozen: Of course, you’ll see how I help the two princesses as the knight against the sin.

(To police asking him to do deduction himself)
Not “roughly”. I am a genuine tantei, so?
I am Kizoku. Why should Kizoku do deduction?
It’s fine leaving trivial like deduction to the servants.

(Commenting Takatoku’s facial expression when she knew she did wrong deduction)
You look completely like mandrill, during oestrus, lover of which is robbed.

(To murderer, victim’s wife)
So you two are the murderers.

I am envious to your husband. He married such an excellent lady as you.

It is a murder because of love. The killed man should be satisfactory. What’s more at the very end you think about your husband. Therefore the bed was placed in that way. In order not for your husband lying with his head to the north. The last moment of your husband, who detested superstition and folklores, following his rules. “At least, to send him out [of this world] guarding his rule” you held such wish.

You are not a bad person.
You just love your husband more than anybody else.

(To male murderer)
I wonder when this country becomes the dwell of mean fellows as you. A man who uses lady as shield is even worse than a murderer.
Even you are exempted from the legal judgment, you will receive the divine punishment.
Not an impulse of God.
But a punishment from human with firm will.
Be prepared for it.

(Talked to Takatoku after nazotoki)
Takatoku: You don’t say anything?
Gozen: Giving a finishing stab to the rival who acknowledges one’s defeat violates the knightliness.
Takatoku: I lose completely. I chased innocent people. I did something which a tantei should never do.
Gozen: Please whimper to others. I do not have spare time to comfort you.
Takatoku: But I lose to Tanaka-san. You have done nothing at all.
Gozen: So I’ve said it before. Trifling investigation and deduction is not the duty of Kizoku.
Takatoku: So why are you here then?
Gozen: Of course to invite dinner with Misaki-san and Saori-san. This is the most important duty today. Good day.

need new music!

hey there every people,
I’m getting my Air Pods tomorrow and while I’m super psyched to listen to the music I have on them, I can’t help but to think this would be a great opportunity to hear some new tunes.

Anybody got any recommendations?

(mostly looking for alt, punk, rock, pop rock, pop punk, folk rock, etc)