i would recommend it to anybody

Hi I’m Rachael and a month ago my ex dumped me for being “too fat”. It was then I set out to lose weight not for him or anyone else, but for me. My weight and confidence is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I was able to lose 22 pounds in a month with no change in diet and little exercise. I only went to the gym once or twice a week. What made it possible was a fruit cleanse my best friend recommended. It increased my metabolism and helped suppress my appetite so I didn’t overeat. Today I updated my ex on my progress:

greysasksendinblog  asked:

If possible please show off some more of pet shops SSStier bullshit nonsense. People need to know this bird is NOT NICE

ye, so there’s a plethora of reasons why petshop is considered “petshop tier”, and is usually super-duper banned when the game is played competitively, probably a lot more than i’m aware of but i’ll tell you what i can

much of petshop’s bullshit revolves around this move right here, these ceiling icicles. it’s performed by holding down Light, Medium or Heavy and releasing. all 3 can be held down at the same time

these icicles hit high, is an important thing to keep in mind here

being able to charge up these icicles by holding down the buttons you’re not currently using basically means you always have some way to apply pressure and scare your opponent into blocking, which is what you want because that means you can do this shit

if timed properly there is zero way to block this, and it leads into petshop’s basic bread-and-butter combo

did i mention his bread-and-butter combo does 100% damage, by the way? because that’s a thing, and is probably the #1 reason he’s banned

if his opponent isn’t in the corner he can’t do the unblockable high/low shit as effectively, but he can still get left/right mixups thanks to his “teleport”

but even without this “teleport”, the icicles still leave him with an effective way to keep the opponent away from him, and SPEAKING OF

his keepaway can be really strong and really annoying, because his primary projectiles are done with the Stand button, i.e. NOT any of the buttons used for his ceiling icicles. this allows him to use both at the same time, and it can make him really hard to approach

capcom must’ve been at least somewhat aware of how good he was, because petshop’s projectiles do not deal chip damage. that’s not much of a fix when his actual combos do 100%, but it does at the very least incentivize him to come to you when you have a life lead. this is what you want, because if you hafta chase after him you’re gonna hafta wade through a minefield

petshop also has crazy mobility, moreso than any other character. he can freely fly around (he has no jump, though), dash in 6 directions and can pretty easily escape from danger when he manages to get trapped in a corner. it’s a big problem. 

he also outright avoids a decent amount of low attacks just by floating there, so he can be hard to even land hits on once you DO get close enough, especially if your character’s reliable combo starters happened to be lows

a character having one or two of these qualities would be great, but petshop has all of them. he can do whatever the fuck he wants and there’s not much anybody can do about it. my advice is to main petshop–that’s what i did!

i probably missed some shit, truth be told i’m not super knowledgeable about this game (or jojo in general). if anyone wants to know more, i recommend asking @grooveonfight, they can tell you a lot more than i can!

taylor: *is my favourite artist because i love her music more than anybody else’s*

me listening to music she recommended: wow… i can’t believe we have such similar music tastes. that is so unexpected i never could have predicted it who would have EVER thought that my favourite musician and i would enjoy the same kind of music golly GEE this HAS to mean we should be best friends


OK i was too excited to wait until i was done with zine stuff to tell u abt these two podcasts i lost my mind over these last two days !!!!!!!! FIRST PIC is adam and caleb from the bright session !!!!!!! a very good podcast i recommend

SECOND IS from the penumbra podcast kdgld specially my favourite episod (juno steel and the train from nowhere im actually going to draw more from this episod Most certainly) i !!!!!!!!!! WOULD RECOMMEND AS WELL !!!!!!!!!!!! actually if you listen to it PLEASE let me know forreal… askbox is rigth there open to anybody let me know if u loved it or if u despised it LET ME KNOW!!!!

My relationship with my problematic faves
  • Me: omg yes he's a terrible person I do not approve of any of his life choices he's an asshole 0/10 would NOT recommend he deserves every bad thing in the world he's absolutely terrible in fact i would personally murder him myself if i could
  • anybody else: *says the exact same thing*
  • me: excuse me bitch
Supporting the MLP movie and Avoiding Spoilers

As you may know, on October 6th My Little Pony: The Movie will open in theaters. I’m here to give you info on how to support the film and also how to avoid spoilers.

First off, and I must emphasize this:


I especially have to emphasize this since recently the entire movie has been leaked online.

When you pirate a movie it’s basically the same as saying you don’t care about wether the film is successful or not and several hardworking people are not getting paid for their work.

Go see the movie in the theaters. I know it might be a little expensive but nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen in the theater, plus you’ll be supporting the movie that way.

It’s also important to see the movie on the opening weekend if you’re able to. Movie studios tend to judge a movie’s success by how well it does in the opening weekend, if the movie does well in it’s opening weekend more movies like it might be made in the future (meaning more movies made using Toon Boom Harmony to create 2D animation). However if for any reason you are unable to go see the movie on opening weekend that’s alright as long as you go to see it later on.

Now for the second part:

How to avoid Spoilers

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate it whenever someone or something spoils a movie for you (Speaking of which, if anybody reblogs this with a comment mentioning a spoiler I will end you). Here are some tips on how to avoid spoilers for the upcoming MLP movie.

First off it’s best to avoid any MLP fan sites or wikis. Those don’t always hide their spoilers, so it’s best to avoid them all together if you want to be surprised.

Try not to view any commercials, trailers, or promotional material in general. As you may know most movies these days tend to spoil the entire film’s plot in trailers and promotional material. I personally have not viewed anything besides the first trailer (which looks amazing), but I have read that one music video promoting the film reveals the movie’s ending, so yeah best to avoid all promos if possible.

Try to stay off social media sites. This one is a bit harder to do because social media sites are sometimes necessary for certain things. However if there’s nothing that you absolutely need to use social media for before you need to see the film, take a little break from it. Take some time to read a book, play a game, or watch something.

However if you need to use social media sites then just unfollow anyone who you think might spoil the film for you, then follow them again after you see the movie. Or maybe just visit certain profiles you’re 100 percent sure won’t spoil anything for you.

Thankfully for Tumblr all you got to do is get Tumblr Savior.
Tumblr Savior is an extension that can be found for most browsers and is very useful especially when avoiding spoilers for anything (or anything you just don’t want to see on your Tumblr dashboard). Just install and activate it on your browser put stuff like “My Little Pony: The Movie”, “Spoilers”, “MLP movie”, “MLP movie spoilers”, and any other variation on the movie name and spoilers that you can think of (just to be safe) and it immediately hides them from your dashboard.

Of course in order for this to work all Tumblr user must remember to


Wether it be a gifset, a text post, or even a reblog, you should remember to tag your spoilers, otherwise the spoiler posts won’t disappear from other dashboards using Tumblr Savior. Personally I would recommend not posting anything spoilery until awhile after the film is out, but if you must, tagging it as “Spoiler” or “Spoilers” will do (though also tagging it as “My Little Pony: The Movie” and any other tags I mentioned before would help also). You can also do posts that have “Spoilers after the jump”.

Oh and one more thing,
Don’t search anything MLP related on any websites for awhile (including Tumblr since Savior doesn’t always work with searches).

That’s all for now. Remember to support the movie if you wanna see it, try not to spoil it for anybody and have a nice day.

The Music Room  [ A.A ]

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Request: Archie hears this amazing girl singing and tries to find her and all this time it’s been the reader one of his best friends that he’s loved since forever but hasn’t been able to ask her out due to rejection but accidentally slips he loves her when he finds her singing

Word Count: 1291

Warnings: None 

A/N: Hi guys! I would recommend listening to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ seeing as the song is mentioned a little bit. I know it’s an oldie but I mean the lyrics make it timeless. 

Also, recently my posts haven’t been showing up under any tags so I’m really sorry if a lot of you don’t get to see any of my writing because of that. I’ve really been trying to fix that but nothings working. I would really appreciate it if anybody who could help out could message me about it?


You sat with your back to the wall beside the door to the music room. You had finally found it empty and decided to make full use of it. You had been trying for days to find some space for yourself to just spend some time alone with the solace of the school’s instruments and the peaceful aura that the silent feel of the music room pulsed through itself.

A small smile crept onto your face as you made sure the door was locked and fiddled with your bag to make sure that it was comfortably lodged between your elbow and the floor. You placed yourself specifically so that any student or teacher passing by couldn’t see you through the small window in the door.

This was the first time you’d been in the music room since you had found out about Archie and Grundy, though, you had been in here on your own many times before. At first, your mind couldn’t help but be pulled into the awkward memory of whatever may have happened between your best friend and the former music teacher, but you pushed the thought aside. Now was the time for you to just be you and for you to do what makes you feel the happiest.

For you, singing was the best way of letting out any pent up emotions, it was a way for you to feel more free than ever. After finding out about Archie and Ms. Grundy, you were beyond stressed. You were angry at Ms. Grundy and you were angry at Archie. But you were also sad and hurt and the amount of frustration that you had felt was undeniably surprising. You loved Archie as more than just a friend–more than anything and it pained you that Ms. Grundy had so easily (and illegally) taken advantage of the oblivious and golden-hearted boy that was and is Archie Andrews.

For days on end you had been wanting to let it all out through your voice and now you finally could. Without having to worry about anything–not about anyone hearing you nor about any of the more serious drama that had been taking it’s place in Riverdale–you sang the first few words to your favourite song. A smile finds its way to your lips as you carry one singing, louder and clearer than you have the ability to anywhere else. The lyrics of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ fell from your lips with a sense of passion, love and talent that would be sure to make anyone double-take.

It was a song that you knew was quite old yet you still couldn’t seem to look past the meaning and love that went into the lyrics. The song warmed your heart and made you feel at home.

“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one,” 

Archie had been trying to fit in the time to work on his own music (in the music room, of course) and he had finally been able to squeeze that in until he had heard the most angelic sound that ever danced through his ears coming from the thin space inbetween the door of the music room and the floor that connected the hallway to the classroom. He had heard the voice before and had desperately tried to put a name and face to it but had always failed in doing so. But now, he knew that it was his chance to do so.

Forgetting about his intended plans, he reaches for the door handle, letting out an audible groan once he realises that the door has been locked. He takes no notice to the stares he receives from passing students, stepping forward and curiously and hopefully peering through the small window. He bites his lip when he notices a pair of black converse (your black converse) just barely making it’s way into his line of vision. It didn’t even occur to him that those could have been his best friend’s shoes and he didn’t even take notice of the drawings that you two had decorated the white soles with only a month ago.

You notice the door move beside you, the vibrations barely brushing against your arm. Someone was trying to get in. With a sigh, you shrink backwards, only waiting for the mystery person to knock on the surface of the door. A groan forces it’s way out of you once you hear the tapping of knuckles against the wooden door.

You stand up, instantly greeted with none other than Archie’s face through the window in the door. His eyebrows raise once he sees you, a gobsmacked expression falling over his face. Yanking the door open, you meet him with an almost scared look on your face.


“Was-was that you singing?” He blurts, stepping into the classroom. Archie already knew the answer, but he couldn’t help but ask. He was in love with you and he knew it but it only made him realise just how much he didn’t know about you. Even if he did know more than anybody else.

“Uh, yeah,” You sheepishly reply, “It was me.”

“You never told me you could sing–”

“It’s nothing really, Arch.” You mumble, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

“But it’s not nothing, Y/N. You’re an amazing singer,” Archie closes the door behind him before he places a hand on each of your shoulders. His fingers lightly grip you, slightly pulling you into him. “Jeez, I’ve heard you singing so many times. Only, I didn’t know it was you. And god, the more I learn about you; it just makes me love you even mo-” He cuts himself off, abruptly halting his rambling, biting his lip and pulling his right hand off of your shoulder to scratch the back of his neck. Truthfully, he knew the most part of what he said probably made no sense whatsoever except for the most important piece.

“What?” You ask him, wondering why he had suddenly stopped talking. As much as your heart skipped when he said that he loved you, the two of you had exchanged those words many times between yourselves. But it had always been platonic seeing as neither of you had the courage to face possible rejection, so why would now be any different?

“I-uh, I love you.”

“Oh. I love you too–”

“No, like, more than that,” He takes a long step closer to you. Your breath hitches at how suddenly close he is, suddenly nervous about the fact that you were pretty sure he could hear your heart beating right out of his chest. Archie had never been this close to you. So close that you could feel his breath on the skin just underneath your nose and right above your lips. His chest was almost touching you, the pounding of his heart unknowingly to the two of you, matching the beat of your own. “I’m in love with you.”

And before you know it, Archie has placed his lips on yours. The softness of his kiss was still passionate and sweet, and you found yourself kissing back without hesitation. Your hands rested on his chest and his loosely held you just above your hips. You were the first to pull back, your heart racing as Archie leans forward, as if he never wanted to stop kissing you.

“I love you too, Archie.” You smile at the grin that Archie flashes you, his arms wrapping around your torso as he nuzzles his face into your neck. He chuckles, his voice vibrating against the soft skin of your neck.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that.”

Anonymous asked:  My university is hosting a lecture on ‘redefining gender’ and I reallyyyy want to go but I’m a Muslim woman who wears the hijab. Do you think it would make other lgbt folks there uncomfortable like especially after orlando I wouldn’t want anybody not to feel safe or anything would you recommend I bring a friend with me????? I need advice thanks xx

My dear lgbt+ child, 

(A quick note: I decided to answer your question in this way because I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable with me publishing your URL and didn’t want to do so without consent.) 

I think that bringing a friend with you is a good idea. 

Muslim people belong in lgbt+ spaces and there’s no rational reason why someone wearing a hijab should make people uncomfortable. Hijabs do not commit hate crimes - violent people do. Excluding people who wear hijabs from lgbt+ spaces do not make lgbt+ people any safer, it only makes lgbt+ Muslims less safe. 

But sadly, islamophobia is not rational. While I know lgbt+ spaces and events that are very inclusive and would love to see you attend, I sadly can not promise that this will be the case in your university. 

If you have a feeling that people might react not-so-friendly, then I believe it is best to listen to that and bring a friend with you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Everybody has two biases

Bias One: I love you so much. Pure perfection. Bless you, bless your family, bless your family’s family. Look at them they’re pure gold. So cute. So adorable. Sweet n squishy I just :) they deserve the world :)

Bias Two: 0/10 would not recommend this nerd to anybody. They poisoned my water supply, burned my crops, and brought plague into my home. They used me for land development. They haunt me everyday and I bet they double dip get them off my dashboard right now

myarebecca  asked:

Okay so I'm trying to learn fluent Spanish, I know basic words and sentences. Where I live nobody speaks it so I couldn't have a regular conversation, do you have any advice on learning quickly and fluently? Any advice would be great


If you don’t have anybody to speak with you can download apps to meet people from all over the world. I have shared them in many posts already, like this one (recommendations on this post can help you too). Latin American people are usually very kind and friendly so don’t worry if you’re a beginner, I’m sure they will help you. :)

If you want to learn fast you have to immerse yourself in the Spanish world as much as you can.

Learn about your interests in Spanish. You will learn better if you do something that you like. Learn how to say in Spanish what you like to do or what you are interested about. Google it in Spanish, find videos in Spanish about it, read articles in Spanish about it, find Spanish speakers who also like that, etc. 

Play video games in Spanish. You will learn a lot of vocabulary from video games and it will be easier to remember because you can see the things and interact with them. Even if it’s just Facebook games, most of them have settings to change the language. 

These are my best recommendations of websites to learn natural Spanish:

Coffee Break Spanish
Mi vida loca
  with printouts
Language Transfer
with PDF

Find a teacher on Italki to have classes on Skype.

To learn vocabulary easier and faster I recommend to use memorization techniques. For example mnemonics (here’s a good explanation), this is a technique where you turn a Spanish word into similar words in your native language and you make a story out of it, the funnier or weirdest the better. Daily Spanish word does this with all the words. You can take their ideas or make your own. It takes time at the beginning, but it’s very useful in the long term.

You can also use a memory palace. Here’s a good explanation about this. You can make it with anything you want, your house, your favorite shopping mall, your neighborhood or city, your car, even your body. The key is to insert the new information into familiar places.

I also recommend you this podcasts Sponge Mind. It has the same episode in English and Korean, but it’s about language learning in general.

That’s all for now, I think. I hope this was useful. :)

From Fetishism to Athleticism

Muscle no longer means to me what it once did.

Once upon a time, muscle was the doorway to my inner world; my sexuality, my desires, my hunger, my ambition. A small boy who desired mass, who grew hard at the mere thought of possessing growth and power and size.

I was a size queen who wanted to be king; aspired to be the object of my desire, and to be desired by others. All my developing sexuality was ever focused on was a feast of swelling flesh and burgeoning limbs. I’ve consumed muscle growth media of every kind. Read every shade of story, written many myself. I often thought this desire and fetish to be unquenchable.

But I must admit, as I stand on the cusp of the biggest change to my life since I moved from the UK to New Zealand as a young man in 2005, I feel very different about my body, my physique, and where my bodybuilding pursuit has actually led me.

In just about two weeks (Oct 7th!) I am entering my second IFBB regional contest, and will be heading to the NZ IFBB Nationals in Auckland a week later, with my Master by my side the whole time. I finish working and step away from my restaurant at that time. Less than a month later, I will be moving to Sydney to be with him forever. Big changes indeed.

I’ve been preparing for this contest for the last ten months; my focus truly began in December when I ramped up my “off-season” programme, and the cutting began four months ago, the workload increasing the whole time. So close to the finish line, I’m doing 90 minutes cardio daily. Weights every day as I hone, chisel, demand more out of this flesh of mine.

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❧ j.ww | fine.

business heir! wonwoo x singer! reader

Originally posted by mingyuia

word count : 1130
synopsis : he is among the rich who come to watch the performances at the club, but he only comes for one, yours, because even if his brain looks away, his heart regrets the moment his selfishness ripped you away from him.

this is something i quite liked writing, so thank you anon for your request which was “drunk au wonwoo”. i am sorry if you wanted a light hearted scenario but i got this idea after being emo for the whole day lmao. also i recommend you listen to melted by akmu since that is what i pictured the reader’s vocals to sound like, just like suhyun’s !!

Fine, he was perfectly fine.

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Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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This happens about 897436983746 times every shift.

TL;DR at the bottom.

We’re supposed to ask at the start of every transaction if the customer has our credit card and if they say no, we have to ask if they want to sign up for one.

Customer comes up to the counter and I ask: “Good (whatever part of the day), do you have Our Card?”

It goes usually one of these ways:

1. “No.” (spoken very rudely)

“Would you like to sign up for it?”

“No.” (spoken very rudely)

2. "Can I give you an I.D. number?“

"No, It’s a credit card, I have to swipe it.”

3. Customer: *takes out the competition’s credit card* “Is this it?”

“No, that’s not ours.”

And my favorites:

4.  "I have coupons!“

"OK, but I need to know if you have Our Card?”

5. “I used to have Your Card but I no longer need it / I cancelled it / They were charging too much for it / a long-ass explanation of why the customer was personally butt-hurt about something to do with the card and they called CS to complain and cancel bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla”

Look. I don’t care why you have it or not. I don’t care about whether you need it or not and why. I don’t care about how expensive the fee is and I certainly don’t care about you having a personal grudge against your bank account. Sure, I get a bonus of almost an hour’s pay for every filled form I put my name on it (regardless if they get approved or not), but frankly, I don’t care enough about whether they have it or not to make an active effort to get them to fill up the form beyond a minimal “would you like to sign up for it?” - which I only ask because we get checked on it.

Personally, I think that whatever the customers have to complain about this card - they’re right. It feels too scammy and I would never sign up for it. But I can’t say it. So next time I ask you if you have Our Card, please stick to a “yes” or “no” answer and let me move on to scanning and bagging your stuff.

TL;DR: Our company’s credit card is not something I’d recommend to anybody to sign up for and IDC about why the customer has it or not and please pay attention to where you’re shopping and which card you give me, tyvm.

by now this is old news, but shipperblocklist has been created by starryklance specifically to name out ‘problematic’ shippers for the stated purpose of blocking them.

shippers are leaping to be added to this list in the sweet-hearted hope that if their name is on the Shame Wall, antis will actually block them and not use this as a handy-dandy list of people that deserve harassment whenever an anti is feeling low.

(They start with the above note about how shippers have ‘made their bed’ and they can lie in them, because their ships are toxic and she just wants a safe space away from all the bad shippers, darn it! and I don’t know if it occurred to her that if she actually blocks the people on the list, they can’t exactly reach out to her to ask for corrections …)

I’ll give starryklance credit: I think she genuinely believes in her cause here and genuinely wants shippers to stay out of her space. And I fully respect and encourage the practice of blocking people that create or reblog content you don’t like. But there’s a lot of little, skeevy things going on here that I can’t help cringing over:

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