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me @ myself: u are a lovely young woman! you are a catch! anyone would be lucky to have you! your loneliness and pain won’t last forever! you will get your happiness one day, you deserve it!

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Take a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust

Happy (10/9) Hina ❤ Kage Day !! [Here’s the video version of this]

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🗣 Help 🗣 Cross Gene 🗣

To all of the people who are always talking about never having the chance to get into underrated groups because you only hear of them after they disband, here is your chance. Cross Gene recently had a comeback (February 7th) called Black or White. The MV is gory, but the concept is really cool and the song is honestly amazing.
Even if you have other groups you love who have released new songs please give Cross Gene a chance and please vote for them and/or stream Black or White.
They also have other bops like La Di Da Di and Play with Me!
This is very important because Cross Gene is at risk of disbandment and it would mean so much to their fans if you could give them the time of day.
Note: I am tagging other groups to spread awareness, so if you see this, even if you don’t stan Cross Gene, please reblog this!!

26 Unusual K-pop Asks: What's/Who's...
  • A: Something really attractive that your bias does?
  • B: A favorite physical feature of your bias?
  • C: A color that you think your bias looks good in?
  • D: Your favorite dance?
  • E: An idol you think would be easy to get along with?
  • F: The first group you loved?
  • G: A group you wish you could see more of on your dash?
  • H: The best hairstyle your bias has ever had?
  • I: The most interesting voice or style in K-pop?
  • J: A group you love to jam out to?
  • K: Your favorite non-Korean idol?
  • L: Your favorite line from a song?
  • M: Your favorite Maknae?
  • N: The best/catchiest name (or stage name)?
  • O: Another occupation you could see your bias being?
  • P: Your favorite photoshoot?
  • Q: A quality your bias shows that you absolutely love?
  • R: The best rapper, or, the best rapper line?
  • S: A song that never fails to get stuck in your head?
  • T: Your favorite hidden talent an idol has shown?
  • U: The most unusual group?
  • V: The best/sexiest voice in K-pop?
  • W: Something you wonder about?
  • X: Your favorite cross-group friendship?
  • Y: The last M/V you watched on Youtube?
  • Z: Not related to Z, but... Your favorite Kpop blogs?
Any LGBT witches out there?

I really would like to follow some LGBT witches on here.
If you identify as lesbian, gay, transgender, or bi, and you practice witchcraft reblog this and I will follow you!
I’m a gay eclectic wiccan looking to network with other queer witches.


Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! Today is March 12, which marks the first year anniversary of my blog!

First of all, I would like to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! To all of the people who supported me throughout this year and last’s and to all of the people who had such kind hearts and decided to share a piece of that kindness with me. You guys mean so much to me, and I can never appreciate all that you’ve done for me any more than I already do.

Also big thanks to the graphic makes and artists on here! You guys have really inspired me to make my own edits/art, and even though they are certainly not the best and sometimes ugly, I’ve found something I really love to do. And to the people who reblog the things I make, thank you. You’ve kept me motivated throughout the year. Without you, I’m not sure if I would continue making gifs and graphics.

Followers, thank you so much for sticking with me. I deeply appreciate your support. The little messages you sometimes send are really cute, too (◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤︎
Dearest mutuals, you guys are so sweet, so so sweet. Thank you so much for all that you do. My experience on here wouldn’t be the same without you guys!
People I follow, you’ve made my dash lively and inspired me to make edits! Thank you so much.

Italics: blogs that are perfect and amazing ♡ Bold: gif/gfx inspirations and/or favorites


@25th @8ay @ackermanss @ackersoul @aeselyn @aflightlesscrow @ah-luna @aishoku @aizawashoutta @akutagawaas @akutagawah @alexbenedetto @allenswalkers @araneahighwind @asakkos @atsushisnakajima @azumanei @bkatsuki @castleoblivions @chidorih @chiihayas @chimchar-trainer @cinness @cldstrifes @daiizume @dazaiosamu @dazaiosamu-s @de-k-u @deaddleaves @dirkgentlyx @divinesabers @doumekism @durararas @ekubou @elliejoys @evngelion @fairytailwitch


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You guys are the best. Thank you for everything. I love you 




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Donald Rudolph M113824
Bridgewater State Hospital
20 Administration Rd
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Reblog if you’d be totally chill with someone making a dubbed video for your ask blog

And like honestly would probably freak out and love that person forever.

btw in case you didn’t know, by dubbed video, I mean a compilation of your (best) drawn responses, but completely voice-acted to bring your muse to life, and often has some basic video editing for funny stuff like zooming or shaking. They’re really simple videos to make for anyone with a microphone and a fitting voice (and honestly even if your voice doesn’t fit, nobody’s gonna care as long as you get the personality down. Like I’m not expecting a teenage girl to do a perfect Germany impression lolol)

Looking for less well-known simblrs

If you are a simblr that has under 500 followers, reblog this!

I’d like to put together a post that lists some less-well-known simblrs (and it can be any Sims game - from 1 to 4!) so that we can share the love, and help build each other up and support our creativity. 😄

it would be great if you could give a little bit of info about your blog when you reblog this. I’ll start:

I’ve had this Sims 4 blog for about a year, and I create CC, post about my legacy, and put together lookbooks and cc showcases. 😊

I’m really looking forward to seeing the cool blogs that you guys have got out there that don’t get a lot of attention. 😊 please share! 😄

**Please don’t delete or self promote!!!**

Hiya! Ana ( @flowindia ) and I are really excited to present to you the City Awards! We both love travelling and thought this would be a great idea :) we hope you are as excited as we are xx


  • Must be following Ana ( @flowindia ) and Me ( @spehck )
  • Must Reblog to be considered (likes only count as bookmarks)


  • New York:best URL (x2)
  • Bangkok: best icon (x2)
  • Amsterdam: best theme (x2)
  • Barcelona: best posts (x2)
  • Rome: nicest blogger (x2)
  • London: best new discovery (x2)
  • Paris: best overall (x2)
  • Milan: best new discovery (x2)
  • Istanbul: best different style (x2)
  • Lisbon: Ana’s fave
  • Dubai: Dav’s fave


  • New friends!! so you can talk to us about anything and ask for advice or html help xx
  • A follow from us if we aren’t already following you
  • A feature somewhere on our blog
  • 2 promos max a week (promo of your choice!x)


  • TALK TO US! we wanna get to know y’all x
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  • Be active :)


  • Banner was made by moi ( @spehck )
  • For further info you can message us 
  • we will pick when we are good with the notes :)

please dont let this be a flop ahahah! 

Lot of love,

Ana and Dav ❤️️

i recently unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs, and now my dash is dead. and it’s making procrastinating at work really difficult, and now i’m looking for new blogs to follow. 

i’m looking for the following:

  • sebastian stan
  • chris evans
  • bucky barnes
  • steve rogers
  • sam wilson
  • stucky
  • harry potter
  • draco malfoy
  • star wars
  • clint barton (comics)
  • bobbi morse (comics)

please reblog this post, and i’ll check you out. also, if you could check out my blog, that would be cool too. mutuals i’ll love you forever and then some if u help me out pls. 

Owari No Shipping Week!

Alright! Listen up my fellow Owarinos. I am going to be hosting an Owari no Seraph Shipping fanart week. It will be taking place on Feb 12-18. There has been a lack of fanart in our fandom lately as well as popularity. So I would like to help it as much as I can! Losing a fandom that you really love can be heartbreaking….and so…since Valentines Day is coming up soon..this idea was born. 

All you have to do is create fanart based on the themes of each day of the week. Make sure to reblog this so more fans can become involved. Also, feel free to submit your art to me! I’d be happy to show it off to my fellow followers :D Good luck and happy shipping!!! 

Pick whichever theme you’d like to do on that day ^^

Day 1: Holding hands /Cuddles / Hugs

Day 2: On a date/ Blushing / Funny 

Day 3: Valentines Day / Proposal / FLUFF

Day 4: Happy / Smiles / Kisses

Day 5: Romantic / Sexy Stuff ;) / More kisses

Day 6: AUs / Genderbend / Fanfiction based art

Day 7: Anything!

Use the tag #owarinoshippingweek so everyone can see your lovely artwork!

Calling all Baby Witches

Hi there! As not only a baby witch, but a newbie to Witchblr (Is that even what you call it? I don’t have a clue-) I need some people to follow, and I would love to make some friends along the way!

So if you don’t mind this Talkative Ted, then please reblog if you…

Are a Baby Witch like me…

Are more Experienced and wish to share ideas/experience…

Are a Spoonie Witch…

Or Post about;


Witch Aesthetics…


Tips for discovering your Craft…

Grimoire Pages…

Low Income Witch Supplies Tips…

Creative Writing…

Or Honestly? Anything as long as it doesn’t pertain to the Death of Animals (You do you obviously, it’s just not my thing!)

I really look forward to meeting some of you out there on my Journey!

MBTI and Fitness?

So I’m currently obsessing over Pure Barre after having Soul Cycle withdrawals. I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see what exercise habits might occur over MBTI. I know that it’s more or less behavioral, but I think there’s something about the regimented, structured classes of Pure Barre and Soul Cycle that I love while someone who isn’t a Te-dom might prefer a more free spirited workout. 

So just reblog or answer with your MBTI type and what kind of exercise you enjoy/prefer. Running? Barre? Zumba? Yoga? You can even tell me you hate exercise! I’m just really curious and would love to have enough data to make a post about how workouts might correlate with our cognitive functions and personal biases/motivations!

So – how do you like to get fit?

- ESTJ Mod