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kk so when annabeth & tyson bake percy that cupcake for his 16th bday percy’s inner monologue says that he makes a wish before he blows out the candle but he doesn’t say what the wish is………………could he have wished for annababe to kiss him?????? but he didn’t say bc wHEN YoU sPEAK YOUR WISH ALOUD IT DOESN’t coME TRUE???? and then it DOES!!¡¡!¡
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Here are the lines for a digital painting I’m planning to make of @official-andy-warhol and I’s characters, Doc Mortem (bottom left, Max’s character) and Obscurity(top left, she’s my character). They’re the “protagonists” of a comic we once were going to create called Hell School, where all the “bad”*** afterlives for different religions converges at one point. Here, different types of demons or deceased spirits go and train to ready themselves for what is to come in their respective realms. 

I’ll probably have to postpone this project because my wacom pen needs to be replaced. The nib (and, yes, it’s the actual nib provided by wacom) had pretty much gotten lodged inside of it while I was working on the lines. Fortunately, I was almost done when it decided to do that so I didn’t have much of a problem.


*** When I say “bad” afterlives I mean the ones typically reserved for damned souls. The only exceptions are the Duat (the Egyptian afterlife) and Tartarus (the Greek/Roman afterlife) because those are considered both Heaven and Hell as one. For instance, Obscurity is a demon from the Duat, but in that realm there is not much of a distinction between gods and demons because the gods are also technically demons because they, too, live in the afterlife. The only thing that really tells them apart are their social classes/ranks. 

Okay so here’s my theory. Mikael and Even were best friends, just best friends, nothing more. But what if Yousef and Even hooked up? During his manic episode where he memorized the Qur'an he also messed around with Yousef (which would explain a bit more why Sonja was so “He doesn’t love you he’s just manic!!!” at Isak). It didn’t mean anything to Even and was just a bit of fun or “an experiment” or whatever, but Yousef developed some feelings. Even if it wasn’t love, it could have been what made him realize/accept that he was also attracted to boys, which is incredibly significant and would have been really hurtful to have Even brush off. Maybe Even even wrote something unkind on Yousef’s Facebook wall (part of why Even no longer has social media) which resulted in all of their friends supporting Yousef and essentially turning their backs on Even.
[ETA I’ve just had another idea!! Maybe it was the opposite- maybe they had hooked up and Yousef wanted to keep it quiet because he was still figuring things/himself out, but while Even was manic, like the Cherry Wine texts to Isak, he posted a romantic screed on Yousef’s Facebook, not only outing him but (in Yousef’s mind) humiliating him, again resulting in their friends being angry at Even and supporting Yousef.]
Though Yousef no longer has feelings for Even (and clearly has a big fat crush on Sana), the hurt Even caused him still resonates.

Angels do exist. And they're called Matt Daddario.

And so, Shadowhunters is renewed for season 3. Do you know that moment in the livechat when the cast was making us think there wouldn’t be another season? They said we could always rewatch old episodes and Matt said “to prepare for…” and everyone stared at him because he obviously didn’t have to say it already and they had to say “season 3!!” earlier than planned. At first I thought of a lack of coordination but then I realized… Matt couldn’t stand the idea of us thinking there wouldn’t be another season and panicking, exactly as some day ago he couldn’t stand our anger because of the short malec scene in the teaser and he “spoilered” us that there would be more than that. Really, I’ve never seen anyone respect, love and care so much about his fans. We are so lucky to have him.

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Hi Anne, sorry for my random question but my friend and I recently had this talk about which one we thought was better a) BTS comeback twice in a year but shorter time for concert tour (which means less concert stops) b) BTS comeback only once in a year or two but longer time for concert tour (=more concert stops). It makes me kind of curious about what do you think about it. So what do you think, which one is better for BTS and army? it's okay tho if you don't really want to answer this :) :)

I wouldn’t make mind if bangtan just tours every other year. That’ll allow me and other ARMYs to save money as well. At least one comeback a year I guess, but since they compose and produce their own songs I want them to just do it at their own pace. And to not rush anything. I would really love for them to spend time more in Korea and get more airtime exposure. Like join varieties or do drama or something.

Bucky Anon as Seb

This is my first time posting on tumblr so some helpful advice is most appreciated.

No one POV:

Sebastian was on the set of infinity war, just finishing an amazing action sequence with RDJ, when he heard his phone go off. On the screen showed a Tumblr notification from one of his favorite fan blogs. @papi-chulo-bucky. He found her blog a while back and found it both interesting and hilarious, and being the curious person he was decided to actually make and account on Tumblr and start following her.

He was interested in the stories she wrote and impressed with her creativity and writing style, that one day he decided ask her anonymously at being her Bucky Anon. At first it was a small joke but after a while things got a little heated and he was really into it. Awaiting the times she would reply.

Sorry it’s short and probably really bad. But I would love feedback

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I would really love some Ranya fluff.

okay, so, as promised some ranya fluff from the
from ruins flowers bloom verse… also as promised to someone, at some point, something from Anya’s POV. thought it might be fun to look at what was going through Anya’s head the first night she and Raven shared a bed (end of chapter 2).

Anya moves before she really has a chance to process that Raven is falling. Raven is in her arms, cradled tight to her chest before she’s thought about what that means. The skaikru girl is lighter than Anya expects her to be, hollow boned like the bird she is named for, but just as fierce.

She argues briefly with Raven and Clarke, but her own words barely register as they pass by her lips because Raven collapses into her embrace, her head against Anya’s shoulder. Anya watches her a moment, wondering how the sharpness has faded away so completely and Raven is soft in her arms. Even the crease of pain that runs between her eyes has eased.

Anya doesn’t miss the raised eyebrow Lexa shoots her direction, but she can’t say anything, and isn’t certain what she might say if she could. Raven is one of the skaikru’s fiercest warriors and she’s given herself up to Anya.

The trust is humbling.

It doesn’t take her long to cross the camp. Her arms barely strain with Raven in them.

Setting Raven down gently on the bed, she turns to secure the tent flap. It will be hard enough to sleep with the noise of the waking camp, but the dark and warmth that will come with it might help.

Raven cries out and Anya spins, half falling to her knees before her. She’s exhausted, but there’s something in Raven’s pain she can’t turn away from. The way they’ve been growing closer even though Anya knows it to be a mistake. Soon enough she’ll be heading back to Polis with Lexa and Raven will stay with her people.

Still, when Raven cries out in pain, Anya reaches out for her. For a brief moment she meets Raven’s eyes. Soft, curious brown. Anya doesn’t know the answer to the question Raven isn’t asking any more than Raven does, so she looks away as she pushes Raven’s jacket off her arms. Next she unlaces her boots. She makes quick, clinical work of Raven’s clothes, folding them carefully, trying not to think too much about how Raven’s skin is slightly too warm, or how Raven is suggestible and pliable. Raven who is always the backbone of the skaikru whether they know it or not.

Anya sees it.

She scoops Raven up in her arms quickly once more and slides her into the bed, almost having resolved herself to leaving, finding somewhere else to sleep that night, knowing she can’t go back to Lexa’s tent, and her place in the hammock there. Lexa won’t need her nearby tonight, she has Clarke.

“Stay.” Raven’s voice is rough and broken and the word is barely intelligible but Anya freezes to the spot. Fear and relief running through her in equal measure.

She barely registers undressing herself. Exhaustion makes her every limb heavy and her skin aches with it. When she slides in next to Raven however her body sparks to life.

Raven is soft and warm against her chest and she wraps an arm around her to pull her closer. Anya doesn’t let herself think, she just acts. As long as Raven allows she’ll hold her close. In less than twelve hours they’ll march to war and she doesn’t want to be alone. She’s thankful she’s with Raven.

She trembles as Raven’s breathing starts to even out. For the first time since her return Anya feels like Raven has relaxed. She closes her eyes and settles in deeper, letting the warmth of their bodies cocoon around them under the blankets.

There’s the start of something more, an ease in her heart that she isn’t sure what to do with. Raven has always been quick to joke and make her laugh, and she’s one of the few skaikru that Anya enjoys the company of. Yet, there’s something in the ease that scares her - something she would never admit to. She wants this, to take care of Raven, so that maybe one day Raven sees herself as Anya does.

Anya stops fighting it, because if only for tonight, Raven has asked her to stay, and if this is all she has, she’s going to give her everything she has.

Gently, so as not to wake her, Anya brings her hand up to reset on Raven’s shoulder. She brushes her thumb gently across the delicate protrusion of bone and lets go of the tension in her body. Today they will trust each other and sleep side by side. Regardless of what comes that night, Anya will carry this precious moment with her.

Half asleep herself she presses her lips to Raven’s spine and nestles in as close as she can, her heart full of wonder and awe, and for once not fearing the coming battle.

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okay so I took your advice about Reyes (thank you for your lovely response btw!) and may have accidentally romanced him bc flirting with him was too much fun and I had to turn him down since I was already romancing Jaal >_< but I fell in love with him so hard (I blame you!) and I wanted to know, which in your opinion is better, Scott romance or Sara? I'm stuck on who I should romance Reyes with now that I've flirted with him as Sara so much. Maybe I should do both? What do you think? Gah idk >.<

Oooooh … this is such a hard choice because both the Scott and Sara options are so good!

There really isn’t much difference between them - a few camera angle difference between the dancing, a slight wording difference in a few emails and scenes due to the gender difference, and *unfortunately* Bioware does recycle the Sara animation with Scott, so that sometimes Reyes isn’t looking Scott’s eyes - he is looking down where Sara’s eyes would be, but it’s not really obvious.

Personally, I love the Sara romance because I play f!Ryders and I love the way they interact - the way he talks to her, touches her, and kisses her. It’s so beautiful and sweet. But in all honestly, if I played a m!Ryder, I’d happily romance Reyes again.

I’m no help am I?

His Eyes. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7: Belle contacts Mr. Griphus.

Summary: Belle is tormented by what can only be described as nightmares. Not only that she has a stalker, one she is convinced is not human… not after seeing his eyes.

Note: Mr. Griphus is an original character of mine. I just needed someone who could be a credible threat to Gold and all the villains of Ouat I have found less than impressive… Except for Rumple himself of course. 
But don’t worry, Mr. Griphus is going to be a minor character and he is not going to ever try to split Gold and Belle up. I really hope you will enjoy him and I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Belle was sitting in the furthest booth in Granny’s diner, sipping on her iced tea, finding that she did not even have the appetite even for the famous pancakes.

In her hand lay the golden square that Archie had given her. She considered what she should do. It was not like she could simply go home… not yet.

She wondered if he would still be there when she got home… she had told him to leave but… there wasn’t really anything that she could do.

What could she do? Get a gun?

No… she would never do that… and she did not even know how to use a gun… and if she even was able to hurt him, the small creatures would surely attack her…

He hadn’t hurt her.

She remembered how exhausted he was as he slept beside her… the scars on his scaly back which she had run her fingers over.

He had attempted to be friendly, make her tea… he just hadn’t answered her questions…

But… then there was the fact that she was now growing scales… and he had been breaking into her home.

Belle sighed.

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guyYYS I'm shamelessly joining in on the timejump discussion (heh), but Lucy slipped and confirmed two weddings in this season (one of them obviously being ezr!a). What if that other wedding is emison and that wedding won't be shown on screen, but after the one year time jump with the baby born and all, they will be married already? Thus meaning the proposal might take place in 7x18 after all? Done properly, that could actually work really well, don't you think?

I really, really like that theory. As much as I would love to see these things on screen, I don’t realistically expect the writers to give us everything we want, so I can see them doing this instead.

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After you sent me that Random Encounters ask I feel obligated to ask if you're familiar with ManontheInternet's Undertale the Musical. This may or may not be the Great Internet Work I mentioned I tend to throw people at while enthusing about it. The MOTI crew is basically the best thing ever. Prepare to have each and every headcanon voice for every character confirmed for yourself- oh look I'm doing it again. No but really, I think you would definitely love the musical if you're not familar yet.

OH sorry I forgot to answer this immediately! I typed a long response, then closed the tab, then got angry at it for a while.

YES I am familiar with MOTI! Holy shit his (or their really, group effort) version of Undertale gave me chills. Such a great love letter to the game. So many talented people doing awesome things.

ANYWAY for everyone else: Random Encounters (whose tumblr is @remusicals) makes awesome video game musicals monthly. They’ve done 2 Undertale musicals, but they have sooooooo many great others like FNAF, Phoenix Wright, several Sonics, and most recently Tattletail which will be giving me nightmares for many days to come. THANKS GUYS.

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Holy moly everyting about you is just so inspirational? You have the most cleanest line and mixed colors well, You draw so many challenging things that I would never be able too? You are really kind and loving toward the followers out there, I have known you for a little bit now! Overall you are improving so much and I adore you and how much you have never given up no matter what anyone has said in this world. Thank you for being someone who inspired me from time to time <33 I love you so much

AaAA THA Nk S 💖💖💖

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How do you guys/gals feel about interracial love interests shown in movies. I'm asking bc of that new film Everything Everything coming out. Some ppl say it isn't really that shocking bc they put a white guy with a biracial girl. It would have been more shocking to put two poc together like a black guy and a black girl or another poc male with a black girl. What do you guys/gals think? I think I rarely see black couple movies marketed to all races.

How do I feel about them in general or specifically the way they’re depicted? Honestly, that pairing isn’t really that shocking to me? I just think it’s nice to not see two white people fall in love again, it’s ‘different’ I guess. I would love to see more romantic (or any genre really) mainstream movies about couples where both the partners are of color???? 

I’m not complaining about the Everything Everything movie, I’m just stating my general opinion about Hollywood movies. 

What about you guys? 

-Admin Kim