i would really love one of these prints

kerena13desu  asked:

I'm a handmade sweet lolita, and I recently salvaged this really cute fabric from one of my childhood blankets. I love the pattern (hearts with bows on the ends) but each heart is about the size of my hand, and the material is somewhat see through. I'd really like to use this fabric, but I'm not sure what to make with it because of the pattern size. Would you mind giving some advise?

Big prints like that can be very cute but also a bit overwhelming so just try to balance it with things that are more simple to make sure the print stays the focal point. Maybe you could make a skirt with it and wear it with a solid colored blouse. Or a JSK with a solid colored bodice and just have the skirt portion be the printed fabric, that way the print doesn’t seem overwhelming. Since it’s see-through I would just recommend lining the skirt, maybe with white or a lighter version of the base color of the fabric you’re using. Since it’s from a blanket I don’t know how much fabric you have so you may not have enough for a skirt. Another option could maybe be a tote bag that you could carry with a coord that features similar colors, again lined with a lighter colored fabric. 


Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive all three prints in the large size (11x14), and I’ll pick a couple of runner up winners to receive the smaller prints–either the three small size (5x7) or the one medium one with all three in it (6x18), winner’s choice!  (Mostly because I was indecisive as to which one to print–like I like all three of them in the panoramic, but the cropped 5x7 ones came out nice too…)  Here are the official rules:

1. Reblog and/or Like this post as many times as you like, I don’t care–if you really want these prints feel free to reblob a million times

2. Must be following me to win!  This is a thanks to my followers who liked/reblogged the piece initially as well as to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently, so I would love for one of you guys to win and not some random non-follower

3. Deadline to enter is about three weeks from now on Sunday, April 2 at midnight Jersey time (ET) and the winner will be announced at some point after that

4. Participants must have their ask box/messenger thing open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!


I Made a Bison*-with-Headphones Out of Paper

I made some other Sherlock-y type paper projects, too:

A friend in case I need someone to talk to,

a replica of the black origami lotus from TBB in case I need to let someone know they are marked for assassination,

an origami deer-stalker cap (shown here lined with tin-foil and modeled by Archimedes), 

and a “Persian slipper” (khussa) color, cut, and paste project (I keep nicotine lozenges in mine.)

I’m told there will be an arts-and-crafts room @221bcon this year, and I plan to bring supplies and materials for the origami lotus, tin-foil lined deer-stalker, and Persian slipper to share**.

The bison* skull is my original work and I reconfigured the human skull so I can print, score, and cut the pieces for both with a scrapbooking machine***. If anyone is interested in attempting to assemble their own human or bison* skull, I would love nothing more than to give that brave person or persons**** the instructions and printed, scored, and cut cardstock to make a skull. 

Unfortunately, I am emotionally fragile and terrified of preparing supplies for twenty or so skulls that no one wants. So, I am posting this in an attempt to gauge interest. If you are going to 221bcon and you want to attempt one of the skulls, reply to this post to let me know. (If you are not going to 221bcon and you are really interested in making the bison* skull, let me know anyway and I can email you the pdf or possibly snail mail you the printed, scored, and cut pages.)

Finally, if you read this far and you are not embarrassed on my behalf I would appreciate any signal boost you are willing to give by reblogging this post. Thank you.

   * I spent a lot of time looking at bovine skulls and I’m fairly certain it’s actually a yak skull, not a bison.
  ** I figured these are relatively easy projects suitable for all ages. I intend to find some safety scissors and washable markers instead of only bringing the pointy scissors and sharpies I have lying around.
 *** I don’t want to say the brand name. There’s nothing wrong with scrapbooking, but I just never saw myself as the kind of person who buys a cr!cut. I did, though. I bought one for the sole purpose of cutting out peppakura/papercraft patterns. I’d feel bad, but it’s too awesome.
**** Up to 12 people who are interested in the bison skull and 20 people who are interested in the human skull. 

worstkeybladewarrior  asked:

I was wondering if you ever had ideas for what kind of kids Izuku and Ochako would have?

Of course! My friend @ximenib and I have been talking about it for quite a while haha// We ended up creating two kids! 

The one on the left is Tsuru (credit to @rex101111 for the name) and the one on the right is Toshi!

Brief Info About Tsuru

  • She was named after Tsuyu
  • She has her parents’ unwavering determination, but she does inherit most of Deku’s seriousness (in comparison to Toshi who inherits more of Ochako’s enthusiastic attitude)
  • She’s got Deku’s freckles, but has wayyy more; it nearly covers the upper half of her face
  • Tends to be protective over Toshi
  • Has a knack for moving around a lot/a bit hyper 
  • Has more of a strategic mindset/tends to overthink
  • Her and Toshi take gymnastics classes together
  • Very much independent/takes on a “leader” role
  • Her quirk is Heat Absorption! She can pull heat out of objects (including living things) by touching them with the little pads on her fingers (like Ochako’s) and absorb it; she can also return it back to the object or dispel it! Because of this she has an exceptional tolerance to facing heat, but of course, she has a limit on how much she can endure (before she ends up having a heat stroke or overheating). The amount of heat she can pull from objects depend on their heat capacities (the lower it is, the easier it’ll be to absorb/dispel and the less strain it’ll have on her body). When she manages to store a lot of heat in her body it’s best to not touch her because it’ll be like touching a hot stove!
  • Her quirk was influenced from Deku’s father’s fire breathing ability
  • Deku and Ochako had to buy her specially made clothes that would tolerate her high body heat whenever she would use her quirk
  • Before she knew how to control her quirk she would accidentally pull away some of the body heat from her parents when they carried her
  • She has to be careful not to get incredibly mad because that’ll result in her to actually blow off steam (she could overheat); due to that she’s pretty good at keeping her frustrations and anger at bay (though it is quite hard for her to actually become mad)
  • Lets just say that winter isn’t her favorite season in particular

Brief Info About Toshi

  • Of course, he was named after Toshinori
  • He loves his sister a lot, and they have a great sibling bond
  • When his sister gets too big for her clothes/shoes he ends up wearing them sometimes
  • He’s 2 years younger than Tsuru
  • He’s got rosy cheeks like Ochako, but he also has some light freckles sprinkled over his nose
  • A very easygoing person but rather shy, in comparison to his sister
  • Although he’s good acquaintances with a lot of people, he only considers a very few of them as his friends
  • He doesn’t really initiate conversations with others, but he’ll gladly speak up if someone else starts it
  • His quirk is Gravity Manipulation! He can basically control gravity itself; this means he can make any part of his surroundings really heavy or really light. In order for his quirk to activate, he has to touch the area he wants to manipulate with the pads on the palm of his hands. Once he does that he can expand the surface area by leaving his hand on the surface of whatever he’s touching for a longer period of time. The amount of gravity he can manipulate depends on the size of the area (the smaller the space, the greater control he has over it’s gravity). If he uses it too much, he will also suffer from nausea like Ochako.
  • Temperature and pressure can affect his ability to manipulate gravity
  • He can actually make himself float (this goes for other people and objects as well), but it uses a lot of concentration which leads him to become mentally tired; he doesn’t do it often because of that reason
  • At one point (when he was really little) he managed to create a mini black hole because he got very angry
  • Ever since that incident, Ochako got him special gloves to help prevent that from happening again
  • He owns a gazillion gloves because eventually he grew fond of wearing them, and now he can’t go back to not wearing gloves (his favorite one is the first pair he got which has paw prints on them)
  • He caused quite a bit of trouble for Deku and Ochako as a baby (i.e. furniture would start floating, things would get crushed, various parts of the house would have different Specific Gravities, etc..)

Now here’s some other doodles we made of them haha///

The both of us love these kids a lot, so it’s very likely that we’ll draw them more in the future! But yeah, those are the ideas we came up with!

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Romina, you are a fandom conductor of light and I appreciate you. :D Inquiring minds (read: likely just me) want to know what is you favorite photo (or photos if you can't narrow it down to just one) of Martin? I would say that I am inquiring 'coz I'm conducting an experiment (its for a case, I swear), but really its just 'cuz I'm curious.

Oh dear!! That’s such a hard question because I literally fall in love with every photo i see of Martin… I’ll just post a few that I really love

(i’m the lucky owner of this following 2 photos in a3 print ♥)

ok im going to stop ahhahahaha as you can see i can’t pick one!! and there are so many more i didnt add.

Business as usual II

I really love this top, when I first laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it! I waited for months for this top to go on sale and am so glad I finally got it. It is so me!

It would pair beautifully with black pants or one of my black skirts but I decided to do something different and wear it with this taupe skirt instead. This combination would make a great outfit for the office.

dad magnus
  • wearing horrible hawaiian shirts
  • he has a beard
  • alex pretends to hate the beard
  • but she legitimately hates the shirts
  • magnus can cook, actually
  • he makes homemeade pizza
  • magnus’s and alex’s wedding rings have perthro (the rune) inscribed on the underside
  • because they’re already part of the godsdamned family and they aren’t going to forget that
  • magnus has long hair
  • he’s very tan, now
  • boi got a bit of a belly
  • but he wears it well
  • he would take them all on camping trips, to the same place he used to go with his mom, and tell them stories
  • does a mean barbecue
  • older dad magnus walks around in flip-flops, khaki shorts, and hawaiian-print shirts
  • he’s not really your typical rough-and-tumble football dad, though
  • alex is the one who can do football
  • alex has nearly murdered him with a football
  • dad magnus being the most understanding, chill parent you could ask for

Child Of The Universe

I used a variety of public domain images to come up with this whimsical design. I really loved the cosmic aura of the star woman and thought it would be perfect to set her in a wintery scene, complete with flowing auroras and star clusters ~ I’m not the best when it comes to photo manipulation, but I had fun with this one! Also available for iPads, posters/prints, drawstring bag and sticker <3

Get it here!

Code for 20% off: SAVETWENTY


Kick-Ass Chicks: Marissa Smith of NYLON Magazine

We can’t imagine that being NYLON’s Senior Fashion Market Editor is easy, but Marissa Smith sure knows how to make it look FUN. We’re constantly checking in with Marissa to stay in the loop for upcoming collections and collabs, and thought it was about time we introduce you to our go-to girl. With a closet filled with color and checkerboard, we just had to take Marissa to the Brooklyn USA Diner for a bright and bold photoshoot. Checkerboard on checkerboard? Yes, PLEASE! Read on to hear about Marissa’s journey at NYLON, and why Vans have been her style staple from the start.

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Can i print out and iron on to a shirt one of your drawings? Your name will be there and it will be advertizing in a way, i could put your tumblr name on it too so ppl know where to look, also i wouldn't be selling it, just wearing it

I’m ok with my art being used for anything as long as if it’s for personal use only :) Also if you do that it would be really cool if you showed me,I would love to see!


I found this awesome little fidget on etsy. It would be great for people who love the concept of spinner rings, but hate wearing jewelry. I kinda REALLY want the yin yang one or the moon one.

Link to product:

Ps, cool fidget/stim toys I find online will now be under the hashtag #online

Art Show Tips for Newbies

So a friend asked for some tips–he has another friend who’s a good artist, but doesn’t know where to begin in selling his work.  I wrote up a long list of tips and advice for him–and figured hey, there might be a few people online who might find this helpful too!  

So here’s what I’ve learned from selling my work over the last 4 years!

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modern au future kids aesthetic
  • john cena memes but with lucina’s name
  • owain’s myspace and livejournal poetry
  • beauty guru/art hoe severa
  • man bun gerome
  • nah the designated driver
  • cynthia aka the super nerdy friend that semi-lives in a comics store bc of how much she fucking loves superheroes of all kinds and when dudes start gatekeeping or mansplaining she spoils the entirety of their favorite batman comic
  • owain the seriously intense method actor
  • everyone has matching “are you nasty” shorts that lucina got everybody for christmas one year bc as a group they decided haha thatd be hilarious and she didn’t pick up on the joke factor bc lucina
  • inigo’s favorite meme is “stick m leggy out real far” and he reenacts it every chance he gets
  • kjelle’s “kiss me im butch” t-shirt
  • also inigo has semi-seriously considered becoming a professional stripper
  • yarne and brady regularly volunteer at animal shelters and cry bc the animals are just too fucking small
  • brady has a tumblr that is 85% cute animals and 15% health blogging
  • severa has 150k instagram and tumblr followers bc somehow all her selfies look effortless and artistic even though she’s literally not trying at all (even tho she’s trying very hard, all the time)
  • every now and then she’ll make a distressing vague personal post about how much she hates herself and overperforms feminity as a coping mechanism to not let anyone catch on about how low her self-esteem is but it gets buried in mountains of other posts so nobody sees it unless they’re on at 5am or scrolling through the untagged mass of posts
  • lucina has a tumblr but only to reblog pictures of swords and her friends’ posts and post their group selfies except theres more than one bc they cant fit everyone into one picture
  • her url is ‘lucina’ and nobody knows how she snagged it
  • owain spoke in memes for a solid three days once and even cynthia stopped talking to him
  • he only stopped bc his mom couldn’t understand jackshit of what he was saying
  • peak Millenial Humor ™
  • gerome: well theres no way around it looks like you’ll have to decapitate me
  • nah: *clears throat* depression *rim shot*
  • lucina: someone told me that if someone dies during a final everyone gets an a so i’ll take one for the team someone get a sword
  • get all of these children therapy because even in aus where theyre not child soldiers they need help
  • (laurent reblogs self-help mental health resources without commentary but everybody knows why)
  • gerome listens to muse and twenty one pilots. this is not up for debate
  • nah has the flower crown small forest pixie aesthetic on lock but her actual personality is half her body weight in coffee and being pissed at rollercoaster height requirements
  • gerome is an Accidental Instagram Model and when he and sev take an Incredibly Pretty selfie together people start to ship them but they’re both gay so that doesnt last long
  • tbh everyone is gay
  • inigo is also a filthy homestuck and hes the one who got everybody else into it except for lucina somehow
  • anyone: *homestuck reference*
    lucina: why are you like this
  • also lucina is a sports star and collects swords both anime and realistic. owain is not allowed to touch any of them. or go into her room at all. preferrably he ought to stay out of her house except for family dinners every other sunday but that’s the only exception to the rule.
  • laurent speaks klingon and has read all 7 harry potter books in klingon
  • one halloween he accidentally cosplayed doctor who
  • another halloween he very purposefully cosplayed doctor frankenstein and took a picture with his cat, whom he photoshopped into a cat version of frankenstein’s monster
  • his cat’s name is melville dewey
  • inigo: in honor of christmas im gonna shove a candy cane up my ass
    gerome: so you need me to pick you up from the hospital again huh
  • they have a group chat with all 14 of them and it’s called ‘wakey wakey eggs up ya butt’
  • brady can eat whole hardboiled eggs in one swallow but one time he tried to do six in a row and got indigestion
  • laurent: you know the inside of a human anus is hot enough to hardboil an egg
    inigo: oh no im not falling for that one again
  • lucina can play the piano bc rich kid and learned the entire shrek soundtrack to surprise owain. everyone has her play at their birthday parties now
  • local inigo shoves jumbo candy cane up ass, says “it was really hard but not in a good way.” proceeds to laugh in a juvenille manner for the next five minutes
  • inigo putting things in his ass is a running joke
  • someone: what the hell is that
    someone else: dunno but inigo’s probably put it in his ass
  • he’s only actually put things up his ass that aren’t meant to go in asses like twice but nobody will let it go
  • inigo’s favorite video is the video diary entry of that guy and “i’m gonna shove a log up your ass”
  • his rejected senior yearbook quote was “one day i will be the man who puts a log up his ass”
  • his rejected class award was “most likely to put a log up ass”
  • severa was on the school newspaper and, although she would love to see inigo hailed as the man who would put a log up his ass, would get in trouble if she let it pass so she convinced the teacher to let her self-print ONE copy with it in there and gave it to inigo as a present
  • he cried
  •  this post is too long anyway i really love my gay kids
ACOTAR Artists!

I wanna get a feel for who would be interested! If you are an artist that would like to make a coloring page in an ACOTAR/ACOMAF/ACOWAR coloring book, please LIKE this post. You can also send me a message I’ll start making a list. I think it would be a cool project! Please don’t like if you’re not interested in drawing for one but please please reblog and share! I think it would be so cool if all the artists we know and love made a couple pages and made our own coloring book! If we get enough and actually got it printed it would be really nice to send to Sarah herself! Please share and please like/message me if it’s something you’re interested in!


6/100 days of productivity
—october 14th, 2017—
🍁I have decided to completely change my “study methods” by going digital. Oh my gosh, I really wish I would have considered doing this earlier😩 (I’ll explain more below, just so that this post doesn’t look obnoxiously long)
🍁I developed a spread for the remainder of Week 7
🍁Halloween themed donuts!
🍁took a little break to grab some sun before going back to work

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anonymous asked:

Hey! So I really like your art and wanted to get back into art myself but I don't know where to start so I was wondering if you could recommend a drawing tablet and/or program to use?

Hmm this is tricky because I know a lot of people have very different preferences when it comes to tablets/programs. So this is going to be purely based off of my own experiences ! I’ll cover both tablets and programs :) !

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okay how about this…..what about the GOOD outfits from 2016, huh? there were A LOT of those! like of course there are two sides on the whole “rebellious bleachella phase” but there were high points too it like this courageous look

now as a person who normally isnt a fan of any sort of animal print (it’s tacky and i really wish people would stop trying to make it a thing) she hella pulled this off and the red lipstick capped it off with the poppin’ hair. you gotta admit, she did that.

she also worked the bleachella well with other looks like this one that was nice and simple. always love her open back shiiizzzzzzz

but with bleachella she also pulled off one of my fave looks and personas and that’s Boyfriend Taylor….yes bitch she came out to play and it was beautiful

she really killed it with the ripped jeans and it’s simple as hell but how can you not love when she rocks things that are actual like attainable looks? like these ripped jeans too

and even this Boyfriend Taylor look. like im not even sure if it’s from 2016 but it deserves recognition because….well……bruh


and everybody has a soft spot for taylor in workout clothes or taylor in a beanie so dont try to act like this didnt happen either

THEY’RE ALL SO CASUAL AND EASY BUT SHE MAKES THEM LOOK AMAZING! let’s not forget about her simple denim overalls either!

like y’all she truly honestly looked like a normal human being in that white long sleeve. but there were other times when Cut Throat Taylor came out to play and you couldnt deny she looked hot af. anybody remember Meredith from the Parent Trap?

and how she did all white just as easily as she did all black in heels higher than Wiz Khalifa

gaaaaaawd the all black during this week was such a fucking time like remember the unveiling of the choker phase??????……set me on fire.

she even killed the all black when she had that stacked up girls night out…..you know the one…..the transparent top one

like okay fuck it up i guess. she had some great night life looks too like let’s not forget when everyone suddenly remembered she had karlie in her life and taylor was stomping around nyc lookin like a slut for The Tall and The Fall.

but you cant get stuck on poppin’ bright looks like this though and expect them to be what she sticks with because then she snaps your neck with shit like innocent sweet baby

and even more innocent sweet baby

and of course she like easily dives into her natural instinct aka La Prep with her gentle housewife looks like when she was on tour and no, not the tour youre thinking about

you gotta admit that yellow dress with the blue shoes was one for the books fam. she strutted through the streets of rome just as easily as she strutted onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with The Look….and im truly disappointed it’s been forgotten so easily

and remember the flash tat stunt she pulled at Drake’s function?


and because this girl works out just as much as she works my nerves, please enjoy my fave simple gym looks because she demolished those too


and i had to save these for last because they were my fave date looks from a time we shall not speak of (mostly because i would like to hang onto the bit of sanity i have left)

cant forget when she didnt have on so much clothing too

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DIY Sticker Tutorial!

@studentpassion had commented on one of my posts, and it really encouraged me to make a DIY sticker tutorial blog post for everyone! I really love purchasing stickers off of Etsy, but sometimes it can get a bit pricey. So I decided to make my own stickers and try them out! I’m not the best when it comes to sticker making, but it’s actually really fun to make. I thought that maybe some people would find this tutorial somewhat helpful.

This is the printer that I use. It is the Epson XP-630. I’m sure you can use any printer, so you don’t have to go out and buy some really fancy one. The images that I print with this printer doesn’t come out in perfect, nice quality, but it still comes out okay and does the job. I get all of my images off of Google. It’s okay to use these images for personal use in stickers. Please don’t sell or distribute these images or stickers, because you can get copyrighted. For my full boxes in the Happy Planner, I make sure the measurements are 2.25 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width. With the headers in my Happy Planner, the measurements I use are 0.25 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width. You can adjust these measurements in a Word document.

After you have all your measured pictures in a Word document, you can print it out using this “sticker” paper. These are just shipping label sheets from Avery and the one I use is #15265. When you print it out, you should get something like this:

I personally don’t own a Silhouette or Cricut (these are machines that can cut the images into stickers for you), because they are really expensive. So I just use scissors, or I use my X-Acto knife and a ruler. It’s honestly a really simple process to make your own stickers once you get used to it. If you guys have any questions about this tutorial, please send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible. I’ll be using these Sailor Moon stickers for next week’s spread, so please keep an eye out for it!

Customer: Your fried chicken charm says Sanders on it.
Me: Yes! We have a lot of pieces in our “fast food” line, and that charm is a part of the line of KFC-themed items, so we called it part of the “Sanders” collection for Colonel Sanders.
Customer: There are more places that serve fried chicken.
Me: Yes, but KFC is the more internationally-recognized location, so we went with that.
Customer: KFC is shit. I was going to buy this but if it’s a KFC charm then no I don’t want to support that.
Me: It’s just a chicken drumstick made out of polymer clay. It can be from anywhere.
Customer: But I’m supporting KFC by buying it!
Me: No, it’s just inspired by KFC, I have no affiliation with the restaurant, so they get none of your money.
Customer: But it’s CALLED that!
Me: It’s not printed anywhere on the charm, at most it would be on your receipt only, and you can throw that out.
Customer: I can’t be seen with a KFC keychain!
Me: Is there a particular restaurant chain you would prefer to have a piece from?
Customer: Church’s Chicken is what you should’ve done.
Me: I do have one Church’s Chicken inspired drumstick left. I can set up that listing for you if you like.
Customer: Why wasn’t that up with everything else then? It’s better!
Me: I guess it was just waiting for someone who really loved it to come along!

I uploaded the listing with the same chicken charm that was on the KFC listing, just titled the listing “Church’s Chicken” and she bought it without a problem.

Thank you.

So – Here we are guys. I’m about to get a little sappy, so I apologize in advance.

I remember when I made my first post. It was a sample of what my blog would be like. That was back at the very end of June. ( I’VE ONLY BEEN DOING THIS FOR LIKE… 3 MONTHS. ) To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting people to like it. I figured I would get a few questions here and there from friends or mutuals – I figured maybe I’d get 50 ish followers, maybe a few more. You may not know, but I’ve got some pretty intense self - esteem issues, so my head was telling me that no one would want to interact. I figured that my portrayal of Crutchie was sub - par. That people would get bored quickly.

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