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I know it’s long, especially for an original work piece, but I would still appreciate it if anyone read it and left feedback. Thank you. It has a happy end.

TW: mentions of physical and emotional abuse.

“You can love someone and still hurt them.”

I didn’t want to hear that.

I didn’t want to hear that with crusting blood marring my back and tears streaking my face. With bruises ringing my neck like black and blue garlands.

“…After all, it makes sense that the people you love the most would be capable of hurting you the most.”

Not like this. They shouldn’t hurt like this. Hurtful words shouted in the heat of the moment. Old insults hurled out of spite. That was something else. That was normal.

“He loves you very much, can’t you see? I’ve never seen him so captivated by anyone before. He just has such a temper…”

The medic spoke with a smile on her face. Like I was some heroine from a romance story who’d bewitched the dark and brooding prince. Like His brand of love was a prize because it was one rarely given, even if it was broken and twisted. Like I was one to be envied.

Her cool fingers smoothed salves on the bruises blossoming across my shoulders. She could feel my terrified, panicked pulse rabbiting under my skin and she laughed.

“Listen to your heart. Oh, young love…”


My abused throat constricted. I let out a groan.

It hurts.”

The words rasped like barbed wire. Tears pricked my eyes, but God, it was like she couldn’t see a thing. It was like I was the only one who saw this situation as it was: bizarre, unacceptable, revolting. Was I going mad?

“It’s hard, I know. He struggles too. You know the work he does, all the burdens and responsibilities he carries. That’s what you are for, to help share the burden. Be strong for him. You’ll get used to it.”

That was what I was afraid of.

I was stronger than Him. I could kill Him. I could slice open His throat, pry open His ribcage, gut Him like the pig He was. I could, theoretically, do all these things, even with my broken fingers and shredded skin.

But I think He’d broken something in my head too.

Because when He lay hands on me now, I didn’t feel that old, cold outrage. I didn’t burn with indignation at the treatment I knew I didn’t deserve. That no one deserved.

I just stepped out of my head. My expression blanked, my muscles unclenched, and I vacated my mind and drifted. When I came back once it was over, I’d mutely catalogue the fresh marks on my skin. Take inventory of the worst of them, assess how much of a hindrance they may be, and calculate how to hide them.

There were always bruises up my arms from His fierce grip. I don’t know why He did that; it’s not like I resisted anymore. Why did He hold down a body that was limp in his hands? I’d have to cover them. It was hot, but I’d have to wear long sleeves. My men would stare, but they wouldn’t ask questions. I had a feeling some of them had their suspicions. In my line of work, bruises were not uncommon, but you were meant to get them honestly. For every bruise you had, the other guy had to have three. 

I wondered at what point I had lost my anger. Where had it gone?

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Please read this if you have BPD

Hello everyone!  My name is Liv and I have borderline personality disorder.  For my final project in my Narratives of Disorder class, I want one of the parts of my research on BPD to be the candid voices of anonymous people.  

So I would really appreciate it if you all would kindly reblog this with what living with BPD looks like for you, or put it in an ask or submission (I will not publish any of them unless you want me to.  Anonymous submissions also welcome).

Please circulate this so I can get as many responses as possible.  I don’t want the project to be the stale opinions of (often neurotypical) doctors, I want to show what it really means to be borderline by the people who experience it.  

Thanks a bunch!

In Time

REQUEST from @lili-alvarez:

i had an idea for like if y/n (low key almost typed my name lol) has a big speech coming up for one of her classes and she’s super shy and stutters a lot and is getting really anxious about it and harry tries to help her and all that jazz and you can sorta figure out the rest from there?? 

Thank you again for this request, my love! I hope what I’ve come up with will suffice. xx 


It’s the night before the big speech and you’re so nervous you’re shaking - barely able to hold your note cards steady as you read over them for the millionth time. Your chest is tight, you’re short of breath and hot tears are welling in your eyes. All you can think is that this would be the worst fucking time for a panic attack because if you can’t maintain the wherewithal to pull an all-nighter you can kiss your passing grade in History class goodbye.

“Cuttin’ yeh off after this one, my love. M’serious this time,” Harry is saying, completely oblivious to the anxiety settling over you as he comes in from the kitchen.

Until he sits the umpteenth mug of coffee he’s made you on your desk and gets a good look on your face, that is.

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My headcanon is that Scarlet and Wolf are The Best Parents Ever and play with their kids and read them stories and gross them out by being all mushy and sweet with each other (but they’re really just setting a good example).

Also, Scarlet is the type of mom who will wear shorts even when her kids complain (”mooommmm you’re embarrassing me!”) and teach them how to cook at a young age because “your dad and I won’t be cooking for you when you grow up” but the kids actually REALLY LIKE COOKING TIME because Scarlet gets really concentrated when she works and she is physically unable to get angry when she has dough in her hands.

Also WOLF. WOLLLFFF. He would read to them every time before bed and in the morning and anytime in between if the kids want to hear a story. He totally spoils them to the point where Scarlet has to stop him sometimes, but he’s really just super nice and caring and he would take every bullet in the world for his kids (and then some).

Such…good parents….. *happy sobs*

travellover1245  asked:

Are there any complete stories out there where Jon and Sansa both time travel into the past? I would also love to read a story where they are married and have children; one of those children or all of them go back in time. I can just imagine everyone's reaction. I have yet to find a story that comes close to that, but hey, a girl can dream.

I can’t find any that follow your description with married!Jon/Sansa and kids involved.

These are the two completed Jon/Sansa stories with time travel I could find on AO3:

You can also find time travel WIPs on AO3 here

Anyway hope these help ease your time travel longings ~Rumaan

If anyone has/knows of a fic with time travelling married!Jon/Sansa please add it to this! 

I’ve been tagged by @just-your-average-bookworm (thank yoooooou) and I love tags so here thee goes:

Which book are you reading now?

The Republic of Thieves (Gentlemen Bastards 3) by Scott Lynch and THIS IS MY NEW FAVOURITE SERIES OF LIFE.

What’s the best beverage when reading?

Nothing. Because if anyone would be unlucky enough to spill while reading…IT WOULD BE ME.

What’s your favourite book quote?

“You’ve got that motherly concern in your eyes, Jean. I must look like I’m hammered as shit,“ said Locke.
"Actually you look like you were executed last week.”

The Lies of Locke Lamora

(But I have, like, serious favourites too but I’m just a liiiiittle obsessed with this series right now. IT’S HARD TO TELL.)

Are you looking forward to a certain book release? If yes, which one?

Omg all of them?! 2017 looks so amaizng for books!

  • A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  • Royal Bastards by Andrew Shuarts
  • Warcross by Marie Lu
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
  • The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell
  • Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo
  • Our Dark Duet by VE Schwab
  • The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye
  • The Thorn of Emberlain by Scott Lynch
  • Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves
  • The Prince’s Bane by Alexandra Christo
  • Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


What’s your Hogwarts house?

Slytherin. I am a dragon.

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go? (And yes, fictional places are good as well. You could also travel via wardrobe/ train/ etc.)

Paris, probably, because all the famous writers of old went there to write and I SHALL JOIN THEM AND BE FAMOUS. #dreamin

Also pls let me be a Shadowhunter.

What’s your favourite holiday to read?

I’m so not organised to read books according to holidays/seasons. I read whatever!

Spell your name using book titles!

  • Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab
  • I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
  • The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Are there any books you want to recommend to the rest of us? 

Some of my most favourite books of ever are:

  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  • All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman
  • A List of Cages by Robin Roe
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  • The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Half Bad by Sally Green
  • Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

What is your favourite nonfiction subject to read?

Anything on the history of Russia!

What types of book covers do you find most aesthetically pleasing?

Arty ones! Like the Raven Cycle covers! I also love and adore intricate and incredible typography.

If you had to choose one bookworld to live in, which one would it be?

Definitely The Mortal Instruments. I think I could make it as a Shadowhunter. :’)

What is your favourite reread?

I’m currently re-reading A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and looooooving it. My affections ONLY GROW since my childhood where I was obsessed with ASOUE. (FYI the netflix show is incredible.)

Which books are you planning to read next?

My TBR pile is an absolute nightmare right now omg. I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS AND NOT ENOUGH COMMON SENSE BECAUSE I COLLECT MORE THAN I READ. But, I do hopefully plan to read Gilded Cage by Vic James soon! And I just ordered Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth and The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. OH AND GEMINA the sequel to Illuminae!!

What was the last book you rated 5 stars?

Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch!

What book character do you identify the most with?

I definitely relate a lot to August from This Savage Song. <3

Does your family read a lot?

My youngest sister is a rabid bookworm like meeeee. And my mum is an enthusiastic bookworm when she has time. But my 4 other siblings + dad = NADA.

Me and Mr Holmes

I first met Sherlock Holmes in school. I must have been thirteen or fourteen, and we had to read The Hound of the Baskervilles. I don’t think that the book being a translation helped, but I hated Holmes. I hated how he solved the case on the first page, then let people run around aimlessly for an entire book before jumping out of a cave where he had been playing hobo for the past few weeks. I didn’t think I would visit him ever again.

Then came BBC Sherlock. I was twenty then, maybe more mature and able to read into things better. I thought I’d give the show a chance, see if I would enjoy it. After all, it is always interesting to see classics adapted into modern times.

I loved it. From the start, I loved it. I watched the two seasons (I was a bit behind because things take longer to come to Finland) and then went and bought the collected works and read every story. And loved them. I was absolutely hooked by then, but then I found that there was a whole community of us on Tumblr, discussing, making art, expanding the show in every way imaginable, and I wanted to be a part of that community.

This is my fifth year here, and I have loved every minute of it. I have been given the courage to write properly, I have watched through fifteen different adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (BBC one included, and Elementary is still on-going), I have read the best meta and analyses I have ever seen in my four years of studying English Literature in university, I have seen the most beautiful fanart, edits and gifs. Oh, and I found someone who is just as invested in the whole concept of Sherlock Holmes as I am and who wants to spend the rest of their life with me. So that’s always a plus.

This fandom has given me so much and the events of the last couple of days have done nothing to take that away. We may have an episode some of us hate, some of us may like it very much, some of us (like myself) are very angry about the evident lack of continuation between this series and the last three, but I have said it before and will say it again:

come what may, i love this show. it has given me so much in the past five years I don’t really care what comes out of it. it is a part of me now, just like all the theories and meta and edits and gifs and discussions and whatnot are. even if it all goes to shit and this season bites ass and we have no fifth, i will still love the show. it has meant so much to the whole sherlock holmes fandom that has been running strong for over a century and even though the complete canonical show where they act acd stories word-for-word is still to come (I would raise jeremy brett from his grave if I could), this show has given us a modern version where the canon is ever-present and because there are so many clues to find, so many conspiracies to unfold, we can all be sherlock holmes while we watch it.

My Nights With Mr. Bad

It seems I’m going in order of my ghost experiences. The last story I submitted was my first sighting and this is my next experience.

Again, I was around 8 years old. My brother and I shared one bedroom with a bunkbed. It was a nice little setup, since my brother didn’t like to sleep alone. At first, I could sleep peacefully, and I rarely thought about my window kid or any other bumps in the night or things falling. That ended when I started actually researching the paranormal. I had a sudden interest in all things ghost. I checked out informational books about them at my school library, along with people’s ‘true’ experiences.

I still felt no fear in any rooms of my house. No presences. Most kids would have had nightmares after reading those books, but I was fine. I wasn’t scared to sleep with my covers off (it’s pretty darn hot here in Utah during the summer) or to walk around my house at night.

Then, it started. I was suddenly terrified to set foot in the bunkbed room, and I didn’t know why!

I dreaded going to sleep every night, and my parents assumed it was insomnia. It wasn’t. You see, I could have fallen alseep if I wanted to, but instead, I forced myself to stay awake. It was that terror. That fear that I was going to die if I slept.

Every night, it took me hours to work up the courage to stand and dash across the hall to my parents’ room. And sometimes I was just too scared to move. I’d spend those nights huddled under the covers, crying and sweating.

My mom and dad let me in the first couple of months and let me sleep in between them. Strangely, I felt safe in their room. I had no problem falling asleep. So, then, it was the bunkbed room, right?

I guessed so. By then, I was feeling like I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t, of course, my brother was there, but you know what I mean. Like there was someone next to me. Watching me. Waiting to kill me.

It escalated further when my parents started locking their room. It was horrible! I’d pound on their door and cry for them to open up. Luckily, my dad’s a bit of a softie, and he’d always let me in.

This whole thing lasted nearly two years. My Abu (grandpa) died while it was still going on. Of course, he would never make me feel so scared.

Then, as suddenly as it came, it stopped.

I was suddenly able to sleep in the room at night. I could get up and walk down the stairs to get water without fear. I could use the restroom in peace. What a relief this was for me! By that time, I knew ghosts and demons were real. I knew my Mr. Bad was real (even if I don’t know exactly what he is). I also knew he was gone. Sadly, not for long, as he made a grand re-enterance recently. That’s a seperate story, though.

I talked to my brother about my experience recently, and he said he felt nothing. That was strange to me. It was such a powerful terror that came and left suddenly. Surely it wasn’t my imagination, right?

I didn’t end up telling my dad about these experiences for nearly four years. He felt bad for locking the door and confided that, he too, sometimes had to endure a night with our Mr. Bad. I never told my mom, and still haven’t. She’d think I’m crazy.

Of course, during those night terror years, other small things happened, concerning the window kid and some others, but, again, that’s another story.

anonymous asked:

Not trying to cause drama just wanted an honest opinion- what do you make of the ISYL girls basically disappearing but saying they "will not reveal what they know?" I mean it seems like they were lying. I've been middle ground about everything but always thought it was strange they would run a blog and also have a source. Kind of unbelievable and inhuman that anyone could do that. Do you think they/he/she was a faux?

I would always advise to take these things as what they are - information with no further proof. It can be fun if you stay realistic about that, and I wouldn’t use the word inhuman for such an insignificant matter. I really enjoy the way they’re running their blog. I’ve read blogs with “sources” who are trying to spread rumours even I know are not true, and I don’t know much at all. At the moment, there is no use to say anything anyway. It’s baseless for them to speak up even if they really know something. There is still no proof for anything. Only time will tell. And you can choose to believe whatever you want, no matter what other people think about that. Don’t let anyone take that away from you!

anonymous asked:

In response to "Do you have any non-canon Austen OTPs, and if so, what are they?" I agree that the Colonel and Elinor are far better suited and would love to read a story where they end up together instead of that twit Marianne

Marianne is seventeen, sheltered, and easily manipulated. I’d caution anybody againt viewing Elinor as superior–she does not avoid heartache by her own actions, and in keeping her secrets does not even have the comfort of the pity of those who love her. Marianne has everybody’s pity, for she has all her misery on display, and the downside of that is that sometimes the pity becomes sneering, rather than genuine sympathy from people who care. Ultimately the behaviour of neither sister does them particular credit, but it is far easier to censure Marianne, whose emotions and actions are Out There for Anybody to See and Judge, whereas Elinor’s are viciously repressed. Marianne could stand to have more of Elinor’s cautious judgement and reserve, if only to protect herself; and Elinor could have used a bit more of Marianne’s open and affectionate nature to prompt Edward to discover her burgeoning feelings and get his shit together long before she found herself deeply in love and had to find out the horrible truth from his fiancée. Like Jane Bennet, Elinor suffers the effects of her attachment without any guarantee that her feelings are even returned because the seeming indifference of her rigidly serene self-control leads others to believe she is not at genuine risk of being hurt. She could have risked a little more openness and honesty and been spared a lot of pain, just as Marianne could have held it together better and perhaps also be spared.

when i was a little girl, i told my mom i wanted to work at the library when i grew up.

i was an awkward kid, i struggled a lot with my peers for various reasons, and i also had pretty terrible health.it was a kind of perfect storm to create a book worm. mom would take me to the library and i would get out a stack of books so tall i couldn’t carry them all. when i was old enough to get my own library card, i excitedly signed my name on the back in a solemn promise to respect all library materials and return everything on time and in good condition. i participated in summer reading programs, volunteered, and continued to check out so many books i hit the limit on my card and had to beg mom to let me use hers.

the library was somewhere i felt safe and happy and welcomed, so it’s no wonder that i wanted to work there when i grew up.

even when my health improved and my relationships with my peers got better (and then worse, and then better, and then worse, and then better…), libraries held a kind of comfort for me that no other place besides my own home ever did. in college when i was having literal emotional breakdowns, i tracked myself to the library to sit among the stacks for hours.

in early 2015 i applied for a job as a part-time shelver at my local library.

i had worked various kinds of retail, had an unfortunate year of unemployment, and had even worked in an administrative support role in real estate. it had pretty much convinced me that you could either have a job you loved or you could have a job that paid the bills, and i was determined to spend my life being able to afford enough food to fill my belly. sure, maybe dreams did come true for some people, and they could find that perfect balance of “job i don’t hate” and “job that pays rent”, but that didn’t happen for someone like me, a college drop out living with her mom whose family had lived off food donations and a strong amount of hope that maybe one day we would be able to buy name brand cookies.

even though i knew i would love working at the library, a part time job doing something i had literally done when i was 12 was not going to fill my bank account, but facing a potential lay off and having received no callbacks for jobs that would have paid enough, i was grasping for any kind of job that would at least keep my gas tank full while i looked for other, more financially fulfilling, employment. and at least the hours would leave me with a lot of time open to search for a better job.

on march 16, 2015 i started working as a shelver for my local library at the exact same branch that had been the location of my first library visit. okay okay so they had a brand new building in a brand new location that i had never been to before, but some of the staff from when i first visited the last location was still there. just like i had thought, i loved the job. for the first time in years i liked what i did and the people i worked with, and what our organization did. i didn’t want to leave, and so i took a break from sending out resumes and applying for jobs and just allowed myself some breathing space to figure out how i was going to proceed with my life.

in december i became a library technician (that’s the one at the desk who checks out your books). it came with a pay raise, but i was still part time. at this point i knew i was going to stay working with my local county (even part timers got retirement benefits, and i was not going to let go of that). i wanted to stay working specifically with the library system, and i could see a tentative path laid out before me. i started making plans to go back to school. i would need at least a bachelor’s to secure the possibility of upward mobility for myself, and i had always wanted to get my degree anyways.

i was still part-time though, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if maybe i was holding onto a pipe dream. i’d gotten raises yeah, but life had also brought me a car payment and other unexpected expenses, so i still had no savings and had to carefully stretch my every paycheck to get me through to the next. i was beginning to think that maybe i needed to stop thinking i could have what i wanted, and start looking for something more realistic that i could actually get.

on tuesday (my day off off because hey, part time) i was sitting on my couch when i got a call from work. one of the full time library technicians at my branch had moved on to work at admin so there was an opening for a full time position, and it was mine if i wanted it.

of course i wanted it.

this friday, january 20th, will be my last day working part time. on monday, i start my new full time job.

the salary is enough that i can stop checking my bank account every time i want to buy a can of tuna (i can even start building up my savings while having enough left over to finally go out and have some fun), it comes with benefits, and i get to keep doing what i love to do with the people i love doing it with.

so i guess i can now go around saying my childhood dream came true. because i grew up, and now i work at a library.

ttalovebug  asked:

It's so interesting to me that the ES's long-established, go-to excuse is always "that's not how co-workers usually behave" or "my husband/boyfriend would be furious if I touched my co-worker like that!" These people don't work in entertainment, so they don't understand. I'm a dancer, and yes, we ABSOLUTELY touch our co-workers like that. If a job requires intense physicality with someone (the kind that would make a non-entertainer very uncomfortable) you become very used to touching them all

Thanks so much @ttalovebug for sharing your experience and thoughts about this! It’s great to hear this issue from a dancer’s perspective.

Like dancers, I know that actors are trained to feel comfortable touching and being touched by other actors and they often tend to be touchy feely people as well. Sam and Cait are not two bank employees. They are actors who do intimate scenes with each other.

Your mentioning Dancing with the Stars reminds me of something I read about Will Ferrell and Jon Heder when they were filming Blades of Glory (2007). They had to touch each other a lot in learning some of the paired figure skating moves and one of them said after a short time it just felt natural holding hands. To my knowledge Will and Jon were never romantically involved.

I think that is what it is like for Sam and Cait. It just feels natural to hug and touch each other because they have to do it on set very often for their roles. But that doesn’t mean they are romantically involved. (JMHO as a fan.)

Updated 01.19.17 at 6:17 EST.

Minashigo-in: Little savings

AKA: Orphan AU

@ultimate-robot-kiibo in the Spoilerfree Discord Server created an AU where all the NDRV3 kids are orphans. It’s a sweet, zany little AU that I enjoy reading. My own AU is slightly different because only half of them are orphans, and because, oh my, mine is hurt/comfort angsty (chorus of boos from the audience). 

Eight kids live in the same orphanage. Maki, who was the one who arrived when she was a baby, is the only one who never experienced a true family life. All the others came later, having lost their parents in different, dire circumstances. After her, Kaito and Ryouma are the ones with the longest tenure. Maki is the one who narrates from her POV. Her narration is, as one would expect, rather bitter. Because she is the one with the longest time in there, she is supposed to hold his same age mates (Kaito, Ryouma, Gonta, Kirumi, Ouma, Angie and Himiko) in line, as well as the youngest kids she always carries on tow. Which proves hard for her, but also earned her her nursery title with some justice. Because, let’s be fair… one count is to rear children, another is to rear your own wayward, rowdy age mates…

Kaito is the one who always wants to earn a little money with small jobs and chores. When he first came in he was a rather subdued child, having lost his parents in a car crash and being injured as well, though he became very lively when he met Maki, despite her sour reaction at him. Kind of a mix of Kirimaru from RNR amd Lewis from Meet the Robinsons… he is always doing experiments and is in charge of the greenhouse since an early age. He wants to go to space since he saw a TV special about JAXA on the old racketty TV of the orphanage, and is very conscious that he needs a lot of money for that. Ouma likes to hide his jar from him, and Gonta sometimes takes to for his insect gathering. In both cases, Kaito’s rather pleasant, silly demeanor turns 180° and he throws a scary tantrum.

Ryouma is the opposite, the quiet, deep-voiced, eerie kid most would try to avoid. Due to a minor car accident that pinned his father against a prominent yakuza, his family had to pay the consequences. He was chained to his bed and forced to witness his parents’ execution, before being bludgeoned to death himself.
Driving a young child into this horror would prove costly, since he kept a toy tennis launcher fitted with golf, tennis and billiard balls close by, and in a moment of distraction, blasted the contents onto the two assaultants, killing them from the bluntness of the impact. He was too late to save his family, but he managed to save his own life, a fact that changed his approach to life forever. Police sent the boy over to the orphanage after he refused to defend himself of the charges and to allow anyone to remove the chain/lock he was tied with. Ryouma has a penchant to call himself scum. He is a rather silent presence, who has managed to open a bit thanks to Kaito’s persistence and the calm support Maki provides. 

Ryouma’s clothes are always too big for him. Kirumi trims them, but after every wash, they go baggy again. He has stated he doesn’t mind, but when new clothes arrive, Maki has to coerce him to go pick… 

Kaito simply digs into the donation clothes pile and picks the biggest jersey he can find. He has to hide from Kirumi to avoid her trimming it to his size. Claims he wants to feel snugly in winter. 

Here, a rare moment of quiet, as Kaito cheers on his little savings, and Ryouma looks over with mild interest.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, I raked through your FAQ and hope I didn't miss this if it was answered, but in a few stories I notice Lance written as calling Keith/another Paladin by a Spanish nickname/term of endearment. Would it be okay to write that, or would it seem out of place, and if it /is/ okay to write it, what would be a good term to use? //your guides are very informative thank you sm for writing them, I hope this is okay to ask! Smooches from FL <3

i’m not sure what the term of endearment used in a lot of fics (tbh every time i go to read one i’m smacked in the face by McWhyarewestillusingthisname and i just bounce) 

but some term of endearments that are p good to use are like 

  • asere is used as friend, as in “que bola asere” like “what’s up friend?”
  • hermano is good as like a catch-all, it means brother and you’d use it like bro
  • jefe is like when someone says like “chief” (cause that’s the literal translation lol) 
  • compadre is also like a good general term for friend

and as for nicknames basically adding –ito/ita to the end of it is the diminutive of the name and an instant nickname for example: 

  • Shiro—> Shirito (male pronouns) 
  • Allura—> Allurita (female pronouns) 

anonymous asked:

what did yuo think of rogue one?

it really depends? i’ve seen it 3 times and each time was very different. the 1st time i LOVED IT. the 2nd i didn’t enjoy much. and the 3rd it was just normal. 

a lot of people were like “it’s the best star wars ever!!!! so much better than tfa!” and i didn’t think that at all. I didn’t connect to most of the characters in a very strong way like i should have. the first half of the movie was very scattered. the 2nd half was much easier to watch and much better edited. I loved the diversity of the cast and the vader scenes killed me dead but overall the movie was just… alright. 

it bothers me so much when i read comments on Youtube on Jack’s channel or any channel really and see people who would use scams or self promote their own channel. like, you can’t just use people’s channels for the sake of you getting more subscribers, they work so hard to get to where they are today, it’s not okay. its never okay. i’m sorry, about the amount of scams/self promo on your channel @therealjacksepticeye you deserve all the subscribers that you have. you worked so hard for them 💗💗 and i couldn’t be anymore proud of you, you smol precious bean 💚

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Get to know your author ask: 15; Kiss Meme: Cap/Peggy 20; Short fic: Cassian/Jyn 34. (all, some, none, whatever you feel like!)

15. Why did you start writing? 

Well, it was 4th grade, and Lord of the Rings was just coming out into theaters, and as I struggled to read them I discovered that not only were they difficult af to get through, but they had practically no women. I rewrote them as “Lady of the Gems” in which my main protag found a stone that gave her the ability to turn into a Unicorn, but when she was said Unicorn she would be hunted down by the Legions of Dark Riders. 

So. Fanfic, basically lmfao. Even if I didn’t know it. 

20. Steggy, a kiss on the neck

Steve couldn’t help the moan that left his parted lips, slipping past the fingers that kept his mouth covered to keep him silent. Of the two of them, they both knew he was the one who’d get them caught if he had his way. His hips shifted ever-so slightly to allow Peggy a better angle atop him, and when she bit the soft point where his throat and left shoulder met, he let loose another low, breathy moan that was once more caught by her fingers and pressed back past his open mouth. 

“You keep doing that,” he mumbled against her hand. “And I’m not gonna be able to stop myself.” 

She kissed the small spot, a bruise already forming on his golden skin, and he swore he felt her smile. “I’m counting on it, soldier.” 

34. RebelCaptain, meeting at a masquerade ball

“Excuse me, ma’am.” His hand is on hers before she can think to pull away, and it’s only because her left is keeping her mask in place that she doesn’t sock him right in the jaw. “I need to see your invitation.” 

“I’m sorry?” The words sound stilted, even coming from her lips, and she curses inwardly as she can practically see the gears turning in Cassian’s eyes. Even with his own mask firmly in place, which does nothing but highlight his excellent cheekbones, and the sharp jaw that she’s kissed so many times, she can see him beginning to put two and two together. Biting her bottom lip, she surges upwards to slot her lips against his. It’s a dead give away, the way they fit together so perfectly, but it’s all she can think to distract him. The hand on her right wrist grows lax, releases her wrist to pull her up against his body as the crowd around them surges to celebrate the passing of the previous year and the arrival of the new. Somewhere behind them the clock strikes midnight, and Jyn’s certain that the stars behind her eyes have nothing to do with the fireworks that shoot above them. 

She leaves him when they step away to draw breath, her cheeks pink and her left hand trembling as she makes her way towards the safe he’s been told to guard that evening. They’ve both got their orders, after all, and if he can catch up with her maybe he’ll be able to continue his. 

She wouldn’t bet on it, though, she thinks with a grin, but the ensuing chase and the make up sex that comes afterwards is definitely worth the risk. 

First time writing rebelcaptain, so I hope this sounds alright! Thanks so much!

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You write the best Daryl smut omg I think my favorite one so far is Teach Me 👅❤😘

Thank you, Anon! I am glad you enjoy my stuff! It is such a guilty pleasure tbh I love writing it, so I am glad people love reading it. I think I’d say my favorite one would be Release, so good and so dirty. But of course, I am partial to them all… 

Thanks for the awesome ask Anon!