i would rather be eaten alive

FMA Manga/Brotherhood Ed: Not only will I never make a Philosopher’s Stone, I will never use one that’s already been made, even though the damage is done and can never be reversed.

I’m so disgusted by the idea of it that I would rather be eaten by Envy than attack what’s left the people of Xerxes who all but died hundreds of years ago. When I do use some of those souls to escape starving to death in a river of blood, I’m going to be wracked with guilt about it, even though it was literally the only way for me to save my friend Ling and for me to return to my brother.  

And will I use the remaining life force of a man I hate, who’s already been alive for way to long, who won’t be alive much longer, and who is offering his life up voluntarily to save the person in this world who I care about the most? Of course not! What a ridiculous idea! That would be wrong.

FMA 2003 Ed: In the end, I won’t end up murdering a whole room full of people to make a Philosopher’s Stone and save Alphonse…

..but I’m going to seriously consider it.


i have stared at this…. thing, this fucking DEMON for like 10 solid minutes trying to come up with some single phrase to describe fucking awful this is, and i just can’t. this is easily - EASILY - the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life, and that includes the brain surgery i observed when i was in college. everyone on this site fuckin goes on and on about “cursed images” but i seriously feel like this fucking land shark is going to reach out of my computer and eat my face. if i saw a pack of these running towards me down a hill, i would do everything in my power to kill myself before they reached me. i would rather be eaten alive by rats then ever see this again. this is truly, genuinely horrible on both a physical & emotional level. all of this doesn’t even begin to cover how much i hate this fucking thing. this fucking hellhound. this goddamn long-mouthed…… fucking… fuck it. i’m not finishing this. i need to stop looking at this. fuck you

Our Quest | Jimin, You

New Prince Jimin, Fantasy AU, hope you like it! This will be a series story :)

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do

Jimin slid his fingers into his pockets, closing his eyes as he felt the wind wave through his hair. He loved the soothing rush it gave him, made him feel like he was on top of the world. As he looked down, he saw the gorgeous kingdom he was born to protect.

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Women in Hip Hop: Empowerment

           I define women empowerment as women taking control of their: minds, voices, bodies and sexuality. While they are empowering themselves they are also empowering others to do the same. Women empowerment started in the 1800’s with Women’s suffrage; women were fighting for their right to vote with leaders such as: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. This movement had very little to deal with black women. While a nation of women were fighting for their right to vote, they are still leaving out a race of women who could make a change as well. Sojourner Truth at the time was the voice for black women all around the world with her speech: “Ain’t I a Woman?” Truth was stated in her speech like white women, black women have rights and voices as well. Then there is World War II, where majority of the men in the United States were away fighting the war. Women had to “man up” and provide for their families, while their husbands were away. Working women of this time looked up to the poster: Rosie the Riveter. She exhibited a man’s strength but still had a feminine side. Then there were the 1990’s or the phrase: “I’m a woman of the 90’s.” Meaning that women are no longer going to live up to society’s misogynistic opinions. Women in the 90’s, started taking control of their voices, the way they were presented in the media and their sexualities. Female rappers such as: Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte, made it okay for women to have voices and sexual creatures in a male dominated industry. Women in hip hop serve as a symbol of empowerment and self-definition rather than misogyny.

           For years’ women of color in the media and/or hip hop have been depicted to be; weak, voiceless, disposal, and sexual objects. Society has made it seem that a black women’s voice does not matter. As Audre Lorde once said, “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” An empowered woman is empowered because she knows the definition of herself. She can explain who she is to society, she is secure and knows her self- worth and empowered woman knows that her voice will be heard. A weak woman does not know the definition of herself, she does not know her worth nor does she know that she has a voice. A weak woman will spend her whole life trying to create a version of herself that is not authentic, so she can be accepted by society. Therefore, she will be eaten alive because she has spent her whole life not knowing her true definition.

           In the late 80’s and earlier 90’s a pattern of female rappers, started a trend of taking control of their voices and letting men know that black women will be respected. Queen Latifah’s: U.N.I.T.Y. made it clear that black women are more than derogatory names and that they have voices that need to be heard. Mc Lyte’s: I Am Woman, stated that just because she is a woman does not mean I cannot make her mark in the male dominated industry of rap. Yo-Yo: You Can’t Play with my Yo-Yo, simply stated that women are more than sexual objects and they need to be treated with respect. These rappers not only changed that hip hop is a male dominated sported, but they also gave women that were once voiceless that could not express their problems a voice. These women helped paved the way for other female rappers that would later help further empower women of color and change the rules of hip hop. An excerpt from the book It’s All in the Name: Hip-Hop, Sexuality, and Black Women’s Identity. Talks about how the evolution of black women in hip-hop and black female artist did empower black women around the world. The author argues that today young black girls do not have that, all they hear today are female artist telling them to use their sex to get a head in life. This argument could not be more wrong. Female artist such as Trina, Nicki Minaj, Dej Loaf are not rapping about using their sex to become more successful. They are simply doing the same thing men have been doing for year and that is put black women in category where they can be only seen as sexual objects.

           Reversing the male fantasy is something that not only female rappers have accomplished but also a few R&B singers have been able to do as well. Beyoncé released a song called, Blow. Blow is often the slang term used when a man has received or wants fellatio, but Beyoncé took the term to refer it to her receiving cunnilingus. Also hinting that she is in the dominant position while her partner is being the submissive one. Lil’ Kim does the same in her song: Not Tonight, she raps about her many sexual escapades. Although throughout the song she raps about how her partners have pleased her sexually, there is only one thing she truly wants from them and that is oral sex. Kim also states that she only using them until she gets what she wants, but in a sense she is coming for their manhood as well. By stating the he’s a punk if he does not do this for her. Lil’ Kim is taking charge of her sexuality by rapping about what she wants, similar to male rappers. Foxy Brown has also reversed the male fantasy, in Jay- Z’s song Ain’t No N***a. Brown raps, “Remember the days you was dead broke. But now you style and I raised you. Basically made you into a don.” Brown is stating that she was there when no one else was there for him. Now that her man has money he wants to front and forget about her, she is also saying that she raised him into the man that he is today. Brown’s method is similar to what men do when a woman is done with them. He will remind her of all the things that he has done for her to make her better or elevate her life style and that’s what Foxy Brown did.

           Fashion for women in hip-hop has always been a thing to look forward too. Many critics argue that female rappers who don’t have on as many clothes are and will be objectified. That these female rappers are whores and setting a bad example for the young girls that watch their music videos. When in actuality these rappers are setting the example that you do not have to always conform to the wants and demands of society. Female rappers are also stating that women, no matter what size they are should feel comfortable in their skin and confident enough to wear she wants.

           Melyssa Ford who is one of the highest paid video vixens, believes that what she is doing is empowering women to take control. Balaji states, “Although video vixens have been typecast as the sexualized other, some have acquired a degree of fame outside of music videos and have taken ownership in self-definition.” Most video vixens are only looked at by society as disposal sexual objects and that they have no respect for themselves. A lot of vixens seek fame outside of being in music videos. Some women take on a career of being a video vixen, and a lot of them go in with the mindset that they are going to make millions, so they depend on that as their only income. Others do not only depend on a vixen career, they also want to build and make it bigger. Women who already know what they want, have a game plan: be a video vixen long enough to get their names floating in the right places, then they begin to rub elbows with the right people, then they begin to get bigger video gigs and get a lead role in the next big rappers video. Most video vixens know their self-worth and know their limits. To them it is like a business deal, to see what video producer can give them the best offer the quickest.

           Black women have struggled with self-definition, which is mainly because of how they are presented in society. When a woman does know her self-definition, she will always let her voice be heard. The term “I” is always in their vocabulary, to not only express how they are feeling, but to remind society that they have high self-esteem and self-perception. Ford states in an interview, “I would turn down videos that were too misogynistic or when I just don’t like the artists.” Here Ford is showing us her self-definition, by sharing that every music video she was offered she did not accept. Ford knows her boundaries and who she is as a person.

           Many critics believe that Keran Steffans and Melyssa Ford express synonymous values and views, when it comes to a music video modeling career. It may appear that way, but when Steffens’s Confessions of a Video Vixen was released, which is a tell all novel about her escapades with celebrity men. Generalized black women into a category that they too often compromise their values to be identified by their sexual prowess. The downfall for Steffans career is that she started getting her career and personality intertwined. At the peak of her career she turned to drugs.

           Although all these points are valid, it fails to mention that Ford grew up in a two parent household and attended York University where she was majoring in Forensic Psychology. This argument also overlooked the fact that Ford stated, “Doing videos was only a part-time interest for me.” Ford had no real desire to presume a music video modeling career unlike Steffans who let the industry consume her. Another valid point the argument above fails to realize is that Steffans was a stripper turned video vixen and at the peak of her career became addicted to drugs. Where Ford was working as a bartender when she was discovered and her vixen career took off. The big difference between Steffans and Ford that was failed to be mentioned is that Ford does not let her job consume how she is in real. She explains that she was never the fun girl on set and that when the camera is on she is in character.

           In conclusion, women in hip hop serve as symbols of empowerment and self-definition rather than misogyny. Women like: Sojourner Truth, Melyssa Ford, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Beyoncé, Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, and Yo-Yo and many more are an empowerment to women of color. They not only challenge the views of society, but they have let it be known that black women have voices and take control of their bodies and sexualities. They have also helped women realize that they are more than disposal, voiceless, and sexual objects. Black women can be sexy without being considered whores that women of color are educated and have voices just like any other race of women. Black women in hip hop are an empowerment that society needs to pay closer attention to.

Troy Otto One Shot Series #4

Chapter 4

Troy wasn’t a fool. He knew exactly what Arya was doing but he played dumb and walked into every manipulative trap she had set out for him. It was a game of cat and mouse, and what made it truly exciting was that she didn’t know he was the cat and she was the mouse. It started off subtle and really, he commended her for her efforts. She almost had him fooled with the way her glances towards him got more frequent and her smiles prolonged. Her touches lingered as she brushed past him and she never disagreed with him in front of his men. She’d always take her concerns to him in his office, when they were alone.

She had an angle behind every action. She revealed things about her life from before but the way she said them was so very tactical. She’d talk about her Father and her three brothers; how she felt like she had to prove a point to them, all her life – that she was strong and just as capable. Well, turns out she did – she survived longer than all of them. It was amusing for Troy at first – to let her think she had the upper hand just because he was somewhat attracted to her….but pretty soon things started to blur. He started finding it hard to say ‘no’ to her. He had even let her give some of her rations to Luciana every night. All Arya had to do was ask. She had stared at him with those big brown eyes of hers, placed her palm on his arm and had spoken in her most sincere voice, “I can’t let her die, Troy. She reminds me of what could have been my fate had you not been in charge. Please.”

Please. He was addicted to the way that word sounded, coming from her lips.

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College is for Cool Guys

Author’s note: So I wrote this like a month ago and just never posted it so I guess here it is now…… Oops

Michael thought that college was supposed to be great. But nothing has changed, no one cared about him. In college nerds are supposed to be cool but in order to be cool you have to go to parties. Which Michael just can’t do. Sure he was still friends with Jeremy who was now his roommate but Jeremy went to parties and hung out with other people which Michael still hadn’t done.

The fact that Jeremy was living with him now was killing him. Like did Jeremy really have to change right in front of Michael every night? Yes Michael knew it was too much of a pain in the ass to go to the communal bathroom just to change into pjs but come on he can’t handle Jeremy normally when he has his shirt on.

Michael decided that either the way too excessive amounts of weed he was smoking or his terrible and ever growing crush was going to kill him before the semester was up. And he was serious about it too because tonight Jeremy was in a weird mood and Michael could feel the tension in the room.

Ok so they had got stoned like really stoned (which is now pretty normal for Michael) and yes Jeremy got clingy when he was high but Michael was not expecting this.

“Hey Michael do you think we could uhhh maybe snuggle?” Jeremy giggled a blush spreading across his face.

And Michael nearly collapsed then and there. They hadn’t done anything like that since middle school. Since fucking middle school. And that sleepy and blushed look on Jeremy’s face made it all the worse because Michael knew he wouldn’t just snuggle for ten minutes and go back to his bed. No it seemed like Jeremy wanted sleep with Michael (and no not the sexual way but still).

Sure you can be completely platonic with your bro and snuggle right? But what if Michael got a boner? That would definitely make it a little more than awkward between the two of them and would not be very platonic. So he was left mouth open too afraid to say yes.

Jeremy looked at him in a pout and walked over to Michael’s bed. “Come on Michael. It will be fun! I’ll even let you be the big spoon if you want!” Jeremy’s hands were perched on Michael’s thighs and Jeremy was leaning in threateningly close. Michael could smell the pot on Jeremy’s breath and he had to remind himself that the pot was the only reason for these snuggles.

So Michael laid down and moved as close to the wall as possible to give Jeremy (and himself) room. Jeremy plopped down on the bed and immediately moved as close as possible to Michael. Michael’s breath hitched and he couldn’t think straight (well he never thought straight but still).

Jeremy made a little noise of frustration and reached back to pull Michael’s arm around him. And god did Michael feel the ever lingering feeling of death creep it’s way into the mix. He was going to die without ever confessing his love (which he would never do so obviously). He was such a loser he couldn’t believe how stupid he was.

Sure Jeremy was bisexual. Sure Michael wasn’t the ugliest person in the world (occasionally Michael would even dare to say he was somewhat attractive). But Jeremy had called Michael his brother on several occasions and there was nothing attractive about that…..

Michael snapped out of his thoughts when Jeremy booped his nose. He hadn’t even noticed Jeremy turning over…. “Michael you’re so cute. Why haven’t you dated anyone yet? I mean I’m sure a bunch of guys would be more than willing to suck your dick if you just asked,” Jeremy looked into Michael’s eyes, his own hazy from the pot.

Michael didn’t squeak. Well at least that’s what he would like to tell himself. First no one should mention dick sucking around him because uhhhhh that’s just weird. Second no one should call him cute especially if that person is Jeremy Heere. “I uhhh I— I don’t knowwhyarewetalkingaboutthisrightnow?” Michael was stuttering and his words were jumbled because he was talking at the speed of light (or nearly that fast). Also his face was as red as his signature hoodie.

Jeremy’s eyes furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “What? I like didn’t catch any of that bro…”

That’s right bro, as in no homo bro, as in Jeremy is totally not in to Michael and he needs to get it through his damn head bro.  

Michael took a deep and long breath trying to calm himself from shaking too much. “What if that’s not what I want? I mean I guess that would be nice but I want something a little more than a blowjob Jeremy,” Michael couldn’t even look Jeremy in the eye, how pathetic.

Jeremy’s hand cupped Michael’s cheek and pinched it, “Michael buddy, you are like really red right now… we can like not talk about this if it makes you uncomfortable. I was just curious. It’s not like no one has ever liked you or anything.” And there was Jeremy’s hand still on Michael’s face.

Michael turned his head away and Jeremy’s hand fell, “Yeah like one guy that was most definitely a little bit of a psycho. I’d rather not be eaten alive because a guy is into that you know?” Michael’s gaze was still averted and his face felt like it was on fire.

“That’s not everyone that’s liked you. Don’t sell yourself short. There was the guy at Spencer’s! I mean who would give that big of a discount to someone on 90’s soft drinks unless he was attracted to the person…. And there was that guy that flirted with you at that one concert! He was kind of cute I guess. And I mean I know you don’t swing that way but there was the girl at 7-11 that always gave you way more than the normal amount of slushy….” Jeremy had now moved his hands to Michael’s hair, pulling at little strands trying to put them in place.

Why was Jeremy rambling? He only does that when he’s nervous and there was no reason that Michael would make him nervous. “The guy at Spencer’s wanted a deal on pot that’s why he gave me a discount. He thought he could scrounge some off me if he was nice. The guy at the concert was looking for a hook up and only picked me because I looked desperate. And like you said with the girl I don’t swing that way,” Michael grumbled looking back at Jeremy now. There was a slight tinge of pink on Jeremy’s face that confused Michael.

“Well I know there’s another guy that likes you right now. He told me himself,” Jeremy leaned in even closer (Michael didn’t think that was possible honestly).

And now Michael was freaking out even more because who would even notice Michael…. “Really?” Michael’s voice was unnaturally high and all he wanted to do was disappear into his hoodie.

Jeremy nodded eagerly, “Yeah but he’s too nervous to tell you. He thinks you’re really cute though,” Jeremy’s eyes fluttered slightly to enunciate.

“And do I actually know this person?” Michael asked with a raised eyebrow his hands now twitching because of his nerves and the excitement that someone might like him.

“Yeah I think you know him pretty well actually,” Jeremy put a hand on Michael’s chest playing with the strings of his hoodie.

Who the hell was this guy? Was Jeremy so stoned that he was making stuff up? Michael knew it wouldn’t be the first time it it wasn’t really nice this time to play with his emotions like this. “How do I know him?” He asked now weary.

“Well hmmmm you might have met him a while ago and he may be a total nerd. He’s also a stoner or at least really likes to smoke. Oh and he may be your roommate…” Jeremy said looking up from Michael’s chest to Michael’s eyes.

Michael looked at Jeremy confused,  "He’s my roommate but Jeremy you’re my….“ Michael was interrupted by Jeremy’s lips on his. Michael couldn’t move though he was frozen in fear in disbelief he didn’t kiss back because he couldn’t properly process what was actually happening.

Jeremy pulled away after a second frowning, "Sorryyoydon'tlikemeohgodMichaelIam sosorryIjustthoughtthatmaybeyoufeltthesameohgodimsosorry,” Jeremy would have kept going but it was now Michael’s turn to interrupt with a kiss.

The kiss itself was slow. Painfully slow if you asked either boy but neither of them could really believe it was happening. Jeremy was holding on to the strings of Michael’s hoodie and Michael had a hand on Jeremy’s cheek. They lasted like that for a minute or two (neither would know they’re hearts were beating so fast).

When they pulled apart Michael looked at Jeremy desperately as to see if this was some kind of joke. Of course Jeremy would never do something like that but how in the world could Jeremy like him, Michael.

But Jeremy’s face was sincere as any other time.

Bodyswap AU - Part 2 ( part 1 here )

She stared at her own body through the red lenses of the mask, her shocked brain quickly putting the pieces together.

“Vader?” she asked, the vocoder failing to convey the full extent of her incredulity. Oh yes, they had a problem indeed.

Vader simply nodded, his face a mix of gravity and lingering dazedness.

She heaved herself to her feet – a process made quite strenuous by the weight of the armor  – using both hands and legs to push herself off the ground, which, unfortunately, failed to make the exercise easier. She clenched her jaws in pain as she felt a stretch in her left shoulder, as if her flesh were about to tear itself open. She leaned against the nearest shelf, allowing herself to recover a bit before she spoke again, covering the sound of her heavy, relentless breathing and of that faint something that seemed to be playing in the back of her mind.

“I think I pulled a muscle,” she stated lamely. “What happened?”

“I do not know, Aphra, though I suspect it has to do with the holocron,” he said, picking through the crystal shards that lay scattered around him.

I told you so, an old man’s voice rang out, nearly causing her heart to spring out of her chest. She felt a cold shiver crawling up her backbone, and swallowed uneasily.

“Who’s there?” she asked, her booming voice hiding the sudden panic that had her rooted on the spot. “Who said that?”

Vader arched an eyebrow, not quite certain what she was referring to.

“Who said what?” he asked. He hadn’t heard anything, but if he was ‘her’ and she was ‘him’, in a manner of speaking, then there was only one plausible explanation: Force-ghosts.

“I told you so,” she answered. Oh. Right. Then he knew exactly who it was.

“Aphra, will you please tell that patronizing, backstabbing old goat to kindly dissipate and go haunt someone else?”

Aphra tilted her head in a questioning way – not an obvious motion by any means, but then he knew the collar to restrict such movements. His reaction may have been a little… personal. That was bound to raise questions. And if there was someone who would undoubtedly ask them, it was the nosy, boisterous woman whose body he was trapped in.

And Aphra was, indeed, bearing a perplexed look, her eyebrows knit together as she wondered what the kriff he was talking about, when the mysterious voice interrupted her train of thought with out a fatherly, yet utterly joyless chuckle, one that quickly died away to let her ponder what she had just heard. She took a few seconds to contemplate the situation and came to the conclusion that things might, perhaps, be more alarming than she had initially thought. She was several meters underground, in a vault that could crumble any minute, stormbound on this backwater Rebel rock – without a single bar or tech junkyard to hang at, mind you – trapped in someone else’s body ­– which was definitely not the most comfortable experience she had been through so far – and now, she could hear ghosts. Ghosts. Somebody pinch her. At least the spirit seemed to have taken Vader’s not-so-subtle hint.

“I think he’s gone…” she hazarded.

“No he’s not. He’s gloating in the shadows as we speak.”

“Who is he?”

“Someone you had better not trust”, he answered cryptically, his voice laced with unconcealed contempt. Vader knew that ghost well, too well for his own taste. Of that she was certain. Before she got a chance to ask what had happened between the two, a sharp beep from Beetee caused her head to swivel, with a suddenness she immediately regretted, wincing at the sudden tension of her neck muscles.

“Masters, Beetee is picking up several lifeform readings from the gallery beneath us.”


“And they seem to be heading for this level. Primary analysis suggests kinrath.”

“You mean those big, slimy, venomous spiders?”

“Indeed, Mistress, and they are getting close. I might add that their venom has fascinating properties, though I rather doubt you wish to experiment them for yourself.”

“Uh… not really, no.” She turned to look at Vader, who was busy collecting the last pieces of the holocron. “Hey boss, this place is really cool and all but how about we get going? Like… now.”

The words had barely left her mouth that a spindly, mucous appendage shot out from behind a shelf, curling around its corner. A sharp, sibilant hiss answered another one, then two, then three, and part of her could sense a ravenous hunger, simmering, growing, focusing onto them as the clamor built up.

“Oh… I have a bad feeling about this.”

Suddenly the hissing turned to a din of shrieks, and the whole of the mob sprung out of the shadows, rushing towards their prey in a furious frenzy.


Now that sounded like a plan. Aphra took to her heels but the creatures were fast, and the weight of the armor was slowing her down. She heard and felt the swarm narrowing in on her, a compact mass of kinrath now filling the corridor mere meters behind her, some crawling up the walls to outrun the stampede.

Uh oh. This is bad.

She felt a squishy mass drop down from the ceiling and right onto her head, fully occulting her vision as it latched onto her helmet and began trying to tear it off.

“A little help here?”

Vader stopped in his tracks upon hearing her call. Aphra’s body was light and surprisingly nimble, and he hadn’t realized how much of a distance he had covered until he turned to look back. Not that he could see much – the hallways were, indeed, quite dark for the bare eye – but he could see enough to know that she was far.

“Use your lightsaber!” he shouted.

“No way, I’m gonna cut my head off!” she exclaimed as more kinraths began climbing onto her.

Yes, that would be most embarrassing. But not as likely as being turned into canned kinrath food if things went on that way.

“Would you rather be eaten alive? Just do it!” he ordered, still fumbling for his blaster. Hopefully he still knew how to use one. “The lightsaber, not the head.” Obviously. “Red button.”

Everything is red!” she exploded, finally managing to throw the animal off her head.

Fair enough.

“The one on the top!” he said, aiming his blaster at the mob.

“Okay. Okay. I got this.” She ignited the weapon and began thrashing around like a … like what exactly? No matter. It seemed to be working.

“Guys you know you’re allowed to help!” she exclaimed amidst the howling of the beasts, not bothering to dodge the spider legs she sent flying around.

“Oh, but this was so entertaining…” Triple-Zero grumbled as he reluctantly turned to his companion. “Alright Beetee, you heard Mistress Aphra.”

Both droids fired in concert, until Beetee grew tired of it and aimed his flamethrower in the direction of the melee. Piercing, dissonant shrieks of agony rang out, reverberating on the walls, but they were soon silenced by Aphra’s panicked blows.

“You nearly set me on fire!” she berated the droid.

Vader bristled at the thought. Once was more than enough.

“Shall we go now?”

Aphra nodded and handed him the saber. “I’m not saying you’re a bad shot but… I think we should trade.”


They hastened the pace and quickly reached the surface, setting foot on its dry, reddish sand, so thin that every step lifted a cloud of dust. The wind had subsided to a mild, gentle breeze, and the dim light indicated it was nearly nightfall. The surroundings were calm, without a sign of life… save for the jangling tone of Aphra’s comlink – well, his comlink, which never, ever missed an occasion to disturb him at the most inconvenient of times.

“Pick it up,’ he sighed jadedly.

“Ah, Lord Vader. Glad you finally deigned to answer my calls. What is going on? I’ve been trying to reach you for hours.”

Aphra wasn’t quite sure what to respond to this.  

“I… um… nothing. I’m fine, I’m all fine now. How are you?”

Tagge’s only answer was an annoyed flick of his hand.

“You still haven’t confirmed your presence at tomorrow’s meeting. Shall I see you there?”

“Uh… I… yes?”

“Good. And I still await you report on the Anthan 13 incident. Make sure you bring the file along. Tagge out.”

The hologram flickered and quickly disappeared, and Aphra couldn’t help but voice the first thought that crossed her mind:

“Wait, I’ve got homework now?”

>part 3

anonymous asked:

What are Kisame's negative traits? Drag him for a change


Really, Kisame was in deep need of some extended counseling. Everybody’s got flaws, but this particular combination is too dangerous to leave unchecked, even by Naruto standards. 

Reasons why I used these words under the ‘read more’

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Charity Work (JB College AU)

Request: hello hon!! could i request a scenario with jaebum where you hate each other but it’s your first year in college and he’s the only one you know from high school so you have to hang out together and you end up liking each other (college AU and fluff ending?) bless you and your writing♥

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: Fluff (WARNING: smidgeon of rough language peppered in)

I eased down to sit on the steps of my dorm building and set my head in my hands. I thought I was brilliant when I decided to attend college in a completely different area from where I grew up. I could start again, reinvent myself, find myself. I never realized how lonely this road would be when I arrived. I didn’t know anyone, apparently had zero social or self marketing skills, and was at a loss. Things couldn’t get any worse. 

Until they did. 

“This is an excellent time for you to become a missing person, has that thought crossed your mind?” growled a voice above me. 

I slowly picked up my head to see the smiling face of Im Jaebum standing above me. I groaned and let my face fall back into my hands. 

JB and I had one of the most notorious feuds in our high school’s history. I had never hated anyone more than the boy standing before me. I emphasize the word boy, because he never had intentions of actually acting like a man. 

“I’m glad to see your not letting this college education get in the way of your stupidity Jaebum,” I hissed, not bothering to spare another glance at him. “What are you doing here? Feel compelled to follow me to a completely different province?”

“Yah, were you always this stupid, or are you making a special effort today?” Jaebum chuckled, plopping alongside me. “But no, I wanted to get out of that town as quickly as possible. Wasn’t big enough for me.”

“I’m surprised your parents let you come here,” I muttered. “I didn’t know they let you out on your own.”

“Look, I’m going to level with you,” JB sighed, placing his own face in his hands. “It’s a low level, but I’m going to be honest. I’m fucking lonely.”

I lifted my brows, turning my face to him. “And so?”

“As much as it pains me to admit, I haven’t been having the easiest time finding people to hang out with, and from the look of your sorry expression, I figured you were having the same issue,” he continued. “So let me, help you, and lend you my friendship until I find better options. I mean, you’ll downgrade too eventually.”

“As enticing as that sounds,” I sighed. “I think I would literally rather be eaten alive than hang out in public with you, but thanks for the offer.”

“Hmph, well the offer is there,” he said with a shrug, standing. “My charity work has been completed for the day.”

He chuckled to himself as he dug his hands deep into his pockets. 

“Yah, Jaebum!” I called out as he was about three yards away. 

He turned, lifting his eyebrows, and waited for me to speak. 

“You’re an asshole!” I yelled, pulling myself to my feet and shouldering my book bag. 

“Fuck you!” he shouted back cheerfully. 

I slammed the door to my dorm room and grumbled, locking it from the outside. I was already late for my Biology class and the conversation I had with JB from the day before still circled through my mind. Anger and mild annoyance coursed through my veins as I took hurried steps across the pavement. A charity case. He would be blessed if I considered offering him my friendship. 

As the thoughts tumbled through my mind, I halted for a moment as I heard someone sigh close behind me. I stopped, slowly turning as the footsteps stopped behind me as well. 

“You must have lost your damn mind,” I said bluntly, my eyes wide. 

“What?” JB gasped, placing a surprised hand to his chest. “Me?”

I nodded briefly as I turned completely around and crossed my arms. 

“Full offense, you must be crazy for not wanting to hang out with me,” he chuckled, shaking his head. 

“I don’t understand JB,” I said, tilting my head. “Do you want me to accept you as you are, or lie to myself and try to like you?” 

“We’re both in a shitty situation Y/N,” JB sighed. “I’m not exactly keen on the idea of hanging out with you either, but I just need someone to talk to…or in your case, listen to me talk while you try to understand.” 

“I’m not a glutton for punishment!” I gasped. “God, why would I want to hang out with you?”

JB’s cocky smile faded from his face as he looked down to the ground. “You really hate me?”

“Can’t say you’re my favorite person,” I grumbled, looking away as well. 

“We can just sit in silence…” he sighed weakly. “You don’t have to talk to me…I just…I need some sort of human contact…even from you.”

I looked at him, lifting my brows. 

“Sorry, I’ll try my hardest to not point out your shortcomings…there are a lot of them…but I’ll ignore it,” he nodded. 

I groaned, shaking my head. “No way.”

“Oh, come on!” he groaned. 

“Fine!” I gasped, throwing my hands in there. “But you have to do my biology homework for me.”

“If you write my British Lit papers we have a deal,” he nodded without skipping a beat. 

“Deal,” I spat, spinning back around. “See you at lunch.”

“This is brilliant, you’re brilliant!” JB smiled as he read over what was probably the third or fourth paper I had helped him with. In general, cheating wasn’t in my nature, so I volunteered to help him construct his papers and proofread. He, however, insisted on completing the better part of my biology homework because I would never understand it. 

“And here I thought this whole time you were nothing but a pretty face,” he chuckled, shaking his head. 

I thought I stopped breathing for a second as I looked over my notebook at him. As backhanded as the compliment was, it still was a compliment and it caught me entirely off guard. 

I had to admit, the last two months hanging out with Jaebum weren’t terrible. Of course it started out rough, but we had found our niche of casually poking fun at each other while coexisting at the same time. Plus I was passing Biology. 

“You…think I’m pretty?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“Oh come on,” he sighed, shaking his head again. “You look into the mirror every morning, you see what I see.”

My eyebrows remained lifted as I looked back down to my papers. 

“You know…” JB whispered after a few moments of silence. “I never thought when I first started university…that I would actually be friends with you.”

“If someone told me this was going to happen, I probably would have laughed at them,” I chuckled. 

“Agreed,” he nodded. I looked to his face as he licked his lips, looking down again. He heaved a deep breath as he placed his hand on top of mine. 

My eyes grew wide as I looked to my now enclosed hand and back up to his face. 

“I never thought…” he continued quietly. “That when I begged you to be my friend…I’d be thinking about begging you to be my girlfriend a few months later.”

I felt as if all of the saliva had been removed from my mouth as I tried to swallow. I coughed lightly, so caught off guard that I had no idea what to say. My eyes traced over JB’s features carefully, making note of his serious expression. He was handsome, and a pain in my ass, but surprisingly smart, funny, and caring. 

“I know that…you probably, deep down still hate me,” he muttered. “But from what I understand, there’s a fine line between love and hate…”

“For a majority of our friendship,” I sighed. “I thought you were only fluent in asshole. Imagine my surprise when you start telling me all of this.”

“Just so we’re clear, if you reject me, I can go right back to that,” he laughed. “But I mean, really who would reject me?”

“Jaebummie, your douche bag is peaking out, you might want to tuck that away while you’re trying to woo me,” I giggled, shaking my head. 

He smiled, his eyes disappearing with his lifted cheekbones. “I’m just trying to look out for you Y/N. I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.”

“Oh my god,” I groaned. “If I agree to date you, will you please stop?”

“No promises,” he grinned. “So what do you say?”

I leaned forward, my heart beating quickly in my chest. I placed a light kiss on his nose and smiled back. “Sorry Jaebum, I’d never date a guy who’d like someone like me.”

“Aigoo!” he gasped, launching across the table and grabbing my sides. “I can’t wait to make you the happiest girl on campus.”

“I said no Jaebum!” I breathed through a fit of giggles. 

Jaebum laughed as he wrapped his arms around me. “Of course you did.”

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A Camping We Will Go

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Request by: @wildlyfantasticalpaca

Prompt:  I would kill to read a fic where Josh is the chaperone on the trip and Maya just kind of shows up in his tent and he’s like “ well alright”.  I also had this thought of it being cold and maya unzipping Josh’s jacket, moving herself inside of it, and then zipping it back up. Just because you know he’d make that dopey “ I shouldn’t be okay with this but I kind of like it” face.


“Wait a minute, let me get this straight…” Maya said.  "You, Riley Matthews, are sneaking out of your tent to see a boy?“ She finished, sounding impressed.

Riley finished touching up her lip gloss then rolled her eyes at Maya and said, "No, of course not. Smackle is sneaking out to see Farkle, so Lucas is gonna come here.  That way we each get to spend some alone time with our boyfriends.   It’s perfect.” She added and clapped happily.

“Right, perfect. Except for the part where you won’t actually be alone because I’ll be here awkwardly third-wheeling it.” Maya reminded her friend.

“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.”  Riley frowned.

“It’s okay, Maya, you can come join me and Farkle.”  Smackle chimed in.  "We are going to look at the stars and discuss the history of  all of the constellations we find.“

"Yeaaaah, I don’t really do learning on school trips… or at school.”  Maya explained, rejecting the offer.

“Well, just stay here then.  It’ll be fine.”  Riley said.

“Are you kidding? I don’t wanna sit here and watch you and Ranger Rick make kissy face all night.”  Maya retorted, shivering uncomfortably at the thought.

“Maya,” Riley scolded.  "We are just gonna talk.“

"Ew, that’s even worse.”  Maya replied with a face of disgust.

Riley just shook her head at her friend and tried to hide her laugh.

After a moment, Maya sighed then continued to speak.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll just bunk with Darby and Sarah for tonight.  No worries.”


A little while later, Maya crawled out of the tent and used her flash light to make her way around the fire to the pink tent that housed Darby and Sarah.  She was halfway there, when she passed a single blue and gray tent. Recognizing the tent, Maya froze, smiled cheekily, and walked backwards until she was in front of the door to the tent.

If she had to bunk with someone else for the night, why not chaperone Boing?

Keep reading

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Would you rather be locked with 682 in a cage or locked with a canon, brutal 076 in a cage ?

076, for sure. It’s stated that he feels no pleasure in bringing people pain, he just likes to kill them. If, theoretically, they are both going to end up killing me, 76 would most likely give me a quicker, less painful death than being eaten alive or torn to shreds by the damn lizard.

Also, there isn’t even a 100% guarantee that 76 would kill me anyway since he isn’t always in his usual enraged mode….. at first, I mean.. if we’re locked in a cage then he’d get bored pretty fast haha………

either way rip me

i havent eaten breakfast yet and i manage to do this shit

i have stared at this…. thing, this fucking DEMON for like 10 solid minutes trying to come up with some single phrase to describe fucking awful this is, and i just can’t. this is easily - EASILY - the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life, and that includes the brain surgery i observed when i was in college. everyone on this site fuckin goes on and on about “cursed images” but i seriously feel like this fucking land shark is going to reach out of my computer and eat my face. if i saw a pack of these running towards me down a hill, i would do everything in my power to kill myself before they reached me. i would rather be eaten alive by rats then ever see this again. this is truly, genuinely horrible on both a physical & emotional level. all of this doesn’t even begin to cover how much i hate this fucking thing. this fucking hellhound. this goddamn long-mouthed…… fucking… fuck it. i’m not finishing this. i need to stop looking at this. fuck you

i would honestly rather be eaten alive by a demigorgon than have to deal with billy’s violent hypermasculinity at all ever like… do y'all really like this kid or is this some kind of godawful prank

anonymous asked:

Space shark is adorable and I wanna hug them... as long as I don't get eaten, I'd rather stay alive

Shes not too big on hugs and physical contact in general. So sadly no hugs, but bright side no worries about getting eaten since that would involve way too much touching.

anonymous asked:

I would be eaten alive on the forums if I posted this there, but I hate the store suggestion. If it happened I'd probably drop the game. It ruins the world-building, takes any challenge away, would force 'values' for breeds, and would make DC just like every other adoptable site. And I hate how people who like the idea go into other suggestions (like getting prize dragons or CB hybrids in ways other than raffles) and flooding them with 'I'd rather have the store' shutting down all conversation.

It bothers me a lot that there’s a growing presence in the Catholic Church that would love to see us change our teachings on sex, abortion, gender, etc., and those of us who actually believe what the Church teaches are so busy fighting with each other on Latin vs. vernacular Masses and guitar music in church that we don’t even seem to notice we’re being eaten alive. The same goes for Protestants and Catholics. We’re all squabbling over the importance of the Blessed Virgin and the semantics behind being saved by true faith when we should really be standing together to defend Christ’s body on earth. The world is a scary place. It’s getting scarier every day. I wish we would all be support for each other rather than adversaries.

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This one’s for you vomere! I hope you like it :D


“Everyone we know is dead!”

“You don’t know that!”

“They might as well be, cause you ain’t ever gonna see them again!”

She had told him that he didn’t know… how could he? If the two of them were alive, the two of them being the last ones to leave the prison, then there had to be hope for the others… right? They couldn’t be the last people out there. That was what she had told Daryl, what she told herself as she hugged him while he cried. It was what she told herself every day after she woke up and before she went to sleep. When they cooked a rabbit over the fore or caught a fish from a river. Every day they kept going on, without seeing another living person, and every day the words seemed less convincing in her own head.

It had been a week since the cabin. Daryl was sound asleep, Beth keeping watch and tending to the fire. Everything was harder for Beth when Daryl was asleep, when she was alone, but it wasn’t like he could be awake all the time. The fire was almost out now, Beth thought about just letting it go out, but from the corner of her eye she saw Daryl shiver. It was just a little, something he wouldn’t have allowed himself to do if he had been awake, but it was enough that Beth got up to get more wood. Taking her gun with her, Beth began gathering sticks and twigs.

Beth had to stop herself from crying out in surprise when she almost ran into a walker hanging from a tree. She hadn’t seen it, having her flashlight pointed to the ground in search of possible firewood. It was a woman, or had been in woman when she was alive. In fact, from the features that had yet to rot, Beth would say that she would have looked a lot like Maggie. The thought of her sister brought a pain to her chest, like someone had reached in and squeezed her heart. What if her sister was dead? 

I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I’m not Michone, I’m not Carol, I’m not Maggie… I survived and you don’t get it ‘cause I’m not like you or them. But I made it. And you don’t get to treat me like crap just because you’re afraid!

That conversation felt like it had happened a life time ago. Where did that faith, that spirit she once had run off to? Was she just like the walker dangling from the tree, had she now run out of hope. The gun in her holster now felt like it weighed a ton, so much power in something so small… Could she even do it? Could she end her own life? The thought had crossed her mind when she saw her mother and brother leave the barn, only to have their heads blown open. But at the time she still had her father and sister, so she carried on. But now… now she had nothing.

Dropping the pile of sticks in her arms, she took the gun from its holster. With one well-placed bullet she put down the walker. Now that the gun was in her hands, the idea of killing herself seemed… seemed so easy. She couldn’t leave Daryl all alone… or could she? She had told him he would be the last man standing, she truly did believe that. If anything, Beth was probably just holding him back. If she killed herself he wouldn’t have to worry about protecting her, he could travel faster and easier…

It was settled. Saying a prayer, Beth raised the gun to her head, the barrel resting against her temple. On the count of three, she told herself. One… two… th-

So just like that, no goodbye or nothin’?”

Spinning around, Beth found herself face to face with Daryl. His chest rose and fell quickly, his crossbow clutched in his hands.


“Don’t,” he growled. “Just don’t. What happened to those big words you had back at the cabin, huh? That you made it, after everything, you made it. And this-” like a snake, his arm shot out and grabbed the gun, ripping it from her hand. “this is how you are going to go? Like some coward?”

“You don’t get it-”

“No you don’t get it Beth!” he yelled, leaning into her, his face inches from hers. “You can’t just come into someone’s life… turn it upside down, change them… then leave without a word!”

“It’s just so pointless! We just keep going and going, for what? We’re living for the sake of living! I mean, look at her! She doesn’t have to worry about starving, watching people she cares about die, or being eaten alive… I’d rather do it this way, so it would be my choice! Then it would be over! You and me… we’re all alone against a world of those things,” she said, gesturing towards the dead walker. “I don’t want to be gutted… I wanna go. Tonight,”

She expected him to yell at her some more, to drag her back to their camp, to do something. What he did do, was the last thing she would have ever expected.

“Ok,” he said, his voice soft.


“I said ok. If this is what you want… if after everything we- everything you have been through you want to end it like this… then I’m not going to stop you,” he slung the crossbow over his shoulder, taking a step towards Beth. Gently, he placed his hand on her shoulder. “Dale made a decision for Andrea, a decision that wasn’t his to make. I don’t think she ever really forgave him for that… I’m not going to stop you. If you are going to live, it has to be your choice,” he handed the gun back to Beth, taking her in one last time before turning away. “The pain doesn’t go away, you just make room for it,” he added, and headed back to the camp.

She watched him leave until his form disappeared into the night. Glancing down at her hands, she looked at the gun, thinking long and hard about what she was going to do. Finally, she made up her mind.


Daryl was furious with himself. What was he thinking? Letting Beth make that decision for herself… at the time he thought it was the right thing to do. He thought he was being noble, letting her make the decision for herself. Now he was wishing he would have thrown her over his shoulder and brought her back to the camp. He’d tie her to a tree so she couldn’t do anything to herself.

The sound of a gun going off broke the silence. Tears were spilling from his eyes before he could stop them, a sob escaping his lips. One of his hands fisted it’s self in his hair, the other clutching at the grass. She was gone… he didn’t know what he expected. Maybe that he would be enough for her, that she would decide that traveling with him was enough of a reason to keep on going. But no… when having to pick between him or death, she chose death. And just like that, Daryl lost the most amazing person he had ever met.

You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone Daryl Dixon.

She would never know how right she had been.

“Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to help me with this deer?”

Daryl looked up and was shocked to find Beth standing just a few yards away, dragging a dead dear behind her. Blood was pouring from a bullet hole in its head.

“Beth-” he started, only to find himself lost for words.

“I couldn’t just leave you here alone,” she said, dropping the deer and walking over to him. “You’d be a mess without me,” she teased.

“Yeah,” He used his sleeve to wipe at his face, getting rid of any tears that may have been there. “Yeah I would.”

He got up and stood in front of her, looking down at her, into her big blue eyes. She was here, in front of him, alive. She chose to live, and he had never felt more grateful for anything in his entire life. After all, he would have missed her so bad if she was gone.

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:) so why are you pro gun?? since so many people are arguing, but there's not a lot of explanation going on lol

I’m pro gun for a variety of reasons which complexly build upon each other because of my natural personality, upbringing, and values.

By the way, did you know Switzerland had a 1 in 4 gun ownership rate, many of which are machine guns?

1. Culture. I was raised in very progun rural North Carolina. Of course I grew up fine with guns because I was around them and people who owned them all the time. No one ran around shooting each other, no one threatened to shoot each other. I grew up being very comfortable with guns in part because of my culture. I know people who won’t even touch a gun because they are so afraid. This is not me.

2. Upbringing. I think I shot my first gun when I was 5. I remember solidly my dad telling my not to point it at anyone if I didn’t want to kill them, even if the gun was unloaded. In retrospect, I realize I was trained with a gun at a young age, but it didn’t feel like training. Growing up, I assumed you had to be an idiot to leave guns lying around. As a kid, I heard a few stories about kids getting shot on accident by other kids, and while I was saddened, I was no more saddened than when I heard stories about kids falling out of windows and dying. I also figured as a child that if parents are dumb enough to leave these dangerous tools around they weren’t fit to be parents and I blamed the parents in some cases.

3. Value judgements. The people who shoot each other do so because of culture and upbringing, by and large. I judged the characters heavily of people who shot each other when it wasn’t out of self defense, and I resolved that if I was on the receiving end of a person like that, I also wanted to have a gun, because I will fight rather than die.

4. Present situations. As I stated earlier, I live in New Hampshire. We have mountain lions, giant moose and bears. While we haven’t had to shoot anything, we are aware those animals are on our property. I feel very safe camping when we have a gun, and I also feel safe being outside. I would never shoot an animal just because I saw it, only if it attacked. Growing up (yes, going back to past influences) I read stories about hikers and campers mauled or eaten alive by bears. It traumatized me. I am more okay with being shot than I am being eaten by a grizzly bear and my parents having to see those remains.

5. Paranoia. I grew up reading about stories that were occupied by armies or armed forces. I am very aware this can happen in America, even if it’s unlikely. All I know is I would like to go down with a fight. This is a personal value of mine and I don’t expect people to agree with me on this. If there’s ever a situation where I will need a gun, I want the opportunity to have one.

6. Economics. You guys probably don’t know this, but gun running is in fact a thing, and it’s a very dangerous business. Just as drugs are trafficked in and around America, so can guns. If someone from Mexico can come across with a kilo of the finest ganja, I’d be willing to bet they’re okay running guns in.

7. Feasibility. A lot of people think we can outright band guns. We can’t. There is no way to completely take away or ban all guns. Many people will never give up their guns in America. Much bloodshed would ensue over this. Probably much more than the present rate of bloodshed. Even if that didn’t happen, people will find a way to get their hands on guns in America. Many people reference strict “nanny states” and how they don’t have guns. They also have homogenized culture and a strict police force. you guys don’t like cops now? They would need to be everywhere to protect citizens without guns.

In closing, this is specifically related to American gun politics and my personal views. I don’t expect or want England or France to adopt pro gun policies. I don’t care enough. Those countries have different dynamics and cultures.