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Totalled my car yesterday. I am incredibly sore, bruised, scraped, and stressed. I can’t seem to win for losing. I also may be doing a transfer in order to keep my job, and I have mixed feelings about that, because I love the store I am at, as well as the people, and, even though I know people at the store I would be going to. It’s mostly because I can walk to this store from my house in about 20 minutes that I have even asked.

I had my first major panic attack in quite a while yesterday too. And this is getting me worked up again, because I fear changes like this, because every manager has their quirks, and, until I figure them out, I tread extremely carefully.

At least nobody was seriously injured, and I have been in a worse wreck.

I have hidden myself in my writing. I wrote my first piece of smut, started Part Seven of Chicken Pox, and am working on a few more vignettes for my family AU, as well as Chapter Nine of What Was, Is, and Will Be.

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

“You can feel in the streets that everyone is worried. We come from a very small town. The engine of our entire economy is a candy factory, and people are getting laid off. I don’t like my job. I package the candies and I have to stay indoors all day. When I was younger, I would think about quitting. My bags were always packed. But everything changes when you feel a small hand gripping your finger. Now I’m terrified of losing my job. Every morning we have a routine. Whenever I don’t feel like going to work, he says ‘come here,’ and he gives me a hug, and that changes me. He’s my battery charger.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

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ayoo! can i request bts reacting to seeing their s/o experiencing a severe case of sleep paralysis? thankss (by severe i mean like 2-6 times in a night and occasionally mumbling words of distress and stuff lolol) !¡

A/N: ayee, lol. Sure thing! Hopefully we did an okay job of describing what would happen in a situation like this, since Sar and I didn’t know much about sleep paralysis. We apologize if it wasn’t quite accurate, but we hope you still like it! ♡

- ❤Kat & Sar💖

BTS Reacts To Your Sleep Paralysis

Jungkook: He would come home late one night from practice. He’d walk into the bedroom and just hear you mumbling in your sleep. Thinking that it was just a simple dream he wouldn’t worry about it. But once he laid down next to you, he’d become really worried and scared, not knowing what was wrong. He’d stroke your hair hoping to calm you down. Once you’d relaxed and fallen back asleep, he would lay there, feeling so sad and helpless because he couldn’t do anything to help you. Before he drifted off to sleep, he would kiss your head. “I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t help you. I’d do anything if it meant you not having to go through this. I love you Y/N. It’s all going to be okay. I promise you.” Bringing his thoughts out into the open, he finally falls asleep, dreaming of your beautiful smile and vowing to make you smile everyday for the rest of your lives. 

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Jimin: You would be having an episode in the middle of the night, whimpers of fear escaping from you, no matter how hard you tried to keep quiet. Jimin would stir awake, still groggy before realizing what’s happening. “Shh…shhh….It’s okay Y/N. Please don’t cry I’m here.” His voice would become shaky as the tears he held in started to fall from his eyes. He’d rock you back and forth in his arms until you’d fall back asleep. “I’ve got you baby. Don’t worry. I’ll always be here.“ 

Taehyung: He’d be scared. Taehyung has never been good with words and this is one of the times where he would give anything to be able to talk to you. To make you understand how he cares. When you’d start to mumble and squirm around in your sleep before awaking in fear, he’d pull you close. His hand would hold the back of your head and pull it into the chest that you’ve found so comforting before. His other hand would be placed on your lower back, pulling you as close as possible to him. Taehyung would hope that you’d be able to understand what he’s trying to say. Soon enough you’d fall back asleep, feeling safe encompassed by his arms; the warmth they bring keeping you safe through the entire night.

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Hoseok: You’re the light of his life, so coming back from practicing his new solo dance to find you crying out in your sleep would shake him to the core. He’d run over to you, pulling you up, trying to get you to calm down and realize that everything’s okay. “Hey, hey it’s okay baby! I’m here I’m here, you have nothing to worry about!” Not knowing what else to do, he’d start doing his usual aegyo faces, along with the noises. Hobi would continue to do this until your tears would stop and he’d see the beautiful smile he loves so much start to spread across your face. “There’s my beautiful girl! Don’t worry! I’ll always be here to make you happy! Because I love you so much!” With that said he’d pull you down with him, placing a quick kiss on your lips before running his hand up and down your back until you’d fall back to sleep.

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Namjoon: All the members always joke about Namjoon knowing everything. But when he’d realize what was happening to you, he would feel completely stupid and helpless. He wouldn’t know what to do to help you through this, so Namjoon would sit up and pull your head to his lap, stroking your hair hoping to sooth you back to sleep. Once he was positive you were asleep, he’d stay up long after researching what he could do to help you and hoping to find something to make you feel better. “I promise Y/N, if this happens again I’ll know what to do to comfort you. Trust me baby, you’ll never feel alone going through this again. I’m here. And I’m never leaving.”

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Yoongi: Yoongi has told you before that he’s never been good at expressing his emotions or what he truly feels. But seeing the love of his life crying out in fear after waking up in the middle of the night unable to move, he cracks. Yoongi would do anything for you, even pour his heart out to make you feel safe. He’d pull you closer to him, cuddling you. “It’s okay baby. I’m here for you. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll always be here for you, I promise. I’ll always protects you Y/N. You know I love you.” With him whispering this over and over to you, you’re able to fall back asleep, a small smile on your face knowing that Yoongi never breaks his promises.

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Seokjin: Being the awkward mom that he is, Jin would be secretly panicking. He’d be spitting out anything that came to mind. “I’m here Y/N. I love you! Shhh it’s okay, I’m here, please don’t cry. I’ve got you. I promise.” When he noticed nothing changing he would become even more anxious until one of his dad jokes came out. When he noticed you stop and sniffle, he’d keep telling you bad jokes and puns until your tears were dry and your whimpers were non existent. Jin would pull you in for a quick kiss before playfully saying, “I knew you loved my jokes,” before laying down with you. After all his “bad” puns, you’d be exhausted and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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Mr Styles.

[Not an AU, set throughout 2014]

Harry enjoys the finer things in life; the fine dining, the fine wine, and fine entertainment. He’s takes a liking to a waitress in his favourite Mayfair restaurant, making sure to ask for her every time. She gives him excellent service, he gives her excellent tips in return. The tips don’t quite cut it though and she finds herself with a second job to cover her time at university in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Harry discovers her second job in a less than chaste circumstance and makes an offer she can’t resist.

“If my boss catches me, he’ll haul me in to the kitchen and throw my hand in the deep fat fryer.”

17.5k // Daddy kink-lite, if I could even call it that.

Be nice.

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I feel more alive than I ever have before. In 3x07 ALL of Caitlin and Barry’s scenes were a work of art. I loved how Danielle Panabaker played Killer Frost. She was so real, honest and sexy. She played her differently from Earth 2 version. This Killer Frost was more broken and dejected from life whereas the other one was just a straight up killer. Something tells me that this isn’t the last time we are going to see her. I’m so grateful for everything! The Snowbarry moments! The Flashfrost kiss! The scenes in the pipeline. Barry has so much love for Caitlin to trust her with his life. I’ve never scene Grant so into the scenes as he was in that episode. Even the way Barry punched out Julian was great! Barry quit his job to protect Caitlin! There is so much love between them I can’t breathe. Writers, I wish you would write more episodes like this. Make. Snowbarry. Endgame.
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smut: first time with jeonghan and hes rly sweet and the next morning he treats u like a princess

I… might have emphasized the sweetness A LITTLE BIT rip this was so fun to write thank you ♥ I didn’t quite get to finish this as soon as I had hoped I would, but it’s finally here! Sorry for the wait, I hope you all like this!

The day had been like practically every other one. You’d exchange good morning texts with your boyfriend Jeonghan, spend your day studying and meet up in the evening when you were out of your part-time job. Sometimes you’d take the bus to Jeonghan’s place or he’d drive to yours, or like that particular Friday, he’d pick you up with his car and drive you wherever you wanted to go, his hand occasionally moving from the steering wheel to hold yours.

You smiled when you saw the familiar car parked by your workplace, and it was only then that you got a text saying “I’m here”. Feeling playful, you grinned and left the text unanswered - Jeonghan jumped visibly when you simply rushed to the car and opened the door on the passenger’s seat in order to get in.

“I didn’t think you were that close,” he laughed with his hand on his chest as a sign that he was surprised, and leaned in to kiss you gently when you had closed the door and were about to put the seatbelt on. You froze for a second to reply to the kiss, licking your lips afterwards with a grin.

“I just thought I’d surprise you a little,” you hummed, putting the seatbelt on and letting out a sigh. Jeonghan started the car and looked at you from the corner of his eye, his hand rubbing your thigh comfortingly for a moment before he’d take off.

“Was work tough?” he asked, and you shrugged - the hours had been busy and stressful, so in that sense it really had been tough, but it had still also felt somehow… nice? Jeonghan nodded as you explained, and at the end you asked him about his day and he shared you some nice tidbits, some of which made you frown and some of which made you giggle. Jeonghan asked where you wanted to go, and after a mere second of thought you decided on his place, and not much later were you reaching the parking lot of the apartment building he lived in.

You walked to his apartment, which he shared with a couple of roommates whom you had gotten to know a little during your five-month relationship, with your hands linked and swaying between you with almost every step.

“Has someone cleaned up?” you asked in surprise upon entering the apartment, immediately taking note that the usually rather messy place was suddenly very much in order. Jeonghan nodded while toeing his shoes off.

“Mingyu got tired of the mess and decided that it was time to do something about it,” he said cheerfully, and you squinted your eyes in amusement.

“He tricked you guys into cleaning up with him, didn’t he?”

Jeonghan snickered. “Yup.”

You shrugged and took your shoes off, stretching your back a little afterwards, since it was left rather stiff after the long day. “That’s only fair, though, considering there’s four of you living here.”

“Yeah, it is,” Jeonghan agreed and turned to look at you, slowly melting into a warm smile. “Wanna order food and chill? The others won’t be home for tonight, so it’s just you and me.”

Feeling your stomach grumble at the mere mention of food, you nodded with the cutest pout Jeonghan had ever witnessed. “Yes, please.”

You went through the numerous restaurant menus the guys had stuck to their fridge door and picked one that you both liked, quickly finding what you wanted to get and placing the order just as quickly. As you waited for the delivery person to arrive, you took comfortable positions on the living room couch and turned the TV on. That was rather unnecessary, though, considering that you had barely even started paying attention to what was on the screen when Jeonghan was pressing closer to you, his hand resting on your thigh, and you found yourself kissing him, drawn in by the warmth of his body and the pleasant scent of his cologne.

At first you merely gave him some pecks on his lips and got similar ones back, your fingers tangling into his black hair, but it didn’t take you too long to be massaging his tongue with yours, pulling him closer to you and slowly climbing to sit on his lap, with his hands on your butt as you made out. Right when you could feel his fingers by the waistband of your jeans, about to slide in a little, you heard the doorbell ring and jumped, quickly getting up from Jeonghan’s lap. He snickered and followed you up, his cheeks flushed (you knew yours were, too) and his hand lingering on your waist as he grabbed his wallet on his way to the door and, a moment later, returned to you with the food you had ordered.

You ate while watching the TV, and were glad to see that there was still some food left after you were done. Having planned to stay for the night, which Jeonghan was well aware of, it was almost relieving to know that you had something ready to eat the next day, too.

Once you were all fed and content, you took a look at the time and decided to move to the bedroom. Neither of you quite had sleeping as the first plan, but you knew that eventually you’d end up dozing off next to each other. Before that, however, you had some unfinished business.

Lying down on the bed, you and Jeonghan slowly began continuing the earlier makeout session. He took a comfortable position next to you and stroked your hair out of your face, smiling sweetly down at you as you looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“Hey, beautiful,” he whispered, his voice low and his breath smelling faintly of the coke he had just drunk, and you merely ran your fingers through his hair that he had just recently cut shorter.

“Hello, handsome,” you grinned at him and pulled him down for a kiss that he immediately replied to, bringing one of his hands to your waist as his lips moved against yours, and you could already feel that there was something in the air that was very different from most nights.

Jeonghan’s lips were almost as soft against yours as the mattress was under your body. The kisses you were giving each other were long, sweet ones that almost made your toes curl, and you could feel your fingers almost involuntarily grabbing a hold of the white t-shirt he was wearing.

He smiled against your lips and stroked your hair as he pulled away from the kiss, rolling over so that he was on his back and you were lying on top of him. You looked into his eyes, a rather… new kind of a feeling bubbling inside of you. Damn, had he always looked so good? So irresistible, so… hot?

“What are you thinking?” he asked with a grin and squeezed your thighs, his voice quiet as he tried not to ruin the moment you were having in the darkness of his room, with only the street lights giving you the smallest amount of light. You swallowed and slowly dragged your forefinger down Jeonghan’s chest.

“I think you can guess,” you muttered shyly, not yet quite confident in putting it into words. You wanted him and you knew he wanted you, but… you had never discussed it. You’d just let the whole topic of sex be - you had yet to have the classic conversation where you’d tell each other if you were ready to have sex and assure each other that you’d wait as long as needed if that was the case. You’d just waited for the right moment, so to speak, and for it to become relevant, such as when Jeonghan had tentatively asked for a handjob during a makeout session and you had, after some consideration and talking, given him one. Admittedly, his face when he orgasmed was out of this world, and you were just as amazed during the other two times you had given him a handjob. And now you were there, burning to touch him more, and even more intensely so, burning for him to touch you more than he had up til then.

Jeonghan’s grin got a more mischievous, teasing hint to it, and he lightly rubbed your nose with his, the cuteness of the gesture contrasting with the words he let out right after. “You want to have sex with me, don’t you?”

You let out a shaky sigh and slid your thumb along his jawline, brushing by his pink lips. “I really do.”

“Good thing that that’s mutual.” Jeonghan’s voice sounded a lot deeper than usual, and the tone sent tingles down your spine. Your imagination picked up the pace at which it was going to places, and by the time you thought about how it would feel to have Jeonghan grinding against you with absolutely no clothes separating your most sensitive areas, you almost moaned as you bucked against his thigh that was now between your legs, with you lying on top of him. He chuckled and stroked your hair. “I’ll be good to you, baby.”

“I know,” you whispered, staring into Jeonghan’s eyes warmly. “I trust you.”

He gave you a soft smile and leaned in for a kiss, his hands gently running up your back, lifting your shirt a little in the process. Just when you were about to move to help him get it off, Jeonghan let the hem fall back down and chuckled. “We won’t go that fast.”

You rolled your eyes and giggled against Jeonghan’s lips, shaking your head a little. “Okay.”

Jeonghan took his time warming you up, first spending a good while just continuing the slow making out with you on top of him before utterly gently rolling the two of you over again and hovering above you, his eyes inspecting your face with care so that he could be absolutely certain you weren’t feeling any level of uncomfortable.

“You don’t need to be this careful, you know,” you smiled, your cheeks flushed and your hair a mess against the pillow under your head. Jeonghan shook his head and gave you a peck on your neck.

“I know, but I want to,” he mumbled, leaning down to trail kisses along your neck and collarbones while allowing his hands to slowly slide up underneath your shirt, bringing the hem up as they went. “Don’t worry, I know when to stop.”

You would only understand the meaning behind his words some time later; at that moment you focused solely on how blood was rushing to your core and how badly you were itching to get out of your jeans, while Jeonghan started kissing his way up from the waistband of your jeans, to the tops of your breasts when he had gotten your shirt off. Letting out a content sigh, you stroked his hair and arched your back a little as the sensitive skin of your breasts was kissed for the very first time.

Jeonghan smiled and ran his hands down your bare sides, only to go back up to your bra. Your breathing got a bit faster at the excitement, and Jeonghan waited a moment to see if everything was still okay, which it most definitely was. You looked at Jeonghan with your eyebrow raised expectantly and your lips curved into a rather shy smile.

“You want me to take it off?” Jeonghan asked, looking almost surprised, and you nodded. He grinned and gave you a soft kiss, during which he got his hands behind your slightly raised back and unhooked your bra, slowly sliding the straps down your arms. Backing away to take a look at you as you put the bra aside, Jeonghan shook his head, his eyes big and appreciative. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

“You always say that,” you muttered, cheeks heating up at his words and the general newness of the situation, and Jeonghan leaned closer to kiss you again, one of his hands placed on your waist and slowly moving up and towards your breast, which made your breathing grow heavier.

“And I always mean it,” he whispered against your lips, cupping your breast gently, his hand shaking a little when you moaned into the kiss and pressed into his touch. He was getting aroused steadily, and hearing your moan after all the times he had spent imagining what it could sound like (because it kind of happened to be you in his mind whenever he was jerking off) only made him grow harder faster, just like you were getting wetter with every light touch of his hands and lips.

Your clothes came off one by one at a slow pace, and every time a piece came off you’d both just take a moment to take in the newly revealed skin. Your eyes would linger on his broad chest, which you had already seen numerous times but would never get enough of, as well as his firm legs and the way his erection was showing through his boxers, and his eyes would linger on your legs and hip bones, not to mention your core when you opened your legs a little, inviting him for another set of heated kisses.

Jeonghan swallowed hard, feeling his cock twitch at the sight he thought to be one of the most beautiful things he had witnessed during the 21 years of his life, and leaned down, his bulge pressing against your wetness as his lips swallowed the moans you let out at the contact. You wrapped your arms around his neck while kissing him, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he grinded into you slowly, the fabric of his boxers getting wet with your anticipation, and you whined as you felt yourself get more sensitive.

Some moments later, Jeonghan pulled back, breathing heavily, and looked down at you in a daze as he sat up, and you got up with him.

“I don’t have a condom…” he mumbled, looking visibly troubled, but he brightened up quickly, which made you raise an eyebrow. “Jun probably won’t mind if I take one of his.”

“Are you sure?” you asked, definitely not sure yourself, and got back a bubbly laugh from your boyfriend, who just waved his hand in the air as a sign of it being fine.

“He’s got one of those family packs with like, a hundred or two, I don’t think he’ll notice one missing,” he said while snickering and, with his now fully hard cock straining in his boxers in a way that had you tingling all over, left the room to get the rubber from Jun’s room that was right next to his.

You bit your lip when Jeonghan returned to his room, opening the wrapper of the condom while walking, and you couldn’t help but stare at his front, taking in the outline of his cock, which had you squeezing your thighs together. While you were utterly nervous, you were also excited beyond words, and a lot of the nervousness was calmed down when Jeonghan moved his eyes from the condom to your eyes and gave you a soft smile.

Walking up to you and sitting down next to you on the bed, Jeonghan stroked your leg slowly. “Are you nervous?”

“A little,” you admitted, suddenly feeling very aware of the fact that you were naked, and covered yourself a bit. Jeonghan chuckled and gave you a peck on your temple.

“It’ll be alright,” he said quietly, moving away to remove his boxers and smirking when he saw you staring at his cock as soon as it was free. “Like what you see?”

You nodded absentmindedly, your brows furrowing as you moaned silently when Jeonghan gave himself a couple of slow strokes, drawing them out and grunting when his fingers reached the sensitive tip, pre-cum pooling at the slit. He licked his lips and put the condom on before turning to you, his eyes portraying the most inviting mix of love and desire, and you found yourself wrapping your arms around Jeonghan’s neck as you lay down again, shivering when his cock rubbed against your swollen clit.

“Oh, God,” you whispered against Jeonghan’s lips, bucking your hips against him a little. He was unable to deny just how much it turned him on to see, feel and know that you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you. You were wet and definitely into it, and he was more than determined to make your first time memorable in the best way possible.

“Is it okay if I…” Jeonghan’s voice trailed off towards the end of his question, but you could easily guess the continuation of it, and just nodded, your heart beating fast inside of your chest at the anticipation. He gave you a couple more of sweet kisses before getting up on his knees and moving his hands gently on your thighs and sides, caressing your breasts in the process, before sliding a finger up and down your slit, finally easing it inside of you slowly. He pumped the first finger in a couple of times, which alone had you moaning, and soon joined it with a second finger, and as time passed, a third, going at the pace you set, whether you knew or not; he read your expressions carefully and could also feel when you were feeling relaxed enough for him to add a digit. Once you were more or less a moaning mess, Jeonghan pulled his fingers out, and after giving you a couple of long kisses aligned the tip of his cock with your entrance.

You bit your lip at the mere feeling of that, and Jeonghan frowned momentarily, but once he noticed that nothing was wrong, he pushed the slightest bit in. Your breath hitched at the intrusion and your lips opened in a silent gasp, and Jeonghan squeezed his eyes shut at how tight you were. He pulled back out and pushed back in, this time a little more than the first time, and did this at a slow pace until he could slide in fully without your face crunching up too much.

Once he had bottomed out, Jeonghan remained in place and leaned down again, caressing your cheek with his hand and kissing you on your jaw. “Take your time, baby.”

You nodded, your eyes shut tightly and your lips chewing on your lower lip as you still got used to Jeonghan inside of you. Eventually you opened your eyes and brought one hand to his broad shoulder, the other finding its way to his hair. “I love you, Jeonghan.”

His laugh sounded almost nervous as he kissed your lips and rubbed your hip bone comfortingly. “I love you, too, Y/N.”

Taking that as a sign to move, Jeonghan began thrusting slowly. He took his time, peppering the skin of your neck and chest with soft kisses as he moved his hips, drawing out every movement back and forth. Your breathing was heavy and your legs were shaky as you wrapped them around Jeonghan’s waist, and a quiet moan left your lips when the pleasure of him moving inside of you finally hit you.

“Wow,” you gasped, your fingers digging into his shoulder, and Jeonghan grunted quietly against your neck when he felt you clench around him.

“Does it feel good?” Jeonghan asked, his voice rather unsteady as his hips bucked into you and one of his hands moved to your chest to massage one of your breasts, and you let out an almost whiny “Uhhuh”.

“Really good,” you sighed contently, finding yourself instinctively starting to move your hips in time with Jeonghan’s slow thrusts, moaning both at the feeling of that as well as his fingers rolling your nipple between them.

And that was when you remembered his words, “I know when to stop”, because when he felt you move against himself, Jeonghan picked up his pace a little, throwing away some of his earlier carefulness. He was by no means rough, but he didn’t really act like you were porcelain anymore, either, and you mewled quietly at the suddenness of it.

“You feel so good, baby,” he grunted in your ear, moving his hand away from your breast so that he could take your hand off his shoulder and interlace your fingers instead. You could only nod a little, holding his hand tightly with yours as you felt your orgasm starting to build up inside of you slowly. From some great nights alone you knew that just having something (which had until then been nothing more than one or two fingers of your own) inside of you wouldn’t get you over the edge, so you tried to collect your thoughts so that you could actually put words together.

“Can you– ah– my clit,” you asked, moaning loudly in the middle of your question when you felt Jeonghan brush past a particularly pleasurable spot inside of you that had you arching your back. He didn’t answer, instead kissing you sweetly as his hand left yours, and soon brought his thumb to your clit, rubbing slow, gentle circles into it. Your moans rose in pitch at a steady pace and he could feel your hand holding his hair more and more tightly, as well as your hips bucking against his with less and less coordination and your core clenching around him steadily. “Jeonghan, I’m going to–”

Jeonghan gave you a deep, well-angled thrust that threw you over the edge with a desperate cry against his lips, and with your pussy milking his cock, he continued thrusting into you at the previous slow, sensual pace until he came into the condom.

The rest of the night was a bit of a haze for you, with the two of you falling asleep almost immediately after you had cleaned up a little, Jeonghan spooning you while nuzzling his face into your neck, the both of you whispering loving words to each other as you caressed each other’s hands.

The first thing you could register when you woke up was that Jeongan’s fingers were stroking your hair slowly, his other arm around you loosely as he looked down at you with adoring eyes. “Good morning, sweetheart. Are you feeling okay?”

“Good morning,” you smiled blissfully, leaning up to kiss Jeonghan gently, the dull ache between your legs reminding you of the previous night, which made you blush a little. “…A little achy, but very good.”

Jeonghan’s face fell and you rushed to tell him that it wasn’t anything too bad, and he sighed in relief, hugging you close. “How would a bath and breakfast sound?”

Only then realizing just how sweaty and greasy you were, you grimaced and nodded. “Perfect.”

Jeonghan got up, and before you had had enough time to as much as think about getting up, he was scooping you up bridal style and carrying you to the nearest bathroom of the two that their apartment had.

“Hey,” you giggled, kicking your feet in the air weakly, and Jeonghan laughed brightly.

“A princess deserves treatment worthy of one,” he hummed, only letting you down when he had reached the bath tub in the bathroom. You rolled your eyes and turned the tap on, giggling again when you felt Jeonghan’s hands on your waist and his lips on your neck.

“I’m sweaty,” you muttered in weak protest, closing your eyes that still felt heavy, and Jeonghan shook his head.

“That makes two of us,” he murmured against your skin, caressing your back with his hands. You snickered and shrugged, admitting that that was true.

The bath was pleasant, with lots of bubbles flying around and giggles by both of you as you played with the foam and washed each other’s backs (although Jeonghan also insisted on washing your chest), and afterwards Jeonghan carried you to the kitchen with what you thought was the softest towel ever wrapped around you. He made you pancakes, with only his own dark blue towel hanging on his hips while you observed and chatted with him, occasionally taking a look at the time, wondering when his roommates would start getting home - naturally, you hoped that wouldn’t be anytime soon.

Both of you froze when you heard the apartment door open, and soon saw Jun by the kitchen door. He clicked his tongue, grinning mischievously while raising his eyebrows.

“I assume I should be glad I wasn’t here last night?” he asked with a playful wink, and your flushed cheeks were enough of an answer for him. You wanted to bury yourself under a rock for two reasons: for one, Jun now knew more about your intimate life than you wanted him to, and for two, all you had on was a towel.

Jeonghan, however, merely sing-sang cockily. “Oh, Junhui, you have no idea.”

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Would it be appropriate to ask about turnover rate at a job interview? I had to leave my last job because employees quit so often, and as the only consistent one they gave me way more work than I could handle as a full-time student, and I'd like to avoid a similar problem at my next job.

You can ask, but instead of talking about problems you had at your previous job, frame it in a way so that you let the employer know you’re looking for a job with long-term potential.


Been wanting to do a ‘fancy’ portrait series, so I’m experimenting with this in between meshing…Still got a few tweaks to do but I was excited and had to share.

Ashitaro from deviantart was so spot on with the face in this ‘tatooed princess’, I borrowed it to start the series. He did such a good job! I couldn’t find a model quite like her, it’s just too perfect.

Anyways, thought this would look great on a sims wall with that big gold frame…

And yes, I know she’s not Disney but most others in the set will be. That’s why the hashtag is there. 

Like for real, you’re going to tell the Scottish person their 100 year old Scottish scone recipe that’s been quite literally handed down through their family in the original recipe book, that their traditional recipe isn’t accurate?

Tell me, I’m interested, how did you imagine this conversation would go in your head? 🙃

Reasons why Soldier is a lot nicer than you think:

A lot of people headcanon Soldier as being 100% angry all the time and discriminating and mean to people but I would like you to re-evaluate your evidence because Soldier is actually a giant sweetheart and he just takes his job seriously. 

Yeah he might be ignorant because of the time period but he’s actually quite a nice person. LOOK AT HIM WHEN HE’S WATCHING SCOUT TRY AND WOO MISS PAULING:

WOULD ANGRY MEAN FANDOM SOLDIER DO THAT? Nah man he’s sitting there smiling like “omg look its romance its so cute Scout you should call her round thats a total compliment” (also bonus spy right there cuz lol he’s horrified)

Also notice the way he treats Miss Pauling in the beginning of Expiration Date. He has the most DORKY looking smile on his face as he tells her he’s leaving the van.  



Look at the innocent baby. Yeah he beats up on Scout but I think he just beats up on guys cuz yknow, aggressive man stuff. He’s just wrestling with his bros. Soldier is a lot less angry and brooding than you think. 

Love him and treat him like a kitten. 

I fail to see how further dereliction of duty by quitting and becoming a monk or something would be redemptive for Jaime, but rectifying his mistake of fifteen years ago by getting his ass up and doing his damn job as Lord of Casterly Rock is not. 

Y'all, really: this is his redemption. The moment when he decided to quit moping about things he cannot have - like his sparkling clean reputation and the vast and particular potential of his pre-Kingsguard days - and working with the material of his life *as it is now* is the point of the damn character. 

THIS is how Jaime fits the theme that Varys and Tyrion both emphasize. The world doesn’t want a noble Kingslayer/heir to Tywin any more than it wants a courageous Master of Whisperers or a noble and kind “Imp.” It is useless - worse than useless, *self-indulgent* - for Jaime to sulk about not being regarded the same as Arthur Dayne. Taking his toys and retiring from the world would be further self-indulgence. Is that not what he’s done for fifteen years now? Retired from the world, from making hard choices? 

Jon must be a bastard. Tyrion must be a dwarf. Varys must be a eunuch. And Jaime must be the Kingslayer. He must be the man who defenestrated Bran, who slept with his own sister, whose father architected the Red Wedding. No matter if he means them sincerely, the world will never see him as a man who will uphold vows of honor. But they will believe that man’s *threats*. That is what Jaime Lannister, age 33 - an age incredibly ripe with symbolism for a male character written by an author from the Western cultural tradition - has to work with. And when he chooses finally to give up childhood foolishness and work with it, he begins his real redemption. 

I’ve thought for some time that Jaime’s journey was something of a pre-series Aral Vorkosigan one (and when I reread the Vorkosigan series, I wonder if Aral|Jaime is as intentional as Miles|Tyrion). And as we know the big lesson in life that Aral had to learn:

Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself…There is no more hollow feeling than to stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public reputation wraps you in rewards. That’s soul-destroying. The other way around is merely irritating…Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it may. And outlive the bastards.”

Jaime’s choices to act honorably must not be dependent upon other people believing he is honorable. That’s the lesson of the siege at Riverrun. If he believes in what he’s doing, if he believes ending the siege quickly without bloodshed is a worthy goal, then it’s a worthy goal whether he comes out of it having improved his reputation or not. And in fact, has he not worsened it? Now there are multiple witnesses to his threat to murder a baby. But Jaime had to learn to accept that. He will be regarded by all but his innermost circle as vile and dishonorable no matter what. He has to get up and go to work every day anyway.

So I just found a course I really fancy “MA in Film and Media History” at Lunds University and I live quite near and I always really adored Lund. (My tattoo artist works there, which is a plus) It really sounds like a future I would like, you know. it’s only for two years and I’ll be near home which is nice. But I don’t know how far this course will take me… I told my mum this morning and she thought it would fit me perfectly but she also said that it might just be knowledge and nothing else, that I won’t get me a job and my heart is just agjfjskdjfkj and my future isn’t looking so bright. I don’t know what to do, the existential crisis is still lingering.

Today I...

quit that fucking job. Yup. Sure did. Really needed it but…love yourself first and shit. 

So I go in and dude just latches on to me like I knew he would. Stupid petty things like standing over me, tapping the side of my desk, that kinda shit. He asks me a question he doesn’t expect anyone to know the answer to and I’m like yeah I don’t know. So he keeps asking and I literally had just come in from a 5 minute break and sat down when he asked so I was like uh…I just sat down can you give me 2 seconds to even look at the screen? Then I was like yeah still don’t know. Keeps asking. So I was like…Look I don’t know. You can keep asking and I still won’t know or you can move on. 

So then later there’s fucking role play. I do not, will not, never have, never will role play. It skeeves me right the fuck out. It makes my skin crawl. It’s one of the creepiest fucking things for me. I can’t explain it. It’s just how I react. So the manager pulls me out of the damn room and berates me like I don’t see how you can do the job if you can’t even do this. You need to rethink if this is for you. There’s no way you can do this if you can’t even role play with your team member. I need your participation, we’ve already accommodated for you since you can’t do things in front of the class and that’s fine that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you need to role play. It’s the way of the company. 

So then 5 minutes later was our lunch break. I went out, made a phone call, talked to my mom for a minute, calmed down, walked back in and typed out an email resignation that basically said I appreciate the opportunity, sorry you don’t understand what social anxiety is and that I can do the job just find but certain situations such as this are uncomfortable and not at all beneficial in what is supposed to be a learning environment, and I’m resigning immediately. Left my badge on her desk and left.

So yeah…here we are. Unemployed again. Not really sure how I feel right now to be quite honest. Kinda empowered. Kinda failure-ish. 


Yes, it’s a bit like a religious experience right now for us Cushing fans…

While Guy Henry did a pretty decent job bringing Tarkin back to life, one still might want to imagine how Cushing would have chosen to deliver Tarkin’s lines in Rogue One.

Here’s a clip from “Frankenstein Must be Destroyed”, where Cushing plays Baron Frankenstein. He’s staying at a lodging house and doesn’t think too highly of the fellow guests. What follows is quite an elegant Cushing beatdown! I can just imagine Wilhuff chewing Krennic out in a similar manner!

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm in a bit of a pickle with jobs- I was just wondering if putting in a 2 weeks notice is 100% required? Or is it more like a suggestion? I would put it in but I'm not really able to.

It is not required, it is a courtesy. If you never intend to go back to the old job or use them as a reference, its ok to quit anytime. -Mandie

Fake Boyfriend? (Request) Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Notes: Thanks for the request Anon! I hope you like it! I love hearing from all of you so request, tell me what you think! I love you all!


You, y/n (L/n) from the (L/n) family, well known for their massive wealth was a Kingsman agent. To your family you were a tailor, and they didn’t like it one bit. They always argued with you about it. Your older brother was the only one one your side.

“y/n (M/n) (L/n) why do you resent the idea of marrying that nice young man? That would let you quit that petty tailor job of yours.” Your mother said. She had recently set you up with Prince Nicolaus Stone and he was a very nice man. Handsome too, and you’ve been on a few dates with him; he was very kind and caring. But all you and Nick talked about was the person you loved. He was getting set up too, and he had fallen in love with someone of a lower social class too. See the thing is, you’re in love with Eggsy Unwin. If your parents knew. They’d have a heart attack. “Are you even listening to me?”


“I said. Should I expect you to bring someone for the dinner party on Saturday?” She said annoyed.

“Yes Mother. I have a boyfriend you know.” You said and her jaw dropped.

“Okay darling. I’ll go and tell the caterers that we’ll need one more. Oh, your father needs to hear this! (D/N)!” Your mother ran off. Shit. I need to get a boyfriend in less than three days.

-time skip-

Walking into Kingsman, you greeted the actual tailor.

“Percival, Merlin requests your presence at the mansion immediately.” He said.

“Thank you. You can tell them I’m on my way.”

“Have a nice day.”

“Thank you. You too.” You said and made your way to the mansion. That’s when the idea hit you. You could ask Eggsy to be your fake boyfriend for the party. Roxy always tells you that he can never say no to you, so why not test that theory. Stepping out of the tube, you were greeted by Merlin who briefed you on the situation. You, Roxy, and Eggsy were going to be going on a mission where you and Eggsy would be posing as a engaged couple, and Roxy was your bodyguard. Wishing you good luck, he sent you off with the two agents as you were forced to change on the plane. That proved to be a challenge, and since Roxy was flying the plane you were forced to ask Eggsy to help you into your dress.

“Eggsy! I need a little help here!” You yelled.

“What is it love?”

“You need to open the door and get in here!”

“Okay, no need to bite my head off. Now what-” Eggsy stopped talking when he saw you. You were wearing a strapless floor length gown that was a navy blue. You were holding the top close to your chest as you were having issues zipping up the dress after putting your bra on.

“Eggsy? Earth to Eggsy.” You said and snapped him out of his daze. “Could you zip me up?”

“Of course. You look beautiful y/n.”

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself Galahad.” You said while he zipped you up. After a pause, you got the courage to ask him something. “Hey Eggsy. Could you be my boyfriend for a night? I mean, my parents have been hounding me about finding a nice boy, and my family is having a dinner party on Saturday and I kinda lied to my mom about having a boyfriend.”

“I’ll be your boyfriend for it love. Don’t worry. But aren’t your parents like hell bent on you marrying some royalty or some other shit?”

“You’ll be fine if you wear one of your Kingsman suits. Thank you thank you thank you so much Eggsy, you don’t know how much of a lifesaver you are!” You practically cheered and kissed his cheek as you walked out of the back room of the jet. Making your way to the cockpit, you joined Roxy for a brief moment. “Your theory is right.” You said and went back to your seat as the three of you went on with the mission. It was successful and now you had to get ready for Saturday. In the blink of an eye it was that day, and throughout the week you and Eggsy were preparing your story to tell everyone. You were freaking out that your parents would see right through it, and on the other hand Eggsy was surprisingly calm about this.

“Love, everything is going to be fine.” He said holding your hand as you pulled up to your house.

“What if they-” Your statement was cut short when you parked and Eggsy turned your face to his and made you look into his eyes.

“Just remember what we agreed on and everything will be alright.” You nodded as the two of you stepped out of the car and walked up to your house. “Seriously y/n? You grew up here?”

“Yup. Hi Tom!” You greeted the butler standing by the door.

“Good evening Ms. y/n. Is this the boyfriend your mother has been going on about?”

“Probably, and she’s never met him before either. Let’s just say he’s in for a surprise.” Tom chuckled at your statement.

“Enjoy Ms. y/n.”

“You too Tom!” You replied as you and Eggsy made your way inside to the living room to greet the others. The first one who ran over to you was your little cousin Annabelle.

“Is this your husband Rachel?” She asked. Well it didn’t sound like that there was that little kid voice where they can’t enunciate everything yet. You blushed and corrected her and continued greeting the rest of your family. Your aunts and uncles kept asking questions about your relationship, and it got to the point that you were beginning to get overwhelmed. Eggsy seemed to notice this as he began to rub soothing circles on the small of your back. You looked up and smiled at him. The night continued like this, where you would start panicking and Eggsy would calm you down with a light touch.

“y/n is this the boyfriend that you never told me about?” Your mother said.

“Yes mother. This is Eggsy. Eggsy this is my mom.” You replied.

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. (L/n).” Eggsy greeted and kissed her hand. You had never been envious of your mother about anything until just now. You wished his lips were on yours. You wanted to know how his lips moved against yours. “Right love?”


“We were just going to stop by because we’ve got an meeting in the morning. Right?”

“Oh I forgot! I’m sorry mother, but we have to go and meet with a new client early tomorrow morning.” You said and were about to say your goodbyes.

“Why don’t you just stay the night?”

“We wouldn’t be able to make it back in time. I’m sorry mom, we’ll make it up to you. I promise.” She grumbled and let the two of you leave. “Thank you Eggsy.” You hugged him. Practically jumped on him once the two of you made it back to the car. When you pulled away, the two of you looked into each other’s eyes and startled leaning in without realizing it until your lips met experimentally. Soon your lips were moving in sync with the other’s and you felt like you were in heaven. When the two of you parted you just grinned at one another and made your way back to London knowing that the kiss wasn’t a one time thing.

[This fic was requested by the lovely @melaninharleyquinn and it will be a part 1 of 2 because I am weak and tired and I have an early shift tomorrow. So I am sorry for this little tease and I hope you like it anyway]

           "Dude, ask Coren, how many times do I have to tell you I don’t want to go before you’ll listen?“ I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.
           I had barely gotten any work done, work that would be pivotal in determining whether or not I’d be able to quit my job at the cafe and finally get on the career path I wanted. It was work that was incredibly time sensitive but Kenzi seemed unable to comprehend that. Kenzi had always been all about Kenzi and five years hadn’t changed that in the slightest.
           "Two-four-six-eight- get off your fucking laptop you fuckin’ bore!”
           I gave her a pointed look, “Cute, Kenz.”
           "Come on, you’re wasting your twenties!“ She sighed ringing her eyes with black eyeliner.  
           I shut my laptop setting it aside, “I’d like to think I’m being productive, besides, I don’t like crowds.”
           She looked at me in the mirror applying a layer of purple matte lipstick, “Honey, that stops being an issue when you’re drunk.”
           Kenzi had made it her personal project to try to get me out of the flat as much as possible to do whatever it was she had in mind. She was my complete opposite so I never understood why she didn’t find someone more like her to drag around.
           "I’m telling you, take Cor-“
           "I don’t want to take Coren, I want to take you so get your ass into something cute-”
           "Kenzi, I don’t like crowds and if you think I am going to just fork out five hundred dollars to get into a club I don’t want to go to-“
           She tossed her lipstick down and turned to face me. She looked mildly irritated and she clasped her hands together "Look, I will pay for you. All shit aside, you aren’t happy.”
           I crossed my arms over my chest, “I’m happy,” I said defensively.
           "Really? Cause I think you’re bored and doing things you think will make you happy because you bought into some false advertising a long time. Honey, you’re following a recipe for the blandest life imaginable and it’s time for you to wake the fuck up and smell the bullshit before it’s too late.“
           I was surprised by the force of her words but I didn’t have time to comment or protest before she continued.
           "You can write what I’m saying off as me just being your ‘crazy, carefree, and irrational roommate’ but I’m right and you know it. You don’t want any of this, you never did, you just thought you did. Are you that scared of living?”
           I sat in silence for a long time. I wasn’t really sure how to respond to something like that because part of me was in denial while another part found a painful truth in her words.
           "You think going to a club is going to show me what I want?“ I asked, using sarcasm as my only defense.
           "Obviously not smartass, but it’s something outside of your comfort zone. You always play it safe, do something that makes you feel a-fucking-live for once.”
           Rising from the couch I went to my bedroom to get changed.


           Kenzi had abandoned me to go dance with Coren who the bastard had invited, but I couldn’t really be mad. This club was insane and I mean in the good sense not in the shady sense. Everything was gold, it practically oozed money. I had bought my painfully expensive drink and moved to an empty private booth.
           I wasn’t going to dance until I at least had a mild buzz going and until that time I was perfectly content with observing. I liked watching people, I liked imagining what they were thinking and I liked to think up crazy and adventurous scenarios in my head. Stirring my drink with my straw absentmindedly my view was suddenly blocked by someone and I looked up at the towering figure of a blonde and bland body builder.
           "This table is taken,“ I murmured, attempting to look around him.
           "Wanna’ dance?” He asked.
           At least that’s what I thought he asked, it was hard to tell because of the mumbling and the slurring of his words.
           "No thank you, I’m with som- jesus!“ I hissed as he sat down next to me, jostling the table enough that some of my drink spilled into my lap.
           "Now I know what you’re thinking-”
           Sighing I pulled a pen from my bag and watched him tense and groan as I pressed it right where I wanted it. I wasn’t one for conflict and I normally wouldn’t do this, but part of me felt like I had to defy Kenzi and prove to her that I wasn’t boring.  Even if in doing so I was proving to her that she had been right all along about me in the sense that I had made a cage for myself and this was me breaking out or something cliché like that.
           "Alright hot-shot, this is pressed against your brachial artery. Once you start to bleed you’ll pass out in roughly fifteen seconds and you’ll die in ninety seconds unless someone manages to get you help on time. Are you hearing me?“[This was inspired by a scene from Agent Carter]
           He grunted.
           "Good, now there is a lovely brunette at the bar glaring daggers at me because she has had her eye on you for the majority of the evening. Go say hello and try to be a little kinder, oh! And if she says no, or wants you to leave, just do it.”
           I released him and he was quick to leave my side. Grabbing my bag I rose from my table to go to the bathroom to freshen up.
***Mister J’s P.O.V***

           No one else seemed to notice but I did. I saw it in the firm way she held him and in the slight reddening of the guys face as he stiffened. She was smiling as she spoke, to the casual observer she would have looked like she was flirting but I knew that wasn’t the case. I laughed and Frost looked over at me.
           "I like her, she’s got fire.“
           "She’s also leaving.”
           My gaze snapped back to her. Not yet doll face, you seem like you could be fun.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

           I slipped out of the bathroom, straightening my dress and running my fingers through my hair.
           "Buddy, I said-”
           The guy looked even more terrified than before though, “The boss wants to see you.”
           I arched a brow, a nervous/terrified pit forming in my stomach.
           "Tell him she’ll pass, come on babes,“ Kenzi appeared and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, dragging me onto the dance floor.
           "Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I yelled over the music.
           "Shut up and dance already!“
           I did, I wasn’t buzzed but I danced and I laughed and blushed furiously when I got self-conscious about it. I’ll admit I was having a good time until Kenzi moved off to dance with some big guy in a crisp suit named Frost or something. I felt awkward dancing alone and Coren was in a glass cage with someone and it looked pretty intimate.
           Slipping back off the dance floor I felt sweaty and my throat felt dry. I walked over to the booths, faltering when I saw him sitting in the empty one I had occupied not too long ago. His hair was more vibrant than pictures could do justice, his white tailored shirt was open for the most part, and his cool blue eyes were resting on me.
           Well, that’s enough excitement for me for tonight. I lasted an hour so Kenzi couldn’t say I didn’t try. Averting my gaze I wound my way through the packed bodies and down the dark hallway that lead to the back exit where I had parked. I was walking quickly; the sound of my heels clicking against the marble floors seemed to echo all around me despite the pounding bass from back in the club.
           I had made it two steps down when I felt a hand grip my upper arm and I gasped, nearly tripping. I was pulled back against the person’s chest to safety and I turned to face them.
           "You ran away,” The Joker chided.
           I licked my lips, “You have a reputation.”
           "And still you ran away,“ he laughed.
           "I have to go-”
           "Why?“ He asked, releasing my arm.
           "Because I-”
           "Because you’re scared?“
           Why does everyone keep saying that?
           "What if I am?” I asked defensively.
           "You’d be smart,“ he purred, moving to me and his lips danced a mere inches from mine.
           Unable to understand my own emotions I rushed down the stairs, hearing him following after me and I pushed open the door. The cold air bit at my exposed flesh and I began to walk in the direction of my car.
           "Why run when you can be free, hmm? I know what you wanted when you looked at me with those lusty eyes-”
           I turned to look at him, “I didn’t look at you with anything, what? Does that make you mad or something?”
           His hand curled around my throat and my eyes widened but I didn’t resist. His anger faded into amusement and he laughed, running his thumb across my lips.
           "For a seemingly innocent little scared-y cat, you got a fine set of balls. You want this, even if you don’t know it yet, and until you do,“ he backed away and bowed dramatically.
           Getting in my car with my heart pounding in my chest he waved with a grin as I sped out of the lot. He was wrong… he had to be.