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Put an AU (letter and number) in my ask box along with a ship and I’ll write it

A. Established Relationship!AUs

  1. We decided it would be fun to go camping and now it’s raining and we can’t figure out how to set up the tent
  2. I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. xo’
  3. I beat you at Mario Kart and now I’ve been banished to the couch for the night

B. Single Parent!AUs

  1. You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I’m married with a baby
  2. You’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “I’ll go” I feel like we might as well be married
  3. We’ve been on a few dates and my child just asked us when we are getting married

C. School!AUs

  1. We go to the same coffee shop every evening to do homework but we never speak to each other until today
  2. Detention on a Saturday afternoon
  3. We met at a really strict summer camp and ended up breaking all the rules together one by one
  4. There’s one copy of the biology textbook in the library and you always have it checked out when I need it the most
  5. You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and I’m really just trying to study over here so I’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game
  6. We were partnered together for this project and we both forgot to do it, now we have to pull an all-nighter at my house

D. Random AUs

  1. You got ditched at a carnival and I work there so I’m giving you free rides on the ferris wheel until you lighten up
  2. We have to meet up at least once a week to trade mail because someone keeps messing up our addresses
  3. I’m a flower deliverer and you live on top of this big ass hill and I hate you and the person who keeps sending you flowers
  4. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather so now we’re having to stay overnight at the airport and somehow, we end up sleeping next to each other
  5. Hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and I’m sorry but not really
  6. You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk
  7. I got to comic con and you are dressed as the character that many people ship with the character I am dressed up as
  8. I was walking down the sidewalk and you fell out of a tree just as I walked by
  9. The bus broke down near your house, I know we’re not super close but I live three miles away and this storm is horrible, can I stay over?
INTP Moment #whatever

INTP: *Is thinking about many complex and contradictory (yet simultaneously parallel) ideas, attempting to make sense of them for enjoyment*

Person: What are you thinking about?

INTP: *Tries to explain the intensely abstract concepts but fails to adequately vocalize and describe them with language as a whole*

INTP: *Explains the idea in a way that is too simple to be an accurate representation of their thoughts, and becomes frustrated because they would like to further validate the actual idea they have*

Person: I don’t get it.

INTP: *Sigh*

INTP: I need to keep thinking.

I was trying to put together a fairly long post, with not many spoons starting out. For the second day in a row, actually.

Goodbye what wording ability I had, after getting messages from Mr. C about getting hung up by that mess in Westminster. (He wasn’t near there, but general Central London chaos like you can maybe imagine.)

Not really complaining about that specifically. More disturbed again that this seems to be basically my new normal. Low enough baseline ability to can, that it often just takes one thing to derail me for probably at least the rest of the day.

I would consider going to bed for a while if it didn’t aggravate some of the neuropathic shit too much.

Things didn’t used to be like this. And it really is too much sometimes, not just me whining about nothing. That just shouldn’t pass for acceptable, no matter who you are.

@many-a-musing (Kai and Kasi to Cat)

“Welp - someone found us. I mean, congrats for catching us in the act of arson, whatever, but do you think people are gonna care more about the Smith twins being put behind bars or the person who put the Smith twins behind bars?” Raising an eyebrow, Kai chuckled. “You’d be lucky if they even knew your name.”

“My brother’s point is there’s no point trying to catch us. We’re such amazing criminals, people would be more interested in us being finally apprehended than the one who handed us in. You probably wouldn’t get a single mention.” Even if they were put in prison, Kai could possess their guard (and make them knock out the other if there were two) and unlock the cell so they could escape. “So, if you’re wanting fame, you should join us, not hand us in.” Kasi had a playful smirk on her face. “Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Thank you Deo

As an illustrator.
As a writer.
As a person.
I say thank you to dapper-deoxys

I been, and still am, insecure about my art. About my characters, about my words, and most importantly about myself. Many of my own illustrations would be left with only a few notes at best, even on my old account. But finding your works has opened my creative flood gates once again. But unlike before, I don’t just see the characters and their world, but I also get to experience yourself. And you try to expose the artist who follow you. I have found friends in this community and helped many with your characters(as Mod Nova for pilot-motivation)

Thank you for putting your ideas out there. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the motivation. Thank you for being yourself. I’m sure many other people feel the same.

anonymous asked:

Why did Will choose a family after Hannibal was locked away? To try to move on or was there something more to it?

Well, simply put, yes it was his attempt to move on. Even though we know Will rejected Hannibal as a way to trick him into turning himself in, I also believe he was 100% genuine when he told him he didn’t want to think about him anymore. Will was absolutely exhausted with their zero sum game after what they had been through, believed it would be never ending and devastating if Hannibal remained on the run, and he really, really needed a fucking break. And, although my real life situation didn’t involve nearly as much linoleum-knife-gutting and head-sawing, I understand very well what it means to have to push someone out of your orbit because, even though your love for them is deep and inescapable, you cannot mentally deal with what they put you through any longer.

In the book, Will meets Molly about a year after Hannibal gets locked up, and I assume that’s about when they met in Fullerverse as well. Will and Molly were both trying to move on from their old lives, from their respective losses, and I think for that reason they were absolutely compatible at the time. Will was paralleled with Dolarhyde a lot during the Red Dragon arc, and he chose his family for the same reason Dolarhyde chose the families he murdered. They were happy, and Will wanted that escape. 

Will had to escape Wolf Trap and Jack Crawford and the FBI and everyone else even remotely associated with his life with Hannibal. He closed his mind off from it, and while his connection with Molly was obviously not the deep, complete understanding he had with Hannibal, I do believe he did love her and he did genuinely like his life with her there. He could never be his complete self with her, but for the time it was enough.

In the finale, Hannibal tells Dolarhyde: “You were seized by a fantasy world with the brilliance and freshness and immediacy of childhood. It took you a step beyond alone.” I think this 100% applies to Will’s life with Molly as well. She made him feel less alone, and maybe it’s just that he couldn’t go back to that loneliness after what he experienced with Hannibal, or maybe he feared he would never get Hannibal out of his head if he didn’t have someone, but I think it’s safe to say that for those years he was with her he allowed himself to at least believe that could be his life forever.

But I also believe there was an unconscious understanding on his part that it was only a matter of time before he and Hannibal were in each others lives again. He told Jack he didn’t think about any of the things he used to think about anymore, and that was how he not only survived the separation from Hannibal, but how he allowed himself to be so seized by that fantasy. 

So yeah, it was an attempt to move on, and it was a much needed break for his mind, because with a mind like that it would be tempting to simply turn that completely off for a while, especially after everything his psyche had been through. And who knows, maybe if Jack had never come knocking it would have been a sustainable relationship quite a while longer, but probably not forever. Jack was merely the catalyst to push Will and Hannibal back together again for the case, but eventually Will would have ended up on the other side of that glass all on his own. Eventually he would have just missed him that much.

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I don't know if this counts as a unpopular opinion but following that last anon I think seijou should've won and beat shiratorizawa at least once. Oikawa and the rest of seijou deserved better

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I’ve been controversial on this for a while and idk if I’m gonna word this properly but hear me out. Losing to Shiratorizawa and Ushijima was literally what fueled Oikawa to go past his potentials and push himself so hard. If they’d won, would he have an incentive as great as revenge? Oikawa is prideful and overconfident, so would he have really reached the point where he is now if he’d won? Because it’s natural to not try as hard when an incentive or motive is not that great right? You’ve won against your nemesis so who cares what happens now type of thing?? Your goal is complete?? 

At first I was on the boat of “Seijou deserved better” but now I feel guilty saying that because Seijou worked hard to get where they did so saying that makes me feel like I’m throwing out their hard work and attributing all this to bad luck, not to mention throwing out Karasuno’s hard work as well. It’s not that Seijou didn’t deserve better, it’s the fact that they couldn’t reach their potential as a team. Karasuno had amazing dynamic compared to the first time they faced off Seijou. But the second time, Seijou had discrepancies in the team dynamic while Karasuno didn’t. Even if say, Karasuno didn’t move on a second time around, I still think Seijou would’ve been beat by Shiratorizawa because they were still not strong enough. 

I know I sound horrible. Think about it like this: Kyoutani lost just as many points as he gained. That was a big problem and you can’t use that kind of weapon against a team like Shiratorizawa whose each and every player is sharpened like a knife. Seijou never really stood a chance UNLESS they did something more, which they tried with Kyoutani, but Kyoutani could not deliver since he was still not well-practiced. 

So yeah, I wish Seijou could’ve reached their goal as a team but at the same time I feel that things happened for the best. Oikawa will move forwards and continue to use his vengeful feelings as a fuel to his fire and Seijou will also move on in which Yahaba, Watari, and Kyoutani will work so much harder for the sake of their senpai next year. For now, I’m proud of Karasuno and their hard work and I’m also very proud of Seijou for doing their best.