i would puke if i drank this again

Wild Thoughts: Tom x Reader

Based off my new fave summer bop. Reader gets “white girl wasted on that brown liquor” and she gets flirty with her new bae Tom.

Warnings: Smutty language

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“Come here daddy.” You giggled grabbing Tom’s arm. “Babe, you’re drunk as fuck.” He grabbed both of your hands and sat you down on the empty couch. 

The party you two were at was lit no doubt but it was mainly outside under the beautiful, warm, and starry night. Haz was outside living it up while Tom happily supervised you. 

You were touchy feely when you got drunk and very giggly, “Let’s go upstairs.” You slurred. “No, we need to stay right here.”

Tom was a gentleman to say the least and he wouldn’t dare do anything you didn’t consent. “You know, you should’ve stopped after that 5th shot.” He joked. 

“I’m not a lightweight. It’s just that brown shit!” You hiccuped and giggled. He smiled at you and kissed your cheek, “Kiss me again.” You begged. 

He smiled and kissed your other cheek, “No more.”

You two had been dating for 6 months now and hadn’t been physical but you’d thought about it ever since you guys made it official. It just so happened that in your drunken state, your sober thoughts were being said without a filter. 

You leaned in and attempted to whisper in his ear, “I will ride your face into the sunset.”

He blushed and felt a wave of heat come over him, “Y/N, chill.”

“Why? Am I making you nervous?” You grinned and gently nibbled on his lip. “Nope, nope,nope!” He carefully pushed you away from him and stood up. “I’m going to get you some water.”

“I don’t want water, I want you.” You stood up and wrapped your arms around his waist. You ran your hand through his hair and nibble on his ear again. 

You soon became ill and found yourself hunched over the toilet with Tom hot on your trail. “I think I drank too much!”

Tom snickered, “No shit love.” He pulled your hair out of your face and rubbed your back. 

He picked you up, “I think it’s time to go home.” He said after you stopped puking so much. “Okay.”

You woke up with a crazy headache, “Shit!” You shut your eyes, hoping that would make it stop hurting so much. “Tom.” You croaked. 

“Coming-” He opened the door and had a tray of breakfast. “Take these!” He handed you some medicine. 

“You’re the best.” You smiled. “Well I’ve had my far share of hangovers.” He winked and sat the food down. “What happened last night?”

He blushed and looked at the floor, “Well-”

“What did I do?” 

“Well, you wee being very um-naughty.” He snickered. “Shit, what did I say?”
After e told you, you could feel your face flushing from embarrassment. 

“I’m sorry! OMG!” You grabbed a pillow and smothered your face. “Don’t be embarrassed, love. It was quite flattering.”

“Shut up.” You pouted. “I mean most of the stuff drunk people say is their truth. So do you still want to do all of those things, to me?” He leaned in closer and licked his lips. 

“M-maybe.” You stuttered. “Me too.” He pressed his forehead against yours. “Really?”

“Yes, I think about you and me- I think about it all the time.” He admitted. You smiled, “So-”

He looked at you and leaned in closer before you pushed him back, “Maybe we can try after I brush my teeth.”

“Oh yeah, you did throw up a lot last night.”

You both laughed and enjoyed breakfast before exploring each other. 

Who Could Be The One 02

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Hoseok mention
Rating: M
Genre: Smut
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Warning: There is none. Slight bullying perhaps.

Nothing from the previous night clouded your memory. In fact after Jungkook left, you didn’t know that a certain someone took care of you last night. While you were passed out wasted on this particular persons bed, you weren’t aware that they took care of you. They got you dressed and made sure you were comfortable. The only bad part was, you weren’t aware that they called your brother to tell him what happened. You weren’t aware that your brother allowed this person to take care of you and that he’d be there to get you the next day.

You tossed on the bed you had fell asleep on while hitting someone else in the process. You shot up and looked at the person but instantly regretted it when the sun shined bright into the room causing you to shut your eyes and grab your head wincing in pain.

The person beside you woke up from all the movement on the bed. They have you lay back down as they stand up to close the blinds and curtain in the room but leaving the curtain a small gap to allow some light into the room. You were surprised to see him.

“Hobi..What are you doing here?” You ask him but then you take in your surroundings and realize you should be asking yourself that question. You look down at yourself and realize you’re wearing one of his tshirts and some of his underwear. The first thought was the worst. “Did we?” You ask trailing off too embarrassed to say it.

Hoseok shakes his ‘No’ but clenches his jaw as if trying to control his temper. “No, but someone else did.” He said to you and you look down ashamed. You instantly felt dirty. You wanted to get up but you feared your brother.

“Does B/N know? You didn’t tell him did you?” You asked hoping he’d be on your side. But when Hoseok didn’t answer, you mentally slapped yourself.

Hoseok walked up to you. “I’m going to get a power-aide from the fridge and some medicine for your migraine. It will help with the hangover.” He said to you as he made his way to the door. “Do not get up or you will regret it Y/N…I’m serious.” He said sternly and you just look at him.

What could possibly go wrong?

If Hoseok told you not to get up, as much as you wanted too you didn’t. The migraine was the worst but the worst was about to come. You felt bile roll up your throat and you got up to rush to bedroom bathroom. You instantly regretted standing up but you felt like throwing up. But when you got to the toilet, nothing came up. You felt like death. The bile just sitting in the back of your throat was making you even sicker. You were basically dry heaving to the point you knew you had to do it. In order to feel better you had to make yourself throw up. You were procrastinating this moment as you sat before the toilet with the bile in the back of your throat.

Just as you stuck your finger in the back of your throat, it came up like waterfall. You didn’t hear Hoseok in the room until he held your hair back. The puking never stopped. You were never drinking again.

“This is all the alcohol you consumed last night.” Hoseok was telling you since you have never drank before.

When you think it’s over, you speak. “M-Make it s-stop…” you barely whispered but just as you barely finished, more came up.

You don’t notice how Hoseok is looking at you. “I would if I could Y/N, you have no idea.” He whispered over your wretching.

But you didn’t catch that either.

After awhile, it stops. By this point, you can barely sit up and you can’t stand. “I think you may have alcohol poisoning. How did you have to drink Y/N?” He asked you concerned as he helped you clean and rinse your mouth.

You wrap your arms around his shoulders just as he lifts you up and carries you back to his bed. “I don’t remember….” you whisper in his ear, ashamed you couldn’t even remember what you had to drink. But you were mostly ashamed you didn’t remember anything from last night. But Hoseok and everyone else did. You remember this is why you liked Hoseok because he is always cheerful but serious when needed to be and he always cares. But you hurt him without even realizing what you’ve done.

He doesn’t say anything, instead he gives you some medicine for your headache and made sure you took a drink before leaving the room.

“W-Wait…” you say but forget what you were going to ask him. He paused at the door to look back at you. “A-Are you..Are you mad at me?” You asked, the atmosphere feeling tense and awkward.

He sighed. “I’m not mad you. I’m just disappointed.” He says. “I’ll be back.” And with that he turned to go.

But no one was going to give you the satisfaction of having peace and rest as you were about to go back to sleep, “Didn’t I tell you to stay away? But no, you thought Jungkook cared for you? That’s really funny.” Jimin said to you cruelly as he entered Hoseok’s bedroom.

You’re to sick to voice much. “What do you want? Leave me alone.” You say as strong as you can but you sound weak.

Jimin chuckled a bit to himself. “You know I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoseok never comes around you anymore considering you allowed someone else to take it from you.” He stated as he was examining things on Hoseok’s dresser but then he turns to look at you in the eye. “The reality of what happened this weekend will hit you at school when you’re the new topic.”

“You’re lying.” You say weakly.

“Am I? I guess we will see.” Jimin says to you before glancing you up and down before leaving the room.

By the time Monday rolled around, Jimin was right. You walked inside the building and everyone stopped to stare at you like a new prey in the ecosystem. Everyone was whispering amongst themselves and you tried to look morning. And just as you got to your locker, you saw the note.

'Since Kookie had you first, let me have second-’

You couldn’t finish reading what it says as you saw a hand cover it up. Tears were forming into your eyes when you glanced to see Hoseok. “Don’t you have classes to get to?!” He yelled at everyone in the hallway closest to you and they scatter like flies. “I can’t protect you in classes but I will protect you when I can.” He says to you kindly and reassuringly. No trace of his emotions from the past weekend shown. It was like they evaporated.

You nodded your head as he walked you to class. Even with the stares, you felt safe with Hoseok. Maybe that’s why Hoseok was such good friends with your brother. Because your brother knew but sometimes in life you have to learn from your own mistakes.

“I will come get you, so wait here after class.” Hoseok instructed you as he watched you find your seat before making his own way to class.

You felt dirty. The whispers and the stares made everything more realistic. Even he looked to stare at you but when you met his gaze, he turned around as if you were nothing. You refused to cry in front of him especially in the class full of your classmates. The class was long and tortuous. You just wanted to make it last period and finally be away from everyone.

Hoseok kept his word as he did come to get you and you were grateful. Even in the classes that you shared, he refused to leave your side.

But he had to when it was last class of the day which he shared with Jungkook. Your free period was in the Library with Jimin and you already knew what he was going to say.

“I told you to stay away and you didn’t listen. I guess Hobi hyung still cares.” Jimin said leaning across from you.

You ignored him but you were listening.

“You were such a good girl Y/N.” he continued. “So pure. Untouched. Unattainable.” He said as he walked up to you, leaning into you but not quite touching. “And now, you’re nothing.” He whispered venomously before walking away.

You couldn’t take the harassment any longer, you last all day and you bumped into Hoseok in the hallway. He stopped you. “Where are you going?” He asked you he pulled you into a deserted hallway.

“I can’t take it anymore. I know it’s just one day, but I can’t stand the whispers or stares anymore Hobi.” You say to him desperately. “I just want to get out of here.” You say to him as he just nods and takes you home. But you didn’t know there was figure at the end of the hallway listening.

Your brother thanked Hoseok for taking you home and watching over you. He offered him to stay for dinner but Hoseok had to decline because he had somewhere to be.

The conversation you dreaded the most was happening over dinner. You couldn’t do anything about it. The deed was over with and now you had to deal with the repercussions of it.

“You know if Mom and Dad were still here, you would be grounded.” Your brother started. “But since I’m not either, I am just your brother, you will be limited on where you go and who you are with.” He says to you in an authoritative manner.

You nod your head. “Are you done yet? Because I have homework to do.”

He nodded and you left. You’re phone went off just as you got to your room. You looked at your phone.


“Hello?” You asked as you heard him on the phone.

“Y/N, I hope your brother didn’t scold you to badly.” He chuckled through the phone.

You chuckled back. “Well it could be worse.” You say.

He makes a ’M’ sound. “Listen, I just wanted to tell you, that tomorrow is a new day. You know how school is with gossip. By the end of the week, their will be something new to talk about it.” He said trying lighten up the mood through the phone.

You sighed. “I know. I just feel so…what’s the word…dirty?” You say.

Hoseok didn’t say anything. In fact, he didn’t have anything to say at all. He liked you and was furious when Jungkook came to him wanting to make you a quest, there was nothing he could do but play along.

“I am telling you Jungkook, she is different. She not just some whore like those girls your bedpost.” He tells Jungkook but he doesn’t listen.

And when Hoseok heard what was going on in his room, he interrupted the action before him only he was to late. The deed was done.

“You asshole!” Hoseok slammed Jungkook into the hall. “I told you she was different! Don’t come near her again.” He seethed. Jungkook pushed Hoseok off of him.

“Oh come off it! You’re just jealous because I had her first.” Jungkook stated to Hoseok before he left.

Hoseok saw you exposed on his bed. For your modest, he pulled out a fresh pair of his shirt and underwear and slipped them on you so he could wash your clothes. After the event, he shut his party off. He was furious. But their was no way he could truly be mad at you.

“Well it will get better. I will pick up so tell your brother. Bye Y/N” he said over the phone to you. And you made a ’M’ sound.

The next day was the same. The week after that was the same as last week. And another week rolled by, you were still the topic of the day.

Maybe because you and Hoseok had grown into an item. He was your boyfriend. Your brother allowed him to be your boyfriend because your brother trusted him.

When you are with Hoseok, it feels natural. Like a best friend. You liked him and you even slept with him. You were laying on his bed but he had changed it for you so you wouldn’t have any bad memories. The way Hoseok made love to you was passionate and sincere. Lover to lover.

But just as you grew feelings for Hoseok, Jungkook appeared. You were in the library when Jungkook approached you.

You ignored him until he forcefully turned you around and made you look at him.

“I’m sorry for what I did.” He says to you and you can’t believe a word he is telling you.

“I don’t think you really mean that.” You say to him before pushing him away from you.

“I am and I will do anything to have you talk to me again.” He begs you but you don’t even bat an eye.

“Does Hobi know your talking to me?” You questioned him.

And he stumped him.

“If Hobi catches you talking to me he isn’t going to like it. You had your chance and I can’t believe that I fell for your tricks.” You say to him with honesty. “I really liked you and for once I thought you liked me too.” You say before attempting to walk away. “You hurt me.”

“I do like you Y/N. I still do.” He pleads.

“Apparently not enough.” You say cruelly.

“What can I do to make you believe me?” He asked you in a pleading manner.

You stopped and turned to face him. “I don’t know, figure it out.”

And figure it out he did. Jungkook watched on the sidelines as his best friend was hanging around you because he decided to protect you when Jungkook knew he had hurt you. Jungkook knew it was going to be hard to gain your trust. He even did things out of his ordinary schedule. From bad boy, popular boy Jungkook, he made his social status different. He even made an announcement over the school to apologize to you. He was really sorry.

You had grew confused of your feelings for your boyfriend Hoseok and he sensed something was wrong so he broke it off.

You did like Hoseok but you liked Jungkook more. Everything you felt, you wanted Jungkook and you couldn’t help but accept his apology and hang out with him. But you weren’t an item. Not yet.

This time he made up to you. You had asked him on a late night date to take you again under the stars and moon.

It was romantic. He was soft and slow. He was worshiping your body and showing you how it was supposed to be the first time.

When Hoseok made love with you it was different. You couldn’t quite understand. Maybe because you loved him as a best friend. With Jungkook, in this moment, felt right. Maybe because the feeling was and truly was mutual.

Few weeks later passed and you grew sick. You missed a few days at school so you stopped to get something before school before laying on your bed when you got home.

You stood before both Hoseok and Jungkook. They looked at you confused why you had brought both of them here.

You swallowed a lump in your throat. “I’m pregnant.”

I remember when I met you, I left all my bad habits for you. I quit drinking and smoking and started going to all my classes again. I left all my bad habits for you, you saved me.

I remember when you left, I tried so badly to get back into my old habits because I thought maybe you would want to save me again.
I smoked so much but it didn’t matter because my lungs gave up the day you left. I drank so much but bottle after bottle I was still so damn empty. I didn’t eat anything for days, and I know you noticed. you noticed it all because you were so good at noticing but you never came back.
and instead of falling into my old habits, I fell into worst habits.
I would drink so much that I’d be in bed sick for days, I’d spend all of sunday mornings puking my guts out.
I didn’t come to school for weeks because every time I thought of seeing you my hands started shaking.
I destroyed myself hoping you could fix me.
but you didn’t and you couldn’t..
because while i woke up sick and in strangers beds, you woke up tangled up with her.
While I was burning out my lungs, you were burning candles with her.
and while my lips were pressed up against a bottle of vodka that made my throat burn, your lips were tasting her.

but looking back at it now i realize, you could not save me, only i could save me.
you love her now, and although I wish you loved me, I am not sad anymore.
You love her and thats okay. You are allowed to move on. You should not be blamed for what I am doing to myself. You did not destroy me, I destroyed myself.

I went back to school the other day. I saw you and I lost my breath but I didn’t collapse like I would have 8 weeks ago.

—  I still love you, I just don’t want you anymore and that took a long time to admit. 

Transformation Tuesday ( a day late)

When I re-started my weight loss journey a few years ago (one of my many restarts), I began by working out in the spare bedroom doing old Jazzercise routines that I remembered on my own. I was 350+ pounds and too embarrassed to try and workout in public.  I told myself the reason was the long drive to the center (a drive that I had made in years past, but was now ‘too far’).

After losing about 60-70 pounds that way, I moved and was pretty close to a  Jazzercise center. I couldn’t really use the long drive as an excuse for not actually going to class any longer.  I was petrified. Even though I’d done Jazzercise before off and on for many years, I was still so out of shape and overweight. It took all my strength to muster up the courage to go that first time, but, once I got there, and everyone was welcoming and the workout was just as awesome as I’d remembered, I was so glad I did. I was back! Still obese, still a 3x, but I was out in public working out.

Then, by chance one day, my friend and the Jazzercise instructor ‘challenged’ me to go to hot yoga with her. I’d never done yoga at all, let alone hot yoga. I accepted her challenge (mostly as a joke?), but then realized she had taken me seriously. OH SHIT. I watched one yoga video and then, in desperation, I went to a beach yoga class the week before the hot yoga challenge just to get some kind of practical knowledge of it before going with my friend. Once again, I was petrified! I kept praying for rain or a flood or something good like that to cancel the class, but it didn’t happen. I again mustered up my courage and I went to beach yoga, thought I would die, but I didn’t.

The next week I thought I was gonna be sick the whole day before hot yoga. I was still sore from the beach yoga (and I might’ve still had sand in places there should not be sand!). I drank and drank and drank water that day, took magnesium and potassium tablets, and felt like my stomach was full of wasps all day.  My friend actually gave me an ‘out’ when I emailed and told her how nervous I was, but I didn’t take it. I took lots of deep breaths and mustered up that courage again, and I went. I sucked at it. I thought I would die. I felt like I might puke (but didn’t). I loved it.

After that, I started biking. Once again I had to muster up the courage cos I was sure I’d fall and look ridiculous, but I didn’t. It really is just like riding a bike! 

Lately, I’ve gone swimming at a public pool, to an aerial yoga class and a spinning class, and, you know what? I didn’t have to muster up any courage. I didn’t feel nervous. I felt excited to try something new. Next week I’m going to a kick boxing class, which I admit I’m a little intimidated by, but I don’t feel nervous about it. I’ll probably be the fattest person there (as I am in most workout places, even after losing so much weight), and I’ve never hit anything other than a pillow in my life, but I feel strong from all those times I’ve stepped past my comfort zone.

Every time you muster up your courage and get out of your comfort zone, no matter if it’s working out, or doing anything that you think is beyond your boundaries, you expand those self-imposed boundaries! They are not real boundaries! They are limits you put on yourself! Break them down! You’ll find confidence and strength that you didn’t know you had. You’ll find joy in stepping over that line and look forward to new adventures and challenges! 

I’ve come a long way from that girl working out alone in the spare bedroom, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I’ve gained confidence and mental strength and courage. And you can too! Do the thing that scares you! JUST DO IT! It just takes a few seconds of insane courage and then you’re there! You’re doing it! And you are stronger for it! No matter what happens, just the act of trying makes you a winner! DO IT! DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU! You will be amazed at the feeling afterwards! You will be amazed at your strength. You will gain confidence with every step. 

DO IT! If I can do it, you can too. Trust me on this!

Under the Influence

For: Alice at @afitzgeraldfic

By: Sara at @1dable or @runninghomefic

If Addi was certain of anything, it was that she has no idea what was happening with her life. 

Her flatmate was Med student who’d never learned the proper function of hamper. Her friends were more concerned with how many balls they could sink into a cup of beer than their nine am class the next morning. And Addi herself was three years into a journalism degree with no jobs in sight and tendency to make terrible decisions after a few shots of tequila.

But with only a year left of pretending to be an adult, she was determined to make the most of it. Even if it meant having to physically drag her unwilling flatmate to the first, and probably best, party of the year. 

A story about who’s making the fry up, who’s shit out of luck, and a sober curly headed boy who probably doesn’t want to deal with any of them, especially Addi. 

Word Count: 13704

Warnings: Heavy drinking and sexual references

Main Pairing: Harry/OFC 

“Niall, come on!” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest, “You’re being ridiculous.”

My usually zealous, blond flat mate stood on the edge of the street sidewalk with his arms tight by his side and an apprehensive frown tugging at his lips.

Keep reading