i would probably cry if i ever got in a physical fight

The Signs with a Broken Heart

This post is essentially based on my/my friends’ real life experiences.I’ll also try to include some advice how to get over this struggle. Your Sun & Venus Signs matter!

I think that today, after having written some love posts, I had to think about those who spent this day alone, because they are comfortable with it, because they don’t need anyone, or maybe because their heart isn’t healed enough to start dating again. And it’s totally fair. Heartbreak is way too underrated lately in my opinion, we think about those with a sickness, we think about those who are poor, we say that as long as you are healthy, have a place to sleep, have something to eat, you must be happy, but sometimes an emotional wound is a lot harder to heal than a physical one. When you love someone, they become the most important part of your life. You share your days with them, you miss them, you decide where to go for a dinner together because you want them to be happy too, you basically change your whole lifestyle to fit theirs. And then if one day, they decide to take their love away, it feels like only half of your life is left and you ask yourself questions how it’s possible to make it stop just like that, from one minute to another. This is why it’s so hard to get over a broken heart. And sometimes it’s even worse to lose someone who never even was yours. You start questioning everything, why does life play such a prank on you and makes you meet them, like them, fall in love and all this for nothing, because they don’t share your feelings. A person questioning themselves, thinking that they aren’t good enough for a person they love, that someone else is and they aren’t, is probably one of the most hurtful feelings.

So here’s how I see the signs being hurt and hopefully this will help a few of you. Not because you will read this post and your pain will suddenly go away, no way, I just want you to know that there’s always someone to understand exactly how you feel, that you’re not alone.


As an Aries, you can be very emotional, but real feelings don’t reach you too often. Quite careless in your young years, you might be attracted to people physically, like them in different ways, call it love, feel sadness about losing them, but only the pain of a broken heart will tell you it was real. Because 

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a little too much

a/n: might take this down later but i’ve seriously missed writing and the plot of this is extremely fitting, as i’ve been juggling between so much school and stress. i hate using the same excuse over and over again for my in-activeness, but hopefully this makes up for it :-))


“Babe, you’ve been glued to this desk ever since you’ve come home, are you sure you don’t want a tiny break?” Your boyfriend came behind you, bringing his soft hands to your shoulders. The gesture immediately brought you to an ease, but that didn’t stop your nose from staying buried in the three AP textbooks sprawled across your desk. Not a single inch of the table could be seen between the numerous papers you had and the dozens of snacks you had brought in efforts to keep you planted in your seat. 

Here you were on a Friday night – pencil clutched in your right hand, and a now cold coffee held in the other. Your tongue was slightly poking out of your mouth in concentration. You had been home from class since the afternoon, but the weekend and your plans were far from what was on your mind. Instead, you were dreading the report due the following Monday and the comp sci test you were far too unprepared for.

“Y/N, are you listening to me?” Shawn pressed again. His voice was still calm, but you knew he was becoming slightly aggravated. You had invited your boyfriend promising him that the two to you would hang out, but you had lost track of time between all of the reading and studying. The pad of his thumbs brushed along your shoulder with just the perfect pressure to force you to bask in the relief your tenseness your body had succumbed to. 

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Chocobros + Nyx in a Bodyguard AU

A/N: Okay, first of all, so much struggle went into this post. I was writing until 2:30 in the morning, and I was nearly finished until my computer failed me, and I lost this entire post. 

;; I forgot to save between every boy. 

God, I’m so dumb. 

But I hope you enjoy this Bodyguard AU that no one asked for after I typed it the second time around.  (o^ ^o)

(@little-mini-me-world​ pain is real.)


  • Attempts the cool and silent bodyguard type, but in reality he’s just awkward. 
  • He blushes up a storm every time you tease him. 
  • He acts like he knows what he’s doing, but he really doesn’t. 
  •  Most of the time you have to tell him if you have a bad feeling, or if you don’t feel safe, or else he’ll never catch on. 
  • That doesn’t mean that he’s bad at his job though! Noctis always makes sure to keep no more than a step or so behind you, and in crowded places he’ll keep an arm wrapped protectively around your waist. 
  • He’s crazy fast too! If Noctis ever notices that you’re in immediate danger, it will seem as if he practically transports to your assailant, and can take them down before you can even react. 
  • Noctis would be very hard to get to open up, and he honestly tried to keep your relationship purely professional, but at any mention of fishing, video games, or cosplay, he’ll become such a dweeb. 
  • At first glance he’s the “mysterious guy with a dark past” but this is the same guy that says, “Sharp errday,” and “Cake, baby,” when he takes down your attackers. 
  • He’s pretty scary when he’s angry though. His eyes will seem like they turn red, and he will beat your attackers an inch from death until you tell him to stop. 
  • You’re pretty shaken up, but then he flashes you a straight face and a thumbs up before saying in the deepest voice he can muster, “I’m an assassin.”
  • There’s your dork. 
  • He’s also very self-sacrificing. He wouldn’t hesitate to jump in front of you to take that bullet, knife, or punch. 
  • Noctis would realize that you’re the love of his life when he would willingly give up his precious sleep to make sure that you’re safe all the time. 
  • Avoids eating vegetables under the excuse that they might be poisoned. 
  • His uniform is a tailored black suit with a black button up and no tie. He keeps the first couple of buttons open to reveal some of that hairless chest of his O-O
  • On lazy days, (which is almost every day) he wears a form-fitting black shirt and cargo pants. 


  • Okay, first of all, who gave him this job 
  • He would leave your side just to pet puppies. 
  • Prompto likes to sing the James Bond theme under his breath when he scopes out the area. 
  • When you ask him to do something for you: “You got it, gurrrlll!” [finger guns] [somersaults out of there] 
  • He’s very talkative and friendly, so you always feel at ease with him, and people often mistake him for your boyfriend. 
  • An overly protective boyfriend that wears a bulletproof vest. 
  • Although, when the two of you first met, he would be very flustered and embarrassed. He just didn’t expect to be assigned to someone so pretty
  • He’d apologize over and over for touching your bare skin, or for yanking your arm to pull you closer to him, and you’d laugh and tell him that he’s just doing his job. 
  • When the two of you grow closer, he becomes such a comforting presence, and he’s never not smiling at you.   
  • Even though he’s your bodyguard, he doesn’t mind doing manual tasks for you. 
  • Have an eyelash in your eye? He’s on it. You’re wearing a dress with a train? He’ll be sure to carry the ends for you. You’re going shopping? He’ll hold your bags for you. 
  • Honestly he’s such a lovely gentleman. Marry him already. 
  • You wouldn’t really see him as a bodyguard though, but that would change the moment you see him in action when he activates serious and badass mode. 
  • Is the guy who cried when he saw a spider in your room the same guy that legit kicked a gun out of a grown man’s hand, did a flip, and caught that gun like a baton?? 
  • Where the fuck did he learn how to do that??
  • You honestly thought that the gun he carries around with him was just for show. 
  • Afterwards Prompto would cry, and he would think that he had failed you because he couldn’t stop the threat from the start. The poor babe honestly believes that he’s so disposable as a bodyguard. 
  • Protect him, love him, become his emotional bodyguard. 
  • Prompto’s uniform is a black bulletproof vest over a red, sleeveless shirt and baggy pants. He keeps his gun in a holster at his side and has an earpiece that he always fiddles with because he can’t stand still for long. 


  • Is he a model?? Or a bodyguard? The world may never know. 
  • He’s the type of bodyguard that doesn’t know when to relax. No matter what, he’s always on guard to ensure your safety. Because of this, there’s never a moment with him around that you don’t feel safe. 
  • He’s very professional and strict, but it’s known to have a soft spot for you. 
  • Ignis would also be underestimated physically as a bodyguard, but not only is he as sharp as a whip, has multiple plans and backup plans in case anything goes wrong, Ignis can take down three men twice his size before you can even blink. 
  • Haven’t you ever seen his bare biceps?? Dat boi lifts.
  • Ignis would be the one to drive you everywhere because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it. 
  • After you were nearly poisoned, he would be the one to make almost every meal that you have too. 
  • He’s also very old-fashioned when it comes to chivalry. Even though he’s not paid to pamper you, he wouldn’t hesitate to carry your books for you, open doors for you, or scoop you up to walk over a puddle. 
  • He’s such a mom friend. 
  • He acts like your mother more than your mother does when it comes to your safety, but he also motivates you and tries to help you if you ever feel overwhelmed. 
  • If you feel stressed, he’ll be there to pull out a chair beside you, pour you some drinks and give you some snacks. He’s here to help. 
  • Your emotional health is just as important to him as your physical health. 
  • He would even crack some jokes or give you some memes if that’s what it takes to make you smile. 
  • When you first see Iggy, he’ll look like the boring and stern type, but there’s more than meets the eye with him. With everything that he does for you, it’s a no-brainer that you fell in love with him. 
  • After Ignis goes blind trying to protect you, he’ll try to quietly remove himself from your life because he feels like he’s not fit to protect you anymore. 
  • Please stop this man. 
  • Ignis doesn’t know what casual dressing is. Every single one of his uniforms are designer, tailored, and pressed to perfection. 


  • He fits the bodyguard mold to a T. 
  • When people see him with you, he’s just so tall and muscular that there’s no hesitation in their minds that he’s here to protect you, and he’s probably the best person for the job. 
  • Why would people even threaten you with him as your bodyguard tbh, 
  • He won’t hesitate to tease you though, but that just means that he feels at ease with you and he doesn’t feel stifling. 
  • Gladio also wouldn’t mind if you asked him to carry you everywhere. He’s just like, [shrugs] “Alright,” because it’s not like he’d have to use much of his strength to carry you. 
  • Besides, it’s easier on him as a bodyguard because he literally has you by his side at all times. 
  • Gladio also hopes that it would never have to come to this, but in case he ever has to leave you alone for a while, he’ll teach you how to fight for yourself. 
  • His security measures can get a bit overbearing, and sometimes you feel a bit frustrated because he feels like your dad, and you think that he’s taking all of these precautions too far. 
  • You just have to understand that he’s trying to protect you. 
  • Other than that, you would never have to worry if you really were in danger because you know that Gladio would be there to save you 100% of the time. 
  • If you were receiving death threats though. 
  • Cue Taken’s “I will find you, and I will kill you.” 
  • If for any reason he needs to leave your side for a while, the next person he trusts to protect you is Iris. 
  • She’s honestly so precious and it’s always a blessing to see her. 
  • This girl will give you plush toys on one hand, then put your attacker in a choke hold in another. 
  • You would never tell Gladio, but you’re more intimidated by her than you are by him, and that’s saying something. 
  • He would also ask you to accompany him to the gym. He has to watch you almost 24/7, and he needs to keep his body in shape, so this is killing two birds with one stone. 
  • You get to watch him work out and he gets to watch over you. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
  • He would even catch your watchful eyes on him and would give you a teasing smirk and a, “Like what you see?” 
  • His uniform is a fitted suit that fits perfectly over his hulking form, but he usually wears a black, fitting tank top with dark jeans. 
  • Honestly this entire Bodyguard AU thing is just canon for Gladio. 


  • The all-around perfect bodyguard. While Prompto and Noctis are a bit too lenient, while Ignis and Gladio can be a bit overbearing, Nyx is the perfect middle. 
  • He’s assertive, but he’ll let you have some freedom too. 
  • He calls you “Princess” jokingly. 
  • He tries to keep your relationship professional, but it wouldn’t be very hard to get him out of his shell. 
  • If the two of you are alone, pull him into a dance, pull him into the pool, or tell him to lay next to you on the bed, and he’ll complain at first, but soon he’ll be laughing with you. (Just let me have a slow dance with Nyx alright ;;)
  • With all of the distractions you throw at him, people would think that it would be easy to get things past him, but they are dead wrong. 
  • Nyx is incredibly observant no matter what, and almost nothing gets past him. 
  • He’ll catch you trying to sneak out, but then he’ll be like, “Okay, but only I can come too.” 
  • He’ll definitely be those guys from the YA novels that are like, “You don’t want to get close to me, Princess, I’m a dangerous man.” 
  • Uh-huh, sure. 
  • He takes his job very seriously, so you’ll see him posted outside your door or behind you during long, boring meetings, and he’ll keep his stance and form perfectly straight the entire time. 
  • If you keep on trying to talk to him when he’s on duty, he’ll give you a lopsided smile and an exasperated, “Princess, you’re interfering with my work.” 
  • Give him a smirk and a, “As long as I’m with you, I feel like the safest person in the world.” 
  • He’ll hum and turn away, but it takes him at least ten minutes to catch on.
  • Hold on. 
  • What?? 
  • Wait, are you…flirting with him??
  • For the rest of the week he would just be in a state of shock and have a mental debate of, “No, they were just being cheeky,” or “Holy shit, they flirted with me because they like me.” 
  • Save him from his suffering, or else he’ll be stuck in this internal monologue for the rest of his life. 
  • His uniform is a tailored double-breasted military jacket with matching trousers, but he’ll also wear a plain black tee and black pants. 
  • 10/10 would want him as a bodyguard. 
BTS Reaction: Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them

|||  @little-miss-sherlock asked: can I please have a reaction from bts when their smaller and younger s/o is protective of them and gets into a physical fight in their defense? |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys

He would be shocked.

“No, no, no. What are you doing? I should be the one protecting you!”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by ultranicolet

He would be sad that you got hurt because of him and would just want to hug you as tight as he can.

“Thank you, Jagi, but please don’t ever do that again.”

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by cmtae

When you came back from the fight and he saw you he immediately started worrying about your well being.

“Jagi, what happened? Who did this to you?”

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by beui

He would be pissed.

“Somebody dares to hurt my baby?! No way are they getting away unharmed.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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Would probably give you a lecture about not even thinking of doing it again.

“You should have called me for back up.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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Even though he would be worried about you, he would still appreciate the fact that you protected him.

“That’s why I love you, but please at least next time call me for backup.”

Jeon Jungkook

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He would be so sad, he would probably start crying with you.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.”

A/N: Feel free to request more reactions, scenarios etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

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Revenge prompt: Kara is autistic and Lena has been developing a special weighted blanket that works for her despite her super strength

I did my best with this prompt, and I am very open to hearing and learning if I’ve said anything ableist or disrespectful.

When Kara’s middle school teacher throws the word “autism” into the conversation for the first time, Eliza and Jeremiah exchange a very loaded glance.

Kara’s still getting used to super-senses, and sometimes the world becomes overwhelmingly loud. The culture on earth is different from what she’s used to. It batters her at top volume from all sides, strange and alienating. Not just the different food and the different plants and the different clothes - subtler, more insidious things.

A girl says, “you have such pretty hair, Kara,” trying to be friendly, and Kara scowls a little, says, “I have a very high IQ,” and Alex comes home to whine about it, mortified over the dinner table. It takes a lot of backtracking and questions to establish that commenting on someone’s looks would have implied an insult on Krypton. The established etiquette was to comment on someone’s most important features first - starting a conversation by mentioning someone’s hair is practically like calling them worthless.

By the time they finish asking questions, Kara is crying, and her hands are clapped over her ears. No matter how quietly they speak, it sounds like shouting to her. Eliza and Jeremiah can’t begin to unravel which of her tears are grief, which are physical pain, which of them are just exhaustion from the never ending litany of confusion.

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Liam Dunbar Imagine-Heartbroken

Request- Hey, I just found your blog and I must say…I’m in love with your writing! 💕😍 I wanted to ask if you could do an imagine where the reader also is a werewolf but more powerful than the others. She doesn’t find out about it until she get’s her heart broken by Liam because of Hayden. She joins Theo and wrecks havoc. In the end she realizes what she did and runs away. Maybe she goes to London to live with her brother Jackson? Thank you! 💕

Author’s note- Aw Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it here. I changed the ending slightly because I got carried away. But your request is my command, enjoy x

You stood, half-listening to the pack meeting. You stared down at the ground, wanting to look everywhere but up. It hurt- a little. You and Liam were, until recently, dating and it was intense- well for you anyway. You ignored Lydia when she warned you about dating a friend, she warned you of how bad things could get, but you didn’t want to hear it. So here you now are, trying to avoid eye-contact with anything but the carpet. Everything was so much brighter when you had someone to love you. First your brother left you, after turning into a werewolf. Now Liam, after falling in love with someone else. They had history together, and sometimes that’s something you can never replace. It was inevitable that the more time they spent together, the quicker they fell for one another. You were the spare part, the fill in, before someone better came along. And that made you feel like shit. “As long as we stick together, none of us will get hurt” Scott finished. Ironically you looked up, seeing Liam with his arm around Hayden. She was smiling at him sweetly, causing an eye-roll on your behalf.  “We’ll meet tomorrow then?” Stiles finished, after noticing your clear discomfort. You all grumbled in agreement, before disbursing. You walked away with Lydia, picking a corner of the room to stand in. “It’s not fair on you, you shouldn’t have to watch that, them.” Lydia said, sounding as frustrated as you felt. “Lyds, I’m fine. I don’t care” your voice cracked during that last part. “I may not have wolf chemo senses, but I know you’re anything but fine” she said, sympathetically. Your hearing then unintentionally focused on Liam. He was with Hayden and Mason.They were all laughing, that type of laugh that makes your stomach hurt because you cant stop. A small, animalistic sob escaped your lips. The type your dog makes, when you leave the room for more than a minute. “Did you just-?” Lydia began asking, drawing her attention back to you. “What? No. I don’t think-” you interrupted quickly, surprised yourself. Lydia looked at you quizzically, to which you simply shrugged, biting your lip.

You were on your way home, when you chest began to feel heavy. No one, not even you realised how much you were truly hurting. You grew used to crying in the shower, so no one could hear you. You grew used to waiting for everyone to fall asleep, before you could break. You knew exactly what it felt like, to want all the hurt and pain to just stop altogether. Everything seemed to hit you all a once, your emotional pain turned physical. Your legs felt weak and you breath became unsteady. You slowly brought yourself to sit on the side of the road. Every thought of Liam and Hayden, every bit of sadness, every bit of pain played on your mind in that moment. It hurt to know that things would never be the same again. You wiped your tears with your sleeve. Things were only getting worse and you were so broken. “Stop crying” you kept repeating to yourself, covering your mouth with your hands. The longer you hold on, the more numb you become and that is exactly how you were beginning to feel. The loneliest part in someone’s life, is when they watch their whole world fall apart- and all they can do is stare blankly. You had been sad for so long, that your tears simply dried up and all you felt was the emptiness inside of you. You felt numb. It was like someone turned a switch inside of you. The girl that once cared way too much about everyone and anything, no longer cared at all.

“Y/n!” a voice called, approaching you. They placed their hand on your shoulder, feeling how ice cold you were. They squatted beside you, shaking their hand in front of your face, noticing just how unresponsive you were. You had been sitting in the street for god knows how long, accepting the new you. You eventually looked up at them. “You’re freezing, take this” they offered, handing you their jacket. “You don’t have to pretend to be concerned Theo, everyone knows you’re a power hungry sociopath” you retort. He tilted his head, shocked, confused and amused by your response. “Where did that come from?” he asked, smirking. “The new me” you responded, standing up. “The new and improved you” he corrected, intrigued by the sudden transition. “Whatever” you rolled your eyes and began to walk away. “Y/n, wait” he said, grabbing your shoulder. You turned around, your eyes glowing a light purple rather than the usual beta gold. Theo was surprised to say the least, he had heard the dread doctors talk about that once before. There’s a rare type of werewolf, a more powerful type. They get their power from cutting off their humanity, something you had began doing. He however concealed his reaction, not wanting you to realise and run to your friends for help. “Listen, Hayden abandoned my pack and took Liam from you. I’d say joining my pack would get revenge on both of them” he claimed. “I know you’re just trying to manipulate me-” you paused, considering the pros and cons. “But I really have nothing to lose” you answered. Theo smirked once more, excited by the newest and most powerful addition to his pack.

Morning came. You had been up all night, listening to the schemes Theo had set in place. “You might want to sleep for a bit, busy night” Tracy grinned sinisterly. “I don’t need sleep, what I need is for you to fuck off” you retaliated. There was no need for that, even though you had been fighting her for last few weeks with the pack. “We’re on the same team now, what’s your problem?” she asked, taking a step closer to you. “Oh please, you’re not even a real supernatural creature. What are you even supposed to be?” you scoffed, looking her up and down. “Ladies” Theo interrupted, standing in-between the pair of you. “Rather she’s out or I am” Tracy held her hands up. You smiled at her, radiating the sense of cocky bitchiness that Theo loved. “No one is dropping out, both of you just need to calm down” he tried to diffuse. As much as he wanted to see you beat the shit out of her, with your new found strength, he wanted you to wait and channel it all that night. She huffed, storming off in the other direction. Theo began talking to you, something about Tracy probably. You however focused your attention behind him. “Y/n!” he said, slightly louder. You drew your attention back to him. “Look, I’ve got to go but I’ll see you tonight” you brushed past him and exited the dread doctor’s lab.

You had lost a lot of humanity, but not enough to turn on all of your friends. Lydia had always been there to guide you, Scott had always been there to protect you, Malia had always been there to cheer you up, Stiles had always been there to talk to and Liam- well fuck Liam. You were on the way back to the lab come nightfall, to tell him you couldn’t go through with it. That was until you walked past a coffee shop on the way there. Your coffee shop. It was a place you and Jackson had gone to ever since you were little, it was your safe place. You had introduced Liam to it, when it became your shared safe place. And there he sat, holding hands across the table with Hayden. He knew how much it meant to you, it was stupid but it was yours. Liam must have smelt your familiar scent, as he turned around to look at the window. You of course, were already half way down the street by then. “I’m ready” you stated, joining Theo and his pack. Your eyes were glowing a slightly darker purple.

The five of you took your positions in the school. “It’s coming” you heard Cory say, from the other side of the building. You retracted your claws and fangs, this time noticing you had two more. Before you could put another thought on that, you felt the vibrations of the beast entering the school. You soon heard the growls and sound of broken school equipment as Tracy attacked it from downstairs, to the sound of Donavan’s radiating electricity. “Wait” you heard Theo whisper from the other end of the hall. The vibrations got louder and bigger, as the beast got closer towards you. You let out an animalistic grow, but before you could do anything someone interrupted. “Y/n” the voice of reason spoke. You turned to see Stiles, opening the doors to the school. “Ignore him” Theo whispered. You let out another growl, as the beast grew closer. “Y/n this isn’t you and this isn’t the way either” Stiles spoke again. You turned to look at him again, feeling the cracks starting to form in your icy persona. “I bet Theo hasn’t told you what you are. A lunar wolf, one that gets their power from hurt an pain” he continued. You simply glanced back at Theo. “It’s not true” he simply retaliated, his heart showing no indication of a lie. “You feel it too. Deaton noticed it months ago, we didn’t tell you because we knew you were already hurting” Stiles justified. “Now!” Theo instructed, as the beast ran towards the three of you. You and Theo charged towards it, taking and giving hits. During the fight you felt the strength build behind every punch, as your eyes grew darker. Until you punched the beast, causing it to growl loudly in pain for the first time. It violently threw you and Theo against the lockers. You slid down them and turned to look to your right. “Stiles!” was all you managed to shout, as the beast charged towards him, but you could see there wasn’t enough time. You stood up and ran, at an inhumane speed and managed to push him to the ground, before the beast ran straight through the wall of the school. You both stopped and breathed for a second. “Thanks” was all he managed to say between gasps. You brushed the broken rubble off the pair of you, and you both dragged yourselves up. “You’re bleeding” he said gently, noticing the large wound on your arm. “I’ll heal” you simply returned, your eyes fading back to their usual colour. He furrowed his brows and ribbed off part of your shirt, before tying it around your arm. “Until it does” he added awkwardly, after noticing your confused facial expression. You smiled and shook your head at him, which caused him to involuntary smile back at you warmly. “Where’s Theo?” Scott suddenly came rushing towards the pair of you. He then stopped for a second, listening to your heart beats and then he looked awkward as if he had walked in on something he shouldn’t have. “Erm he’s over there-” you tried to keep the focus on that. You then all turned to see he was no longer there. “Where did he go?” Stiles asked puzzled. “I think I know” you claimed, pushing past the pair of them, your eyes starting to turn back to a deep purple.

When you got to him, you saw Tracy fall to the ground. You looked to see Donovan also lying lifelessly. Theo must have heard you, as he turned around smirking. You looked to see him wearing glowing claws, the same used against Scott to steal his power. “Is power that worth it to you?” you asked in disgust. “Anyone can be corrupted by power Y/n” he stated amused, walking closer towards you. “When I saw them in the lab I knew you were up to something- and I guess that something was me” you remarked, before growing out your fangs and claws. He attempted to stab you with them, but missed every time. He had drained two people of their lives and power, and yet he was still no where near as strong as you. “You killed your own sister for this, you best make it count” you encouraged. He growled, kicking you and causing you to fall to the ground. He then hovered above you cockily, showing off his new claws. “Your ego was always going to be your downfall” you smiled, kicking him to the ground and getting on top of him. You then ripped the claws he had put on himself and placed them on your own. “Karma really is a bitch” you fake pouted, stabbing them into his stomach.

“Y/n stop” an all too familiar voice spoke from behind you. You glanced at him, your eyes flickering between a dark and light purple. “This isn’t you” he spoke again. “You did this to me!” you stated, digging the claws further into Theo, causing him to groan in pain. “It’s no ones fault- just know that we’re trying to help you” he held his hands up, as he got closer towards you. “You know Liam- I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing” your eyes were still flickering, but remaining longer on dark purple. “And I’m sorry- for hurting you, for everything” he said, edging even closer. “You let me think you loved me, and then left me. What kind of fucked up shit is that?” you continue to pin Theo down. “I know- what I did was wrong. But this isn’t you Y/n. You’re good, like Scott” he claimed. “We fight the same battles, we’re just as bad as he is” you retort. “No we’re not” another voice spoke. Your eyes widened, and your grip automatically weakened. You turned, your eyes a pale purple. “Jackson” you practically whispered. “What are you doing sis?” he simply asked. He used the same tone of voice he did when you were younger, when you would mess up and he would help you through it without your parents ever finding out. You stared at him for a moment, before slowly looking back and realising what you were doing. “I know every physical sense in your body is telling you to kill him, but listen to your heart. The one thing that’s still 100% human” he spoke softly. “I’m sorry” you spoke with a cry, pulling the claws out of Theo’s stomach. He let out another groan and a slight sigh of relief. You stood up and turned around slowly, staring at the blood stained claws. You looked up, just as your brother pulled you into a warm embrace. He then pulled them off you and threw them to the ground. “Come on” he put his arm around you and you walked out of the building, to see your friends. Stiles stood talking to Scott, Malia and Hayden were attempting to duck tape more parts of the jeep and Lydia came towards you in less than a second. You were surprised when she pulled you into a long and desperate hug, which you immediately returned. You then all stood together. “I am so sorry-” you began. “Y/n It’s okay” Scott interrupted, with a sincere smile. You mouthed the words thank you to him, causing him to let out a small laugh. “We’re glad to have you back” Malia beamed. “And we’ll be with you every step of your supernatural way” Lydia added. Liam then slowly joined you all, being met by Hayden practically jumping on him. Stiles put his arm around you and smiled, which you returned. It no longer hurt you like it did. Liam glanced at the pair of you, furrowing his brows in confusion, causing Hayden to get off him. “Can we make a pact?” Mason joined you all out of the blue. “That we will never again split up from each other?” he finished. You all smiled and let out low laughs, before raising your hands to promise. But I guess some promises are not meant to be kept.

Part 2 anyone? Sorry I got hella carried away, it probably sucks because I rambled. Requests are back open so hit me up bitches X

War allies

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: It’s sometimes sad, but overall cute. Mentions of torture.

Summary: After the events in the Leipzig airport, queen (Y/N) is taken to the Raft and tortued to say something about the whereabouts of Captain Rogers; she endures everything and even got rescued by a fellow monarch whom she knew from a life that she thought she would never get back to. Diplomacy is key.

A/N: Feedback is love.

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“What you did to them was not as cruel as what they did to you.”

It was the first thing (Y/N) typed down. She was home at last, and more or less safe and she firmly needed to believe her own words.

The medical team that took care of her told her that if she wasn’t keen on talking, she could probably write things down, let her memory and fingers do the job, but that was easier said than done; especially when her memory only played the same images again and again. She took a deep breath, feeling her chest inflate with the income and slowly exhaled everything away. The thoughts wandered in and out, and following her meditation teacher’s instructions, she tried not to make a whole story around them.

It all begun in Vienna. I shouldn’t have gone. I shouldn’t have been there. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. But I did. I went there and I can’t change that. I was there only to hear what fat men wanted from people with powers; people like me. But I am not their property and I don’t want them to register me or mark me as something I am not. I am a queen, I am a ruler and I am powerful. I am graceful in what I do and god knows I am. I just wanted people to feel better, but their emotions turned confusing and I just couldn’t do that anymore.

By the end of her first stream of consciousness session, (Y/N) was already shaking and crying. She grabbed her head in her hands tightly, trying to shake away all the images that followed those inauspicious events. Leipzig, and then the Raft. She remembered hiding in the shadows, unbeknownst to everyone, as she toyed and manipulated their anger and their feelings of blind justice.

Captain Rogers had hidden friends outside the avengers, and she was a most appreciated one, so it was not a surprise when he told her to please help him out with a little something. He mentioned the dangers and the exposure, but he also explained how important it was for him to have his friend back and the accords not signed. (Y/N) understood that very well. The meaning of family and the promise of a free life.

Once she was there, hiding behind the structures, containers and trucks, she felt a familiar presence. But she could not recognize anybody; not their breathing and not her thoughts. She moved around like the shadows and with them, trying to remain unseen from everyone. But then the fight was over and the million tricks under her sleeve were gone and people were dragging her to a plane to throw her into a prison in the middle of the ocean. The Raft, they called it.

There she met her fellow inmates, the archer, the man that could shrink, the man with the wings and the woman with the mental abilities. She could not escape and she could not use her powers to feel less lonely. Little by little, she locked herself into her own mind, unwilling to maintain a conversation with anybody, and each passing day she seemed more and more unbreakable, even though she was tortured in several ways to get the information about Captain Rogers and his whereabouts. She knew and believed in the value of loyalty, even if it meant rotting in her cell.

She was about to give up on everything and everyone, but then she saw the light, or more like the light going off. Steve Rogers appeared, almost horrified by what happened to his dearest friends and allies. Cap’s team was taken to Wakanda, a nation she didn’t know she knew.

They were all welcomed by the king himself, a tall man of dark complexion; he irradiated authority and kindness, even though he saw before him the people that he once tried so hard to get rid of. (Y/N) felt even smaller next to him; being a queen herself, she knew in her heart that she wasn’t as good as he was. People around him smiled as they vowed their heads, but when her people passed by, they bowed their heads in fear.

King T’Challa was a very caring man, not only for his people, but for people he didn’t know too. He was in charge of all the attentions the newly arrived would have; from their bedrooms to the different recovery therapies they would be under. Each one of them different for each member.

The physical therapy was one thing, getting regular check-ups with the castle’s medical team, but then there were the therapy sessions that (Y/N) dreaded to attend. T’Challa was informed of this and of course he worried, he wanted everyone to be as mentally healthy as possible, even though he understood if it took a long time.

The king decided to ask (Y/N) why wasn’t she attending the sessions and if there was another thing she’d like to try so he could make the arrangements for it to be done, but before he could put the question into words, she had already disappeared.

The queen came back to her own palace, in the safety of her walls and the safety of her people. She still thought about T’Challa and the brief encounters they did happen to have. She couldn’t escape all day from him, and even though she never tried to, she still had little to no words to say to him other than answering his questions. Among those questions, there was the moment when he found out she was a queen also, a very young one; younger than him. Later he found out that his deceased father was once an ally with hers, and a light-bulb lighted up inside his mind.

“You got a letter, your highness.” One of the maidens said, carrying with her a golden envelope with the queen’s name on it. The queen didn’t pay much attention until the maid said where it came from.  “This comes from Wakanda.” (Y/N) turned her head to look at the envelope and reached out her hand for it to be handed to her.

“Thank you.” The queen bowed her head and smiled lightly, and the maid turned on her heels and left (Y/N) alone again with the pile of papers she still had to revise.

Ever since (Y/N) came back to her lands, everything was busier than ever. The world was now aware of her secret society and trying to get the press away from the limits was a terribly exhausting job. She was not very good at the social contact and she preferred not to do it anyway; she had people to take care of public relationships, but there was one thing she couldn’t escape from. Diplomacy.

She opened the letter to find a handwritten message.

“Dearest (Y/N),

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been a few months since you left Wakanda without even saying goodbye and I believe we have a few matters to discuss. Political ones mostly, but I suppose we can find the time to discuss other things.

As you might be aware of, our fathers shared a close friendship, and both kingdoms were war allies before and we also did a lot of commerce; that is relationship that I wish to re-build now that we have become public personas and that we have properly met (the circumstances were terrible, but at least everyone got something positive out of it). Would it be okay if I ask you out for dinner soon? Whatever your answer may be, reply this letter as soon as possible and I’ll make the arrangements to meet your convenience.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Faithfully yours,


(Y/N) held the letter for a few more minutes before she could realize that she was thinking about the ruler of the peaceful kingdom that received her just months ago. She was still surprised that he did it, and on top of that, he was asking to meet her again. Yes, they had some important topics to discuss, but for the words and their underlying meaning, he was quite eager to see her.

She took a deep breath and wrote the reply herself. She didn’t want to waste any other precious second. She called the same maiden and asked to send the letter away and that it was extremely important that she made sure it would arrive as soon as it could be.

The venue for their dinner would be the gorgeous city of Marrakesh; they agreed that a neutral place was the best option for their not-official diplomatic meeting. (Y/N) appeared in a restaurant wearing a tight black dress. It had no back, and the cleavage was low, but not low enough to show her breasts or to look tacky. T’Challa was blown away by her beauty; he remembered quite well the girl in his palace, but the girl back then used to hide herself under baggy clothes, or hide herself in her bedroom if possible.

“It’s nice to see you out,” T’Challa commented as he conducted her to their table, “how are you feeling?”

“It’s hard to get back on track,” she nodded, feeling the weight of her words, “but I got some good people to take care of me.”

The drinks started to pour on their glasses and the food arrived to them. Spicy food was one thing, but the dishes there were more condiments than actual ingredients. It was a fun meal, and even though they could not speak very much, the looks they shared said more than a hundred words.

(Y/N) felt how he observed her every move, from the way she ate, to the way her lips captured the glass and the liquid went down her throat. She started to like the way that his feelings were so out there, she was not even having an insight of his mind, but instead; he was giving it all away as if he wanted her to witness everything that he was going through.

“It’s kinda funny to think our parents were once allies,” (Y/N) started, “I still have your father in my memory. He’s one of the memories I cherish the most.” She smiled almost to herself. “I remember that he gave me, for one of my birthdays, a small sculpture of a panther.” She giggled heartedly. “I never thought I’d learn the hard way that apparently the panther is the national animal in Wakanda.”

“I actually made that,” T’Challa admitted, scratching the back of his neck and feeling a strong warmth spreading through his face, “and I wanted to give it to you so badly, because you were the only other child I knew that knew exactly what I was going through, but I got sick the few days before that and… I was bound to be in bed for about a week so… I was destroyed by that.” He chuckled. Just a few seconds after, they fell silent. They searched in each other’s eyes for conversation, and that was enough, but T’Challa broke the silence between them. “You know, I spent my teenage years imagining how you had grown up, and if there could be a chance of us keeping a future together—for the sake of our kingdoms, of course.” He hurried to add.

“That’s a heavy wonder to carry for a teenage boy.” (Y/N) conceded, swirling the liquid in the glass with her powers. She was absent minded, thinking about the little boy she once met; it was hard to believe that the boy had grown up into such a majestic man, not to mention how handsome he was. She shook her head, as if it made the thoughts go away, but she still had in mind the words he said, and how he thought about the future. “You know, my father was not a very sentimental man, and he was most probably worried about the future of the people rather than my future, but he always said that it would’ve been a good idea to keep relations with Wakanda.” She pursed her lips into a smile. “He said, it was one of dreams to see me married to the heir. And now that I know him… I believe my father knew what he talked about.”

“And what is that?”

“He must have had some idea about the kind of man you have turned into.” She exhaled heavily and let her back rest comfortably on the chair. “I’m not the kind of girl that’s good with words, let alone those words being about my inner thoughts and the mind beyond my mind, so I’ll say this quickly: I like you, and I like the man you’ve become. I like you because you took care of me like no one else would have, even though I was the one who made you feel so enraged. I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, and playing with your feelings was one. If you want me to answer your teenage question: yes, there is a chance of keeping our kingdoms together, but I don’t want to be with you because of that, I want to be with you because the feeling is corresponded. If not—”

“I thought those words would never come.” T’Challa chuckled. “I’ve been thinking about those words since I can remember, and… they feel a hundred times better.” He rested his elbows on the table and reached out for (Y/N)’s hands, but she couldn’t move. “I’ve been in love with you, and the thought of you for long, and you can’t imagine how broken my heart was when I saw you under arrest… and what they did to you at the Raft…” He clenched his fists and his knuckles whitened from the strength used. “I couldn’t stand it. I mean, the thought of what you went through still keeps me up at night.” He stopped for a few seconds, just to get his thoughts straight. “I don’t care about what you did; that’s buried in the past and I have no interest in bringing it back. I like who you are now, and I want to learn from you… Let’s give this a try, and if this does not meet your expectations, or if something happens along the way, just promise me you’ll be as sincere as you have been throughout the night.”

“I—I will.” (Y/N) stammered nervously, as she timidly intertwined her hands with T’Challa’s. She smiled at the contact between them; it was so childish, so innocent, but she knew she was making the right decision. “I’m just so… I thought that, once you found out that it was me who toyed with everyone’s mind and that I was involved with Captain Rogers, you’d shut me out and probably you wouldn’t even talk to me about diplomacy… I thought you’d… exile me out of your life.” She said, with a taint of gloominess in her voice. Her fingers gently traced the veins on the back of T’Challa’s hand. She took a deep breath, experiencing in first person the feelings that occupied the mind and heart of the king. “Have you always been this intense?” She giggled when she saw herself affected by the king’s lust.

“Only when the woman I’ve loved all my life is wearing something like that.” T’Challa smiled slyly, not even feeling intimidated by being busted. He let go of (Y/N)’s hands and stood up to take a few steps next to her. “May I take the fun somewhere else?” He offered his hand.

“Yes,” she nodded, taking the hand and standing up, “you may…” Before T’Challa started to walk away with her, she tugged at his arm and made him turn around to pull him closer to her and kiss those plump lips that had hypnotized her all night long. His kiss was soft, and his hands on her hips were even softer. She held on tightly to him, feeling every inch of his body mold to hers and his muscles tightening. She pulled away, needing some air to think straight. “Perhaps we could take the fun to my room… My king.” She breathed to his ear, knowing the reaction it would have in him.

I Forgot Who I Once Was

           The ceiling was black with glowing shades of purple as he peeled open his eyes. The room was dim and somehow that made everything feel that much clearer. More sensitive. The feeling of soft sheets beneath his body, the stiff contrast of the clothing covering his body. The smell of clean metal invading his nose, foreign and strong. The taste of stale air on his tongue. And the sound of whirling, like a simulator in flight, with banging pipes and the murmur of voices echoed with footsteps in his half-conscious mind.

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The Hearts We Take, The Ice We Break (Jughead x Reader)

“Can you do a Jughead imagine where the reader and jug breakup and the gang take his side, and in loneliness she tries to kill herself ( like what Cheryl does in the finale ) and jughead saves her?“ –Anonymous

Warnings: Implied sexual abuse, suicide ideation, and suicide attempt.

Listen To: “All I Want”, Kodaline

You were the perfect girl, to the outsider’s eye. A River Vixen, a good student, a good friend, a beautiful girl. You didn’t have the vindictiveness of Cheryl, or the reputation of Veronica, or even the pretentiousness of Betty. You laughed at the right times, smiled just enough, and never showed up to school with smudged eyeliner or a hair out of place.

When you’d moved to Riverdale High, everyone had their eyes on you. When you suddenly asked Jughead Jones III, the boy who sat next to you in English class, to go to Pop’s with you, everyone was shocked. Including him.

Jughead quickly learned that there was more to you than meets the eye. You immediately delved into talking to him about deep philosophical topics, complicated film theories, and general snarking about the surrounding town. Combined with your beautiful appearance and kind nature, he was enthralled. He almost unconsciously uttered an invitation to go steady with him. You immediately said yes.

You’d been dating for a few months now. You were over the moon with happiness. Every day, you’d walk into school clinging to your boyfriend’s arm. You’d plant a kiss on his cheek before every class, and take pictures with him every chance you got. Your Instagram was plastered with selfies of the two of you, filled with comments of “#couplegoals” from classmates from your old school, more times than you could count.

While you were elated, Jughead felt differently. He could feel the eyes of everyone in the school following his back. Ever since his suspected involvement in Jason’s murder and his huge fight with Betty one year ago, he knew everyone thought he was a freak. Coupled with his newfound relationship to the new town sweetheart, he’d made you into a target, too.

It started out with whispered comments in the hallway, which you brushed off. “They’re just jealous of you, Juggie,” you said with a smile.

Then, things got physical.

“You need to step away from that Southside trash. I’ll show you what a real man is like, (Y/N),“ Reggie said, cornering you in the empty locker room. You tried to run, but he grabbed your arms and shoved you against a locker, mashing his lips into your hungrily.

“Jughead!“ You screamed. You knew Jughead waited for you every day after cheer practice to walk you home. Reggie plastered one hand over your mouth, another creeping up your skirt.

The door swung open, Jughead standing in the doorway.

Wordlessly, with a look that could kill, Jughead pulled Reggie off of you and punched his lights out. Being a star football player, it merely earned Reggie a reprimand from the coach, while Jughead earned slew of detentions.

Needless to say, Veronica and Betty were furious at what had happened to you, and got to work in earning your justice. Jughead had other things on his mind. He seemed more distant, more distracted.

One day, you couldn’t take it anymore. Jughead no longer returned your kisses. He avoided pictures. There wasn’t that same warmth in his eyes.

“Jug, we should talk,“ you said, crossing your legs on your bed.

“Yeah, we should.“ Jughead never met your eyes. “I… I think we should break up.“

Your eyes widened. “…what?”

Jughead gulped. He had been rehearsing this conversation with Archie for a week. Jughead no longer wanted you to suffer because of your relationship with him. “I’m not good for you, (Y/N). You deserve a lot better, and…” He took a breath, preparing to say the lie that Archie said was necessary for you to let go. “I… I don’t love you anymore.”

Jughead expected screaming, crying. Instead, your eyes went to your hands in your lap. “…okay, Jughead. Okay.”

Before he could change his mind. Jughead stood jerkily, and walked to the door.

With his back facing you, he said, voice steadied, “Be good, okay?”

Softly, you repeated, “Okay, Jughead. Okay.”

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Bound to Happen (Part 6), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,640

Author’s Note: I feel like I never made this super clear - but this is not a recreation of The West Wing. It is heavily inspired by it, yes, but they are not White House staffers and it doesn’t follow the exact same story line. Just wanted to clear any confusion! I thought sticking them into an AU was too constricting.

Warnings: As always, a slow burn. Cursing. This chapter is modeled after the Gaza car explosion episode, so be warned.

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“I can barely go one night without you here, I don’t know how I’ll go an entire week.” Lin collapsed into his dressing room couch.

“Do you want a West End production of In the Heights or not?” You shot back, gaining a huff from him.

You were leaving the next morning to join a select group in early negotiations to put Lin’s show up in London. They were very early negotiations, which is why you were tagging along.

Lin had insisted months ago - when the trip was a distant thing in the future and he thought you would deserve a vacation. ‘You’ve been with this show as long as I have, just make sure Usnavi’s not white and we’ve got a West End production!’ was his stellar reasoning.

Now that the trip was in twelve hours, he was having second thoughts.

“Just, have fun and tan!” He insisted as places were called.

“It’s London!” You reminded him as his cap was secured snugly on his head. 

It was two in the morning when Lin got the call. He grumbled when Tommy flashed across the screen. Probably still adjusting to time zones and didn’t think before dialing, Lin reasoned as he rejected the call and stuffed his face back into the pillows.

He called three more times before Lin finally gave in.

“It is dark as shit out, Tommy.” Lin sneered, arm reaching blindly to flick on his bedside lamp.

It’s Y/N.” Tommy was crying.


Lin spent the next few hours on the phone with various doctors and anyone who was in the group. 

A car accident. Lin sent you to London and you were half-dead from a car accident.

“They’re not really telling us anything. We’re not family and we’re in a different country-”

“It’s okay, Tommy. They told me enough.” Breathed Lin, who, after four hours now, was still curled up on his bed. The only visible change was the sunlight peeking in from the window.

“We’re all heading back to the hotel. We’ll keep you updated.”

Lin hung up before Tommy could start another grieving session, as if there was no hope.

Despite what everyone anticipated, Lin was at the theater that night, pleading with anyone that would listen that he was going on tonight even if he had to scream the lyrics without a mic on.

“Either get me a mic, or get the fuck out of my way-” He was taking it out on a poor stage hand whose name he couldn’t remember when he felt a harsh tug at the collar of his shirt.

“Take it easy, man.” Chris was at his side as Lin’s body shook with sobs. The stage hand scampered away, “Hey-”

Lin was struggling to catch his breath, panting as his lungs worked to catch up with the devastation.

I sent her there.” 

“Don’t start with that shit.”

Lin wanted to snap again because he did send you and it was his fault and instead of being greeted this morning with your coffee and a scolding from Karen, all he received was thirty solemn faces that couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“If there’s somewhere else you’d rather be right now-” Chris offered, giving him permission to do exactly what he had wanted to this morning, “I think we’d all understand.”

“Thanks.” Lin whispered, striding towards the door. By the time he was in the street, he was sprinting back towards his apartment, racking his brain for how long a flight from New York to London was.

Lin expected the booth to be empty - the meeting with the artistic directors of the theater didn’t start for another ten minutes, but he always liked to show up a bit early.

A head start.

To his surprise, the door was open and the lights were on. And there you were.

Humming to yourself, you twirled around the room effortlessly. You were making copies and highlighting important sections of the script and brewing coffee at the same time.

He was in love.

“Uh, hello?” Lin called, standing in the doorway and wondering if he was intruding. You spun and met him with a grin.

“Hi.” He continued to stare, “Oh! I’m Y/N. I’m working on this show by uh-” You glanced down at the script, “Lin-Manuel Miranda. Who are you?”

“Lin-Manuel Miranda.” He smiled lightly, wondering how this multitasking scatterbrained girl was now working on his show.

“Of course I knew that!” You certainly didn’t, “I’m your assistant. Well, technically I’m an intern but I feel like that’s such a high-school job title so-”

“Assistant it is.” Lin agreed, slinging his bag off his shoulder and taking a spot at the table you were currently setting up.

“Glad we’re on the same page.” You nodded as you continued your impromptu dance around the room - checking that the presentation was set up properly, that the pages were in order and the coffee was on the right track, “I like your show, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

“Remember I said that when you’re looking for an assistant when this thing hits Broadway.”

Lin laughed lightly as he flipped to the first page of your copy of the script. Hastily scribbled in the margins were notes.

Start with talking to the audience to reassure them. This is a show for them even if they know nothing about Washington Heights.

“I will.”

Lin’s first stop was the hospital - where he had to fight doctors to get to you. He still hadn’t showered and was in the same clothes from when he left the theater.

He probably looked like the messiest, most frantic guest they’d ever had in their waiting room, but he crossed an ocean to be there. He was getting into that room.

Finally, he was in contact with a doctor that understood the circumstances and was willing to take the time to explain the situation and treatment plan - a lot of which made Lin queasy.

“Do you want to see her?”

Lin was ushered to a brightly lit hallway. He had never been in an ICU before and it was just as terrifying as he imagined it to be.

“We don’t expect her to come to anytime soon - but you can go in if you’d like.” The doctor offered. She turned the corner and led him to your room. The door was slightly jar, and she pushed it further open.

“You said she’d-”

“-be just fine if everything goes according to plan, yes. A few months of physical therapy for the leg. Frequent check-ups on the lung. Nothing too strenuous.” She confirmed.

You didn’t look like someone that would be just fine. Lin tip-toed into the room. The tubes and machines and beeping was all too overwhelming for his brain to comprehend and suddenly the nausea was catching up to him.

He doubled over at the sight of you, bruised and bandaged and the tears he had been holding in on the plane were spilling here.

The doctor left with a courteous farewell and a reminder that she would be available for questions before closing the door behind her.

It took him twenty minutes to work up the courage to pull the chair up next to your bed. It took another ten for his hand to find yours. 

The next two days were spent in that chair. He set up a writing station by your side, the constant click of his notebook the only thing able to drown out the beeping of the machines. He hotel was used for the shower and its continental breakfast and never for sleep.

He has halfway through tearing apart a lyric when he felt your bed shift. He yanked his earbuds out by the chord, slamming his laptop shut and set it on the floor. He sat up, eyes locked on your face as your eyes clenched in pain.


He wasn’t sure he heard it. Maybe his mind was playing tricks and you were still fast asleep with the help of very heavy drugs.

“Lin.” Your hand was moving now, trembling as you reached for something blindly.

Your eyes wavered open, lids heavy as you took in the speckled ceiling.

“Lin.” His hand was in yours again, and he was out of his chair in a second.

“Hey.” His voice was quiet as it wavered.”You’re okay.”

“You’re here.” Your voice cracked from under use, your throat screaming for water.

“Of course I’m here.” He smiled reassuringly, trying to keep your eyes open and on him. He never wanted to see your eyes on anything but him again.

“It’s not your fault.” You mumbled, barely decipherable.

A nurse bustled in with a jug of water and instructions from the doctor. A remote was shoved into your hand for whenever the pain became unbearable. You immediately clicked it three times.

“It only works the first time, I think.” Lin breathed a half-assed laugh, trying to keep the mood light in the presence of the nurse.

“It’s not your fault.” You repeated firmly, hand trying to brush away the nurse as she moved to take blood. “Say it.

“It’s not my fault.” Lin said, but didn’t believe.

You let the nurse go about her business for the moment, eventually leaving with the promise of food upon her return. You weren’t hungry. Lin’s hands were on your blankets, pulling it up so it would cover your shoulders.

“Is everyone else-”

“They’re all fine.” He promised, pushing a stray hair behind your ear. “They want you to get better.”

“They just want to put me back to work.” You grumbled, voice dipping as you settled back into bed. “I’m irreplaceable.” You smiled, wanting to see it mirrored on Lin’s face - fighting the sleep that threatened to overcome you again.

“Yeah.” He agreed, but you had already dozed off, “Irreplaceable.”

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catchthespade  asked:

your drunk bidders post got me laffin lmaooo though it made me wonder: from best to worst, how would you rank the bidders(+mc) in terms of how good they are at fighting?

Thank you lmao :’) and yES this is the shit I live for!!

@maidofstars you should see this too lmao


  • Holy shit dude
  • She’s hung out with the Bidders long enough to learn techniques from each of them
  • Her pent-up rage from dealing with these dumbasses is just adding fuel to the fire tbh
  • Don’t let her size fool you; MC can put anyone in a headlock
  • She’s fast, so she can dodge attacks and recover really quickly
  • Could probably knock anyone tf out in like 2 seconds

Soryu: 10/10 Get Rekt

  • There’s a reason why Soryu is a mobster
  • Aside from experience with weapons, he can fist fight really well and is professionally trained in martial arts
  • He can kick so high what the f u c k
  • He’s able to predict what his enemy will do next and counterattack
  • Soryu is hella strong, so he could wrestle someone to the ground before they even knew what was happening
  • He’s able to stay calm and focused in any fight, which scares the shit out of his enemies 

Hikaru: 8.5/10 Killin’ Machine

  • Probably knows 100 different ways to kill someone with his bare hands
  • More used to using weapons, but don’t sleep on his hand-to-hand combat skills
  • S O   M U C H   E N E R G Y
  • Hikaru is used to long, drawn-out fights so he knows how to pace himself
  • He may have a baby face, but he’s scary af when provoked
  • Can dodge attacks really, really well. Rarely ever gets hurt in a fight

Mamoru: 8/10 Don’t Poke the Bear

  • He can be super intimidating when he needs to be
  • Trained in martial arts and firearms, and is used to taking down rowdy criminals 
  • Probably the best improviser out of all the Bidders; can turn almost anything into a weapon
  • Suprisingly fast and strong. It’s like flipping a switch on inside Mamoru 
  • Can easily think like the enemy and predict what they’ll do next

Luke: 7/10 Weirdly Nimble

  • Probably most surprising of all, this walking zombie can focus and be quick on his feet during a fight
  • Since he has such long limbs, he can grab his enemies and trip them easily
  • Catch these surgeon hands 
  • Just wants the fight to be over tbh, so he’ll try to subdue his enemies more than anything
  • Can get really fierce when someone he cares about or an innocent person is being targeted 

Shuichi 6.5/10 Learned From the Best

  • You bet this man was taught how to fight from his assassian best friend
  • (Politicians are often in danger, you know)
  • Knows how to throw a few swings if necessary 
  • Can take down an enemy surprisingly quickly
  • Is really out of practice, though
  • His calm personality makes him really calculated and focused during an altercation 

Baba 5/10 Lover, Not a Fighter

  • He can hold his own in a fight for a while, but he’s not used to being involved in physical attacks
  • More focused on ending the conflict vs. duking it out
  • Baba’s fast from constantly running in his line of work
  • Not the face, man
  • Really prefers to talk things out

Eisuke: 3/10 What a Baby

  • He has no reason to fight anyone, so he has very little experience with it
  • Probably worried that he’ll break a nail or something
  • Could maybe get like, one punch in
  • Bitch hands 
  • Would likely end up hurting himself if he tried to get into a fight tbh

Ota: 2/10 Why 

  • You think these hands have ever dealt with anything but paint?
  • Ota is too worried that he’ll mess up his face 
  • 110% would rather run from a fight than try to hold his own
  • Tries to act tough, but would probably cry if someone threatened him
  • ??? how do I make a fist ???

Rhion 0/10 How Dare You?

  • Do not touch my small son
  • Why would someone fight him? Why is he in danger? Why
  • Would try to hug it out
  • In tears at the mere idea of someone wanting to fight him
  • What did he do wrong???
  • L E A V E   H I M   A L O N E
Reasons I Love Edward Elric


Spoilers ahead , stop here if you’re not caught up !~~~~~~~~~

This is an appreciation post for my all-time favorite character in the series ( tied neatly with Ling Yao and Alphonse of course ) Edward Elric !

- Says FIGHT ME a lot but the second he’s actually in a fight he’s all ’ oh shit they accepted I’m gonna die ’

- Full stop street brawler , this kid will put you in the hospital

- So kind hearted that he literally swindled his way through saving a town and pretended not to care the entire time



No but like seriously I cannot get enough of Ed and Al and their pure bond , I cry a lot about these brothers

- SIDE NOTE HE WAS SO YOUNG WHEN HE AND AL PERFORMED HUMAN TRANSMUTATION TO TRY AND BRING BACK THEIR MOM, HE WAS ONLY LIKE 11 OR 12????!!!! SO YOUNG. One of the reasons this series resonated so strongly with me is because I lost my mom at around the same age Ed did , I also have a poor relationship with my father , and I would do anything for my siblings . Like ???? I fully understand how hard the pain of losing a parent is , and how it’s worsened by the surviving parent being distant ( even though it wasn’t Hohenheim’s fault )

Bruh I lost my mom when I was 9 and if alchemy existed in our reality ??? I high-key would have tried to bring her back . Going through grief like that in childhood really changes you , but then adding in the extra trauma the boys go through???? LOSING TWO LIMBS, THE PHYSICAL BODY OF YOUR BROTHER, AND FAILING HORRIFICALLY TO RESURRECT YOUR MOTHER ALL AT ONCE????? Ed my poor baby

He’s so strong despite all of the trauma and I love him so much ???? He’s a HUGE influence on me actually

- Smol ( not at the end of the series but for most of it !) bean

- Literally wears his signature snazzy red coat because he thinks red is a badass color ( it is !)

- Worries 24/7 about other people more than himself


- When he finds out Scar killed Winry’s parents, he’s shocked and furious but doesn’t kill him, and later on stops Winry from killing him herself because he knows that it’s not the right path and that revenge isn’t necessarily good


- Adopts half the people who’ve tried to murder him and becomes their friend ( Edward Elric was Steven Universe-ing before Steven Universe )

Most notably he adopted two chimera guys ( human animal hybrids) that had tried to kill him and then later saved his life ( it was a complicated situation , they helped Ed get un-impaled ) and they become fairly crucial in the last boss battle later on

- His relationship with Roy Mustang , adoptive father figure extraordinaire

Like Roy is THE reason none of the top brass military guys found out Ed and Al performed illegal alchemy and he comes up with all the cover stories and excuses in the book ( you have a future as a con artist Roy , but you have to be the leader of Amestris so save that for retirement ) . Like Ed bickers endlessly with Roy but they both respect each other so much and worry about each other a lot and they are family ????


HIS ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER IS JUST SO ORGANIC AND RAW AND REALISTIC AND YES, THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A LOVE STORY. Ed has so much obvious respect for her from the very beginning - literally making special trips to visit her whenever his automail is damaged because he KNOWS that nobody can fix it like she can ? Even though there’s probably lots of other automail mechanics , it’s always Winry for Ed. He trusts her and only her!

And the way he looks at her , the way he worries about her and tries his damnedest to keep her out of harm’s way , the gentle way he speaks to her when she’s most vulnerable …. I love how much he loves her. It’s beautiful and sweet and so so pure.

- He tries really hard not to kill anyone even if they’re trying to kill him??? He’s got such high value for life and I love him for it


- He’s a genius but he’s also very down to earth ??? Like he’s actually very very VERY smart but plays it off like it’s NOTHING! But he could read high level alchemy texts as a child well enough to actually try and succeed in performing alchemy !( and so did Al!) Pretty sure your average six year old couldn’t do that. And he comes up with battle strategies on the fly , alters his alchemy within seconds of learning new information , uses experimental techniques often , and is THE YOUNGEST STATE ALCHEMIST EVER IN AMESTRIS. He’s skilled enough that when he’s stuck on a train hijacked by terrorists and Roy hears about it , Roy laughs . ’ Fullmetal’s on that train . We can go home early , boys. They don’t stand a chance. ’ And Roy was RIGHT! Ed and Al take down a group of armed terrorists with barely a scratch .

And other military officials see Ed the same way! Like no one’s ever worried that Ed might lose a fight, they’re just worried he’ll get hurt winning . ( okay Winry is worried he might lose but don’t tell him that ) He’s a prodigy and so many people respect him ???


This is a very rare technique and incrediblely hard to do. It takes most alchemists years of study and training to even attempt alchemizing souls. And Ed did it on his first try while in a HUGE amount of pain and suffering severe blood loss.

- He always tries to learn from other people

Ed always tries to keep growing and changing his view of the world and never belittles other cultures or beliefs ( except in the case of Leto , but that religion was a fraud and Ed knew it )

- Tries hard to better lives with his alchemy and devotes his life to helping people who’ve suffered due to alchemy

- Makes the best faces


WEARY AND AFRAID HE MIGHT NEVER SEE HIS BROTHER AGAIN, AND THE FATHER THAT’S BEEN ABSENT SO LONG IS SUDDENLY SAYING TO HIM’ YOU AND YOUR BROTHER ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS IN MY LIFE, LET ME GIVE MY LIFE TO BRING HIM BACK. ’ Because Hohenheim left to protect them , to try and save everyone he loved , because he was afraid of what would happen if ‘Father’ found his weakness . ( don’t touch me , I cry often over poor Hohenheim ) And Ed cries because he’s barely just getting to know his father and his father is proving that he does care.

- That thing he does where he closes his eyes and grins really wide ( not sure if he got it from Ling or not , but I live for this cute habit of his )

- That Mood he gets in whenever somebody is stupid enough to threaten Al

Enemy : Hey uh I’m gonna kidnap your brother


Literally exactly how I get when someone upsets or hurts my siblings

- Super thoughtful of Al and how he feels , especially after Al gets his body back??? Ed mothers Al so much after that and it warms my bitter heart

'Al are you sure you can walk this far ??? You’re still on crutches ’


’ Did you eat enough ??? Did you eat too much ? Are you sleeping okay ? You look tired , sit down !’


- Puts other people first a lot

- Even when he’s injured really bad he’s always more worried about someone else I mean ???? ( Hufflepuff Ed FTW )

- Super awkward around Winry whenever she’s fixing up his automail and it’s the cutest thing
Like at one point he flips out because he suddenly becomes intensely aware of Winry holding his automail hand and the fact that he has his shirt off and it’s just a nice reminder that yes , he is indeed 15.

- Probably hasn’t punched everything that’s ever upset Al or Winry but by God he’s TRYING

- Wise ??? He says a lot of really wise things in the manga and I love it

Like when Winry was trying to kill Scar , Ed takes the gun from her hands very gently and slowly and says to her ’ Your hands aren’t meant for hurting people. They’re for helping people live. ’ And that was exactly what she needed to hear at the moment and Ed meant it with all his heart.



A/N: Request from @jasonmccannsgirl8699 and anon. I changed them a little bit, one of them so it wouldn’t be too similar to some other Imagines I have read/written about Eric. Enjoy, everyone! :-)

Words: 2119
Warnings: mentions of abuse, uncaring family

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Make it hurt ( Then kiss it better ) Yoongi/oc (a/b/o fic)

So here’s a small explanation since a lot of you are confused :

Imprinting is something like a courtship. When an Alpha imprints on an omega , he marks her as a potential mate. So after imprinting, the omega loses her scent and begins to carry the Alpha’s scent. this is to keep other Alphas away and prevent conflict. Imprinting is not a physical process. It’s a psychological and sexual process. It happens when the Alpha is sexually attracted to an omega. 

In Yoongi’s case, he gets like really turned on by Min Jung when she spits fire at him in the piano room. So he imprints on her ( accidentally ) 

Imprinting is involuntary ( in that an Alpha does not control who he imprints on.)

Mating happens when the Alpha specifically uses his incisors on the mating gland in an omega’s neck. It is usually done in the first heat after imprinting and is usually accompanied by sex. ( I wanted to write it but its messy and bloody , not very sexy ) 

The biting helps release most of the hormones that are triggering the heat and so it helps tame the omega’s first heat to an extent. ( In Min Jung’s case the heat is particularly strong because she is also very much attracted to Yoongi) 

Another important thing is that : SEx isn’t really intimacy when it comes to Alphas and Omegas. 

Because once they mate , consent is no longer valid

( imagine sex when you’re drunk. You may be horny and you may choose to have sex but it’s not really as consenting adults because your mental faculties aren’t perfect )

. An omega and an Alpha have to have sex or it’s going to be physically painful for both of them. This is because during sex, their scents mingle and it helps keep them both steady. Stops the Omega from becoming too needy and stops the Alpha from being too possessive or rough. 

Chapter 5

The next time I woke up, i found Jieun sitting on the chair next to the bed, dozing off fitfully.

“Hey…” I said softly and she startled. 

“Hey baby….” She smiled fondly, looking a little lost and I felt suddenly vulnerable.

“Here to offer your condolences?” I said , voice brittle. She sighed and lightly stroked back the hair on my brow, leaning down to kiss the edge of my forehead. 

“How are you feeling?” 

I shrugged.

“In a lot of pain. My body feels like it took a thrashing.” I said softly. 

Jieun nodded.

“Seokjin tells me you won’t need suppressants anymore.” She said softly.

I snorted.

“More like, they won’t work on me anymore…”

“Why’s that..”

“Well, mating triggers a complete change in the hormone cycle. I’m pretty much bound to Yoongi now. No one else can smell me. “

“What about heats?”

“I’m going to have those. I’ll probably have to live through them.” i grimaced.

“Or you could let Yoongi-”

“Do not finish that sentence if you want to leave with your teeth intact.” I said with a warning glare and she smiled a little. 

“It’s not like you’re going to be able to fight it. It’s just sex. You’d honestly rather be in endless mating pains than actually fuck him? I think that’s just stupid.” She shrugged and I glared at her. 

“Don’t make me come there. i may be tired but I will get up just to hit you.” 

“Fine.. Fine… So, I’m guessing you guys fought? Yoongi’s stomping around school growling at everyone in sight.” 

I grimaced.

“i have no idea why he’s so pissed.” i said grudgingly. I then told her about how he’d told me to stay out of his home . She listened patiently.

“He was probabaly having an off day. And if he really hated you he wouldn’t have bloody _ mated _ you.” She pointed out.

“He said I disgusted him.” I said , pride still stinging at the remembered slight.

Jieun grinned. 

“Then he has a weird way of showing it. Do you even realize how serious this is? He’s pretty much bound himself to you for life. And he did it despite the fact that he has a beautiful fiancee he obviously cares for. A fiancee who hasn’t stopped crying since she found about about what happened.” 

I blinked.


“Yuju. They had like a huge argument . She’s been crying all over the place and cursing you to hell and back. It’s all out in public by the way, the fact that you ‘ stole’ Yoongi away.” 

“Oh, you have got to be shitting me…. I can’t believe that!! How the hell did that happen?!” 

“Yuju , I guess. Yoongi tried to do some damage control but i think you’re still going to get a bit of flak over the whole thing when you get back. “ 

I flinched.

“I’m sick of both of them. “ i said honestly, burrowing deeper into my sheets. 

And it was true. I was still tired and in pain and somehow I was the one who came out battered out of this whole thing , physically and mentally. 

So it seemed unfair that I got blamed for it as well. 

But that was what you got for being born an omega. 


Jieun wasn’t kidding about the flak thing. When I stepped into class a week later I almost went up in flames from all the glares that got shot my way. I swallowed the dryness in my throat. It was debilittating, this newfound weakness that I was sporting. My body thrummed like it was a guitar string, my back hurt and throbbed and everything was just hazy. If Alpha scents had been annoying before, they were downright unbearable now and the only solution would be to wear Yoongi’s scent : surround myself with his Alpha pheromones and then i could spend the rest of my life in a floaty omega headspace , not bothered by any other Alpha ever again.

It made me want to puke.

Shivering a bit from the cold ( that wasn’t there ) , I grabbed the jacket in the locker and slipped it on , only to crash head first into the metal door when an elbow jammed into my back.

“Oops, didn’t see you there baby…”

I grunted, shoving my arms fully into my jacket and turning around to press my palm against Kris’ broad chest shoving as hard as I could.

“Get the fuck away from me…” I hissed . He growled and reached out fingers closing around my throat and pinning me to the locker till I choked.

“You’re a filthy , little omega? I always wondered why you drove all of us mad with wanting you… Turns out it wasn’t our fault at all… you’re just the abomination that should be bloody locked up.”

I snarled, reaching out and scratching his face till his hold on me relaxed and he stepped back, just enough for me to punch him in the stomach. He grunted, doubling over for a second and I clenched my fists, bending it a little back before socking him in the nose with my wrist.

The satisfying crunch of his nose breaking coupled with the sudden gush of blood let some of the tension seep out of me although my throat still burned.

He coughed and spluttered, spraying the floor with blood and I grabbed his shoulder, shoving him away and stalking forward. I barely reached the end of the hallway before another guy grabbed my arm and this time it was Zitao, another one of Kris’ cronies. I groaned and pulled back.

“Let me go before I fucking kill you…” I growled and he twisted my arm till I yelped body turning instinctively til I was pressed back against his chest, eyes watering from the pain.

“Why the fuck do you think you can go around bloody assaulting people?!” He growled into my ears and I lifted my leg up bringing it down hard on his instep. He grunted but didn’t let go.

‘”Because you guys think you can touch me without my bloody consent..!!” I snapped.


Yoongi’s growl rumbled through the hallway

Both of us jumped and Zitao’s hold loosened just a little bit. I stared, disoriented as Yoongi’s scent hit me like a two ton truck on a highway, knocking me over and making me almost sag to the ground. I dug my heels into the ground and pulled myself together, flinching when I saw Yoongi stop a few feet away from us, his eyes blazing dangerously red and his mouth opening in a snarl, lips curling away from sharp teeth , murderous intent so clear that my heart skipped a beat.

“She’s mine… “ He whispered suddenly and his eyes were almost fully red, burning bright with fury and next to me Zitao swore.

“What the fuck, yoongi…”

Yoongi sprang forward, grabbing Kris by his collar and slamming him right into the locker, so hard that the metal bent out of shape, Kri’s’s head making a sickening crunch as it hit the door. The boy’s eyes rolled back in his skull and he sank to the floor in a mess.

Yoongi was breathing hard, muscles straining and shirt soaked with sweat, his fingers clenched so tight that the veins stood out .

He rounded on me and his eyes locked in on Zitao’s hands curled loosely around my arm and he growled, low and dangerous and I knew he was going to kill him.

It took me a second to realize what he was going to do, to recognize that he wasn’t in his senses and he likely had no idea what he was doing either. Yoongi rushed forward at a frightening speed and I shoved Zitao away,  moving forward to get in his way. I managed to get in place,  just as  Yoongi did, and ended up  blocking his progress with my body.

The collision knocked my breath right out of my lungs. My feet got knocked off from underneath me and for a scary second I was air-borne, thrown across half a dozen feet because of the momentum. We landed on the waxed floor skidding a few feet before resting against the wall, his weight so heavy on my body that i began choking .

I gasped as his body pressed into me, too heavy for me to breath but instincts kicked in and I lifted my mouth, nosing into the curve of his neck and lightly sinking my teeth in before licking the spot softly, (**a/n : this is like a gesture of submission)**

“Alpha…” I breathed out desperately , head swimming from his scent and conscious thought no longer in place. Yoongi was trembling in my arms, his entire body shaking as he tried to get himself under control and I pressed my palms inside his shirt, stroking his chest and rubbing my mouth against his pulse insistently.

“ Mine..” He was growling and I choked when his fingers curled around my waist, so hard that i knew there were going to be bruises. His eyes flashed red as he stared down at me and I bit my lips before pressing my lips against his.

“Yours..” I reassured him, mind clouding as I fought to stay in my senses. He was still not out of his headspace, evident in the way his body shook against mine. He growled and pushed me into the floor , lips pressing against mine without restraint and it wasn’t a kiss. There was nothing remotely pleasurable or mutual about it. It was force, dominance, him proving a bloody point and all I could do was submit, let him rub himself all over me till his breathing calmed down.

He was hard, his erection rocking back and forth against me and I choked, aware of the slick dripping out of me, staining my clothes.I shut my eyes and tried to keep myself from doing something absolutely stupid. The urge to spread my legs was overwhelming, to grip the back of his thighs and let him push into me. To fill the aching, echoing emptiness in my body. I felt incomplete and lost, like a vital part of me was missing and tears slipped out from the effort it took to clench my fists and keep my hands to myself.

When he finally stopped shaking, we were both panting.

“Shit.. Shit…Fucking hell..” Yoongi whispered , pulling back with a look of genuine horror in his face as he stared down at me. I almost whimpered when he got off, curling around and away, trying to get my body in control.

Around us, the rest of the students stood in a circle, staring down at me with disgust written all over their face. I couldn’t even blame them. We had just behaved like animals. I stared up at the ceiling, willing the ground to just open up and swallow me whole.

As i lay there, trembling and breaking down, his fiancees’ voice echoed through the hallway like another nail in my coffin.

“Yoongi!! Yoongi what are you doing?” she was screaming.

I groaned.

Yuju was the last person i wanted to confront now and Yoongi’s fingers gripped me a bit as he pulled away from me, the loss of his scent and body heat leaving me instantly drained and miserable. It was physiaclly painful, my body throbbing in protest and screaming at me to latch myself onto his shoulders, to bury myself into his skin till we became one.

I felt like everything I’d ever believed about myself no longer held true.

After years of fighting my body, my lineage, my biology , my body had won. I wasn’t independant. I wasn’t strong enough to survive without an Alpha.

I needed Yoongi.

I wanted him so badly that even this little separation felt like hell.

The urge to burst into tears was overwhelming.

“I’m sorry.. Oh, fuck..i’m so sorry..” He was saying, moving as though to lift me but I snarled, embarassed and humiliated. My skirt was soaked through and he flushed red and it was small consolation that no one could smell me except him.

“I.. I’ll.. Hang on..” He was hastily unbuttoning his shirt and I swallowed, letting him wrap the sleeves around my waist like a makeshift sarong, covering up the worst of the stains and i took a ddep shuddering breath.

“If you really want to help me…. you have to leave..” i said softly, my voice cracking a little and for once I don’t even want to fight him. All i wanted to do iwas crawl into my room, curl up in bed and lick my wounds in private.

Yoongi hesitated , like he wanted to protest but a second later  he was reaching out and pulling me closer, wrapping his arms aroud me till I was buried into his chest. 

“Min jung, I know I fucked up… just hear me out..”

I grunted, drowning in his scent. it couded my head and felt overpowering and made thinking impossible. I pushed at him, trying to get away. 

Yoongi moved away a bit but a second later i was being hauled into his lap as he cradled me close.

“What are you, a fucking animal?! Get a hold on yourself and get the hell away from me!! ” I hissed at him .

Yoongi  recoiled just for a second before glaring back.

“I was protecting you…. not hurting you!” He shouted.

“Well, I wouldn’t bloody need protecting if your bitch of a girlfriend didn’t go around spewing venom!”

I grunted and gripped the edge of his shoulders before dragging myself up. I glanced around and froze a little. 

Yuju stood stock still and frozen like she couldn’t understand or comprehend what was happening . i felt a sudden unexpected pang of sympathy for her. Her fiancee was pretty much going to thirdbase with another girl in the school hallway and she couldn’t even stop it. 

I stared at Yoongi briefly before relaxing a little.

“Just leave, Yoongi. I know you didn’t mean to act that way so… just please… leave. Your fiancee needs you. Look at her… she’s breaking down.” I hated the way the words felt on my tongue, bitter and painful, like something that really didn’t belong there. 

Yoongi glanced at her , and his eyes softened briefly before he turned back to me. And even that little gesture made my heart burn with jealousy. My inner omega , the one that was just so intrinsically bound to Yoongi , wailed in rejection, the sight of him glancing at her triggering so much envy and protest that I felt like someone was slicing my heart into thin ribbons. 

He looked torn, his face paler than usual, eyes brimming with something I didn’t really feel like exploring. 

“We need to talk… ” The urgency in his tone terrified me and i felt like I was boiling over with a gazillion emotions that threatened to spill over like acid. I swallowed and shook my head. 

“No.. we don’t.. There’s nothing to…” i stopped, suddenly aware of the crowd around us, staring at me like I was something stuck to the bottom of their shoe. I glared weakly and Yoongi’s eyes followed my gaze, narrowing dangerously at the onlookers. 

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU IDIOTS STARING AT!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I RIP YOUR GODDAMN NECKS OFF!!!” Yoongi shouted suddenly and I recoiled at how wild he looked and it stuck me that he really wasn’t himself. I’d never seen him yell. Never seen him lose his cool. His anger had always been controlled , restrained and dangerous.

i’d never seen him like this. 

He looked like he was going to commit homicide. 

The rest of the school seemed to think the same. They exchanged horrified looks and whispers before slowly clearing off from the area. I watched them leave and sighed when Yoongi reached out, back of his fingers brushing down across my cheek, the gesture so awfully soothing that it was frightening. Terrifying. 

“Baby…. I’m sorry…" 

I shuddered, pulling away and glaring at him.

"Don’t call me that? Why are you calling me that.?! You said you hated me! That I disgust you! That you-”

“I didn’t mean any of that shit… you know that better than anyone else….!” He snapped and I scooted back , away from his personal space. 

“It doesn’t fucking matter! you have a fiancee! You obviously care for her….”

“I care for you too!! Please, Min Jung -” He stopped as footfalls sounded across the hallway and I blinked when i saw that it was Seokjin looking lost and the school director. The man looked grim and angry. 

“Ms. Min jung….” He said gruffly. “ We need to have a conversation." 


"Mr. Kim, I’m not trying to ruin your sister’s life. It’s just a matter of priniciple and fairness to the rest of the students. Betas make up 76% of the school’s population and we cannot have an omega throwing things into disorder . ” Director Lee said firmly and I clenched my fists, resisting the urge to dive across the oak table and strangle him. 

“She’s a mated omega. Her scent isn’t going to disrupt anything..” Seokjin argued .

“But what happened today was absolutely unacceptable. That lewd display in front of our innocent underage students? ”

I wondered if the guy knew how many of his innocent underage student broke into this very office at night to fuck on his expensive couch.  

“Mr. Lee…”

“Besides, need we remind you that we only accepted Ms. Kim because of your assuracnce that she would be on suppressants? That she would not at any point display any of her…tendencies in the presence of the rest of us civilized people.”

And there it was.

“Are you calling me uncivilized, Mr. Lee?” I didn’t mean to growl. 

He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not the one letting a man spread my legs in a crowded hallway…” He said loftily and next to me Seokjin growled lowly.

“Mr. Lee, one more syllable demeaning my sister and i will dislocate your bloody jaw.” He said levelly. 

Mr. Lee scoffed.

“this is precisely why we did not wish to let your sister in…" 

"But you did. Didn’t you?” I stood up, pressing my palms into the table and leaning forward . “ You did enroll me in your  school and you know why. I’m the top student in the entire  country. You and I both know that i’m the smartest kid ion a thousand mile radius and you know what? That hasn’t changed! I worked my ass off to be here and I’m not letting you kick me out over something as minor as my  biology . " 

"You signed a contract , Mr. Kim. One that assured us that she will be under suppressants as long as she studies here. If you violate those terms, she’s going to have to leave." 

"She’s a mated omega.. Suppressants don’t have an effect on her..” Seokjin said. “ And i don’t see you dragging the Min boy in here? He was also involved in the incident.”

“He’s an Alpha. ” Director Lee said firmly as though that excused everything. I wanted to feel angry but somehow i couldn’t. Yoongi had somehow seeped into my conscience : a confusing feeling of attraction and respect and yearning mingling with the knowledge that he wasn’t like the other alphas. I could hate men like Director Lee because they perpetuated the stigma attached to an omega but how could i hate Min Yoongi , for being an alpha, when he had done nothing but respect me and protect me and treat me with the respect I’d fought for all my life. 

And it was so weakening, the knowledge that I couldn’t hate him. That I had somehow let this alpha so far into my world that he was shaping my future. That he was controlling my life. 

“So, you need to assure us that she goes back on suppressants or we’re going to have to start proceedings to have her removed from the school." 


"I don’t understand…. why is your sister so much trouble, Seokjin?! You know I’ve been bloody patient the past decade. She never listens to us! She picks fights with Alphas three times her size! Now look where it’s gotten her?! She could lose her bloody scholarship? And then what? We spend the rest of our life babysitting her while she goes around the town beating people up?! Is she even worthy of being a doctor without an ounce of respect for human beings?! Doctors heal… They do not go around beating people up!! ” Jimin’s voice tore through the apartment and I sank deeper into the floor, knees drawn up as i stared at the wall.

“It’s not her fault…”

“How can you bloody say that? She’s always the first one to throw the punch in any fight! There’s a nineteen year old boy with twenty stitches in his skull and a concussion because your sister could not rein in her temper…." 

I felt the tears slip out softly and tried not to sob too loud. 

” That was Yoongi…“ 

"Think about it. If she hadn’t gone running to him that day , hadn’t gone there and drowned him in her pheromones the kid wouldn’t have bloody imprinted on her in the first place! if anything, Min Yoongi is the victim in this whole debacle. He had his life together , before your precious sister decided to crash land in his life and fuck things up for everyone involved…”

“Jimin, she’s going to hear you…”

“Well, i hope she does. I hope she understands that there are better ways to stand up for your cause than by hitting people and starting fights. Does her behavior make omegas seem like  good people?  And now look what she’s done? Yoongi’s father wants you fired! The school wants you to get her out! Everything you spent your thirty years tryiong to build is coming down in flames because your little sister cannot act like a civilized human being!! " 

"Stop yelling and tell me how to fix this." 

"Don’t ask me, Jin. You and i both know how to fix it. She has to transfer out of that school. find her a nice omega school and she can do her senior year there and graduate." 

"Omega schools don’t let her sit for college admissions Jimin… I can’t just…”

“You should have thought of that before spoiling her rotten, Jin. The moment she steps out of this life and enters a professional environment she’s going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Her first instinct to anything and everything is violence. That has to change. You have a responsibility to her, as her guardian. Talk to her or you’re going to lose your sister forever. " 


"I’m going to be honest with you, Min jung. ”

I stared at Seokjin as he sat across from me on the couch, face oddly blank as he looked at his feet. 

“Seokjin, i’m sorry. Oppa…I’m so sorry …” I said , tears already brimming. 

“I can’t afford to lose my job. I don’t want you to lose your dreams either. ” He glanced up slowly. 


“I spoke to Min Yoongi." 

I froze, the blood in my veins truning to ice. 


“Mr. Min is adamant about Yoongi not getting into any trouble because of what has happened. He  agrees that this might be the best solution. ”

“i won’t!” I whispered. “ i won’t do it..”

“This isn’t just about you!!! For once in your life will you stop being selfish? My job is at risk! Yoongi's future is at risk as well! He’s set to takeover his father’s company and he cannot do that if he turns into a monster everytime a guy comes near you!" 

"Seokjin, i’m sorry. I’m apologizing, aren’t i? don’t punish me for something that isn’t my fault!!" 

"I’m not punishing you! i’m protecting you!”

“I don’t need you to protect me , i can protect myself!!”

“No!! You need to be protected from your self!! You’re rash, impulsive and you don’t think before you act Min jung! One day it’s going to end badly. One day, the guy you hit or fight is going to take a bloody knife yto your throat! One day, you’re going to bite off more than you can chew and you’re going to wreck your own life. i’m not going to stand by here and watch you destroy yourself. ”

“ Seokjin…”

“I’m going to go. Yoongi’s outside and he wants to talk to you. You will listen. You will do what he says. He’s your Alpha and you’re not going to disobey him. ” He stood up and I felt genuine fear creep in. 


“i love you. I love you very much but i have to do this." 

The door slammed shut behind him and I just sat there, too disoriented to move when it opened again. Min Yoongi came in, dressed in a plain blue button down and form fitting slacks, his hair brushed back and face so breathtaking as he stared at me. 

Yoongi looked at me for a second before moving closer , his eyes flashing red and it was scary, the way my body and mind reacted to him. But I wasn’t fully gone yet. I swallowed the impulse to move closer, the instinctive urge to reach out and clenched my fists instead. But it felt like y heart had dropped down to my knees, pounding incessantly and i felt lightheaded as i stared at him. 

"Don’t look so scared. it doesn’t suit you at all.” He said softly. 

My throat felt parched , fingers trembling just a bit as i gripped the edge of the couch. 

“Where’s the girl who wanted to become a doctor and shake the world? is she still in there somewhere?" 

"Please don’t .” I didn’t know what i was begging for. 

“I want to help you, Min Jung. I’m going to help you. But I can’t do it by myself. I don’t want to force you into anything. I want you to make the decision yourself. Will you marry me?" 

I choked on air, scrabbling back in shock and disbelief. 

"No… Yoongi , don’t listen to my brother…Don’t…”

“This isn’t about your brother! This is about you and me. You saw what happened that day.?! it’s not going to stop. i’m going to want to kill anyone who comes near you and it’s going to be a bother if i keep putting guys in the hospital. i don’t want to go to prison this young.”

I laughed in disbelief. 

“You have a fiancee…" 

"I broke up with her.  I’m not an unreasonable guy, Min Jung. I was the one who got us into this mess. i just want to take responsibility for what happened…"  He pulled back and pressed his thumb across my lower lip. 

“I don’t want to marry you. “ i said angrily. 

” You don’t have a choice. You shouldn’t have come to me that day. You shouldn’t have cared for  my brother . You shouldn’t have made him smile again. . you shouldn’t have charmed me so much. You shouldn’t have made it so damn impossible for me to stop thinking about you. Really, all this is your fault. “ He stepped closer and I swallowed. 

"You’re insane. Let me go.” I shoved at him, panic bubbling inside me. 

“Not until you take responsibility. For turning me into an idiot who just can’t bloody leave you alone. " 

Yoongi moved closer and I flinched. My thighs snapped together and it was a telling sign , one he quickly noticed. His eyes dropped to my hips and he glanced back at me, eyes heavy with desire and affection.

lies. he doesn’t like you. he doesn’t love you. alphas do not love omegas. they own them. you cannot give in. 

"It’s not wrong. To feel that way about me. ” He said softly. “ I’m your Alpha. it’s natural. It doesn’t make you weak…" 

i shook my head. 

"I don’t feel anyway about you. Get out…”

“I can smell you. Why are you lying? What are you afraid of?  ” He kicked the table out of the way and i yelped, crawling back in panic. I barely moved a few feet when he was on me,  grabbing my wrist and pinning me to the couch, his body taut and strong on mine. 

“Please….Yoongi.. don’t..”

“Are you afraid that i’ll touch you?” He whispered, raising my hand to press his lips to my wrist. “ Or are you afraid that you’ll enjoy it?" 

Enjoy it? how could i possibly enjoy something that strips me of my dignity….

I didn’t even realize I’d said it out loud. 

"Is that what you think? That I’ll strip you of your dignity? Your clothes, maybe. Your dignity? Never. " 

And then he was kissing me 

It was fast and rough and fierce. He used his tongue to trace the seam of my lips, demanding entrance, even as his hands slipped underneath my dress, gripping my thighs and forcing me to wrap my legs around his lean waist. I gasped, the physical expression of his strength leaving me momentarily dazed.  

"Let me in, babe…. I’ll take care of you…. Let me in… ” he whispered raggedly, even as he pressed in further, rocking his erection against my center in a rough pace  that set off fireworks at the back of my eyelids, my blood singing in my veins.

When i didn’t respond his grip on my waist tightened and he growled. 

“I’ve had almost enough of your stubbornness. Don’t make me use force. ” He warned me and there it was : The Alpha voice that demanded things i wasn’t willing to give. 

It was exactly the phrase I needed to hear. 

it reminded of exactly why this whole thing was such a bad idea. 

I pulled back and gave him a soft smile. 

“I would rather die than marry an Alpha. Now get off me before I strangle you. " 



Author’s Note : I think a lot of people stopped reading this thing? Because i got almost no feedback the last few chapters? Oh well…I’m sorry if you guys didn’t like it. i’ll try to do better… :( 

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I am an INTJ who was taught to never show emotion. The combined force of nature and nurture has turned into the cycle of my emotions collecting within me until I simply cannot handle them, and then all of the emotions to collectively express themselves in rather extreme forms such as not talking to anybody, crying fits, and thinking on a never ending loop of thoughts. How can I healthily deal with my emotions?

Simple (own) emotions guideline for INTJs

Emotions are there to be lived. That is not always fun, but it’s the healthy way of coping with them. Emotions are meant to come, be lived, and go away; not to be bottled up forever. Therefore, you have no chance but learning how to identify and expressing them. 

  1. I think that a good way to start would be having an emotion journal, a page (physical or virtual), always private, to go on full stream of consciousness every time you feel something is troubling you (even if you don’t know exactly what that is). You shouldn’t even save it or ever read it again. Once you have it on paper and you’re discussing with yourself about your emotions, you’ll probably learn to identify what you’re feeling. Yes, non-INTJ readers, that’s a thing some people have to learn (I did). So you can write or do whatever works for you - I used to sit alone for entire evenings thinking about what I was feeling and why.
  2. When you know what you feel and why, you can start thinking about acting. You don’t necessarily have to state your emotions to people, but you can start living taking into consideration how you feel about things.
  3. From there, you can start being sincere about what you want from people. Learning to do it with grace takes time, but every effort is good. If you don’t think that someone behaved correctly in your regards, let them know. If you enjoy spending time with someone, let them know. When I can’t say it out loud, I write letters, texts, or notes. It’s a start.

Most importantly, accept that emotions exist and deserve to. Emotions bring flavor to life, in their good and bad. You can’t fight them to extinction. You can suppress them, but that has done you no good. Everything begins with acknowledging that you’re an emotional (as well as rational) being, and even if you can’t control your emotions, you can control your actions and the way you cope with them. You got this.

Notes From Someone Who Grew Up With An Autistic Brother

My brother is autistic. And if you’ve never met anyone with autism , you might be misinformed about how autistic people are.

My brother is NOT:

* Stupid
* Unwilling to learn
* Misbehaved
* A ‘forever child ’

My brother is a smart MAN. He’s gonna be 22(?!?! I’m crying he’s so big now I’m so proud ?) next week on the 13th .

Anyway here’s some things I want you to know about my brother Josh , his autism , AND HOW IT DOES NOT ALL MAKE HIM A BURDEN OR A PROBLEM OR ANY LESS OF A GREAT PERSON
( if you don’t like my brother or autistic folks , fight me )


- Firstly ya gotta know autism is a spectrum and it affects everyone differently so this isn’t a go-to post for every autistic person / curious person

- Second , autism affects social skills.
People with autism are more likely to have social anxiety, have speech impediments , and tend to function poorly in crowds .

But!!! If you work really hard to become friends with someone with autism ? They’re probably gonna love you for life?

My brother is shy as hell but if you are patient and are nice to him and listen to him when he talks he’s gonna respect you so much?

People tend to interrupt my brother, he stutters a lot when he talks and repeats himself. But if you show enough respect and let him say what he needs to , he’ll like that.

And once you’re friends ? He info dumps so much on you that you forget he’s a shy mess in public .( get him going about Power Rangers and he’s absolutely adorable he gets so detailed and so pumped ! )

Honestly just be nice enough to spend quiet time getting to know what they like and what makes them comfortable and they’ll warm up to you.

I remember the first conversation I ever had with my brother was about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I was like five? He was four. Until that day he didn’t really talk to me. But it was rainy that morning , mom was still asleep and dad was at work . Josh was in his room watching the show when I wandered in with my cereal bowl in hand. He glanced at me , and quietly goes “ Wanna watch ? It’s funny! There’s a real smart guy who I think you’ll like. ”

And so, I sit down and a few minutes later I’m listening to my brother gush over characters and plot and bad guys and at one point he hugged me and said “ Thanks for listenin’, mom and dad don’t”

And from that day on , I tried harder to get to know my brother. He’s a sweetheart who loves unusual trivia , mysteries, animals ( no really he’s got books on animal trivia ) and watches everything from historical documentaries to fan theories on his favorite shows.


Honestly I’ve bonded so much with him over shows and characters and I’ve learned a lot about him by watching his reactions over the years.

I have a lot of feelings about Dragon Ball Z and the Ninja Turtles because those two shows were what my brother and I first watched together , and we had such deep chats during commercials .

My brother relates to Michelangelo and Raphael the most because he says ’ I get Raph, you know? He doesn’t know how to ….how to say….how to feel out loud, right? He doesn’t know the rules to feelings. And Mikey’s lonely because he just wants people to like him for himself but it’s hard because the world sees him as wrong even though it’s not his fault and he didn’t want to be different. I feel like that because people… People look at me like they want me to be this one thing , and I can’t be , so they’re mad and disappointed. I’m not normal to them , but I…I mean ? I’m normal for me! This is my normal, and everyone is normal in a special way. “

During Dragon Ball Z, he suddenly goes :

” Do …do you think people would … You think if they could see the world the way I do….you think they’d pick having autism? I know everyone without it thinks it’s bad, but … But sometimes I like being autistic. I like the way I notice background noise , or the details on someone’s face, or all the ways something feels. I dunno I think maybe I get to know the world a lot better ? “

- Emotional difficulty.

My brother has trouble expressing and reading emotions , that’s true. But he understands them. And he taught me a lot of lessons.

My brother gets angry with himself a lot because he can’t communicate what he needs, but he tries super hard not to hurt anyone with his anger. He’ll throw a tantrum in his room , but he avoids other people until he’s calm enough not to just blindly lash out.

And when he’d bicker with my sister , and things got physical ( like siblings fights do ) he was always very careful not to hit her. Sometimes he’d lightly slap her arm or hand if she hit him , but he didn’t raise a fist to her. And he’d just let her work out her anger and then hug her when she was done.

’ I know you weren’t upset at me and it’s okay to be upset , but don’t hurt anyone when you’re upset anymore , you don’t think right when you’re mad. ’

- Hyper focusing is a thing and sometimes it’s no fun to deal with.

Tv portrays it as cute hobbies or interests but it’s also times when my brother couldn’t sleep because the number of tree branches outside his window changed. It’s my brother not being able to relax unless his collection of comfort toys are all on his bed.

It’s my brother breaking down in tears because his lucky childhood lion stuffed animal was falling apart and he was convinced he wasn’t going to have any more good days in his life.
( my grandma mended it it’s ok)

My brother binges shows all day and doesn’t remember to eat sometimes.

Hyperfocusing can be cutesy but it can also be very serious .

- Hyper Sensitivity is weird because some days ? My brother is fine and doesn’t care what he wears or what he eats. But other days he won’t wear anything too scratchy , or he won’t eat anything too crunchy , or he won’t leave the house because the wind is too much.

I’m used to it , but to my childhood neighbours my brother seems eccentric and bizarre .

- Physical Affection


I never hug my brother unless I ask him first or he initiates it. If I hugged him without permission , he’d get a panic attack and freeze up. He just doesn’t like surprise touch.

But once he lets you hug him ? It’s the best! He gives such affectionate hugs and honestly for a minute in his arms my depression is cured.

Just ask first to grab their hand or tap their shoulder or pat their head. It gives them more control over their environment and it shows you respect them.

- Don’t try to correct their stims or coping mechanisms.


My brother wrings his hands together and makes noises to relive stress or work off extra energy, and he also talks to himself.( usually an ongoing role play in his head )

A lot of autistic people do things like this. It’s called 'stimming’. I don’t understand why running his fists against his forehead eases his anxiety when he’s upset, but I don’t tell him not to do it because that’s how his brain tells him to calm down.

If you take away their stimming, you take away their normal way of dealing with stress and emotions . Let them stim , maybe try to lessen the damage if it’s a harmful stim ( biting fingers, pulling hairs, knocking head against things ) ,but let them stim!

And!!! Stims!!! CHANGE!!!!

My brother used to say things four times when he was upset because his nickname is four letters ( his full name is Joshua ) and the way he explained it was ” if I hear why I’m mad four times it gives me four chances to settle down “

He doesn’t do that anymore. Now he just repeats the words ” It’s stupid , I’m stupid for being mad “ until he calms down.

In public his stimming is different - he’ll twist a corner of his shirt in his hands or hum under his breath or nod a lot.

When he’s super anxious he paces endlessly and can’t seem to move fast enough to please himself. Sometimes he’ll just run through the house until he’s calm.

I’ve seen my own dad tell him not to pace !

It calms him down and it’s not hurting anyone let him pace jfc

-They don’t always tell you but they listen

My brother knows the rude things people say about him. He listens to people talking to try and learn how to talk better , and he hears . He hears the insults , the jokes. He knows the math teacher thinks he’s a retard. He knows the other kids make fun of his stutter. He sat in the lunchroom and listened to those around him making fun of him.

And he avoids being friends with anyone who’d mock him while he was a mere fifteen feet away.

Anyway please be kind to autistic people and their families .

But also be looking out for autistic people who don’t have good families,whose families are ashamed of their autism.


Genre: Angst holy shit
Words: 2,429
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Bucky slammed his fist into the wall of the quinjet, resulting in his teammates to look over at him warily. He didn’t pay them any attention. His mind was only able to focus on the situation at hand: you gave yourself to HYDRA to save him, and now you were paying the ultimate price.

He didn’t want to think about your frantic expression as you threw your arms up in surrender to all of the guns during the raiding of the HYDRA base, leaving him hiding in the shadows where they were unaware of him. He didn’t want to think about the look you secretly gave him as they escorted you away, telling him to get the hell out of there as soon as they turned their backs and put all of their attention on their new prisoner: you. He didn’t want to think about what they could be possibly doing to you at the very moment he sits useless in the quinjet. He didn’t want to think at all.

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i dont mean to butt in with the usual topic during this time, but do you really think sex work is no different from other jobs to the extent that a disproportionate amount of them would leave the industry compared to other jobs if income stopped being an issue? if so, how do you explain sex work being seen as a last resort even in societies where it's not/was not stigmatized? also, why does the idea of having to do sex work make me much more uncomfortable than the idea of virtually any other job

i know you’re relatively new because I used to talk about this ALL



until it got really boring and I switched to one direction or whatever

yes, I really do think sex work CAN BE the same as any other job. For me sex is not a uniquely meaningful experience; sex does not affect my perception of my value or self worth; sex does not make me feel like I’m giving pieces of myself away. Sex feels like physical labour that can be enjoyable or can be tiresome and uncomfortable or can be all of the above and even painful.

sex for me is a neutral. it’s a physical act. It’s imbued with different meanings depending on the contexts of the physical act and the repercussions it has, but it is no more or less meaningful TO ME than getting or giving a massage, except that I get paid for it.

Sex is not a neutral to many people. Most people are brought up to believe–especially women!–that sex impacts their value, the state of their souls, the integrity of their bodies, and their self worth.

I think that’s profoundly destructive and misogynist, ESPECIALLY since this standard is not one men are held to. Very few people expect men to find sex especially meaningful, a uniquely meaningful act that has repercussions for their morals and ethics and values and how they are valued by others.

for men, sex gets to be as close to a neutral as it can be, altho there are still internalised traces of toxic masculinity that raise their ugly heads.

I’ve done a lot of different kinds of labour, and a lot of it made me feel degraded, undervalued, and abused. probably the worst was working for the State Bureau of Labour for 40 hours a week for 15/hr and having people tell me I should be grateful for making so much, but rapidly realising it didn’t even cover my bills. it covered rent and one bill and didn’t stretch to food, phone, car insurance, or anything else. I was exhausted all the time, the job I was there to do, the job I helped create and lobby for, the job that would have been to help other sex workers learn about their legal labour rights, was dismissed by everyone at BOLI as unnecessary and allowed to quietly die while my boss treated me like shit, like a stupid little girl (I was not the only one she made cry frequently) and my union leader talked about my tits and didn’t help me with my boss.

That was the most degraded and destroyed I have ever felt in a working situation. It almost made me miss the club I sued because at least THERE i was making enough to live and had free time left over for the things that make life meaningful. After I quit, they let my job die and didn’t hire anyone else, even tho legally it was funded for two years. That money disappeared. I also found out that they had helped cover up police involvement and the state liquor control commission involvement in a child sexual exploitation case. I tried to get news outlets interested and no one cares. THAT was demoralising.

why do people want to leave sex work? because we’re terrified of losing our homes or financial aid or families’ love or custody of our kids or our lives.

ask someone in a state where it’s decriminalised if they want to leave sex work and you’ll get a different answer.

sex work is the only job available to me that allows me to pay my rent, bills, and tuition with some extra work, and also leaves me time to do the things that make my life meaningful: advocacy, organising, letting people know they aren’t alone, that we’re in this together, that we can fight back.

why does it make you uncomfortable?

because you’ve imbued sex with a metaphysical meaning and you think that having sex will change you somehow if you don’t have it under the right circumstances.

but everything changes you.

having your union leader sexually harass you changes you.
knowing you can choose between eating grits again or buying more cream for your tea changes you.
having to put groceries back at the checkout counter changes you.
knowing that if you lose your house know one will help you or care and the waiting list for shelter is 1800 people long changes you–it’s terrifying and inhumane and both those facts make YOU want to change THAT and not let THAT change you.

there are worse things to happen to people than sex or sex work.

bad sex happens all the time, anywhere. sexual assault happens when you’re a baby and can’t control it, or it happens walking home from the corner store when someone grabs your crotch.

none of those things demean or degrade WHO and WHAT you are, even if they change you.

my integrity and my worth is not located in my cunt even if I use it as a purse I can pull money out of when all else fails.

I get to help people; I get to feed people and give them ways to keep themselves safe and spend time trying to advocate for better conditions for them. I get to talk to sex workers around the world about the different ways we’re vulnerable and can be hurt, and I get to hear success stories (mostly from the global south) about rights and protections being won. I get to fund my education for my eventual escape career as a baby killing/low income family nurse practitioner.

there’s no other job in the states that would give me the power to do all this. money is power and the closest thing we have to freedom.

maybe you were just born into so much security and money that you’ve accepted it all and everything else they’ve told you about your worth and safety and that’s why t makes you uncomfortable. I don’t know you, how could I possibly know?

sex is whatever, sex is a neutral, sex work is a job.

the things that make sex work BAD and SCARY and HARMFUL are the power imbalances that favour men and law enforcement over me, my body, and my lived experience. if I wasn’t at the wrong end of a socially sanctioned power imbalance where I’m seen as asking for everything bad that happens to me and undeserving of even basic housing, I might do this job a lot longer.

The “If I Fought This DS9 Character, Would I Win?” Post

Benjamin Sisko

End Fight Probability: There is a 100% chance Sisko knocks you out. 

Sisko’s a survivor, man. He’s Space Dad. Why you even tryin’ to fight your space dad? Sisko has fought almost everyone he’s ever met and triumphed astoundingly. He literally punched Q in the face. He is a goddamn hero. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Sisko. 

Lt. Jadzia Dax

End Fight Probability: There is 99,999% chance Dax knocks you out.

Dax is basically a Klingon in a much hotter, more capable body. She’s gonna whoop your ass. If you do manage to beat her - and you won’t unless she lets you - you’ll have roughly 200 Klingons on your ass in a hot second, because blood oaths are a thing. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Jadzia Dax.

Major Kira Nerys

End Fight Probability: There is a 150% chance Kira knocks you out.

I get it. Kira’s small; she’s snarky; she is occasionally wrong about things. You might think this could be an easy one. But here’s the thing, friend: Kira killed a man for the first time when she was a prepubescent toddler subsisting on only bugs and her own fury. She is literally rage incarnate. She will fight anyone and anything. If you have an actual problem with her that you need solved, just talk to Odo. He’ll fix it. Just don’t fight Kira.


End Fight Probability: There is a 235% chance Odo knocks you out, and a 98% chance he takes your ass to space jail.

Odo literally has no bones. He doesn’t bruise or bleed. You can’t hurt him, and you will really, really embarrass yourself if you try. He literally doesn’t carry a weapon anywhere. Why? He doesn’t need one, his whole fucking body is a weapon. You ever tried to fight a Go-Gurt? It’s not a fun time. He will lay you out cold and probably put you in a cell to think about your poor life decisions. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Odo.

Dr. Julian Bashir

End Fight Probability: There is a 0% chance Bashir knocks you out.

Bashir is a doctor, okay? He takes that very seriously. He’s not going to hurt you, and even if he did, he’d feel so compelled to patch you up afterwards that your fistfight would probably just transform at some point into a very weird physical. But, take my word for it: don’t fight Bashir. Like, first of all, why do you feel compelled to fight him in the first place? And second of all: OH MY GOD HAVE YOU MET HIS INCREDIBLY POSSESSIVE CARDASSIAN BOYFRIEND? DON’T DO IT! DON’T

Elim Garak

End Fight Probability: There is a 105% chance Garak straight up murders you.



End Fight Probability: There is a 135% chance Worf knocks you out.

Unless you’re going in on Worf about what a shitty dad he is, just don’t. I know he’s a nerd, but he’s a Klingon nerd, dude. Don’t fight Worf.


End Fight Probability: There is a -7000% chance Quark knocks you out.

Yes. Fight him. Fight Quark. Fight Quark and win. Fight him for being a gross, misogynistic little shit. Fight him for abusing the shit out of Rom. Fight him for overcharging you for nonalcoholic beer and the worst bar food this side of the galaxy. Fight him on the behalf of his dentist. Fight him until he starts crying. Because he will start crying. Please fight Quark. Please.

Miles O’Brien

End Fight Probability: There is a 15% chance O’Brien knocks you out.

I mean… you can definitely take him, but why would you? Something horrible and confusing is bound to happen to him in an episode or two, anyway. Leave the poor man in peace. Don’t fight O’Brien.

Jake Sisko

End Fight Probability: There is a 250% chance his dad shows up and knocks you out.

No, Jake probably can’t take you. He’s a bow-legged writer type with weak arms and no practical fighting skills. But the minute his daddy senses something amiss, he’s gonna be on you like beautiful, well-muscled coonhound on a scared, dumb raccoon who picks fights with children. Fight Jake at your peril, friend.

Ezri Dax

End Fight Probability: ???


Vedek Bariel

End Fight Probability: There is -15% chance Bariel knocks you out.

If his shirtless scenes with Kira are any indication, Bariel’s monastery has a benchpress. But he has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen in my life, and he’s not big on violence, so you’ll probably be fine. He’s also got somebody trying to murder him every week or so, so if I were you I’d get in there quick. Do it. Hurry up and fight Bariel. 

Kai Winn

End Fight Probability: There is a 33% chance Winn knocks you out.

Winn’s not a great strategist, and, as person, is literally the worst, so if you get in quick, you might be able to get one up on her. But that woman has seen some shit. She has seen some shit. And… seriously, just look at her. That lady is so evil it comes off of her like stink lines. Who knows what would happen if you fought her? Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Kai Winn. 

Gul Dukat

End Fight Probability: There is a 50% chance Gul Dukat knocks you out.

Yes, he’s bigger than you, and stronger than you, and in all likelihood can survive pretty much anything you can throw at him. Cardassians are like that. But for fuck’s sake, please fight him. Please, for the sake of the entire universe, fight him. Fucking fight him. Please for the love of God fucking fight Dukat

Stormy Weather (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Request: Can I please get one where Spencer ReidxReader are at the BAU and one of the office girls flirts with Spence. Him and reader get into an argument that when they go home he sleeps in a different room. There’s a thunderstorm, reader hates thunderstorms. So she goes to where Spence is at and she tries to cuddle with him but he brushes her off. She’s about to walk away until another clad of thunder comes and he cuddles with her and they both apologize? Please just loads of fluff please?-Anonymous

A/N: Ahh my first request I’m so nervous, I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1552 words

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