i would play the shit outta that

If you had one word - just one word - to describe yourself, what word would you use?

Man, that’s a tough one, bro, I dunno.  I guess alot of my friends would say I’m a typical bro, you know, I like all the bro things that bros do, I kinda bro out alot, especially since I met him, yknow?  Even though it don’t really feel like it’s only since I met him, it’s more like it’s been happening in slow motion for my whole life, if that makes any sense, you know?  Like a sleeper thing, like it was asleep in me, and just like, woke up, sorta, when I met my bro.  So I guess I’d say bro, that’d be a good word to describe me, cuz it doesn’t only describe me but it describes my bro too.  Two halfs, one whole.  You dig?

Okay, sure.  I’m not really sure I - exactly follow your train of thought, but okay.  Next question.  With whom in your life would you say you are closest?  It could be a roommate, or a –

That’s a easy one!  Totally my bro.  We do fuckin everything together.  We even share clothes.  Work out together, climb shit together, go hiking, play ball - football, baseball, basketball.  He says he’s gonna teach me how to skate, too, so we can even play hockey together.  How fuckin sweet is that?  We’re gettin big together, like crazy.  Already pretty ripped.  Been takin these awesome supps that my bro gave me.  You outta try em, bro.  You work out?

I, sure, yeah.  Go to the gym.  Not real regular, but I work out some.  But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

Oh yeah.  I forgot again.  Just sayin, bro, you could probly use some of these awesome supps.  You look like you could be pretty big.  If you wanted to, yknow.

Have you always been such a workout junkie?

Huhuhuhuh workout junkie.  That’s a funny way to put it, bro.  Dya mind if I call you bro, bro?  I guess I just kinda call everyone bro now.  Huhuh, even chicks.  It’s cool though. 

So …

Uh, sorry bro.   What was the question again?

Have you always been such a … uh - did you always, yknow.  Uh, workout.  Alot.  I mean, your guns are fuckin huge.

Fuck yeah, right?  Look even better when I flex.  Been workin the bis extra hard lately with bro.  See?

Wow.  Fuck.  That’s, uh, yeah.  Fuck.

Yeah bro!  Uh, you sportin a little wood there, bro, huhuh, you like what you see?  Yeah, it’s cool, bro.  You wanna just kinda stick your hand in your shorts and mess around a bit, that’s cool, bro.  How ya feelin?

Uhhhh … fuck … good, bro … real fuckin good …

Fuck yeah bro!  Maybe you can come workout with me an my bro sometime, shape up your guns.  Hey, so what’d you say you were interviewin me for anyway?

Uh, the school … paper.  Fuck.  Fuuuuck.  Your friends, they wanted to know … fuck …. where you’d gone …

Yeah, bro.  Uh, what friends?  What paper? 

Yeah … what friends.  What paper.

Yeah bro!  Hey, I got a hat for you.  It’s just like the one my bro gave me when I met my bro.  It’s cool, right?

Fuck yeah …

Says “REBORN.”

Reborn, bro.

Fuck yeah!   

So I was reading How To Train Your Dragon stats

And you know the Terrible Terrors? Those cute, tiny ones Hiccup plays with, that one would assume to be about the size of an average arm length? Them?

Yeah, they’re listed at 6ft 8in, or 2m long. That’s the same height as my roommate, and he ain’t small. If I saw a Terrible Terror, that “little” fucker would scare the shit outta me, being about the size of a grizzly bear and all.

Toothless apparently has a wingspan of 48ft, and is about 26ft long. Thinking about it, he’s petty damn big, bigger than a pickup truck big, but he doesn’t seem that big in the movies.

How big are the Vikings in HTTYD? Because now I’m wondering if DreamWorks created a world of half-breed giants. Or at least, according to the info I’ve found.

Getting texts from Joker before and after running away (Mission gone Wrong!)
  • (Before running away)
  • ♥️Y/n: I didn't mean too! I didn't expect Robin to sneak up behind me like that!
  • 🃏Joker: You stupid Bitch! You're a fucking assassin! How the FUCK do you not know when there's a person behind you?
  • ♥️Y/n: Don't Fucking blame this on me J! Your guys are the ones who actually messed this up! How the fuck did they not see someone coming right in front of them? Are they blind?
  • 🃏Joker: You're just saying this because it's on text! If you have the guts, say these shits in front of my face!
  • ♥️Y/n: FUCK OFF!
  • ♥️Y/n: You fucking broccoli looking face! IM NOT FUCKING STAYING WITH YOU ANYMORE! FUCKING PHYCHO!Can't even kill the bat when he's right in front of you but can act tough when he's gone!
  • 🃏Joker: You know what! Stay at my penthouse! I wanna see you! I'm sorry for putting so much pressure on you and calling you a bitch! It wasn't you, it was my guys who messed up!
  • ♥️Y/n: It's okay! I'll wait for you!
  • (After running away)
  • ♥️Y/n: YOU STUPID IDIOT! You think I'm gonna stay and watch you kill me? That's bullshit! And I thought you were smart enough to catch onto what I was saying.
  • 🃏Joker: Oh you messed with the wrong person doll! I'm not the one ANYONE including YOU should mess with. I will find you and make you pay!
  • ♥️Y/n: Pay for what? For your gas? Fuck that shit I'm outta here! You ain't gonna find me because I'm not even in the same country as you!
  • (You are in fact in the same STATE as him!)
  • 🃏Joker: Babygirl! You know daddy is sorry for what he did to you! Why don't you come back and play with him! After all, I'm the only one who can please you!
  • ♥️Y/n: Fuck you asshole! Although I hate you, I would still love to Fuck you but looking into the future, it doesn't look like I'm with you anymore!
  • 🃏Joker: I'm gonna find you, and make you mine after punishing you!
  • ♥️Y/n: I'm not fucking Harley to stick around with you after all the abuse! You can't find me! Until then, peace out Joker!
  • (No hate to Harley Quinn❤️💙)
  • 🃏Joker: See you soon Babygirl!
Problems with Oscar  2k17

- Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t have done so many comedy bits in between the show, the entire thing would’ve gone faster. 

- Why the fuck are people so against Nate Parker releasing a movie but hot on Casey Affleck winning an Oscar? 

-It should have been Denzel.

-Taraji should have been nominated for best actress and she should have won instead of someone who didn’t care that she was white washing. Especially since, Taraji reinvented the superhero role.

-When it was revealed that the Best Picture belonged to Moonlight (rightfully so) Jimmy Kimmel had the audacity to say: “Oh I think LaLa Land should keep it anyways”  First of all: That’s not his call to make so stfu. Steve Harvey made a mistake in reading the right card improperly however, he still crowned the right person in the end. To even suggest that “Oh Best Picture is Moonlight but let’s not hurt their feelings and let LaLa Land keep it” is extremely insulting. Yeah, Kimmel was probably in an awkward position but he knows, Warren knew, that it wasn’t their fault to begin with. That bit just annoyed the shit outta me.

-I’m sorry I grew up on Bollywood. La La Land ain’t shit compared to what I’ve seen. A musical about dreamers in a film industry? So… Om Shanti Om. Don’t get me wrong I see the appeal of La La Land, it’s cinematic and the coloring and effects are spectacular but it was also hyped up. 

-Loving the play, I would have loved Fences to win Best Adapted Screenplay but I’m so happy Moonlight took it.

-Mahershala Ali <3 

- Viola Davis <3

- Asghar Farhadi’s statement 

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Lololol hey dork! It's me again. I never imagined that you would spasm over the keyboard like that after I gave my honest compliments lol. It makes me happy to read that YOU'RE happy. Totally worth staying up a little extra at ass-o-clock in the morning. Also, the Prompto-thing is cute! (The one where Gladio snatches his phone to say that Prompto was screaming their name) Do you have any more shenanigans with a reader whose friends with the chocobros?

you need a special name because every single time i see you i get so excited like omg i love you so much and i hope you love me too you fool omg dfjshakjh i get so excited bless your soul

Chocobros With Their ChocoTagAlong

  • Gladio is a bed in himself because 1) he needs someone to hold to and 2) he is a bed in itself he is so big like holy shit
  • Ignis will watch in slight annoyance from far away as everyone leaves their dishes and never returns to help
  • bonus points with Specs if you help with the dishes
  • Noctis gets morning wood and calls it his light stick
  • Reader beat the living shit out of Noctis for asking them to take care of it for him
  • Then also teased the shit out of him for it
  • “Does the princely night stick glow???”
  • Cue Prompto and Gladio snorting and howling in laughter
  • Ignis cracks a smile and silently pushes up his glasses while peering towards Reader because hahha smart one kid
  • One time Prompto brought up being a Dragonkin
  • Reader slapped him upside the head
  • The one time Prompto was in the back seat he got so flustered because Gladio kept talking about Chocobros
  • and it made Noctis tease his best friend about fetishes
  • Never again.
  • Everyone thinks that Prompto is into chocobos sexually now
  • Even Ignis doesnt play around with that shit
  • If they have rides for the next few days, Prompto can only depend on Reader to be his new best friend
  • They still tease him
  • When they get to Altissa, Noctis threatens to fight Weskom
  • And the old man just stares him down like “BO I”
  • Reader was just cackling
  • once upon a time
  • in the back of the Regalia
  • Ignis reached across Reader and slapped the LIVING SHIT OUTTA GLADIO FOR FLIRTING WITH READER
  • W O O O O O  DAMN
  • it was fucking halarious
  • Like oh damn down goes the big man
  • im cackling it rhymes
  • Gladio sat there in straight up horror and just stared at ignis like ‘you did not just disrespect my beautiful cheek bones you annoying little twink’
  • and we all know Iggy
  • He just raises his eyebrows like ‘what you gonna do you lil ho’
  • Gladio shut up real quick after that
  • Reader makes Iggy’s coffee now because he trusts nobody but them in that back seat
  • Noctis is butt hurt over it
  • “It was the only job I was allowed to do”
  • “Noctis your coffee tastes like actual shit”
  • He didnt talk to them for like three days
  • more like three hours because eventually they had a super cool link in battle
  • i am kidding i cant continue this right now im actually crying in laughter.
  • but this is a series now kids
BTS Reacts To You Being On The Bad Girls Club

A/n: It’s the reunion and they’re in the crowd when you fight.

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Rap Monster:

He watched from the crowd on the edge of his seat. 

“That’s not what I’m saying.” He heard you defend yourself. He noticed how you started to shake your head and bit your lip. That was a sign.

The girl got up and walked over to you. 

He shook his head and silently prayed that she’d sit back down. 

It was like slow motion, he saw her arm swing and saw you hit her in the face and her fall.

He stood up and grabbed you by the waist when you kept trying to get around the security guards.

“No Namjoon, let me go! “ You screamed and he tightened his grip on you.

“Fuck her, keep doing your thing baby.”

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He got uncomfortable when he saw you arguing with the girl. He wish’d that she’d just drop it because if she didn’t.. he knew you’d drop her.

“Nah fuck that bitch!” The girl screamed and Jin’s eyes got wide.

“I’m not about to be one too many more bitches.” You said, rolling your eyes.

As soon as he blinked the girl had stood up and you punched her. The security guards grabbed you and pulled you back. 

“You’re lucky they grabbed me!” You shouted. 

Even though he was disappointed you had to fight, he was proud of you.  He fixed your hair and winked at you while you were being taken to the back.

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“Stand up then.” You said calmly. 

He looked at you and then looked at the girl who had just made the mistake of standing up.

His mouth hung open slightly as he watched her stand up and you.. sit her back down. 

He blinked as you hit her, he felt sorry for the girl but she stood up.

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You sat silently as the girl across said how she’d beat your ass and what not. 

J rolled his eyes. You looked at him and he said “ Get up boo.” 

Having his approval you stood up and beat the girls’ ass. 

He knew that you didn’t want to disappoint him so he told you to go ahead and handle your business 

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It was after the reunion and after you had won the fight you were in. Jimin was holding your coat just in case the girl tried to run up afterwards.

The camera focused on him and they asked him, “What do you think about what happened out there?” 

He smiled and looked at you in front of him. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

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This was his reaction when the girl said “Stand up Y/n!” 

He knew you would beat her ass and he couldn’t stand to watch it. 

The cringe was so strong as he watched you tear her apart. 

“ In all honesty, I feel bad for the girl. Y/n doesn’t play and.. Damn… I just hope she’s okay.”

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The security guards broke up the fight and were pulling you off the stage when the girl you fought threw something at you. 

“You called her a punk and yet you threw something after 1, you got your ass whopped and 2, she is being held back. Fuck outta here with that shit.” He laughed at the girl as he went to the back to make sure you were good.

Jealous ~S.S.~

Summary: season like 4 Stiles and Malia plus a jealous reader.

Requested: no

Note: sorry it’s so long. I had so many ideas and I don’t want to just everything into one story.

Me and Lydia stood at my locker planning the pack meeting tonight and decided that Derek’s loft would be the best.

“I feel like there’s so many of us, you know even though we’ve lost a few people with Malia joining it’s just” Lydia says fixing her lipstick

“Can we not talk about her please?” I plead closing my locker.

I’m not the biggest fan of Malia Tate. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s a nice person but she gives me bad vibes, and she stole my man.

Ok maybe that’s the wrong phrase. I just-

“Y/N you’re a witch, you’re the witch. Just because she’s illegitimately dating Stiles, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure they’re just friends anyway.”

“Dude, every night she comes in my room because she can’t sleep and then ya know” Stiles says engrossed in another “serious” conversation with Scott.

“No Stiles. I don’t know” the Alpha says rolling his eyes. He’s never been one to take hints.

Stiles just lifts the back of his shirt up revealing red lines with some dried blood on his back.

I gasp and run my hand over the scratches quickly making them disappear as if they weren’t there.

“Y/n, what did you just do. They actually don’t hurt now. Oh she healed me.” Stiles says pulling his shirt back down. “What have I said about using your mojo on me.”

“You’ve said it’s extremely cool and to do another trick.” I laugh rolling my eyes. “And don’t call it mojo. That’s disrespectful. My magic isn’t a joke stiles” I say giving him the look. He salutes me before we all continue to History with coach.

“So where’s Malia?” Kira says from her seat in class.

I shrug and look down at my worksheet.

“STILINSKI, put your phone away!” Coach yells causing our group to laugh.

“Yep. Got it coach. Putting it away” stiles awkwardly says putting the phone in his back pocket.

The rest of the school day is spent like every other. Admiring stiles from far away. Except Malia wasn’t here to cling on to his arm. Okay maybe I’m extremely jealous that Malia has the love of my life.

It’s actually not my fault. After becoming The Grand Priestess last year, all my emotions, senses and abilities were heightened. The Grand Priestess wasn’t supposed to be appointed until they were 19 or pregnant with their first child, but both my grandmother and mother were killed when I was 12.

The entire “world” of witchcraft had been trying to figure out what to do until eventually they just taught me what to do. It’s been a long, lonely process but I’ve got the hold of it.

“Y/N! Are you listening? Of course not.” Lydia says waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh sorry Lyd. Why were you saying?”

“I was saying, it’s time to go. Derek has somewhere to be tonight and doesn’t trust us alone with peter.” She says grabbing her purse and moved to her car.

We arrived at Derek’s Loft and I immediately moved to the kitchen to grab some drinks. But when I walked in Malia was sitting on the kitchen counter with stiles in between her legs.

I stared at them before shaking my head and continuing to the fridge. I roughly opened the door cause the pair to jump apart and almost causing stiles to fall.

“Oh no. Don’t stop on behalf of me. Tongue Tennis is my favorite sport” I spit before popping open the soda can.

“I see you’re more of a spectator than a participant?” Malia says crossing her arms and hopping down.

“Ohhh. Big words, did Lydia teach you what those mean last night. Oh wait, you were a bit busy last night” I sarcastically state. I could practically taste the venom in my words.

“Oh go to hell.” She growls stepping closer.

“I run it bitch” i say stepping just as close as her. Malia is the only one to have never seen my powers, or even know a lot about them, but she might just today.

“Wow, no wonder you’re all alone”

“HEY. GIRLS, as much as I love reality TV. We have a meeting so drop it” Derek barks at us. Malia jumps and walks away while I stay still for a little bit.

Stiles still hasn’t moved and is just staring at me with wide eyes. I roll my eyes and move to the living room.

“Okay so Scott turned a freshman into a werewolf and the full moon is in less than 3 days so we need a plan.” Derek says looking at everyone.

“I can chain him up somewhere safe.” Scott offers.

“Malia is using the chains still” I say fake smiling at her.

“And you’re still a brat” she says returning the smile.

“Okay, y/n do you think you can find a spell to help sedate him or calm him down?” Derek says ignoring our argument.

“Course she does, how else would she get dick”

“MALIA” Scott and stiles shout at the same time.

I laugh darkly and clench my fist.

“Look hun, there’s a boy that could possibly hurt himself or other innocent people. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what to do with a naturally angry new werewolf on top of training you how to control your shit” I quickly stand up and before anyone can blink the lights go out and Malia is pinned up against the brick wall. The whole scene looks creepy because the only light came from the setting sun. My eyes had turned a glowing black and my aura was showing. It bascailly looked like I was floating in pure black smoke. “So how about you shut up, chill and listen to Derek. I really don’t like you and no one in this room has the capability of stopping me from killing you. It’s out of respect and second hand care that you’re still alive. So shut the hell up, sit down before I use my actual powers” I didn’t even realize I had moved closer to the terrified Werecyote.

I drop her from the invisible hold I had in her. My eyes returned to normal and the “smoke” had cleared and the lights came back on.

Malia was coughing on the floor before growling at me. She stood up to come for me before Stiles and Scott grabbed her arms restraint her. I just smile and return to my previous seat.

We continued the meeting with a lot of tension. Once it was time for everyone to leave, stiles asked to speak to me. He lead me up the spiral stairs and into a room. Malia was sitting on the bed and Scott was sitting at the desk.

“You both need to stop. We’re a pack and this isn’t how you act. You’re both being childish and it’s getting annoying. So you’re going to talk it out. ”

“I don’t see why I can’t just leave. She’s the only problem here. Who cares if I don’t like her?” Malia says rolling her eyes.

“You can’t leave because like Scott said we’re a pack, whether you like it or not. This group of people are all we got. Eachother. Respect is necessary and if you’re going to stay I mine as well like you. So let’s talk it out. I’ll start. Stop acting like you’re all alone in this world. You have people. You have supernatural people. Stop acting like you are the only one in the god damn world who’s lost someone close to you. News Flash, literally every single person in the pack has. You’re not special. Quit lying and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because as soon as you realize that there’s more than one place that’s willing to give you what you want you’re going to leave. So stop playing games. And quit coming for me, because if we’re comparing problems and issues we can and I guarantee I’ll win.”

“I never said any of that. You just want everything I have. I’ve been through shit you cant even think about. So stop.”

“Why would I want everything you have? Who wants diseases, an unstable ‘relationship’ and to have my first time on a nasty couch in the basement of an insane asylum. So fuck you and fuck this. You stay outta my way and don’t speak to me unless necessary then we’ll be okay. Because let me tell you a 17 year old with unimaginable powers is a mine field. So watch your step. And maybe if one of your little friends didn’t murder the only thing I had, we wouldn’t be here.”

“Y/n, what are you takin about?” Scott interrupts me.

“Scott, you know my grandmother and mother are dead. And I swear when I figure out who it was-”

“Stiles didn’t tell you?” Scott says making eye contact with the boy.

I spin around quick and look at stiles confused.

“Tell me what stiles?”

“We uhm. We know who killed your mom and grandma.” He says sadly not looking at me.

“You knew and didn’t tell me? Who is it. Let’s go.” I say running down the stairs. I could finally get revenge on the bastard.

“Y/n no. Uhm. We can’t go. Look it was an accident and they didn’t mean to. They’re so sorry.” Stiles began stepping closer to me. Malia and Scott stood at the bottom of the staircase while I was almost to the door.

“Stiles. What are you talking about? Just tell me who it is” I say looking in his eyes. Just like that my love grew taller.

“It was Malia” he whispers a tear running down his face. And just like that my love fell.

“No. I don’t understand. She killed them?” I said not bothering to look in any other direction than the boy I wanted to kill right now.

“Yea. Y/n look im really sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I-”

“EARLIER. YOU THINK THATS WHY IM UPSET. GOD DAMN IT STILES HOW THE HELL COULD YOU. SHE FUCKING MURDERED MY FAMILY AND YOU SLEPT WITH HER. YOURE SLEEPING WITH HER. LIKE YOU DIDNT HOLD ME FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS. LIKE I DIDNT COME TO YOUR HOUSE ALMOST EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE I COULDN’T BE ALONE AND MY NIGHTMARES WERE TERRIBLE. LIKE I DONT FUCKING LOVE YOU. I HAVE SINCE WE WERE CHILDREN. AMD HERE YOU GO SCREWING THE BITCH THAT KILLED MY ONLY FUCKING FAMILY. You know exactly how it feels to lose your mother. And yet you just said fuck me and our lifetime of friendship. That’s wrong Stiles. And don’t think you’re safe either bitch. The ONLY reason you’re alive this second is because I’m going to fuck you up. Every single one of you.” I screamed and vented and yelled and in a blink I was gone but the entire loft was in a huge mess of papers, furniture, files and clothes.

I didn’t even bother going home. I went straight to the sheriff station. To say goodbye of course. Sheriff Stilinksi was the father I never had. Strong, caring and always welcoming.

“Y/n? Hey. Where’s Stiles?” Parrish asks me. I ignore him and go straight to the sheriffs office.

“Sheriff. I’m just here to say thank you and I love you with every ounce of me but I can’t stay here. Thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to be the person I am. Thank you so much.” I say finally bursting into tears. Stilinski runs around his desk and hugs me.

“Y/n. Sweetie. What’s wrong. Please tell me.”

“Malia- she-she killed my mom and grandma and stiles knew and still has sex with her and i-I’ve always lo-loved him” i sob. My sentences were barely comprehendible but I knew the sheriff understood.

“Oh y/n. It’s okay. Where are you gonna go?”

“I’m not sure. My dad has family down in Georgia. I can go there”

“Please be safe. I understand your need to leave but promise me you’ll be back to visit me.”

“I promise”

therock Leave it all on the set.
Back when I was a punk kid my dad would take me to the gym on weekends and kick the shit outta me in the weight room and on the wrestling mats. He’d say you didn’t get up early to come here and give half ass effort. Leave it all in the gym.
Years later when I played ball at The U, we applied the same principles: we left it all on the field.
When I became a pro wrestler, that was part of my nightly pre match prayer. Asked for the strength to leave it all in ring - whether I was wrestling in flea markets or sold out stadiums.
Leaving it all…means you give every f*cking ounce of effort you can, to give the best performance you can give.
Whatever it is you do, whatever job you have.. at the end of the day, leave it all there.
Rampage has been the most physically grueling role of my career. Got my ass kicked and handed back to me the whole movie. But I’m grateful to go to bed 💯 satisfied I left it all on the set.
Who the fuck am I kidding, I don’t sleep, but if I did, I still left it all on the set.
#LeaveItAllPhilosophy #Rampage

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i have managed to pass 34 years without knowledge of this "fonz" you speak of

The things you don’t know about your friends.

Arthur “Fonz” Fonzerelli was played by Henry Winkler, who was later the producer on “Sightings” (that show with the alien face in the opening sequence that scared the shit outta me when I was a kid).  Fonz is the guy in the leather jacket that would always greet everybody by going “Aayyyyyy!” and giving a double thumbs-up.  That alone is so embedded in pop culture that it’s an available emote in “Saints Row 2” (my character does it as a sign of approval–I almost made it the Saints’ “gang sign” as well).  “Happy Days” is also where the term "jump the shark" comes from, in reference to an episode where the Fonz jumps over a shark in a speedboat.  It’s that sitcom with Ron Howard (tall gangly redhead guy that’s a big-name director now, but he was also the little kid on “The Andy Griffith Show”) that’s set in the 50’s but came out in the 70’s. “Laverne and Shirley”, “Joanie Loves Chachi”, and “Mork and Mindy” were all spin-offs of “Happy Days”. 

I mean, I know not everyone around my age was as into Nick @ Nite as I was (when I was a kid, they didn’t have specialty channels that played what you liked 24/7.  Cartoon Network wasn’t a thing yet.  After 7 or 8 pm, Nickelodeon became Nick @ Nite, and played sitcoms and dramas/thrillers from the 50’s-70’s.  If you were a little ADHD shit that never fucking slept, that’s what you were stuck with), but the Fonz and “Happy Days” have been referenced and parodied so often, I would have thought by now that you’d have seen SOMETHING related to it…

Boruto ep. 10 recap

“The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!”

First & foremost, this episode was amazing! Alright…

•this pose Mitsuki is in while Ghost hunting 😹 My guy is chillin. Giving you elegance.
•The fact that Mitsuki enjoys spending time with Boruto is so cute! Gotta protect their friendship!
•I’m screaming at this absence excuse Mitsuki wrote!!! A cough?!?! It’s pretty plausible if you consider the fact that boys be dying & dramatic as hell if they even get a little bit sick.
•c'mon mama Hinata! Activate that byakugan! Let Boruto know you’re not the one or the two! You can see right through his shenanigans! Literally! She was waiting for him at the door!!
•lmao! Temari slapped the SHIT outta Shikadai!!! *gets flashback of when Temari slapped the taste outta Shikamaru*
•before y'all start talking about child abuse & blah, blah, blah, we talking about Japanese mama’s who are women of color & don’t play that skipping school shit. Also, if we wanna get fake deep, this show is really about raising children to be soldiers for an army, soooo….
•This exchange between Hinata & Shino was nice. They still have their relationship from team 8 & Shino gave Hinata good advice.
•Boruto said Shikadai should dye his hair blonde like his. Kfjhsvajakkckck! 😭 Shikadai would literally be a mini Temari
•I love how Shino told the boys wink, wink, nudge, nudge, y'all can do this assignment & do what you need to do, if ya feel me???
•lmao! Boruto called this mail dude small. Kinda reminds me when Naruto used to straight up give people disrespectful nicknames by their appearances, “shorty gramps”. But Boruto not as blunt & brash.
•When Naruto went up to Boruto after cutting the ribbon >>>
Naruto is trying his best!!!
•Listen. I’d be pissed if these kids were delivering my mail.
•C'mon Inojin’s daddy! Step onto the scene! I’m mad that Sai is all of a sudden too grown up to wear crop tops. Fuck that! Let that belly button breathe, my guy!
•I’m so glad the adults advanced the plot. So Hashirama cells are involved & we know who used to use that in his experiments. OROCHIMARU!
•This Hinata & Naruto scene was so important.
•Naruto has a change of clothes in his his office, has a couch in his office where he sometimes sleeps. Why? Cause he doesn’t wanna wake up Hinata just as he stated. Let’s all be clear on that.
•Hinata & Naruto do talk about what’s going on. They care about their children & how Boruto feels.
•omg. They went to Boruto’s room while he sleeps. Halp me.
•Naruto said he wished he could stay a kid forever. 😭
•Then Hinata leaning on Naruto & telling him that Boruto looks like him when he laughs. *HOLLERS* THIS SO CUTE! THIS MOMENT! THIS AFFECTION! I don’t deserve!
•I really thought that Boruto “acting out” & how Hinata & Naruto would handle it would be glossed over but I’m glad they didn’t. This is very, very realistic family dynamics.
•My girl ChoCho is fed up & I would be too dammit! The fuck you mean my package wasn’t delivered but the tracking information says it was??? & it’s limited edition??? Set it off in that post office ChoCho!
•Mitsuki always looks unbothered & I live.
•How Sumiere always get caught up in this mess? Poor girl.

Thoughts on next ep:
•things gonna get tense.
•this where Naruto & Boruto are gonna clash cause they both want the same thing, which is to protect people but on their own terms.

I just really want a television show where all the characters are from Greek myths and stuff, where Hera is like the Queen bitch and is played by Jessica Lange and it’s very “Game of Thrones” in terms of element and style, and there’s so many love triangles but it would also be so educational and people would start using ship names like Pershades and there would be so many gay couples oh my god Someone give me this


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Okay, I was raised to never play pranks on people, because my father HATES them, and now I do to, so I would cry so hard if someone played a prank on me, which made this actually very easy to write~

Also, side note, 400 followerssss!!!!!!! Guys, I haven’t had this account for very long, and I honestly didn’t expect it to grow this fast. I feel like I honestly don’t deserve all of you, but you guys make me so happy so I’m glad I have you. I’ll do my best to keep making good content for you guys~

Gifs aren’t mine

The moment Seokjin sees you tear up, he begins apologizing. He can’t seem to get apologies out fast enough as he rushes to your side. However, once he reaches you, he won’t touch you; he really messed up, but he knows you might want some space before you are able to forgive him. Plus, he knows that getting in your face might lead to you fully breaking down or cause some sort of panic attack, and that was the last thing he wanted. In between his apologies, he swore over and over that he would never prank you again, no matter how innocent he thought the prank might seem. And, when he wasn’t apologizing or promising not to do it again, he was asking if there was anything he could do to make it up to you. He would understand if you just wanted him to leave, but he would really want to stay and help you recover.

Yoongi froze where he stood, only able to watch as you reared up as the result of what he thought was a harmless, funny prank. He hadn’t anticipated a reaction like that, so he wasn’t prepared to respond. He eventually did begin to inch forward, and he opened his mouth to apologize, but he isn’t sure if it will help you any - he’d thought that the prank would make you laugh, so his apologies might invoke a bad reaction as well - and he stops. He stares at you for a few more moments before muttering a quick, quiet apology and leaving. He does understand that he needs to apologize properly, though, so he begins to prepare one as soon as he gets back to the dorm. When he thinks he’s waited long enough, he will either text you the apology or will call you and read it in as apologetic a manner as he can manage, hoping you know just how sorry he is for making you cry.

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok is apologizing even before you tear up, as he can tell that that’s what you are about to do. He apologizes loudly yet kindly, hoping to keep your eyes dry, but it doesn’t work. When the tears finally do start to blur your vision, he can’t keep himself from following suit; his eyes are just as watery as yours as he continues to apologize. He’d been standing on the opposite side of them room, but at that moment he strides forward, guides you down into a chair, drops to his knees in front of you, and takes your face in his hands as his apologies get softer and more sincere. He wants to make sure you know just how sorry he is for making you cry, and he wanted to be sure that his loud tone wasn’t making you cry more. He stayed in that position and wouldn’t leave until you’d forgiven him or kicked him out, though he hoped that you wouldn’t even consider doing the latter.

Originally posted by hoseoh

Namjoon couldn’t understand why you’d suddenly started crying, and he stood rooted to his spot for a moment as he tried to figure it out. He’d meant for you to laugh once it was over, or to at least sigh and call him a jerk. But you were crying. Suddenly, he snapped out of his thought-filled daze, then rushed a quick apology that didn’t sound very heartfelt or well-thought-out. He had just tried to get something out while his mind struggled to catch up and form a better apology. He took your hands and just watched you for another few silent moments, then spoke again once he’d gotten his apology figured out. He said and did everything he could to try to either cheer you up or make you realize just how sorry he was for making you cry, as that hadn’t been his intention. His words would be eloquent and soft, as he’d taken a while to make sure they were perfect.

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Jimin couldn’t apologize fast enough; he stuttered and stumbled over his words as he watched your eyes begin to water, and it wasn’t until he’d reached your side and pulled you into a tight hug that he could actually form a proper apology. He wasn’t sure if you were too angry with him to accept his comfort, but he gave it anyways in case it was what you needed. Of course, if you pushed him away, he would take a step back and continue his apology without touching you, but he wanted to hold you against him as he apologized, just to be sure that you didn’t start shaking as you tried to hold back more tears. He didn’t realize he would scare you so badly, as he’d created the idea for the prank with his bandmates and they’d - mostly - all agreed that it would go over well. He would promise to never listen to them again, and he might even jokingly suggest that you team up with them to prank him.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Taehyung, against his normal instincts, just freezes up when he sees that his prank has scared you to the point of crying. His mind is at war with itself, struggling to decide between rushing to comfort you and giving you your space on the off chance that you’re too angry to accept his comfort. He wants to apologize profusely, as he had never, ever intended to make you upset, and he wanted to promise that he’d never do anything like that prank ever again, but he was afraid that opening his mouth would prompt you to snap at him. Another part of him told him he deserved to be yelled at, but he knew he’d just start crying too, and he didn’t want to make you feel bad for making him cry. He also wouldn’t want to leave in case you did want his comfort, so he would just stand and watch you until you acted, and he would respond accordingly, doing whatever you wanted him to do if it made you happy.

Originally posted by bang-sayang

Jungkook doesn’t know what to do when he sees you crying as a result of what he thought would be a funny prank. His tongue won’t cooperate with him, so he ends up stuttering out failed apology after failed apology despite his best efforts. His feet won’t respond to his commands, so he can’t move towards you to offer you some sort of comfort, whether that be pulling you into a hug or just rubbing the tears from your eyes. He also just wants to run away from the whole situation, pretend like it never happened, but his unresponsive feet won’t allow him to do that either. He still can’t figure out how to properly apologize for what he’s done, as he just keeps internally berating himself for being such an idiot as he watches you cry rather than trying to calmly think up a worthwhile apology. He would hold you if you moved towards him, pulling you into his chest and still trying to apologize, but that apology wouldn’t come until later, after you’d dried your eyes and calmed down.

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I think that Jaune just acts dumb to simply hide who he really is; a cheater and a lier. That`s probably why M&K don`t show anything relevant tp his development. What do you think?

if jaune’s actually been playing everyone this entire time i’d be HOOTIN and HOLLERIN outta here into the new world of jaune being morally grey and not pretending he’s some sort of knight-in-shining-armour hero he isn’t.

 watch me sippin my mojito as i watch the fallout of people realizing jaune’s not dumb as shit he was acting in order to get help and pity from pyrrha (so pyrrha would unlock his aura) as well as making it out that he just ‘got his hands’ on some transcripts so he’d seem less guilty and actually made the things his damn self or got them from the mistral black market or some other shady way. literally i’d be LIVIN you do not understand

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Just imagine Dream Daddy au where an s/o (I'm this case gender neutral pronouns would come into play) and they have to choose between the whole Voltron squad plus a few 👌👌 people (Allura and Coran included) to romance. A friend actually came up with this idea and we're doing it in a roleplay. It's an idea for when requests open up again 👀

Oh my God. I would play the SHIT outta that. And then romance Shiro and Allura over and over again.

Yall: OMG arya is totes playing the game! Its stupid sansa who actually believes littlefinger that her sister was about to kill her

Cute. But no. Arya made gross threats, fake or not. She pulled up BS receipts that could lose Jon an army against the white walkers. And before that she has antagonized her, so yeah I wouldn't want to approach her either. Also, Sansa pulled out realistic faces out of her sister’s bag that would scare the hell outta anybody.

So please stop defending D&D’s Shit writing and let us forget they’re interactions for the past 2 episodes for the sake of these Sisters that I hold dear to my heart.

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You thought it was Sleepy, but IT WAS ME, DIO!!! (4, 8, and 39 whenever you're able to! ^^)


4. First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

Need I remind you of penis ouija. Of KK and Dave’s first conversation period. Naw, these two were straight up fucking assholes to each other, and honestly I was first worried I wouldn’t wind up liking them at all when I got to John and Dave: Respond to Memo. As background, I was a bad™ fan coming in because I’d started reading Davekat fanfiction prior to actually getting through the comic. My friend and the goddamn fiend responsible for my current HS addiction was showing me all this cute stuff and I was just ‘huh! this is sweet,’ but because it was such a fucking long comic, I perused AO3 pieces to get a better idea before committing to anything. And the meteor fics I found were really nice, and before long I’d read like…god, at least five to ten, and it was just ‘what am I even doing I might as well read the damn thing at this point.’ 

And I did–and getting to their first interaction was a bit of a slap in the face with how goddamn hostile they were. I genuinely wasn’t sure if I’d end up enjoying the ship nearly as much as I thought I would because it was so unexpected from how fics had set stuff up, y’know? But I know my friend had good taste so I kept up hope and once they started befriending each other post-penis ouija, my heart was stolen. 

Basically, their first impressions of each other was just ‘wow what a fucking tool.’ Which, honestly, they were. Two thirteen year old boys with no idea how to handle their emotions were bound for a rocky beginning relationship, especially as they were rather blatantly crafted as foils. Karkat, wearing his heart on his sleeve with the anger management issues of a wet cat, and Dave, emotionally stunted and incapable of freely expressing himself without the safety of his ‘ironic’ cool-kid cover–it sure as hell wasn’t gonna be love at first sight because they’re clever enough to recognize the other’s 100% full of shit. But being able to see through one another’s facade was pivotal in becoming closer, at least from my perspective. There’s no way to hide and it forces you to come to terms with your own flaws, shortcomings, and problems.

Honestly, that’s part of why I enjoy their relationship so much–just how fucking unexpected it is. You think they’ll be with either Terezi or Jade, but it shows that first loves don’t always–don’t usually–pan out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find just as much if not more love in another person, even if it’s someone you least suspect. Kinda why I dislike ‘soulmate’ AUs cuz this factor is part of what makes Davekat so much damn fun. 

In short:

8. What do they like best about their partner?

Hoo boy, well there’s quite a many things. But ultimately, I think it comes down to the most fundamental levels of why they work so well together. For Dave, Karkat’s heart sleeve is reassuring as fuck. With KK, he never has to guess what he’s thinking, because Karkat is going to let you know what’s going through his mind, regardless of whether you wanna know or not. It can be infuriating at times, sure, but there’s never a guessing game, no speculation, no manipulation whatsoever. What you see with Karkat is what you get. He’s the antithesis to Bro, who Dave never understood because of his robotic nature and emotionless ‘irony’ shtick. Karkat overflows with emotions and Dave finds comfort in the fact that yes, this person is letting him know absolutely EVERYTHING he feels–with incredible passion and zeal–and there’s never a question that he loves or cares about Dave. 

For Karkat, Dave helps ground him and keeps him from overthinking himself into depression and anxiety. Dave’s got a good grasp on what’s legit and what’s shit, and can always be there to go ‘yo Karkat stop overthinking about XYZ we like you you’re okay.’ More than that, Dave gives KK the attention he craves–they give each other that, honestly. They crave affection and attention (they liked Terezi not just because she was one awesome chick, but cause she gave them so much attention) and having each other helps spread the love they desperately require. Affectionate lil shits like being reminded they have people that love and care about them, and damn if they don’t love that about each other.

39. Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first? When did they realize they were in love?

HOO boy… I go back and forth, but I think Dave would be the one to make the first move. KK would likely tell pretty fast that Dave had a crush on him, and his own emotions were vacillating like fuck as well, but would worry about fucking shit up so he’d play the waiting game. It’d be frustrating for KK on that front because it’d be so obvious, and Dave’s struggle with internalized homophobia would only exacerbate that frustration because ‘holy shit why do humans give such a shit about gender????,’ but he’d roll with it outta fear that his shit would poison their relationship. Cuz from post-retcon KK’s perspective, Terezi stopped paying as much mind to him for no reason he could discern other than ‘okay I fucked shit up goddammit,’ so he’s hesitant about everything.

Dave eventually strikes the courage and confidence to admit to KK that he likes him–and their first kiss doesn’t end so well because they’re both jumpy inexperienced fuckers. They end up smashing each other’s faces with the velocity of fifteen nervous-wreck hummingbirds, and Dave’s just ‘oh shit your nose is bleeding’ and Karkat’s torn between pain, annoyance, and hilarity, and finally gives into laughing his goddamn ass off because ‘wow we fucking SUCK at this holy SHIT.’ Both kids start laughing their heineys off until they’re rolling on the floor, and Dave gives him a much nicer/softer kiss when they’re laughing in each other’s arms. KK, the romantic lil shit, is touched, but is also just ‘okay yeah this is really nice and all but my nose is still bleeding let me up you ostentatious behemoth.’ They go and get him cleaned up in the bathroom and Dave finishes it off with a lil peck on the nose and goddamn KK’s heart swells like a balloon. 

Love is harder to determine as a ‘when’ because it was over a long period of time. It was one of those slow realizations, like ‘I really love being with this person and I could spend the rest of my life with them.’ Karkat prolly figures it out sooner, but Dave’s not too far behind.

new neighbors au: water polo

Request: shoot - neighbors - no preference - root finally does something that makes shaw be like ‘daaaaamn’ in an impressed/attracted/admiring kind of way. thank you =D

[start at the beginning]

  • so it’s quite obvious root is a fucking mess around shaw
  • it’s not her fault shaw is just so /wow/ and /whoa/ and /damn/
  • root is just a gay baby who has it bad
  • shaw doesn’t mind
  • it’s nice to get a reaction like root’s by just existing
  • shaw is just happy she isn’t like that around root
  • until /that/ day
  • okay so root has gone to like every rugby game this year
  • there’s only been like 5 games but still she’s dedicated
  • shaw is just too cute running around tackling all the boys and scoring
  • it’s also kinda hot to root
  • anyway
  • shaw appreciates it and wants to go see root during one of her swim meets
  • there isn’t a meet until the spring
  • but there is the water polo
  • root never has told shaw she plays water polo
  • shaw has to hunt down harold for the answer
  • “sameen! I don’t see how /this/ is anyway to ask someone a question!!”
  • shaw has harold in a headlock
  • with a spoonful of cottage cheese near his mouth
  • “I wouldn’t half to do /this/ of you damn finchs would just give me a straight answer”
  • “this saturday! at 9am! at the community center! now let. me. go.”
  • shaw lets him go and retreats back to class with a smirk
  • shaw drags john outta bed at 8:30am
  • “I don’t get why /I/ have to go. root isn’t my crush-”
  • “who said she was mine. maybe I just wanna go cheer my neighbor on”
  • “sounds fake but okay”
  • shaw backhands john
  • there’s a shit ton of people inside
  • people really like watching people swim laps shaw guess
  • oh shaw no
  • she didn’t know exactly what sport root is playing
  • “uh shaw”
  • “what”
  • “why is there nets in the pool?”
  • nets? what-
  • water polo
  • root fucking plays /water polo/
  • shaw hunts down harold again
  • “/sameen/”
  • “/harold/”
  • harold is in deep shit
  • “root fucking plays /water polo/ the fuck harold!”
  • “sameen, you’re-”
  • “she’s a noodle harold. a fucking noodle”
  • “now root isn’t-”
  • “she needs back up out there! those other girls aren’t gonna cover it!”
  • shaw is seconds away from diving into the pool
  • thank god for joss
  • she has to get shaw in a cradle hold to stop her
  • joss’ dad was a college wrestler
  • taught her all she knows
  • “calm down there ya canon. root’s got this”
  • shaw rolls her eyes so hard
  • root. is. noodle.
  • there’s no way
  • oh poor shaw
  • root has been playing since she was 7
  • not even a minute in and shaw’s jaw is on the floor
  • root is a fucking beast
  • she scored within the first 30 seconds
  • shaw can’t believe it’s actually /root/ out there
  • root who wrecked herself on the balcony
  • root who falls when getting up
  • root who passed out when shaw flirted with her
  • /that’s/ root
  • the person in the water can’t be root
  • she just /can’t/ be
  • the person in the water is smooth and coordinated and toned and aggressive and a fucking leader
  • it just can’t be root
  • shaw believes this until the ending whistle sounds out
  • they won 19 to 5
  • half the points are from root
  • root who is pulling herself out of the water
  • a very toned root
  • just damn
  • everyone rushes to go congratulate root
  • shaw takes her time walking down the bleachers
  • it was actually /root/ out there
  • root was just so aggressive and commanding and strong and vocal and strategic and-
  • root is towling herself off
  • shaw fucking falls down the bleachers
  •  root rushes over
  • “oh goodness, are you oka-sHAW??!??!?”
  • root just died a little
  • this has to be a dream
  • it’s a nightmare to shaw tbh
  • shaw is all busted up
  • her lip is split, her cheek is gonna bruise, her knee is bleeding and her wrist is probably sprained
  • and root is so close
  • she smells like victory and chlorine
  • so toned and her eyes are beautiful and she was just so daaamn out there and-
  • “you’re wet”
  • what. the. fuck. shaw.
  • both root and shaw go beat red
  • good going shaw
  • the day just gets worst for shaw
  • root is just /so/ different after a game
  • not really
  • root is still tripping over herself around shaw
  • BUT
  • shaw is doing the same
  • at the diner shaw literally toppled over a table
  • she was looking at root
  • then shaw squirted the ketchup bottle at herself
  • root was talking
  • shaw was too focused on her
  • it’s like the roles are reversed
  • root notices
  • shaw wish she didn’t
  • shaw and root are chilling by the finch’s pool
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “I didn’t want you to expect a different root-I don’t know”
  • I didn’t want you to treat me different
  • shaw understands
  • little does root know shaw always thought she was daaaamn
  • root doesn’t need to know that yet
  • “well, should’ve still told me. I like seeing you wet”
  • shaw thinks she got her
  • BUT
  • “I rather see you wet”
  • shaw fucking chokes on her lemonade
  • it ends up all over her shirt
  • fucking hell
  • how does root do this everyday???
Ok but imagine if

BTS made a dating game. Like a legit one–where they actaully do the voice acting, and the choices you you make in-game determines which guy you end up with. Plus there would be multiple endings for each guy, depending on how many times you chose him over someone else. Hell, maybe there can be endings where you get fought over by two of them too. And then you would be able to play the game over and over again to get all the ending options.

Honeslty, I would play the shit outta of this game. No lie.

Bighit where you at? Hire me to develop the storyline lmao.

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Pluto isn’t very fond of recorders due to the fact he believes they are a bad start for anyone who wants to aspire to be a musician. Sure, the benefits are they get easy notes to learn and such, though it constantly plays on a horribly sharp note that teaches them the wrong sound right off the bat.
However, it is fun to exaggerate the fact he hates recorders here, since I often keep this blog full of classic shitposts and other things that appear amusing to most.
This would certainly not be cannon due to the fact he just don’t like them, like
The only thing they would serve well as is a sex toy get thst shit outta here no

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u did a hc thing for a reader insert (i think) with GOM as their roomate and all i could think of was this short, plump, baker, that used to play volleyball but is willing to beat their ass because 'this room is disgusting, the floor is fucking growing its own community. and it has a better government than ours.' but she cares deeply for her toll basketball playing roomates, most, if not all are superhuman and shes the only normal one there. sorry. i started ranting. i get passionate about girls

LOOOL it wasn’t really a formal hc thing!! someone sent in like an “imagine if” thing about if my roomies were gom and i was like nope, absolutely not

but this is so cute!!!! i feel like gom would completely ROAST the shit outta the girl tho for playing vball instead of bball every single day tho LOL but then she’d just threaten to not cook or bake ever again and hit them with the broom