i would pick out this detail

Yuri On Ice -  as understood solely through other people’s tumblr posts

[I have never watched Yuri On Ice, so this is just what I’ve figured out:]

Yuri is a competitive figure skater, who is, I assume, on ice.  He would like to win a medal.  Also he fell in love with another figure skater for being good at skating.

Hot Blond - who I will mentally refer to as Winner McWinnerson, the Moon Moon of skating, because that is the only name I have managed to pick up for him - sees Yuri inexplicably pole dancing in a garden at night and falls in love with him, a la Cinderella, but with more pole dancing.

They… meet?  Further details are mysterious, but I am guessing they also skate together and I am informed they definitely kiss twice, probably, for a 30th of a second as captured by this series of still frames, appended all over tumblr.

The only other character of note is the confusingly named Yuri2 - a second, smaller, angrier Yuri.  He is coached by Hot Blond and is probably only metaphorically his son.  He is also probably not related to Yuri, but it’s hard to tell, and I am open to the possibility they they both just have dicks for parents.

Throughout the series the aforementioned skaters all compete a lot, except for Moon Moon, who is busy coaching and already owns all of the medals.  

(More notably, a bunch of real life ice skaters became fans of the show, and tweeted the heck out of it, which was adorable and also meant several macho sports websites were blanketed with gay anime screencaps, the best  of all possible outcomes.)

The series is won by Yuri2.  I don’t actually know that, but I am pretty sure Yuri doesn’t win, so I am filling in the blanks with the only other character I can remember.

In the final episode, Winner McWinnerson proposes to Yuri, but also says he will only marry him after he wins a gold medal, because Winner McWinenrson dates winners, okay?  They agree to compete against each other for Yuri’s hand in marriage, and I can only assume this means the second season will conclude triumphantly, with Yuri on an Olympic altar, marrying himself.

……..how’d I do?


Asphodel and Nightshade

My interpretation of Hannibal and Will as Hades and Persephone, Alphonse Mucha style. Originally planned for the @hannibalcreative​ HannibalOdyssey event, but I’m way past deadline since this turned out to be a LOT more complicated/detailled than I’d originally planned.

If you’re interested in the symbolism of this piece, check it out under the cut!

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I think it’s kind of sweet how the kids are wearing the same clothes they were wearing when their parents died the whole time they were with Count Olaf, and they finally start wearing other outfits when they go to Monty’s. Like you know he took them out and let them pick out new clothes and get whatever they wanted, which would’ve meant so much to them after losing everything they had. Gave them something of their own again. I think that’s a real credit to the show’s crew, and the character of Uncle Monty. Just a little detail that might go unnoticed, but adds just that much to the story.


EVEN’S LOVE JAR!!!! (wip) [x]

Okay so I gathered all of my favorite cute messages that Even has sent Isak, and put them all on this jar. of course I had to include all the notes Even’s left for Isak.. and then I picked out my fav txt messages and put them on there as well~ the emoji’s were especially fun to add ❤️🐬☀️🍆💯 (as you can tell I went a bit crazy with details, but i figured this fandom would appreciate it!) Ofc I had to include the “Alt er love” quote… and the lid is actually fanart I made for the fic “Litt sånn som deg” (@stormboxx​ ♥), because I wanted some SUPER ROMANTIC SOFTISEN to top of this DECLARATION OF LOVE. ✌

  • INFJ has a detailed and strange dream about Old Friend who INFJ has not seen in almost 10 years.
  • INFJ: Huh.
  • Later, at Whole Foods.
  • INFJ: (internally) I bet my dream was telling me something. I'm going to see Old Friend, even though there is no logical reason for this to happen. Thousands of pieces of time and space would have to come together to make this happen at Whole Foods tonight, but I am sure it will.
  • Old Friend calls out INFJ's name while INFJ is picking out cheese.
  • Later, after recounting this phenomenon to INTP.
  • INFJ: See? I told you I was, like, an entity.
  • INTP: What?
  • INFJ: I see things before they happen.
  • INTP: Do you mean a seer?
  • INFJ: What did I say?
  • INTP: ... An entity. Which you are, which is why it would make no sense for me to dispute that - unlike your being a seer, which you only might be.
Till We Catch Feelings pt. 3

“Only a Buck”

Till We Catch Feelings Masterlist.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: (Modern!AU) Where Bucky and his neighbour decide to share more than uncomfortable glances when picking their mail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). However, there’s only one rule that must not be broken: Feelings shall not be involved.

Warnings: None

Words: 1000

A/N: Since It’s a drabble series I can’t really put detailed descriptions, so constructive feedback would be perfect for me to improve a little bit.

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

The sun was showing its beautiful rays of light, waving at both of you through the window. However, your eyes were way too busy focused on the big screen, both of your butts hanging on the edge of your seat, your tongue poking out while Bucky shouted like an angry dad at a football match.

“And you’re the one who has a driving license.” You teased, leaving the Wii remote on the table and leaning back on the couch as you saw him sigh.

“Are you comparing Mario Kart with driving a real car?” He asked, rolling his eyes when you nodded.

After the sandwich incidence, he stood at your condo with you, drinking beers and talking, until you decided to turn on your Wii and beat his ass on multiple games. You two were to absorbed with such entertainment that you forgot how tired you really were.

“You still haven’t told me why do you have pet food in your house.” You opened your mouth, ready to answer “AND, no pet.”

“My friend lets me take care of his dog when he’s not in town.” Bucky opened his mouth, nodding.

“I’ve never heard a bark though.”

“Dodger is a good boy. He’s not loud.” You tilted your head, looking at him. “You should learn from him.” He huffed, his fist hitting your shoulder slightly.

“The good thing is that you won’t be hearing me groan across your walls anymore since our little arrangement.” He shrugged, raising a brow, his arm resting on your shoulder.

“I’ll have you groaning next to my ears instead.” You commented, making him choke with air as you smirked.

“You know what, let’s hang out tonight!” You proposed, standing up as you remembered the last conversation you had before turning on the TV. He moaned, sinking his body between the cushions.

“I don’t wanna.” He shook his head side to side, making his fluffy hair fly and bounce. “I want to stay here, eating real sandwiches and start a Star Wars movie marathon.”

The idea made your chest swell, your throat drying out. That sounded good, but you didn’t like how it made you feel. So you shook away such uncomfortable sensation and jumped on the sofa, next to him.

“C’mon, it’ll be cool! Imagine finding a rich woman who has a sweet tooth for kids like you.” You pointed at him with your open hand, making up a story as he looked at you, a tiny smile plastered on his face. “That could buy you a Wii so you can practice your horrible driving skills.” Bucky laughed, the wrinkles around his eyes popping out as his arms wrapped around your legs, pulling you down. Your butt fell on the soft couch, your right side brushing his left. “But, since she’s married she can’t stay for a long time in your house, making you end up having the greatest night ever and a free console.” You stopped talking and acting, frowning as you saw his hardened expression as your eyes laid on him. “Are you okay?”

“No yeah, it’s just that I lived something similar a few years ago.” He let the information escape from his lips.

He looked sideways, and continued taking the moment he saw those curious puppy eyes he noticed you had whenever something interested you. It wasn’t something that affected him anymore, so he kept going as long as he could see all that enthusiasm dripping from your features.

“To be honest it was something stupid, like those weird ass crushes we all have when we’re young.” He glanced down, fingers playing with your hands as you listened to him. “I used to work for this family who owns half of the city as an art consultant when I was twenty something, you know the drill: looking for things for their personal collection, sculptures, paintings… Whatever.” You hummed. “Long story short, my boss’ wife used our meetings for something completely different.”

“Oh my god you bastard.” You punched his chest delicately, forgetting how to close your jaw. “You banged your- Oh damn!” You couldn’t contain yourself.

“Yeah yeah.” He babbled, raising his hand. “The thing here is-” Bucky gulped, frowning for a moment before recomposing. “She filled my mind with things that seemed to come out from a Nicholas Sparks novel and shit like that.” His laugh was weak, and you suddenly felt like something wasn’t right. Your mocking smile faltered slowly, a deep concern taking its place. You had the impression that he was saving up something he wasn’t ready to tell you yet. “But well, I was young, my dick had a life on its own, and it’s difficult to say no to anybody when they’re lying naked next to you.”

“Okay, remind me to ask for your credit card number the next time we have sex.” You joked, calming down as you see a real grin appear on his face once more.

“She had me eating out of the palm of her hand.” He started mumbling again. “The next thing I remember is that I was packing up my things, ready to leave this shitty place with her.” You bit your lower lip, thanking god such thing never happened. “Then she sent me a bloody email, telling me that I was fired, that they were not going to need my services anymore.” He finished, a deep sigh leaving his lips before looking at you.

Your expression was hard to read, his brain scrutinising your features, trying to find some response.

“Well, seems like cheating didn’t cost her much.” You shrugged. “Only a Buck.” You chuckled, losing it when you heard him whine, tired of your puns. 

“You fall in love so easily.” You said after a long silence, moving your head side to side until you felt his shoulder fit comfortably with the crook of your neck. Your lids finally felt heavy, and you didn’t fight for keeping them open.

“You’d fall too.” He affirmed, cocking his head, looking at the black screen that reflected the clear image of your body resting on his. He smiled and looked down, then at the screen again, wishing that he could found a way to pause this moment and capture it like a movie.

“Nah fam.” You denied. “My heart is made of ice.” Your voice was a mere whisper before you lost any contact with the real world.

And he let you rest on him, static, moving his head only to keep his eyes on you, the crazy neighbour who complained so much about the noises but ended up craving for them like a catchy melody.


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exam mistakes and advice (from experience)

Reassuring things I wish someone would’ve told me a couple of years ago! hope this helps someone!! ♡

  • Revising the morning before the exam is fine but pick beforehand what you are going to read through (first the big map concepts, then those details or mnemonics you keep forgeting). Don’t freak out and make it a chill short study session.
  • DO NOT take sleep pills you aren’t used to take the nights before.
  • Only eat safe foods you are used to the days before.
  • Practice on past exams on the same hour the real exam is.
  • In the 2 weeks leading up to the exam wake and go to sleep so you feel energized at the hour the exam is going to be (wake ~3 hours before the hour of the test and sleep 8/9 hours each day). I know it’s hard but it’s necessary to not get foggy and lazy.
  • ALWAYS have a back up wake up alarm if the exam is in the morning.
  • Check traffic if you’re going by car/bus/train. Try to walk to the place if possible.
  • Bring the safest clothes you can think of that are appropriate to weather and comfortable, both physically and mentally.
  • Don’t bring those super tight jeans or that itchy sweater.
  • Bring dark chocolate. Eat a bite right before and after. It’s not too sweet and gives a good boost.
  • That thing about getting there early… it works. It will calm you down talking to the teachers, having everything ready and getting to your spot slowly. 15-30 minutes is fine.
  • If your exam is long don’t drink too much water the night and the morning before. Pee right before the exam (even if you have to ask) and only take small sips of water during the test. You should hydrate the week before.
  • If you still have to, and if it’s actually distracting you from the test, then just ask to go to the bathroom, I know it’s the worst thing and you’ll probably waste 5 minutes but it’s better than spending the next 2 hours and a half in pure agony.
  • Yes you will be very nervous, you won’t be different from everyone else, but it’s ok, the best students get nervous, don’t let it stop you when it comes to answering the questions.
  • During the test don’t look at other people or at the window.
  • Correct your posture when you remember so you don’t get back pain.
  • If you are given extra time, ALWAYS use it. Don’t leave early: revise.
  • Check if you are allowed to eat gum.
  • Bring the extra required material like rulers and compass.
  • Don’t cheat or break the safety rules, it’s not worth getting caught.
  • If it doesn’t help you talking to other people after the exam about the exam, don’t start conversation and leave, no one will be offended.
  • Everyone will always ask ‘how was it?’ 'Was it easy?’ 'Did you do well?’ and obviously you will never know what to answer. Saying 'I don’t know’ won’t create any expectations. Don’t explain any further if you get stressed about it. 
John - Molly parallel

I’ve just finished re-watching a TJ*C video about Molly being a mirror for John. I won’t get into details as this post would turn out to be the longest I ever wrote and I’m not even that competent with the English lanuage to get the point across. 

What really annoys me, beside the cherry-picking technique used to support J*hnl*ck being endgame (which works like this: I will ignore anything that goes against my idea and pick the good things only and make them HUGE), is the fact that Molly is being dismissed as someone Sherlock simply doesn’t like, because he’s actually in love with John.

I’m nobody to say that is 100% wrong and I’m positive it will never happen, since that would be untrue. I’m the first Sherlolly shipper to think Sherlolly has little to no chance to be canon (and, guess what?, I couldn’t care less. I will go down with my ship and have a terrific time while doing so), therefore if J*hnl*ck will turn out to be canon, well, there must be a good reason… go for it, Moftiss.


I have good reasons to believe Molly is not just an unlucky, forlorn version of John and his feelings for Sherlock.

First of all, we tend to forget a simple truth: the bond between John and Sherlock is not their affection. That came second. The first thing that made them the couple we know them to be is their need for a fix: John is adrenaline addicted and Sherlock must use his racing mind on tricky cases otherwise he’ll get crazy. Sherlock, just like Mycroft soon afterwords, identifies John as such (an adrenaline addict) as soon as they meet. Mike Stamford, who seems to know John quite well, immediately reckons he would be the best flatmate for Sherlock because they share the same problem: they both need action, mysteries and crime solving. What would be an issue for most people (having a crazy flatmate with a thing for crime solving) is actually a great thing for John - who complains that nothing happens to him. At the same time, John is a soldier - someone who lives on the battlefield and fights - and a doctor: he fights, he solves crimes and he has a lot of fun doing so, but he also cares for people and makes sure Sherlock doesn’t hurt them too much with his behaviour. That’s why they are so great together. Sherlock brings action to John’s life while John gives Sherlock the chance to solve crimes with some humanity. Their affection is an inevitable consequence of this new found balance, this win-win relationship.

So what about Molly?

John entered Sherlock’s life through an open door - the need to solve crimes - and gained his affection doing what they both love the most.

 If you have any experience with children, you will know that the best thing to educate a child and make him a decent human being one day is to enter his world at his own level, which usually consists in playing

Try to gain the respect of a child you’ve only just met simply telling him off! You won’t have any good result because you must show him that you actually want to do interesting things with him: laugh, run, play hide & seek. 

You do that, then you give him rules and teach him things. 

Now, Sherlock might have the body and the mind of an adult and a genius, but when it comes to his heart and social skills he’s very, very much of a child. Mycroft recalls the one time they tried to make friends as children and how unsuccessful their attempt was; while he seems to have found his own place in the world (with a great dose of cynism, that’s for sure); Sherlock has not been able to cope with the great difference between himself and his peers because he’s actually much softer and sensitive than he seems. The need to relieve this uneasiness brought him to drug use and crime solving as a distraction. Both these things isolated him even more, so we got a thirty-something, S1 Sherlock with no social skill whatsoever. A child in a man’s body with a brilliant mind. (Another evidence is the terrific interaction between Sherlock, John and Mary at the end of TSOT, where Sherlock clearly states he won’t be John’s only child for long).

John managed to gain his affection because they immediately, instinctively shared something vital for the both of them. Mycroft himself sees that and he promptly understand how important John will turn out to be for his little brother’s inner growth (S01E01).

Molly, on the other hand, could only choose the worst way ever to enter Sherlock’s life: sentiment. She offers him her heart together with her help, ignoring that Sherlock is totally not prepared to understand her feelings, and he will therefore use her to get the only thing she can actually give him - help, that is. This soon turns into something else: Molly grows up and learns to show herself some respect and make others do the same; Sherlock, thanks to what John has taught him, finally sees the real value of Molly - the one person who mattered the most to him.

Now, my shipper goggles would make me see how that could actually give us Sherlolly, but I’m not a very optimistic person, so I’ll just stick to this: Molly is no mirror. Molly is something completely different; and if you don’t see that, you have completely underestimated John Watson’s importance as well.

Computer science notes!! We’re learning how to ~ enhance ~ our classes and it’s so much fun.

My procedure for going through this chapter:

- as I read, I lightly marked the important facts I wanted to remember

– a good way to determine if something is important or not (so you don’t accidentally write everything down * looks at past self * defeating the purpose of taking notes) is ask yourself “if I needed to know about this topic a month/year from now, what would I want to know?”

- after I finished reading three sections (I don’t read too much at once otherwise I don’t remember what I started out reading) or so I would go back and quickly copy down the details I earlier

– marking details as you go along helps you pick out information to write down so much easier.

– always be checking if what you marked should be marked. It’s OK (and for your own benefit) to unmask something not as pertinent for your understanding

Nothing fancy, but in the past I’ve spent way too long on reading and making notes and most of the information I tried to learned proved unnecessary

PS you might have noticed instead of mildliners I have the same craZart markers from middle school lol!

+ do you think it’s OK to leave any marks in the textbook for posterity? I appreciate the people who mark the problems we have to do in the textbook bc I’m a little lazy sometimes and I personally wouldn’t mind seeing what a past student thought was important

anonymous asked:

hi! what placements make someone a great listener vs a bad one?

i’m not sure, it’s about personal preference.. Virgo is detailed orientated, they’d listen but only pick out details they deem as important. Gemini would listen and assess all of it because to them, it’s all important detail. Capricorn, only if you’re a loved one, sets their time aside or you–and that is a big deal, asking the child of time to give up their time–and will listen silently and solemnly, without interruption. The mercurial signs are apt to interject things, you know, they talk talk, but not Capricorn. If they give you advice it’s more of a scolding though, somehow, even it’s meant to be affectionate. With a good listener comes an open mind. Sure, Gemini is like this, but more so Sagittarius. They’d question everything though, “why? how? when?” they want to know all the details too. Scorpio is a therapist..they only listen and take note. They may probe too…but it will be subtle, you won’t even notice. You can say anything to Aquarius, they will always be understanding. I would consider having these signs in sun, moon, rising or mercury to be a fairly good listener. 

As for “bad” I would say an afflicted mercury or moon.. Aries is impatient and isn’t one for a serious talk Leo placements or mercury/moon in the 5th would make it about themselves so that you end up listening to them, or while Taurus placements can be very patient, they’re not very open minded. I think Pisces is one to make it about themselves too…like empathize so much that they make the problem theirs, which is not very helpful. I think everyone has the potential to be a “good” or “bad” listener though 


Once again its time for Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 5/??

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chrisemi  asked:

Headcanons for Tobirama and Madara falling in love with a civilian s/o?

(can I just say THANK YOU for sending in the very first ask for this blog??) My dude, friendo, yes! I loooove this. Fyi, going to keep the s/o as “they/them” since no gender was specified. Hope these float ya bloat <3 (I did include nsfw bonuses for each, if that’s not cool feel free to let me know and I won’t do it in the future)


  • Tobirama is a very observational person and he picks up on the smallest details, which is how he would take notice out of the future civilian s/o. Nothing gets past Tobirama, so he would definitely notice their gaze sticking to him longer than would be typical
  • He’s weary of catching feelings for a civilian s/o, because he would be doubtful of their ability to protect themselves if they happened to be caught in a dangerous situation; this would totally be a source of stress for Tobirama, so you could count on him keeping a close on eye you to account for your safety 
  • He’s a busy guy, and honestly the chances of him taking notice and acting on any sort of feelings first are slim. The s/o would have to make their presence known to him in some kind of manner without being silly about it, i.e.; asking him a safe question about the village or something along those lines. Basically breaking the convo ice first is what I mean
  • Once he does notice them and starts to develop feelings, he would just straight up skip the small talk and invite them on a causal date, like for tea. Conversation might be one-sided at first, but the more Tobirama would get to know them the more he would participate and open up in conversation
  • He might feel guarded at first, unsure of how to approach a civilian s/o. He’d be nervous about being overly intimidating or making the s/o feel uneasy, because honestly Tobirama can definitely be an intimidating person with his serious, no-bullshit demeanor, but eventually as he got closer to his s/o he would lower is guard more and be a bit brighter with them

NSFW bonus:

  • He would be suuuuuuper careful with his s/o physically, he would be slightly worried about hurting them at first until the s/o could prove that they wouldn’t be as fragile as he would expect
  • Awkward lil Tobs, so nervous getting to know his s/o in bed. Very cautious, doesn’t do well to initiate unless it’s in a super subtle way
  • If he did try to hint at wanting to get intimate with his s/o, he would pull out the tiny tricks like letting his hand rest on their lower back longer than usual or letting them get physically closer to him without him brushing it off
  • With all that said, he would be so gentle with the s/o in bed; slow motions, soft kisses, hand holding and all that. He’d have to feel for his s/o quite a bit if he went that far though


  • Tbh the chances of Madara falling for a civilian s/o would be pretty slim. They must have some vital role, like being a doctor/nurse or some kind of political figure outside of shinobi business for him to even consider them. He’s a bit harsh that way, but he knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate go to for it if he thinks they might be worth the effort
  • Let’s be real here too, Madara knows very well how physically strong he is so he would also be cautious of harming his s/o accidentally. If he did, don’t expect an apology, he would assume they knew what they were signing up for if they did become his s/o
  • Madara finds intelligence and capability very attractive, so the s/o should rely on their smarts and abilities in the real world over trivial things to get his attention and to keep it as well
  • Madara would just flat out tell the s/o to meet him for dinner at this time and expect them to show up. He is probably one of the most observational characters out of everyone in the founders era, second only to Tobirama, and wouldn’t waste his time if he wasn’t certain the s/o already returned his feelings. He wouldn’t take the chance otherwise, he would consider it a waste of effort (also afraid of hurting his pride)
  • Dates would probably consist of dinner/walking through the village later in the evening, and he doesn’t mind a comfortable silence. He might ask a question or two about his s/o, but other than that the s/o would have to try and carry the convo on their own if they really wanted to chat 

NSFW bonus:

  • Hoooooo boy would his s/o have the time of their life in bed with Mads. He would be such a stark contrast to anything his s/o would have experienced before, that’s for sure. 
  • He would try his best not to take it too far, as in not being too rough, because he would be so much stronger than his s/o 
  • If they expressed being totally fine with things being as rough as he’d normally be, he would through caution out the window and go for it as long as he was sure they were okay with it

Friendship is not a competition. 

But in junior high and high school the top mean girl of my grade taught us all that it was. You were best friends one day and the next she decided you were lame and wouldn’t talk to you. If she was spending time or favoring someone it was always at the expense of someone else. I learned to be jealous of her time and be constantly worried that she would tire of me. That wasn’t friendship and I know that now but it still impacts how I view my relationships. 

Friendship is someone who thinks about you and cares about you life no matter what they get out of it. Friendship is long and detailed talks about obscure subjects that you both enjoy. Friendship is showing up when there is pain or a disaster or a celebration and just being there. Friendship is not seeing each other for five years but still being able to pick up right where you left off. 

Friendship is not a competition.  

Amber Bourgeois Theory

Alright now I know there has been a lot of confusion and theories arise in this whole Queen Bee mess but I thought I’d throw my theories out there as well because why not?

Okay so to start when we first started figuring out Chloe was most likely the bee miraculous holder I was a little mad. Now to be fair this is a little controversial, you either love the idea or you hate it. Me and my friend would rant for hours about it, going through the entire first season clip by clip trying to pick out each little detail that foreshadowed her becoming Queen Bee. When we saw that the Bee Miraculous holder picture released to us the other night on Instagram I was for sure it was Chloe but the recent tweet by Kenya Danino had me confused.

Does Chloe Bourgeois actually have a twin sister named Amber?

My personal opinion is she doesn’t.

First of all the twin trope had been mentioned before in this series (I hear the occasional ‘Evil twin’ mentioned in reference to Hawkmoth) so it isn’t exactly a new idea around here but I doubt they would actually use this. The whole twin mess would make sense in the case of the Bourgeois family since we never actually see Mama Bourgeois (but for real real were is she?) and she could obviously be with this other daughter.

It all just seems kind of random to suddenly throw this new character into the mix. Especially when she looks exactly the same as her sister.

Now what really made me come up with this theory is what Thomas Astruc poster on his Twitter when question about the new Queen Bee as  well as the artwork by Kenya.

He mentions Felix when asked about it which I only assumed what just kind of to disregard the idea but it had me thinking. 

When later this tweet came out:

I was a bit thrown off. This ‘Amber’ character looks much nicer than Chloe and seems to be the bee. It was never confirmed whether she is a true character or not but it was retweeted by storyboard artist Wilfried Pain and Kenya has always seemed to know pretty official stuff (I believe she was the one who released what the fox kwami looked like).

When they completely remake the character Felix, changing both his looks as well as personality, he received a new name. What is this was also the case with original concept art Chloe?

In the picture below it seems to us that originally Chloe was friends with Marinette and Alya. She’s clinging onto Marinette’s arm in an excited way and the fact that she’s even sitting somewhere near them is a big difference from canon Chloe.

So if her character under went such a big change did she receive a name change as well? Could her original name have been Amber?

My guess is that the original, friendly Chloe was called Amber and she was eventually going to get the bee miraculous. I think somewhere down the line she was eventually changed into Marinette’s rival giving her the new name of Chloe. The picture above also fits with the Amber drawing by Kenya since the character isn’t wearing the glasses Chloe always wears (Alya seems to be wearing them here).

Also the show doesn’t follow a lot of cliché character tropes which are usually depicted in shows. So why do we still have the ‘spoiled, bratty, rich, mean girl, daughter of a powerful figure, blonde hair, white-ass’ deal going down with Chloe? As much as I hate her, I really do hope she gets some sort of character redemption throughout the second season (I’m praying it doesn’t all happen in one episode, Rome wasn’t build in a day after all.) Character redemption would steer us away from that rich blonde girl cliché.

So overall I believe that there really isn’t an Amber Bourgeois out there and that she was just made up to throw us off. Amber is to Chloe what Felix is to Adrien, just the original concept for their character. Although I think it would be a really cool twist to have a set of secret twins, ’m betting it won’t happen but I’ll be happy to watch the show no matter what path it goes down with Queen Bee. But please, let me know y’all’s theories and if y’all agree with mine.

Sorry this was so long, but thanks for reading!!

Strange bird

John went upstairs to gather his laundry. In the meantime Sherlock is gazing out the window again. I think he is incredibly bored. The email both of them were looking at earlier could turn out to be a new case, but so far there has been no reply to Sherlock’s inquiry for more details.

I’m glad we don’t have one of those grandfather clocks. The quiet in here is bad enough, but having to listen to their incessant ticking would…


Sherlock just flew past me and down the steps. Warn a guy! Jeeze. Did he just run outside wearing his dressing gown?

He’s back. That was quick. What did he…Oh, no. Is that a dead pigeon? Did you seriously just run outside and pick a dead bird off the street? I bet it’s not even cold yet, the poor thing!

Guess he just found himself a new experiment to pass the time. He is already gathering up his notebook and safety googles.

No, no, no, don’t put it into the microwave!


anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just going through your art and noticed your recent work including buildings/photographs - would you able to quickly go through your processes? Thanks in advance, keep up the great work!

no problem!

I use photos from trips. This one is from when I visited England.

throw it into photoshop, and go to the filters section. There’s other countour filters but I use the one under filter>stylize>trace contour (because it’s a uniform line weight and I like the look)

after this, use the slider and pick the contours that best show off the picture’s focal points and all. This filter can bring out a lot of details but sometimes you just need outlines and all.

after that, go to select>color range, and use the dropdown menu to select the highlights (ie get rid of the white on the layer)

then lock the layer, and fill it with the line color of your choosing.

finally, make a layer under it and do the coloring shenanigans. Since I use these for mainly warm ups or quick things, I just use a low threshold paint bucket, but if you wanted to be neater I guess you could use the inverting-magic wand deal.

after some cleaning up I get something looking like this:

I hope this helped!

So I made a very important update to my rules that I would appreciate if my followers could take a look see. It’s at the very bottom of the page and surrounded by asterisks to make picking it out a easier for you guys. I’m not going into details at all since I don’t like dragging drama to the dash, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up as well. 

Clown Shoes Sora

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted art in a while, been real busy. Here’s a gender bent Sora from Kingdom Hearts! Was actually timing myself on this one because I’m thinking of doing art commissions. I picked Sora because he’s one of the most detailed characters I can think of, so I thought it would be good practice. Also trying out a slightly different art style. Hope you enjoy!