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POT Dating Tips

1. Always confirm the same day that you guys are meeting. These men have crazy schedules and they can cancel on you same day, best to know before you do your hair & makeup. 

2. Never drive or uber a long distance to meet them. They should offer to come to you and if they don’t they should offer to uber you. I always get ubered to my dates, I never give them my real address obviously but somewhere close that I could walk or a place I could drive to and leave my car. Driving or ubering a far distance because he said he would reimburse you isn’t worth the risk. These men ain’t shit! they will lie to you. Don’t risk being out of gas or money, never worth it. 

3. Always vet them before you meet them, nothing worse than going on POT date to find out he wants to pay you 200 per meeting. ASk questions nothing to invasive but just enough to see if can meet your needs. If you want monthly allowances make sure he’s open to that. IF he wants to do per meet to start, discuss how much. You can obviously negotiate a better price in person, but make sure you guys are in the same range $$$.  Don't’ waste your hair/makeup and a cute outfit on a fuck boy who thinks he’s a sugar daddy. NEVER go on the POT with someone who gives you weird vibes, I mean if he’s weird over the phone he probably won’t be better in person, nothing is worth your safety. 

4. Be cute but comfortable, Opt for the heels that are more comfortable over the ones that may look better with the outfit.  Nothing worst than being out and having your feet hurt the entire time. 

5. Be sexy and alluring without showing too much. I have big boobs so no matter what I wear their gonna show, but I always wear dresses that aren’t  too tight or show that much cleavage. He may want to take you to social events with his colleagues or friends, you don’t want to show up on your first encounter with your boobs out or a dress that barely covers your ass. You want to give off a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets vibe. You don’t have to spend much to look great, Forever 21 or Zara has great dress options that are affordable. Macy’s always has in store sales on shoes ( Got a couple of heels from there), DSW also. A little black dress with some cute heels and some simple accessories can go a long way, ladies. For new sugars, you can spend under 100 bucks buy a cute outfit that you can re-wear to multiple POT dates. Ball on a budget until you can get him to take you, to Saks ;)

6. Knowledge is key! reading book  Ho Tactics and the art of seduction has really stepped my sugar skills up. Body language and confidence is everything! This may sound silly but I practice my faces in the mirror so I can get an idea of what I’m looking like when I say certain things, also what angles i look best in so I know how to tilt my head or smile. You have to mindfuck these to give you everything you want but never had. I always give eye contact it shows that you are really engaged it also turns guys on. I always order martinis or wine because of the way the glass fit in your hand. Eating a  olive off a  toothpick while eye fucking a guy will drive him crazy. Always ask follow up questions, whens he’s going on and on about his job or life, in general, show that your interested make comments be engaging. Also, brush up on current events, I use the SKIMM to help keep me up to date on current events. Be pretty but also cultured.

7. Always choose a high-end restaurant in your area. I usually yelp and look for restaurants with $$$ that has the best reviews, I legit have been to areas in D.C that I wouldn’t have been able to afford or even heard of. Set your standards high and don’t lower them. Don’t ever go out with a guy who thinks going to some cheap chain restaurant is acceptable. Like your makeup shouldn’t cost more than the menu. Gain knowledge on the nicest spots in your area, if he wants to take you somewhere lower end that’s the easiest way to spot a Splenda. If it doesn’t go anywhere at least you got to go to a nice ass restaurant, ate some good ass food, and drank some wine that cost as much your textbooks. Still a win. 

8. If you’re meeting for a quick date such as Starbucks ( which I don’t even recommend, they give me Splenda vibes)  make sure you choose a time when it’s not too pack. You don’t want to walk into a packed Starbucks with the line to door and no seats for your first date it sets an awkward tone. You want to be in a quiet setting where you can discuss the arrangement privately, without random people walking by every minute.  Choose a time after lunch, or later in the evening. 

9.Safety First! Never give out private information, give out fake email address, phone numbers, etc. The only thing I’m truthful about is that I’m a student and my age. Never get into a POT car, or go back to his place. I also send my friends my location so they know where I’m at all times. Also download a safety app, very useful. If a guy gives you weird vibe excuse yourself to the bathroom and call a uber, try to find a different exit and leave his ass. Never meet up in a sketchy area or place. Make sure the place is public and that it is quiet but moderately packed. Never meet up too late in the night, and don't’ over a drink. Overdrinking puts you in a bad head space which can lead to a bad situation that could be unsafe. I have no more than 3 cocktails on date depending on the time we are together. These sites are filled with psychos, be careful !. 

10. Last but not least Never give up the pussy until you get yours. Things happen maybe you drank too much, or he was really cute so the chemistry was there but it is never a good idea to sleep with POT before the arrangement has been hashed out.  This is not normal dating and he is not your bf. Unless he’s paying your bills, tuition, rent or aiding your makeup addiction why does he deserve pussy???? Always get your first, these men will fuck and dip out never to be seen again. GIving him quick access will not get your bills paid sis, don’t do it. Before you think about giving him some think about your rent that’s about to be due, the tuition you still have to pay, that car payment, or Rihanna new makeup line that’s about to drop.  Pussy is power use it wisely!

Feel free to add on ladies. Pusssy is power, let’s encourage each other and help each other to mindfuck these men! #TeamVagina

Sugar Allowance - What Form Do You Take It In?


Bank Transfer?

Gift Cards?

Bill Pay?

Pre-Paid Cards?

Square card payment thingy?

What’s really the best method?

I’ve seen this topic pop up a lot but I’ve rarely seen a good answer for it.  Like me, I’m sure many girls out there have wondered numerous times, how the hell do I get an allowance?  More importantly, what about my privacy?

When I first started in the bowl it was cash all the way.  I wasn’t getting very much, typically just pay for play kind of thing and it was around $400-$600 each time.  I didn’t like it and for a while, I stopped sugaring anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Then I met my most recent SD (now previous).  And my allowance was monthly and…substantial.  The first time he gave it to me, we hadn’t worked anything out so it was cash.  And of course, because it was so much, I felt really uncomfortable.  It was a lot of money and I didn’t know what to do with it!  Where do I put it??  Do I deposit this in the bank?  Hell No.  I brushed that off immediately because obviously, I didn’t want to be hounded by the IRS.  Tax fraud, no thank you.  Even though it’s technically considered a gift and I’m pretty sure there are laws out there that mention “mistress” money matters, I’m not that familiar with them to trust putting a large sum in the bank.  

So I did some research.  I didn’t give my SD my real name and kept it that way through our entire relationship - I have a HUGE issue with privacy.  So direct bank transfers and bill pay were out of the question (he’d need all my info for that) - also this goes back to the whole tax thing.  Another thing out because of the sheer amount of my allowance was the gift card method.  No gift cards are worth as much as I was getting monthly and it would be such a hassle for him to have had to buy a new one and load money on to it each month or whatever. So no gift cards.  I looked into the Square cash and Square card reader thing.  The card reader just seemed way too transactional for both my and my SDs taste.  I believe he said the phrase “Guess my Amex really WOULD buy everything.”  Ugh.  And Square Cash deposits right into your bank account.  I looked into seeing if it would deposit to a pre-paid card that’d have no attachment to my name but alas, no such luck.

So I researched pre-paid cards themselves.  I did HEAVY research on prepaid cards.  I’m now like the guru of pre-paid cards.  Which ones hold how much money, how you are able to load each one, which ones carry the highest fees, which ones need your full disclosure, which ones require no info at all.  I’ve boiled it down to a science and this is what I’ve come up with:


This is how we did it:

My SD opened a serve account online and they sent him his personalized card. Having the online account is key here.  You can buy a temp card at the stores but the online account gives you just so many options.  It’s magical.

So, once he opened his account and was sent his card, he opened a “sub” account for me.  All he needed was a name and email address and from my end, I confirm everything and my card is sent out.  Voila.  No, he didn’t need my real name and no, I didn’t need to give any other information besides that.  I made my own account online that he cannot access without my password.  If I change my password, he doesn’t see it.  He can only put money on my card - his sub account card.  It’s that bloody easy.  

Other than being able to use the card just like any other debit card (pay for things as you would a normal card, take cash out of an ATM, etc.) I can also pay bills online.  So things that normally require being paid with a check, I can do that too.  Amex Serve will send places a check when I need them to - I just put my student loan info in online and blam! It sends them a check.  And, best of all, it’s attached to his name, so it looks like he’s making the payments for me.  I’m almost 100% sure there’s no repercussions to someone else making a bill payment for you, you know, tax-wise.  And he didn’t need to know my info.  It is that easy.

So, any sugars out there with big allowances worried about tax things and privacy, look no further than the Amex Serve card.  It has been hugely beneficial to me.  Granted, it takes a few weeks to get both cards set up and sent, but when they are and he’s putting money on your card, it’s heaven.  

Have questions about the whole process?  You know where to find me.

Happy sugaring.  Spend wisely!

The definitive* guide of Robert spending money on Aaron

Here it is, a definitive list of things Robert has spent money on for Aaron, on Aaron or to be with Aaron. 

Some of the things in these categories are questionable (cough hitman cough) BUT on the positive side the most amount of money Rob’s spent was for good not evil. 😅 

This post got longer than i expected, it was fun so i hope you enjoy.

How can I spend more time with bae AKA the beginning

Scrapyard Investment -  The best money Robert has ever spent.  He was so smitten with Aaron after 2 fucks he was already breaking all his rules and handing over 10k to invest in whatever Adam & Aaron wanted, he didn’t even care what the business was £10,000

Hotel 1 - Let’s be honest this hotel was nothing special and Robert probably expensed it back to Home Farm Estates like the trash he is. But waking up together for the first time. The heart eyes. Robert in those tight black underpants. Money very well spent. £60

Originally posted by itsafangirlthing

Hotel 2 - Robert just wanted to spoil Aaron, rip his suit off and fuck him in a fancy hotel…if that’s not love i don’t know what is? Damn you Katie for ruining this night.  £250

Oh shit, I don’t want people to find out about bae AKA the affair continues

The Hitman - If you think I googled “how much does a hitman cost” you’d be right? Are the police going to break down my door in the middle of the night and arrest me? Probably. This plot is ridiculous let’s not dwell on it. £20,000 I guess

Cain’s blackmail - What started as Robert using the ridiculously random Cain & Chrissie kiss to blackmail Cain completely backfired, no thanks to Aaron who outed him and their affair. Not cool Aaron, not cool. So now the blackmailer is being blackmailed. But the lesson is never cross Cain Dingle or you’ll be paying for Vadam’s honeymoon £5000, The grain pit at Butlers  £15,000 and a holiday for Coira £2000.

Trying to do right by bae AKA the abuse sl

Sandra’s address - One day we’ll find out how Robert got all these dodgy contacts but for now I’ll just assume he used a PI. By finding Sandra’s address we got rejected park bench kiss, lake side declarations and Rob reunited Aaron with his long lost sister and gave us all Roblivion….Also my search history is getting interesting right now. £300

Bribing Ryan - What to do if you want to see justice done, Gordon locked up for his horrific crimes & your future mum in law is pestering you to make sure he gets sent down. If you’re Robert Sugden you bribe a local teen to lie about also being abused. Oh Robert, your heart was in the right place. The only hint at how much he paid Ryan was that it was the same amount as a fancy watch, so £5000

Bonus Bribing Ryan again - Leave my family alone, we never hear from you again + here have a delicious hummus and coriander sandwich. Mwahaha I’m an evil genius.  Never change Rob. £104.50

How can I prove to bae I love him AKA no one else comes close

Barcelona -  The first cancelled holiday and the the start of the Robron chill *cries*. Rob just wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday and spend some time with Aaron & be proper boyfriends and it’s beautiful. Flights + 2 nights in Barcelona £1000

France - The second cancelled holiday.  Robert being playful murmuring into his kiss with Aaron was the stuff of dreams. God bless you Maxine. Also i can kinda forgive Liv for ruining this holiday cause it gave us the quality content of Rob dangling from a tree. 2.5 weeks in Calais, hotel only £1400

Engagement ring - I would’ve paid money to to see the scene of Robert at the jewellers, being sassy to the sales assistant, demanding the best for the man he loves. I think I found a very similar platinum ring and as Vic days “it’s perfect” so can Aaron hurry up and put it back on his finger £2695

Originally posted by thisdamndesire

Las Vegas - The third cancelled holiday.  First class flights, limo from the airport, helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Cirque du Soleil tickets, the works. Do you know how expensive first class tickets are? But Aaron deserved this big romantic gesture. I’m assuming they were staying for 5 nights + I gave him a 25% discount courtesy of Rebecca’s mate £11,250

The wedding - So perfect, so them, but as far as weddings go this was done on the cheap. Free venue. Free Decorations. Only thing paid for would have been finger food and drinks and we know the Dingles love a free drink so let’s say £1000

Appealing Aaron’s sentence - Robs face when he found out Aaron got 12 months breaks my heart every time, he was so determined to free his husband. A decent barrister is £300 per hour and it took 3 weeks for the appeal to come through. If only you worked a little faster unseen barrister person we may not be stuck in this hell plot £10,000

The Mill renovations - This includes fixing the damn dry rot I had to listen to Rakesh moan on about for months, the fire damage, doors without handles & drawers pure white, posh appliances, the Vespa chair and all the questionable artwork. I didn’t include flat 2 cause we don’t now what the deal is with that.   Let’s be real though Robert has great taste and the Mill is the best house in the village. £80,000

5 week honeymoon to Mauritius - Seriously Emmerdale now you let them go on a holiday? After Rob has cheated and Rebecca is pregnant and nobody actually wants them to go because we all just want Aaron to learn the truth as soon as possible. Yeah, fuck you Emmerdale, fuck you.  Flights + airbnb accommodation £4200

I’ve been an idiot, please don’t tell bae AKA the hell plot

Full disclosure this is the part where i become bitter at the writing regarding Robert’s money. 

Ross’ blackmail -  Ugh, just ugh at this whole plot point. In the end Robert only gave Ross half of of what he was blackmailed for and then crushed his taxi and destroyed his weed as payback so at least there’s that £2500

Mill Chairs - So this was the ep Aaron listed all the things Robert didn’t spend his money on ignoring basically everything i have listed above that he did spend it on. I mean Aaron didn’t want the chairs at the time but he sure seems to enjoy them now (see, told you i was bitter).  Also who knew ugly leather reclining chairs would be so expensive? £3500

Burnt money- Holy shit Robert just threw the briefcase into a fire barrel because Aaron told him to! I think this is what the kids call EXTRA. And the lesson is Robert loves Aaron more than money. OF COURSE HE DOES HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. Lucky it was all saved (thanks cute fire extinguisher scene) except a couple of hundred . £100,000 £200

Bribing Jason - TBH I love protective Rob, his heart was in the right place (again) and let’s be real no one wanted to see Aaron hurt.  But he didn’t bribe Jason because he didn’t believe in Aaron so thanks for making this clear, it’s just THEY ARE SO IN LOVE still. WHEN ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER THE STRUGGLE IS REAL?!? £5000

GRAND TOTAL - £180,459.50

And here it is in handy excel spreadsheet converted into multiple currencies because i’m cool like that. 

*not at all definitive 

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for the ask meme: what is your ideal character arc for lance?

I’m actually not sure! There are so many different ways that it could go tbh.

I guess, if I were to choose how it went, I think…

I’d want Lance to get stranded somewhere, away from the rest of the team. With… Shiro. And I’d want them to have to work together to survive, and find a way back to the team. It’d help build some trust in eachother that I think they really need.

The reason why is 1) I would actually pay real money to see these two interacting one on one more, and 2) I really want to explore the kind of dynamic it sets up. In Escape from Beta Traz, we got to see an example of that. Shiro kinda kept taking out all the sentries and wasnt giving Lance much room to do stuff and we saw the insecurities that started to draw out of Lance…, so I wanna see that kinda situation explored a bit. And like, I want Lance to demonstrate his own leadership skills to Shiro, I want him to take charge of the situation a couple times and bounce ideas off of Shiro for plans and stuff. I want Shiro to, over time, come to realize that Lance…is a lot more capable than he thought! Also, I feel like Shiro would actually be the best person for Lance to open up to about his insecurities, because he looks up to the guy and respects him a whole lot, so any word of advice coming from Shiro, Lance would really take to heart. Not to mention, Shiro is pretty compassionate and would be really understanding! Dad mode would definitely come out and he’d assure Lance that he’s a valued teammate. And maybe after all of this Shiro might reconsider who he’d want to take his place if something happened :P

(Also those theories about Shiro supporting Lance through a possible bisexuality arc??? Please I need this??? Give me Lance like, complaining about Keith being better than him or something which leads to him rambling about how cool and awesome and [cough] attractive Keith is without really noticing and Shiro is just like…..son….pls…….
give me Shiro helping Lance realize his sexuality and helping him own it!!!)

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But what if it's not just Leia screwing up Vader's plans? He talked about her mercy missions, maybe she got in over her head and Vader was in the dog house with Palpy so the Emperor sent Vader to go fish Senator Leia Organa out of whatever she's gotten herself into /this/ time and then they have to fight on the same side while bitching at each other non-stop

Ahahahahaha oh my LORD, teenage Leia and angry, tired, middle-aged Vader forced to fight alongside each other. It would be like if Anakin Skywalker had been sent on a Clone Wars mission WITH HIMSELF, with no Ahsoka or Obi-Wan to save him from himself. I would pay actual real world money to see this. 

This is also extra-funny because it means that Vader’s going on a mission with his own kid on at least one occasion and he has absolutely no clue who she is. Oh Anakin: always quick to catch on. 

Getting lucky (Love in Panem New Author’s challenge)

I’ve honestly tried to finish the story in time, but life happened((( And sadly it didn’t agree with my plans. This story was originally started as a birthday present for one of the most lovely ladies I’ve met in my life - @madamemarquise. I wasn’t happy with it, because it was supposed to be much better, so when @loveinpanem offered this wonderful challenge to help new authors, I decided to join)) My deepest gratitude goes to my amazing mentor @burkygirl. Your advice and encouragement are invaluable! Thank you!

This story was supposed to be a one-shot, but turns out it will be a short series in 3-4 parts. Rating: T. Enjoy!

Getting lucky

Coming home to Peeta was always the best part of any day for Katniss.

After hours upon hours spent working with people and keeping her customer-friendly smile on at all times, walking over the threshold of their small apartment was a true joy. And smiling because Peeta was already home, making something delicious she could smell all the way from the door, felt so much better than smiling because her manager threatened to lower her pay if she continued to scowl at people.

But that day there were no tell-tale signs of a meal cooking in the kitchen, and instead of the customary clatter of dishes in the sink, she could hear the distant clatter of Peeta typing something. He was still in the t-shirt he usually wore under his apron, and there was a bit of floor on the back of his neck. It looked like he was searching for something, as he kept clicking on different links, his gaze fixed on the screen.  He was obviously very interested in whatever he was doing, considering he didn’t even notice Katniss was already home. Getting behind him quietly, she saw him searching hotels in Paris. “Going somewhere?” she whispered, making him jump right out of his chair.

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For the first time in seemingly forever, children had hope.

Hope because the children believed that they didn’t ever had to be victims again.

Hope because they didn’t like when they were taunted and hit and hurt and starved, “to show them.”

Hope because Little Dan’s clever plot of summoning The Protector had possibly given them a chance of escape.

Dan had come to them after being taken from a playground about a month ago, and his absence in his parents’ life was only meant to produce money for the cult from the ransom they would most likely pay. He’d shown up with eyebrows narrowed in confusion, a tattered shirt, with a funny little star pendant hanging on his neck. And he’d had a name, not a number!

The rest of the children had been bred within the cult itself, raised on the taste of fear and the horrors of never-ending servitude. But from the moment that Dan was teleported into their cult’s small and high-security location (they didn’t know where. The Keeper always refused to tell them when they asked) he had given the children a priceless gift of imagination.

He wove stories out of thin air, stories of lemon-drop houses and places where the walls were made of rain that tickled you when you touched it. Tales that kept the children entranced; stories where happy children bounded through meadows of sugar-canes and grass, sucking lollipops and falling down to laugh and stare at the clouds.

The children had never laughed before. They’d never seen the need to.

Dan’s stories filled the kids with a sort of unfulfilled hunger and desire to see what they’d always been warned to not intrude on: The outside world. They dreamed of these place in which to live, witness, observe, see; where to talk with others listening, to pursue happiness, to find love, to be children.

And that was when Dan stole a paper from The Keeper. One with a summoning circle on it.

They were going to escape, and Dan’s Protector was going to help.

At a time that most of the Bad People were doing something somewhere else, Little Dan slipped out of his cage and unlocked everyone else from their solidarity confinement. The large group adjourned in the tiny center of the first- floor prison, squished together towards the back of the hall in an effort to give Dan space. Rumors and hushed but triumphant whispers bounced from child to child, discussing the radical act The Newbie was about to commit.

Dan mimicked the drawing on the coveted paper; an odd sort of circle with lots of lines and symbols that would be too hard to copy if any of the other children attempted to draw it themselves. But Dan, their hero, could of course; he was unstoppable in the face of any conquering threat.

He used chalk, which the other children had stolen sometimes to draw pictures on the inside of their cell walls. They would receive beatings for stealing and possessing anything relatively nice for a millisecond, but it was worth the long-lasting color on the otherwise gloomy chamber.

The littlest of the children, #618, piped up from the back of the room.

“Little Dan?”


#618 shuffled their feet nervously. “Who is this, ‘Protector’, exactly?”

Dan scratched his head. “I dunno, actually. My daddy and mommy used to sketch this to make someone come in our house that they called ‘The Protector.’ They would draw this circle, put a bit of blood inside,  and chant some funny words- See those at the bottom of the paper? And then weird smoke would rise and a guy who they bowed at would come up and he has a top hat that’s really cool!! But before I got stoled he hadn’t come in two years which made daddy and mommy sad, something about ‘he’s not answering summonings as often anymore’ but when I was in Keeper’s office, I saw a circle and I just knew it was a sign that we’re all gonna be happy and safe real soon, and I’ll see mommy and daddy again and they won’t have to pay the bad guys money! And we can have a extra hotel for everyone and we can all eat pancakes every day- that’s what my mom makes at home- okay now let’s get started!”

#618 frowned, “What did you-”

The rest of the children told him to stop being a butt and if he didn’t shut his piehole he wouldn’t see the sun for another month.

#618 promptly shut up.

The next 20 minutes passed in a blur. The children faded off into a trance, wondering when something interesting would happen. Finally, just as the children were practically bored to death, Dan boomed out in finality, “Alcor!”

And then, just like Dan said, funny smoke rose out of the circle!

The smoke glowed and hissed, snaking between a few wondrous children’s legs. It reached the center of the circle, provided a beautiful beacon of light for the dimly lit area.

It quickly transformed into the shape of a man, with fluffy brown hair and cool eyes! He even had a cool flappy suit with a silly top hat! AND wings!!! He was even better than they imagined!!

Dan squealed. “Protector! I knew you would come for me!!”

The man looked surprised quickly, and then his expression softened into a friendly smile. “Hey there, Dan! Are these your friends?”

Dan turned back to the children, hand cupped over his mouth. In a stage whisper he gasped out, “Mommy told me he knows everything! See, he even knows my name!!”

The children murmured in a susurrus of approval behind him and the summoning circle.

Dan turned back to their savior.

“We wanna get out and away from the bad guys!”

The Protector peered at them inquisitively. “That sounds perfectly fine with me, but where would you want to go?” His voice was powerful but soothing and soft, and it calmed the skeptical children towards the back of the crowd. It was a lullaby of sorts; reassuring, peaceful, and friendly.

Dan looked at the children, then back again. “We wanna be with my parents again!”

The Protector laughed; a kind, thoughtful, chuckle that sounded like mischievous church bells and thunder. “Sounds good to me, kids!”

Cheers and cries of utter jubilation erupted and rang about in the hall. Spurred on by the excitement, Dan seemed ready and prepared for what to do next. He thrust out his hand for The Protector to shake, finalized the miraculous covenant.

Blue fire from the hands of The Protector bathed Dan in a delightful shimmer.

A fanged grin and a flash of drool was all the warning the children needed to sense that something was very, very wrong.

When Dipper came back to himself, he blipped to an unregulated pocket dimension where he had a sense he had been summoned once. 

And he arrived, and gasped.

It was clearly a place for a cult, with hundreds of cells lining the walls up and down, stacked on top of one another. There was a small first-floor hallway or meeting place, littered in viscera, organs, and about 200 bodies; not to mention dried blood that served as a sort of paint for the floor. It had long since been abandoned.

Was this a cult he had ruined?

He examined a severed hand on the floor.

It was not the hand of a cultist. It was the hand of a child. The hand he had shaken. The hand of a certain boy named Daniel Stilton.

Oh my stars.

His non-existent body had begun to shake uncontrollably.

Like a punch in the gut, his omniscience provided a sharp and clear memory, a curse, reminding the scale of just what he had done.

He had done this. This was his fault.

His stomach churned at how he had twisted the kid’s deal. To be reunited with parents. Dead parents. Parents who were members of the Dreamer’s Star, who had hysterically and foolishly summoned him to seek the location of their missing son.

Parents he killed. Parents that were dead.

Ripping, tearing. Biting, gnashing.

Children’s blood on his hands.

Children’s souls in his mouth.

When he lost himself, the only thing protectable was his thirst for blood, death, murder, and fear.

Demons happen to like a twist of meaning.

A Protector, yes?

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Imagine to mix YOI world with real skating world(including yourself), what would be your top 10 best male skaters?

R: In no particular order, Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel, Jason Brown, Yuuri Katsuki, Viktor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, Evgeni Plushenko, and Alexei Yagudin (Those are my favorites at least)

PS: I would pay money to see a Yagudin vs. Georgi faceoff. MONEY. (I know he wasn’t on the list). 

A Nikiforov vs. Plushenko showdown would be spectacular. No, literally this would be the best competition I’ve ever watched. 

i... may be i need for some money rn ?

so… my computer was back… until it wasn’t anymore… To explain myself : my computer has had a problem with the power input in itself, like, it’s inside it, it’s not the cable. so when i power it, it may as well receive power or not and i can’t know if it will work or not and for how long.

So i have to buy a new one as soon as possible… But damn computers are expensive ‘-’

so i wanted to ask you guys : if i were to open commissions, would you be interrested ? 

i don’t want  you to feel like you are forced to pay for content of course, but when my computer dies, it will be kinda harder to update safe again XD

So, you all know how i draw, i was thinking maybe a drawing like this for 10 € ?

and a drawing  with more characters and a little backround for 17€ ?

and for traditional art 23 € ?

And for the subjects :

-no gore kinks, vore, pedophilia, emetophilia etc

-nsfw classic is okay even with a little bdsm, or micro/macro, sentient species intersex, somnophilia, things like that

-sfw is totaly okay, but i’m bad with details… so it will be simple…

-for the characters, i can do anything i think, even ocs, but you have to show how they look first.

-i shall show you how it look and you can refuse it one time if it’s not what you wanted ? so i’ll redraw it once (except for the traditional) and if you still doesn’t like it you only have to pay 1/3 of the price ? (i count on you to not make a fool of me here)

-should i think of comics, line only, etc or is it not worth it ? i think line should be half of the prize maybe ?

What do you think ? i don’t feel legitimate to beg for money here, i’m sorry guys… i never asked for money in exchange of my drawings before, i’m not sure it’s really worth it for you… if nobody is interested, well, maybe i’ll go try to have a loan at the bank ‘-’ (lol), or hey, i can save 50€ per month for… one year and a half and see you then XD. Or maybe if i have good grades to my finals, my parents will kindly buy me a new computer. But i won’t count on it…

So tell me what you think, i think i can do like plenty of 10€ commissions if i found persons with money and who are willing to waste it on my art ! ‘u’

do you think it could work ?

should i make a real commission sheet ?

would any of you pay money to get art from me ?

schnaeffchen  asked:

Honestly, as a writer-director (I'm, right now, doing what you said about calling oneself a writer though never having been published) I'd pay real good money to see your short stories on screen. Like, I'm completely broke, but dude I would get the money to see that. I LOVE them!

Hell yeah! I firmly believe that you have every right to call yourself a writer regardless of publication creds! And also, director! I’m taking a screenwriting class right now and let me tell you this is nothing like I expected, what is even happening

And thank you! I am also broke so I’m sure we could sneak into the theater together, it would be my honor to be your accomplice :D

Being required to inform places about an autism diagnosis

Yesterday I took my two children to one of those places where you wear a harness and climb through an activity course up in the trees. We’ve been to a few of these before, over the years, run by different companies (quick aside to say the best we’ve visited is Jungle Parc in Irchester Country Park - they really cater well for young children with exciting courses for different ages and heights and they’re not too expensive!).

This particular place that we visited yesterday (not Jungle Parc) required me to take part with my children. As usual for any activity of this type I had to fill out and sign a consent form. What was unusual was that the consent form contained a list of some medical conditions they needed to be informed of, this list contained autism. Maybe I’m wrong, but I felt really dismayed about this and my heart sank. I said “I see I’m obliged to tell you that [name] has a diagnosis of autism”. He asked me a bit about it, had to say to me that it put my son at greater risk on the activity, and I had to fill out a separate form stating my son’s name and condition (autism) and signing that I still gave permission for him to take part. This is still bothering me.

It bothers me because my son is fully physically capable, as the staff soon saw and were greatly impressed by his ability on the activities (not because he’s autistic, but because he’s young). Being autistic doesn’t make my son less physically capable. Being autistic doesn’t make my son dangerous to himself or others. Being autistic doesn’t make my son stupid. Being autistic may make it harder for him to take in (understanding is not a problem) the instructions/rules for the activity, depending on how you present it, but that’s easy enough to check and cater for, and his autism actually makes him much more likely to follow and stick to the rules (in my son’s case, who is a real stickler for the rules, he’s likely to point out and instruct others if he sees them breaking the rules).

I can understand places needing to know about heart conditions, pregnancy etc. but autism? If my child would have a problem with the activity I wouldn’t have spent lots of money paying to take him to it, or I would have contacted them in advance to ensure they could cater for his needs. I suppose the argument is that maybe some people wouldn’t, and they need to cover themselves legally and insurance-wise incase something goes wrong, but to me this slightly smacks of a lack of understanding or common sense. I tell places about my son’s autism if I think it’s relevant for them to know, for example a swimming instructor, but not if we’re just going to a soft play area or other casual activity where I will be staying with him. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to announce his autism everywhere we go, or have to sign disclaimers that he’s safe to be there! I suppose I feel like my son has been insulted, his abilities and capabilities questioned, just for having an autism diagnosis. (There are co-occurring conditions e.g. dispraxia which would be relevant to disclose for a highly physical activity, but not everybody with autism has co-occurring conditions and these can exist separately to autism and have their own name.)

This is the first time I have encountered this. How do you feel about it? Am I being oversensitive? In what situations have you been required to reveal your or a family members diagnosis and did you feel it was relevant and reasonable that you had to?

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Headcanons for how the boys would react if a girl they took on a date offered to pay instead of having them treat her? For Akashi, Himuro, Kagami, Aomine, Nijimura, And kasamatsu? Like who would absolutely be like "No, i got this." vs "Okay fair enough" that ever lasting debate of who should pay.

Oh this will be fun - I made these mini scenarios (mostly dialogue so they’re very vague)..I think Akashi’s is my favorite out of them all XD)

Team “No I got This”


HImuro would be the kind of guy who would be very persistent in paying…and would agree to let you pay the next time

“No Himuro, I got this,” you said with a determined look in your eyes

“I insist ____,” he said, as he reached into his back pocket to grab his wallet. “Besides I’m the one who asked you to join me.”


“No buts about it ____. Just let me spoil you today.”

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njsdjakdsaksadk that means so much to me seriously thank you!!! i really want to make a show one day but i think i have a lot left to learn before i get there


So @raiyakun has a really freaking cute pet Little Lance idea (which i would pay money to have as a real game tbh), but I also really want Tamagotchi meets Nintendogs with the lions please, I want to care for my babies, so they can be big and strong for my other babies.

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