i would pay real money to see this

Sugar Allowance - What Form Do You Take It In?


Bank Transfer?

Gift Cards?

Bill Pay?

Pre-Paid Cards?

Square card payment thingy?

What’s really the best method?

I’ve seen this topic pop up a lot but I’ve rarely seen a good answer for it.  Like me, I’m sure many girls out there have wondered numerous times, how the hell do I get an allowance?  More importantly, what about my privacy?

When I first started in the bowl it was cash all the way.  I wasn’t getting very much, typically just pay for play kind of thing and it was around $400-$600 each time.  I didn’t like it and for a while, I stopped sugaring anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Then I met my most recent SD (now previous).  And my allowance was monthly and…substantial.  The first time he gave it to me, we hadn’t worked anything out so it was cash.  And of course, because it was so much, I felt really uncomfortable.  It was a lot of money and I didn’t know what to do with it!  Where do I put it??  Do I deposit this in the bank?  Hell No.  I brushed that off immediately because obviously, I didn’t want to be hounded by the IRS.  Tax fraud, no thank you.  Even though it’s technically considered a gift and I’m pretty sure there are laws out there that mention “mistress” money matters, I’m not that familiar with them to trust putting a large sum in the bank.  

So I did some research.  I didn’t give my SD my real name and kept it that way through our entire relationship - I have a HUGE issue with privacy.  So direct bank transfers and bill pay were out of the question (he’d need all my info for that) - also this goes back to the whole tax thing.  Another thing out because of the sheer amount of my allowance was the gift card method.  No gift cards are worth as much as I was getting monthly and it would be such a hassle for him to have had to buy a new one and load money on to it each month or whatever. So no gift cards.  I looked into the Square cash and Square card reader thing.  The card reader just seemed way too transactional for both my and my SDs taste.  I believe he said the phrase “Guess my Amex really WOULD buy everything.”  Ugh.  And Square Cash deposits right into your bank account.  I looked into seeing if it would deposit to a pre-paid card that’d have no attachment to my name but alas, no such luck.

So I researched pre-paid cards themselves.  I did HEAVY research on prepaid cards.  I’m now like the guru of pre-paid cards.  Which ones hold how much money, how you are able to load each one, which ones carry the highest fees, which ones need your full disclosure, which ones require no info at all.  I’ve boiled it down to a science and this is what I’ve come up with:


This is how we did it:

My SD opened a serve account online and they sent him his personalized card. Having the online account is key here.  You can buy a temp card at the stores but the online account gives you just so many options.  It’s magical.

So, once he opened his account and was sent his card, he opened a “sub” account for me.  All he needed was a name and email address and from my end, I confirm everything and my card is sent out.  Voila.  No, he didn’t need my real name and no, I didn’t need to give any other information besides that.  I made my own account online that he cannot access without my password.  If I change my password, he doesn’t see it.  He can only put money on my card - his sub account card.  It’s that bloody easy.  

Other than being able to use the card just like any other debit card (pay for things as you would a normal card, take cash out of an ATM, etc.) I can also pay bills online.  So things that normally require being paid with a check, I can do that too.  Amex Serve will send places a check when I need them to - I just put my student loan info in online and blam! It sends them a check.  And, best of all, it’s attached to his name, so it looks like he’s making the payments for me.  I’m almost 100% sure there’s no repercussions to someone else making a bill payment for you, you know, tax-wise.  And he didn’t need to know my info.  It is that easy.

So, any sugars out there with big allowances worried about tax things and privacy, look no further than the Amex Serve card.  It has been hugely beneficial to me.  Granted, it takes a few weeks to get both cards set up and sent, but when they are and he’s putting money on your card, it’s heaven.  

Have questions about the whole process?  You know where to find me.

Happy sugaring.  Spend wisely!

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for the ask meme: what is your ideal character arc for lance?

I’m actually not sure! There are so many different ways that it could go tbh.

I guess, if I were to choose how it went, I think…

I’d want Lance to get stranded somewhere, away from the rest of the team. With… Shiro. And I’d want them to have to work together to survive, and find a way back to the team. It’d help build some trust in eachother that I think they really need.

The reason why is 1) I would actually pay real money to see these two interacting one on one more, and 2) I really want to explore the kind of dynamic it sets up. In Escape from Beta Traz, we got to see an example of that. Shiro kinda kept taking out all the sentries and wasnt giving Lance much room to do stuff and we saw the insecurities that started to draw out of Lance…, so I wanna see that kinda situation explored a bit. And like, I want Lance to demonstrate his own leadership skills to Shiro, I want him to take charge of the situation a couple times and bounce ideas off of Shiro for plans and stuff. I want Shiro to, over time, come to realize that Lance…is a lot more capable than he thought! Also, I feel like Shiro would actually be the best person for Lance to open up to about his insecurities, because he looks up to the guy and respects him a whole lot, so any word of advice coming from Shiro, Lance would really take to heart. Not to mention, Shiro is pretty compassionate and would be really understanding! Dad mode would definitely come out and he’d assure Lance that he’s a valued teammate. And maybe after all of this Shiro might reconsider who he’d want to take his place if something happened :P

(Also those theories about Shiro supporting Lance through a possible bisexuality arc??? Please I need this??? Give me Lance like, complaining about Keith being better than him or something which leads to him rambling about how cool and awesome and [cough] attractive Keith is without really noticing and Shiro is just like…..son….pls…….
give me Shiro helping Lance realize his sexuality and helping him own it!!!)

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But what if it's not just Leia screwing up Vader's plans? He talked about her mercy missions, maybe she got in over her head and Vader was in the dog house with Palpy so the Emperor sent Vader to go fish Senator Leia Organa out of whatever she's gotten herself into /this/ time and then they have to fight on the same side while bitching at each other non-stop

Ahahahahaha oh my LORD, teenage Leia and angry, tired, middle-aged Vader forced to fight alongside each other. It would be like if Anakin Skywalker had been sent on a Clone Wars mission WITH HIMSELF, with no Ahsoka or Obi-Wan to save him from himself. I would pay actual real world money to see this. 

This is also extra-funny because it means that Vader’s going on a mission with his own kid on at least one occasion and he has absolutely no clue who she is. Oh Anakin: always quick to catch on. 

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Hiya! So I'm moving to Seoul, and your apartment tour had me sold. I wanted to know how the rate of Higher Key Money = Lower Rent worked? Is it a 50/50 ratio? Could you use some real life examples; also.. my Korean is little to none; so I wanted to know was your contract in Korean? Or how you went about contacting the estate agent. (I've become a little addicted to the app as the time approaches) Final question: how quick was the process from contacting to moving in, how close shall I wait?

The key money/rent ratio isn’t a set percentage number that everyone follows. It actually differs for each apartment. If you were looking at one specific room, for example: maybe it could be rented for 500,000 won a month with a deposit of 5,000,000 won. Or, you could pay 800,000 won a month with a deposit of only 1,000,000 won. Your neighbor may pay less/more rent than you depending on how much key money they put down. If you browse zigbang.com, you could see real life examples of what you can get for your money depending on how much of a deposit you can afford to put down.

About housing contracts, yes, they will be all in Korean. I would advise you to go with a Korean friend that can help translate for you since you want to know exactly what you are signing when you are spending that much money and committing to pay for one year. Or, you could find an English speaking real estate agent just by searching on Google lol. There are many in Seoul that can take you to see different places and help you with the housing contract.

Real estate in Korea moves EXTREMELY quickly. Basically, its tough to get an appointment to even see a place if you’re not moving within a month’s time or sooner. Also, new listings of apartments appear and disappear extremely quickly so don’t get discouraged if you’re 2 months ahead of your move in date and you don’t see any places you like. Keep checking zigbang often to get an idea of what’s available. 

The process from making an appointment to see the apt in person, to moving in, can be within even just a couple of days. All 3 times I moved, I saw each apt and signed the contract the same exact day or the next lol. So, you should contact a real estate agent about a month before you are looking to move or later.

Sorry for not replying sooner, but I wanted to write a more detailed answer haha

i... may be i need for some money rn ?

so… my computer was back… until it wasn’t anymore… To explain myself : my computer has had a problem with the power input in itself, like, it’s inside it, it’s not the cable. so when i power it, it may as well receive power or not and i can’t know if it will work or not and for how long.

So i have to buy a new one as soon as possible… But damn computers are expensive ‘-’

so i wanted to ask you guys : if i were to open commissions, would you be interrested ? 

i don’t want  you to feel like you are forced to pay for content of course, but when my computer dies, it will be kinda harder to update safe again XD

So, you all know how i draw, i was thinking maybe a drawing like this for 10 € ?

and a drawing  with more characters and a little backround for 17€ ?

and for traditional art 23 € ?

And for the subjects :

-no gore kinks, vore, pedophilia, emetophilia etc

-nsfw classic is okay even with a little bdsm, or micro/macro, sentient species intersex, somnophilia, things like that

-sfw is totaly okay, but i’m bad with details… so it will be simple…

-for the characters, i can do anything i think, even ocs, but you have to show how they look first.

-i shall show you how it look and you can refuse it one time if it’s not what you wanted ? so i’ll redraw it once (except for the traditional) and if you still doesn’t like it you only have to pay 1/3 of the price ? (i count on you to not make a fool of me here)

-should i think of comics, line only, etc or is it not worth it ? i think line should be half of the prize maybe ?

What do you think ? i don’t feel legitimate to beg for money here, i’m sorry guys… i never asked for money in exchange of my drawings before, i’m not sure it’s really worth it for you… if nobody is interested, well, maybe i’ll go try to have a loan at the bank ‘-’ (lol), or hey, i can save 50€ per month for… one year and a half and see you then XD. Or maybe if i have good grades to my finals, my parents will kindly buy me a new computer. But i won’t count on it…

So tell me what you think, i think i can do like plenty of 10€ commissions if i found persons with money and who are willing to waste it on my art ! ‘u’

do you think it could work ?

should i make a real commission sheet ?

would any of you pay money to get art from me ?

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Honestly, as a writer-director (I'm, right now, doing what you said about calling oneself a writer though never having been published) I'd pay real good money to see your short stories on screen. Like, I'm completely broke, but dude I would get the money to see that. I LOVE them!

Hell yeah! I firmly believe that you have every right to call yourself a writer regardless of publication creds! And also, director! I’m taking a screenwriting class right now and let me tell you this is nothing like I expected, what is even happening

And thank you! I am also broke so I’m sure we could sneak into the theater together, it would be my honor to be your accomplice :D

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njsdjakdsaksadk that means so much to me seriously thank you!!! i really want to make a show one day but i think i have a lot left to learn before i get there

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How I feel about this character - 

All the people I ship romantically with this character - the concept of beauty

My non-romantic OTP for this character - I like to think that after the war Naesala forms a very close relationship with Oliver’s deep coin-purse, and learns to milk his genuine concern for the herons for funds to help rebuild the bird tribe kingdoms. He’s more of a wealthy benefactor than an actual friend (because literally why else would you endure his company) but hey, at least he isn’t kidnapping anyone now.

My unpopular opinion about this character - don’t really have one

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon. - i’d pay real money to see that scene where reyson punches him in the face rendered as an in-game CG

Self-awareness is a good thing

You know, I’d be half-tempted to take offense to this, but considering the political climate of late, it’s not entirely inaccurate. 

Se this right here? This is what I’m talking about. Kanaya’s grabbing straws here, trying to find validation of anything about the humans. Or, specifically, one particular human… *wiggles eyebrows*

See what I mean? 

Also, good on you, Karkat, for being at least a little self-aware. 

Yeah, Rose would destroy you, Karkat. A wordsmith like her against you? While I’d pay real money to see that battle, it would be over before it began. 

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If you don't mind me asking, who did you vote for in the last general election?

I don’t really see how my political views will benefit you but yeah I don’t mind saying. I think, if I remember rightly, I voted Lib Dem (?) although tbh I feel like UK politics is just a mess and none of the parties really represent what I want for the country. Conservatives are too far up their own arses to see the real world, labour are just a mess and would likely run us into even more debt than we are already in (the NHS is in crisis but a big part to play in this was Labour spending billions of pounds building things that they did not need to/did not have the money to do so and ended up racking up huge bills that we are still currently trying to pay off (with huge interest). They have no outlook past “we will get money” they don’t see where it will be from or the consequences), the Lib Dems have retreated into caves and not been seen since the disaster of the last coalition and all the broken promises, the Greens are on another planet, UKIP just no and the SNP are living in an alternate reality orchestrated by Nicola Sturgeon all about Nicola Sturgen. So yes there is Kitty’s sum up of current politics, oh the world we currently live in….

BTS reaction: you’ve saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

Thank you, and thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would take this as the ultimate sign that you’re the one. You treat his parents like your own. Of course that means that you’re part of the family for real, and he should keep you. 

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He would mainly be surprised, I think. Like, he hadn’t expected you to buy something like that for his parents. Your own parents, sure, but not his. Once the surprise is over, he’d probably ask you why you didn’t mention it to him so he could help you out with the money. 

Originally posted by yoongijae

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He would, like Jin, see this as a kind of sign that you’re a real keeper. But he’d also wonder why you didn’t let him pay like half of it, so you wouldn’t have had to save up so much money. He sort of understood why, but still.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d be quite happy of course. It’s always great to have a s/o who’’s close to your family. But why didn’t you mention it to him? His parents didn’t care much if you bought it all by yourself or not. So the two of you could just have bought it together, so you wouldn’t have to spend so much of your money on it.

Originally posted by raphohoho

Jimin/Park Jimin: 

When did you get that close to his parents? Not that he was complaining. He loved the fact that you liked his parents enough to buy them something like that. If you really thought it was worth it to save up money to buy something expensive for his parents, then he was not going to question that decision.

Originally posted by kookiemonster1997

V/Kim Taehyung: 

Not sure about him actually. On one hand, he probably loves everything that shows that his partner gets along with his family. On the other, he’s said that his ideal type is someone who spends their money wisely (not his exact words, but it was roughly what he meant), so he might not be too fond of the idea of you buying his parents expensive gifts. At least not when he probably makes more money than you. But, since you did save up for it, and it’s something useful, I’ll say that he won’t really care about the money spent, and just see it as something positive.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’s just like Jin. He’ll just see it as a sign that you get along well with his parents and treat them like your own, and that he should definitely try his best to keep you. He might do the same for your parents, to show you that you’re not the only one making an effort in this relationship.

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Picture this, folks. New York. January. Cold like a loveless marriage, the sort that turns around and shivs you just for something to do. Snow gone brown and mushy. Grey sky, and the clouds look like tobacco smoke against it. Probably taste like it too, and piss out bourbon when they rain - the city’s got that kind of feel to it. And me, traipsing through the alley like a damn schmuck on a case that’s locked up tighter than a whorehouse to beggar. I’ve been on this thing for thirty six hours and it’s gone straight to hell with a manic grin and a trail of bodies to mark the way.

Am I being screwed over? Like a choir boy on an altar, but a case is a case. You don’t hire a guy like me if you’ve got an easy one and this is so far from an easy one I may as well get a new passport and emigrate. I’ve had two guys try to drop me and I’m getting fucking sick of being shot at, and the church that was supposed to be my next lead is a pile of smoking rubble with a corpse or two thrown in as a fun freebie to brighten my day. Nothing cheers you up like learning that your kidnapping case went murderous on you. Better than Christmas come eleven months early and leaving a pipe bomb in your stocking, and Santa being a dick who drank the last of the booze and stuck an IOU note to the empty flask.

How did I get myself here? Well. It started with this dame. Scamander, that was the name, friend of Queenie’s sister, something like that - Queenie comes over to my desk all smiles like she couldn’t stick a stiletto through your heart and twist it. Says she has a case for me, says I’ll like this one. Says I should open the window and let some sunlight in the room before I choke on the gloom, but all that would do is swap the smoke from inside for the smog from outside and it’s high quality smoke in my office. I ain’t trading that for the cheap shit they breathe in the street.

“Don’t be shy honey,” she says to the dame. “Graves don’t bite. He talks big, but he’s a real softy on the inside.”

You’re a star, Queenie. A real diamond in the shitpile of life. God only knows why I keep you around.

She ushers the dame in, and I prepare myself for the usual schtick. Been doing this job for long enough now that I know the trope: red dress, killer heels, flashier jewels than a doll their age could afford but the kind of makeup that says exactly where they got the money from. Drop a bit of leg on the desk, bat their eyes and take the sort of drag on their cigarette that a guy would usually pay to see, dump a case on me that no sane detective would ever take.

Joke’s on them; they can lean forwards all they want, but this detective is as bent as politician’s morals. Nice assets darling, but they do exactly squat for me. I take the cases. I solve the cases, because that’s what I do. And then I charge them through the fucking nose for the privilege and drop their pretty jewels off at the pawn shop on my way home. It pays the bills.

So I’m sat there, bracing myself for more of the same, and Queenie steps back as the dame comes through.

I swear my heart took one look and decided to do the fucking charleston against my ribs. One of the routines which is all kicks and flailing like an epileptic flamingo and some idiot shredding a ukulele in the background.

“Take a seat, sweetie,” Queenie says, and I can see on her face that she knows exactly what her new case is doing to me. If I wasn’t so close to cardiac arrest I’d say something about that, but I focus on remembering to breathe instead. “You want anything? Coffee, tea, can I get you a slice of something nice?”

“Whiskey,” I croak out, and Queenie ignores me.

“Oh,” the dame says, and fuck if his voice isn’t liquid honey and ice cream in summer. Fuck. “No, I’m good. I wouldn’t want to be a bother.” He ducks his head and looks up through a curly ginger fringe. Pain starts shooting down my left arm as my heart gives out.

“Don’t be silly,” Queenie scolds. “I’ll get you a tea, you just wait right there.” 

He smiles, all bashful and shy, and I start praying because I’ve lived through a lot in the comedic shitshow that’s my life but this? This is what’s going to kill me.

“So Mr Scamander,” I say in a strangled attempt at a drawl. “I hear you have a case for me?”

He nods, quick and jittery like, and reaches into his pocket for a photo. When he unfolds it it shows some miserable fuck with a haircut not even a mother could love and I swear, this better not be his boyfriend. My life is trouble enough without the inevitable fallout when I steal the guy’s dame from under his nose. Because I will. I’ll feel bad about it, sure, but morals are a luxury I’m miles too broke to afford and opportunities like this don’t come often enough to pass them by.

“This is Credence. He’s my…” He pauses. It’s a long pause, one that drags on too long as he searches for the words, and I can tell you this because I wasn’t breathing during it and my chest was on fucking fire by the time he picked up again. “He’s family. And he’s missing, and I wanted - I was hoping - you think you can find him, Mr Graves?”

And see, you don’t come to a dive like this with a basic missing person’s case like that. My brain’s as pickled as my liver from all the spirits I’ve soaked it in, but I ain’t blind enough not to spot that there’s something more going on here. I shoulda chucked the dame out the window and told him to keep the change for trying to pull a fast one on me, or at the very least grilled him like a flambe steak until he spilled the beans.

He leans forward and bites his lip, big eyes all wide and bad news writ over him like a twenty foot billboard and fuck me sideways with a jazz band.

My will’s in my left shoe and Queenie, the traitor, is inheriting the business and every dime of the debt that comes with it. 

Artemis, the only mirror in the clan, is a vicious ranger and gunslinger. She arrived because she was hunting two specific dragons with a bounty on their head. As much as Toril would love to see Jesse and James fight off the murder puppy, she decided to pay Artemis more money to work for her.

The bounty hunter’s favorite hunting method? Her guns she got specially made for her and her dire hyena she lovingly calls Rat.

A murder pup with a murder pup.

She’s good friends with Angel and Flint, but her eyes are set on swooping Jeanne off of her feet. Sorry, Jesse and James, but your advances are falling on deaf ears.

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I hope those dates for Monsta X are not real because I have no money and my parents won't let me either way. But just knowing that they are in the same city makes me sad because I can't see them.

Welcome to the kpop fandom where money is never enough and our parents always say no xD
No but seriously, I feel your pain anon… like  I made my mom this promise that since I always want to go to concerts I’ll only be able to choose one group… naturally I chose EXO and if I couldn’t pay it she would help a little.. but if I want to go to another concert… it’s all on me. So basically I can only go to EXO because I suck at saving .-.
I hope one day they let you though, even if they go with you.
I met @fanvergent712 at the Exordium and she was with her dad (whom btw is amazing!) so yeah, there are a lot of girls/boys that go with their parents when they don’t want their kids to go/go alone.

Sorry this is about to get real ranty

Like… I make really good money doing what I do. I make enough to pay rent and college on my own without help from others. At the end of the month I have about $50 to spend on myself and this includes eating out. So when I see other people my age who are living off their parents, not working, and spending a lot of money on non-necessities I get really fucking jealous. Like… I would love to be able to have the free time to cosplay, and buy all the video games, and travel everywhere… but I can’t. Even with my super flexible and well paying job I can’t because my parents don’t pay for everything. And I’m just so sick of living month to month with what seems like putting in my all. I’m still wondering if I’ll be able to finish college at this rate and here’s all these other people doing amazing and breezing through life. I hate that I can’t be them.

Just to clarify this isn’t about anyone on tumblr.

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Ok, last one. But I think if Kishi delved into real world relationship aspects I would like to see Kakashi's mentality/opinions because he was so traumatized with his dad's death and teammates. He ended up not having kids or married so I wonder what happened in between. How did all of that affect his relationships (if he even had any) and does he read Icha Icha because he has a reason for not having relationships?

I would pay good money to have access to Kishi’s overview of Kakashi. I believe that canon Kakashi keeps people at arms length due to his childhood trauma and the fact that he is terrified of being attached to someone and having them die or leave. It’s easier on him to be single. However it would be really interesting to see whether or not he did have any relationships throughout the series and how his past trauma affected them as you have said. I also believe he reads Icha Icha (I think they’re steamy romance novels and not actual smut) because he is too scared to commit to someone for the above reasons and the book offers him a small respite from his real life and the anxiety he feels about relationships, friendly or other. Of course all of this is too dark for a series aimed at children/teens so we will probably never know and have to assume forever.