i would pay real money to see this

BTS reaction: you’ve saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

Thank you, and thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would take this as the ultimate sign that you’re the one. You treat his parents like your own. Of course that means that you’re part of the family for real, and he should keep you. 

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He would mainly be surprised, I think. Like, he hadn’t expected you to buy something like that for his parents. Your own parents, sure, but not his. Once the surprise is over, he’d probably ask you why you didn’t mention it to him so he could help you out with the money. 

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He would, like Jin, see this as a kind of sign that you’re a real keeper. But he’d also wonder why you didn’t let him pay like half of it, so you wouldn’t have had to save up so much money. He sort of understood why, but still.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d be quite happy of course. It’s always great to have a s/o who’’s close to your family. But why didn’t you mention it to him? His parents didn’t care much if you bought it all by yourself or not. So the two of you could just have bought it together, so you wouldn’t have to spend so much of your money on it.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

When did you get that close to his parents? Not that he was complaining. He loved the fact that you liked his parents enough to buy them something like that. If you really thought it was worth it to save up money to buy something expensive for his parents, then he was not going to question that decision.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Not sure about him actually. On one hand, he probably loves everything that shows that his partner gets along with his family. On the other, he’s said that his ideal type is someone who spends their money wisely (not his exact words, but it was roughly what he meant), so he might not be too fond of the idea of you buying his parents expensive gifts. At least not when he probably makes more money than you. But, since you did save up for it, and it’s something useful, I’ll say that he won’t really care about the money spent, and just see it as something positive.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’s just like Jin. He’ll just see it as a sign that you get along well with his parents and treat them like your own, and that he should definitely try his best to keep you. He might do the same for your parents, to show you that you’re not the only one making an effort in this relationship.

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About the Mystic Messenger ban...cheating is wrong.

Ok, pardon me but I must say it…
This petition is so disrespectful towards Cheritz. As much as using the cheat itself, in my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their problems and real life issues preventing to join all chats at night or day, me included, but…

People cheating on a game, making the company lose money (yes, the company that brought YOU the game, took the time to translate it in english, probably paying more employers because of it while they could have just released it in Korea seeing that people don’t buy the regular items anyway, they would rather cheat) when they worked so hard on it, and then complaing about being permanently banned?
People at Cheritz don’t work for free, they put their time into making the game for our entertainment, to make us happy.

They had so many problems during the release of Mystic Messenger for Android (even more for IOS), and they gave to all their players TONS of free hourglasses to help us get thought all the bugs/glitches! They released at least 30 fix/updates to give us a better experience, working hard every day, giving updates to the fans via twitter and tumblr. But this probably isn’t enough, people still had the need to cheat.
Imagine how many players received free items. Imagine how much money Cheritz lost just to give us a reward for being patient.

The amount of items they gave us for FREE since the first day of release, was at least worth +25$.

Cheating is ALWAYS WRONG, whatever the reasons could be.

People say “what if I don’t have the money to spend to buy hourglasses?”…well, if you don’t have the money to, I don’t know, buy a dress or get a coffee, what do you do? You just go there and take it anyway because otherwise you couldn’t have it?
That’s what your doing with their in game currency. You’re just taking part in the games for free, when Cheritz decided to have people pay if they missed their chats. It’s their choice, those are their rules, and players should respect them.

You either play as a free to play gamer, otherwise you simply buy the items they give you - it is totally possible to play Mystic Messenger as a free game, even with such strange hours and zero compensations. It just takes time and if you are too busy to play, maybe Mystic Messenger just isn’t for you. This is NOT AN EXCUSE to complain about being banned for cheating and making them lose money they could have obtained for in game purchases.

What if the company just decides to retire from selling games for the western audience, since people always find a way to get themselves free paid stuff? That’s basically what most otome producers are doing. I wouldn’t be happy, at all, to not be able to play their awesome games.

-But hey, I’m sorry. This is just my opinion.-

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omg its the song cover anon wow thank you so much for compiling those moments!! and that was legit my next question WHEN NCT HAS THEIR FIRST CONCERT WHOS IT GOING TO BE FOR? i'd really love all the boys to be able to have their first concert as a whole and do special stages like you said and stand together at the end holding each other's hands after the encore😭 of course we'll never know how many members are REALLY in nct but right now im just thinking of ot15 + kunsol😢

aww no problem!! it was fun to rewatch them ;;; ikr omg im really curious about how sm would go about planning a nct concert?? it’s probably a smarter business decision to have separate unit concerts bc lets be real fans would pay to go to each of them LMAO but tbh i’m also really hoping that the boys do some all together :’)))))) 

i’d pay good money to see them seriously attempt a girl group dance at their concert as well??? @sm put them in dumb dumb outfits and i’d literally fly all the way to korea to experience that moment in person

but i guess a concert isn’t gonna happen any time soon tbh bc exo’s fist concert happened like 2 years after their debut (i think)?? let’s hope that kunsol will have debuted before then ♡

So I’ve been thinking: Han should never have been the parent tasked with bringing Ben/Kylo-Ren back. Ever. Watching the original trilogy leaves no doubt as to which parent was in charge of punishing misdemeanours, and which parent actively helped their little bundle of joy evade said punishments! If it had been Leia going out there to bring her son back, this new trilogy would end probably a lot whole lot faster.

You know shit just got real when your mom uses your full name…

We’ve had the anniversary with 3 Doctors fighting each other about practically everything, but I would pay real money to see Missy and Simm’s Master teaming up, like. First of all it would be hilarious to see the Doctor struggling to contain not one but TWO Masters, and secondly I imagine it as the total opposite of the Doctors meeting each other.

What I think would happen:

  • They would totally check each other out and be massively impressed. “Is that what I look like now?? I’m hot!”
  • Staying up late and talking about 500 different ways to pester planet Earth.
  • Staying up late and talking about boys, i.e. the Doctor. “He is so my boyfriend now” - “Shut up! Really?? I always knew he had a thing for me”
  • More talking about boys, i.e. the Doctor. “He’s Scottish now. I quite like it.” - “No! Really? Not fair!”
  • One of them can cause chaos, two of them cause utter mayhem. The Doctor would have all hands full juggling the both of them while they play as innocent as possible.
  • Both of them flirting with 12 simultaneously and not even 12 is oblivious enough not to see where that is going because the Master is hilariously unsubtle and Missy and him continuously try to outdo each other, resulting in 12 almost refusing to save the planet because he can’t handle all the attention anymore and he just really wants to be left alone.
  • Both of them realising they totally fucked up and got more than they bargained for with their plan and counting on the Doctor to fix it while they try to think of a new way to get his attention.

One thing that kills me about not having a Leverage 6th season is that we don’t get to see any more of the team’s families. Nate’s is pretty well-established, but what about the rest of them? Sophie’s backstory is so tangled up its hard to tell what’s real. I want to see Eliot’s parents — what if his dad was a client, not knowing that his son is on the team? I want to know more about Parker, about the brother she lost and what happened to her between then and Archie, what happened after Archie.

But most importantly, I would pay more money than I can count to meet Hardison’s Nana.

• see I would pay money to see these beautiful creations … if I actually had some 😤😅 .

When Ui goes to karaoke alone, he has a beautiful airy singing voice of an angel. But the real reason he goes alone is because in the middle of some classic Japanese rock song, he will release his stress from working with Arima, Hairu, Sasaki, Kijima and basically every single CCG investigator (except Hirako, bless his soul) by screaming at the top of his lungs without someone calling the police and paying a lot of money for a soundproof room before resuming his angelic singing


“If you can’t respect McFlippity I can’t respect you.” (x)

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I love when random Twitter stories tickle me straight to death.  As someone who had a Razr for much longer than socially acceptable, I feel this so hard, deep down in my soul.  Even today, I’m not interested in paying any more money for anything than I absolutely have to.  Like, my phone plan is about $35 a month because I use Ting + Google Voice.  So like, I can’t do group chats and I can’t always send/receive pics by text, but so?  Is $60 extra a month worth that?  Not to me.  That’s $720 a year when I can easily use Facebook to talk to y’all, and if we tight like that to where we would text all day sending pics anyway, I probably see you in real life and I don’t need to spend $60 to be your friend via SMS.  Let me save my coins, OK?  Y’all know I hate to work as it is.

The best part of Deadpool

Negasonic. Teenage. Warhead.

Oh. My God. 

So I have developed a massive crush on Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Seriously, I would date the fuck outta her. I love her so much. She was great. Deadpool was fantastic too but I think I have a new favourite female superhero. I would pay so much money just to watch 3 hours of her doing things. I may have to go through her tag for a few days hours just to get this out of my system. 

If you know me in real life, get ready for a lot of gushing about Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

(Also, it was nice to see a female teenage superhero who is taken as seriously as everyone else and isn’t sexualized. Deadpool is raunchy as hell but her outfit was practical and she wan’t given a weird older male love interest.)

I’m not a sports fan at all but I’d just like to say I’d pay money, right now, if I could see the England rugby team doing the Hokey Cokey in front of a line of bemused All Blacks.

i thought sausage party was some kind of elaborate shitpost tumblr meme that i missed at its height and so i kept seeing the outdated jokes and posts and i kind of accepted that. that i’d never Understand this ultimate shitpost meme and it would be some kind of tumblr legend like dashcon but i just discovered it’s a real movie that real people made that real people are paying real money to see and so i no longer believe in god