i would not survive a horror movie

horror game asks
  • outlast: would you rather lose your genitals or your fingers?
  • amnesia: something you'd like to forget?
  • silent hill: talk about a memory from your childhood
  • slender: do you believe in any cryptids/urban legends?
  • until dawn: favorite horror movie?
  • alien isolation: do you believe in aliens?
  • five nights at freddy's: the worst job you've ever had/a job you would hate to have
  • left 4 dead: how would you survive a zombie outbreak?
  • the evil within: one thing you like about yourself and one thing you don't like
  • soma: would you live forever if you could?
  • fatal frame: post a selfie
  • lucius: do you believe in god or the devil?
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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (it’s barely there) / Fluff

Words: 2k+

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“Fuck, I can’t watch this anymore!” you whisper exasperatedly, peeking through your fingers at the large cinema screen in front of you, tired of all the jumpscares and loud screeching violins booming out of the speakers. Jungkook chuckles quietly next to you while Yoongi grumbles a ‘shhh’ to you, both their eyes glued onto the screen. You want to get up and leave, but the ghost’s horrific face in the movie is already burned into your memory and you didn’t dare leave the dark cinema alone.

You hated this, the fact that you were forced into watching this movie late at night by Yoongi just because you lost that stupid bet about Jungkook getting a girlfriend.

“Look, that girl just isn’t Jungkook’s type, okay? I mean Lisa’s the complete opposite of him, and she doesn’t even like lamb skewers.” Yoongi snickered at you as you both watch Jungkook and his ‘future’ girlfriend talk about god knows what at the far end table of the dimly lit restaurant, both of you shielded from their view.

“Didn’t you know that opposites attract, Y/N?”

You set your glass down on the table and roll your eyes at Yoongi who’s got a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Okay, wanna bet, then?” You’re pretty confident that Jungkook’s going to ditch the girl, so you decide you’ll play the bet with Yoongi.

You nod at him, “So what happens if you win?”

The corners of his mouth curl upwards slowly as he brings his hands together and leans towards you, making him look almost sinister under the harsh light which falls onto his face. “Watch a horror movie with me and Jungkook, at midnight. And – you can’t back out.”

Your jaw drops slightly at this as you already feel fear slowly arise in your stomach, actually thinking that Yoongi was cruel for doing this. He knows how much you loathe horror movies and how badly it can affect your sleep, once making you skip a day of classes because you couldn’t get any sleep at all.

“Okay,” you sit back against the seat and cross your arms over your chest with a grimace on your face. “If I win, I’ll call you every day for a week and ask Seokjin to tell you a total of ten dad jokes.”

Yoongi groans loudly, “Can’t you think of something worse, Y/N?” he asks desperately, his expression making you hold back a smile.

“I’m pretty sure that this is the worse I can do for you. It’s settled, then?” You glance at Jungkook and Lisa, and it seems that Lisa can’t stop laughing at something he said, the both of them seem much closer and comfortable together than they were before.

Well, shit.

“Jungkook’s gonna get the girl, trust me,” he winks at you.

And he obviously does about a week later, barging into your room where you and Yoongi were both debating about whether zombies could survive without oxygen or not.

So guess what?” Jungkook asks enthusiastically, a grin which showed his bunny teeth etched into his face, definitely bringing good news as he sits down across the both of you. Or maybe just for Yoongi. Seeing him look happy was enough to make you smile, but it quickly falters when you see a triumphant grin take form on Yoongi’s face. The next four words that came out of his mouth made your stomach drop straight to your feet.

“I got a girlfriend!” he exclaims. Yoongi makes his way over to Jungkook to congratulate him, patting his back proudly as you force yourself to appear as happy and enthusiastic as possible in front of Jungkook. You’re happy for him, but you’re upset at what’s about to come and bite your ass.

“Jungkook, that’s great! I’m so happy for you,” you say. Yoongi approaches you and places a warm hand on your shoulder, startling you a little bit.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie to celebrate, yeah? My treat,” Yoongi suggests casually, probably glad that he won the bet and wouldn’t have to listen to Seokjin’s dad jokes seventy times in a week.

“That sounds great, what movie are we watching?”

“The Conjuring 2. At midnight, if that’s okay with you.”

Jungkook glances over at you with a look of concern on his face, “The Conjuring 2? Y/N wouldn’t want to wat-“

“Oh, she does. She’s been raving about it to me the entire month, right, Y/N?”

You grit your teeth hard, “Oh yeah, definitely.”

Jungkook, who’s completely fooled by your acting just breaks out into another happy grin, “Well that’s great then. I’ll see you guys soon!” He gives you a quick hug before he’s out of the door, leaving you and Yoongi alone as you glare at him, wishing lasers would magically come shooting out of your eyes.

Now you’re here, stuck between a complete asshole and a guy who’s completely oblivious to your suffering. You should’ve at least brought a pair of earmuffs so you could block out the intense horrific music, then your hands would be sufficient enough to cover your eyes.

After what seems like an eternity, the movie finally ends and the credits start to roll. You curse every single one of the characters in the movie, especially the main protagonist. The three of you walk out of the cinema and you cling onto Jungkook’s arm the entire time as though it would keep you emotionally grounded and prevent you from going into hysteria.

You feel someone nudge your arm gently, the little gesture itself already making your heart almost leap out of your chest but feel instant relief when you see that its only Yoongi with a shit eating smirk on his face.

“That wasn’t too bad, right? I mean, you survived didn’t you?”

This time, you feel anger wash over your entire body and course through your veins. He knew how much you hated horror movies, yet he made you watch one of the scariest ones over a dumb bet. You would’ve preferred to do anything else besides that, though you couldn’t help but feel that it was your fault for believing that Jungkook and Lisa wouldn’t end up together.

You turn around on your heel and face him, pointing a finger into his chest which wipes the smirk off his face instantly.

You. Because of you, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, or maybe for this entire fucking month because this was the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. Because of you, I’m going to be scared of taking a shower, with the fear that a terrifying face will appear when I open my eyes after I’m done shampooing my hair! Because of you, I’m going to live in constant fear of god knows what following me around and watching me in my sleep!”

Yoongi and Jungkook are both in shock at your sudden outburst, and Yoongi begins to open his mouth to speak but you’re already walking away from the both of them, feeling their eyes bore into your back. Poor Jungkook, he didn’t need to see that.

“I want to go home, now,” you bark at the both of them..

And so fifteen minutes later at three in the morning, you reach your house after a car ride with Jungkook and Yoongi that’s filled with complete, awkward silence. They knew better than to agitate you even more while you’re already fuming, so they kept quiet the entire ride.

You step out of the car and close the door, about to head into your house when Jungkook calls out your name as the car window slides down, revealing Jungkook with a look of utmost concern and sympathy on his fake.

“Will you be okay, Y/N?” he asks?

You glance at Yoongi who’s staring straight into the road with an unreadable expression on his face as he grips the steering wheel hard, a muscle in his jaw twitching.  

You smile reassuringly at Jungkook, leaning into the car window to give him a quick hug.

“I’ll be fine, Kookie. Good night.”

You unlock your front door, instantly switching on the lights when you step inside of the living room. You feel safe with the lights on, so you stick your head outside of the door and wave at Jungkook who signals Yoongi to drive off.

You sneak up the stairs to your bedroom quietly, making sure to not make any noise and risk waking your parents up who’ll start complaining about how late you are. Actually, you wouldn’t really mind their company right now. You finally reach your bedroom, freshen up in the bathroom – which you manage to do successfully as you kept yourself distracted with happy thoughts, and then change into a t-shirt and shorts.

You crawl under the silk covers, making sure that your whole body, especially your feet were covered just in case something decided to yank it from under the bed and pull you to your death.

Here comes the hardest and worst part, trying to sleep.

Your mind is fully awake, trying to convince you that you weren’t alone in the room, making fear constantly present itself unwelcomingly in the back of your mind. The face of the protagonist in the movie is etched into your mind, making you toss and turn in your bed as you try your best to drown out your negative thoughts by reciting your favorite songs and memories in your head.

That’s right, Y/N, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. Think of your two best friends, and how happy you are for Jungkook now that he’s finally got a girlfriend. Think of Yoongi, and how big of an ass-

What was that?

You hear a loud thump against your roof tiles, the sound coming from the window right across your bed.

You feel your stomach clench painfully with fear as your breathing accelerates and the sound of your heart pounding erratically against your chest drowns out the noises of whatever it is that’s lurking outside of your window. You know you should probably hide under the covers even though it only provided a false feeling of protection to you, but you’re frozen in place, your wide eyes attached to your window as you squeeze your pillow tightly to your chest.

Suddenly, a pale hand appears, grasping onto your window ledge as it begins to pull itself into your window, soon a long arm appearing and finally – a body drops onto your bedroom floor with a muffled grunt.

Wait a minute.

Ghosts don’t grunt… right?

You jump out of your bed swiftly and turn the light on.

Laying on the floor across from you – panting and out of breath, was Yoongi.

“Hey, Y/N,” he mumbles as his chest moves up and down, peering up at you from the floor.

You close your eyes for a minute and take deep breaths, giving yourself a moment to gather your composure. It’s just Yoongi, and not anyone or anything else. Get yourself together, Y/N. He’s out of breath, you need to help him.

You walk over to him and help him up, making him sit on your bed, “Stay here, okay? I’ll get some water for you.” You return quickly with a glass of ice cold water and hand it over to him which he gulps down quickly, and then proceeds to sit against the headboard of your bed.

You sit across him and place your hands in your lap, curiosity forming in your mind as to why he was here. “So tell me, Yoongi, why did you decide to climb through my bedroom window and scare the living shit out of me?” you ask.

He places the glass down on the floor, trying his best to not meet your eyes. “I, uh… I felt bad for forcing you into watching the movie so…,” he trails off as a light blush spreads across his cheeks.

Your eyebrows quirk up in surprise at his confession, thinking that he came to terrorize you even more. “You’re here to make me feel better?” you ask.

“Look, I know I was mean to you, Y/N, but I’m here to make up for it. I know the movie was… worse than the other ones you’ve seen, right?”

You nod your head lightly, shivering when the protagonist’s face appears in your mind once again. Yoongi notices you shiver and he’s suddenly right in front of you, pulling you into an embrace which makes your heart stop momentarily, then starts beating furiously against your chest.

Min Yoongi is holding you. In his arms. You can smell the faint scent of caramel popcorn and his favorite coffee that lingers in his t-shirt, and you find yourself leaning into his body, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll never know. All you know is that you find yourself enjoying the scent of him, and the feel of his arms wrapped tightly and comfortingly around your body.

You never thought that Yoongi was the type to comfort you like this, since he never really seemed to care about most things, though you do know that he’s actually a really caring and kind person underneath his constant grim expression and foul moods. Strangely though, you found yourself tolerating him and once you really got to know him, you knew that he only showed his true self to those he trusted – to those he really loved.

“Y/N,” he whispers into your hair, “I’m really sorry.”

You hear his heart beating softly against his chest as you press your ear over his heart, the gentle thumping of his heart beating making you feel even more comfortable than you already were – in his arms.

“It’s okay,” you mumble, “I’m actually glad you’re here, asshole. Even though you scared the living shit out of me.”

You feel his body vibrate lightly beneath yours as he chuckles quietly, his hand beginning to tangle itself in your hair as he brushes through it with his long fingers. “I’ll be here as long as you want me to, okay? If you want me to leave, just let me know.”

He’s here for you. Because he cares about you. You don’t think you could ever possibly turn him down. Not even once.

You look up at him through your eyelashes, only to find him looking down into your eyes tenderly. “I don’t ever want you to leave, Yoongi,” you whisper.

He reaches a hand out tentatively and places it on your flushed cheek as he begins to stroke it gently with his thumb.

And suddenly –

His lips are on yours.

You freeze momentarily, but your lips respond by moving gently against his as you to relish in the softness and delicious taste of his lips while sparks and colorful flashes of fireworks explode inside your head, behind your closed eyes. He places his hand at the nape of your neck and slowly massages the area, sending tingles in all directions over your body. Your body is pressed flush against his, the warmth radiating from his body surrounding you with comfort and coziness, making you feel as though you were slowly being engulfed by bliss – the absolutely wonderful feeling of warmth and love which Yoongi provided you so readily – so easily.

All this time, how could you not have known?

You were in love with him.

And you knew without a doubt – that he was too.

Your lips finally pull apart, and you both take a while to catch your breaths as you press your foreheads against each other, now reveling in the silence in your room.

“Min Yoongi, what does this make us?”

“Y/N,” he whispers with a raspy voice while pressing his lips lightly to your ear, sending shivers down your spine, “we can be whatever the hell you want to be, as long as we’re together.”

A wide grin spread across your cheeks as happiness washes over you knowing that he felt the same way about you as you felt about him. You push him down onto your bed, snuggling up to his chest as he wraps his arms around you, pulling your body tightly to his.

“Mmm,” he coos, “I’m going to love getting used to this, Y/N.”

“Well you won’t get any of this if you make me watch another horror movie, Yoongi. I’ll torture you with Jin’s dad jokes. Forever.

His face morphs into an expression of feign shock, earning a small chuckle from you as you lean down to capture his lips again.

“No more horror movies, I promise.”

anonymous asked:

Could you rate exo on who would be the first-last to survive in a horror movie? Ot12 or ot9, whatever you prefer.

I’ll do ot9 because krislutao cover the entire chaotic alignment spectrum and that doesn’t fair well with horror movies. Anyway so the first to go is my favorite blockhead Yixing. At the first sign something is going wrong, he’d tell everyone that he’ll be the one to fight it and not to worry. And everyone is like “Yixing don’t” and he’s like “Yixing do” and he goes out to 1v1 a full-on demogorgon and it does not go well. Then next would be CBX just as a collective. Hear me out. Baekhyun is a lost cause in any kind of dangerous environment. He really is. His worst enemy would be the stairs before you even get into the haunted house. And because CBX would stick together, Jongdae really isn’t much better. Baekhyun would be hiding under the sink with the others and in his loud Baekhyun voice he’d be like “I hope the awful monster doesn’t find us, here, in our expert hiding location under the sink.” And Jongdae would be on his phone reading a wikiHow page (which he found pinned on pinterest) about how to perform an exorcism and he’s ready to give it a go with full sincerity. And like Min, he has everything he needs to survive. Smarts, stealth, and he can outrun a monster, but his big soft heart would keep him with Disaster Dude 1 & 2, and you can guess what happens to the whole lot of them. Chanyeol would survive a while until his big ole bear legs start a-stomping and the monster is like There He Is. Suho, he would do absolutely EVERYTHING right. When the house is clearly haunted, he’d get the hell out. When the weird doll starts blinking on its own, he’d get the hell out. Then he’d be the one who gets bodied out of nowhere by a clown to jumpscare the audience. Ksoo would make it. Like he just would. Everyone knows he would. Jongin would also make it just by being endearingly aloof at the right times. Like he would bend down to pet a dog at the exact moment the ghost tries to snatch him until all of his wacky shenanigans lead him to safety. Sehun has been safe the whole time. Vogue flew him out to fashion week the day HE brought the ouija board into the dorm to ask what hair color he should try next which started the horror in the first place.


Requested By Anon

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited T’Challa, Steve, Nat.

Y/N: Help!

Y/N: I’m lost!

Steve: Where are you?!


T’Challa: Can you describe your surroundings?

Y/N: Trees. Trees. TREES. I’m in a forest!

Nat: Oh this is bad.




Steve: Calm down!


T’Challa: Take a deep breath in. Out. Focus on your surroundings. I need you to stay alert. You will be fine. We will track your phone and come get you but until then, I need you to just stay where you are.

Y/N: Okay. Thank you, T’Challa. It’s getting dark though! Please hurry!

Steve: I’m glad you came to us for help.

Y/N: Well Bruce is on vacation… Sam and Bucky would probably get lost trying to find me, Thor would get way too upset and freak out and Tony well, he’d never let me hear the end of this. Plus, you three are the most responsible.

Nat: Care to explain how you ended up lost in the middle of nowhere?

Y/N: Clint suggested we go camping. Take a break. Relax. Enjoy nature. Do some stargazing. BUT NOW I’M GOING TO DIE! I, AN AVENGER, DEFEATED BY NATURE!

Nat: This is Clint’s fault?!

Y/N: I mean, partially… Don’t get mad at him, Nat!

Nat: He should have been watching over you!

T’Challa: Where is Clint now? How did you get lost?

Y/N: The twins went to get some wood for the fire while Peter and I set up the tents. Clint climbed up a tree to view the sunset, I think. He didn’t explain. I saw this really cute rabbit and I wanted to take a picture of it to show Thor when we got back. But I wandered too far from camp! Everything looks the same out here! I tried going back but it turns out I just went further away.

T’Challa: Are you sure he wasn’t building a nest in the tree?

Steve: He took the twins and Peter too?!

Y/N: For family bonding!


Steve: He should have told us about this trip! This is very irresponsible of him. He should have asked me or Tasha to come with!

Y/N: Video of Clint talking: “Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat will not be joining - CAN IT PETER, WE ARE A FAMILY!  I, uncle Clint - PETER I KNOW WE’RE NOT RELATED! No Pietro, this does not mean Vision is now Wanda’s cousin or brother. No, Pietro, this doesn’t make us Lannister’s now. Can I continue?! It’s time for some good ole family bonding with you youngsters. Stop calling me an old man, Pietro! We haven’t spent any time together. No, Y/N, I’m not going crazy. Oh, yes, Nat and Steve are not here because they’d just go on and on about safety and what not and just be really boring. PIETRO STOP EATING ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS!”

Y/N: That’s why.

T’Challa: Why did you record that?

Y/N: I sent it to Tony and he remixed it into a song. It’s very catchy. I’ll send it to you.




Nat: I’M THE COOL AUNT HERE, OKAY. YOU’RE THE RESPONSIBLE UNCLE. SAM IS THE FUN UNCLE.TONY IS THE DRUNK AUNT! BRUCE IS THE SWEET GRANDMA AND BUCKY IS… The estranged relative that nobody knew about that suddenly showed up one day.  Wait, I’m getting too into this. I sound like Clint!

Steve: I’m the fun uncle…

Y/N: Have any of you watched the blair witch project…?

T’Challa: I watched it with Shuri.

Y/N: I FEEL LIKE I’M IN THAT MOVIE PLEASE HURRY! If I survive this, we should watch some more horror movies.

T’Challa: I am sure Shuri would like that.

Steve: May I join too?

Nat: Now is not the time to be making plans! But count me in.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Y/N, where are you?!

Clint: We’ve been looking all over for you!

T’Challa: Have you finally come down from your nest?


Clint: … Clint? Who’s Clint? I’m not Clint. Uh. My name is Clintina. How did I get here? Wrong chat.

Y/N: I hear footsteps!


Clint: See, I knew Steve doesn’t like fun!

Clint: Pietro is hardly innocent!

Y/N: I think I’m being followed…

T’Challa: He’s fine with it, just not with you being in charge.

Steve: EXACTLY! NOW Y/N IS LOST! My precious Y/N!

Y/N: I can’t see who, or what, it is but someone’s out here with me.



Y/N: I’m not alone!

Nat: When we get there, Clint, you better hide in your tree!

Y/N: I can just see a figure among the trees.

Clint: Oh come on, Tasha! At least I didn’t bring Tony with!

Y/N: Guys I’m really scared, it’s watching me.

Steve: It would have been better with Tony!

Clint: You take that back!

Y/N: Wait it’s getting closer.

T’Challa: Now is hardly the time for fighting!

Nat: Clint are you even with the twins and Peter?!

Y/N: It’s really, really, really dark! I can’t see, the light from my phone isn’t helping!

Clint: No, we split up to find Y/N!

Y/N: Whatever that thing is, it’s chasing me now! I can’t make out what it is, it’s moving too fast!



Y/N has been disconnected.

Steve: Y/N? OH NO NOT MY Y/N!

Nat: By fighting we didn’t notice Y/N was in danger! MY LITTLE ANGEL IS FACING THE UNKNOWN AND IT’S YOUR FAULT, CLINT!

Clint: OH MY GOD Y/N! MY ACTIONS HAVE KILLED HER! Thor is going to strike me with lightning! And Bucky will throw me off a building!

T’Challa: When I get there, I am kicking you in the face.

Clint: You’ve done it before, I’m ready. I deserve it.


Steve: We trained her ourselves… She can’t be dead… No…


Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: I heard screaming! I think it was Y/N!

T’Challa: You’re nearby her then!

Steve: I want to tell you to go after her but I’m scared something will happen to you too! WHAT DO I DO?! I’M THE CAPTAIN. WHAT ORDERS DO I GIVE YOU?!

Peter: I’m already making my way towards her.

Nat: Peter be careful! We don’t know what has her!

Peter: I think I see her!

Peter: Wait… It’s not her…

Peter has been disconnected.

Clint: What will I tell Tony?!

Nat: I just got him a gift! He was doing so well with training…

Steve: They have to be alive.


Steve has left the chat.

Wanda has joined the chat.

Wanda: I’ve lost Pietro! And I heard more screaming, it was high pitched so I think it could have been Y/N.

Clint: That was me. I am distraught.

Nat: Wanda, go back to camp and wait there!

Wanda: Wait, I found Y/N’s phone! And Peter’s! They must be nearby.

T’Challa: Don’t go any further!

Wanda: I can find them, I know it!

Wanda: I see someone; it must be one of them!

Wanda has been disconnected.

Nat: Oh god no…

Clint: There’s water on my face, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s not raining.

Clint: Wait, it’s my tears. Never mind.

Nat: How will we stop whatever it is?!

Clint: This is all my fault.

Clint: I’m going to make this right.


T’Challa: Clint, you fool! It’s a suicide mission!

Clint has left the chat.

T’Challa has added Thor, Tony, Sam, Bucky, Vision.

T’Challa: Thor, Vision, we need you to fly ahead and find them.


Vision: I will save you, Wanda!

Thor: And the others.

Vision: Yes, them too, of course…

Thor: And then when they are rescued, I shall strike Clint with lightning. He’ll survive… I think.

Thor has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony: This is a joke, right?

Tony: Some heartless prank?

Sam: I think Bucky is crying…


Sam: You’re heartless! I’m crying. Who is going to train with me now? Who will watch silly movies with me? Who will send me memes?  Y/N is gone! Peter is gone! Wanda is gone!


Tony: No! We don’t know that! They must be alive…  What will I tell Peter’s aunt?!

Nat: We should have brought Bruce with us…

Pietro has joined the chat.


Nat: Run, Pietro! We don’t call you sonic for nothing!

Pietro: Tell Thor it’s me! He’s going to kill me if he doesn’t stop this!

Tony: Wait, why is Thor attacking you?!

Pietro:  When Y/N went missing, I found her in less than a minute. It wasn’t hard with my speed. After that I decided to scare her. I pretended to be something else and when I caught her, I just sped her off to the nearest town. She is fine but very angry with me. I did the same to Peter and Wanda. They are all safe and warm in a diner, I ordered them their favorite meals. I thought it would be funny to scare them. Peter screamed like a little girl. They were all so terrified! I came back for Clint but Thor appeared!

Tony: Changing course. I hope the diner has parking space for the quinjet.

Pietro: No, please! Stop Thor!

T’Challa: You deserve this.

Bucky: Why can’t you speed off?

Pietro: Vision has managed to catch me! Thor is so angry.

Sam: You made me mourn them. I will not mourn you.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: They must have been terrified. I just want to hug them now.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I am disappointed in you, Pietro.

Nat has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Pietro: It was just a prank…

Pietro has left the chat.

Clint has joined the chat.




Clint: Oh, the lightning is for Pietro. HAHA THAT PUNK DESERVES IT!




Clint has left the chat.

Jesus Christ.

NPR just told me that Betsy Devos’s response to campus sexual assault is to meet with men’s rights activists.

We were told we would not survive this presidency, but let me know how I can help you.

  • so I watched Annabelle for the first time yesterday and I went in all excited cause it was hyped up to be great and I love the Conjuring movies but holy shit:
    • Okay so right off the bat, they open and close the movie with scenes about the Actual Annabelle Case, but then create a fictional plot around the doll??? What??? Why???
    • “Their daughter ran away two years ago so we aren’t allowed to talk about my pregnancy”
    • As someone who used to have an impressive collection of porcelain dolls…the are usually not that creepy holy shit. I’ve only seen one creepy porcelain doll in my life, and it’s in my kitchen as we speak. Still not as overly-dramatic as they made the Annabelle doll. In the actual, real life case, the doll was a Raggedy Anne, and frankly? That would have been creepier to use? Something so iconically innocent? This was just trying too hard.
    • Satanists breaking into the house, that’s a very common and relatable problem
    • The dramatic drop of blood from the girl’s neck onto the doll’s face, the Satanic symbol smeared in blood… 5 Edgy 9 Me
    • Okay you wanna know what the God damn scariest part of this movie was???? When the doctor firmly puts her on bed rest, and then she just continues to walk around and work and do her job normally???? Are you lost on the concept of bed rest???? She’s out here hearing noises and shit and I’m just screaming at my tv “WHY WONT YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY???” bitch literally got stabbed in the stomach and thinks she can walk around like nothing’s wrong BYE
    • I was ranting about that literally all night
    • She tells her husband she wants to get rid of the doll, which is understandable, but then he just??? Throws it in the garbage???? Like 1) We know they’re having money troubles and 2) We know the doll was really expensive. Pawn it, you dumbass. You don’t have to tell the buyers a cult member held it in their arms after she slit her throat! That’s not information that needs to come up! This couple is just flat out exasperating.
    • All the zoom-in shots of her fingers at the sewing machine were 100% more nerve racking than anything else that happened in this damn film
    How the fuck did she not smell that fire
    • h o w

    • So this chick gets stabbed in her uterus and then falls on her stomach while inhaling smoke and you want me to believe this baby came out 100% fine?? K.
    • Why was their apartment literally bigger than their house had been
    • You know when I met John Zaffis and he was complaining that when every true ghost case his name is remotely attached to gets turned into a movie they never make a fictionalized version of him in the film but instead add in a priest that just looks like him, I thought it had to be an exaggeration…but they…they really did just create a priest and cast a guy that looks like him…why is this a curse he must bear…I don’t understand…Just put the man in your movies…
    • Literally what the hell was up with the kids on the steps did we ever get a full explanation for that????
    • Bookshop lady sees random woman outside, decides to run out and give her a free book for literally no God damn reason. more at six.
    • Okay so the doll somehow followed them to the apartment and that wasn’t a paranormal giveaway??? John, Mia, come on.
    • And okay I can respect her wanting to keep it and all but why would she put it in her fucking baby’s room are you kidding me. What sense does that make.
    • John was a Good Husband and I respect him but that boy was an idiot; Mia was a complete dumbass most of the film. So it was very hard for me to feel sympathetic towards them for most of the events??? idk
    • The ghost apparently couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to be seen as 7-year old Annabelle, Adult Annabelle, or an Actual Demon…calm down? I get spirits like being dramatic but we need some consistency I’m sorry
    • Literally what the fuck was going on in that basement scene. Like…what
    • “You won’t mind if I just keep this one for myself then…” Um no Mia he should mind??? That’s a Literal Crime Scene Photo??? It’s evidence for the case??? You can’t just take it jfc
    • And the thing is??? She took that picture because she wanted to research the Satanic Symbol, but like??? We never actually did find out what that symbol stood for????
    • Local Woman Is Shown To Be Suicidal In The Past So We Won’t Feel As Bad When She Sacrifices Herself Later. More at six.
    • This doll just kept…deteriorating throughout the entire movie??? Like she collects porcelain dolls you’d think she be able to do something about that
    • Local Woman Figures Out Doll Is Possessed, Still Keeps It Right Over Her Baby’s Crib For A Bit. more at six.
    • When the John Zaffis Priest™ offered to take the doll I was just like…My dude. My dude. No.
    • Like FIRST OFF if anything fucking bless the doll and the apartment before you leave??? Come on??? You know this is a serious enough situation that you wanna call the Warren’s in but you’re not gonna actively do anything about it until morning? Bye.
    • “MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL” calm down, Satan.
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *literally sees the ghost/demon of a girl who used to belong to his church standing a few feet behind him*
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *decides that’s not his damn business and tries to enter the church and ignore it*
    • I was so pleasantly surprised he survived that honestly
    • Remember kids: If demons need your consent to steal your souls, than you need consent to have sex. Don’t be worse than demons.
    • That whole scene where the baby was screaming but you can’t find her??? We get it, you’ve seen Poltergeist.
    • Ooooh girl when she was bashing Annabelle’s head into the crib and then threw her on the ground- I was waiting for a shot where we find out that had actually been her baby. They fucking let me down there. That would off been a great scene (fucked up, but it is a horror movie after all)
    • Dramatic Scenes Of The Husband Running Home. Will He Get There In Time? More at six.
    • Why do they have to hold the doll as they kill themselves
    • I like how both women were immediately ready to die for the baby but the man was just like “why don’t we all take a breather and discuss this further over coffee” while a demon is wrecking havoc in the room around him
    • Local Woman Believes Her Greater Purpose In Life Is To Kill Herself So A Baby Will Live, more at RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM PISSED ABOUT THAT FUCKING SCENE
    • Like if you wanna ignore everything but the base of it- Evelyn was only suicidal in the first place because she wanted to see her daughter again. Something tells me if your soul is sacrificed to Satan you WONT BE SEEING YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER AGAIN
    • W H Y
    • U G H
    • And then the doll just ~mysteriously moves away from the crime scene alone~ and ends up in a fucking antique shop okay
    • Why did it take like a full year for John Zaffis Priest™ to get that picture of Mia and the baby developed for them
    • About 20 minutes after suffering through this film I found myself in a parking lot of a TGI Friday’s and got jump-scared by an old man in a car staring at me and I experienced more true terror in that one moment than I did during the entirety of this shit film
    • Overall: Waste of time and I feel lied to 3/10 do not recommend unless you’re really easy to scare

one time i broke into this derelict psychiatric facility on the outskirts of the city cus it was about to be demolished and i wanted to take pics, and when i was walking along the top floor corridor one of the doors rattled. it fucking rattled and from behind it came this weird scraping, dragging noise accompanied by a faint “hoo hoo……hooo hoo”

now normally i wouldn’t fuck around w that shit, but i did really want to see a bona fide ghost. i mean, it’d make a good story, right? so i grabbed a broken chair leg from the main ward and i kicked the door open while screaming and it was a fuckING PIGEON i’ve never felt so foolish in all my life and anyway that’s why i would survive a horror movie and i would 100% fight freddy krueger whenever he would like.

okay so in the wake of horror films full of shitty representation of disability/mental illness I figured that I ought to try and make a list of horror films that deal with disability or mental illness in a slightly less terrible way and/or are personally meaningful to me as a disabled (autistic) madwoman (if I tried to list my disorders, we’d be here a while.)

keep in mind that these are movies I’ve seen that I found meaningful, I don’t want anybody to be like “oh yes these are all Unambiguously Good” because what’s a coping mechanism for me might be a hurtful thing to someone else. that being said.

  • Lights Out (2016) - this one is kind of iffy in the sense that some mad people I know kind of hate it? also tw for suicide. so take it with a grain of salt, because I can’t tell if the director was trying to do a good thing or a bad thing so it’s somewhere in the middle and really your opinion of the film will probably be dependent on (a. your attitude towards medication (b. your attitude towards why people commit suicide. but I loved it and here’s why: visible self-harm scars on our protagonist, her mother taking her meds is an act of heroism, mental illness is unquestionably a bad thing and is part of the monster they fight, institutionalization is just something that happens to people and the patients aren’t Terrifying or Awful they’re real human beings. my depressed friend and I went to see it together and we both loved it. but again. tw for suicide.
  • The Babadook - this is one that everybody knows about but okay I’ll mention it here
  • Gaslight (1944) - manipulative men are terrible, Ingrid Bergman is hot, and she has a fucking AMAZING scene at the end of the film. This is a film adaptation of the play that originated the term “gaslighting”; as such, there is a lot of gaslighting in the play. Hard to watch but worth it imo.
  • Wait Until Dark (1967) - Audrey Hepburn plays a young blind woman named Susy who survives the final battle against her would-be murderer by destroying all the sources of light in her house so that she’ll have the upper hand (since she knows where everything is and doesn’t need to see to navigate). I saw this one once years ago so if there are bad things about it I don’t remember please don’t come after me.
  • not a horror film but I’m adding Terminator 2: Judgment Day to this list, because fuck it I’m claiming Sarah Connor for us mad girls and she kicks ASS in this movie despite clearly Not Being Okay
  • Stranger Things also has a major character who is disabled and another major character who’s mentally ill and while it’s not always the best representation for us mad girls I know of two people who have identified pretty heavily with Joyce. So I’m including this.

also I haven’t seen Hush (2016) but I’ve heard some favorable reviews - the protagonist is deaf, and she survives and defeats the man who tried to kill her. With a corkscrew.

I’ll reblog as I remember/come across more - reblog with your own recommendations!!

anonymous asked:

Could you pleeeeease write a prompt about trans!Nico getting his period where Will is just his lovely supportive self <3 <3 <3

hello yes I am alive (and so is trans nico)

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Nico mumbled into the phone, but he didn’t even sound convincing to his own ears. He went through this every month, you’d think by now he’d know how to handle himself and comfort himself, but no. He was still just as bad at this five years later as he was the very first time he had ever gotten his period. He was reduced to a moaning bundle of blankets confined to his bed, unable to get up to simply even make himself a cup of tea. Nope, Nico turned into a rather pathetic sushi roll for a week, pulling himself out of bed just long enough to get himself to class.

“Nico, babe,” there was a shuffling sound on the other side of the phone, and Nico knew Will was probably already at the grocery store, stocking up on food for Nico’s unsustainable cravings that they both knew where coming soon. “You go through a shit-storm of bleeding for a week every month. Satan is literally trying to claw out of hell through your ovaries,” Nico couldn’t help but laugh at that, which in turn made Will laugh too. “Let me be the loving, supportive, best boyfriend in the world and buy you the saltiest pickles known to mankind that make me shudder just thinking about the cholesterol, and the sweetest chocolate ever engineered that makes me fear for your teeth, okay?” Nico knew he couldn’t really argue with Will, well, he could, but he didn’t really want to.

“Okay. Don’t forget the pads.” Nico spoke quietly, though he wasn’t sure who he was trying to keep from hearing. There was no one around to hear him, and it wasn’t like Will was walking around Walmart with his speaker on. Nico was still just a little shy about the whole ordeal, even after all this time.

“I never forget the pads.” Nico could practically hear the smirk on Will’s face and he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes.

“You forgot them that one time we were in Hilton Head and we had to go-”

“Shhhhh,” Will cut Nico off, and this time, Nico did roll his eyes. “We don’t talk about that. Though that was a really great vacation once I found that medicine for you.” Nico could remember himself getting sunburnt and catching the flu while they were on the island. He wasn’t sure how that was classified as a “great vacation” to Will.

“Don’t take too much longer.” Nico let out around a sigh, pressing his free hand that wasn’t holding the phone against his stomach. “I want those pickles.” Will laughed from the other side of the phone again and Nico felt himself relax some. He would survive until Will got home. He wouldn’t like it, but he could make it until Will got back with the pads and pickles and chocolate, and whatever else Will deemed necessary that Nico have. He was probably going to come back with another blanket. Both Will and Nico were blanket hoarders, and it quickly became a problem with both of them buying more blankets than they could ever possibly need.

“I’ll be home soon, and then we can cuddle and watch that terrifying horror movie that you love so much for some unknown reason.” Nico smiled and closed his eyes, wishing Will were already back with Nico and holding him, if only to help keep the cramps at bay with his warm hands. Will hung up the phone and Nico was resigned to waiting until Will got home.

The strange thing that Will brought home that he thought Nico needed this time? A jar of pepperoncini peppers.

so I got zero writing done last week
just like I planned

Mistake #1 (Kim Namjoon)

Originally posted by yoonseok

“Are you fucking with me?”


Word Count: 842

Request: A namjoon scenario where reader and nj got to a thrift store and he buys an old doll to prove it’s not haunted but plot twist, turns out it is.

Genre: Crack, comedy, fluff, horror???not really lol

Warnings: Swearing Idk about any of you but when I get scared I swear so much it’s not even funny


This was honestly such a good prompt and I loved writing this. I NEVER watch horror movies because they scare me so bad and my sleep habits already suck. Idk if this sucks or not but I really hope you like it anon!

“Y/N you are full of shit if you think that the doll from Annabelle is going to come haunt you.”

“Who are you to be talking?! You screamed for a while after we watched Friday the 13th!”

“That was you.”

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Scared Silly

Originally posted by j-cypher

Having a night in with Hoseok is a rare treat. He would love to spend as much time with you as he could but with the growing success of the group and the near constant demand of his time, nights in are not something that he can oblige very often. But when he can, he makes sure to go all out.

The coffee table is nearly overflowing with treats (most of which are your favorites), there’s a list of movies you’ve both been dying to see already waiting in the Netflix queue, and you’ve both turned off and hidden your cellphones. The night holds nothing but promise and you’re certain that, even if something does go wrong, it’ll still be a nicer night than the ones you spend without Hoseok.

This certainty, however, goes down the drain the moment Hoseok starts flipping through the list of movies.

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nerdyroses  asked:

oOHH!! how about the loser's club in scream hcs? who would be who and play who? (of course, no one murders eachother,, but it'd all be a prank?) who would be the final person??

(Interesting, like imagine the group going to one of those murder mysteries places but it’s Scream themed. It was Richie’s idea! And one of them has to play the killer.)

~Ok so Richie is for sure the Randy character. He is trying to take everything lightly and doing his best to make everyone feel better. But he’s listing off every horror movie cliche and trying to inform everyone on the strategy’s to survive. 

~”I’m just saying, virgin’s die, Eds! Classic horror cliche so….we can fix that!”

~ Eddie is the Dewy character, kind of just bopping around but doing his best to protect his friends because he’s their unofficial mother. The way he acts, you almost sort of think he might either die or be the killer. Seriously all the Loser’s are suspicious of him at some point. 

~”How do you know my dimwitted inexperience isn’t merely a subtle form of manipulation, used to lower people’s expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to effectively maneuver within any given situation?“ (Dewy quote)

~Bev is the Sydney. Cause she’s a frickin’ fighter. She literally just can’t be killed. She’s tough as shit. She’s always outsmarting the killer here, there and everywhere. She is always one step ahead. 

“Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door.  It’s insulting.” (Sydney quote.)

~Stan isn’t an exact Scream character but you know this boy is loving raising suspicion in his friends that he’s the killer. Nobody is sure though. He’s super smart and Richie keeps pointing his finger at him every 5 seconds. Stan loves it. And everyone is sure it’s him when Richie ‘dies’ (Richie is just sad cause he can’t play anymore.)

~”What do I have to do to prove to you that I’m not a killer?”

~Bill is the only one no suspects cause they all love him. Bill is doing his best to protect his friends and is not so subtlety enjoying trying to be Sherlock Holmes. He is like Fred from Scooby-Doo. But he’s also paranoid af. He can not make up his mind.


~Mike is a smart boy. You can count on the fact that before the game is over, he figures the whole thing out. He basically follows Bill around, telling him to calm himself and look at the facts. 

~”Bill, You can calm down I know it’s-”

~Ben can’t even be the pretend killer cause this boy can’t even pretend to kill his friends. He does eventually get ‘killed’ (but not after this boy puts up a good fight) and has to sit outside with Richie. 

~”I’m sorry if my traumatised life is an inconvenience to your perfect existence!” (Scream)

~ So who is the killer??????

Below the cut are ideas for 1x1 and small group plots. I love horror movies, and I know a lot of people in the roleplay community do too, so I thought I would make a little guide with movies I though would make for good roleplay plots. This could potentially become a series, so if you want to suggest horror movies to me don’t hesitate! I have provided links to all the movies’ IMDb pages as well. Enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Omg I'm watching john wick 2 and John wick always shoots everyone at least twice like he always confirms that kill and I love that attention to detail

he’s valid and he would survive in a horror movie


This is my list of the 10 most evil villains ever created. I did not put any horror movie villains in the list because they would have taken up the entire thing. These guys are on here because they are the worst of the worst they’ll kill you with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. I decided on these characters by asking myself if I were locked in a room with them would I survive? The answer was no to all 10 of these badboys, if you were locked in a room with any of them, you would die screaming. They lack any redeeming qualities or humanity and they revel in it that is why these are the 10 most evil villains ever.  

Looloo’s Horror Rec List!

Tagging @eatingcroutons​, @monstermonstre​ as requested <3.

SO. I apologise for how long this list took, but as it turns out, I have watched a slightly silly number of horror movies, and with it being such a varied genre, I didn’t want to accidentally rec a bunch of things people would end up hating or spoil the heck out of them during the reccing process, so. But it’s finished now, and I intend to try and keep it up to date as time goes by and I encounter more horror flicks worth watching. I’m also going to stick a little italicised bit after any movies I remember having potentially squicky/triggery stuff in for people who are okay with horror but not That Kind Of Horror.

Behind a cut because this is Quite A Lot Of Movies My Dudes.

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anonymous asked:

hi! seeing as The Evil Within 2 (its a horror survival game!) is being released soon, how would prompto react to a girlfriend who really loves horror and scary monsters?

You and I speak the same language dearie because I absolutely love horror!

  • When Prompto discovers you’re into horror, his admiration for you has increased even higher.
  • He thinks you’re so cool to be into horror and he wants to partake in it whether it be movie nights or game nights.
  • Because to Prompto this will mean his bond with you will grow deeper.
  • The first movie night was not easy. Prompto would get startled easily due to jump scares and poor sunshine tries to toughen it out for you.
  • You noticed his struggle so you discreetly put in a classic horror film from the Universal Monsters collection.
  • Slowly you build it up for him so he won’t be as startled as he did before.
  • So you began introducing him to films by Alfred Hitchcock, film adaptions based on the novels by Stephen King, space horror, and 70s-80s slasher films.
  • Over time he won’t be startled as easily as he did before and he’ll come to appreciate the different sub-genres that it has.
  • By the way it’s becoming an inside joke between the two of you whenever he quotes, “They’re all going to laugh at you!” at random times.
  • He is a supportive boyfriend, he’ll buy you figures of your favorite horror characters, books from your favorite sub-genres, tickets to special screenings, even pre-order some games he’ll know you’d like.
  • When it comes to horror games, the two of you have a habit of playing “Night Trap” over the other horror games. There’s something cheesy and lovable about this game even though it’s no where close to horror.
  • Another inside joke between the two of you is Prompto impersonating how the Augers walk.
  • He will also be the first one to insist on doing couples costume based on horror films such as Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride of Frankenstein, Jack and Wendy Torrance, and Carrie White and Tommy Ross (Can you imagine Prompto rocking a perm)

Sharon Carter October Appreciation Day Suggestion

As all of us know, Sharon Carter Appreciation Day happens the 13th of every month. Well, October’s 13th is on a Friday, aka “Friday the Thirteenth.”

My proposal is that because it’s Halloween Month, and the stigma based around Friday the Thirteenth, that we should do a Halloween/Horror Sharon Carter Appreciation Day.


  • What would Sharon had done if she was in Elm Street/Friday the 13th/Scream (movies or show)/Scary Movie (if you want to do a crack fanmedia)/Alien/Night of the Living Dead/etc. ?
    • or create our own horrific universe and how would she survive in it?
  • Normal Halloween fanmedia: trick-or-treat, costume parties, costume contest, couple costumes?
  • Maybe Sharon is the horror villain in the fanmedia (i mean haters are probably gonna do that anyway, so why not make take the fun from them?)

Just get into the Halloween spirit!! (Posting this in September so yall have time to work on fanfics if yall wanna do this!!)

rxdgers  asked:

yo yo yo I don't know if you've done this one before but,, dating pre-death Kyle Spencer would include??

- Shitty movie marathons
- Lots of video game competitions
- Comics
- His hand on your waist constantly
- His frat brothers teasing you two
- Him telling them to shut up and fuck their left hand, before kissing you pointedly
- Bad cooking
- Oh my god so much bad cooking
- Abandoning the mess you’ve made in the kitchen and ordering Chinese food
- Kyle eats a lot of Chinese food because he’s used to surviving on pot noodle
- Horror movies at 2am leaving both of you too scared to sleep
- Abandoning parties to go home and cuddle instead
- He would buy you random little gifts (most of them are funny trinkets but you keep them all)
- He’s an absolute babe all the time
- You only fought once and it was because he spent some of his savings getting you a birthday present
- He would never let anyone give you any bullshit
- He would never take any bullshit either
- Midnight feasts because he is a child
- Both of you fangirling over Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Quicksilver ( ;^)))) )
- Him being the most respectful, classy, altogether nice guy when he meets your parents
- Then you two have wild sex
- Because he insists the risk makes it more fun