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“Simple Things”....Pt. 4

During my flight home from Lucky Palms, all I could think of, was the look Moses would have on his face when I popped up. After seeing his boys’ Snapchat posts from last night, I know I made the right choice in ending my trip early. From the hoard of strippers present, when he claimed there would be one or two, the fact that he got uncontrollably wasted, and his ass enjoying fully naked lap dances, I am disgusted as hell. According to Nica, if her husband Blake wasn’t there to stop these nasty ass chicks from getting at him, some unforgivable shit may have gone down. He got so damn, drunk and high that he actually thought one of the strippers was me! Moses would have never pulled this crap before I moved in, so it’s obvious he’s not over his “freak out”, like he claimed he was. Even though he admitted he was wrong for putting his friends before me these past weeks, it’s still a little hurtful that he’s having issues with me moving in. What’s even more fucked up about this situation is that he asked me to do it in the first place and now he’s regretting it because he doesn’t want to, “tone down his lifestyle”…Humph. All of this just shows that Moses and I have to have a serious talk. I’m tired of bullshit affecting our relationship, and it needs to end today. Before I pop up on Moses, there’s one person I need to confront first. His friend Eric has completely lost his mind thinking he’s gonna stay up in my home screwing some stripper. Nica decided to meet me here for support and to, “check” her cousin for involving Blake in his nonsense.

“Damn bitch, it took you long enough to get here.”

“The car took forever to get to the airport. Anyway, what the hell are you wearing?”

“Some shit you need to have on, ha. It’s hot as hell and you have on sweat pants. But seriously, you really do need to step it up a bit. Did you know, since a lot of blogs covering the Simmy Awards mentioned you and how great everyone you styled looked, social media has been talking shit about you, calling you basic and whatnot? You’re the future wife of a fucking mega millionaire and you should look like it. Now that everyone knows you moved in and that this is for real, you’re gonna get way more criticism and hate.”

“Oh my gosh! Yes, I’m aware Nica but I honestly don’t care right now…Shit. And as for future wife, who the fuck knows how long we’ll last if he keeps going down this path.” I said, rolling my eyes as I walked towards her. “Let’s hurry the hell up and kick Eric’s ass out so I can talk to Moses.”

Once we got to the guest room, or house I should say, Eric and his thot were nowhere to be found. One of the maids was busy cleaning and making up the bed. It was pretty early and with the amount of weed and liquor, there was no way he was good to leave…Unless he called a car. I really didn’t want to hint at any problems, but I had to ask her if she knew anything.  

“Hey Lacy, I don’t want to bother you but I have a quick question. Did Eric and his lady friend leave?” I asked, trying not to sound too irritated. 

“Oh, Hi Ms. Leah…Umm yes, I’m sure he did. The only person I saw when I was in the main house was Mr. Muse. He asked if I could just clean in here since his guest messed it up and that I didn’t need to work on the main house today.”

“Oh…Okay, thanks for letting me know.”

As we walked out, I couldn’t shake this feeling that came over me. Something wasn’t right about what she said. Why on earth would Moses ask her not to clean up after his party? Why did Eric’s mooching ass leave so early? It’s as if he didn’t want anybody in the house. He’s not expecting me to be here until tomorrow night so why the hell does the house need to be clear? Both Nica and I were silent as walked through the house and headed upstairs to find Moses. I could tell she was just as concerned as I was, since she was biting her lip. We got to the second floor where his party room is, and damn near fell over each other as we stopped, shocked at what we heard coming from it. The sound of some bitch enjoying my man’s dick!. As her extra ass moans made me cringe, I became filled with rage and overwhelming sadness. I flashed back to the moment I walked in on my ex-husband fucking his current wife, and got a terrible sense of Deja Vu. Unable to process that this was happening, I broke down in tears. I naively, thought that Moses would never do this to me, but I guess that’s just some dumb ass fantasy in my head. This shit is ten times worse than what I went through with Ryan and it’s killing me. As I continued sobbing, barely able to catch my breath, Nica tried to rationalize the situation. 

“Twin listen” She said frantically, with her voice cracking. “There has to be some explanation, you know? That could just be some loud ass porn. Or shit, he’s probably still high and drunk and has no clue what he’s doing.”

“Veronica please! Porn?? These mothafuckas are doing it in that room.” I said pointing towards the door. “He’s cheating on me right now just like Ryan. I’m fucking done with him, with everything, with everybody. Fuck love, Fuck men, just fuck it all. Now I would appreciate it if you’d move out my way so I can go. I can’t do this shit again. Not with him. I can’t go through that door”

“Ok…ok. Let’s go then.” She said, trying to calm me down.

As we walked downstairs and headed toward the front door, I started to think about everything Moses and I have been through. These past two and a half years have had some of the best moments of my life and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t see what the fuck he just lost. I came here to confront him and now were gonna have that confrontation. I quickly turned around and hauled ass, back up the stairs. I promised Nica, who was now waiting in the kitchen, that I wouldn’t do anything crazy towards Moses but I can’t say the same thing for the ho that he’s fucking. Shit, one thing I do know for sure is that our relationship is over and I am personally going to let him know!


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What if Dorian accidentally said he loved Ray before he meant to?

Ooooh. -w- Oh man, slip of the tongue, tip of the schlong? I’m imagining… either the classic “you almost died you asshole and now I’m angry because I lovvvv-whoops”, oooor the…. “you know I’m not exactly ready to say this to your face, but I’m reasonably sure you can’t actually hear me right now (because you’re asleep/passed out/something) even though you totally can, so I’m just going to go ahead and admit it to myself at least”.

The second scenario, I would put first in a timeline… Does anyone remember the time I ranted like a page about that Vinsomer fight that I so love to bring up? And how Ray had two HP left by the end, so there was probably not much keeping him alive besides the fact that he was so hopped up on dragon blood and adrenaline that he could barely see past the red fog? Yeah, I can totally picture the aftermath to that being the first-first time it’s spoken on that end. Just as the healers have taken out all the stuff that isn’t supposed to be inside him (like broken dragon teeth, a claw, couple rocks, maybe a branch or two) and stuffed all that’s supposed to be in there back in, I doubt Ray was… very aware of his surroundings. You know, like anything that’s not pain or painkillers.

If I recall that playthrough right, by that point in the story, I was somewhere between Adamant and the Winter Palace… so they’ve already had their respective Big Breakthroughs, but no Big L-Bomb Moment? It’d be ideal for a very telenovela scene that goes something like… “I just found you. Found us. Please don’t take us away from me.” (pause for dramatic effect) “I love you.”

… And then Ray just has this hazy, dreamlike impression of a memory, not even a complete memory, of this floaty feeling (because guess who was pumped full of elfroot and spindleweed and all that goodness at that point) with nothing more than this distant whisper tickling the edges of his mind, and he doesn’t quite know if it was a spirit beckoning him back through the Veil, or someone speaking very softly. I like that a lot, tbh.

As for that first scenario, I can see it happening some time later… and that’s when Ray completely forgets whatever he was going to say in retaliation, and possibly his own name for a decent handful of seconds. And they just sort of… awkwardly stare at each other as his face slowly morphs into this fascinating mixture of happiness, smugness, and just a deep, deep wonderment.

Yeah, I can’t make that face either. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime, lightning strike kind of irreplicable expression. Followed by a slow, almost gentle, very well-enunciated whisper of “Not. One. Word.” from Dorian that only causes that Cheshire grin to widen. And then it becomes infectious and what were they even talking about, who the fuck cares anymore, he loves me. LOVES. That’s the word he used. Holy shit, we LOVE each other.

… And, side note, I’m pretty sure Dorian canonically does, just with the whole nickname business? Like from the very first use of that word, even if it wasn’t meant to be understood, wasn’t meant to be a confession, it was as good as one.

I mean, Antiva is very obviously based on Italy and generally the Mediterranean region, and from what we know, Tevinter seems like it could be a mixture of Ancient Rome and contemporary India. If Antivan and Tevene are anything like Italian and Latin, and we take the canon confirmation that there is an Auntie Trevelyan so in love with Antivan opera that she drags the whole family to authentic shows, it’s pretty safe to assume that a Trevelyan exposed to those kinds of influences (like my boy) would recognize a word as basic as “amore” hidden in something like “amatus”. He’s not that dense. Probably. I hope.

To me that word (beyond what I’ve already said about it meaning reciprocated affection, so it being “he who loves me” as well as “he whom I love”) more or less says “I like to think I’m being all sneaky-sneak when I call you cutesy shit in a language I know you don’t speak on a conversational level (however, what I have no idea about is that there is another language, a daughter language of the original, of which you have superficial knowledge. And while I feel all smart and tricky, you see right through me and straight into my core, like I’m a dang glass bauble. You know the ones, the ones with that pretty ribbon of color inside.)”

((is anyone annoyed by this thing I do, when I try to describe a scenario with a stylized quote? Like that thing I just did? I feel it’s pretty descriptive and it gets the point across, but I don’t know how y’all feel about it?))

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        “This is clearly getting out of hand,” Though there was a curl to the wolf’s lips, eyes sparking toward the woman with nothing but true endearment. Nimia had managed to crawl past those marbled walls around his heart and settle in comfortably, something that had distressed him for a time but now he had come to rather grow fond of. “I had two small children come to me and put crowns of daises on my head— which I would come to believe was your doing. Was it not?”


Some childhood pics for my Voltron/Big Hero 6 AU! In this AU, Shiro has been adopted into the Holt family at a young age; I wanted to draw what he and Matt would look like in their childhood days ;w; Also baby Katie/Pidge! I think Shiro adored Katie the moment he met her and he wanted to hold her all the time! Matt would fight with him often over this X’’D Katie ends up being very spoiled LOL

(Hhhhh forgive my sketchy additions, I’m too tired to properly color them up’’’’’’ Please click the images, tumblr destroys the quality as always!!)

Undecided Voters please read!!!

So my dad said something to me tonight that has been bothering me ever since.

The election this year has severely begun to put a wedge between me and my dad. Usually we get along great and I’ve considered him to be a hero in my life and someone I thought I would always admired. But, lately we have been disagreeing on a lot of things. The biggest one being Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

I’ve made it known to my family that I would not vote Republican for the presidental run this year (In the past I voted conservative but things have changed and I don’t know where I sway anymore). My dad is a pastor and as such, he is a very passionate man about his “principles” and values.

Tonight we were watching the GOP convention and watched Trump get all his delagate votes. We started talking about Trump, but more importantly, what my dad thought was so good about him and how he has become a better speaker and how he is a man of the people because he is not a career politician. I told dad Trump has said and done things in his election that I very strongly disagree with and I would not be voting for him. That I wanted to wait for the end of the Demoractic convention before I started doing my research to see who I agreed with most to run our country.

And then Dad said this.

“Well I’m sorry but if you (*he means the general you, not specifically me) don’t vote Trump this election, then you shouldn’t for the presidency at all.”

I’m gonna let that sink in a moment….

Go ahead, reread it…..

His hatred for Hillary with her FBI scandal is so great, he can’t understand why anyone would vote for her; so if they plan to vote for her, they just shouldn’t vote at all for the president. He truly believes that Trump is the best.

Now while I don’t agree with my father at all, I have to be respectful of his opinions. But I hate what he has said.

And I pray if someone says that to you, you kindly tell them to go fuck themselves and you vote for who you believe in!!! Because every election is important. Especially this one!! Because not only is the presidency up for election, but so are 87% of the houses up for reelection. Your voice matters!!!

I don’t care who you vote for because I am still undecided. But don’t let your voice go silent because someone tells you that shouldn’t vote if you don’t vote Trump. Fuck Trump! You do your research. You do wants best by you.

You are important and you need to be heard!!! When November comes in, you better proudly get your ass to that voting booth and tell everyone to suck it as you vote for WHO YOU WANT!!

And if I decide to vote Hillary in the end, my dad is going to have to deal with that. Not everyone thinks the way he does and he has to come to grips with that.

is there a video of Ashton saying that “if i could come from a broken family…” quote at MSG??? bc i was there and i never heard him say that. trust and believe, every time he opened his mouth i was hanging off of every word so i really don’t think there’s any way i could have missed that.

it’s one thing to make up a quote (which, why even???), but it’s another when people feel the need to constantly dredge up his past and his upbringing. the way he was raised has no bearing whatsoever on his musical talent or on him and his band making it to madison square garden. at all. and every time you bring up the fact that he only had one parent all you’re doing is showing how petty and cruel you are.


Thought I would put him up here before I listed him on Etsy as there seemed to be some interest in this guy in the past. :0)

For Sale: Custom Fenris Funko POP. Hand sculpted and painted $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping within the Continental USA. (International shipping more depending on location). Anyone interested can contact me at pugfugmoe@gmail.com I have one figure completed, ready to ship and the materials to make another if there is more than one request. 

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do you have any receipts on why you don't like manson or know anywhere that i could find some besides like... google

literally any interview he’s given in the past 5 years

also things he’s said and done in the past kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  In the old videos of them at disneyworld Missi (his ex) said how him, twiggy, and jessicka would harrass fat women and scare kids, that video of manson and twiggy and other guys going through a girls underwear drawer when she was gone and literally putting her toothbrush in their ass, the entire excerpt of manson losing his virginity in his book is so gross sounding to me, and every time he talks about sex or women its so objectifying.  honestly im too lazy to add links (everything is on youtube) but these are just things that come to mind immediately. theres many more examples. anyone else feel free to add

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actually genos defeated both demon level threats by using strategy (baiting them into doing something that would put them in a disadvantage and guarantee his victory) instead of his usual "let's rush into them and hope they die before i do" style, so i think if anything these past few chapters have been a pretty good example of his character development

yeah!! he specifically says hes trying to be more thoughtful in his fighting *as saitama taught him* im…;; BUT YEAH

The Ghost of Me

A/N: I feel very angsty today. Feel my pain. I feel so evil, I’m sorry guys, I just had too. It’s based loosely on a song called Losing your Memory by Ryan Star with some elements from past episodes. I might make it several parts though but I am not sure. Let me know if you guys would want me to.

Warnings: Hella ANGST. Hella FEELS. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2800.

“Dean oh my gosh put me down I can’t breathe!” You were gasping with laughter. Dean had you slung over his shoulder after having chased you around the park you had stopped to rest at. He set you down and you both flopped into the grass gasping. You looked over at him smiling. He reached over and pulled you to his lips, soft and warm.

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Flight or Fight

Can you please do a sequel to book worm please? I loved it! - @pinkhappypanda

Book Worm

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Sam hadn’t seen you in over a month, almost everyday he would drive down your street but chicken out and drive past. He didn’t want to put you in any danger, everyone knew that the women he got close to ended up dead, he didn’t want the same thing to happen to you. Although you did have a certain advantage after absorbing half the knowledge in the bunker.

Driving by your place each day ended when he went to the store and ran into you. “Sam,” you exclaimed happily when you saw him, “I haven’t seen you in a while, how’ve you been?” you asked.

Sam smiled, “good, good. How about you?”

“Great. Do you want to come back to mine for coffee,” you asked him hopefully.

“Yes,” Sam agreed quickly, he had been eager to spend more time with you for weeks now he wasn’t going to give this up.Consequences be damned.

You and Sam both paid for your shopping and he drove you both back to your place because you hadn’t brought your car. Back at yours you made some coffee and sat next to him on the sofa, “So, have you been on any hunts?”

Sam chuckled and shook his head, “No, it’s been pretty quiet on that front lately, me and Dean have just been doing a whole lot of nothing. Our last case was the vamp nest we took out when you broke into our place.”

You blushed and ducked your head, “Still sorry about that by the way.”

Sam shook his head with a bright smile, “No, it’s fine. It’s nice to find someone who isn’t freaked out by all that crap and actually wants to find out more. It’s kind of refreshing.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, “Well, good. I’ve been dying to go back and read more, not by breaking in this time though. Maybe,” you smirked.

Sam laughed at that, “Well, don’t be a stranger. You can drop on by anytime, we’ll probably be in. And if not you know how to pick the lock.”

You laughed and hid your blush, “True.”

It became a sort of routine, every few days whenever he got the chance Sam would drop by for coffee and stay for an hour or so to just talk. One weekend he had invited you over to the bunker, you had spent the whole time watching movies and tv with Sam and Dean in between making your way through as many books and scrolls as possible.

Sam had come by and told you that you should demon proof your apartment in case anything happened. He was stunned and impressed to find you had already put a devil’s trap under the rug at your front door. Together you demon proofed the rest of your place, salting above the windows and door, he gave you some vials of holy water and gave you a small gun loaded with silver bullets for you to keep by your bed. Again, just in case.

Neither of you noticed the car that would park across the street from your apartment and watch Sam visit you. Watching and waiting, making a plan of attack and waiting for the right moment.

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A/N:- I know it’s short, but I struggled with this a little bit. I apologize Anon 

Imagine Dean starts acting weird, as if he were pregnant… 

Dean had been acting extremely weird the past few days. He couldn’t stop eating, he had started to get major cravings for some really weird things. He was throwing up in the mornings as well, but you had put that down to what he was eating. He was napping at weird times of the day, and dean never usually napped. He had gone really hormonal, one minute he’d be happy, then the slightest thing would send him into a full blown argument, which usually led to Dean, stomping his way to your shared bedroom.

So when Dean came back from getting some supplies, and shoved a pregnancy test in your hands, to say you were confused was not unlikely.

“Ugh, shouldn’t it be you who takes the test? y’know since you’re the one who’s acting like a pregnant women?” You said sarcastically at him.

“Funny, real funny, Y/N. Just go take it, please.” You sighed, but made your way to the bathroom to take the test.

You were just waiting the few minutes when Dean had entered the bathroom. He sat beside you, nothing was said, but he put his hand on your thigh and rubbed it gently, offering some sort of comfort.

Time was up and you looked at the test, your heartbeat stopped and you looked up at Dean. He came round beside you and looked at the test.


He pulled you into a bone crushing hug, tears in both your eyes.

“I’ll make a doctors appointment, just to be sure” He smiled down at you. You were shocked, questions running through your head.

“Dean…I-I…” You stuttered, not able to make a sentence.

“Hey, hey. shh. It’s okay, we’ll do it together. You’ll be a great mom, I know it” he kissed your forehead.

After a while, you giggled. He pulled back a bit, raising an eyebrow. You shook your head.

“Sorry, it was just, your the one who is acting pregnant. Don’t you mean I’ll make a great father?” You laughed. The two of you remained there a further while, just holding each other, taking in the fact, that you two were possibly going to become parents.

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Even More Reasons why Trans!Obi-Wan would be great

You know how Anakin is all freaking out that Padmé will die because she’s carrying the twins??

What if to chill him the fuck out, Obi-Wan who just happens to be a hot man with hot uterus, was like “Okay Padme, I know Anakin put some buns in that over – yes there’s two, has Anakin not noticed???? It’s faint, but I can sense two in there. Anyways, how about I take those off your hands. ”

I have no clue how the science would work, but I’m sure somehow someway in this scientifically advanced past-future Obi-Wan would manage to get the twins put into him since it seems to be killing Padme.

Cue Padmé and Obi-Wan going to Anakin, being like Don’t worry obi-wan is gonna carry our babies, Anakin, I won’t die and you haven’t had any visions of him dying so we should be cool af right?

BUT then Obi-Wan gets sent to Utapau, secretly preggo, and Anakin freaks out because no my secret pregnant husband surrogate can’t go. But he does and nearly gets murderfied.

Back on Coruscant, Palps tries to turn Ani only this time Padmé is all over this bullshit. Everyone thinks she’s pregnant but AHAH no she isn’t and now she can convince Mace to take Anakin with him, and then the whole Sidious fight will happen, except when Palps is like “I can help you save Obi-Wan and your children” Padmé is all like lol nah stay away from all four of my babes, and shoots him out the window.

And then they band together, Mace and Anakin (and later Obi-Wan and Yoda) go to the temple, while Padmé stays behind to 1) Announce the Chancellor is dead and call am emergency discussion of why (Order 65???) And during that point she is elected emergency Chancellor, and everyone manages to keep the clone’s chips from deactivating and everyone is happy and Luke and leia grow up on Coruscant with their Supreme Chancellor Mom and their two Jedi Master Council Member dads.

Everything is good because Obi-Wan was trans. Ayeman

Also sorry if this is weird I got new anxiety medication and it is like I’m on mars. You know when you’re high and it feels like your head is a fishbowl??? Your eyes seem lIke they’ve expanded? I kinda feel like that lowkey. I’m just mellow and a fishbowl. Okay bye

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One time my brother was being a little brat and wouldn't laugh at my jokes I was like 5 or 6 and thought I was a little comedienne or something but I decided to put Froot Loops up my nose cause that would have made him laugh he did end up laughing but I guess I didn't know how to snort our cereal from my nostrils and kept inhaling the Froot Loops farther up my nose and In pretty sure I went to the hospital but yeah I'm glad that was the past and wait is this suppose to be a good memory... Opps

hahaha omg omg thats so funny i wonder how many kids go to the hospital w shit up their nose

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That got me thinking for a bit. Makes me wonder if Kallus's arc was planned from the beginning. However, was it clear the civillians in Tarkin Town were burned with it? They could have been taken as prisoners.

(Looking back, I think I went on a tangent here, so I’m gonna put this under a read more.)

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