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#2 William Nylander

Hey :) Can you write a William Nylander imagine where you guys are not talking to each other because you’re fighting but your appendix bursts or something and he freaks out & then you guys make up?

Tbh i changed it but kept the original concept I hope you dont mind anon!!

Warnings: lotsa swearies

Song suggestion of the say: closer by Nick wilson

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“Are you guys still not talking?” Zach Hyman murmured, mimicking your actions and leaning against the wall beside you as he watched Willy stalk past without so much as a glance your way. “I know he’s a little shit, but this is ridiculous.”

You huffed, squeezing your eyes shut and opening them again. You were beyond stressed, your body was screaming at you because of it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you replied in monotone. Fuck, your chest hurt like hell.

Mitch Marner scoffed as he walked past. “God, you two are stubborn. What was it over again, the dishwasher?”

You narrowed your eyes as shot Marner a glare. “None of your business, Fuck off. It’s bad enough he’s being a dumbass.” you muttered. Okay so it had started with the dishwasher but you were so fed up of keeping the house together while he wasn’t there, the least he could do was help you out. You huffed at the thought. Then there he went talking about how you’d reorganized his stuff and how annoying it was because it was completely fine the way it was (for the record, it was not) and you were snapping back about how he’d leave the cap off the toothpaste. He’d yelled about how never spent time with him anyway (which was totally unfair) and you were yelling about instagram comments and then he’d brought up you talking to his teammates which had made you pause for a moment because.. what the actual fuck. Then you’d found out literally the whole team knew you were fighting because willy couldn’t keep his trap shut and the thought of being bad mouthed by your boyfriend to all of his teammates was not appealing in the slightest. 

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Nine-tenths of Happiness

Raleigh’s been having a one-night stand with the same person for the past seven months.

“You going already?” Said a drowsy voice.

Raleigh looked up, startled from where he’d been gathering clothes in the dark.

Guiltily, he realized that his bedmate was awake, sleepiness evaporating from the cat-like green eyes as Chuck sat up and drank in the sight of him naked and bent over at the foot of the bed. Normally, the lone dimple and general shirtlessness would have had him tackling the younger man into bed. But he couldn’t stay here, in this room, in this apartment with Chuck. He felt stifled. This had to end.

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Imagine Jared thinking you died in a train crush

[[ Requested by Anon - 31. “You’re alive?!” ]]

note: sorry for being this abusive lately with this poor boy, stubbing you and now making him believe you died. Next time I’ll bring something cheerful I promise :”D

On the way to the railway station you stop at some grocery store. You overslept this morning, and jumped out of bed half an hour later than you originally intended to wake up. Cursing, you quickly got ready, and as you grabbed your bag Jared suddenly took your hand to pull you close.

“Hey, you’re going already?”

“Yeah, and I’m late, so…”

“I’ll miss you!” he gave you a kiss.

“It’s just one day, I’ll come home tomorrow night,” you glanced at the clock. “If you can’t reach me on my shitty phone, call my mum. You know her number.”

Your phone’s been acting strange lately, and you had no time to get it repaired.

“Don’t go yet, just give me a minute,” he didn’t want to release you,  but hold you even tighter. “We couldn’t spend much time together lately, and I thought this weekend would be ours.”

“I’m sorry but I promised my mum!”

“I know, I know, it’s okay. Don’t worry,” Jared said smiling, leaning his forehead against yours. “You two just have fun!”

“I love you,” you said managing to escape from the hug, gave him a quick kiss and rushed out of the house.

You are about to spend your mum’s birthday with her and your family. You wanted to invite Jared as well, but as always he is busy with work. You don’t want to drive so you chose to travel by train - easier and more comfortable, like this you can read your book on the way or have some sleep.

Everything would be fine if you’d have gotten up in time, but like this you had no time to have breakfast and you decided to buy some snacks what you’ll be able to eat on the train. You have about 15 minutes left to catch your train now and because of this you’re in a hurry, but you have to queue for way too long.

“Shit, I’ll miss that damned train” you mumble to yourself angrily. You grab your stuff after paying for them and rush out of the store right towards the station which is only a block away from there. In the exact moment when you arrive the doors close and you see the train’s leaving shape.

“Shit!” you say out loud edgy and you walk to the ticket office to change your pre-bought ticket to the next train.

In the next two hours you have nothing to do so you set yourself down at a calm, relatively quiet place to eat. You try to call you mum as well, but pulling out the phone from your pocket you can see it’s turned off. In spite every attempt it won’t work, the screen flickers once and that’s it.

“You gotta be kidding me” you whisper fretfully. Now you know you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all, and you wish you could start this day over. When you finally find a public phone and call your mum it’s no surprise she doesn’t pick up.

“Hey, mum, it’s me! I missed the train and my phone broke down so don’t try to call me when you get this message. I have no idea when I’ll arrive there, but I’ll skip lunch as I have plenty of time to eat on my way. Bye!”

About an hour later there’s an announcement about approximately an hour delay. People around you seem to be upset, but you just bury your face into your palms. “Of course” you say. “What a wonderful day…”

You arrive home about 3 o'clock, after waiting for that damn train for hours. You decided to give up and just leave - they announced that there have been some train crash, therefore more delays are expected and some railway lines are blocked. You decided to call you mum again and tell her you couldn’t make it. Well, at least you can spend this evening with Jared, which is not a bad thing at all.

As you get out of the taxi you see Shannon’s car parking in front of your house, and you start smirking, thinking that they took the opportunity to have a boys’ night. You couldn’t wait to see their faces; sure they are gossiping right now just as girls would do, and now you are about to ruin this little party.

You step into the house silently. You expect them to laugh loudly or talking on a cheerful voice, but there’s silence in there.

“What, are you guys mourning someone?” you ask confused.

First you see Shannon; he’s sitting on the couch, talking on his phone. Now he glances at you,  and that look makes you to stop. It’s like he’s seeing a ghost, his eyes widen and he opens his mouth but remains silent. He almost drops his phone.

“Jesus, you’re here!” he says sighing. As he gets up to give you a tight hug he calls for Jared. “We were so fucking worried!”

“Worried? Why?” The whole situation is confusing, you laugh silently. “Did something happen?”

Shannon has no time to answer; the voice of approaching footsteps from upstairs can be heard. “I called every hospital and none of them know nothing!” Jared suddenly pops up at the end of the living room, and when you see him you freak out, because you know something horrible must have happened. You can tell by his voice he’s been crying, his eyes are red and watery, and it’s like he hasn’t been sleeping for days.

“Oh my God, what the hell happened?” you ask, the smile from about a moment ago is gone by now. “Jared, you okay?”

That look he gives you scares you for real; he stops, and stares like he has never seen a girl before.

“Babe…  Babe you’re alive?” he asks. “Jesus Christ you’re alive!”

Without any further explanation he rushes to you and wraps his arms around you so tight you can barely breathe.

“Of course I am.” He buries his head into your neck and you hear him sobbing. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“There’s been a serious train crash” Shannon explains. “It’s all over in the news, but they don’t know how many people have died yet. There’s a hot line where you can get information about the victims and we tried to find you in hospitals…”

“Wait,  it was my train?” When you realize what happened you feel like you need to sit down right now. You walk to the couch, and Shannon turns the TV on, he switches to Chanel 6. They’re still showing recordings about the crush, and watching those pictures your stomach aches.

“God, I could be there.…”

“I fucking thought you were!” Jared says holding your hand firmly. “I saw the ticket you ordered and I knew you would sit in the very first car, and fuck,  I saw that”  he motions towards the crashed train on the screen “and I knew you would be…  That you’d be…”

“Hey, hey, I’m fine, I’m fine and I’m here!” You pull Jared closer to comfort him. You’ve never seen him like this vulnerable before. “I missed the train, I couldn’t make it.”

“Thank God!” Jared sighs.

“Thank you! If it wasn’t about you, I wouldn’t have missed the train.”

He presses his lips against your cheek, and you can’t look away from the TV news. Seeing the crashed train, thinking of the victims and about what could have happened if you woke up in time send you shivers down your spine.

“I call the police” Jared says silently “they will look for you among the identified victims, I gave them your name and seat number.”

He stands up and leaves the loving room. He looks tired and broken but definitely relieved. The past few hours must have wasted away his power.

As he leaves Shannon sits down next to you.

“We were so fucking scared, you have one idea,” he says patting your back. “Jared freaked out when we saw it in the news.”

“He looks horrible.”

“Take care of my lil brother, okay?” Shannon takes a deep breath. “I’m glad you’re fine. I bought your wedding-present already, and it would have been a shame if I needed to take it back for wedding cancellation.”

“Oh, Jesus, you have an awful sense of humor!”

“But you love me!”

“Sometimes I’m not sure” you say as you stand up. “I have to call my mum before she sees this and freaks out.” You grab your phone to see it’s still not working. “Can I use yours?”

Shannon pulls his phone out of his pocket but wouldn’t hand it to you. “I’ll talk to her, you go after your boy.”

You smile at him nodding, silently saying “thank you”, and you head upstairs to find Jared.

Dan and Phil’s Thanksgiving Livestream // 11.24.16

Phil is wearing glasses and the pug jumper

Dan’s wearing the nasa shirt and has slightly hobbity hair

He made Dan hide behind a blanket

“I should rt you”

“You thirsty bitch” Dan to Phil

“I’m thankful for my audience on younow”

“I’m thankful for you, Phil. Is that what you wanted? Is that what you fucking wanted?”

Discussing Dan’s tumblr queue 

Phil’s eyes have been tired (from Dan’s disco suit)

Tweet after the liveshow for PINOF questions

Thanks for the BONCAS :o

“Phil is lit”

Showed and discussed their awful/amazing suits

They sang a Thanksgiving song (Phil sang Dan beat boxed)

Stre*mys who

“Pretty sure I poked one of his abs when I hugged him” Dan on Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a human ab #confirmed

They had to yell at DAPGOOSE because there was a mic problem so they didn’t have much of a voice when they got back

Dan woke up the day of the BONCAS with no voice and almost had to cancel their end performance of TIIH

They loved Dodie’s performance 

“I don’t stalk you that would be mad for my mental health” via Dan

“We promise, for your sake and our sake, we don’t stalk you” seems fake but okay

Dan got scolded for giving bad advice by philosopher Phil Lester

They’ll probably set up the tree around December 1st

Dan listened to Metallica’s new album and his favorite song is probably Moth In The Flame

Advent calendar spon at danandphilshop.com

Phil acquired a turkey hat (it’s name is Skylar)

Lots of animals are gay 

They are yet to watch Steven Universe

They like Yuri on Ice but Phil’s worried it’ll be all skating and no gay drama

Arrival gets 5 stars

What Not To Do At The Cinema strong video

They ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon but is hasn’t been delivered yet

Phil said lit about 100 times and then he said thicc idek what to do with him

“You’re just making me sad”

Dan very passionately discussed Pokemon evolution I zoned out but I know he was loud and angry about some body builder tiger 

Phil had lots of fun in Florida and Dan did lots of work

“You’re glowing Phil”

Dan almost stole someones phone at the airport wow phame changed him 

They were forced to sniff each other at DAPGOOSE congrats you fiends 

Phil is getting sun Dan is getting moon whatever

They’re jetlagged

Dan, like many of us anime trash bags, has gotten into irl skating

“Hand me the turkey”


Dan slept with earbuds which is how he slept through Phil’s video

Armpit services 

Dublin was a top show for them because it was a post TATINOF film universe

See them in Berlin danandphiltour.com cool 

Everyone was singing TIIH and they felt warm and emotional

“The internet was great” cmon Phil

All marriage proposals are a yes

“I just did that without asking you”

Trump Slump

A collab with Nathan??? Possibly a Zed?

Dan stop it

Dan moved Phil’s plant in front of a window so it wouldn’t die

They take the calendar pictures in Phil’s room how profesh 

Dan rocked the Elsa dress

“I just think my instagram is trash” “But you are trash”

Dan shoved a chocolate in Phil’s mouth and he had to guess what the flavor it is

Play that bit back with just the audio folks ^^

They made cornucopias with pals and Phil’s was future themed

Dan is very excited for Rogue One

Semi hobbit

Shaved sides 

They yelled at Siri for about 5 minutes about the temperature in Stockholm 

Sale on danandphilshop.com tomorrow 

“We appreciate you. Hope you’re all good. Eat what you want, you deserve it. Treat yourself.”

Goodbye through the hashtag 

#2 Dylan strome

Omg yay requests are open!! Can you do one with Dylan Strome? Where you two are best friends and when you two are together you’re both very funny and goofy, but then you leave, and all of the Otters chirp him for being super in love with you but never making a move? Haha thanks!

Song suggestion of the day: bull ride by magic city hippies (don’t ask its a good song ok)

Dyl pickle is my favourite nickname bc its so cute. Dont hate on my baby its not his fault he looks like that. Also he looks so cute in this interview im sorry its not my fault i dont make the rules.

Originally posted by smolsnakeking

You laughed as Dylan threw his arm around you shoulder and glanced up at him to find him smiling down at you.

“Don’t look at me like that.” you told him with a laugh.

“Oh now I can’t look at you now? Okay.” he replied with a laugh as he watched you shield the side of your face with your hands.

“No pictures, no pictures.” You snickered.

“If either one of us turned out to be a stalker its you.”

you dropped your hands and feinted hurt. “Is this because you’re mad I went through your old facebook posts?” you asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

“You sent them to everyone!” He complained.

“Anyone in erie wanna hang out.” you imitated, dropping your voice as low as you could.

“Oh shut up.” he rolled his eyes as you snickered. “you have to be nice to me, I let you borrow my sweatshirt.”

“You let me? You literally wouldn’t let me leave the house till i ‘put on something warmer’” you giggled.

“Same thing.” he laughed. “I felt bad that I completely annihilated you at mario kart.” he reasoned.

“You are a liar and a cheat.” you told him with a stern look as a kid raced past you. “Oh my god, look at sonic go.” you laughed, pressing yourself against Dylan as the kid almost bowled you over.

“Gotta Blast!” Dylan laughed. “Look at him go, thats fucking wild.” he commented as you watched the kid tear down the hall.

“Why he run? Where he go? come back sonic and tell us your secrets.” you lamented.

“Now we shall never know. Goodbye sonic, my sweet prince.”

You snorted at that, pushing open the door to the where the otters had decided they would have a team building cook off. Why? We may never know.

“Look who finally showed up, the dynamic duo themselves.” Alex smirked.

“Decided if we were gonna grace you with our presence, better to do it fashionably late.” You informed them.

You and Dylan were paired up with Dylans teammates Alex and Taylor. Alex was rattling off instructions and trying to keep the three of you from mucking the recipe up.

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Well, That’s New  (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Hey!! I know your requests are closed but I wanted to ask if you could write an imagine where Loki did some kind of trick which made the reader and Bucky switch bodies and they are a little shy and embarrassed bc they like each other? Haha take your time to write and don’t stress out too much with all your work hahaha thank you!!

Thank you for being so patient, love!  I hope you like it!  

Slamming your drink down on the bar, your face had cringed at the strong taste and burn in your throat from the alcohol that Bucky had chosen for you.  “Ok, Buck, that was just plain mean.  What the hell was that?”

“I’ll never tell!”  He laughed as the bartender began to mix the drink you had chosen for him on this round.  “This was your idea, (Y/N)!  You’re the one determined to out-drink me.  You’re gonna lose.”

“Never underestimate…me.” You began to hiccup between words, laughing at yourself and how ridiculous they sounded.  The alcohol was surely making this funnier than it really was. “I’m taking…you…down.”

The bartender sat down a bright pink drink covered in fruit and colorful umbrellas.  “What the hell is this, (Y/N)?  Are you trying to lose on purpose?”

“You’ve been giving me shots…Buck.  Every drink you’ve had…has been mixed.  So really, you’ve…had more than me.”  The hiccupping continued as the bartender sat your next shot before you.

Bucky took down his drink easily, setting the glass upside down as he finished.  “You don’t look so good, kid.”  He stood next to you now with his arm on the bar rail, ready to catch you. You took the shot quickly and smiled at him as you tipped the glass over.  “I’m fi…”

Knowing this would happen, he caught you easily as you tipped over, knocked out from the countless shots you had taken.  He laughed and threw you over his shoulder to carry you back to your room, but took the time to stop and bid goodnight to each Avenger.  

“So, I see the party’s over early?”  Steve lifted your hair to see you and chuckled at the content smile on your sleeping face.  “Looks like she had a good time.”

“I think I’ll just put her to bed, and be back in a few minutes.  Grab me a drink, would ya?”  

Bucky made his way to the door, not noticing as Loki watched him pass by.  The god smiled as he thought of a way to ensure that the chemistry he had seen between you would be realized, and that he could prove that he was able to do good for a change.  

“I know that look, Loki. What are you plotting, and how do I stop it?”  Thor was sipping his drink as he sat next to him, but Loki was clearly not interested in his brother trying to monitor his every move.  How was he expected to change his ways and earn their trust if he wasn’t given the chance?  

“Only good things, dear brother.  Only good things.”


You woke to sun shining harshly in your eyes and an obnoxious banging on your door.  Your headache wouldn’t allow you to keep your eyes open, so rolling from bed you felt your way to the door, desperate to get whoever that was to stop.

“Jesus!  Knock it off, I’m coming!”

You were sure that those words were yours, but they sounded like Bucky.  You were too hung over to think any more of it, pulling the door open to face the jerk who woke you up so early.

It was you.

Rubbing your eyes, you thought maybe you were still asleep.  Or still drunk.  When you opened your eyes again, the sight hadn’t changed.  It was you, and you looked panicked.

“(Y/N), it’s me.  It’s Bucky.  I’m you and…you’re me.  And I’m freaking out a bit here, so please tell me you know what the fuck is going on.” He pushed you back into the room, when you looked down and saw that the metal arm was now yours.  Covering your mouth, your eyes filled with terror as you ran to the bathroom, barely making it before your stomach betrayed you.

“Oh, man!  Watch the arm!  That thing’s a bitch to clean!”


Once you had collected yourselves, you and Bucky decided that you wouldn’t be able to figure this out on your own, so you headed to the team for help.  They were gathered in the common room waiting for your arrival, talking and laughing quietly about the situation, silencing themselves as you entered. Steve approached you, looking curiously at his friend, completely unsure of how to address you.

“So, you’re (Y/N) in there? And you’re Bucky in there?”  He laughed as he sipped at his coffee, returning to the group.  “How much did you guys drink anyway?”

Loki stepped forward, confused as to the problem with the situation.        

“It’s humorous, is it not? They are clearly enamored with each other, I was only trying to help.”  

“Wait, enamored with each other?  Bucky, are you…do you…like me?”  This wasn’t a conversation you wanted to have in front of the team, but really, how much more embarrassing could things get?

“(Y/N), I more than like you.  I thought you knew that.”

It was strange to hold his gaze, when really you were looking at yourself.  If he tried to kiss you right now, like you really wanted, you’d be sure to run.  You would be kissing yourself, and that kind of thinking sounded more like Stark than you.

“So, Loki, do you mind?” You waved your hand between you and Bucky, hoping the Asgardian would get the hint and set things right. “Before this gets really weird?”

“Does no one appreciate the things I do for them?”  As Loki waved his hands over you and Bucky, you felt dizzy and stumbled back against the table behind you.  You squeezed your eyes shut to try to ward off the unpleasant sensation, but it only became stronger.  When you finally felt able to open your eyes, you were back in your own body, and Bucky had already moved to your side to hold you steady.

“Hey, hey I’ve got you. You’re okay.”  Bucky, the real version of Bucky, was looking at you with concern as he held you.  You stood up on your toes to finally kiss him, steadying yourself with your hands in his hair.  His arms tightened around your waist and pulled you to him, lifting you fully off the floor.  

Loki folded his hands behind his back and looked at you both, annoyed that he hadn’t been given his due attention.

“Is no one going to thank me?”    

I totally got you this time Pt. 2

A/N: Part 2 is finally here!!! HOLY MOFO SHIT you guys! I wasn’t expecting this one to be the favorite haha. 101 notes in less than 12 hours *-*  Glad y’all are enjoying this so far. If you want to be tagged in any of my fics in the future send me an ask and let me know so I can add you to the list.

Pairings: Sebastian Stan X Reader

Summary: Seb usually has this sixth sense that tells him when you are up to something. This time he had absolutely no clue when you surprised him on set. 

Warnings: Swearing, smut, oral female and male-receiving 

Word count: 898

Part 1 

Originally posted by ajl-bae

Originally posted by pleasingpics

“Hurry.” He said urgently while opening the door to his trailer. He locked the door and shoved you up against it. “Did I mention how much I missed you?”

“Mhmm. Only about a million times. Come here.” One of your hands was resting on his jawline and the other was wrapped around his neck. Seb was teasing you, pressing little kitten kisses all along your neck, purposely missing that spot. You pulled his face up towards yours and smashed your lips against his luscious ones. His tongue teased yours and you felt the blood pool in-between your legs. 

Suddenly, Sebastian pulled back. His baby blues drilled into yours and you saw how much he missed you, loved you, wanted you.

“Stop that” you stated before you leaning in and giving him another long kiss.

“Stop what?” he asked once you two pulled apart.

“You keep looking at me like I’m your lunch…” you giggled as he picked you up and tossed you onto his couch. He climbed on top of you and gave you that smirk you missed like hell. 

“Well you are, technically” he said while pulling down your jeans and panties in one swift movement. Your man was pretty smooth, that’s part of the reason of why you fell for him so fast. He dipped his head down and blew on your clit. 

Jesus Christ doll, you’re already dripping.” Seb stated slightly amazed, he knew what he did to you. He bent his head down more and slowly licked up your wet slit, putting more pressure in when he was closest to your sensitive bundle of nerves. 

“Holy fuck Sebastian” you sighed.

“Mmm, say that again” he whispered.

“Holy fuck Sebastian” you whimpered out as he pushed in a finger, sadly not the metal ones, not sure the costume designers would appreciate that. “Oh baby.”

He lifted his head back up to watch your gorgeous face. “I missed this, making you feel good. How’s that?” he asked in the most erotic voice you’ve ever heard. He added another finger, but kept the same pumping speed. Which was driving you absolutely insane. “Does that feel good honey?” He started to curl his fingers.

“Yes. Please don’t stop” you practically begged.

“Trust me, I don’t plan on it.” He groaned when he saw your face. You looked so beautiful, legs spread open, bitting your lip, eyes partially open. God he was getting so hard just by getting you off.

 “Oh right there Seb, oh my god. Right There.” you panted, you felt your stomach start to tighten. He must have as well because he  leaned back down and continued to lick, suck, and attack your folds. You were sure that your moans probably sounded pornographic, but fuck this was amazing. You were so close.

“Let go baby, cum all over my fingers.” You did exactly that. His fingers never stopped their magic, he let you ride your high all the way out. “Good girl.” He stood up and licked his fingers clean. You stood up as well and kissed him really hard, biting his lip in the process. The noise he made was lovely. You started to rip his costume off eagerly.

“Careful love. You don’t want to have to explain why my clothes are torn.” He stopped you for a second to wriggle out of the arm and the heavy denim jacket. 

“My turn, I missed this too.”

“Get on your knees and show me how much missed me.” He said with that same voice from earlier. Thank god you were kneeling down, because if he continued to use that voice you weren’t sure you could stay standing. Yeah, it was that hot. And yeah, it had already made your sensitive slit ache again. You unbuttoned his pants and slowly brought them down. 

“Quit teasing me, Y/N.” You complied and brought down his boxers too. His hard cock slapped against his abs. You reached out for him, only letting the pad of your index finger trace his vein all the way up to the tip. You wiped up the pre-cum and brought it to your mouth. You looked up at him through your lashed and sucked your finger, making the pop sound once you were finished. He whined again, wanting your touch.

You spit on the tip and moved your hand around before taking him in your mouth.

Oh my god, how did I get so lucky?” he said looking up at the ceiling. You started bobbing your head up and down, loving the little grunts and moans coming out of your mans mouth. “Mmmm. I missed that filthy little mouth of yours too.” 

You sucked him fast, swirling your tongue around the tip before releasing, “I bet you did.” You continued to suck on him. You took as much of him as you could into your mouth and throat before humming. 

Holy Fuck!” he groaned. You bobbed up and down a few more times, and hummed every now and then. His hips bucked into you. “God keep that up, I’m close.” You did as you were told until you felt him jerk in your mouth and heard the line of swears coming out of his mouth. He pulled himself out and reached a kleenex for you to spit into. 

“If that was lunch, I can’t wait for dinner and dessert.” Sebastian panted, leaning against the wall. 

A/N: 100 notes for a part 3 (if you want a part 3) Let me know your thoughts!

Taglist:  @sebstan01 @karollbey @bellastellaluna @queenllamamama13 

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Ight, Bechloe prompt ahoy! Chloe is trying to show her true feelings to Beca but Beca is completely oblivious and you can go and on from there 👍👍👍

It had taken a lot of courage to do what she was about to do. It took a lot of strength to do what she was about to do. It took a lot of sleepless nights and crying so hard you can’t hear a single sob. It took a lot of Beca being completely freaking oblivious to her surroundings. But most importantly, Chloe had what it took. Chloe was emotionally equipped to deal with what she was about to do.

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anonymous asked:

Any chance you could possibly perhaps write a little stiles-away-at-college-and-derek-sexting-him-during-lectures-and-stiles-getting-really-distracted fic? Ps I love you, your writing is always amazing, please never stop!

Stiles’ lecturer is reading from the power-point presentation. 


No adlibbing, no jokes, no witty asides to keep them all awake and willing to push through their afternoon lecture, nothing. 

Stiles started off trying to keep up with note writing, and then realised he was repeating himself from the notes he made last night. Their lecturer emailed them this power-point three days ago, and now he’s reading it to them. 

He could have been having skype sex with Derek, hell, he could have driven home to Derek and slept beside him for once. Instead, he thought he needed to cram for an important lecture, and they’re all being trolled. It’s as if his lecturer was too busy getting laid, or doing something else nice with his other half— like Stiles could have been doing— rather than preparing his own damn class. 

God damn, Derek had looked so sleepy and warm and good on Stiles’ laptop screen, too. He’d only been able to talk for five minutes— Derek had a night class, and Stiles had thought he needed to study— but nope. 

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anonymous asked:

Oh wow, this is really getting sad. The submitted stuff is almost as stupid and ooc as your own now. :(

And that is basically how anon would look like if there was no anonymous option~!

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Steal My Heart + My New AU CS Fic :]

Detective Killian Jones never imagined a life outside of Boston’s precinct. But when the criminal he pursued for three years escapes prison, he’s reassigned to take refuge in small town Storybrooke. It’s only once he meets Emma Swan, the editor of the local newspaper, that he realizes maybe he can agree to lay low if it means he gets to chase her. Rated M for future chapters. Also on FF.NET and AO3.

Three months free. Exclusive upgrades and rates. Thousands of options at the click of a button for one low monthly fee. She’d heard them all - and god, Emma Swan hated gimmicks. She loathed them just about as much as the endless commercials that rolled between episodes of whatever was lighting up the screen, but then again, that is what had gotten her into this whole mess to begin with.

Cable television wasn’t something Emma had ever thought to be a necessity in life. Her spontaneous work schedule was not really conducive to the strict schedule of prime time programming and she didn’t have an allotment of hours to spend drowning in advertisements. She’d paid for the bare minimum package just after moving into her new apartment roughly two years earlier with the belief that even that was a waste of money. With midnight deadlines and the endless hours spent sifting through stories as the new editor of the Storybrooke Mirror, it wasn’t like she’d ever get time to watch it.

It had taken Ruby about a week to convince her otherwise. Her spunky, spitfire of a best friend had gone on endlessly about some damn fairytale show she’d grown obsessed with to the point where Emma was about to find reasons to skip their regular weekend brunch dates. After hearing the hundredth flailing story about the program’s leading man, she agreed to watch it if Ruby would promise to eliminate the constant talk about it. It was a fair sacrifice - she just couldn’t listen to any more gushing over captain-something-or-pirate-what’s-his-name. Obviously her ability to pay attention had grown rusty after a while.

It was to Emma’s feigned disappointment that this hit television show just so happened to run at the exact same time she typically ran down to the printing office for the final proofing of the weekly edition. She could swear that was her way out of it, but no - Ruby and the wonderful world of technology had a solution for that. Leroy, the town’s resident handyman and apparently jack of all trades, showed up the following morning with a new cable box for her - one with the ability to record and an increased monthly price. Ruby was going to pay for that - and no, not in monetary value.

She’d given it a three episode half-assed try when she decided the hour long drama just wasn’t her cup of tea. Incidentally, it was over her literal steaming hot cup of tea one night that she found something that was. Her bill adjustment had come with a few channels she hadn’t previously known of, but as she scrolled through the listings, it didn’t take long for her to learn all about the various real life documentaries her cable package now had to offer. One hour led to three while those few hours led to a week long splurge, one that would have put any television obsessed hermit to shame. It wasn’t until two in the morning on day eight that it dawned on her that she might have bit of a problem.

Against all entertainment odds, Emma Swan was one hundred percent addicted to crime shows - and she had the prioritized recording queue to prove it.

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Because I miss moments like this and I’m a lover of angst!! Gif not mine:

Confessions of a Banshee-

Episode 4x09

“HELP US!” She exhausted her lungs. The air in the basement’s filing room of Eichen House was suffocating; primarily because she could feel death strangling her throat. Itching one of her screams to come loose.

She didn’t know why she wrote Stiles’ name. All she knew was what it meant. And she wouldn’t have it. Not one more friend of hers was going to die. Screw this list, and screw her banshee abilities!

She hadn’t realized she was crying until she sniffs. Reflexive mannerisms are hard to kick, even in this panic. Luckily Stiles couldn’t see her face, them being tied up and opposite sides of a pole. She needed to be strong, to be “slightly less terrified” for him, and for her.

But it shouldn’t have surprised her that he did notice, Stiles notices everything about her, even when he hasn’t been around in months,“Lydia, are you crying?”

And she didn’t know why; maybe the tone he used or the question itself; more likely the situation they’re in did it, but Lydia Martin snapped.

“No Stiles, I’m not alright. Is that okay with you? Do you want me to be slightly less terrified? Is it not okay for me to be completely wrecked that I just predicted yet another one of my best friends’ death, and now we are in a situation that makes that outcome more imminent?? Am I not supposed to feel like this whole situation is on my shoulders? Am I not allowed to feel like I’ve been alone for months, figuring everything out on my own for months? Being neglected, both as a friend and pack member; for months? Because if it isn’t, than tough! I’m freaked! And if you’re not going to be there, like every other time, then just keep your mouth shut Stilinski!”

And he did. He was very quite. He was still alive, she knew that much; his fidgeting and all that. But it was too quite. And the silence was slamming her ears. Had she, Lydia Martin, actually confessed her feelings? And not even romantic ones, just the run of the mill feelings… Yes she did. And now he wasn’t saying anything. Like she’d said.

They had better things to do. Like get out of the rope. And get out of this God forsaken building. And save their friends.

She was reprimanding herself now. How could she be so selfish? People were dying and she was complaining about how how alone she felt? Could she be anymore of an attention whore!? She hated herself now.

And then suddenly Stiles was in front her, eyeing her.


“– I keep a pocket knife inside my briefs; frisk proof ya know?”

And they would’ve laughed but his tone was somber and his eyes were sad. He cut the rope around her waist and wrists.

“You think they’re coming back?” She asked as she stood. Trying to escape his gaze.

He shook his head and stood with her,“No, not for a bit. You were still out when they were talking about collecting the bigger bounty, Scott; using us as bait. Then they’d finish us.”

Her eyes widened,“where’s Scott?”

“In town,” he was still studying her but she knew he’d ask later. There was always time, unless they died.

“Let’s go,” and she lead the way out; penance for her selfish outburst. And Stiles was right behind her silent but determined.


They saved the day. Again. They evaded death. Again. The McCall pack won. Again.

Scott killed an assassin. He wanted to be alone. Stiles patted his knee. And stood to leave.

“Scott, I’ll always be there for you. And what you did today not only saved your life, but it saved all the other supernatural creatures that they would’ve killed. You did the right thing. But I get it. Just know I’m here for you.”

Scott nodded and laid down. And Stiles took his queue to leave. He went downstairs to meet up with the pack. Malia was there and he missed her. Dreams about her even. But the way she stands in the same room as him tells him that the trust they had is broken. And she isn’t coming back. Not like that.

Kira was there, wet and bloodied; Mrs McCall was stitching a wound on her shoulder. Liam holding her, and taking her pain. They made eye contact and he smirked appreciatively. Liam had saved him tonight. If it weren’t for him, he would have died accompanied by another one of Lydia’s screams…

“Where’s Lydia?” He looked over to Malia.

“I don’t know… But Stiles, she didn’t smell right. Not her usual self.”

“Wh-what do you mean Malia?”

His heart was pounding,“she smelled really sad, and then the smell was gone. She left I guess…But what smelled off was the guilt. Lydia never smelled guilty before.”

“Oh God, no,” and with that he ran out the door and to his jeep. Dialing her number,“pick up Lydia, dammit, pick up!”


Dial. Ring, ring. Voicemail.

“Dammit!” He was praying to whatever god there was that she wasn’t about to do what he thinks she is. “Don’t do it Lyds. I’m coming. I’ll be there. Don’t do it.”

They were tethers right? It had to amount to something. So he filled every fiber in his being with one purpose; to send love her way. Dialed again. Voicemail. “Fuck!”

He sent messages. She wasn’t home. Neither was her mom. The lake house? He tried the phone there. No one. She wouldn’t be at the school.

Where would Lydia go if she felt all alone? Who would she go to if everyone else was busy? And then he spun a very illegal u-turn and made his way to the cemetery.

Sure enough she was there. Crumpled over Allison’s headstone. Whispering and weeping. He could almost make out her words. And then he got closer.

“-so stupid, Allison. Everyone is counting on me. And I’m here crying. But I’ve tried. I can’t figure it out. I don’t know what else to do. You always believed in me, and I thank you. I miss you so much. You said he’d be there. And he hasn’t. You said he’d fall in love with my smile. A whole lot of good that did. He did. But I was too slow. Just like I am with these stupid banshee powers. God! I just wish I could matter. I don’t even do anything for the pack anymore. They don’t need me. I miss you. Talk to me, please… Please.”

And she hugged the granite a little tighter, and tucked her head in her arm a little deeper. This was Lydia Martin in her worst, and she was still beautiful.

“Lydia-” he whispered, not wanting to startle her. He failed.

She shot up form her spot and looked at the stone,“Alli– oh my god!”

She thought it was Allison until she bumped into him.

“Jesus, Stiles! You scared me.” Her eyes were a flurry of anger and hurt.

“Disappointed I’m not Allison?”

Her eyes widened in horror,“How much of that did you hear?”

“I don’t know, but it was a lot to take in..”

“Yeah, well it wasn’t for you,” she brushed off her skirt and started walking.

“Why are you here, Stiles? I don’t need you here. Despite my words earlier, I’ll deal. Life moves on.”

“Malia said you smelled sad and guilty, badly.. You wouldn’t answer your phone. I thought-”

“–You thought what?” And she spun around to face him. “Oh god, no! You thought I was gonna– Stiles, Lydia Martin will fight until her last breath.”

“Good- just checking.”

“Yeah whatever,” and he froze with that.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s funny how it’s takes me to nearly hurt myself to get you to "come to my rescue”… And I’d never even do it.“


“No- Stiles- I’m done. I’ve cried my fill and I’ve hurt enough for a lifetime. I’m done. Leave me alone.”

“You mean "do the thing” you accused me of doing earlier?! You’re insane!“

And he literally clapped his hand over his mouth. She spun around to poke home square in the chest.

"Fuck you! You weren’t there Stiles. After Allison died. You weren’t there. You had always been there. I don’t know if it was some sort of martyrdom but you left. And then Malia came. And I thought it was me. I thought maybe we just got too familiar. Maybe the way I used Aiden and the others finally got you to look away. Like I wanted… So I dealt with it. And then you all started to go away. I dealt with it. All of this happened, and I dealt with it. And if that makes me crazy then, then– fuck you!”

She started to walk away but another thought came.

“And in all my craziness, I realized something. It’s not me. It’s you. YOU. You are just some hormone crazed teenaged boy who only cares about girls who give you physical gratification. If you don’t like them, then you don’t give them the time of day. And I’m lucky for it.”

A sob betrayed her. Hot tears streamed down her face. His too and he was studying her. She hated that he did that, always. She hated it because she missed it, and she hated it because it was too late. He had Malia. He had the pack. She only wanted him. But she couldn’t want that anymore…

“Lydia. I’m sorry,” and what he meant by that was he should’ve been there. He should’ve stayed. He should’ve been a true friend even if he was with someone else. He shouldn’t have let her put everything one her shoulders, or just deal with her fear and pain. He shouldn’t have called her crazy. He was sorry he didn’t see any of it. He was sorry that he didn’t want too. Because being hopelessly in love with two women was hard enough, and now he was losing both.

But his sorry sounded like: I’m sorry you’re right about everything, and that I don’t feel the same anymore. There isn’t much to change.

So she sucked in a breath. Wiped her tears. And let her heart break. Literally, her heart disjointed itself; it had to have because she felt it.

“Fine,” and she nodded and turned and walked away.

He didn’t know what just happened. And he didn’t react fast enough. Because suddenly she was in her car reapplying lipstick and dabbing her eyes, and then she was gone; driving away.

“Oh to hell with fine! That’s not fine!” And he sped away as well.


Two days later…

Episode 4x11

She was on her bed. Like nothing happened. Studying. She definitely didn’t feel the chasm in her chest. She definitely didn’t feel the exhaustion of two unrested weeks. She definitely wasn’t thinking about Stiles’ rejection. Nope; she had a test tomorrow. And assassins be damned if she didn’t pass it. Because one day, all this were-creature business would be a thing of the past… A whiskey-eyed boy would be a thing of the past.

They figured out the origin of the list. Check, one less problem for her. They knew who the benefactor is. Check, there goes another one. In a day they would act out their plan and defeat him and the assassins; check, check, check… And she would leave. Her mom is now in the know, and she isn’t all too thrilled. They weren’t just gonna sell the lake house now, they were gonna move altogether. And Lydia could have her normal life back. She could be popular again. She could put this banshee business aside. And she was praying for it sooner.

Bzzzz. She looked over to her phone.

New text from: Stiles

She opens the text: you home?

Types: no.

Bzzzz: liar

Types: no I’m not home.

Bzzzz: I’m outside, open up. Or I’ll have your mom do it.

“Dammit,” she slammed her book shut. And walked down the stairs to open the door.

“Who is it Lydia?” Her mom asks, hyper-aware that an assassin could be coming anytime before they act out their plan.

“It’s just Stiles,” she rolls her eyes.

“Oh, he hasn’t been over since– well it’s been a while.”

“Yeah, I know mom.”

And she opened the door. He was scratching the back of his neck. Despite his boldness over the phone, he looked pretty timid.

“Stiles,” she didn’t have any intention of letting him in.

“Lydia,” he had every intention of persuading her.

“Stiles! Oh do come in, it’s cold outside,” her mom really meant to say it’s dangerous outside. But she wouldn’t say it outright.

“Hi Ms. Martin.. If you don’t mind me asking why is there a for sale sign in the lawn?” He pointed his thumb the direction of the sign in their front yard.

“Oh, sweetie. We haven’t really told anyone yet, but Lydia and I decided it’s time to move. Too many unwanted memories here in Beacon.”

“You mean ‘you’ right? Lydia she doesn’t mean 'we’ right?” His eyes suddenly looked pleading. And he meant it innocently enough. Her mom’s eyes looked sad for him.

“Lydia, why don’t you both go upstairs and talk. Maybe he can help you pack,” Ms Martin squeezed his shoulder and left the room.

They went upstairs and Lydia started taping some boxes she didn’t want him looking into.

“Lyds,” she froze. She hadn’t heard him say that in a long time. Never thought she would again.

“Why did you come?”

“I’ve been trying to talk to you for two days, but you wouldn’t let me. And stuff got in the way… Lyds– talk to me.”

“I’m fine. We’re fine. There isn’t anything to say.”

“Then why are you moving?”

“Why would I tell you that?”

“No; answer the question.”

She looked at him, sparring his dominance in the situation. But he looked tired. Like she did. Like he did when the nogitsune took over. And she caved. She remembered what it was like to have thought she lost him.

“Because I can’t do this. I can’t live here and just deal with everything. It’s always there. The danger, the anxiety. It doesn’t go away. There is always something to fight. Something to kill. And I can’t do it, okay? Especially not without you. So there. You happy?”

He huffed, and flailed his arms around the room,“You think I’m happy? You think this was what I want? Lyds you’re leaving. You think I want to live in a perpetual horror film? You think I want you to hurt? To feel alone? God, Lydia! I’m in love with you, always have been. So no I’m not happy. And I’m friggin sorry!”

“What?” She was dazed. And she blinked to come to reality.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve been there. And I wasn’t. Not even as a friend. And that was shitty. And I’m sorry. Lyds, you’ve always been in my heart. Since third the grade. That never went away. And I’m sorry I didn’t show it enough when I was with Malia but it got confusing. But I could’ve been a better friend.”

“You’re not with Malia anymore?”

“No, I lied to her. She doesn’t trust me anymore. So that’s the end of it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It wasn’t about you. It was my

“I’m still sorry. She made you happy.”

“Yeah… But she doesn’t break my heart like you do. The thought of her leaving doesn’t scar me like it does with you. I miss her, don’t hear me wrong. But Lyds. You were my first love. You may not have loved me back, but I wouldn’t have known what unconditional love was without you. I wouldn’t have know where to start without you…. Lyds don’t go.”

“I have to.”


“Because I’ve already made the decision! And one incredibly versed speech isn’t gonna change that!”

“It was that good huh!” He stepped closer.

“No. Because I’m not even doubting my
resolve.” She stepped back.

“Then why’d you step back?” Stepped closer.

“I didn’t.” She stepped back again. He raised his eyebrows. She blushed.

“Lydia-” and she looked into his eyes.

“You hurt me,” she tried to distance herself again, but the box in her back stopped her. She looked away.

“I’m sorry,” he pinched her chin with his thumb and finger lifting her face to look at him.

“I’m sorry, too.”

“I know,” and he pulled in her for a hug. Her body tucking into his perfectly. Her head resting on it’s rightful place on his shoulder. And she felt whole again.

“I’m still moving,” she mumbled regretfully. That reality was still alive and it broke her heart; that much was in her voice. He chuckled.

“Well I waited nine years Lydia, a little bit of long distance isn’t gonna stop me now,” and they pulled apart. His rueful smile was bittersweet but genuine. And this was why she loved him. It may have been too late, but she still loved him.

“Stay tonight? Please. I don’t want to be alone before tomorrow.”

He smiled and kissed her hair, breathing her in,“where else would I go?”

And that night, despite the supernatural and despite their fears; they slept. Together…


“Umm… Lyds?”


“I can’t sleep unless I’m in the middle.”

“Haha, then do you want top or bottom?”



anonymous asked:

Hello. I saw a post about when you went to see Streetcar and you said you would give her 2 plays by Nelson Rodrigues. Did you give to her? Did she like? Tell me. I'm curious.

Hello, anon!

Yes, I did give her two Nelson Rodrigues’s books! One was a collection of his short stories and chronicles called “Life As It Is”. And the other one was a compilation of five of his most famous plays: The Wedding Dress, All Nudity Shall be Punished, Lady of the Drowned, Waltz #6 and The Deceased Woman.

It was very hard to find English versions of his plays, tho I knew some existed, since a couple of them have been on stage in America (The Wedding Dress, mostly). It took weeks and a thorough online research until I could find an used edition (in excellent condition, might I add) at an online book store in California, using its ISBN to track it down. And they only had one copy!

Anyway, all this trouble really paid off. Gillian was an absolute sweetheart. You could see she was visibly exhausted and yet she came out to sign and did so with a smile upon her gorgeous make-up free face. And sweet baby Jesus, her eyes are so blue! They suck you in, man.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explain much as the theater guys were rushing the queue. Understandably, ‘cause we all knew how tired Gillian was and it was past 11:00 when she finally got to the box office to start signing!

I managed to say a few words (I was so fucking nervous) and explained very very briefly what the gifts were. She was genuinely interested and smiled when I said they were plays from the most famous Brazilian playwright. “Oh, that’s so nice”. When I said Nelson’s name she was like “Nelson? Oh, that’s my dog’s name” and laughed that typical Gillian laugh of hers. I giggled like an idiot (did I mention I was nervous af lol) and managed a “yeah, I know”. Then she turned and asked smiling “Wait… is it in English?”. I thought “well, duh!” but of course I kept this to myself and simply replied “Yeah, it was very hard to find but… yeah, it’s in English”. She then thanked me, signed my poster and I left.

It was such a great, unforgettable experience getting to meet and talk to her even for like, what, 15 seconds? Doesn’t matter, it was worth it in every way, shape or form.

And as for the play? God, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? She was magnificent. Not only her, but the entire cast and crew. My friend and I had amazing seats (B-204/205), we hardly had blocking views (bless the revolve) and she entered the stage to my left. And right toward the end, when Blanche is spiraling down into madness, I’m pretty sure I forgot how to breathe. I was enthralled by Gillian’s performance (as was the entire audience) and got all emotional and choked up. Fortunately I remembered to apply waterproof mascara lol. 

Anyway, that was my Streetcar (truly unforgettable) experience :)

Thanks for asking!

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Can you please please write this it's from ziallauideas I wasn't sure how to link it so I copied it sorry - "ziall au where they’re strangers and niall sees zayn buying extra large condoms and just shouts out “JESUS” (bonus points if niall is a shop assistant and says it in front of everyone waiting in the queue)"

Posting this for my hoe Kashaf bc it’s her birthday today! SHES 19!!

Zayn was a little (or maybe a lot) over average. 

He knew he wasn’t exactly small down there and he’s pretty proud of it, but he wasn’t the type to show it off. He saw no reason to be cocky (pun intended) because frankly, it ruined the surprise of it all.

And he liked surprising people. 

People tend to underestimate him, quite a bit, he would say. He was quiet and he was toned, observant in clubs and parties and he just.. didn’t ooze the “big dick” aura. Judging from the shape of his body, you wouldn’t have guessed that he had a fucking snake in between his thighs and Zayn quite enjoyed the huge ego boost he gets every time he drops his pants, his lay for the night’s jaw dropping as well. 

He was also pretty damn good at the thrusting thing as well considering some people are doubtful and don’t care if his dick is over eight inches long and two inches thick because apparently, “the dick don’t matter if you ain’t got moves” one girl said to him while she filed her nails after his dramatic unveiling.


Needless to say, she never looked at him the same after that night. And Zayn just slept with a smug smirk on his face because that was another person on the list that he proved wrong. 

He went out most of the time, mainly because, and people are going to roll their eyes when they hear this but, he was too lazy to use his hands. (Yep, hands. Not hand). It was time consuming, tiring and it just wasn’t the same as having something hot, wet and tight around him; girl or boy, he didn’t care. He sometimes has both at the same time. Both genders seemed to want him just as much as the other. 

He was shopping at Tesco one time, having run out of condoms the night before and he couldn’t exactly borrow some from his friends because they, ahem, used the regular sized ones. Zayn had to buy his own himself because he was not a regular, he was a large. An extra large. 

His eyes scanned through the various boxes before picking out the first “XL” one he saw. He glances down at it, flushes, before throwing it in his basket. He does this every time and it’s always so embarrassing for him, especially when he gets to the till because the cashier’s face when they scan it through the machine is just, well, just as red as Zayn always is. 

He tried to seem like he wasn’t just here for the condoms and he dropped by the cereal box isle to throw that in his basket as well. He also threw in some random shower gel, a newspaper, a box of chocolates and some weird ass fruitcake thing. Zayn questioned whether or not he should get anything else but Louis, his roommate, had already done the shopping and so he was soon forced to face the moment he was dreading. 

He went to the one with less people in the line and tries to ignore the impressed stare he got from the old man in front of him. The stranger bought a lot and it gives Zayn time to examine his next cock-shock victim. 

It was a guy, blond and around his age. Quite cute, Zayn thinks, and he seemed very enthusiastic which he had to groan at because those people were usually the ones to give the loudest reaction. The older cashiers were always tired or done with life and they’d just scan the box carelessly and take his money. 

By the time the old man was done, this blond ray of sunshine seemed to be the complete opposite of what Zayn was wanting. 

“Hi.” He smiles, Zayn noticing the name Niall on his name tag and nodding back. Zayn also noticed how the smile he gave him was far more brighter than the one he gave the old man before him.

Zayn waits on the other side as Niall scans through his stuff, the darker lad biting his lip as the condom box, which he hid very discreetly under the newspaper, hit the edge of the conveyor belt. He’s playing with the plastic bag he already has open, his plan being to throw his shit in and run out but time seemed to slow down, and Niall was taking ages to scan that stupid ass fruitcake Zayn got earlier. 

Finally, Niall gets to the box and god, Zayn’s fucking mortified by his reaction. 

He reaches for it, blue eyes aimed at the screen before scanning it and once the beep resounds, his jaw drops. Zayn assumes the monitor is displaying his purchase and as if the guy’s face wasn’t enough, he had to let out a–


Zayn blushes, feels the heat rushing right to the tips of his ears. He shrugs awkwardly seeing the people in the queue before him curiously gazing at what was going on. Niall didn’t seem to care, shamelessly gawking between the monitor, the box, and Zayn in disbelief. 

Six seconds passed of him doing the same thing and Zayn curses before breaking this boy’s trance, “C-Can you, um, scan the rest, please?” He sounds so nervous but fucking damn, this kid didn’t even hide his surprise. 

Niall sighs, wide eyed and stunned as he slides the box over to Zayn, shaking his head in amazement. “I was gonna ask you if you needed help with your bags but,” he looks the lad up and down. “You’re clearly packing, so.” 

The woman waiting in line before Zayn looks just as surprised as he is and he averts his eyes, throwing the box in his bag before re-adjusting his pants. Niall notices and grins, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth. He’s still shaking his head. “Got a fuckin’ anaconda down there, don’t ya mate?” 

This guy had no fucking shame.

"Don’t get why you’re embarrassed, bro. Extra large? Fuck me, man. Must be a pain in the ass.” Niall grins, scanning the cereal box and the newspaper through. “Good kinda pain, I mean.”

Zayn’s always got people flirting with him, and he’s always stupefied people with the size of his cock but this kid was a whole other world. He was stupefying Zayn

That’s never really happened before, so this was all pleasantly new to Zayn. 

He just stays quiet and smiles sheepishly, throwing the rest of his stuff into his bag. The woman before Zayn leaving along with her items to go to another cash till, probably. Zayn doesn’t blame her.

Niall puffs his cheeks out, still astonished, typing a whole bunch of shit into the monitor and stating the price Zayn needs to pay.

Zayn’s reaching into his jeans and the blond’s leaning his head onto his chin, eyeing him dreamily.  “You can pay in a different way, if ya know what I mean.” He winks, biting his lip. Zayn raises an eyebrow, shaking his head amused as he takes out his wallet. “Don’t think so, mate.” 

Niall’s smile falls and he leans back in his chair, disappointed. “Boo, you’re straight.” The blond rolls his eyes, unimpressed. He gets this all the time. 

Zayn snorts, thinking of that one night where he had both genders. He smiles, “Not exactly.” 

Blue eyes lit up at that. “Gay?”

Zayn crinkles his nose, shaking his head. “Why limit yourself, mate.” 

Niall narrows his eyes. “Bi.”

He just shrugs. “I don’t do labels.” 

“Hmm,” the blond smirks. “Can you do me?”

Zayn rolls his eyes, laughing under his breath as he hands the boy his money and not even bothering to answer. Niall smiles softly at the sound, flushing a little when their hands brush, “You must get that a lot, huh?” 

“Quite often, yeah.” He bobs his head. 

“‘M not surprised. Y’er gorgeous.” Niall chuckles. Zayn blushes, smiling shyly. “Thank you.” 

The blond notices the way he leans away from him and his smile drops, resting his back against his chair apologetically. “Sorry.” He bites his lip. “I’m probably being really annoying.”

“It’s fine,” Zayn waves his hand. “‘M used to it.“

Niall’s face falls deeper into a frown and he covers his face with his hands and curses. “Oh god,” he mumbles into his palms. “Aw shit, noo.”

Zayn arches a brow, confusedly amused. “Are you alright there?” 

"I fucked up." 

Zayn frowns, “It’s nothin’ to worry about, mate, honestly. Chill,”

Niall shakes his head quickly, wiping his hands down his face and pouting at the monitor. “Fuck, I’m really sorry I’m– I promise you that was not how I wanted your first impression of me to be. Like – shit, sorry.”

"Bro, breathe.” He holds his hands out, eyes scanning worriedly over the blond before he walks to the little door behind Niall and opens it. The action seemed to have shocked the blond even more, blue eyes growing wide with the hand that came to rest on his shoulder. “Now, mate, what are you on about?" 

Niall looks up at him and blushes, as if only just remembering what he’d done and proceeding to bury his head into his hands. He lets out a frustrated yell and Zayn watches him, bags in his hand as he eyes the boy silently. “Fuck, shit. I’m sorry, Zayn. Really sorry, like, shit.”


“Look, listen. I’ve seen ya ‘round, yeh? I’ve seen you buy your groceries here and shit and – fuck – I’ve always had our first conversation, AKA that moment earlier, planned out. And I swear, I did not mean to come off as a thirsty whore. I swear.”

Zayn scrunches his brows together, still a little confused. Why would Niall plan out their first conversation? “Um, okay.” He mutters, awkwardly leaving the small working space and standing by the blond’s front – everyone was starting to stare at them weird anyway when they were in that position. 

Niall slaps his palm against his forehead and growls under his breath. “God, you still don’t get it. Shit, okay, ugh..” His eyes roam the isles for something to say while Zayn waits for his words, and his change (Niall still hasn’t given that yet). “First time I saw you, you were buying shower gel.” Niall grins as if he made a breakthrough, “then the second time was.. when you were looking at chicken.”

Zayn still doesn’t get it.

"Oh for fuck’s sake. Zayn, I like you.” 

Zayn’s face drops in realisation. “Ohh.” He murmurs, biting his lip in thought. “What does that have to do with me looking at chicken?” 

Niall snorts, remembering how great Zayn looked. “You were wearing leather at the time.” The darker lad doesn’t really see the point. “So? I always do.” He chuckles, bewildered. 

"You do?!” Niall’s jaw drops as he raises his hand to fan himself. “Sweet jesus.” He clutches a hand to his chest. 

“Yeah.” Zayn smiles. “You like me?” This was new. Whatever nonsense Niall was rambling on about began to make sense now and he was quite flattered. He’s had people like him before, but they were shameless creeps who you can easily tell were just wanting him for his dick.

Niall may be a shameless creep, but Zayn can’t tell if he just wanted him for his dick. He was acting like it earlier, but he was apologising, which, again, was new. 

Niall seems to snap out if it and he blushes, suddenly losing the ability to speak coherently. “I-ugh, well. Y-Yeah.”

“And this isn’t some ploy to get in my pants?” He had to make sure, okay.

“N-No! Of course not!” Niall’s cheeks go bright red, vigorously shaking his head. “My reaction from earlier should be enough proof to show you that I wasn’t even aware of your, um, y’know. Size. I liked you before that.”

“Mhm.” Zayn hummed, nodding his head with the same shy smile he had on earlier making it’s way back onto his face. “How about we re-do this whole conversation over coffee?” He blurts with little confidence, feeling warmth rise to his ears as he waits for the blond’s answer. 

“C-Coffee? Me and y-you?" 

Zayn chuckles, nodding his head. “After you give me my change, maybe.” He snorts at the way the boy scrambles to give him his money, as if the delay was enough to change his mind. 

"Sorry..” Niall sheepishly scratches at his hair. “But, ugh, I get off work in an hour?”

Zayn nods his head, smiling down at him with confidence. “Sounds great.”