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The Glass Scientists- Behind The Scenes🎬

I imagine this would invole a lot of costume makeup, coffee, CGI, and forgotten lines

Feel free to add your own ideas of what could happen behind the scenes!

Ever since watching the final episode, I’ve been thinking about how Season 2 would run. Being a fan of figure skating for a while, I was assuming that our sinnamon roll Yuuri and co. would be competing in different competitions other than the Grand Prix such as World Championships, etc.


So in the last episode, Seung- gil says FOUR CONTINENTS would be fun.

For those who don’t know, Four Continents is an international, prestigious figure skating comp kind of like the Grand Prix WITH A TWIST.

Four Continents only allows certain nations and countries to participate. Asian countries such as Japan or other places such as Canada and America can participate. But EUROPEAN COUNTRIES CAN’T.

This means that countries like RUSSIA can’t compete. 


Victor and Yurio can’t compete. 

So what does this mean for Season 2? Will Kubo Sensei just use comps where everyone can compete eg. Worlds, Grand Prix.. or will she do this!

While everyone is at Four Continents (4CC), Victor and Yurio would be competing against each other at the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS or RUSSIAN NATIONALS.

Will it be a battle between our beloved Russians? Old vs New? How would Yuuri handle his (future) husbando away from him? How would Victor handle not only coaching Yuuri but creating a comeback LONG DISTANCE?

What do you guys think? Could this be possible?

Responses are welcome!

You made me feel like one of a kind. And that sounds so boring and expected because everyone says it but hear me out, okay? I’ve spent so much time just being one of the many adoring girls, so much time being another name in the pile. The words I said were never any different from what the rest would say. The ways I touched didn’t mean any more than their touches. And I thought that that was great while it lasted. I thought that the small bit of affection I received and the “I love you"s at night meant that I was doing fine. I thought that the “Good morning, love"s and the "Goodnight, sweetheart"s meant that he felt the way I felt the way we felt. Now, maybe he was texting the others whenever he texted me. Maybe the stares I used to catch would be directed at someone else when I walked away. Maybe the 2am phone calls only came just before he dialed someone else’s number. But now I have you, or at least I hope I do. And I don’t have to feel like I’m the only one in this.
—  🖤

The urge to go back and buy them tomorrow is unreallll. Chucks on sale and they’ve got the tiniest little reflective strip on the back and some light green accents by the soles they’re so cute 🙈🙈🙈😍

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why does it bother you when people tell you samurai's name makes them uncomfortable? i don't mean to sound like i'm judging you, but i am surprised. its definitely frustrating because the comic is over and you can't change the name, but if somebody felt that way about one of my characters' names i would definitely want to know in order to avoid upsetting people in the future.

What bothers me is how anyone would go out of their way to tell me expressly why they dislike a name I chose for my character, and not actually be upset or offended by it. They simply dislike it. 

If it were offensive or disrespectful, I’d of course feel differently. 

Why would this be surprising to you? :/

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tbh i think everyone in nct is rly like. caring towards everyone? so i doubt they would be homophobic or anything, none of them seem like the type that would treat anyone badly bc theyre different :/

totally agree!!!! i think johnny is totally okay w gay people and all. so is ten! i think hes all for equality in general and hes so humble as well i just cant see him as a homophobe or racist or whatever especially after seeing his tweets where he literally said every race is beautiful and im like. hes amazing. yuta seems to be totally ok w trans people and all that as well and he voiced his opinion on abnormal summit which i love. i think theyre rly caring and like since theyre a bit younger and fit to the newer generation i think they know about the issues about racism, sexuality etc. but i mean… i could be wrong as well like maybe they could be doing some problematic stuff near the future like i mean it hasnt even been a year w them… i really have hope for them though. they seem super sweet and just like stupid dudes who love to dab and have fun jdjssgshddj.

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Ha! Since historically Angelica's first son was also named Philip, it would not make a great difference!

i know! thats why i didnt change his name

“I wish people would realise the difference what is written and what is reality. If you say someone glorifies something horrible simply because they write it with a consenting partner, it’s like saying all writers of the world glorified the subjects in their fictional work. If the subject in fictional context bothers you go away or ignore it.”

The more I’m reading about traditional witchcraft, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that No. Not everyone is a witch. And it’s really not fair to sit there and say everyone is.

Look I’m all for equality and everyone practicing their spirituality how it suits them best. I’m not here to police someone else belief system. There would be no point in it. People are entitled to believe what they want and how they want and really there’s nothing I can do about it one way or the other.

Yet somehow, I do find it irksome. I’ve been through wicca and paganism and druidry. All of them have their own value and I can see how different people would be attracted to these sects and want to practice. I have nothing negative to impart. But even in all these paths, there was a period of learning. A desire to gain greater wisdom and push oneself forward along the path.

Why is it nobody thinks that being a witch requires the same level of study and application before you can own the title? Would you just give someone a degree because they showed up and said they wanted one?

To be honest, I’m not a witch either. Not yet at any rate. I’m working towards that end and yes, it is work. Actual work. It requires study and dedication and applying what you know. It requires risking a great deal in order to move along the path of self discovery and wisdom until you meet your dark self and conquer your own worst fears.

So tell me. What makes you a witch?

Spencer Hastings: the rundown

I’d like to applaud the growth of Spencer Hastings over the course of the series- and I don’t think the growth stopped at 7a.

Here’s my spencer character rundown.

Season 1:

Spencer was portrayed as the little sister that’s always in her older sister’s shadows—however I think Spencer is way smarter than Melissa. She let’s pressure get the best of her as well as repeating past mistakes(i.e keeping her lip’s on Melissa’s men). I love how her and Toby’s relationship began, I think that they brought out the open-mindedness of both of the character.

Season 2:

I don’t know about all of you but I knew if one liar would get trapped with A in the end, I knew it’d be Spencer. This was Spencer’s investigative season. She asked the right questions and found out things she did and didn’t want to know. I do wish they would’ve gone a different route when she found out Jason was her brother- I low-key hoped that they would develop a better brother sister bond. I’m proud that she finally spoke up to her father in this season. We also got a glimpse of her selflessness by sacrificing her relationship with Toby to keep him safe.

Season 3:

Spoby reunions - I live for them. It was a classy “first time” scene. This season was so bomb for her. One of my all time favorite moments was when she slapped Toby when she saw him in that hoodie *chills*. This season gave her so much depth-i.e when she thought Toby was dead which lead to her going to Radley. The whole fake A team ploy was kind of weak but served it’s purpose for the time being.

Season 4:

I’m glad she supported Toby in the whole figuring out what happened to his mother thing—even though it wasn’t my favorite storyline.

Season 5:

Well this was a season where she was in 2 too many jumpsuits. I feel like they were really trying to pin random crimes on her. I got chills when the were being arrested when Alison was found guilty. I thought it was creepy that Melissa was being nice to her. Also, I found her “love interests” - Colin and Johnny- stupid and a waste of time. I didn’t approve of her trying to use Toby to get information since he became a cop

Season 6:

Her addiction resurfaced in 6a and after some point I was over it. I think she was an asset to the big picture but she was extremely obsessive with the Charles thing which I’ll get to later. Let’s get to the 5 years forward I’m so happy that they did because I got tire of them being in high school. Although a career in politics was a given to her I love the 23 year old Spencer, even more sophisticated than ever. What I’m about to say may piss people off but I loved Spaleb. I think that their relationship made a lot of sense they’re both mature, responsible, good, intelligent and kind hearted people. It made sense and they were so cute together for the short time that it lasted. I know they get a lot of flack but at the end of the day Hanna and Caleb had been broken up for years and in those years he and Spencer were getting close so I don’t want to hear that’s a out of the blue situation. Also Hanna and Caleb had not seen each other since their break up and same goes for Spencer and Toby. I’m a Haleb fan and a Spoby fan but get over it ppl.

Season 7: Even though not much has happened and I’ll probably end up updating this whole blog post at the end of the series lets do this anyways. I think Spencer being Mary’s daughter was inevitable lets get that out of the way first. Mary always had a weird vibe when coming around her so I wasn’t surprised she was her biological daughter. But might I add that I’m tired of every time a big family twist happens, it’s always involving the Hastings or Dilaurentis families. I think they could’ve gone with Aria or Hanna or someone else. I feel like this was done to keep Mary relevant to the big picture. It explains why Spencer was so obsessive when trying to figure out Charles but if she gets a sibling vibe, why didn’t she have it with Cece if they’re the same person. I don’t like the chain reacted that’ll be set off if Peter is her biological father and not adopted father. Peter being Spencer’s real father not only means that he stepped out on Veronica twice(who doesn’t deserve it bc I think she’s a great person, but did so with twins. That means that Spencer and Jason are first cousins and half siblings and that’s a little too close for comfort. And even though I was sad she got shot, I know she didn’t die so I’m good

Fave moments so far:

The showdown when she found out Mona was A

Her style

When she broke up with Toby in order to protect him from A’s wrath

“bitch crazy”

“bitch chipped us”

Spoby’s first time

Asking Toby if she could kiss him one last time 😍

Spoby in general

Spaleb arc - “I need you to go get a glass, ‘cause your girlfriends drinking all by herself and it’s real sad”

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

A Spoby wedding

Her to reject Mary as her mother(harsh, I know, but Veronica has been a great mother to her and Mary has been a backstabbing snake since the day she showed up). I kind of wish Mary was just the surrogate.

Spencer helping Toby get through Yvonne dying and letting him feel again. Closer bond with Jason(won’t happen)

I think how close I came to never knowing you. If I had done one little thing differently and we never met, I wonder how different things would be. Could it be that I’d care about someone else as much as I care about you? Or would I feel as though something was missing, even though I’d never be able to know what it was?

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Jeanmarco >.>

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i really wish we got to see more of marco. this ship is adorable. i love how much they balance each other out. jean is intelligent but hot headed, and marco is just so good natured and supportive. they would have been so happy together.

the one thing i really, really would have loved to have seen is if jean found out that marco was killed by the titan trio. i would have loved to see how his emotions would have effected his decisions with sparing reiner’s life…. and just how it would have effected him going forward. i think we would have seen a different speech from him in ch 90 as well. it would have aged him 15 years.

Not Quite Home in Darkeness - Chapter 18 - Nicolareed - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

—-WARNING This fanfic has massive spoilers for the entire game. —-

Noct has gotten to the end of his journey and saved the world. But what if it wasn’t the end, what if instead he was transported back in time to the very beginning. What would he do differently?

I’ve had this idea ever since the New Game plus function was introduced to the game.

I’ve not posted any fanfics since I was a kid, so this is super scary for me, but this game has stolen my life and all of my feels and I love it so much.

I’m really mean to Noct, sorry not sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope you Enjoy!


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look you support the lgbt community but first you're too young to even determine and see how wrong it is, second you shouldn't even be reading books like TOG and ACOTAR where there's rape mentions and inappropriate stuff. wait till you get older and you see how society is like rowan is a predatory male who preys on young girls like you

Oh my, look at this message full of hate. Rest assured this will not be my fate. If only you were acetate, to suppress bitterness that aggregates. I wish you would articulate. If only we could accommodate for such differing states. Lest this issue concentrate, let me speak now rather than late. 


If I am too young to determine and see wrongs within a community grouped together through sexual orientation, then am I not to find more faults through those that seek to permeate prejudice all the while faceless? I know monsters are real, and that they look like people. I know that sexual orientation does not create monsters; it is the circumstances and views that arise the unjust. But when it comes to books? In the fiction world, there are limitless guidelines and rules meant to be broken. It’s why most rebellions and revolutions start with words, whether to raise a cause into the light and use examples to illustrate points. 

If I am to be forbid to read books for such mentions, then the implications rest that I should not exist when rape, assault, and violence occurs today? While vices exist, I will not turn my head away. Does not the Bible allude to genocism, heinous encores, and purgings? To teach us the wrongs and morals? Does not Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle illustrate the working, horrid conditions? To pass the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act? Do we not read mythology, full of hypermasculinity? To indulge and foster knowledge from other times in history? 

To merely wait when I get older is like how African Americans waited over 340 years from the Reconstruction amendments to recieve any notion of equality. To address and acknowledge evils or inequalities society, one must not turn away and dive into ignorance. I’d rather culminate more knowledge at this young age so that when I’m older I’m wiser and more open-minded.


I will not tackle your Rowan mention when I believe another fandom user(s) will beautifully curve your point into the can of garbage (also I must start my LEQ, so rest assured I will come back to this post). *hint hint* *wink wink*

Before I come back to this, I want you to define the word predator, because are you not preying on my blog & my “young age” over fiction? Are you generalizing the entire collective of “young girls”? I believe Anne Frank would beg to differ. 

On their music careers my opinion.

Okay I’ll be honest here plenty of people think Andy won’t make it big but I beg to differ,If the little fool would just drop his shitty exuse for a solo record and leave it in the dark.I think he has a good chance if he would just focus on his BvB band instead.His voice is good in my opinion so if he just focuses on BvB and nothing else he could do good.His songs were well written and fantastic his screaming was pretty good too.Juliet on the other hand her music career is over period.The most fame worthy she could do would be to appear in commucials or something maybe voice acting.But other than that she should just give up and get a real job,One that doesn’t consist of her ripping of 11-19 year old girls who are too gullible to see threw Ju’s smoke and mirrors.Juliet’s best bet for a job right now would be to go apply for a Taco belle or a Burger king.

What do you think fellow anons and admins?

A/N: I just really wish BVB would go back to the music they made in 2010/2011. It would be great if they went back to the warpaint as well but it’s not as important. I just want them to stop being like every other rock band. -N

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if you were in charge of a country, and could implement any rules/ethics, what would they be?

It depends, am I a dictator, a president with two co-equal branches to contend with, am I a prime minister who has to build a governing coalition?

What I’d do as a head of state is the same, but how I did it would differ depending on the nature of the state and how much power I wield. 

My primary goal would be to address Global Warming and ecosystem decline, above all else; second to that would be economic and tax reform I would totally move towards a socialist economy, then I’d be on to reparations for Blacks, honoring the treaty commitment to Native Americas and giving them their just reparations, I’d dismantle the offensive capabilities of the US military and move them to a strictly defensive stance and cut the military budget by at least 80%, I’d raise the upper income tax rate to 100% impose a basic income for all citizens, I’d set a maximum wage and a max allowed monetary holdings, I’d deconstruct nukes, nationalize all carbon base resources and all companies oil, coal, and natural gas corporations, then dismantle them, then on to prison reform freeing all non-violent drug offenders, fully fun all needed mental health, education, and transitional programs for inmates, I’d audit and then shut down the Federal Reserve and force the Congress to once again produce the currency, I’d close all foreign military bases and halt all international small and large arms sales.

I could write a book on the policies I’d impose with full validation and support for those policies….hell, I might just do that cuz it’s hard to fully answer your question in this format.  

The White Capitalist System isn’t content to do shit the wrong way, it seems committed to doing shit in the worse possible way; so people don’t really think that a society can truly be humane, ecological, and just.  

But I think humanity is instinctively just when all obstacles to being just are removed or reduced. I’d use any state or official power to free people up to be humane, instead of indoctrinating them to be Human Resources. 

I’d do all the shit I been advocating on my blog since I set it up.  I’d use the power of the State to address the crimes of the State then I’d dismantle the State. 

So, if I ever became a head of state I’d implement Revolution from the top down instead of organizing and advocating for Revolution from the bottom up like I’m currently doing.