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not a sad ask um.. in hq s3 ep 4, near the end of the 2nd set at around 14:37-38. It was hinata's service with tsukki in front.. at that time hinata was pretty nervous about serving but kageyama gave him some sort of signal. Using his right hand he tapped his right collarbone 2 times then tapped his heart once.. do you know what it means? because he was able to calm hinata down with it.


okay i looked back on it and that’s so cute!!!  i honestly have never seen that signal before in volleyball, so i think it was just Kageyama’s way of saying “hey, just get the serve over and in bounds and we can handle it.” 

another possibility that i thought about was letting him know like ‘hey, get it in and we can use your back attack if we need to.”  however, i think that would’ve been to distract Hinata because they ended up saving it for the very last point of the match because it caught Shiratorizawa off guard, so I think if it were interpreted in that way then it would just be to distract Hinata from being nervous.  :)

thank you so much for this ask!!!!

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Uchiha Fam vs Uzumaki Fam: Which one would win on a fight? which team would you prefer? I guess Uzumaki wouldwin, as Naruto is as strong as Sasuke, while Hinata has byakugan, Hima is also very potential, they can quickly handle Sakura's fist,and Boruto somehow will beat Sarada easily as he has more skills than her, so logically, Uzumaki would likely to win but not sure in real combat, because the 3S family is known for their wit & analyzing skills so they may turn the table at last minutes

Where are you getting that information from?

Naruto is as strong as Sasuke, that much is correct.

Hinata does have the Byakugan… Okay, and? Sakura is the strongest Kunoichi in the world on paper. Doesn’t that count for anything? I also don’t see what you mean by saying that Hinata and Himawari would be able to “quickly handle Sakura’s fists”. How so? If you’re referring to the fact that they can block chakra points through the Gentle Fist, then I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Sakura’s been trained extensively by Tsunade on how to avoid getting hit, and she demonstrated her proficiency with dodging and evading attacks during her battle with Sasori. She was told of the importance of evading the enemy’s attacks as a medical ninja, and was then taught to make that the first priority during combat:

Staying unharmed is therefore paramount to Sakura’s fighting style, because she would be unable to fulfil her role as a medic if anything happened to her. So for this reason, she remains very alert to an opponent’s movements so that she can pick up on patterns and thus know exactly when and how to evade. Therefore, it would be a difficult enough job for Hinata to actually hit Sakura in the first place.

Additionally, I don’t know why you think that Boruto would somehow beat Sarada easily because he apparently “has more skills than her”, because the stats very much say otherwise:

According to these, Sarada has Boruto beaten in every category apart from dexterity. Obviously, the stats aren’t everything when determining who’s a better fighter, but they at least show a measure of a person’s individual strengths, and Sarada has the better of Boruto in that regard.

So no, logically the Uzumakis wouldn’t likely win, I predict a very close contest.

Okay so unpopular opinion: I don’t want Bitty to be captain his senior year.

This boy is already too stressed with being in college, being half closeted (as far as we know), and trying to figure that stuff out while being captain would hurt him.

Do I think he could be revealed as the next captain near the end of this year? Yes.

Do I think he’ll be able to handle that emotionally? No. Not at all.

Bitty is strong, yes, but he is also so, so vulnerable. This boy is clearly having a hard time just being on the team while being as active in his relationship as he is. He already feels that he’s letting the team down by not giving his all in practice or around the Haus.

If we do hit senior year and find Bitty as Captain of the SMH, I would not at all put it against him to resign from captaincy.

All Bitty would do is compare himself to his former captains (Ransom & Holster, Jack). And Bitty comparing himself to Jack, not only as his former captain and as his current boyfriend, would destroy him emotionally.

Tl;DR Bitty could be captain, but shouldn’t.

Sam Pepper

I will never understand how anyone could even think to pull this type of “prank” on their best friend. I don’t think it’s something that should have been done and it should not have been posted online. However, all the guys involved in this disgusting “prank” have spoken out about this video. The video was filmed a few weeks ago in LA and was only posted with Sam Golbach’s (the kid being pranked) consent. Sam Golbach said he is 100% okay as of now and this experience made him truly cherish his friendship with Colby Brock (the best friend). Colby said he knew Sam would be able to handle this situation because after 5 years of friendship, he knows Sam’s limits. Both Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are proud of this video because they think it sends out a very powerful message of appreciating your friends and not taking them for granted. I am in no way defending Colby’s actions, but I do think it is important for everyone to know what he had to say about this. It’s also important for people to know what Sam Golbach had to say and how he said he felt. As for Sam Pepper (the one who came up with this idea) he has posted extremely offensive “pranks” in the past. In 2014, he posted a video of him grabbing women’s butts in public without their consent. He called it a prank, but it was really just sexual harassment. I think Sam Pepper’s YouTube account needs to be shut down. The things he does to people and then posts are not okay. No sane person would think to do these things and call it a “joke” or “prank”.
At the end of the day, there was nothing funny about this video. It should never have been posted online. This “prank” should never have taken place.
And people need to screw their heads on straight and think about what they’re doing before they do it. Again, am in no way defending Colby Brock or Sam Pepper. I in no way shape or form agree with this video and I do think it needs to be removed. This was not funny and it can actually be very triggering to anyway who was put in a situation like this. This stuff actually happens. My brother was kidnapped as a child (he was found 3 months later and 13 years later he is still dealing with the trauma of it all). This is not something to even consider turning into a joke. It is very insensitive and just wrong.

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And at the hospital!? Who do you think is more comforting, who do you think is a fumbling mess because they can't handle seeing their baby in that much pain?

Okay, so I definitely think that Sonny would be the calmer one because of going through all of his sisters’ pregnancies. And ya know, Sonny loves his sisters a ton, so seeing them go through the pain of giving birth to their kids was always hard for him to watch. But he’s a little bit more used to the whole experience because of that, so he’s able to keep himself calm so that he can comfort Elisa (at least until Becca gets there, lol).

Rafael is the one who’s a mess, for sure! I mean, he could barely even handle it when Elisa would fall and scrape her knee when she was little. So having to see his baby go through this sort of pain? It’s a whole new level of unbearable for Rafael.

So I never really seen anyone ask this question before and honestly I’d really like to know what people think.
Okay, so if Larry and or Camren were to break up and I mean it’s actually over. Which ship would you feel would hurt the most? Like which one could you definitely not be able to handle it being completely over… And my answer to that question is honestly Camren and the reason why is that I never shipped a couple so hard since Larry and I never thought I could do it even harder. And now that I see how love can make people feel so many different things it’s just incredible to see. I feel Camren has touched my heart in a way that I can’t explain. And Larry has too but Camren is different. It’s like even though Larry may have more evidence with the tattoos and sexual moments on stage and Harry staring at Louis. To me when I see Camila and Lauren it’s like a love story that goes through heart break and trauma. Its toxic and that’s why I love it more. It’s a beautiful love story that if it were to end it would hurt like hell. They’ve touched so many lives

All Done Up - Daryl Dixon

“Can you do a Daryl x Reader request where they’re on a supply run and they split up to cover more ground and when Daryl finds the reader she’s in the makeup section with a full face of makeup picking out different products for the other women at the prison? :)”

A/N: this is such an adorable idea!

Me and Daryl had been sent on a supply run to a Target we had discovered a few days ago. Even though it was a big store, Rick knew the two of us would be able to handle it. We did a sweep of the store, only killing six walkers.
“Okay, I’ll get the canned stuff and batteries, you get the bathroom stuff,” Daryl told me.
“Don’t you mean toiletries?” I joked.
“Shut up.”
I hit his arm playfully and went off in search of the health and beauty section.
After I had gotten all of our necessities, I spotted the makeup section. Boy, it had been a while. I was a makeup artist before everything happened, and I missed it a lot. I went down the isle, and I was instantly in heaven.

Daryl’s POV

I had just finished gathering up everything that was on our list, and went off in search of y/n. I headed towards the “toiletries” section. I walked down the isles that contained the stuff on our list, and she wasn’t there. I started to get worried. I walked up a couple more isles and found her. She was standing there holding some weird pencil looking thing and a tube of lipstick. “Oh, Michonne would like this..ooh Beth could use this..Maggie would love this..Sasha might like that..Carol needs this…” She whispered to herself, picking up different things and putting them in her bag.
“What are you doing?”
She turned to face me. Her face looked..different. In a good way. Her eyes were all done up, her lips were bright red, her eyebrows darker, and her cheek bones stood out more. “What the hell happened to you?”
“Oh, I did my makeup!” She beamed. I smiled, seeing her so happy absolutely made my heart melt.
“It looks great, real professional.”
“Well thank you. I was a professional, actually.”
“Really? You never told me that.”
“Well I never thought I’d see makeup again, so I never mentioned it. It may be stupid, but finding this made my day.”
“It’s not stupid, it makes you happy, and you look pretty, babe.”
“Aw, thank you Darebear.” I groaned, she giggled.
“Come on! Let’s go home, I gotta show the girls what I found!”

Okay but if Steve does die in Diana’s arms in the movie, and it directly parallels these two scenes:

I’m not going to be able to handle how beautiful that would be. Diana would be in Lois and Rick’s position, crouched over the man she loves, while people around her watch, probably the team of men we’ve seen her with in the photo from BvS and the trailers.

If this does happen, man is it going to be some powerful imagery.

lectorel replied to your post:Would the clone of Padmé be able to get pregnant?…

Angel and Vader BOTH going ‘Okay… I mean that definitely sounds fake, but okay.’ *cackles* I’m so here for Angel and Vader being bitter platonic saltmates sideyeing everything Palpatine says.

That’s probably what they are, really, bitter platonic saltmates unto death. Burn them on the same funeral pyre in fabulous matching black ensembles with the knowledge that Palpatine went out like a fuckboy and died screaming, because that is all they need in life, really, they are good. 

Also, here you go, Luke, this is your kid now, you handle this. Or your sister can, whatever. We probably named them something really fucked up like “Ben”. >> 

Okay so John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death because he’s pushing his own guilt onto Sherlock as it’s too hard for him to handle, probably because John blames himself because he told Mary she should go first. Imagine the thought process…

If I didn’t tell Mary to go she would be safe. She wouldn’t have been able to jump in front of the shot. She would be alive. Rosie would have a mother. And Sherlock would be dead…

And then John realizes that he doesn’t want that, and that he actually would prefer it to happen the way it did so Sherlock would live.

Then he hates himself more because a part of him is glad his wife is dead and his own daughter is motherless. 

When he sees Sherlock he is reminded of this and his guilt is worsened, and that’s why he distances himself from Sherlock so much. Therefore, he chooses Sherlock to put the blame on so he can rationalize ostracizing him as well 

Fandom: Okay, I mean I get that Rose wasn’t great at empathy, but the tension between Pearl and Greg was so strong, there’s no way she wouldn’t have been able to tell something was wrong without having it spelled out for her. The fact that she never tried to address that is clearly proof that at best she handled her relationships badly and at worst she actively neglected her partners in pursuit of her own selfish desires.

Rose: You would not believe how long it took me to figure out that you were the same species! :o

Rose: What do you mean babies shouldn’t be allowed to climb Ferris wheels?? B-but… he wanted to?? D:

Rose: The controls aren’t cooperating, maybe punching them will help????

At this point, I’m less surprised that Rose didn’t notice the tension and more that this is the same person who led a planet-wide rebellion. (God, she gives me life, though.)

Diaries ep 81 *SPOILERS*

I would say everything that’s on my mind but I can’t make it out over the screaming and the crying and –


*Breaks down in tears

j-just why? Please Aphmau… I don’t think I’ll be able to handle his death… I felt closer to him than anyone else in the series… To be completely honest he was like a father figure to me, always protective of the ones he loved. I mean hE HAD A BABY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

*more sobbing

That’s all… I-I just don’t think I can wait three days. I CAN’T EVEN FEEL HAPPY ABOUT GETTING GARROTH BACK


No matter how many times you told him that he didn’t have to look out for you, he always did. He knew that you could handle yourself and your own affairs but he always just liked to check in on you, making sure you were okay and being treated well. If he didn’t check in on you, he would never be able to live with himself.

“You sure you’re okay?” Bucky asked you, helping you carry some shopping back to your apartment.

“Buck, I promise,” you smiled, “I’m absolutely okay. The guy that was bothering me last week isn’t anymore, you took care of him so now no one’s bothering me.”

Bucky smiled, “Well, I’m always here if you need me.”

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hi! may i have a ship with sf9 and pentagon please?? <3 i am lanky and thin so i look kinda gangly with deathly white skin. i am introverted and need my space, but i am not shy. i can also be a lil' blunt at times, with quick responses. a lil' loud and brash around friends - who are mainly guys. i am quite studious as well; i rarely enjoying doing nothing. i love to sing and act - i try and do performances all the time. people say i have a big voice for my small frame aha. hope this was okay! ~

hello~ thanks for the request!

in sf9 i ship you with jaeyoon!

Originally posted by neozbin

i think he would be a good one to handle all the energy it seems you have. he would be able to handle your bluntness and call you out when it becomes too much. he has a lot of energy and will be able to keep up with you and all the activities you wanna do! plus, he loves to sing! :)

in pentagon i ship you with hongseok!

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hongseok seems to be the type to have a lot of energy too. he likes to be busy and is always at the gym. he will be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle. he’ll be able to handle your big personality. idk how he would feel about most of your friends being guys, but he would trust you 100%


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Last one; hope these keep you busy dude; You have a choice between either taking control over the world now in its current state, or being head off a new planet. Difference is that the new planet doesnt have as much capabilities as this one. What do you choose and why?

George you rock for this okay because this is actually making me think lmao. But I think I’d go with new planet. The world we live in today has so many individuals who are so entitled and in my opinion wouldn’t be able to handle a change for the better. There’s so much hate in the world today and as much as I would love to fix that, it won’t happen.

Part 2 of Chris being a dad

You woke up out of a dead sleep feeling sick. Not even paying attention that your husband wasn’t in bed. You just hurried out of bed and ran into the master bedroom and got sick. Chris had been working out when he heard you. Usually, he would work out with the radio or TV on for noise but since you got pregnant he wanted to be able to hear you at any time.
“You okay Y/N?” He asked as he took your hair you were trying to hold yourself.
“I’ll live.” You said leaning against the toilet waiting to see if the sickest had passed.
Chris keep rubbing your back. He hates that you felt sick and he couldn’t stop it. The first time you got sick. You had to handle Chris thru it. He was so upset and worried about it.
“Chris this is normal.” You said seating on his lap and taking his hand on your stomach.
“I will be sick every day if it means our baby will be okay because it’s worth it.”

“Help me up.” You said trying to get up.
After he helped you get up you went to brush your teeth.
“We need to get ready or we will be late to the doctor.” You said with a weak smile at Chris.
He walked up behind you and hugged you. Moving his hands to your stomach and rubbing it.
“Hopefully, we can see what the little bean is?” He said kissing your ear.
Leaning into his chest and letting out a smile moan.
“I will never understand how you still find me attractive Mr. Evans.” You said looking at him in the mirror
He laughed and moved his hands up to your breast.
“Babe. You were sexy before but the glow you have it’s breathtaking. Plus to be you have always been perfect. Especially your ass.” He said playfully spanking it.
Turning around you leaned up and gave your husband a very passionate kiss then lead to the shower and almost made you both late to the doctor office.

“Mrs. Evans?” The nurse called your name.
“I’m here.” You said grabbing your purse and Chris’s hand.
“How are you feeling today.” The nursed asked as she leads you into the examining room.
“I was sick this morning, but my lovely husband helped me thru it.” You said winking at him remembering the sex you had that morning before the shower.
“Let’s get you into this gown and the doctor will be right in and hopefully we will see if it’s a boy or girl today.” She said handing you the gown and shutting the door as she walked out.
“I hate these gowns.” You said so complaining.
Chris just watched you with a smile on his face. He was so in love with you. He could watch you complain or laugh for hours. He didn’t want to miss any of this pregnancy.
Knocking on the door your doctor Mrs. Tomb walked in smiling at your both.
“I heard you were sick this morning. How are you feeling now?” She asked checking your blood pressure.
“I feel a lot better.” You said
“Have you had any more headaches?” She asked.
The first three months you had kept a headache, but they were gone now.
“Not for the last couple months no.” You said.
“That’s good. So you are six months today. Let’s see if we can see the sex.” She said getting the sonogram machine ready.
“This may be a little cold.” She said putting the gel on your stomach.
Chris was right next to you hold your hand. Before you knew it the baby was on the little screen.
“The baby has a very strong heartbeat.” She said turning the screen for both of you could see it.
You had a sonogram before but this time, the baby was bigger and it was so clear. This was Chris and yours baby that you made together. A tear ran down your face and when you looked up at Chris his eyes went from crying too. Squeezing your hand Chris asked the question you both wanted to know.
“Can you see if it’s a boy or a girl?” He asked not taking his eyes of his child.
“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Evans your little girl will be here in four more months.” She said showing you.
“I told you it was a girl Y/N.” He said leaning down to kiss you.
You all laughed as he said that.
“Everything looks great with her. You seem to be doing good. So keep taking your vitamins and call me if a headache comes back. I have the pictures and your next appointment with the nurse and she’ll be in as soon as you get dressed.” She said walking out.
Cleaning yourself up and getting dressed you walked out to see Chris looking at the pictures of your little girl.
“She’s beautiful.” He said looking up at you.
You both walked out hand in hand to the car. As he helped you in you noticed he couldn’t stop smiling. After you got your seat belt on. Chris gave you a kiss and then leaned down and kissed your stomach.
“Daddy loves you, princess.” He said to your stomach.
“We love you too, but the girls in your life are starving.” You said smiling up at him.
“Can’t keep my girls starving. Then we are going shopping.” He said shutting the door.
Your daughter started kicking as soon as he shut the door.
“already a daddy’s girl are you. Well just don’t forget your mommy.” You said running your tummy.

I’m getting so bad again. Its just getting uncontrollably hard to be okay. Its like no one even notices how dead I am inside.. the voices in my head are so loud you’d think everyone could hear them. You’d think someone would be able to see I’m screaming for help in silence. I haven’t thought about hurting myself this much in quite some time now. I don’t know how to handle it and how to not notice it. I wish it would go away. Its crazy how two fucking people you would die for can cause you so much god awful pain. Its crazy how two people can destroy your heart just for you to hand it back to them. I feel like a complete mess. Everyone said I’d feel better after graduating, but depression to this extent doesn’t just “get better” after high school ends. I cant keep waking up just to want to die.


last 48 hours i experienced fat shaming for 5 times including people laughing about me, pointing a finger on me and one person even told me to do sports. i was always able to handle situations like these very well, but right now that was such a bunch of verbal abuses that when i was at home i was just crying for like an hour and i’m having a really big existential crisis. i took pictures of my body because i thought i would feel better then. now i can see how beautiful i am and that my body is totally okay. fat shaming really needs to stop and i have no idea how to survive through summer.