i would never unfollow any of them

in addition to my follow forever, i wanted to add that i am almost to one thousand followers and to the extent of my knowledge, i have never gotten any sort of anon hate. that’s honestly freaking amazing and i would like to thank every single one of my followers for this. i would also like you to know that sending anonymous hate is not okay to any extent, and if you have an issue with someone, unfollow them or block them, or message them if you think they should remove the content you find offensive. thanks for listening❤️ #nicerinternet

so i just saw something upsetting

it was on anon so idk who to direct this to - ill just make a general post

you never. EVER. say ‘lamo i doubt ur actually a survivor’ like fuck off.

this was sent on anon to a shipper, and if any of my followers would send a message like this then u can unfollow me right now, the unfollow button is right there in the upper right corner

dont tell someone that you dont believe they are really a survivor. survivors often get/feel invalidated enough w/o u doing that shit to them. dont ever say ‘i bet ur lying’ or ‘as if ur REALLY a survivor’ just because they are a shipper/dont have the same veiws you do. that dosent just erase the fact that they are a survivor. i dont like shippers either and i dont agree with them, but dont go around invalidating them, especially when for a lot of people it takes years to come to terms with the fact that they were abused.

 a lot of survivors of abuse already doubt themselves, like ‘maybe im just overreacting’ or ‘im too sensitive’ or ‘this is normal’, survivors already have to deal with their own shit, dont ever say that you dont believe them when theyve come out about being abused. like fuck off if u do that

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Would you have any idea why some readers on FF follow stories that are finished? I have people following my completed stories that were finished in like 2006 lol. It always baffles me.

I honestly have no idea why they do it, though the same thing happens to me! I mean, my oldest fics are only from 2014 but they’re still clearly marked complete, and still someone goes and follows them. I always feel like messaging them and saying “you should probably unfollow that” but I never do. It just seems to be a weird thing people do lol

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☁ and ☢️

salty af munday meme 
( @metallsinne why do i feel like u sent these in ?? ) 

☁ Have you ever forgiven a partner when you shouldn’t have?

i have forgiven a partner when i normally wouldn’t. and honestly? it hasn’t brought me any benefit. i don’t feel better, we don’t talk ooc or anything. it’s more like…now i don’t have them blocked. BUT THAT’S ME. i am not the forgive and forget type. i don’t like being burned once so i rarely, almost never set myself up to be burned twice. but from the number of times people have asked me what it would take to unfollow, it should be obvious that i am fairly easy going and don’t get outrageously mad easily.   i would rather cut someone out completely after a grievous offense and just…forget about them? i guess that’s what i do. i forget rather than forgive. i wish them well in their future endeavors but feel no need to include myself in them. 

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

i’m ngl, i’m not a fan of super tiny icons. i understand the aesthetic and it won’t (or it hasn’t thus far) stopped me from threading with anyone but for me i love the visual of being able to see the image and attach some part of it to the thread? but i know my icons are weird with super contrast and red boost and all so i have very clearly different taste for icons. 

Once I am able to access tumblr on my laptop (I am on mobile) I will be unfollowing any and all who think it is okay to give Jensen the gift of lube. Never have I been so disgusted and disappointed in parts of this fandom you make me sick to see how you treat an actor and such an amazing man as you do Jensen. I refuse to acknowledge and follow such disgusting and low things. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourselves but it’s clear that you don’t have an ounce of human decency in you.

Six Months

I listened to Once In A Lifetime on repeat while writing this and now I’m emotional. Enjoy :)

Six months. It had been six long months since Harry had left. Six months since Y/N had talked to him, six months since she’d even seen him. But it hadn’t been six months since Y/N had thought about him. In fact, it had barely been six minutes since the last time he’d crossed her mind.

Avoiding an ex was never easy. Unfollowing them on social media felt so final, but yet seeing their posts online was simply impossible while attempting to move on. With any other person, Y/N would’ve taken the leap, removing them from all of her accounts and pushing their updates out of her life. But that was thing the about dating someone famous, Y/N had come to learn. It was never that easy to just forget them.

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yes, stiles had an infatuation with lydia before they became friends. he had a crush on her for years. but he never put her in situations that would make her uncomfortable, or forced his feelings on her, or “stalked her.” and over the years once they became friends his infatuation turned to genuine caring and friendship, and he fell in love with her for real. and yet EVEN STILL he never forced his feelings on her or tried to manipulate her with them.

so if you’re that person that’s calling him a stalker or saying that a stydia endgame would just be “rewarding his manipulative behavior” then just unfollow me right this second because i don’t have any time for your bullshit.

Please, friends, if you’ll indulge this Tumblr elder, I’d like to offer a piece of advice.

Please never, ever call someone out negatively by name publicly for their artwork (or writing, or appearance, or things of that nature). Even if you feel very strongly averse to the thing, it does nobody any good to attack the person… and that is what you’re doing. You’re attacking a person you don’t even know, on a deeply personal level.

If you don’t like that person’s work, unfollow them and scroll past or get x-kit.

I just wanted to say this because I have definitely seen things cross my dash that make me do a lemon face, but I would never, in a million years, call out the creator because that is not.my.place.

Be nice. Stay in your lane. Let’s maintain this ship’s reputation for nice people liking not-nice-characters.