i would never unfollow any of them

Just FYI.

I have over 5000 of you from the Riverdale fandom and I’m going say something now that EVERYONE needs to hear.

1. Sending Hate to another blog for ANY reason is WRONG! I don’t care if you do on Anon or not. You made someone else feel like shit and that’s NOT okay.

2. If you don’t like a blogger, FUCKING UNFOLLOW THEM! Saves everyone the trouble.

3. Telling someone to kill themselves is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t what fucking reason you think is reasonable for you to say that, it’s not okay. How would you feel if you were already suicidal and got those messages? Would you want to be reasonable for a HUMAN killing them selves. Would you be willing to sleep at night knowing someone lost a son/daughter, sister/brother, loved one, etc?

4. Ships. I don’t care who you ship. But it is NOT a reason to hate someone. I have plenty of beautiful bloggers that I love who ship different people than I do. You can be a decent fucking human too.

5. Please Spread some Love. I love this Fandom with all my heart and I love all of you. After everything happening in this world, negativity is NOT something that we need. Plus People, we are not even to season 2. Chill and have fun.

6. If a Blogger doesn’t upload on a certain day that they said they would, OH FUCKING WELL. We all have lives outside Tumblr. And It takes forever to writing good fics. Instead of demanding where the fic is, ask the blogger how they are doing or if they are okay.

7. Remember I love you. Especially You. And I am ALWAYS here for you. No matter the problem or if you are just having a shitty day. I. Am. Here. And so are the people who love you. Never be afraid to speak to me.

That’s all I have to say for right now, but feel free to message me.



I created a new instagram a few weeks ago and I’m following EVERYONE back right now, follow me, send me a message or comment in any picture that you’re from tumblr and I PROMISE I will follow you back and never unfollow you.

I enjoy taking pictures, landscapes and my cats. I try my best to make them look amazing! It would mean the world to me if you followed me because I’m studying abroad this fall and I would love to share the story with as many people as I could. 

The username is @ferlozs and you can always hit me up!


When I block someone, it’s an absolute last resort.  

It’s after I’ve gone through the other rigamarole of trying to limit how much I have to see content from that person.  

It’s after I’ve muted them.  It’s after I’ve unfollowed.  It’s after both of those things still aren’t enough.  

I don’t feel like I should have to explain myself or my reasons for blocking.  

But I can tell you that I never block someone to be mean to the person I’m blocking.  I 100% block for my own mental health.  If any of you (gods forbid) find yourselves blocked by me, just know that I would never do it to upset you.  It’s never to be mean or horrible to you, it’s because I need to protect myself.

And no, that’s not an insult to you. It’s not a judgement of you or your blog.  

It’s a reflection of my own awareness of my mental illness and my own shortcomings.  

Should I be able to just scroll past?  Of course.  If I were one hundred percent in control of my mental health, I would be able to roll my eyes, and scroll past.  

I’d be able to let things roll off my back.  

Petty insults, anon hate, mean fic comments… I’d be able to just shrug and move on.  

But I’m not mentally healthy.  I have a long history of systemic abuse stemming from my childhood and on into my adulthood.  I have c-ptsd because of this.  I have an anxiety disorder.  I have depressive episodes.  

And above all of this?  I have a real life where I am needed and I need to function.  I have children who depend on me. My own children.  And I cannot be responsible for the mental health of another individual who I have never met and honestly have never held a real conversation with.  I can only be responsible for my own.  

this is the last im ever going to say about it but basically like: this one person i used to be friends with got mad at me for 1) not liking kylo ren for personal reasons and 2) asking people to tag transition. and they never once thought that it would help to come to me about it. instead they waited for it to reach a boiling point and got their girlfriend to join them in yelling at me as if i were supposed to just… know what they wanted. nor did they ever consider just unfollowing me and letting it go. like they chose to make it into drama and to continue mocking me (and enlisting friends to mock me) long after i had blocked them both and told them not to contact me ever again. like. how is any of that worth it

kakunamatatoes  asked:

1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and/or 17 for the Salt Asks

1.  What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get? I don’t get ikemarth. I don’t get it. You could sit me down with a timeline of smash fandom and the history of the ship’s evolution over the years I still would not get it

3.  Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? I got fed up with this one particular person who never shut up about how unforgivably awful and cruel ike was for leaving his adult sister who is in no way dependent on him behind to leave on his journey. As if it was her choice to make, or that he would ever do so without her blessing in the first place. 

4.  Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP? Might as well just put every single het ike ship here, but truth be told I don’t think any of them count as popular these days. Special props to Ike/Mia shippers though for fabricating fake “deleted” PoR supports to make it look like a pair who talk all of 4 times in 2 games had a leg to stand on. 

6.  Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated? Not that I can think of? My internal barometer of what appeals to me isn’t influenced by the rest of the fandom much tbh

7.  Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now? I wouldn’t say I can’t stand her but my opinion of Micaiah has certainly taken a tumble since I first played RD all those years ago. This probably has more to do with my own changing views on nationalism, and aspects of her that I respected before just strike me as dangerous and not at all admirable now. 

anonymous asked:

if I block a person's url with xkit, will their posts not show up at all when people reblog them? Cause I unfollowed someone but lots of people (that I like) still reblog them and I'd just like to stop seeing their posts. I just don't know if like I blacklist their name will I not see any post that they even like? Cause then my entire dash would be gone. I just don't want to see their posts.

This is a good question, and I believe it’s one I’ve asked a few months ago, but I can’t remember what people said. If anyone has an idea, let this person know! 

so i just saw something upsetting

it was on anon so idk who to direct this to - ill just make a general post

you never. EVER. say ‘lamo i doubt ur actually a survivor’ like fuck off.

this was sent on anon to a shipper, and if any of my followers would send a message like this then u can unfollow me right now, the unfollow button is right there in the upper right corner

dont tell someone that you dont believe they are really a survivor. survivors often get/feel invalidated enough w/o u doing that shit to them. dont ever say ‘i bet ur lying’ or ‘as if ur REALLY a survivor’ just because they are a shipper/dont have the same veiws you do. that dosent just erase the fact that they are a survivor. i dont like shippers either and i dont agree with them, but dont go around invalidating them, especially when for a lot of people it takes years to come to terms with the fact that they were abused.

 a lot of survivors of abuse already doubt themselves, like ‘maybe im just overreacting’ or ‘im too sensitive’ or ‘this is normal’, survivors already have to deal with their own shit, dont ever say that you dont believe them when theyve come out about being abused. like fuck off if u do that

softfaeiry  asked:

why do you think its ok to ship a 15 yr old with an 18 yr old js thats really gross for me to see as a survivor who followed u and likes your art and i just,,don't get why you would do that

i think it’s okay to ship them because there’s nothing wrong, to me, with a 15 year old (who is almost 16) and an 18 year old (who literally just turned 18) to be dating. it’s the same as a high school sophomore and high school senior dating. it’s not against any american law, if it was then a lot of hs seniors and college freshman should be in jail right now. plus the age of consent in the countries otabek and yurio are from are both 16, which yurio isn’t, but i haven’t drawn anything to cross over into that issue. age of consent doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to date at all until then. relationships at any age, but especially for teenagers, can be very innocent and about friendship and falling in love, which is how i see and hope to portray otayuri.

i’m not sexualizing them and i don’t have any plans to, even when drawing them aged up, the most “intimate” i’ve drawn them or implied them being is in my post recent picture where yurio is sitting in otabeks lap playing a video game and a tiny little kiss that isn’t even show head on. and i guess the line of “isn’t every night a sleepover” but if someone is interpreting that sexually, that’s their doing not mine. if anyone thinks i ship them because of sex, i don’t. never once have i said that i am or shown them that way.

i tag all my posts, their pictures specifically with their names, the ship names “otayuri” “otaburi” and “yurabek”, if you want to blacklist those tags (those are the most common ship names i’ve seen, so that would also keep any other art from other artists involving them from showing up on your dash). also, feel free to unfollow or block me. i don’t want that to sound mean, as if i don’t care about your concerns, it’s the opposite. everyone deserves to have a comfortable time on tumblr and if that means unfollowing/blocking me is the best way to curate your internet experience, then i hope that you do. i don’t want to cause undue stress for anyone, but i’m also not going to censor myself when i don’t feel like i’m doing anything wrong.

everyone is in charge of their own experience, so make the best choices for yourself.

I don’t do this on Tumblr often but I’m about to get serious for a few minutes - if you really don’t care about fandom related things like people being dipshits, then scroll on by and keep on keeping on, it’s all good, but this has been been building for some time now and I feel like I need to say something about it. I included a nice picture of Geoffrey to tide you over in the meantime.

First off, what is being a fan about? Well, to me it means you like Thing, and you enjoy Thing, and you decide you want to spread some of the joy of that Thing to other people, so you set up an account on $website and you start posting about Thing and then maybe other people join in with you and you all squee and enjoy Thing together and talk about it and swap ideas, and then maybe you start sharing really hard to find stuff about $actor from Thing and you get warm and tingly when people discover Thing and enjoy it because of your $website. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy helping people discover and enjoy the things I like! It’s FUN for me to share, and I like contributing. That’s fandom at its most excellent and how it all should be.


I really dislike ‘gatekeepers’, and I really detest people who go out of their way to repeatedly harass other fans when they decide they don’t like them. On its own, this is a common problem in fandom, and one I am fine with ignoring for the most part, but the particular thorn in *this* fandom’s side is complicated by the fact that Paul Gross is officially on Twitter these days, and when a celebrity is made party to this negative behaviour, things get really unpleasant and awkward for everyone.

There is a person on Twitter that some of you all may know, who is currently making it her business to harass other Paul Gross fans. She tags him into conversations that he has no business being part of, she makes very disturbingly creepy flirty tweets at him, she acts as though she is his personal agent/bodyguard and she has this odd habit of claiming her ‘cousin’ is running her Twitter account so she can repeatedly tell him, via her ‘cousin’, how ‘grateful’ he should be for her Facebook page (because he totally wouldn’t be so well appreciated without it… never mind that he’s been a successful actor for decades on his own merits).

Full Disclosure: I had a bit of a run-in with this individual on Tumblr a few years back; they were putting copyright symbols and their username on photos they had no such copyrights to and reposting them. I had the temerity to point this out, and was met with such teenage-level vitriole, verbal abuse and personal attacks, it was simultaneously amusing and annoying. I ended up blocking her on Twitter to get her out of my face, and thought no more of it. I was done with it and felt that was where things ended.

Alas, no.

A friend alerted me to her ongoing stalkery, harassing behaviour towards others a few months ago. As you might expect, I shook my head at the ridiculousness and just kind of shrugged and moved on, while simultaneously wishing they would find some other thing to obsess over. Then I began seeing disturbing things in my timeline: people tweeting at Paul that they would have to unfollow him because they couldn’t handle his ‘fans’ - or rather, a particular fan, for barraging them with insults and doing the textual equivalent of prodding them repeatedly and demanding they apologise for what I saw were completely innocuous comments - not directed to her, but at Paul.

I found myself apologising on fandoms’ behalf in one instance, and assuring them that this was not at all representative of people who genuinely enjoy Paul’s work. I was able to allay their concerns, but it heightened mine. And now it’s coming to my attention via a few other avenues that she is continuing to harass and insult established fans for reasons unknown, while simultaneously crying that she is a victim. She has sent private FB messages to continue laying into them, when they just want to be left the hell alone, even after she claimed to block them. The latest target of this nonsense? A German fan who is, in my personal experience, one of the least offensive people I follow on Twitter. Why? Because Paul actually followed them, when they asked him. She even demanded that this person share any Direct Messages Paul might send them with her. Uh… how about no?

What’s to be done? - well, that’s a pretty good question. What can you do, really? Nothing. This person has a right to be an asshole on the internet, just as it’s our right to ignore them. But it reflects poorly on us as a whole and I fear it looks even worse when the celebrity is constantly sucked into it; my fear is that it would make him withdraw from the site completely and how exactly does one tell a stalkery obsessive fan to just stop? You don’t, really, not without a restraining order.

Please note: I am not really advocating any sort of action, and there’s not really any action TO take that isn’t likely to be irresponsible and get people into trouble. I don’t advocate dogpiling someone, or targeting someone. It never ends well. I am not a violent person. But perhaps we can just stop validating them. Stop following them, stop replying to them. Unfollow their page. Don’t respond to their insults (I actually did suggest just replying with random nonsense words, since their comments and actions are about as nonsensical in nature). Not everyone has a thick skin, and not everyone can resist engagement, I know. I just felt like this had gone on long enough that I needed to comment on it, because one thing I profoundly do not like is people harshing other fans’ squee because they are so desperate and needy for attention that they will verbally claw out the eyes of anyone else they see getting it. It’s mean, it’s spiteful, and it’s rude and against everything that makes being a fan enjoyable.

So why make this post? I felt I should get this off my chest, mostly, because it’s been bothering me that someone is being so mean-spirited and selfish about something that I and many others enjoy, and I wanted those who’ve been picked on to know that they’re not alone in having been picked on, and that it’s not okay, not ever, for someone to do this to you. I really don’t like seeing people feel bullied and harassed, and it’s not in my nature to stand aside and not say anything about it. Fraser wouldn’t, and neither will I.

(Oh and if said person sees this page… you’re welcome. I’m glad you realise that this is about you and that you do indeed have a major problem. Maybe time for some self reflection, yes? Or… you can do what you usually do and probably will, which is hurl incomprehensible babbling rage at me and make a lot of vague tweets/facebook posts about how put upon you are and how everyone is bullying you somehow. Your choice. I won’t see them anyway, and don’t care about your opinion, so have at it.)

You may now all return to your regular Tumblring. You are all lovely people.

If you’re following me and bashing the AKF campaign in favor of the YANA campaign, kindly please unfollow. Both are incredibly wonderful and fan supportive campaigns and deserve our returned support. If you identify with one’s mission statement over the other, that’s fine. However, if you preach that AKF was a just ploy to help Jared’s public image and that YANA is truly for the fans, you diminish or discount the struggle all victims of depression face. How dare you dismiss someone’s confession of a deeply stigmatized personal battle that they were brave enough to share DESPITE the impact it could have had on his public image. Jared identifies with a large number of us and you’d reject that, and turn it into another petty Jared vs Jensen vs Misha fan squabble because you happen to ship something or lust after one of these men and not the other. It disgusts me that we are fortunate enough to be blessed with such pure and selfless role models who give so much of themselves, and somehow there are still those who would tear them down. How many of you cry your disorder is never recognized or is discredited and now that you have a champion for your cause, nay multiple champions, you would treat them as society has treated you. Smh. Like I said, if you are taking this opportunity to pick sides and bad mouth any of the boys, you know where the unfollow button is.

Once I am able to access tumblr on my laptop (I am on mobile) I will be unfollowing any and all who think it is okay to give Jensen the gift of lube. Never have I been so disgusted and disappointed in parts of this fandom you make me sick to see how you treat an actor and such an amazing man as you do Jensen. I refuse to acknowledge and follow such disgusting and low things. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourselves but it’s clear that you don’t have an ounce of human decency in you.

anonymous asked:

thanks for showing your true colors I didn't think I would unfollow you for this but never judge a book by it's cover next time think before tagging someones photo as ' your love' or 'holy shit' seriously like thats seriously gross and you should be ashamed of yourself you don't even know this person think before you tag next time

Yeah. Sure. We clearly don’t know each other and I have never had any interaction with this person. Obliviously. Clearly I just thirst follow them and force them to go to my birthday parties as we usually always room together at cons and hang out. Oh, and don’t forgot that we skype all the time, but you know, sure. Let’s go with that.

Disgusted by the Clique being used as an oxymoron

Once again, I have to reiterate this to a clique that I trust and love to be in. There are people, unfortunately that ruins it to everyone. Does it ever cross these people’s minds that they are abusing a person for their own purposes? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler stops climbing, even for just a couple shows. If they want to engage the audience, they trust them to treat humanely. That is the entire point of the ‘Holding Onto You’ part of the show, they trust their fans to hold them up while he is performing. 

And some people decide to take that away. And if it’s funny that his shirt is ripped to shreds by people that want to hold him, to take part of his clothing, please unfollow me. Send me hate mail because you would treat Tyler like that. 

I love Tyler too (come on, who doesn’t love Tyler and his quirks, his higher voice, his rap, his paint, his piano, his talent and his hope. Does that give me any excuse to treat him that way? No. It never does. That is a person, not an object for your purposes. 

We know about self-confidence, that is what the entire point of Blurryface was about and it seems like we are going to make his paint darker again. These are the people that will make him shove into more anxiety. 

The Skeleton Clique is an amazing, loving place but it also has people that call themselves ‘fans’ treating him like that. It’s not fair really. It makes me so disgusted that fans would do this.

The Skeleton Clique is an outlet for hope, there are so many amazing people that comprise it. I hope to try to create a positive blog as possible. This blog is an outlet of happiness and hope. And sure we will all have our bad days, but this band makes me feel I am not alone. 

A band out there that cares and yet some people have the audacity to treat them like this. I really want to spread even more positivity on the recent actions. We have true fans, not elitest or rude or violent fans, these people need to be treated better than simply an object that we can rip apart. 

I stand with Tyler Joseph and I am extremely disgusted by it. You all are amazing and this band is amazing. No one deserves to feel that the people that they once trusted is losing faith in them like Tyler is right now.

I along with many of you are amazing people and I hope that he will continue singing, even with these terrible events.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the events in Ukraine? I follow your blog and I'm a native Russian. I'm worried about all the hate on this site.

How do I feel about it? 

I’m afraid. 

People have strong opinions. I would urge you to ignore them. 

This blog has almost 1,000 followers now. I’m sure you’re not the only Russian in that number. I don’t like the hate on this site, either, I never have (even when it’s just about fandoms).

About the only thing I can say to you is that I’m not going to be unfollowing any of the House’s Russian following. I value your input. I value people. 

Every side of this crisis has its own perspective, and that perspective is going to be used by the media to encourage propaganda. That’s the same in every country in the world. We all tell the story from the perspective that we are right. 

I would urge the rest of my followers to be dubious about what they’re told by any media. When we start to sanction hate, we sanction wars we don’t want to fight. We sanction the idea that people are nothing more than stereotypes, and we sanction their dehumanisation. 

I’m English, and right now, you and I are on the verge of being called enemies by the media. 

I’m not your enemy. 

But I’m afraid of what might happen if the powers that be decide that we are. 


Making this cos i get asks about it daily

I hate Omocat. I hate people who support that, I hate shota stuff, I hate their products. I hate it. And you know why? Cos I actually really give a shit about the safety of people and kids especially. And omocat supports this whole “younger the better” “shota babe” “shota con” thing and with such a mass audience it really effects the consumers mind towards it. It fucking worries the shit out of me because I love kids and I want them to be safe, I would never wish something this horrible on a kid nor would I support a company that promotes that. It’s disgusting and If I see you reblogging it or associating w it in unfollowing you. I don’t have time to argue this stupid bull shit any more.

I am a terrible person but the moment I see in a post about social justice “THIS IS GONNA BE IGNORED BY SJWS” or “I BET FEMINISTS ARE GONNA IGNORE THIS” I feel like punching a wall and I’d rather break my fucking hand than reblogging it

Like fuck you

Feminists are here for all of us. We can’t fucking solve the whole world at the same time and if men are feeling opressed or their issues aren’t being adressed IS NOT FEMINIST’S FAULTS BUT OTHER MEN'S 

Social justice on tumblr has a lot of flaws but it has helped me become better and has helped me realize a lot of problematic stuff and keeps directing my attention to issues I would have never imagined were even issues because I had internalized them completely

If you honestly believe you have the right to insult or hate on feminist or social justice blogs on any way do yourself a fucking favor, unfollow me, and above all


anonymous asked:

I like your blog because of all the Emma, but you don't even acknowledge her being gay or bisexual, I'm unfollowing you, I'm done with this crap.

Do you know what kiind of crap I’m done with?

People thinking that in order for a woman not to be gay, she has to say it out loud.

Why on earth would I acknowledge Emma Swan being gay when she is not and has never showed any sign? Dont give me wardrobe bullshit, Emma Swan wears whatever she wants, and she could wear a fucking rain bow dress it would still not mean anything, because clothes dont make sexuality, Emma has always been interested by men, she is into men, she is kissing them, she is in love with Killian Jones, she is not “a lesbian who needs to come out of the closet”

It’s discriminating the way people consider her fashion style a gay thing, because God fucking forgives women for wearing blank tops and not to spend days braiding their hair.

Emma is a woman, a mother, a heterosexual woman interested by men, and let be remind you it is not a fucking disease, no sexuality is a disease,and her not being gay isn’t an insult, it’s not a crime.

And no, Emma is not looking at Regina like she wants to do her, all I saw is two women having a lot of tensions between them, and if you ask me, Emma has been impressed by Regina because she was the kind of mother she experimented in the past - the kind who makes you feel like shit in foster families, and she was the mother figure she knew all too well, or was awkward around because she never got it.

Emma is not in love with Regina, she is not gay, and I don’t have to acknowledge your fanon fantasy, I’m way more into the canon show and actual character breaking through her walls and falling in love with the love of her life.

Something That Needs to be Said

I am a proud member of the Panic! fandom. And I’m just as quick as any to freak out over small things like somebody being unfollowed or small shot like that.
But I would NEVER comment hate on any of the members’, past or present, pictures.
Kenny tried to share a picture of his baby boy with us. But yet the fandom felt the need to attack him over some some dumb shit that he probably hadn’t even been aware was happenings.
And it’s not just him either. The following isn’t really hate but when people comment on Ryan and Brendon’s pictures talking about one another, it’s probably pretty annoying to them.
Let it go.
They aren’t friends anymore. That doesn’t mean they hate each other, THEY JUST AREN’T FRIENDS.
We will never know if Ryden was real to any extent, or if Brendon is lying when he says it wasn’t, and we will never know the full truth about what went down between those two after the split.

This is not directed at the whole fandom, just the ones who take it upon themselves to try and pry into the members’ personal lives and bring things up that they don’t want to talk about, or things that they had no control over.
The glitch happened.
The split happened.
Ryan and Brendon aren’t friends anymore.

Get over it.

Let it be and enjoy the music and the fact that they choose to share their lives with us when they don’t have to.
Nothing pains me more than to see the fandom I’ve been in since I was 7 years old (my older brother brought home AFYCSO and I was hooked) fighting and upsetting the members of a band that mean so much to us.

Okay, so when did it become okay to start telling people (anonymously, of course) what they should and shouldn’t post on their blogs?  I’ve gotten a lot of these in the recent weeks, and you know what?  I’m not even reading them anymore.  I understand that there are some sensitive types around Tumblr who are offended by certain things.  I get it.  There are images of subjects you wish would just disappear because they serve as “triggers” or whatever.  Trust me, I’d rather not see images of tortured animals on a vegan’s blog, or nude, soft-core porn shots that you might think are artsy because of the dramatic lighting or grainy filter.  I definitely want to go on a huge rant when I read some of the social justice warriors on Tumblr endlessly repeating talking points about various topics without ever researching the facts first.  But we don’t live in a world where you can just snap your fingers and expect people to do what you say.  I don’t know how we’ve gotten to a point where people expect everyone else to just bow down because something upsets them.  It’s not how the world works.  

I’m going to continue to post what I want to post, and I’m not going to think twice about how you might feel about it.  You can choose to unfollow me if you feel that’s necessary, but just don’t waste your time with any more mail lecturing me about how to run my blog.  Never in a million years did I think that commenting about something I love would turn into such an awful thing.

anonymous asked:

Ok here's the thing if you really had a nice voice you would post covers without so many electronics over your voice the effect just makes it sound weird, unprofessional, and fake. Either learn to cover your voice electronically properly or just get the guts to sing without them. You have had time to learn how to improve but you haven't. Stop being such a child

of course i am unprofessional, it’s a hobby, not my job. it’s my channel, therefore my choice as to what i do on it, and as for it being ‘fake’ i have never, and will never use any autotune, all i do is add reverb which makes it sound echo-y, as i dont have an additional mic that would produce a better sound quality like this.

but hey, don’t like me? unfollow me (im assuming you have already, or maybe you’re sticking around so you get to see what i post and criticise my every move!!!!!) 

i always wonder what type of person is behind the anon shield, like yourself, too fearful to reveal themselves, yet so adamant that they must put others down. so if anyone is a child around here, it’s probably you :)