i would never give up on you

What is this feeling? You make me feel so many things I don’t understand. Tears fill my eyes, but I don’t know what is causing them. I feel sad, happy, and affectionate all at once. How is this possible? What the hell is this feeling? I feel hurt and tired, but I wouldn’t stop caring about you if my life depended on it. I want you, but I’m terrified of what would happen once I had you. I want to run to you, throw my arms around you, and never let go, but I want to do everything I can to hide my feelings for you so no one else sees. I care about you so much that I would give up my life for you, but I almost hate you because of all the time I’ve spent and the hurt I’ve gone through. I want you more than anyone I’ve ever known. I feel such compassion for you that I would take all of your burdens on even without you asking. I would do anything to protect you. The feelings I have for you are stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. Is this love? I think it could be, but I know love is something that most people my age can’t understand. Is this love? Have I just found it at a young age or is this just a big misunderstanding? I’m not even sure I know what love is. What the hell is this?

I just want to say thank you. All of you. Nothing’s happened to me or anything I just really want to thank you guys for being here.

And not just for supporting texts.
Thank you for just being there following me and just knowing I can always count on you guys being there.

The support from you guys was something I never actually expected when I first made this blog. I didn’t expect it to take off. I didn’t expect it to help our YouTube channel. And I certainly didn’t expect to get fanart.

You guys are absolutely incredible. Every last one of you. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you guys anymore. Every day I’m thinking “Would they like this?? Maybe I don’t know.

"Oh I know I’ll ask everyone what they think!”
“I should give them a heads up to what’s happening.”
“Oh they’d love this.”

A bunch of stuff like that. Which is partly why I haven’t made as much texts lately because I want them to be really good when they come out. Quality over quantity yknow?

Long story short thank you. Thank you all for being here. Thank you for helping me on my darkest days. Thank you for being my friends. And thank you for bringing life to Qubé

Thank you all.

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Some hc about Prompto's reaction to his s/o loving his freckles and wanting to kiss each of them :3 plz I need something about sunshine boy and his adorable freckles xD (I know I'm not the only one that loves his freckles)

(I love his freckles too)

>At first he’d be a little flustered bc that’s impossible, there’s too many!

>Persistence is key, and at some point he would just give up trying to argue and let you do whatever you want

>He would be a blushing little mess, but the sheepish smile that appears on his face is worth the struggle

>You know it’s another feature of his he never really liked so you compliment them and memorize each one to the best of your ability, even choosing out a favorite to make him laugh

>He earns to love the ones on his nose the best because the little pecks on the tip of his nose make his heart flutter

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So, I'm pretty sure Prof. McCree overheard me talking to a friend about how I'd "Ride that cowboy anytime" and he laughed and then winked at me. I'm a history major too, and I have no idea what to do, I'm so embarrassed!

Well well well. There’s not much you can do really. You’re going to be seeing him around. You’re going to stop by his office hours. You’re going to be crossing paths time and time again and although he would never dare to bring it up, he’ll always remember what you said, about how you’d “ride that cowboy anytime” and whenever you’re ready, whenever you’re feeling frisky enough to give it a try, believe me when I say he’s not the type to stop you because he won’t. Actually, he’d love to see you try.

He’s a tease, to say the least. This man has the stamina of a beast and a pretty decent size to match. He’d watch with a coy grin as you “ride” his thick shaft, bouncing those delectable hips of yours over his own as your greedy hole swallows him up with every drop of gravity. He loves the way you work those hips, grinding, thrusting, bouncing on his lap as the sounds of sex echo through the room, filling the walls with salacious need. 

The slap of skin, your labored breaths, the squelch and slurp of your sex as you fall back down over his throbbing erection–he watches the sweat drip from your supple body, gripping onto the armrests of his chair as you try so hard to keep yourself from giving out from his girth alone. 

When you said you’d ride him anytime, you better get ready to do just that because one may lead to two and two might lead to three. 

Like I said, he’s not going to stop you and he’s sure as hell ain’t gunna push you either. So whenever you’re willing, whenever you’re ready, you know where to find him. Just know, for the sake of your sanity and from I who is looking out for your best interests, he’s not the type to take lightly.

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Would you rather go the rest of your life never seeing/talking to Ouma again, or never solve or help solve another mystery for the rest of your life? (Sprites, please! ^^)


If I had to choose, I’d say that I’d give up my detective work rather than never see or talk to Ouma in my life ever again. He means more to me than my work does, so of course I’m going to put him first.


Ok but have you considered:

McCree doesn’t exist in Sombra’s database because Reaper has obliterated all of his files, all of his information, any tiny little piece of evidence linking him to Overwatch. 

Sombra picks up a security feed from eight years ago of what appears to be a strange man dressed as a cowboy involved in a covert Blackwatch operation. No way he’s Overwatch, Sombra, just look at him. Look at the way he’s dressed. Obviously a civilian. Ridiculous.

Sombra stumbles over an old Overwatch manifesto that specifically includes one “Jesse McCree”. Never heard of him. He must have been one of those pathetic recruits that didn’t even make it past basic training. Don’t give me that look, do you think I would just forget any of my former teammates? I’d remember a name like that. He’s probably not even worth hunting down.

Papa Reyes is still protecting his little ingrate. 

The Amaris are fair game. That witch Ziegler can rot. Hell, take Jack, too, if you have to. 

But don’t you DARE lay a hand on his boy Jesse. 


@mchanzo when you were saying Sombra would totally lock these two in an elevator so they’d confess… I had to draw it

I constantly waited for a text, I waited for a call. Maybe even a knock on my door. I waited for a long time, longer then I should’ve. But it never came. Why didn’t you ever come?“ she asked. Finally working up the courage to give him a piece of her mind.

Looking down at his hands he answers, “I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. To tell you how sorry I was and that I’d change and we could work it out. I wanted you back. It killed me to not do anything but I knew you would be better off. You couldn’t last forever with me. I wanted you to be happy, and I knew that couldn’t be with me.”

“You don’t get to decide if I was happy. It wasn’t up to you to decide if you could’ve made me happy. You were my happiness then you were gone. You broke me and you never even said sorry.”

“I never wanted to hurt you,” he whispered.

“Well you did, and it’s to late to fix what you did.”

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You head canons give me LIFE

~*follow me for more soft human transmutation*~

  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always read to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”

Me: I bet Percy can sing!


Me: Okay, but I have this headcanon where Leo sings pretty.


Me: Well, Will is Apollo’s son, what about he singing?


Me: Okay, I give up. I’m sure Piper doesn’t sing.


Mystic Messenger Halloween Greetings

Mystic Messenger is having a limited time Halloween event! I translated their new greetings.


  • “Later, I’ll come to your door and say ‘trick or treat!’ Give me something sweeter than candy, okay?”
  • “What would suit you? Maybe we should wear matching couple costumes?”
  • “Tonight…should I become a wolf? *howl*”


  • “I hope you have a fun day!”
  • “If only I knew where you lived, I would visit your house first! Trick or treat!”
  • “Honestly, I’ve never done anything like this before…my heart is beating!”


  • “If you’re dressing up, maybe I should as well?”
  • “I look forward to seeing what Zen is going to be! Although he would look great in anything.”
  • “Seven goes out of control whenever it’s Halloween. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t come near my place.”


  • “As usual, Seven is being secretive about his costume.”
  • “You say a vampire suits me? …You never know when I’ll appear right behind you.”
  • “If you come knocking on my door and say 'trick or treat’…I would pick the former out of curiosity.”


  • "This year, my goal is to get a truckload of candy!”
  • “What should I dress up as…a mummy? No, I’ll prepare a costume as our cute Elly~”
  • “Trick or treat! I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake!* Huh? That’s not right…”

*“I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake” is a quote from a popular Korean folktale.


  • “Happy Halloween!”
  • “Last year, Rika and I dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year.”
  • “Luciel couldn’t have finished the candy he got last year…His goal is really something.”


  • “What should I wear this year? I should talk to V.”
  • “Seven will bring Yoosung, right? He’s sure to bring tons of candy!”
  • “Maybe it’s because he’s an actor, but Zen is great at dressing up in costumes! I want to make Jumin dress up too~" 


  • "Halloween. It has no real meaning, and people force importance to this day?" 
  • "I don’t need things like candy…so can I mess with you instead?”
  • “You know that even without dressing up…there are devils inside people’s hearts?”

[EDIT: Jaehee’s third line added, courtesy of the MM Translation Project~]

I stopped shaving my legs every other day
I stopped only eating citras and drinking a gallon of water a day
I started smoking weed with my friends
I stopped bringing my phone with me to Temple, to coffee houses, to record stores, to concerts
I stopped ignoring my family and started baking cookies and pancakes with bananas and nuts and apples
I’ve made 32 pancakes since Friday,
I’ve burnt 13 but I’m getting there
I won’t let you burn me anymore I’m so fucking sick of flames
Turns out I don’t get off on pain
I don’t get off on being treated like a toy
I do not enjoy having a collection of sticky notes covered in conversation topics because you never held up your end
It’s true that one person always loves more but the other side needs to give something
You knew this would happen I have to go for my own self respect
I should’ve known when you stopped sending good morning texts
Or when your texts didn’t come at all until
late at night
When your words were always about sex
Maybe I should have turned my phone off or blocked your number when you told me about the first girl
Or the second or the third
But I thought you were worth it that I’d never find a better guy
You always listened you respected my boundaries
It’s probably easy when you have six other girls who will give you what I protect
I’m not picking up this time
I’m not checking your timeline I’m not listening to your music
I’m not dying my hair your favorite color or getting a tattoo
You don’t deserve my kind of love
Not from me,
You deserve a quiet love that won’t take up too much time
You killed me over and over again
You wasted and
disrespected me without even noticing
My heart has been replaced with beetles and old peach pits but soon
You won’t live there anymore to poison my wood
Flowers will bloom in my brain once again
Watered by my own love and confidence
Planted by me for me
You will never see them
Lilacs and roses were my favorite before you
Fuck your daisies you’re the one who cut them down
—  I Always Grow Back

Hello it is me again with your weekly reminder that Lucas Sinclair is not loved or talked about as much as he deserves and for those who have trouble coming up with why he deserves more attention I will give you some:

-Yelled EAT SHIT at a bunch of evil government men coming after him

- he was he MOST determined to find Will

- he’s a Black boy growing up in the eighties in a town that is about as white as wonder bread that has got to be hard

- he cried when eleven disappeared

- he is fiercely loyal and protective

- he is not afraid to call Mike out

- very logical and even keeled

- even though he was previously very pissed off at his friends as soon as he saw the bad men he called them right away because he deeply cares about them and he can put his anger aside to recognize their safety comes first

- genuinely apologized to eleven!! Did u their handshake

- was seen rubbing her shoulders to warm her up after she was in their homemade “isolation tank”

- wise beyond his years

Being Best Friend's with Newt Would Include:

• traveling the world with him to rescue various beasts

• being one of the only people in the world who even try to understand him before he became famous

• consistently standing up for him whenever someone mentions him being odd

• him teaching you all about the creatures and how to take care of them

• ‘just in case, I can’t have anything happen to them if I disappear’

• ‘nothing’s going to happen to you you’re not disappearing,’

• 'please Y/N, I just want to know they’ll be safe’ *newt looking away like he does with that cute little awkward almost smile*

• 'you know I’d never let anything happen to them, and if I lose you they’re all I would have left’

• cue newt giving you a huge grin and pulling you in for a hug because you’re his best friend in the whole world and always have been

• smacking the back of his head when he goes to give Picket away in the deal

• 'he has attachment issues and you’re just going to give him away! I cannot believe you!’

• automatically forgiving Newt for his small lapse in judgment when you get out

• newt being attacked by Grindelwald while trying to protect Credence

• you managing to put a protection spell in front of newt at the last minute

• just basically having each others backs in everything you do

• being totally platonic best buds who live in a suitcase together and have 50+ various magical beast babies

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There was a crack in her voice and her words got swallowed up by her tears. She had never done this before, wear her heart on her sleeve showing just how vulnerable she was. But it was him, she loved him, and she would do anything to never lose him, “look at me,” she told him, “you could fall for me, you should fall for me, I can give you the world.”
—  c.f. // “her one and only plea”
I opened up you, I told you things I never told anyone else, I trusted you with everything, I trusted you to be there for me. You told me I could run to you and you’d always be here…but where are you now?..
—  Where are you now that I need you the most?
Dating Fred Weasley Would Include

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  • Teasing each other all the time but adding “I love you” and a kiss to the end of each little tease.
  • Snape deliberately splitting the two of you up and placing you on opposite sides of the classroom. He made the mistake of partnering the two of you up once, and he’s never doing that again.
    - Fred coming over and leaning on your table and giving you a wink, “Blow things up here often?”
  • Snape keeping you after class because you were one of his best students until you started seeing Fred and he’s “disappointed”. Fred kisses you as soon as you leave the class, which gets a very disapproving cough from Snape.
  • Fred meeting you outside each and every class, often surprising you by grabbing you and pushing you against the wall to kiss you.
  • Eventually you tell him you’re worried about yours (and his) grades so Fred starts trying super hard to impress you. He even told you he couldn’t go on a date with you because he had to study. That earned an eyebrow raise from you so he gave in and the two of you had a study date.
  • Fred’s eyes lighting up whenever he makes you smile. ESPECIALLY if you do that look-down-blush-smile.
  • Fred blatantly kissing you in the middle of the corridor just to annoy people and to make sure everyone knows you’re his.
  • “God I love you, (Y/n).”
  • Molly loves you and thinks you’re the sweetest thing. She makes you a jumper with your initial on it and invites you over every holidays. She just loves you.
  • Ginny loves you as well because you’re like an older sister to her. She asks you to braid her hair. She sits in front of you and Fred sits behind you and it’s a little train (except Fred sort of just plays with your hair and kisses you occasionally.)
  • George is a little bit jealous. Even though you and him are really good friends, it’s hard having his twin brother find someone perfect for him while he’s alone.
  • Lots of tickle fights
  • Going to the Yule Ball with Fred. He doesn’t ask you at first because he just assumes you’ll go with him. You end up teasing him and saying he hasn’t asked you yet. He asks you and you say, “Hmmm. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it, weigh in my options.” Fred laughs and kisses you, “I’ll eagerly await your reply.”
  • Both of the twins are incredibly protective over you.
  • If you play Quidditch, you’re a Chaser. If you’re on their team, Fred and George fiercely protect you, but if you’re on the other team (maybe you’re a beater), it’s war. “Whoops sorry Honey didn’t see you there.” As a bludger goes sailing past your ear.
  • Joking and confusing people who don’t understand your relationship; Are you dating? Enemies? Friends?
  • Fred getting jealous at little things when he’s in a mood. You have to hold him back from getting in fights.
  • Fred asking you to marry him a week before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The two of you try and keep it secret until after their wedding so as not to not steal their thunder but Molly finds out and is so happy for the two of you. (George already knows)
  • Dancing at their wedding until your feet ache and your cheeks ache from smiling so much. 
  • After a few drinks Fred lets it slip to Ron that the two of you are engaged. Ron loudly exclaims “What!?”.
  • Fred loses you in the crowd and drunkenly screams “Where is my wife?!” Then everyone knows.
  • You and Fred end up getting married and Fred is just so happy he can’t stop smiling and he is running around excitedly telling everyone he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you. 


Like, Bellamy Blake is so SO beautiful. There’s this quietness to his beauty; it doesnt scream, its sings. Or rather it hums. He reminds me of the moon. And he loves so incredibly hard? Like, he would give up everything for the people he loves. And he tries, always he tries: to be better, to make things better. And when he hurts( clearly by virtue of Bob Morley’s acting prowess,all of this), you can hear the heavens cry? Oftentimes he reminds me of a tragic greco-roman hero, but I can never bring myself to imagine such an end for him. He has so much light in him, and hope. His promises are binding and his pleas are heartbreaking. He is such a ….BEAUTIFUL character. He believes in so much and stands his ground and YET he changes. He hurts and fights and is beaten bloody and yet he holds on to oaths long diminished. This is only a fraction of who Bellamy Blake is but woah. Bob Morley has turned him into something rare and beautiful and he deserves all the accolades for it.

23 years ago, I had a bully. That was the last bully I ever had.

I was in second grade. Every morning, my dad would give me a Blow Pop lollipop that I would enjoy at my leisure. I usually ate it after school during the bus ride home. There was this bully whose name I don’t even remember, and he would always harass kids, and no one ever stood up to him. I do remember he was big for a fourth grader, and rumor was he was held back a grade (I never asked him, so I don’t know for sure, but it was likely, since he was a fucking moronasshole).

One day, I was getting my Blow Pop out of my backpack and he saw me do it. He walked up to me and called my attention. “Hey kid, I see you with a Blow Pop every day,” he said. “My dad gives me one every day,” I said. Admitting to a bully that you have an endless supply of what he wants is a terrible idea, but I was young and naïve.

“Give it to me.”


He took it from me before saying another word. I protested and reached for it, and all he did was shove me away and I knew I had lost. He unwrapped it, while staring straight at me, and put the lolly in his mouth like he was trying to seduce my inner rage into a fight. I took Judo for a year when I was around five or six, but I knew that shit wasn’t going to save me. Most of what we did in that Judo class was trip other little kids when they’re holding you from a set position, and this big little asshole probably wouldn’t attack me with a karate chop so I wasn’t prepared to trust my martial arts training to prevent me from getting my ass kicked in front of a bus full of peers.

No, instead, I just took it.

The next day, I was getting my lollipop out, and Dickballs McThief came right up to me and collected it, once again unwrapping it in front of me and sticking it in his mouth while maintaining eye contact like he’s Cesar Millan and I’m a disobedient chihuahua. On the third day, I decided to eat my lollypop during lunch so I didn’t have to give it up to this turd later on. That’s when I learned what this little prick was made of.

“Where’s my Blow Pop,” he asked, like an asshole.

“I didn’t get one today.”

“I don’t care if YOU don’t get one. I want MY Blow Pop every day, and YOU are gonna get it for me.”

I tried to put up a verbal fight, but all he did was shove me and press on. All I could do was give in and agree to pay him his Blow Pop tax every day.

The next day, he got his lolly and gave me his stupid patented stare down. And the day after that. And the time after that. I got tired of not having a Blow Pop, so one morning I asked my dad for two, and he said no, that one was enough. I disagreed, and told him I needed two because I had to give one to this kid on the bus. My dad gave me a speech about bullies, and told me I have to resolve that situation, because I can’t live in fear and all that crap, but he also stressed that I shouldn’t fight him unless he fights me. Good, because I didn’t want to fight him.

That day, before school ended, I had a brilliant revenge idea. I went to the bathroom, unwrapped the Blow Pop, unwrapped my pants, and rubbed that candy all over my dick, balls, and asshole. I went to town on that shit. I spread my cheeks, I stretched my sack against it, I even pulled my foreskin back and got my glans all over it. By the time I was done, I had rubbed it on me so much that if someone sucked my dick they’d promptly be arrested for statutory rape, but ALSO, they would be like, “wow, your penis tastes like a Blow Pop.”

I shoddily re-wrapped the candy and headed to the bus. Like clockwork, Unbeknownst Cocksucker demanded the Blow Pop, and I gave it to him. He did his usual intimidating unwrapping ritual without relenting in his eye contact with me. Then he put it in his mouth.

My laughter was maniacal. He’s standing there with the lolly in his mouth, and I’m laughing like a Bond villain. Without waiting for him to ask what’s so funny, I yelled, “I PUT THAT IN MY BUTT!!!!” The kids in the immediate area started laughing at him, and I just continued to yell what I’ve done.

“I RUBBED IT ON MY BUTTHOLE!! I PEED ON IT!! [that was a lie, but the general idea is there]”

Kids started mocking him while I kept yelling what I had done in the most delirious tone imaginable, and he just threw the Blow Pop on the ground and started spitting. The bus driver got in on this commotion and wanted to know what was wrong, and like a little pussy, the bully actually told him. I got in trouble for it, and it escalated to the point where my parents were called to the vice principal’s office about my behavior. Nothing happened to the bully, as far as I’m aware, but he never ever fucked with me again.

And I enjoyed my Blow Pops in peace for another few weeks until I got sick of them.