i would marry you yes

“i’m gonna marry you.”

it’s not the first time kara’s said it, but lena feels her cheeks flush anyways. she focuses on the road in front of her, the feel of the steering wheel underneath suddenly sweaty palms. 

“alright, dear.” lena takes a chance side-glance at her girlfriend and finds kara all soft smiles, something secret and intimate brewing between the two of them. 

“alright,” kara repeats. she turns, palm under her head and elbow on the door as the open breeze whips her golden curls around. the moment feels new, feels real. lena turns up the radio and smiles, wishes for time to come to a standstill. 


“i’m gonna marry you.”

kara’s breath is hot against her ear and lena can feel their heartbeats syncing as one. she breathes deep through her nose, runs her fingers through damp hair. kara lounges on her chest and seems content to just lie there forever - and lena doesn’t really mind. kara is made from the stars and lena holds the universe on her chest. 

“and i’m gonna marry you.” lena whispers this into the night air, the room still sticky with heat. there’s a hitch in kara’s breath, slight, subtle, but a hitch nonetheless. 

“i look forward to it.” a wet kiss is placed below lena’s jaw then, followed by a trail of more hungry ones, and lena holds onto broad shoulders, wonders what salt tastes like on a hungry tongue. 


“i’m gonna marry you.” kara says it like she’s going to make a stop at the grocery and is asking lena what kind of milk she wants. 

this time, there’s no surprise, only the warmth of familiarity that seeps through lena’s veins at those words of endearment. 

“i know,” lena jokes. she doesn’t look up from the email that she’s typing up. “tmz is doing a countdown for the big proposal.”

across the living room, kara sticks her tongue out at her and rolls her eyes. lena continues to type and for a while, the only sounds of the apartment are the click clack of a keyboard and the shuffling of kara’s papers. 

“you’d still say yes, right?” 

lena looks up momentarily. “what?” she asks. 

there’s a hesitancy to the slope of kara’s shoulders. “you would still say yes, right? if i asked to marry you?”

lena lets out a soft laugh - nothing intimidating or loud, just soft - and sits back in her chair, catches her girlfriend’s honest gaze with her own, “my dear, i’d follow you to the ends of the universe and back, you know that.”

this seems to soothe kara, who returns back to her books at hand. “alright,” she says as she pushes up her glasses. “just checking.”


“i’m gonna marry you.” 

kara is crying, big, uncontrollable silent sobs down her cheeks. lena feels her own eyes well up in return; seeing kara in all her sadness never made for a dry eye between the both of them. 

kara lies on the deo bed under sunlamps. and lena luthor is a child prodigy, a genius billionaire, a nobel peace prize winner and a forbes 30 under 30, but she will never understand the deepness of kara’s sorrow, the cuts and the space that kara’s mind occupies where no sunlight can reach. she tries. lena tries hard, and it’s times like these where she can only do so much but hold kara’s hand a pray for the sunrise to come quick. 

lena’s mouth is dry when she speaks. “you’re gonna marry me,” she whispers, urges, promises, “you’re gonna marry me, and i’m gonna marry you, and you’re gonna have something steady to call your own.”

kara cries harder at this, tears streaming and silent heaves, but it’s enough. it’s enough for now, and it’s a promise of forever. 


“i’m gonna marry you.”

and kara does. kara and lena exchange vows under a setting sun with matching bracelets on their arms and a song in their hearts and kara and lena marry each other when the world is turning into a new day and their beginning is just reaching the first page. lena marries kara and they sit on a rooftop at the end of the night, look into the constellations of stars and eons and legends and they find a home among the infinite, a peace among the unknown. 


Granted (Chris Evans x Reader)

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Summary: It’s another sleepless night. As you lay in bed next your beautiful husband, you both fight the tiredness, and he reveals something special, even if it starts off as a joke at first.

Word Count: 695

Warning(s): n/a

A/N: sorry for another short one!! next week i hope will be better

Prompt: “What’s the matter, sweetie?”:  #18 on the drabble requests for Chris and reader bc I DIE for consoling daddy evans lol - anon

He waited. Staring at the ceiling, hands folded over his chest, he waited. The clock on the nightstand on his side of the bed read three thirty-seven a.m. His eyes felt dry, exhausted, and all he wanted was to close them, to fall asleep, and not just fall asleep but stay asleep. For a moment, his eyes fell to the woman on his left, curled into his side, though, he could tell by her breathing that she was waiting, too.

Sighing quietly, Chris curled his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him, lips meeting your forehead. A little groan slipped out, and you squeezed your eyes shut as you nuzzled into your husband’s side, throwing an arm around his middle. He chuckled beneath his breath, the sound of it dripping with exhaustion.

“Good news is that we have each other,” He murmured, grinning down at you in the dark. He pressed a kiss into your hair.

Chris felt you shake a bit, laughing quietly, and then hug him closer. “Right. Why should at least one of us sleep when we can both suffer?”

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I totally was not drunk 2 days ago, and i totally sketched this

my fictional woof husbando
ur so beautiful i want to die
but first i want to hug and kiss u

Walters is Chesh’s oc

Moving in Together - Chocobros and Nyx

Hello, Hello! 

The idea for this headcanon came to me a few days ago and I’ve been super excited to get this up! Do y’all like the idea of me putting things I’m working on onto the Masterlist before it’s posted or nah? Lemme know what you think!

(Cut for length, not content) 


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Marvel Preference- When You Say Yes To Their Proposal

Steve’s heart would pretty much melt and he would have so much love and happiness in this eyes that he could cry.
“Of course I’ll marry you.” You tell him with happiness in your voice.
“I love you so much.” He tells you smiling as he kisses you and slips the ring on your finger.

Wade would freak the fuck out, he would be so happy and would love you even more after you said yes.
“Fuck yes!” You exclaim excitedly.
“You’re fucking gorgeous and I love you, baby!” He yells as he runs over to you, picking you up and twirling you around.  

Pietro would almost think that you weren’t serious and would slightly question your answer.
“Yes I will marry you.” You tell him with a smile.
“Wait, are you sure? I mean this means like a long time with me and..” He says slightly anxious as you shut him up with a kiss.
“I would be honoured to spend my life with you and be Mrs Pietro Maximoff.” You tell him with a smile. 

Jean would look pretty cocky and adorable. She may or may not have read your mind and knew the answer but she was happy none the less. 
“I would love to, gorgeous.” You tell her holding her hands.
“He he he, knew it.” She says with a cute smile.
“Freaking telepaths.” 

let’s get married

summary: "Let’s get married" Dan announces when he walked into the lounge where he knew Phil would be sitting with his laptop.
“Say again?” Phil asked looking up at Dan in the doorway, he was wearing one of Phil’s shirts.
“Let’s get married” he repeated
“No” Phil went back to paying attention to whatever was on his laptop screen.

word count: 3.2k

this is shit, i didn’t proof read it or edit it after i wrote it and they’re personalities are kinda warped in and dans a needy shit

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Shifted - Part 6, Chapter 8

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The  premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 6 - The Honeymoon

Lallybroch, Summer 1763

Chapter 8

“Found anything?”

Claire squinted up at Jamie. “No, false alarm. Still looking.” She rose from her crouch by the stream, rubbing her back and stretching her arms. “I see you had better luck, though?”

A glistening string of trout hung from his hand, swaying gently. “We willna go hungry today, that’s for sure.”

He extended his free hand to Claire, and she took it gladly. “You want to stay another day, then?”

“Aye – there’s no rush to go back, Sassenach. The bairns and house can mind themselves for a wee bit.” He squeezed her fingers, squinting into the noon sun. “You and I – we need this time. Not that we don’t get time at home, but it’s different, now, ken?”

She stroked the back of his hand with her thumb. They’d been at the cottage two full days now – two languid, heavenly days. They hadn’t spent this much time alone together since the Rising.

Claire hadn’t realized just how much she needed this time with him. No children, chores, patients, nieces and nephews, servants, or tenants to distract them.

They’d talked and talked and talked. About small things, shared memories, hopes, and dreams. Making love whenever they felt like it – near the fire, on the settle, in the grass atop Jamie’s plaid. The same plaid he had proudly worn since they arrived.

He hadn’t worn a plaid daily since Brianna was born. Seeing him in his kilt and plaid, a string of fish in one hand, the sun lighting his hair from behind, she stepped back almost twenty years.

“It’s nice to have the quiet. As long as I’ve got you to share it with.” She turned to him, and he met her smile.

“Aye. Wi’ ye by my side, mo nighean donn, I know I can do anything.”

They’d reached the cottage – Claire held the door open for him and stayed in the doorframe, admiring how the back of his kilt gently swung back and forth in tandem with his bootsteps.

“We’ve a bit of bread from Mrs. Crook, no? That should go well wi’ the fish.” Jamie knelt before the fire, wakened the coals, and started skewering the fish to roast.

“Sounds lovely.” Claire shut the door and strode over to the small table, laying their two plates side by side and unwrapping the last hunk of bread from Lallybroch. Behind her the fish sizzled and popped over the fire.

She surveyed the small room. It had been the ultimate decadence to leave their bed unmade this morning – their pillow in the center, her spare shift askew at the foot, Jamie’s trews in a pool near the head. It looked like a bed shared by lovers – not a respectable married couple.

Claire softly smiled to herself as she sank into one chair and watched her husband cook their supper. Just being in the same room as him – sharing each other’s company, sharing the same space – was enough. He was enough.

“Didn’t you tell me once that fish were not an unprecedented wedding gift?”

He turned to her, grinning. “Aye. Yer memory of those three days seems a lot sharper now than it’s ever been, Sassenach.”

She returned his smile. “Now that I think of it, they were among some of the happiest days in my life.” She paused, thoughtful. “Tell me – what were the happiest days of your life, Jamie?”

He extended one hand for a plate and she gave it to him, watching him remove several charred fish from the grate over the fire. “Hmm. The days the bairns were born, to be sure. The day I received my pardon and knew I was back at Lallybroch for good. The day William put on his plaid by himself for the first time. The day Brianna punched that Chisholm lad in the mouth for insulting ye.” She grinned and switched the full plate for the empty one. He lay the last of the fish on that plate and rose to sit next to her.

“Aren’t you missing a few?”

He eased his chair closer to hers so that their thighs and knees touched. “Weel, there’s the obvious ones, then. The day we wed. The day ye chose me, that first time at the stones.” He kissed her cheek. “Do ye think it possible to realize ye’d had a good day only years afterward?”

She squeezed his bare knee and took a bite out of one fish. “Mmphmm. I think so. What do you have in mind?”

He tore a hunk of bread and lay the rest on her plate. “The day I met ye – when ye mended my shoulder and tended to the gunshot wound.”

“Why would that be happy, Jamie? You were hurt, I kept you from bleeding to death, you were an outlaw in the company of your hostile uncle.” He raised a brow, but she interrupted. “And don’t tell me some nonsense about how you were happy to be with me, because despite what you’ve told me there’s no way you fell in love with me the first time you saw me.”

He grinned. “Weel, I actually fell in love wi’ ye the day after I met ye – and I’d add that to the list. No – that day, Sassenach, was happy for me because the path of my life changed. Had it not been for ye tending to me at the castle, or being someone I could talk to – I dinna ken what other kinds of trouble I would have gotten into.”

She cast her eyes down to her plate, focusing on a pile of neatly stacked fish bones. “And you like where that path has taken you, then?”

He nudged her chin up and met her gaze. “It led me here, to this moment, with you. Aye, I do like where it’s taken me.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “Tell me – what are your happiest days?”

“Besides the ones you mentioned? Well – I could say the end of the War – the World War. But I was so numb to everything then that I wasn’t really happy because it was over, only because it meant I could go home. And – I suppose the day I chose you the second time at the stones. And if you were happy on the days the children were born – I was happy on the days I told you I was pregnant.”

Slowly, thoughtfully he turned his body and rested his forehead against hers. He grasped her hands tightly. “And the day at the abbey – in the spring – when ye told me about Faith. Claire, I – I canna tell ye how much that little bit of joy healed me, after – ” He swallowed.

“Shh. Don’t think about that, not now – please don’t think about that.” She gathered him close and pressed his face into her neck. “Come back. You’re here, with me. Wearing your bloody kilt for the whole world to see. And I’m eating your burned fish and letting you get my shift all wet with snot because I love you, you idiot.”

He laughed softly and raised his head to kiss her for a long while.

“Ye taste like fish,” he said some time later.

She butted her nose against his. “And whose fault is that, do you think?”

He kissed her cheek. “Thank ye for bringing me back, just now” he said softly. “I dinna think of it every day anymore, and ye ken I dinna dream of it as much as I used to. But it’s still – there – almost like I can touch it. And I dinna think it will ever go away.” He swallowed. “That’s another of my happiest days, Claire – the day ye used yer magic to save me at the abbey.”

She traced her thumb against the “C” she’d carved into his hand the previous day. His wounds had long ago healed – and daily exercises with his ball of rags had almost restored the hand and fingers to their full range of motion. She’d given him a small gift when they arrived at the cottage – a jar of cream she’d made herself, after hours of boiling down goose grease and camphor and other fragrant herbs, which she’d rubbed into his aching hand and fingers every morning and night since they’d arrived. He’d said it helped relax the muscles, easing the pain she knew he had lived with daily since the hand had been injured almost twenty years before.

“It wasn’t magic. Just a bit of acting, and opium. And determination, I suppose.”

“It was magic, Claire. To me.” He kissed her eyelids. “I want to tell ye something, and I dinna wish ye to think I’m daft.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m worried already.”

He sighed. “I have thought so many times about all the things that happened right when we were first acquaint. How many wonderful and terrible things happened to us. And how many of those things in those first years were due to Randall.”

She squeezed his fingers. “Jamie – ”

“He ruined my life, and Jenny’s life, and your life. He is the reason my father is dead. He kept me from my home and family for years. He is the reason Faith is dead. He is the reason I have a crippled hand.” His voice was thick – and when she met his gaze, his eyes swam with tears. Overcome, she released his hand and cupped his cheeks.

“Jamie, stop. I know all this. Don’t bring him in here, between us now.”

He shook his head. “But Claire – had he not had me arrested and flogged and caused me to leave Scotland, I would have never been wi’ Dougal and the others when Murtagh found you, right after ye fell through the stones. He made the marks on my back, but it’s those marks that got me talking to ye right away – got me trusting ye and telling ye about the price on my heid. And I marrit ye to keep ye safe from him.”

He swallowed and breathed deeply. “And then - sometimes I wonder whether I ever would have had a chance wi’ you, if things had been different,” he said quietly. “I would have had much more to offer ye, had it no’ been for him. I would have had a chance to win your heart the proper way, by courting you over weeks and months. And giving ye the proper wedding ye deserved – no’ a ceremony held by a bribed priest, under the threat of violence from my uncle, and attended only by strangers.”

Her fingers trembled. She grazed his thumbs over his cheeks, wiping away the tears. “Jamie –”

His eyes, wild, met hers. “Claire – don’t ye understand? I never would ha’ met ye, never would ha’ married you, never would ha’ lived had it not been for him.”

She had no words. Silently she pulled back her chair and led him over to the bed, easing him to sit on the edge while she knelt before him.

Jamie’s eyes, unfocused, were far away. “So I canna truly hate him. Even though I should. Even though I forgave him long ago. He gave me the greatest gift I ever received – you, and our life together.”

She gently eased off his boots before standing before him. She undid her hair. She unbuttoned her shawl and flung it on the bed. She undid her stays and dropped them to the floor. She slipped out of her gown and tossed it behind her – all the while watching Jamie’s gaze.

When she was finally in her shift she saw him startle and look up questioningly to meet her eyes.

“Welcome back,” she said softly.

He gaped. “Christ. Claire. I -”

She eased toward him and sat astride his knees. “Are you here now, with me? Because if I have your attention, I have a few things to say to you.”

He nodded and placed a large hand on her thigh. He buried his nose in the valley between her breasts, breathing deeply.

She twined her fingers into his hair and held him close. “All of what you said may be true, Jamie. It’s remarkable how such small choices – such small events – have such incredible impacts on our lives. Like how if I hadn’t seen those forget-me-nots at Craigh Na Dun, I never would have touched the stone. Never would have found you.”

He inhaled and exhaled – big, deep breaths – and gripped her thigh tightly.

It had been years since they’d talked about this – years since he’d allowed himself to think about the cataclysmic events that had led him to her - that had tested them, torn them apart, but ultimately brought them back to each other, bound tighter than ever before. And as much as she wanted to stop, she knew that he had to get it all out. That she had to get it all out. And then maybe, just maybe, they could finally lay the ghosts to rest.

“But Jamie – had I not gone through the War, I never would have learned to be a nurse. Had I not been married to Frank, I never would have even been in Scotland – and never would have known what happened right after Culloden. So I never would have been able to save you, and Lallybroch.”

Slowly her hand found his – her J pressing directly into his C. She bent to whisper in his ear.

“Our marriage was hasty, yes. And I was reluctant, yes. But I was falling for you, Jamie. I knew from the moment we met that you were more thoughtful, considerate, gentle, and selfless than any man I’d ever known. Than I thought a man could ever be.”

He hummed against her breasts. She pushed his head closer to her body.

“You would never have needed to court me. You are all I’ve ever needed – not your home, not your estate, not anything material. You are enough. Will always be enough.” She licked her lips. “You are my true match. In every way. You understand me and respect me like nobody ever has. You love me, and make love to me, like no man ever has.”

His hand left hers and skimmed down her thigh to cup gently between her legs. She gasped.

“I would have found you,” she whispered, breathless. “I would have married you, and loved you, and bore your children, no matter the circumstances.”

His fingers began stroking her gently. He raised his eyes to meet hers, reveling in how her breathing was picking up.

“You are my true match, mo nighean donn. I love ye more than any man has ever loved a woman.”

Claire steeled herself, stood, and shrugged out of her shift. Jamie gaped. She cupped her heavy breasts in her hands, thumb circling her aching nipples. “Take me, Jamie,” she whispered. “Take what’s yours – what always has been yours, what always will be yours.”

He swallowed hard and rose to stand before her. Gently, quickly, she unbuckled his kilt and he whipped his shirt over his head. Finally naked, he seized her mouth in a deep kiss, picking her up effortlessly and easing her onto the bed.

She wrapped her legs around him and reached down to guide him inside of her. His hand stilled hers, though, and she whimpered.

She felt his wide, sweet smile against her lips. “Open yer eyes.”

She did, gasping. Blue met blue. “Eyes on me,” he whispered. “Always on me. Let me show ye what I canna find the words to say, Claire.”

He gently pushed deeper inside of her, and his soul touched hers, and they healed.


Kaisoo proposal on the beach moodboard

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures

“So what do you think?” Jongin says as he grabs a lighter from the basket and light the candles.

“It’s amazing!”

Kyungsoo doesn’t know what else to say. He has transformed into a flustered, goofy mess. It’s incredible how Jongin still has that effect on him after almost six years of dating.

“Are you hungry?” Jongin asks and Kyungsoo nods.

It’s still early, but he doesn’t want the food to get cold, knowing that it must have been a challenge for Jongin to make it. Jongin isn’t a good cook, but when he opens the lid to the basket, it amazes him to find the most delicious dishes as well and chocolate coated strawberries.

Jongin has really outdone himself this time.

“Did you make all of this on your own?” Kyungsoo asks.

“Yes!” Jongin answers with a big smile, obviously proud of himself, “I stayed home today to prepare it.”

Kyungsoo isn’t totally oblivious. He has secretly been hoping for Jongin to propose, and tonight might be the night. He doesn’t want to put his hopes up too high though in case he gets disapointed. It wouldn’t be the first time.

They enjoy the food slowly while talking and occasionally gazing into each others eyes. When they finish the main course, they pack away the dirty dishes and finds the strawberries.

Jongin takes one and reaches it towards Kyungsoo’s lips. It touches gently and Kyungsoo opens his mouth to take it in, eyes never leaving his boyfriend’s. The tip of his tongue grazes the tip of strong fingers and a cloudy look takes over Jongin’s sparkling eyes.

Time seems to slow down as they listen to the gentle lapping of the waves while interlacing their fingers. They share the last strawberry between their lips and nipples sensually on each other’s lips.This is exactly what Kyungsoo has been longing for after a long, stressful day at work.

They build a beautiful castle in the sand, and Kyungsoo decorates it with little shells. Jongin tells a story about two princes who lives in a castle on the beach and loves each other very much.

They walk barefoot along the water, leaving footprints behind them in the sand. Jongin wraps an arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulders and Kyungsoo sneaks a hand behind Jongin’s back and rests it on his waist.

“Look.” Jongin points at a couple of Seashells, “They’re almost forming a heart.”

Kyungsoo can’t see it.

“Come, Jagi.” Jongin kneels down and begins to move them around, “We need some more.”

They look around in the sand, and Kyungsoo manages to gather quiet a few shells. He kneels down and starts to arrange them. Jongin continues to look for more until Kyungsoo says the heart is finished.

“There’s still one left.” Jongin says.

“I don’t know where to make it fit.” Kyungsoo answers with eyes fixated on the little heart in front of him, “let me see it.”


Jongin kneels down next to him and pulls a beautiful, white shell out of his pocket.

Kyungsoo is about to snatch it out of his hand, but pauses midway when he sees the ring inside the shell. It’s beautifully decorated. Simple with a white stone in the middle.

His heart is beating fast and heavy when he looks into Jongin’s warm, sparkling eyes.

“I love you.” Jongin says with a shaky voice, “Do Kyungsoo, will you do me the honor of becoming my husband? Do Kyungsoo, will your marry me?”

Kyungsoo can’t get a single word out of his mouth. He’s touched and emotional. He might even be on the verge of crying.

Without thinking, he throws himself in the arms of his boyfriend, wraps his arms around his neck and accidentally knocks him over so they lie chest against chest in the sand. He connect their lips in a passionate kiss and when he breaks the kiss to catch his breath, Jongin smirks and asks for an answer.

“Yes!” Kyungsoo squeals, “I would love to marry you! Yes! I love you too!”

He’s about to connect their lips again, but Jongin turns his head away.

“I think it’s a good idea to find the ring.” he explains, “I think I dropped it when you jumped into my arms.”

They find the ring and Jongin slides it onto Kyungsoo’s finger. It’s a perfect fit.

They take off all of their clothes and walks into the water hand in hand. When the water reaches Jongin’s waist he drags Kyungsoo into his arms and trails kisses everywhere on his body.

They make sweet love in the ocean and ends up spending the night on the beach, tugged underneath warm blankets. Kyungsoo falls asleep with his head on Jongin’s chest to the sound of his beating heart. This is the only place he want to be. In the arms of his fiancé. It the arms of his Jongin.

lokisgame  asked:

If Mulder had one day to sweep Scully off her feet, what would that day look like? (Prompt maybe?)

Is that a yes?

He shoves the bags in the trunk and checks his watch. He makes a couple of calls. Scully closes the motel room and trudges to the car. She’s dug out the old blue winter coat that makes her look like she’s wrapped in a sleeping bag and she looks adorable. He smiles.
“Mulder, you’re going the wrong way.”
He turns to her and says, “Scully, in all the years we’ve worked together, how many times have I been wrong?”
She indulges him with a smile and he feels that everything is falling into place. “So, I’m gathering you either know a different route to the airport, or you’ve found the hiding place of the Saber Wolf of Alaska. Isn’t that what we really came here for? You figured I’d never agree to this case if it were a Sasquatch sighting, but a lesser known cryptid might just be acceptable?”
“You are on fire, Dr Scully. I love these flashes of insight you have.”
She looks out the window and he checks his watch again.

They pull up at the Slate Creek Inn and she quirks an eyebrow. When she sees Skinner, she shoots him the look. When she sees the Gunmen, she nearly draws her weapon.
“Mulder? What is going on?”
He sinks to one knee and fumbles in his pocket for the ring case. He grabs it ready to pull out when he looks up and finds himself staring at the barrel of her Sig Sauer.
“What are you doing, Mulder?”
Skinner is laughing openly.
He brings out the ring case and opens the lid. She softens and the gun falls to her side. “You are the light of my life, the brightest streak I know, a natural beauty with no measure. Will you marry me, Scully?”
She frowns and her hands are shaking now. “Why here? How long have you had this planned? Why are they here?” She nods at the strange party of four, standing with grins on their faces.
“We need witnesses, Skinner is a qualified celebrant and,” he looks at his watch, “in a few hours the Aurora Borealis will paint the sky green and red and purple and I want you to be my wife and I love you and you haven’t actually said yes yet, Scully. It’s pretty cold on the ground here.”
She sinks to her knees. “You are unbelievable, Mulder.”
“Is that a yes?” Frohike shouts.
Her customary single tear tracks down her face. “You do know the chances of actually seeing the  Northern Lights are pretty slim, even at this time of year.”
“Is that a yes?” Byers asks.
“And that you could have asked me this in Washington and we could have just gone to the Town Hall and got married there.”
“That’s the yes,” Langly says.
“And I’ve only got winter clothes, do you want to marry me in ski pants and the blue jacket?”
“No,” Skinner adds, “that’s the yes.”
“I’ve got a bag packed, it’s got some more dressy clothes inside. But yes, Scully. I would marry you in ski pants, in a sleeping bag, in a hessian sack. In the nude, if you’d let me. But I just want to marry you.” He opens the box and puts the ring on her finger.
She studies it, holds it up to the fading light, smiles, moves forward and kisses him, deeply. “That’s the yes,” she says to a round of applause.

The sky is swirls of green, blue, pink and bright white. She grips Mulder’s hand and squeezes it. He bends to her ear. “To me, you are even more beautiful than this, Scully.”

Colors Part 5

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience

A/N: This part is a bit short, but I needed to end it where I did. Have some fluff! And….don’t kill me…please…this is where the story needed to go…Everything will be explained….But enjoy the fluff! Let me know what you think!


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Clinging to This Hating Game: Epilogue + Masterpost

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine (we’re a bit past high school now, though)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings (for the story overall):  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex. 
Warnings (for the Epilogue): Schmoop.
Word Count: ~1350 (this chapter)


AO3 link Chapter 9

On tumblr : Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7,Ch 8


Thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for helping me drive this thing. She’s really the best beta a gal could want.

This is the end :-). Thanks for the support!


“Kurt! We are going to be late!” Blaine stood near the door to Kurt’s apartment, jingling keys in his pocket. After two years Kurt’s ‘get ready’ time seemed to be getting longer rather than shorter.

“I’m almost ready!” Kurt’s voice sing-songed out of the bedroom.

Blaine zipped up their respective tuxedo bags, triple checking that they each had everything they needed. “That’s good because it would not look good for both the Best Man and the Man of Honor to be late for the wedding.”

“Whatever.” Kurt came sailing out of the bedroom, looking stunning in a pair of cloud patterned jeans and a plain white button down that somehow emphasized Kurt’s shoulders so well Blaine’s mouth actually watered. “Mercedes will just think we were fooling around and lost track of time.”

Blaine smirked. “And she would be right. Hey -” He pulled Kurt in for a quick kiss. “You look gorgeous.”

“Mmmm, so do you.” Blaine’s heart skipped a tiny beat when Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine’s shoulders, deepening the kiss. “But you always look gorgeous.”

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My Queen // Loki Laufeyson

@promarvelfangirl @plus-size-reader

Summary: The reader is one of the few people that understand Loki and is ridiculed for showing me kindness. He takes notice and invites her to his ball

Word Count: 1113

Warning: rude customers , gentleman! Loki , bullying , FLUFF

Your POV

It was a normal day in Asgard. The sun was shining and people were buying things from local vendors. I owned a pretty popular flower shop not far from the castle.

A lot of nobles and other townspeople come not that I mind. I opened my shop for the day and allowed them to enter.

As they came in, some of them were gossiping about a certain Prince.

“ I still can’t believe that they’re giving Loki a second chance after all the damage he’s done”, one baroness said.

“ I agree. Odin should’ve locked him up and kept him there. Half of the kingdom wants him to rot”, her friend replied. I rolled my eyes.

“I’d watch your tone. Besides you don’t even know him to make assumptions like that”, I answered glaring at them.

I was busy putting some final touches on some yellow roses. “Of course you would fall in love with a monster. You’d be lucky if Loki asked you out . The 2 of you would be the laughing stock of the kingdom”, the baroness said as her friend laughed as they left my shop.

I continued fixing my roses. I swept around when someone came in.

Loki POV

I needed some yellow roses to complete the decorations for the ball. Thor told me about a flower shop not far from the castle. I walked over since I wanted to go sightseeing and get the flowers I wanted.

I walked into the shop and was amazed at how beautiful it was . “Hello Prince Loki , is there something I can help you with”, a marvellous lady said smiling. I stared at her for a few seconds.

“Is there something wrong your majesty”, she replied concerned. I snapped out of my trance and cleared my throat. “Yes um … I need yellow roses for the ball I’m hosting”, I answered timid.

She chuckled at me . “Just wait there and I’ll grab your flowers. I’m Yn by the way”, she said holding out her hand . I kissed it softly . “You have a wonderful shop here , yet you seem sad. May I ask why”, I replied concerned . “It was a petty dispute between me a snotty baroness , her rude friend, and myself”, Yn answered packaging the flowers nicely .

She handed me the package . “They were making snide comments about you saying you should’ve been left to rot in that prison. I thought that they were out of line so I … I stood up for you”, She said looking down in embarrassment. I lifted her chin up so she could look at me.

“You are the most magnificent woman in all of the nine realms. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise alright”, I replied deeply looking into her eyes . Yn nodded and I kissed her cheek . She blushed at the gesture .

Your POV

“ I hope you enjoy the ball your majesty” said bowing . “Please, call me Loki . You don’t have to be so formal around me”, he replied smiling as I lifted my head. “It was an honor meeting you Loki”, I answered grinning . He chuckled at me .

“I want you to be the guest of honor”, Loki said . I looked at him wide eyed . “You can’t be serious. People like me don’t fit in with royals”, I admitted . “I’m quite serious Yn. Let me take care of everything. Please Yn , I want you to come”, he answered. “I’ll go with you on one condition”, I said .

“What would that be Dear?”, he replied curious. “You owe me a dance”, I answered smiling . Loki twirled me around and grinned . “I can certainly manage a waltz for you”, he said kissing me softly.

Timeskip to the Ball Loki POV

I watched as the guests were having fun. People are drinking , talking and dancing , but my main focus was Yn. I waited until she arrived  A few minutes later , the royal horns sounded . “Presenting Lady Yn of Asgard”, the announcer said . She walked down the steps with such grace. I grinned at everyone’s reaction. They were shocked beyond believe.

I walked up to Yn as she held out her hand . I kissed it gently as she smiled .”People could learn a few things from you if they weren’t so judgmental”, Yn said. “Close minded imbeciles I’d say. You look gorgeous milady”, I replied. She chuckled at me .

Everyone resumed what they were doing. Yn was sitting next to me eating some food and talking to the Warriors Three. “Who knew Loki was a lady’s man”, Violet said smug.

Your POV

I wiped my face and frowned. “If it isn’t Baroness Von Snot Face. Why are you even here”, I said crossing my arms. “I am the wife of the richest baron in Asgard . You’re just a flower girl. I suggest you watch your tone with me”, she replied . Loki summoned some guards .

“Want Snot face to leave. They’d be happy to escort her out”, he whispered. “No , but keep them close , I’ll need them later”, I answered in a hush tone . I stood up from my chair.

“I would like to remind everyone that a baron’ is the lowest rank in Britain nobility. Yes , your husband is ‘rich’, but in the lowest sense. I will only ask you this once: Please leave quietly”, I said calmly .

The baroness refused to move with a smile on her face . “You chose to take the highroad. I have no choice to use Force. Guards please take her away”, I replied as they came to my aid. Just as I wished she was kicking and screaming , trying to escape their grip. The guests , Loki , and I were laughing at her reaction.

“You handled yourself well there Yn . You will make a great Queen”, Fandral said smiling. “True she might give him an heir when the time is right”, Volstagg replied nudging him .

Loki POV

Yn blushed as I rubbed my nervously. “That is if she’ll have me”, I answered getting on one knee. I pulled out a black velvet box. It had a gorgeous emerald cut diamond ring inside .Yn covered her mouth in surprise.

“Yn you are the most marvelous woman in all of the nine realms. If you will have me, will you do the honor of becoming my wife”, I said nervously waiting for her response.


I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I never thought I would get married much less to a prince. “Yes I will marry You”, I replied smiling . Loki put the ring on my finger and kissed me softly . The guests cheered and clapped to our union. This is truly the greatest day of my life .

Forbidden Love (Richonne AU) Love letter challenge: Your Love For All Of Time

@siancore actually tagged me in this and I was super excited. I had thought the challenge ended on Sunday but it actually ended yesterday. I started writing this on my phone last night hoping to have it up by Saturday night…and I fell asleep. I work on Saturdays. So I finished it anyway and I hope you all like it. It’s kinda long sorry. @richonnefics


Michonne stood in the kitchen watching the maids clean the silverware. She stood rigid and tall, in her usual spot in the corner as she watched over the maids. Her duty to make sure that not only did every piece of silver make it back into the cupboard but to make sure it was all spotless.

She just couldn’t seem to focus on her task tonight. Her mind kept drifting to someone it shouldn’t. “Are you always so serious?” Michonne could hear his voice in her head so clearly she looked around to be certain he hadn’t walked into the kitchen.

That was a foolish thought. Rick Grimes was gone. Gone for good. The beautiful 6 months they had spent together were the only things she had left of him.

“I am only joking with you.” Rick said as he watched the grimace spread across her beautiful face. “You shouldn’t smile if you don’t want to.” Michonne’s face softened, trying to ignore the young aristocrat who wandered into her busy kitchen. “There isn’t very much to smile about is there?” The young man whispered softly, looking downward toward his feet. Michonne looked at him then, he was tall and like the other nobles staying at the Walsh country estate, well dressed. Tall and lean, his hair was perfectly coifed, curly and brown. He had arrived with a young woman, his fiancé, she had been told by one of the other head maids. “I thought weddings were supposed to be a happy affair.” Michonne said softly, looking at him. Rick looked over at her,  his blue eyes that were clouded in sadness were suddenly bright and wide. Alive. “So she speaks and she has the voice of an angel.” Michonne forgot herself and smiled at him, shaking her head. “You’re an oddity Mr. Grimes.” “Rick. Please call me Rick.” He replied looking at the slender, curvy woman with luscious dark skin and the most beautiful eyes he had ever gazed upon. They held one another’s gaze a moment longer. Michonne released the breath she had been holding. “Rick.”

“Well ladies, good night. Your service was impeccable as always.” Michonne said as she locked up the silver cupboard. “Aye Michonne you wanna stay and ‘ave a drink with us.” One of the maids asked. “No, not tonight, Andrea. I am tired.” The maid nodded and hooking arms with her friend and heading off to the maid’s quarters.

Michonne knew the last thing she would do that night was sleep. Michonne ran her hands along the spotless counter tops as she inspected the kitchen one last time. They had been reckless, smiling too much at one another, longing glances at one another in full view of others, and even caught more than once in conversation. Unusual for a maid and a nobleman but Rick was very quick and convincing with his excuses. He grew tired of them though. Rick had no desire to marry Lori Wayne and he was having difficulty pretending he was even interested in the idea.

“I am tired of this, sneaking about Michonne, it’s beneath us.” Rick said, his hands about her waist, she was pushed against a corner in the kitchen, the place where they would sometimes seek solace in one another throughout the day. When breakfast was long finished and lunch wouldn’t need prepping for another hour or so, he would whisk her away from her chores to the quiet of the empty kitchen, press his lips against hers, his body flush against hers, moaning as they devoured one another. Not even their previous night of love making could dim this fire that burned within them both for one another. “Well what else is there we can do?” Michonne said, running her hands along the soft fabric of shirt, feeling the hard muscle of his chest beneath, remembering how wonderful it had felt to be bare against one another. “We could elope and go to London. Would you like that? Will you marry me?” Rick said, staring down into the face of the woman he loves. He delighted in the sweet smile that came upon her face. “I would love that Rick with all my heart. Yes, I’ll marry you.” Michonne whispered. Rick let out a cry of happiness. “Shhh. We’ll be found.” Michonne said giggling at the man who made her blissfully happy, she loved him with every fiber of her being. “I don’t care.” He said smiling at the woman in his arms as he bent his head to capture her sweet lips with his own. His grip tightening on her waist. Rick moaned as Michonne’s hands found there way into his hair.“

Michonne watched as the tear drop landed with a soft thud on the countertop in the kitchen. It startled her to realize she was crying. Michonne reached her hand out to wipe the tear away and turned off the light in the kitchen. She began to make her away down the maid’s corridor to her room.

The door creaked open as Rick stepped into the room. He figured Mr. Walsh summoned him to talk about shooting or the wedding he would never have with Lori, but as he entered the room he realized the topic would be of a grave nature. In the room was Mr. Walsh, his aunt Carol, his father, and to his horror Michonne was seated in a chair in front of them. Tears stricked her lovely face and she avoided Rick’s glaze. “What is this?!” Rick demanded to his family loudly, coming to Michonne’s side, bending to his knee looking up at her. “Are you alright, darling?” Rick implored as he reached up to caress the tears away from her cheeks. Michonne nodded, her eyes wide with surprise at his endearing sentiment in front of his family. “Rick, have you gone quite mad!?” His aunt Carol spoke her voice harsh and shrill. “You are engaged to be married. How could you be so careless to flaunt your affair in the kitchen? You both should be so lucky that it was only me who happened to witness your abhorrent display.”

Rick stood up quickly. “Watch your tone. Michonne and I are in love. We wish to be married and I want to call off the wedding to Lori. I never wanted it in the first place.” The three stared at Rick in shock. Mr. Walsh reared back and laughed, breaking the silence in the study, his eyes fell on Michonne. “My, my dear girl, who knew under that serious demeanor of yours, there was such a seductress.” He leered at the young maid. Rick stepped in front of his friend’s father, blocking his gaze of Michonne. “Michonne and I are in love.” Rick spoke again. Mr. Walsh sat back again in his chair, looking up at Rick. “I have no doubt you feel that way but whatever is between you ends tonight. Michonne came here to earn money for her sick father. If she chooses to live in destitution with you then surely her father will die. I will indeed terminate her employment here.” He said, he spoke the words calmly. “Destiute? I am not poor. I can buy whatever medicine your father needs, Michonne.” Rick said looking at Michonne but she would not meet his gaze.

“I am afraid son, that this will bring ruin to our family, to the noble name we have built. If you marry this woman…I will disown you and move your inheritance to your brother.” Rick’s father said in one breath. He looked at his son, it killed him to be this cruel. To snatch away his son’s happiness, he couldn’t even deny his son had been in fantastic spirits the past months. He knew his son’s love was genuine but he didn’t control the world. Rick was beyond hurt his father would do this to him, as he stared at him, heartbroken. “Rick.” Michonne said softly, as she arose from her seat, touching Rick’s forearm. He turned from his father to look at his love. Her eyes were red from her tears but there were no more tears. “We were foolish to think we could do this.” Michonne began staring into his eyes. Rick’s beautiful cerulean eyes filled with tears. “Michonne -” Rick said quickly, he knew what she was about to say. “Rick. I will always love you and I would be happy being poor with you for a thousand life times.” Michonne said as she struggled to keep herself from crying as she watched fresh tears spill down his cheeks. “My father is very ill. He has the consumption and I am holding on to hope that I can keep him alive long enough to see him one last time. If the physicians will even allow me.” She took a deep and continued. “I can’t let him die on the streets like so many others. He’s a great man.” Rick dropped his head and placing his hands on her waist, pulling her closer. He put his forehead against hers as the tears flowed freely him. “I love you so much.” Rick whispered. Michonne pulled her head back to gaze up at him, her hand brushing his tears away, her other hand caressing his hair. “I will always love you, Rick Grimes.” She whispered before pressing a soft kiss against his lips. Rick sought her lips eagerly, kissing her deeply, pulling her closer to him. Neither cared that they were not alone as they kissed good bye. Michonne reluctantly pulled from his arms, turning to Mr. Walsh “Am I allowed to return to my quarters?” Mr. Walsh swallowed hard. “Yes and this better never happen again. Do you understand?” He asked shakily. Michonne nodded. “Yes sir.” Michonne said avoiding Rick’s eyes next to her. “You’re dismissed.” Mr. Walsh said with a wave of his hand. Michonne moved quickly past Rick and to the door, she looked back at Rick once more. She shouldn’t have, it took all the strength she had in her to leave him standing there so broken.

Rick and Lori were whisked away from the country estate that same night. Michonne never knew what they told Lori in regards to leaving so early. Today they had finally wed and The Walsh’s were there to attend the wedding of their oldest friend’s son but the preparations for the journey had been a painful time for her and now it was surely done. Rick was gone forever. Michonne hastened her pace, she wanted to lay in her bed, she was exhausted. When she rounded the corner however Andrea was there waiting for her. “Is everything OK, Andrea?” Michonne asked, taking a deep breath. “Oh yes, miss. I’m fine indeed.” Andrea said quickly, lowering her voice. “I ‘ave somethin’ for you and I didn’t want the other maids to see.” Andrea pulled a thick envelope from the pocket of her uniform. She handed it to Michonne. “Rick’s valet ‘ave it me this morning, yea.” Michonne eyes shot up to look at Andrea. “Don’t worry miss, your secret is safe with me yea. I got paid handsomely to deliver that letter, I did.” Michonne collected the letter. “Thank you, Andrea.” Andrea nodded and headed off to where the other maids were drinking.

Michonne quickly entered her room, closing the door to her quarters, she sat on the bed and tore into the envelope. As she unfolded the paper, several notes fell from the letter, littering the bed and floor. Michonne frowned and quickly went to gather the money. It was over a £1000. Michonne placed the money on her nightstand and reached for the letter.

To my dearest, Michonne

Words can not express how desperately I miss you. There is not a day that passes where I do not think of you. I miss your clever words and the sound of your laughter. I miss your sweet smile. I miss holding you tight to me as you sleep. I long for you. I will always love you. You deserve to be happy. I have included money for you to leave the Walsh’s and arrangements are being made to move your father to a home just outside the city, that belongs to you. I have arranged for a live in physician to help care for your father. In the morning my carriage will take you to your new home.

I will never, ever forget you my love. I will always be yours no matter the circumstances. I belong to you, forever and always no matter what happens. One day I know we shall be reunited.

Your love for all of time,
Rick Grimes

Michonne couldn’t recollect how long she laid sobbing on her bed, clutching the words of her true love to her chest, she sobbed until no tears were left. Michonne lay in bed looking at the ceiling, the letter pressed against her breast. She smiled and sat up, her finger tips danced over his typed words. “We will be reunited my love.” Michonne whispered. She placed the letter on the bed and stood. Michonne grabbed the bag she arrived at the Walsh’s with and began to pack away her few belongings.

i can’t wait to marry you

for the lovely @highkeybane  

huge thanks for @hail-andfarewell and @lightshook for editing this for me

Summary: Alec spends the day remembering all his special moments with Magnus, as he prepares himself for to finally marry his best friend. 

Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Also on Ao3!

Alec slowly opens his eyes as the sun softly shined in through the curtains. Everything was hazy at first, but after a few seconds, everything went back to normal. He slowly turns around and he smiles so brightly as he sees a figure lying next to him. It’s Magnus, his fiance, and today is the day—the day of their wedding.

Alec looked at his beautiful fiance, and thinks to himself,  how did I get so lucky? He kept looking at Magnus, and he remembered how they have known each other since high school, and had met during freshman year.

It was their first day in school, and Alec was nervous. He didn’t know how to socialize properly, unlike his younger siblings, Izzy, and Jace. After finding his first class without much difficulty, he sat down and pulled out his books, pencil, and eraser and then—

“Pssssst,” Alec hears a voice calling him. He turned around and saw a beautiful Asian boy behind him.

“Yes?” Alec replied feeling utterly confused. Why was this boy talking to him? No one really talks to him.

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Put a ring on it!

Originally posted by hemmo1996b

“And you look like a douche, you’ll fit right in.” You heard Dean say as he slapped Sam’s back in the other room.
You chuckled to yourself, “He can’t look that bad.” You yelled from the bathroom while you fixed your makeup.
“Oh no, he’s right, (Y/N/N), I look like a douche.” Sam replied.
You quickly walked out of the bathroom, in a short 50’s style floral halter sundress and a pair of wedge sandals, to witness Sam’s attire and immediately you heard a cat call whistle. “Yowza! Sweetheart you look great!” Dean hooted. “Doesn’t she look good, Sammy?”
Sam cleared his throat, “uh yeah… she looks real nice.”
“Tell me again, why do you get to play her husband on this case? “Dean asked in a jealous tone.
“Because…we are closer in age, so that’s more believable.” Sam responded.
“Also Sam can act like a much better douche than you can, Deano.” You added mocking Sam.
“Hey, hey, that is no way to talk to your husband.” Sam sassed back.

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Valentine’s Day : Cisco Ramon

Based off of prompt #52

Summary: Cisco Is dating the reader and plans something special for Valentine’s day

A/N: Finally I am getting another story up!! I’m so sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!

I flip through the endless racks of dresses while I wait for Iris to come back from the change rooms. She comes bouncing out, smiling as she sighs and says “This dress is so perfect, it wouldn’t be better if I made it myself”. I turn to her, saying “ You look incredible in it Iris, Barry is gonna love it”. “Thank you!” she says walking over to the line. “But are you sure you don’t want to look? I saw some great dresses back there that would look great on you”. I shake my head and shrug. “I’m alright. I got an outfit already. And besides, I don’t think we’re doing anything anyways. Between helping Barry and Wally, and the lab and now getting used to his powers, Cisco’s been pretty tired lately and it’s been a lot all at once so I think we are just going to relax tonight”. Iris nods and turns to me. “True, but this is Cisco we’re talking about. I can’t imagine him not doing anything for Valentine’s Day”. We walk out of the store as I sigh “Who knows”.

I unlock the door to mine and Cisco’s apartment and drop my bags off on the couch. I’m walking over to the fridge to grab something to drink when I see a note in messy handwriting on the table.

Y/n, I hope you had fun at the mall with Iris. Meet me at STAR Labs at 7, don’t be late (even though you never are) and look pretty (even though you always do) but don’t stress about what to wear (like you always do). It’s just you and me. See you later. I LOVE you! -Cisco

I read over the letter and smile to myself. The clock tells me it’s only 3 o’clock so I decide to have a nap. When I wake up, I shower, get ready and watch a bit of tv before I grab my keys and drive over to STAR Labs.

I arrive at 6:50 and enter the building, but I realize that Cisco didn’t tell me where to go. I shake my head, chuckling quietly to myself and go to check his lab. When I find everything but my boyfriend, I leave to check the cortex. When I enter the room that we spend so many hours in, I see Cisco standing there. “Hey babe” he exclaims, walking over to me. He leans in and pecks my lips and I smile and greet him back. His eyes scan over my body quickly before he raises his eyebrows and says “Wow. You look amazing”. I blush looking down at the outfit I got with Iris. I’m wearing a cream turtleneck sweater, a burnt orange coloured skirt, black tights, my long black coat and my classic black converses. “Yeah, you like?” I ask gesturing to my outfit. Cisco grabs my hands and replies “Very much. You look absolutely beautiful”. I squeeze his hand and nod at him. “Let me just say, you look fantastic” I say and he blushes. Cisco is wearing jeans, a button down and a nice jacket over top, paired with his sneakers. He smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. “So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. I need you to trust me for a minute.” he announces and puts a hand over my eyes. “Um okay..” I say hesitantly as he begins to walk me forward.

We walk for a moment then he finally stops. He removes his hand from my eyes and I turn to see where we are. All I see are the blinking lights of buildings and cars and I immediately know where we are. “Cisco how did you get me onto the roof?” I question and he smirks at me. “I vibed us up here. Couldn’t have you walking up those stairs blind”. He puts his arm around my waist and leads me over to a small table with Thai food arranged on it. I shake my head in disbelief and turn to Cisco. “You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much” I say and pecks his lips quickly. We sit and eat for a while, and when we finish, Cisco takes my hand and leads me over to a big pile of pillows and blankets, set up perfectly to watch the stars. I lay next to him and throw a few blankets over us to keep us warm. I place my head on his shoulder and whisper “You thought of everything. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Tonight has been unforgettable”. He smiles and kisses my forehead, saying “Anything for you y/n”. We lay together for what feels like forever, and Cisco checks his phone every so often. He checks it again and sighs finally to himself. He stands up and pulls me with him. “Babe are you alright?” I ask, confused as to what is going on. He nods and looks at me. He takes a deep breath and takes my hands in his. “Y/n. I love you. So much words cannot describe. It sounds weird, but I think that I have been in love with you my entire life. You have been my rock throughout everything that has happened and I always knew that I needed you in my life. Since the first day of university when you sat down next to me I felt like you were meant to be in my life in some way. I don’t think I ever told you this but when you told me that we would be working here together, I was over the moon, because it meant that I would still get to see you everyday. I brought you up here because this is where I kissed you for the first time and where you told me that you loved me, which is something I wasn’t sure I would hear. Since you have been in my life you have always been the first person I want to share my good news with and the first person that I tell my bad news to, because I know that it will hurt less if you’re with me. You stay up with me when I have nightmares and even though I’m the one with the superpowers, you make me feel safe in ways that I can’t explain. You have become my home and I mean that in every way possible and I know that no one, in any timeline or dimension, can ever love anyone the way that I love you. And I know you always said that you wouldn’t want to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day, so I waited until past Midnight so it’s now the 15th. You always say that opals remind you of me because they look like my breaches so that’s what I got.” He says, getting down on one knee. “Y/n L/n will you make me the happiest being in the multiverse and marry me?” I wipe the tears that welled up on my eyes with my sleeve and nod, and Cisco grins. “Yeah? Really?” he asks, as if he doesn’t actually believe it. He stands up and I throw my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me. “Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes I would love to marry you” I say and he slips the ring onto my finger. I grab his face in my hands and bring his lips to mine, his arms snaking around my waist. We stay like this for what feels like hours, trying our hardest to bring each other closer. When we finally pull away, I look at my beautiful ring, then back to Cisco and say “We’re getting married”. He smiles wider and pulls me back in for a kiss. We stay on the roof for a little while longer and head back down to go home, walking hand in hand as a newly engaged couple. Safe to say it was a very memorable Valentine’s Day.

Of course nonnie!  Zant is like my all time fav character so I’m super happy someone requested him ;u;

☆ Yunobo ☆ 

~ As soon as his s/o got down to propose he was already a mess. His s/o is on one knee what are they doing? Wait is that a ring? Were they proposing?! Oh gosh– oh gosh- what should he do? He had loved them for so long, so of course he would say yes! -But what does he do?!  This poor boy gets flustered so easily, so when they proposed to him he just froze.

~ His s/o would ask him if he was ok and he would say “I-I’m more than ok! I- I–” this poor boy was getting more and more flustered with every word. “Y-yes! I would love to marry you!”

~ ALL of Goron city will be at their wedding, plus Link and Zelda of course!

☆ Sidon ☆ 

~ When he saw that his s/o was proposing to him, he would already have his arms around them in a huge hug. He was so happy! He had loved his s/o since the day they met and had been planning on doing it himself! But here they were proposing to him!

~ “My dearest, y/n! I would love to!” he would say as he picked his s/o up to give them a kiss (he’s so tall how else would he be able to oTL)

~ He would tell his sister the news as soon as he saw her that day, Mipha would start making traditional Zora wedding outfits for the two of them

☆ Ghirahim ☆ 

~ He would be quite taken aback by this. Was his s/o proposing to him? He would have worn something different if he had known!

~ “Y/n, my love… of course I will marry you~.” He’d say as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ Ghira will start planning the wedding as soon as he gets home. He wants to make sure that he and his s/o have the most extravagant wedding Hyrule has ever seen.  

☆ Zant ☆

~ At first he would look at them, a bit confused. Wait, are they proposing? To him?!  His heart would be going a mile a minute. Was he getting this right? Maybe he was misinterpreting this??? Wait, no, they had a ring. They were definitely proposing. After a minute he would calm back down, letting it sink in. He was absolutely overjoyed!

~ “Of course my sweet one!” he exclaimed as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ He was so happy that he hadn’t realized that he had begun speaking in Twili, telling them how much they meant to him and how much that he loved them.

~ Zant will invite all of the villains to the wedding, plus skull kid. (Skull kid would totally be the ring bearer)

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9 for picture prompts!!


So, I wrote an eclipse story for @lunenn and it just happened to fit with the picture prompt of a tent on the cliff. This is pure fluff. And I’m not sorry.

She’d been told to pack light but to include sturdy shoes. She sighed when she saw he’d dragged out the tent. It had languished in the shed for years and she was sure it had mildew and rips and all manner of insects hidden away. She wanted to tell him she was too old for this but he was all childlike wonder and enthusiasm and she couldn’t deflate an excited Mulder.

              “All done, Scully?”

              She flicked on the flashlight and made an X overhead, the brightness leaving a hazy light trail behind her eyes. “Did you pack extra batteries, Mulder?”

              “I packed like an Indian Guide, Scully. Don’t you trust me?”

              She crossed her arms and smiled at him. “Where are we going, Mulder?”

              He tapped the side of his nose.

She dropped her arms and shook her head. “Fine. It’s a surprise. But I know we’re going to see the eclipse.”

“See, we’ve still got that unspoken communication, Scully. All these years – together and apart - and we can still just zone in on each other’s thoughts.”

“Mulder, there was no way you were going to be content to watch this event on the streets outside the Hoover Building. I’m surprised you didn’t get Chuck Burks to construct you some kind of uber digital imaging…oh, Mulder, tell me we aren’t going to spend the week with Chuck Burks?”

He chuckled. “Your face, Scully. If I could have a thought-o-graph of that expression, it would be up on my corkboard with my I Want to Believe Poster and the original copy of The Lone Gunmen.”

Driving for days with Mulder had always been part of the deal. They’d spent more hours inside rental cars than in their own apartments, back in the day. And during those years on the run, the safety of the car had been a way to block out the threats around them. Driving meant doing something, meant leaving behind the footprints they’d left at one town, meant moving forward.

And the years at the house, where she worked to forget and he slowly turned in on himself remembering, she’d missed the road trips, the salty smell of his sunflower seeds, the unapologetic swigging of soda or downing of double caffeinated coffees to stay awake, the arguments over what radio station to listen to.

Now, he leant his arm on the open window, wearing his favourite sunglasses, shirt sleeves rolled up and she watched as he flexed his jaw and mouthed the words to songs.

They drove. And she loved it.

              “Carbondale, Illinois,  Mulder?”

              “The point of greatest duration, Scully.”

              She shook her head with a laugh. “You mean we can be in the dark for longer here than anywhere else in the States?”

              He snorted. “We’ve been in the dark for 25 years, Scully. What’s two more minutes?”

              “It’s pretty busy,” she said, watching people meandering along the street. “Do we have a booking?”

              “I booked us a prime spot months ago.” He flashed her the grin that she loved so much and she wondered how a man who’d been through so much pain could retain so much gentle wonder at life.

              “A nice trip to the forest?”

              His hand brushed her thigh and he turned to her. “Better than that, Scully.”

The weather was perfect. The tent wasn’t so bad, set slightly away from other campers, and he’d even remembered to pack her a few novels so she’d spent a couple of days just winding down. Mulder woke spring-coiled and ready and if the sun could just move a little faster, he’d be happier. He’d checked his phone a hundred times, he’d disappeared for ages at one point, only to come back with champagne and brie and strawberries.

              “I want you to remember this moment forever, Scully.”

              He put on his eclipse glasses and smiled up at the heavens.

First contact came and she felt a shiver through her body. Nature was a powerful reminder that life was shadows and sunlight and heat and cold and shooting flames and total darkness. And if you’re lucky, you get to spend it with Mulder. As partiality lengthened and the sky dimmed, the atmosphere changed. It was like the sliver of sun was hanging in the sky and watching them. She felt small and she pressed herself to Mulder as totality approached and the world fell silent. He chinked her glass and she heard him sip his champagne. She couldn’t drink, her throat was dry with emotion and her skin broke out in gooseflesh. She felt the tears prick at her eyes and Mulder pulled her closer.

              “What do you think, Scully? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Me and you, twenty-five years of darkness and light and we get to see this together.” He suddenly knelt down and took both her hands in his.  “Scully, if I ask you to marry me, would you say yes this time?”

              In the darkness, she could only make out a silhouette of him, kneeling in front of her, silly glasses on his face, mouth half open in anticipation. So Mulder.

              “If I could pull a Bailys Bead down and set it in a ring for you, I would Scully. But, perhaps my mother’s ring would be okay for now?” He pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. In the gradually lightening sky, she could see the ring, proud in its setting.

              “Yes,” she whispered, her voice echoing in the still.

              She dried the tears that had fallen once more and Mulder stood up, bending to kiss her. A round of applause broke out and she turned around.  

She blinked, once, twice. There in front of her was William. And Chuck Burks. With the biggest camera set up she’d ever seen.

              “How?” she looked at Mulder and then at William again. Then threw her arms around her son’s neck and hugged him tight. “It’s so good to see you.”

              When she let him go, he stepped back, smiling. He fished into his jeans pocket and pulled out car keys. “Got my licence. Took my first road trip.”

              “With Chuck?”

              “He’s a cool dude, Mom. And I couldn’t miss this surprise. Dad told me he was planning to eclipse every proposal he’d ever tried. And that he was certain you’d say yes this time. It’s not every day you can say you saw a miracle unfolding.”

              “The eclipse was pretty stunning,” she said.

              “I meant you saying yes, Mom.”

              Mulder erupted into laughter and she turned to him, taking off her glasses. His smile brightened along with the aura around him. Chuck clicked the shutter and a bright flash erupted.

              “I love you, Scully.”

              “Unspoken communication, Mulder. I know.”

The Broken Musketeers XI

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1493

Pairing: BuckyxReaderxSteve

Summary: The last part of the series, Steve tries to reconcile with you and Bucky.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10

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