i would marry a robot


I still can’t believe that these two dorks imported from Transformers Prime are the 2nd pair of canon robots husbands in the IDW comics. They aren’t just window dressing either! There’s a story behind the vain, high speed racer that married a guy who is considered inferior by his whole culture. I want to see it play out so badly!

Knockout and Breakdown are precious and deserve all the love. 

Earlier I was thinking about Zero and X getting engaged, and even though I don’t think they’re the type of people who’d ever do that, the thought was hilarious because I imagine Zero and X having this very touching heart-to-heart moment, and then they try putting the ring on and it doesn’t fit because of their big bulky Reploid hands

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(In no particular order)

1.) Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara (Detective Conan): my small, salt-propelled wife. her paranoia resulting from her trauma is Highly Relatable. i, however, cannot smell danger, only farts,

2.) Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt (Voltron: Legendary Defender): my other small, salt-propelled wife. also me. i associate myself w/ naturey things yet more often than not i absolutely despise being outdoors. i would marry every single robot i ever see. main difference is i have no idea what a computer is

3.) Prompto Argentum (Final Fantasy XV): my small sunshine boy who is also me honestly. insecure and secretly terrified at all times yet manages to be an insufferable jokester despite it all. relatable.

4.) J’Rasha (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind): actually has next to no canon personality or unique dialogue in the least but for whatever reason i got super attached to him? I mean i did rp him briefly so now i have like 500 headcanons for him which is probably why. I always visit him in every save both bc i love him and bc i need to buy his spells (mark, recall, and wild open are Life Savers)

5.) Julan Kaushibael (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind): he’s actually added by a mod by Kateri but nonetheless he is a very special and important character to me. if i ever play the main quest i cant play it w/o him bc it’s just so unbearably lonely and he is my darling obnoxious bratty bf

6.) Ignis Scientia (Final Fantasy XV): so this was originally wall-e bc somehow i forgot ignis, my reason for living? i mean i still love wall-e but ignis is such ridiculously ideal husband material that honestly bc of him i will be single forever bc no man can ever compare. i just wish his hair was a little less… yknow… final fantasy

7.) Angus (The Adventure Zone): I’ve never heard a single episode of this show but i would die for angus

8.) Wizard (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade): still my favorite harvest moon character to this day i love him and he deserves more attention. there are 500 witches/witch princesses and only one wizard Bring Me More Wizards he is so important 2 me

9.) Giegue (Earthbound 0/Mother): very important alien noodle big part of my life. huge. yuge part of my life and definitely contributed to my love of alien nonsense and scifi

10.) Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan): he deserved a better show with a better writer and i will never not love him he is the light of my life, the sun to my sky, the stars to my moon,

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whenever i find a list like this i instantly forget every single character i have ever loved so this is definitely missing very important characters but life is meaningless and time doesnt exist


Editedit: I forgot Bob from Minions and honestly bob deserves better than me anyway im so sorry bob my little boy

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did the 11th doctor really love river? did river marry the Teselecta? did the 11th doctor marry her because he loved her or did he marry her because she didn't want him to die? thanks ^^

*cracks knuckles*

Yes, he loved her. Watch their last scene together in the Name of the Doctor. Stephen Moffat followed in RTD’s somewhat annoying footsteps (in this regard) in not wanting the Doctor to say the words, “I Love You.” I don’t like that the writers hold those words back from the Doctor, but it is what it is. River and Eleven’s entire last scene in the Name of the Doctor was clearly meant to be him saying it without saying it.

The Teselecta was controlled by the Doctor. She did not marry it; she did not marry a non-sentient robot suit. That would be like if I showed up in a full gorilla costume (mask and all) to my wedding, and someone asked me if my spouse married the gorilla costume or me. Obviously, they married me. If River has ever married robots, I assume they would be of the sentient variety

There is no reason he would have had to marry her because she didn’t want him to die. This is something that gets floated around tumblr, but I have no idea why. Go back and watch the scene. She says precisely, “I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved by so many and so much and by no one more than me.” 

First important thing to note is that she doesn’t say she can’t let him die, but that she can’t let him die without knowing that he is loved. That statement suggests that she can let him die once he knows that, so there’s no reason for him to have to marry her to convince her of this. She’s highly conflicted, obviously, and she doesn’t want to kill him, but she also seems somewhat resigned at this point. 

She tried her hardest to figure out how to save him, but she couldn’t, and so she took him to the top of the pyramid to let him know that everyone in the universe wanted to save him. Once she says her speech, she’s listening to what he has to say, and she readily lets him tie her hand to his before she even knows what he’s doing. No one is forced into anything at that point.

And he doesn’t have to marry her to tell her his secret. He could say, “I need to tell you something that I can’t tell anyone else, but i want you to tell you because I want you to know everything will be ok…,” then whisper in her ear, and tell Amy any lie he can come up with about what he just told River. Instead, he chooses to marry her, which has a level of commitment attached to it that just telling her his secret does not.

To me, the marriage is more of a promise from him to her that he will come back for her on the other side. He’s making a commitment to her, and it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. He’s doing it because he wants to, and from then on she is his wife. 

Is it a traditional marriage where they settle down and raise a couple kids in a house where they live until they die of old age? No, but neither of them wants that life. They entered into a marriage that works for them even if it isn’t a traditional 21st century earth marriage.