i would make others but i lack the creativity

so i’ve been thinking a lot about tumblr’s “anti-recovery” mindset and come to the conclusion that a lot of it is actually anti-wellness.

some people can’t recover. for example, i have ADHD and autism and i’ll never recover because there’s nothing to recover from - it’s hard-wired in my brain from the day i was born.

but wellness isn’t about forcing yourself to be neurotypical. wellness is about being content and satisfied and trying to be your best self - and for a lot of us that is not neurotypical! 

speaking of my personal experience with ADHD and autism that i just mentioned, for me, wellness would be minimizing symptoms i dislike and that are harmful to me or other people (executive dysfunction, lack of focus, erratic behavior, etc.) while maximizing and appreciating the symptoms of my neurodivergence i love (ADHD makes me creative and colorful! autism makes me passionate about the things i love and strive to know everything about them!)

so really i think a big part of it is understanding the difference. if your neurodivergence is something you can recover from (i have many other diagnoses i believe are recoverable) and you want to recover that’s great! but you don’t need to be neurotypical to be well, to be satisfied and happy and your best self. 

neurodivergence isn’t bad. people aren’t bad for being neurodivergent. but we should encourage people to find good ways to be happy and satisfied and use their brains to help them, not hurt them

How I Experience My Ni

SUBMITTED by lover-of-grey-matters

Note 1: This is how I experience my Ni; it does not have to fit to everyone’s. Ni is an introverted function and thus, subjective.

Note 2: My description of Ni is going to be a little vague. I think dominant functions are the hardest to describe for anyone, it’s like the air - you are so used to breathing that you forget it exists and find it hard to make note of it.

How Ni works:
The myth is that Ni just ‘knows things without knowing’ and ‘is always right/precise.’ This is not true. Ni has a very solid base for the projections it conjures – the objective, wide-breadth extroverted sensing. Se collects every information indiscriminately and in volumes. Then Ni filters the data into projections/patterns.

I have previously compared Ni to a high-throughput chromatography machine – input a myriad of molecules with the cell extracts, and it will output the molecules you only need. The point is, Ni is not magical. It establishes patterns from a given dataset. High Ni users are less aware of the data collection process and thus can’t always trace the pattern back to the data, making it look like a ‘gut feeling.’ Furthermore, the part that the high Ni users are conscious about, the Ni itself –  it too is abstract and subjective and hence, can be hard to verbalize. This further adds to Ni’s mystique.

So once again, to the people who do not understand how chromatography works, the machine may seem phenomenal. But that does not make the machine itself mysterious. It operates on a very simple principle, it just appears mysterious.

Ni and doing things:
Extroverts have an extroverted function as dominant, which means they are quick to act and take charge (particularly Te and Se in my experience). People with a dominant introverted function need to step back and consult their dominant function first before engaging with the external world. This can be consulting whether it aligns with their internal values (Fi), or dissecting the whole deal piece by piece to understand all of its constituents (Ti), or accessing own personal sensory library for information (Si).

Ni-doms will go inwards first, except they won’t be seen actively doing something. They just sort of incubate for a while, then start doing it and they usually do it to perfection. Once again, it looks mystical, but it is not. During the incubation phase, our mind warms up and projects patterns, then taps all of those patterns for the best possible outcome and selects it to unravel a long-term plan. Once we start working, we act on the plan, which is very tangible to us. We can visualize the end from the projection our Ni has made and we simply continue to walk forward to it. It looks like the incubation phase does not have any 'productive’ output, but for Ni-doms, to sit on something without doing anything is not important, it’s crucial.

For example, say I have something to write, maybe the literature review part of my thesis, or maybe just a post for this blog. For a while, I won’t do anything. I will trifle with some things and that’s it. But the ideas will be there, just not in the foreground. It’s a bit like a background music, it’s there and it sets the stage for the plot to follow. Then I will write something at one stretch, and it won’t need any editing or proofreading.

Because the Se-Ni thing is subconscious, I think Ni-doms rely a lot on their dreams and visions. I have countless times went to sleep thinking about a problem and woke up with a solution. And I am not alone, my brother is a tert-Ni and Ti-dom. He often wakes up with a new game plan for chess or a solutions to the math problem he had been pressing.

Ni and symbolism/puzzle:
Ni-doms don’t always talk in symbolic languages. Actually I think it’s a bit hard for us, given how 'personal’ our symbolism is, we find it hard to explain. Neither do I love puzzles very much. The symbolism is part of our worldview, not our expression. An example of this is the book Memoirs of a Geisha. Sayuri’s worldview is Ni, the water imagery with herself and such. She is not trying to express things through metaphors and similes, she things of the world in terms of those symbols. This is the same for me. I think of things is terms of what they represent. But unlike an Si user, there’s no sensory trapping to them.

Ni and perception: changing our worldview is hard for us. It’s not impossible, it’s just 'costly.’ We have to go though a lot of questioning and re-questioning.
This is true for the perception bit obviously. When it comes to our verdicts or judgments, we are more flexible.

Elizabeth Bennet (ENFP) has hard judgments, but her perceptions can change very quickly. The process in opposite for an Ni-dom. Again, Sayuri’s worldview/manner of perception is hard to change – she goes through war and poverty and settles in America and still has the same worldview she did back in Gion. However, her judgment about any people (like Nobu-san, Mameha) is very flexible and open-to-change.

Ni myths:
Ni is not perfection, just a manner of perception. Being Ni-dom does not make you smart/creative/wise/interesting/deep by default. Ni-doms can by dumb and boring if they don’t channel their functional stack to usefulness, which is true for every other functions. They canbe  delusional if they lack Se input. An example of shallow Ni-dom with countless mistaken interpretation is Melisandre from A Song of Ice and Fire.

That’s what I think of my Ni, and it does not have to universally true. I would love if someones adds to it.

Mod Note: Anal editor coming out in me, but even Ni-dom writers need proof-readers and editors. You ain’t perfect. ;)

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Real talk, honest talk. What do you personally think is stopping you from getting to that million subs? You've been stagnating for a while now.

Good question! Two big factors.

The first is how much Youtube has changed over the years. I know you hear it all the time, but the adjustments to the algorithms has absolutely ruined growth for a lot of channels. There was a time when I would average 20,000-30,000 new subscribers a month, and these days I pull in about 7,000 on the main channel. The lack of discovery for channels like mine that don’t do daily “trendy” bullshit makes it difficult to show up in recommendations for random clicks. Additionally, it was easier before to support other YouTubers by just subscribing and liking others, as that information would be shown to your subscribers causing them to go check out what you just liked. This was imperative in the early days, as it got a lot of us a lot of growth simply by being supportive. So because of these changes, it’s hard to get my channel in front of new eyes, unless I become a channel that simply talks into the camera about whatever daily hot topic everyone else is also doing.

The second is myself and lack of discipline. New videos get you new subscribers, period. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to get a schedule of two ProJared videos a month, and I struggle to get one in. Not for lack of trying, but lack of discipline in staying on schedule with production while also doing every other creative outlet (gaming channel, twitch, cons, etc.).

But, I also have not stagnated. This would imply that my channel isn’t growing at all. It still is, albeit at a much slower rate than ever before. I’m still getting about 100,000 subscribers a year. I’d love to make that 200,000 and hit that million mark (because the Algorithm also favors 1,000,000+ channels).

Jughead is Ace, And Why That’s Important

To be honest, I didn’t really understand the importance of representation until it was snatched from my reach just as my fingertips began to ghost over its surface. That’s not to say I haven’t always supported it, thought it was necessary, that I didn’t get annoyed when people claimed that it didn’t matter if a character was gay or not, when people were willing to ignore such elements of someone’s character, but I never felt like I was particularly lacking. 

And then it happened. A canonically aroace character in the source material was made straight for the TV adaption. And it hurt.

I am ace, something I have made rather public on my tumblr, which is a sort of safe place for me to explore my identity away from my family who aren’t so supportive. And I can say, with certainty, that I have never come across an explicitly ace character in television or film, especially not a character that wasn’t accused of having medical issues based on their lack of sexual interest.

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TMR headcanon if the gladers were artists like painters and sculptors, etc? Like would Thomas and Teresa be architects would gally be a sculptor etc 😅

Thanks for requesting! Sorry if this is short and scarce, was lacking inspiration for this one! Hope you like it nonetheless!

As you said yourself, Thomas and Teresa would probably be architects and Gally would be an sculptor. I think Thomesa would work together and have a little architects business, even if I do feel like they would have disagreements about the design since one of them would be more traditional and the other more creative. Gally would make all kinds of statues and things, using varied materials, from stone to recicled objects (kind of like Spencer in iCarly, just not that crazy XD). 

For some reason I picture Alby being like some sort of manager for artists. He would be good at that, taking decisions and sort of orienting others. I think Newt would be a great painter! Or just a very good musician too, I have this headcanon that he would be amazing with a guitar. Whatever it is, whether songs or paintings, they would be incredibly moving and touching, just unique. Minho would be very into graffitti, I think. It’s creative, from the streets and has that hint of trouble that so well goes with Min. it’s And Chuckie could be a writer, I think he would definitely have the imagination.

34sistermoon  asked:

Hi I love love your painted stones!! I know that your an artist but, I was wondering if you have a "how to paint a rock" or the type of paints you use. Any help would be great! Thanks so much for your help. Allison

Hi Allison!  Thank You for the sweet note! 

Actually I rarely post any of my own work as I am sadly lacking in photography skills. My blog is mostly just a curation of other people’s awesome work, with links back to the original source.

That being said, I would love to help you find your way on your creative journey!

Some of my favorite artists in this media are:

Elspeth McLean-

She offers tons of tips and videos to teach her craft.  Check out her Blog, and YouTube channel. Below


Another lovely Blog with lots of Tips & Tutorials and even a Video for making these lacy mandala stones below:

Plus I have gathered together a few tutorials you may find helpful for various other kinds of stone painting:

How to make Garden Markers by Painting Stones, from Adventure in a Box.

How to make Painted Rock Magnets, from Alisa Burke.

Decoupaged Story Stones by Emily Neuburger, on Sew Mama Sew.

Heat Embossed Stones, from Thrive 360 Living.

From JoyRox: How to make your own Joy Rock:

Thank You Allison for the inspiration for yet another crafty endeavor!

Now excuse me, I gotta go out and find some rocks……

deathtotheselfie  asked:

I've been trying to write for years. Unfortunately I'm very young and the schooling I've received on writing is nothing like I what I write about. I'm only 14 now, but little phrases and ideas bounce around in my head. However when I write I feel like it's not good or mature enough because of my lack of experience. I can't tend to think of original plots as I'm just surrounded in other people's work. Do you have any advice on plot development? And do you think I should continue trying to write?

Hi! Your question makes me quite sad. If you like to write, then you should pursue it. It’s that simple.

School doesn’t help much in terms of creative writing. Over the summer, when I was little, my mom would make my sister and me write short stories. It kept me in the habit of writing even when school wasn’t in session.

(Wanna know a secret? I often got stuck halfway through my story, so I’d coerce my sister into showing me hers. Then I would write the same events but in my own words. I did this for quite a while one summer. Maybe two.)

Not only does school keep you ridiculously busy, but it also doesn’t like teaching creative stuff much either, because math and science are deemed as more important than anything related to the arts.

All those negative voices banging around in your head along with all the good ideas you have? You need to learn to silence them. Those things are what you are being trained to think.

Here’s what nobody seems to know about writing: you have to start  somewhere. No one starts off as an amazing writer.

People expect writers to have this magical well of intuition, but honestly, it just comes from practice.

You know that thing about practicing 10,000 hours in order to become a master at something? It applies to writing, too.

Writers write.

You need to watch and write things down–what you observe can be the basis for characters or plot or whatever. Eavesdrop on a stranger’s phone conversation to get a peek into other people’s lives. Sit on a bench in the mall and watch people go by.

Do you know how babies learn? They observe other people doing things and then try to mimic them.

I don’t mean that fledgling writers are babies, of course, but I mean that you can get your best work by reading other people’s work.

Figure out what you like to read, what you don’t like to read. And then ask yourself WHY.

What is it about that book you hated? Was it the characters? The plot? The slow story-telling?

What did you love about that one book? How did it make you feel? What parts made you feel that way?

I was in middle school when I began reading a Series of Unfortunate Events  (I’m 25, for comparison’s sake). Do you know what my writing sounded like while I was reading those? Lemony Snicket. It wasn’t on purpose, but that’s just what happened. (Also for comparison’s sake, I now have had a short story published in an actual anthology and completed a 60-page poetry collection as my creative thesis, as well as a book that I’m trying to get published.)

The more you read, the more you gain. If you read enough books, then you’ll have influences from all over that create a unique writer: you.

You are the sum of everything you have ever read or seen or thought about.

Yes, you’re a teenager. But that doesn’t stop you from observing the world and teaching yourself to understand other writers’ work.

If you want to write something but are worried that it sounds too much like somebody else, then figure out why it sounds that way. Is it just you that thinks it sounds that way? Or do other people tell you that as well? Find out what it is that makes it sound like that. Is it the narration? The plot? The themes?

Regardless of your answers, you are able to make it unique to you.

You are a writer, and whatever you write will be yours and yours alone.

As far as plot development goes, I find that outlining helps. I don’t always keep to the outline, but asking yourself “Then what happens?” after each event that you write down is the best thing you can do for yourself.

A plot is a series of events. If you know what happens naturally after something, then you write that down. It also helps if you understand WHY something happens.

She goes to the mall.

Then what happens?

She ends up going home and crying in her room.

Why? What caused this? What physical actions caused her to want to leave the mall? What mental actions occurred because of the physical actions?

She runs into someone she used to be best friends with, and they get into a fight. This makes her feel disappointed in her friend but also unsure of herself because she doesn’t know what she has done to make her friend act that way. She places the blame on herself instead of on her former friend. This is because she has been told growing up that everything is her fault and that her younger brother can’t do anything wrong.

See what I mean? And it’s okay to ask yourself what you would do in that situation. But your characters are not you. They probably won’t react like you would. And that’s okay and important.

As I told my students last year, ask yourself WHY and HOW after each sentence, after each paragraph, after each plot point, after each whatever. It will keep your story going until it reaches its natural conclusion.

Okay, this ended up being way, way longer than I intended it to be, haha. But I’m completely serious and obviously very passionate about this. And I can say way more on the subject at the drop of a hat, so if you have any more questions, then just give me a shout. :)

Best of luck. And don’t stop writing.

I mean it. :)


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you do realize dan and phil are busy right? and they don't have the time to make gaming channel videos? and when they do have time, they do The Sims because it's the easiest to record and edit? they don't have time to be proper gaming youtubers.

literally don’t come into my inbox saying things like “they don’t have time to be proper gaming youtubers” because i will shut you down real quick.

they have had plenty of time over the past year (almost year and a half) to pump out at least 1 gaming channel video a week with something other than dil for it. They’ve been busy with the book, yes i know, but how many times over the past year have one of them said how bored they were and how there was nothing for them to do? what about gaming videos? matter of fact, what about main channel videos? when they weren’t busy with the book or the tour, there’s nothing stopping them from making videos except for themselves.

let’s look at jacksepticeye for a moment. a “proper” gaming youtuber. he’s posted two videos every single day-at the exact same time everyday-since he first started youtube. he’s always tweeting, always updated people on what he’s doing, always responding to youtube comments, and always taking the time to thank his fans and his subscribers for everything they’ve done for him. he makes time for recording. he makes time for editing. he makes time for posting. why? because youtube is absolutely everything to him. it’s his livelihood and what he wants to be doing for as long as he can. you think all he does is sit around and play video games 24/7? you think he’s not a real person with real problem and real responsibilities? he has shit going on too. he manages to balance his mental health and his channel and his adult life, AND NEVER COMPLAINS ONCE.

let’s look at markiplier. so much shit has happened to him this year. between family problems, one of his best friends committing suicide, and his own health problems (being in the hospital), he manages to bounce back everytime with videos as often as he can do them. why? because youtube is his job, and he makes his job his priority (other than, yanno, obvious things like taking a break bc of Danny or bc he was hospitalized. but you get the point).

what about pewdiepie? the #1 most subscribed youtuber in the world. IS CONSTANTLY BUSY, between interviews almost every week and writing/putting out a book and traveling to all sorts of different countries all the time for various reasons and maintaining his relationship with marzia and keeping in touch with his family, HE STILL UPLOADS AND POSTS EVERY SINGLE DAY, EVEN IF IT’S ONLY A SHORT 4 MINUTE VIDEO. honestly, i applaud him because there’s no way i could juggle all of that and still have the cheerful personality that he has.

as it’s fairly obvious considering my blog, i’m not in any way trying to trash dan and phil. i love them more than anyone else and because of that love, i ignore their sporadic posting schedules. and i am most certainly not calling them lazy. not at all.

but the fact of the matter is that youtube is their job. it’s how they make their money, how they’re able to live the lives that they do. and they’re not making their job a priority in their lives. if they were really 100% into their jobs and their channels, they would find time for videos, just like every other youtube does. if you work at a grocery store everyday from 9 to 5, you can’t skip work for two weeks and then come back and say “oh sorry (: i wasn’t feeling the creative energy (: i couldn’t work, i was too busy (:”. you know what would happen to you? you’d get fired.

dan and phil are lucky they have such an adoring fanbase, one that is able to constantly overlook their lack of real passion into their channels.

sorry if this pisses you off, but it’s the truth. and i’m standing by my opinion.

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wondering if i could leave a tuckington prompt? idk I kinda got the idea in my head of wash as a website designer and tucker as a graphic designer and they have to work together on a job, but they annoy each other but have a slight crush on the other.. You can take it wherever you like from there :)

Hello Anon! Thanks for the prompt :) I hope this is okay~

Tuckington! Cheesy/cute Tuckington.


Although Wash loved what he did and liked the people he worked with, he had a problem. Two, actually. One Big one, and one Little one.


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anonymous asked:

I have this great idea for a fanfiction but I have a hard time getting the juices flowing. Any suggestions?

1. get yourself an amazing beta/writing buddy like i have in @anchequesto​ who will literally not let your creative juices run dry. bounce ideas off of each other, build on those.

2. find your inspiration. find music that fits the story (make a playlist!) or look at things in your life - incidents, objects, places - and think about how your characters would react to them. (this has helped me come up with many a scene that then spurred an entire chapter or more.)

also, if you feel like your lacking inspo for your actual story, take a step out of the box. pull a minor character with you, put them in a different situation, write them a little background, or scene. this keeps you in the realm of your story but also gives you a breath of fresh air. or, take the scene your stuck on and write as many different outcomes as you can think of. even if none of them are what you want for the story, they could end up in a “no, but this other thing could work” scenario. 

3. outline. i used to get hung up on writing from start to finish, keeping with a linear timeline. so even though i had this great idea for a scene or chapter towards the middle of the story, i wouldn’t write it bc i had to do the first few chapters first. which was hard (first chapters always are) so i would end up just quitting (bc im the worst). and then one day i was just like, “who told me i had to write like that?” so i started making outlines. outline how ever you like, but here’s what i do. i usually had some idea of how i wanted to start, but just couldn’t write it. like, i knew i wanted it set at this time, in this parking lot, and these people there having a conversation about this topic. but actually putting it into words in a way that was nice to look at? nah. so i just started making bullet points.

  • starts here
  • she says “blah blah blah” and her friend responds with humor.
  • thunder
  • something foreshadowing here, kinda like “blah blah blah”
  • the car almost hits her
  • she reacts with emotion, emotion, and emotion

and then i would get to a scene that i could see so vividly in my head and knew just how to write - so i would. 

  • that night she laid awake, residue of the adrenaline still heavy in her veins. she’d almost died and all her friends could do was laugh and high five her. blah blah blah you get the picture.

or, sometimes i wouldn’t have the exact scene in my head but i’d have a better idea of it than most, so i write in fragments and out of tense/pov.

  • she can’t sleep. keeps staring at her ceiling. she notices something about it (crack? pattern in a water spot?) she’s mad at her friends, and re thinking her life.

this way i get through the story, with out getting hung up. this is how i have my long fic captive planned out. its helped me get to the scenes i was really excited about, and while writing out one part i’ve been inspired to go back and add more to other parts. and then when it comes to making your first draft that blank screen looks a lot less intimating bc you know you’ve got the bones in the outline.

4. first drafts. if you’re going to be doing a long fic, its best to have drafts. write chapter one, then two. possibly even three. then go back and re-read one. you’ll find 1. a lot more grammatical errors than you thought, and 2. areas that could do with more or less writing. maybe you found away to work in something in chapter two that feels more natural so you can take it out in one. or maybe you came up with a new idea in three and you have to go back in and add some hints to it in one. again, this adds to inspiring yourself.

5. eradicate distractions. turn off the tv, go somewhere where your alone (or perceptively alone, like a cafe where no one talks to you), and if you have to have music its best to make it wordless. 

also note that research counts as a distraction. you come to writing an idea that you need to look up, be it the right word or how something works / happened. so you stop writing and end up in a rabbit hole of information two hours later without having actually written anything. when you get to a point where you need to research something, just make a note to come back to it and keep going. i have a bit in a new fic where the character is looking through a big folder of papers on some bad guys. it literally looks like this;

There were dossiers, photographs, and files files files 

bc later i’m going to go back and find a better way to describe what she’s holding. how i describe what she’s holding will not affect anything in the story so there’s no legit reason for me to get hung up on it. it would just be procrastination. 

i have recently discovered writer’s block and it has been a godsend. its a program you download and when you run it, it blocks out everything except itself. you enter how many words/minutes you want to write for and it won’t let you close it out until you’ve reached your goal. like, you can’t even bring up the task manager. its amazing. and what i’ve realized with this app is that even when i thought i didn’t have anything to write, if i forced my self to get out a couple hundred words, the next couple of hundred came a lot easier and it turns out i did have something to write, i just had to clear the lines first. this leads to 

6. just write. it’s like, if you’ve ever had your water worked on in your home. when they get done (or when you do it yourself, in my case) they turn on the water. what first comes out is a lot of air and gunk, but eventually the clean water will come and you can go back and clean up the gunk later. its easy to get too in your head about writing, to get too worked up about getting the lines just right. just take a beat, move past it, and come back later. 

so um, i hope that helps? it’s probably a lot more than you were looking for, but i’m not known for my short answers. 

happy writing!