i would make a good sniper

I think I see an emerging Lance trait that I’m quite liking… Lance may not be a genius, but he seems really good with numbers.

  • he had no problem keeping track of that large number of coins/money that he and Pidge were collecting in the space mall fountain
  • that scene with Coran (during Trials of Mamora) when he calculates the remaining time, in altean terms no less, and Coran says “…yes that’s actually right!”
  • and I mean it would make sense that a sniper sharpshooter is good with math, because he has to calculate things under pressure and on the fly, like wind direction and speed, range, bullet curve, bullet drop, etc.
I gotta dump my vld season 2 thoughts. spoilers below

would’ve been nice if Hunk had talked about something other than food

okay sniper Lance finally had a good moment but that was it for his characters development wow

umm literally did Dev and I miss something?? There was no reaction scene for everyone finding out about Galra Keith? (which hallelujah that’s confirmed) but like they all just knew wtf

but on that note bless Hunk for being an awesome friend and making it as fun as possible

….that….had better not…have been implied romantic kallura because if so… that’s so out of nowhere and my son showed literally no interest and neither did she like come on tell me that was as platonic as it seemed to me….

*quietly dances as Keith calls Shiro a brother*

proud of Pidge for becoming the avatar

there’s a tiny spec of klance in my eye


wow witch lady is altean let me pretend to be shocked

more questions brought up than answered let me pretend to be shocked again

pls tell me they’re not gonna force Keith and allura together that’s so uncomfortable for so many reasons

I thought we deserved LESS of a cliffhanger not more of one

anonymous asked:

most people i've seen are saying lance should be leader because he's less reckless than keith (examples such as: he formed the plan to distract the sentries instead of rushing head on and he's a sniper- meaning he has to have patience). personally i think he /could/ be a good leader, but it would take maybe a bit more time to make him one than keith, despite his recklessness.

ohhh, okay i see–yeah, i was really confused bc i have seen posts where ppl have said they want lance to be the leader but i found no reasons so haha;;;

i could see him but i feel like he’ll need more development if he’s going to be leader

shiro chose keith not bc he’s playing “favorites”, it’s bc shiro trusts keith the most and he’s willing to give up his position as leader to his right hand man

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)

Fake AH Headcanon: The End

(On AO3)

I couldn’t stop thinking about how the crew would end and this is what I think will happen:

Maybe it starts with Ray. And you don’t think of it as a start to anything at the time. Because you always knew the boy who started this life running wasn’t going to stop. But the space he left hurt, which is okay. And you go years with that ache, never really filling it even when Burnie sends a replacement. Which is okay. Because you needed a sniper and Jeremy is a good man and a good friend and a good shot. And he makes a space in your heart and your home and your crew. But he doesn’t fill in Ray’s and, god, you don’t want him too. And it’s good.

And time passes and the crew grows. It grows and grows until it’s too big for just you. So you look at your boys and knows. Jack thanks you, smiles and declines. She’s never wanted to run a crew, she tells you. So you turn to Ryan and he’s scared. But really he’s excited. And you send him South with enough men to start his own hold just like Burns had sent you. And he promise to visit. Just like Ray.

(And it’s not like they don’t come home. Ray with Tina. Ryan with boys of his own—just like he’s still Geoff’s boy in the end, which makes Ryan so grateful. But it’s not the same after years of waking and breathing and living with them in one big house that’s starting to feel too big.)

And time keeps moving.

Gavin starts bouncing and you prepare yourself for something you always knew and wanted (but also dreaded) was coming. He waits two more heists to approach you and starts by thanking you. And this must be what its like to be a parent, you think. He’s still struggling; tripping over his words as he tries to tell you he’s ready. And you put him out of his misery and wish him luck. And he has tears in his eyes and you pretend you don’t as you pull him in for a hug and tell him you’re proud. You’re going to go far, you tell him, your crew is going to go bigger than big. And he laughs as tears fall. And, god, you love him. This strange boy you took in and made a son. And you’re so proud of him but you’ll miss him (even more than you miss all your boys).

Michael tells you he’ll stay if you ask. And you finish your drink before you answer him because of course you want him to stay. He was family. He was your boy. You love him. But instead you say this. Take care of him, you tell Michael. Keep each other safe. Because Michael&Gavin wasn’t a law even you’d try to break. And you’ll miss your lads, your boys now men. Ready to start on their own. You’ll miss them.

And time moves on.

You feel too old standing over Jack’s grave. It’s fresh. Everyone has left. Except your boys. It’s been a long time since they’d all been together outside the holidays (every single one they can afford: Christmas and Thanksgiving and Fourth of July and Birthdays. But it never feels enough even after you and Jack had moved when you couldn’t bear living in a house so empty.) Michael is still crying; his littlest girl holding him close as Lindsay stands solid, holding both of their weights. Gavin isn’t as dry eyed as he likes to pretend and your daughter-in-law, Meg, holds his hand. Their daughter couldn’t make it, but she’d sent you a letter (hand written and everything because she thought you were older than you were). Ryan is bare faced and puffy eyed. His civilian wife—and how they had teased him for it—crying into his shoulder. Ray leans against Tina, face bowed in respect, as she looks up at the sky. And their all so grown, you think. And time has finally caught up too you. And you can feel all 69 years of it in your bones. And you think about the way she’d just fallen asleep with a cough that didn’t’ go away and never woke up. And you think about all the things you’ve done, good and bad, with her at your side (this crew, these boys, this reality you’ve shaped out of nothing) as you look over Jack’s fresh grave. So you turn and look at your boys. And you think about time and age and change. You think about a grave so similar just a few inches away.

And you think its time to retire.

So I goofed and deactivated my former account so now I’m reuploading a lot of my work which is why you might see other versions of this post around. But yeah, this is mine. 

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Favourite SSBB character: I’ve never played it, but I played the Playstation AllStars, which is kinda the same, and theeere, Dante from dmc is my absolute fave.

Fictional character, I’d date: Oh dude, that’s a hard one. Because they either feel like my children and/or are dating other characters who match way better with them then I would. And the ones not falling in either of these categories are few. Maybe Simon an OC created by @lefluff. He’s working for a special force unit as a sniper, and one of my OCs is currently trying to get close to him, since he needs time and space and that’s okay. I do too. I guess, we’d make a good team? 

Favourite band or artist: I listen to a lot of very different stuff, but if I had to break it down for you, it’s mostly soundtracks, indie and alternative rock, and some electro thrown in the mix. So, I love musicians like Fewjar, Negative, Adam Lambert, Carpark North, but also SIA, Marina And The Diamonds and the like. The soundtrack of Cloud Atlas, Deadpool, Dragon AgeSpirit - Stallion of the Cimarron and Path Of Exile, are my favourites.

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Mick: @the-smol-adventurer Definitely! I was the worst for it. Always keeping everything bottled up… I was just too scared to tell him…

Josef: A good job that I asked the question otherwise I might never have known! Although Mick would invite me out to romantic “dates” such as dinner, stargazing or even bird watching together, he never told me his true feelings. Therefore I had to make the first move to get it out of him! @the-harley-bear

Open: Line In The Sand

The call rang out from the front of the defensive line; many voices, fearful, shocked…panicked.
Negative energy EVERYWHERE…fuel for the incoming Grimm.
GOOD. Let them be strong…let them be foolish. 
THEY WOULD FALL. Ash swore that to himself then and there.
“Then we shall greet them…HUNTERS!”
The battle line’s leader, Lord Commander Marasco, stood on the sniper post in the center of the line, hoisting a massive rocket launcher. 
The shout that came back was just as loud, a roar of defiance and rage. Ash joined in, raising his SMG in anger. 
The dusk turned to day, 420mm Dust-fire cannon unleashing their lethal barrage over the heads of the defenders. 
With a roar, Ash leaped off the battlements and charged to engage the Grimm.