i would love you always

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

They’re watching baby animals videos

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Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).


Love this moment. 

It’s almost like she knows J is in that helicopter coming to get her and she’s looking at the Squad thinking, “Yeah, you and I can handle them easy.” 

This little moment subtly reminds the audience that they are a team and that Harley is only there to get back with her puddin. Really does show what Harley is willing do to, willing to betray, to get back to Mistah J. 



its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Red Carpet Nerves

Request: At the Golden Globes and the reader is an actress dating Shawn and they’re walking the red carpet together

a/n: I got this request when the golden globes were going on so it’s a tad bit late 😂 I hope you all like it and I would love to know what you thought!!! ALSO: i’m flying home to pa for a day for a family thing so i might not be very active for the next few days!! 

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Even though you’d been acting, professionally, since you were eight years old, red carpets still freaked you out.  It wasn’t the photographers, they were always nice to you, but the interviews made your palms sweat.  The interviewers obviously knew what they were going to ask you, but you had no idea what would be thrown your way.  And with each question, there were about a million follow up questions for whichever way you answered.

            Currently, you were getting ready in your hotel room for the Golden Globes.  You were nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture and to say it was one of the biggest nights of your life would be an understatement. 

           “Y/n?”  Your stylist knocked on the bathroom door, “Almost ready?”

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“If you’re gonna hit it, hit it until it breaks..”

Oikawa Tooru Wallpapers for my best friend @tooruo


it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY


buffy rewatch ❉ this year’s girl

“if you had five words you could say to him, what would they be?” her friend asks.
“it would be…‘i am really missing you’. no wait not that,” she says shaking her head. “it would be, ‘i think i hate you’. no it wouldn’t be that at all. it would be ‘i will always love you’. yes it would definitely be, 'i will always love you’,” she says with a slight smile before it disappears.

I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m currently in the process of trying to complete and publish my first book, which will be a modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, about the trials that two teenage boys face falling in love in an early time period. As an LGBT writer, I want to create more stories with diversity and representation available for teens and young adults.

I need to gain support, for this book. It seems a little silly to ask, but this will never become a thing unless there is a real following and genuine interest for the story. I was told that gaining interest on social media is the best and most efficient way to start my career and make a living from this.

Truly, this will NOT be able to happen without tremendous support from all of my followers, as well as anyone who wants to support diversity in young adult literature and young, aspiring authors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are at all interested in reading, knowing more about, or supporting me and this story, LIKE AND REBLOG this post. Gaining a following is one of the biggest and most important steps in gaining the momentum needed to self publish or to get a decent publisher, and any support, whether it is liking or reblogging this post OR following my blog, it would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Tumblr has always shown momentous support when it’s been needed, and I would really, really appreciate anyone who is willing to help get this jump started. I will be posting excerpts, updates, and recording my experience as it happens, as well as continuing my regular prompt filling that I do now.

Thank you SO much in advance, and please feel free to send me an ask if you’re interested in learning more!


Lmao so I’m curious~ You only get to save ONE character from each pair.

• Gon or Killua
• Leorio or Kurapika
• Wing or Zushi
• Bisky or Kite
• Melody or Mito
• Hisoka or Chrollo
• Illumi or Kalluto
• Pakunoda or Machi
• Shalnark or Kortopi (too soon?)
• Shoot or Knuckle
• Palm or Ikalgo
• Pariston or Ging

Which ones would you save? Answer in the tags!