i would love you a lot

  • lance: [texting his crush] kieth...i'm in love with you.
  • keith: fuck you, lance. i'm so disappointed in you.
  • lance: wait, what? i thought you would be happy...
  • lance: was i reading all of the wrong signs?? i thought you liked me back...
  • keith: oh, don't get me wrong, i like you. i like you a lot. that's the problem
  • lance: ???
  • keith: whatever, go text that bitch "kieth". i don't have time for this.
  • lance: sHIT

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Can you do RFA + V and SAERAN reacting to MC having a LOT of anxiety since she was a kid. So she's nervous with strangers and very worrisome about her s/o and her own actions. I really love your account, I've been following you for a long time. I'd appreciate it a lot of you do this because I go through this.

◉ Yoosung 

  • Constantly smiling and reassuring you that everything is okay 
  • Squeezes your hand to let you know he’s there for you 
  • He prefers to do things alone with you anyway so that helps 
  • Picnics or sitting at a cafe together relaxing 
  • Or he would rather just stay at home and order a pizza for a movie night 
  • Whenever you feel anxious he just smiles and reminds you that he is there for you 

◉ Jumin 

  • He will do anything he can to make you comfortable
  • Honestly he prefers you stay in the penthouse anyway
  • So strangers aren’t much of a problem for you when you’re with him 
  • However, if you have to go to a work dinner with him he will keep you so close to him and deflect all conversation so you don’t have to speak or worry 
  • And he’ll whisk you away as soon as he has an opportunity to leave
  • He tells you to pet Elizabeth 3rd when you’re feeling anxious 

◉ Zen 

  • Crazy protective over you 
    • “Don’t worry princess, you’re safe with me.”
  • Is very conscious of people when you guys are out 
  • He would never want to make you anxious because of fans bombarding him or something 
  • He will even dress in disguise to take you out so you guys don’t have to worry about it 
  • He rubs your back or gives you a massage when you’re feeling super anxious and he tries to remind you that everything is going to be okay 

◉ Jaehee 

  • She has tons of tricks for helping anxiety 
  • She’s really practical about it so if you guys are out and she sees you start to show signs she will pull you aside and talk to you 
    • “Tell me what’s making you anxious, even if you think it’s silly.”
  • She will reassure you as much as she can that there’s nothing to worry about and if it ever gets too much you can leave at any time 
  • She’ll make some tea or bake something for you when you’re really feeling wound up at home 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s really in tune with what makes you anxious 
  • When you leave the house he will lace his fingers in yours and hold tight 
  • He’s always really close to you 
  • When he starts noticing you’re getting anxious he will begin to crack jokes to distract you and make you laugh 
  • He wished he could always be there to help you but he can’t so he created an app for you to use when you get anxious 
  • It has calming gifs and little pep talks from him so you can use that to calm down 

◉ V 

  • He can usually hear it in your voice when you start to get anxious 
  • He will smile and rubs his hands down your arms in a soothing way and kiss your forehead 
  • You don’t go out much anyway because of his eyes 
  • When you’re at home he will do what he can for you like draw a bath and light some candles to get you to relax 
  • Loves to hold you in bed and run his fingers through your hair until you’re calm again 

◉ Saeran 

  • He also deals with anxiety sometimes so he knows how you feel 
  • It’s hard for you both to go out at times but it helps to know that you each have one another 
  • Even so, he is still always worried about you even more than himself 
  • He got you both fidget spinners and they’ve really been a great help 
  • If you’re out and he starts to see you get too anxious and you need to wind down he will just say he’s ready to go home or say something mean to Saeyoung, even though he’s really just doing it for you 

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Hi, Rahaf. I'm really into your angst comics for MP100. I think they captured a lot of the feelings that just grasp my heart so painfully, like you know where it would hurt the most. And, the latest comic you posted just... *STAB* into my heart, but I still love them (´;ω;`)

  @keishota i love your comics !

it’s cute and full of feelings and great ideas <3

you made me love this ship 

Black love is deliberately undervalued, and calling for interracial relationships in media where it would end with a black person with a white person isn’t really as positive of representation as you might think. This isn’t to say that being in an interracial relationship is bad or you’re self-hating or giving in to white supremacy or something.

There’s a huge difference between a real flesh and blood person making a choice and a written character who is… a written character and obviously doesn’t have any agency… being written to make certain choices. These decisions the writers make do not exist in a vacuum, and need to be examined in the same context that they’re written in.

Like, I can see why people would think that an interracial relationship is inherently revolutionary or whatever! Especially when you’re looking at it as a white character choosing to be with a nonwhite character. But when you’re looking at it from the other side–a nonwhite especially black character choosing to be with a white character, often rejecting other black characters to cement this relationship… it’s a lot less pretty.

Black people are already told that we’re the lowest choice. That choosing absolutely anyone but another black person is an upgrade. It’s especially troubling when you consider that most the time interracial relationships with black characters involve white characters, and not nonblack characters of color.

Outside of media made for black people by black people–and Im talking mostly shit from before we lost predominately black shows and wound up with one black person per show instead!–I can think of very few examples of healthy portrayals of black love in media.

(Of course you can argue that there are few truly healthy relationships on TV, but I’m not even talking ideal here! You can see so so many more relatively healthy white/white relationships than you can black/black relationships… the default is to write these relationships as less healthy, with less love and less respect.)

This isn’t to say that any time you write an interracial relationship with a black character you’re messing up, but like. Seriously look at what you’re writing, especially when the other person is white. How does your writing treat other characters of color? Other black characters? Why did you decide to write this character white and this one black?

Examine your own intentions.

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If you could rewrite skam s04 what themes/situations would you want to see represented? I'm most curious about the girls squad dynamics, what do you think?

I literally…. thought about it and it’s so self indulgent… and unfocused and messy for real… but I love it….

there would be a LOT less bus thing because I’m far more interested in depicting the daily life, the presence of Islam in sana’s life, her experience in the most pragmatic sense of the term rather than focus on the vision white people have of the religion. just a lot of little casual scenes portraying how it’s a constant in her life, how it’s something’ she’s going to rely on when she’s down, something that accompanies her. there’d be scenes at the masjid, little casual things like her checking her app to read the hadith of the day on the tram. stuff upon her being maghrebi too and just like… how beautiful our culture is… with the tattoos her gran would have, the aunties and the myriad of cousins living all over town, the fatmas hands on the walls, the improvised getting together, the crappy tv…

her relationship with the girls and her other friends would be different, too. the bus plot would still be there but I would rather discuss how they’re all RELYING on her, expecting her to be there. we’d hear about everyone’s problem and we’d see how they keep expecting sana to be there to fix it. and how she tries to do just that because she thinks she has to.

they’d join the pepsi max squad but there won’t be any evil sara or whatever, just that same burden on her, growing, growing with having to organize everything and it wouldn’t be as heavy and dramatic as in the show, it would just allow for more scenes with her as her, somehow isolating herself more and more to breathe, playing basketball and staying at home.

her family life too… her parents are first gen immigrants, they trust and love her but like… some scenes showing the difference in their lives, in their perceptions would be great.
how she gets angry about racism but they just tell her to ignore it, because they’ve integrated that racism is a western reality, because they will always see themselves as guest whereas she feels like she’s being attacked by her peers. she’d hang out with jamilla’s hijabi squad, with some cute scenes about how the hijabis always have her back. about how welcoming her community is. jamilla would be like eskild was to isak in season 3, someone there to steady her, to gently guide her.

the balloon squad would still be there but no even thing. it would be about elias and how hes struggling. I think that’d be the main theme, their relationship, how opposed they are. because sana tries to fit in and she thinks it’s perfect, she thinks everything is perfect, she internalizes it all but elias is just drifting. drinking. not praying. hiding things. and throughout the season, she’d cover for him but he doesn’t talk to her or let her help, creating tension and slowly shattering her false sense of control.

sana has this perfect front, this perfect system of pretense invincibility. and one of the thing that would make that surface crack would be her questioning her sexuality because like I said… self indulgent…….. but it wouldn’t be a story of denial like isak more like… she knows she’s bi and she’s out to her family but it’s new and it feels… foreign still. and it would start to get more and more tiring, how fragmented her identity is, as a muslim, as a teenager in norway, as someone who’s trying to embrace not being straight, as a woc…. and with everyone counting on her, relying on her, asking of her to be there, to succeed to be perfect and it would just be a lot of pressure ? like she’s so young and she’s barely discovering who she is, where she’s going and she’s so optimistic deep down but there’s so much on her shoulders.

and because self indulgent…. her love interest would be another muslim that she meets at jamilla’s LGBT Muslim group. and they’d start really not liking one another, challenging each other’s way of dealing with all these identities intersecting. she and sana would share a lot while being completely different. the girl would be a lot more vocally resentful of white people and would question Islam more frontally because she has a complex relationship with it and is recovering from a bad backstory and a lot of trauma. there’d be begrudging respect at first and a growing friendship but ultimately, she’d end up being the one that’s there for sana, through it all, like constant, like friends and loved ones should be a constant.

and when sana breaks down because she finally finds out what was up with elias and she has to protect him and it’s a mess that she tries to fix on her own, she’d show up to help and sana would try to push her away and she would go but then sana Realizes… gay.

sana would end the season realizing that she can make all the parts of herself coexist, that balance can be found when you reach out, when you allow yourself to be helped and all that corny stuff…. yada yada islam is beautiful and can save lives, gay love heals all and woc deserve better from everyone around them, basically. and they find that in one another.


Okay so if you had to guess, who do you think would kiss the other first? Penguin or Ed?
In my opinion, I would love if Ed were the one to do it if they actually become a couple because I think penguins reaction would be priceless

Great question! I like to think about their first kiss a lot and I completely agree with you. Oswald is the one who chose courage is willing to risk everything;) He isn’t ashamed to admit his love,to show emotions. That’s why it would be much more interesting if Ed did it first hehe And even when Ed hugged first,said kind words etc Os was so thrilled,so happy And their first kiss..this would really be priceless to see Thank you for asking me this,I love receiving messages💜
Francesco Totti’s lovely farewell speech

disclaimer: this is an approximate translation from another source (click) also prepare yourself from some tears

“Eh, ssh… It’s easy for you!

Here we are. The moment has come. Can you hear me? 

It looks like a concert! 

Sadly, this moment arrived, even though I hoped it would never arrive.

These days I read a lot of things about me: good, beautiful things. I cried a lot, every single day, by myself like a lunatic. Because 25 years are not going to be forgotten, with you behind my back that helped me through good and bad moments.

And for this, I want to thank you all here, even though it’s not easy in this circumstance. You know I don’t speak a lot, but I definitely think a lot. And these days with my wife we had talks about the years I had with this shirt, this unique shirt.

I wrote a letter for you as well. I hope I will be able to read it out. If I don’t manage to read it all, my daughter Chanel will do it for me, because she loves it.

(I need to take a breath, sorry, it’s not easy for me) - in a laughing manner - I’ll go before it gets too late. I suppose you’re hungry, it’s time for dinner. Even though I’d stay here for another 25 years.

Thank you Rome, thank you mom and dad, my brother, my family, my friends. Thank you to my wife and my sons.

I wanted to start from the end, from the farewells, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to read this all. It’s impossible to tell about 28 years in a few sentences. I would like to tell them through songs or else, but you know I’m not good at that. So I tried to write them with my feet, for these 28 years, which was a lot easier for me.

You know what my favourite toy was? The ball. It still is. But at some point we get old. This is how they told me time works, damn it.

It’s that same time that on that 17th of June of 2001 we hoped it would run faster. (The day Roma won the Scudetto) We couldn’t wait to hear the referee blow his whistle three times. I still have goosebumps about it.

Today time came at my door saying: “We have to grow up. From tomorrow onwards you will be old. Take off your shorts and shoes because from today you’re a man, and you won’t be able to smell the grass of the pitch from this close. The sun in your eyes when you’re running towards the goal. The adrenaline that consumes you and the satisfaction in celebrating.

I’ve asked myself in these last months, "Why are they waking me up from this dream?" 

Do you remember when you were kids and you were dreaming something beautiful? And your mother wakes you up because it’s time for school, but you preferred staying in bed and sleep? And you try to get back into the story again, but you never succeed? 

This time it wasn’t a dream. It was real life.

This letter is for all of you, for the kids that cheered on me, for the ones that were once kids and are now fathers, and for the ones of today that maybe still yell "Totti goal!”

I like to think that my career will be for you a tale to tell to people.

Now it’s really over. I take off my shirt for the last time and I fold it nicely; even though I’m not ready to do it yet, and maybe I never will.

Sorry if in these last few months I didn’t say anything about what happens and my thoughts, but turning the light off isn’t easy.

Now I am scared. It’s not the same fear I have when I have to score a penalty, this time I can’t see through the holes of the net what will happen next.

Let me be scared. This time I am the one who needs you and the warmth you are able to give me. The one that you always showed to me. – fans start chanting very loudly – With you by my side, I will surely be able to turn the page, and to begin a new adventure.Now it’s the time to thank all of my teammates, the staff, the managers, all the ones who worked beside me all these years. The fans, La Curva Sud. A symbol to us Romans and Roma fans.

Being born Romans and Roma fans is a privilege, being the captain of this team has been an honor. You are and you will always be in my life. I won’t be able to excite you with my feet anymore, but my heart will always be there with you.

Now I’ll go down the stairs, I’ll go into the locker rooms that met me when I was a kid, and I will leave as an adult.

I am very proud and happy to have given you 28 years of love. I LOVE YOU. “

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include

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Request:Could you do a dating Sam Winchester would include please? - Anon

Request box is open! Request here 


Ϟ Researching with him.

Ϟ Hunting together/ plus Dean.

Ϟ Deep conversations.

Ϟ Both of you’s protecting each other on hunts.

Ϟ Talking about getting married and having kids one day.

Ϟ Kissing.

Ϟ Heavily making out.

Ϟ Semi rough sex.

Ϟ Binge watching.

Ϟ Dancing.

Ϟ A lot of sex.

Ϟ Comforting each other.

Ϟ Nerdy talk.

Ϟ  Cuddling.

Ϟ I love you’s.

Ϟ Showering together.

Ϟ Shower sex.

Ϟ Kinky sex.

Ϟ Sam calling you babe.

Ϟ Complimenting each other.

Ϟ Dean getting annoyed with you and Sam being all lovey dovey.

Ϟ Flirting with each other.

Ϟ Sam’s heart fluttering every time his with you.

Ϟ Playing with his hair.

Ϟ Sam playing with your hair.

Ϟ Making you smile/laugh.

Ϟ Eating you out.

Ϟ Fingering you.

Ϟ Blowing him.

Ϟ More hot rough sex.

Ϟ Having an unbreakable bond.

Hannah Baker Imagine!

YESSS BBY my first hannah imagine and i am so excited. I legit think that Katherine is so fucking hot and I am so in love with her!

In all honesty, I would die just to meet her. Because she’s so beautiful I can’t 


Originally posted by daily13reasons

  You nervously tugged at the ends of short top, your thoughts running at a million miles per minute. If there was anything or anyone in the world that made you nervous, it was Hannah Baker. She was the epitome of perfection, with her plump lips and clear skin, her soft, glistening hair and adorable sense of humor. It took a lot for you to ask her on a date, and it was taking a lot for you to believe that she had actually said yes. It had also taken a lot of thought and help from your brother, Jeff, to come up with a good plan. You wanted for Hannah to be just as interested in you as you were in her and picking the date had been the most difficult part. Good thing your brother was also your wing man, because he had set the whole thing up for you. Now all you needed was confidence and a breath mint. 

You sprayed some perfume on your wrists and neck before checking your outfit in the mirror once more. You were wearing a cropped, white shirt, with a pair of torn jeans and converse. Your hair was pulled into two buns and your rose colored, heart shaped glasses were perched on the bridge of your nose. You took a deep breath and grabbed your purse, running out of your room and hoping to get to her house at precisely 5:00. You knew that was a bit early for a date to start, but your brother said that it was all in the plan. You made it to the kitchen to see that Jeff was sitting with his fake tuxedo shirt stretched over his chest and a baseball cap on his head. 

“What are you wearing, Jeff? I bought that shirt for you as a joke.” You raised your eyebrows, searching around for your car keys. 

Jeff raised a finger and your ring of keys twisted on it, causing you to stop searching. “I’m your driver, Y/N. You don’t even know where you’re going.” 

You groaned and then looked at your wrist, seeing that there was only five minutes until five and Hannah lived three minutes away. “Change your shirt first.” 

“No, I like this-” 



“Two minutes, Jeff!” 

Jeff rushed off as you rolled your eyes and unconsciously checked yourself in the mirror on top of the fireplace. Yes, nervousness wasn’t hard to come by when it came to the thought of Hannah Baker. She had caught your eye the minute that she had entered the school, and because your friend, Clay, also had a crush on her, it was shocking that she had even said yes in the first place. You didn’t think that Hannah was anything but straight, but you weren’t complaining. 

Jeff came rushing back with a school spirit shirt on, looking like a liberty high sponsor. You snorted as he ushered you out of the front door. The drive to Hannah’s was quiet as you thought of what the rest of the day might consist of. Not knowing what your brother had planned was difficult, but he persisted on keeping the whole thing secret. Your fingers started to tap on the screen of your phone as the car came to a stop in front of the Baker home. 

“Alright, go get her.” Jeff grinned back at you, sending you a wink. 

Your hands began to shake a little as you checked your appearance once more. 

“Y/N, you look good. Look, you have a minute to get to the door and ring the bell.” 

You nodded and took a deep breath, opening the door to the car and counting the seconds as you walked to the front door slowly. You had promised Hannah that you would ring her doorbell exactly at 5:00, and if you were any later or earlier you owed her a free front of the line pass from your work (which was at a theme park). 

(A/N: I just love theme parks)

You looked down at your phone and just as the time was changing the front door of the house swung open, revealing Hannah Baker in all of her glory. Her long hair was cascading down her shoulders in their usual silky waves and a mauve colored dress was wrapping around her body and flaring out at the waist beautifully. Her lips had a slight rose color and her skin was extra glowy. She was wearing a pair of flats that had golden crystals on them but she was still two inches taller than you. She looked gorgeous. You stayed opened mouthed as you admired her. 

“You lose!” She laughed, her eyes scrunching lightly as her mouth opened in her amusement. “Now you owe me a free front of the line pass!” 

She laughed for a few more seconds before realizing that you weren’t giggling with her. She smiled slightly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, her eyes finding the ground. 

“You look stunning,” You finally said, just as her mother came from inside the depths of the house right behind her. 

“Doesn’t she? See, Hannah, I told you you looked beautiful. Now, shoo. Have fun. Her curfew is 1:00 a.m, okay, Y/N? I trust you with my baby.” Mrs. Baker said as she pushed Hannah from the doorway lightly, grinning at the two of you. 

“Of course Mrs. Baker.” You smiled, as Hannah groaned and tugged you in the direction of your car. You waved at her mother as she smiled and closed the door. 

Hannah seemed to realize that Jeff was in the drivers seat as she neared closer and she frowned slightly, looking back at you as she stopped in her tracks. 

“Oh, sorry,” You said quickly. “My brother planned the whole thing out so he’ll be driving us. He won’t actually be going on the date with us, though. I promise.” 

The smile slowly returned and you quickly rushed in front of her, opening the back door of the car for her to enter. You turned to look at her and saw that she was smiling at you, while being very close, causing your heart to race. She leaned forward as she was entering the car, her breath hitting the loose strands of hair by your ear. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself, by the way.” She whispered, then she sat in the car, grinning up at you. 

You saw that a small part of her dress was hanging out of the door and you subconsciously picked it up and placed it on her lap, your fingers grazing her bare skin. Hannah shivered visibly and her face went red as you obliviously shut the door and went to the other side of the car. 

“Hey, Hannah!” Jeff greeted, waving as he looked at her through the rear view mirror. 

“Hey, Jeff.” She smiled back, still pink. “What’s the plan for today?” 

Jeff made a face as you slipped into the seat next to Hannah, smiling at her. “Well, it’s a bit of a surprise.I promise it’s a load of fun though!” 

Hannah looked over to you and smiled, shaking her head. “Well as long as Y/N is there anything is fun.” 

You snorted and scooted closer to her, but not too close because of your seat belt. “Hannah you’re cheesier than Jeff.” 

Hannah leaned forward and pushed a strand of hair from in front of your face. “What can I say? I like cheese so much I became it.” 

You burst into a fit of laughter as Jeff began to drive off, the both of you sharing jokes with each other. 

After about ten minutes of driving (and Hannah’s continuous laughter) Jeff pulled up to an empty parking lot, where there stood a neon building with giant graffiti style letters spelled ‘Jam’s Roller Rink’. 

“Roller skating! Jeff you know me too well. Oh my gosh, Hannah we’re going to have so much fun.” You turned from the building to Hannah, to see that she was looking a little downtrodden. “Hey, Hannah, what’s up?” 

Hannah shook her head and picked at her nails. “I don’t know how to skate, Y/N. Fuck, I just ruined everything didn’t I?” 

You took off your seat belt quickly and scooted closer to her, as Jeff got out of the car and headed towards the building. You placed your hand on Hannah’s shoulder and smiled lightly at her. “Hannah, I can teach you how. You didn’t ruin everything, I’ve been skating since I was six. I’ll teach you and we’re going to have a blast.” 

Hannah looked up with her eyes wide. “Are you sure it won’t be a bother? I mean it’s a date not a skating lesson and I really like you and don’t want to ruin-” 

You grabbed her cheeks softly and quickly pecked her lips, smiling at her shocked expression. After a second she turned a bright shade of red. “You’re not ruining anything, Hannah. Come on and let’s go have our fun date.” 

You turned and left her there, speechless, getting out of the car and walking around to open her door. When she got out she was still pink in the face and her mouth was pressed together. She then grinned and hooked her arm with yours, and you both set off to the building. 

“Isn’t this supposed to be the hottest roller rink in town? Why is it so dead?” Hannah questioned when you both neared the door, and you scrunched your brows as she opened the door. She was right, usually this place was booming. 

You two entered the dimly lit building where there was music playing loudly and the skating rink was alight with a disco ball and there was absolutely no one there. Well, except for Jeff who was sitting behind a bar while telling something to a person behind it. He turned when he saw you two coming, a wide grin on his face. 

“Hey guys, this is Ricardo, the man who has gladly let me rent out this place for a couple of hours of just you two. He put a nice playlist on for the both of you to skate to and he says there snacks behind here. When he says alone, he means no one but you two are going to be here. The restrooms are that way and I’ll be at the trampoline place next door with Clay. Have fun!” 

Before the two of you could respond Jeff left towards the exit and Ricardo left through a door behind the bar, sending a wink your and Hannah’s way. 

“Wow,” Hannah said, looking around. “The whole place literally to ourselves.” 

You grinned and shook your head. Oh Jeff was definitely such an amazing brother for this. You looked to the rack of skates on the other side of the room and gestured for Hannah to follow. 

“What size do you wear?” You asked Hannah, bringing two pairs of socks out of your bag. 

She laughed nervously. “Uh, an eight.” 

You smiled and looked back to see she was red in the face again. “Me too, Hannah you don’t have to be embarrassed.” 

You went behind the counter and grabbed two pairs of size eight skates and went to the bench near the entrance of the skating rink, Hannah following like a lost puppy. 

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Hannah said as she sat next to you and removed her sandals. “I’m really nervous right now.” 

You laughed as you pulled one skate on and she pulled your favorite socks on. “What are you nervous for?” 

“Actually I’m absolutely terrified of falling and breaking something and making a complete fool of myself in front of a very cute girl.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up when you were done pulling on your second skate. You grinned and skated around the bench as Hannah pulled on her own skates. “This ‘cute girl’ will not laugh if you fall. She will pull you back up and kiss your wounds.” 

Hannah laughed nervously when you stopped before her, both of her skates on. You grinned and motioned for her to stand up. She did so slowly, her knees shaking as she grabbed onto your elbows roughly. 

“Holy shit, I don’t think I can do this, Y/N.” She muttered as she nearly tripped and latched herself onto you. She looked at your face, not bothered at all by the close proximity. 

“Come one Hannah, just one foot after the other.” You smiled, skating backwards slowly. There was a slight dip in the floor and the two of you made it to the rink, finally, the lights reflecting off of the disco ball making Hannah look even more gorgeous than before. 

You were too busy admiring her to see that she was beginning to fall, and only when you were falling into her lap did you notice. She let out a loud grunt and you groaned in pain as your knees hit the hardwood floor in between her legs. 

“Aw, fuck, Y/N, I can’t that hurt.” Hannah said, her full lips quivering and her eyes glossy. 

“Come on Hannah, just one more try. Don’t give up.” You pulled yourself up and pulled her along with you. 

Slowly you began to guide Hannah around the rink and as she slowly got the hang of it her eyes began to light up and she began to laugh loudly, your hand linked with hers as you both skated around to the beat of the music. 

“I’m having the best time,” Hannah said when the both of you slowed down. She pulled you closer by the arm and you grinned. 

“I was hoping you would,” You whispered when you were both inches apart. she grinned and closed the gap between you two, and her plump lips met yours. 

Your hands went to wrap around her neck but you forgot you were skating and the wheel of your skate twisted so you fell flat on your ass, your lips yanking from Hannahs. 

“I think we should take a break.” She laughed, pulling you up by your arm. She then rubbed her stomach. “They said snacks, right?” 

You nodded eagerly and she intertwined your fingers with hers once more, this time dragging you to the bar. Behind the bar where no one could see were homemade cupcakes and a small sign that said ‘drinks and chocolate covered things in the fridge’. 

“Ohhh, these cupcakes look amazing.” Hannah said softly, picking one up. You picked yourself onto the counter, pointing to one with a Hershey’s kiss on the top. 

“Can I have that one with a kiss?” You asked her, and she blushed incredibly red as she wiped at her lips to remove the frosting she had. She grabbed your cupcake before skating to you and placing a fast kiss to your lips, which you giggled at. 

“I was talking about the candy but that was even better.” You smiled lightly, unwrapping the cupcake of it’s foil cup. 

Hannah blushed deeply before laughing loudly and kissing you once more. 


OMG this is so cute 


SO SoRRY for the wait was just publishing the first chapter of my HP fanfic on Wattpad 

and just incase you’re curious my username is @ -pukwudgie 

it’s a lil trash 

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If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be? I imagine you as Noctowl, for some reason (well shiny noctowl, actually)

i’d love to be like flygon sceptile or rayquaza but i’d probably be a feebas.

actually wait no let me think about this clearly

i’m not very tall but not overly short and i weigh little (average height low weight). i’m much more creative (high special attack) than physically strong (average or low physical attack and physical defense). i can sprint fast (high speed). my mind is fucked up (low special defense) and whether i can stand up to a lot or only a little is really a matter of luck (average HP). as for types, although i totally feel a connection with water i’m pretty shit at swimming, my favourite colour is dark red and i’m also a goth queen so even though i hardly ever pick the fire-type starter i’d say dark/fire.

guess i’m a houndoom

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How would the UT, US and UF react when they find out that their S/O was arrested because thyr shoplifted a lot of *insert something the skeles may or may not like i.e. ketchup*?



Sans is scolding you for doing something so stupid, but he’s doing it seriously. He’s actually laughing a lot on the inside, and loving you so much. He easily convinces the judge to let you out without paying bail with his puns. He asks if you managed to get some anyway, then celebrates when you two get home. 


Papaya is hardcore scolding you and is very angry! He’ll pay your bail, but isn’t talking to you for the rest of the day, but within a few hours, he accepts your apology, and asks you to not do it again. He forgets all about it the next day. 



Blue is so mad at you right now! He thought that you were above stealing! He does find it a little bit funny and endearing that you stole for him, but don’t do it again! 


Awh man, Stretch is just laughing and giving a pat on the back! He doesn’t encourage stealing, but man, he’s gonna give you tips on how to not get caught next time. And maybe he’ll tag a long too to watch your back. Man, this is a story for the kids one day. 



Are you some kind of idiot?? You did it wrong! Red teaches the proper technique of stealing to ensure that you won’t be caught again, then he pulls you into a deep kiss, because, wow, you’ll steal and go to jail for him? That’s hot. 


Fell is 100% done with you. If you’re going to steal, at least do it right. He’s embarrassed that you got caught and threatened the police officers to never mention this again and destroy the records. Afterwards, Fell teaches you how to be stealthy. 

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Horikoshi already has two trans characters in his manga so i hope he'll pull through for us and make bakushima canon

It depends on what you mean by canon. I can easily see Hori not giving Bakugou a female love interest and leaving him and Kirishima together until the end. They may have a lot of intimate moments throughout the series, but the status of their relationship may be ambiguous or left up to interpretation. I’ve seen shounen do something like that. That kind of ending would make sense considering Bakugou is focused on becoming a hero and Kirishima is beneficial to his hero development. Their Quirks are compatible and Kirishima helps Bakugou grow as a hero. Why wouldn’t they be a good match as life partners (or romantic couples)? That’s what I’m predicting/hoping will happen. It makes sense given the development of their relationship.

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What do you think of creators who try to enforce fanwork bans? I understand copyright law but to me this attitude is kinda dickish since they are effectively criminalizing people who just want to express and share their love for their work. As an artist and writer who would kill for that kind of attention, this attitude honestly angers me since the creators in question come off as very ungrateful and snobbish. That's just me though. I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Thanks :)

Well I dont like bans either because I see fanart as free advertising of your product, however theres a few things that really bother me about fan artists,

one is that if a company wants to make merch they need to copyright the design and that can be tough with 40 million people already making merch, secondly you are not entitled to make profit off of someone elses work, a lot of creators are screwed over by fans basically taking their content and making money off their ideas.

As a general rule I say dont sell fanart of independent creators stuff. Big name stuff is okay.

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I think that the horsemen's horses are the real unsung (anti-)heroes of Darksiders. I mean, you couldn't have horsemen at all without horses, right? Yet we currently know nothing at all about Fury or Strife's horses, whilst Ruin and Despair aren't much more than accessories to their masters in the games. Surely there's got to be more to them than that? Could you please rustle up some personality headcanons for the four horses?


-I would love it if his horse is like, the antithesis of its rider. 

- It has the patience of a saint. 

- Probably incredibly docile. Like a big, golden retriever. 

- Loves to roll. 

- Often nips at the others’ hindquarters just to be a pest.

- Will bite.


- Looks before it leaps. 

- Just as sensible as its rider. 

- Her ‘voice’ of reason. Fury asks it a lot of general questions about the surrounding area, where to go etc. The horse responds with snorts, stomps and pointing its head. 

- It’s easily the fastest of the four horses. 

- It was the only horse not to buck its rider when they first tried to break each horse in. 

- Ferociously protective of its mistress. 


- Acts tough, is tough, but would absolutely throw his life on the line for War. 

- Will begrudgingly let Fury’s horse groom him. 

- Probably has a higher kill count than War. 

- He was the hardest to break. 

- Also the strongest, physically, of each horse. 

- Once, he almost tore the arm off an angel with his teeth for threatening War.


- He can easily put the other 3 in their place. 

- Has the scariest, dead-eyed glare that makes all creatures wilt. 

- Completely at your mercy if you rub off the dead skin surrounding his eyes. 

- Tried grass once, just to spite Death. Didn’t try it again when it just fell out of his throat. 

- Probably the easiest going horse, after Strife’s. 

- Like his rider, has a well-hidden heart of gold. 

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Hi Would I be able to ask for EXO reaction when they meet a beautiful girl from another country such as Poland (from which I come c:) and are stunned by her beauty? I love your blog and wish you all the best! (Sry for my bad English)

Poland, you say? My też! Pozdrawiamy wszystkich polskich czytelników naszego bloga!


He’s stunned and stares a lot, wondering from which country you come from. He wants to approach you and maybe talk to you for a while.


When he hears that you’re from central Europe, he’s surprised since he’s not very familiar with their culture and he thinks that you’re pretty with your foreign appearance.


Your looks fascinate him and he’s very curious about you and your country, approaching you and asking few questions about it.


He gets shy and doesn’t really approach you because of that, but he still admires your beauty from distance, wishing that he could talk to you without it being awkward.


You look so different from other girls he ever met and it’s magical for him. When he hears where you’re from though, he’s surprised (Poland? Where’s that? 😂)


This big guy feels intimidated by your looks and feels stiff around you, though he still wants to get to know you better.


Your conversation is smooth and nice, He acts like a gentleman he is, but it’s clear that he wants to ask you out, and so he does later.


You’re gorgeous to him and he approaches you with a smile, flirting and trying to impress you. You end up talking with each other a lot and becoming close.


He also gets so shy around her and every time you make eye contact he looks away because your eyes are to pretty for him. In the end he asks for your number.


He’s mature and kind, he doesn’t want to overwhelm or offend you by asking many questions even if he’s curious. Instead he just simply talks with you and suggests to stay in contact.


He finds you very attractive and stares a lot. He approaches you only after you notice his gaze and then is his happy self, asking if you’d like to spend more time together.


For a while just flirts with his gaze, looking away every time you’d capture him staring, but you know he’s just playing by the smile he has on his face.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian 

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Okay so I have kinda gotten obsessed with the idea of what 2D and Murdoc would do while on plastic beach. Not rlly in a romantic way and besides the abusive shit, what do you think they would do. I can't stop thinking about it

(I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I want to point out that I became a fan later on. I’ve always loved their music but since my English wasn’t that good back then, I only found out about the backstory a year back or so. This means I might not know everything about the three other phases.)

I have a feeling though that, even though Murdoc and 2D tried to kill each other on that plastic island, they still got somewhat along. Murdoc found this place by himself and spend quite a long time totally isolated from people, meaning he probably wouldn’t survive if 2D and him couldn’t interact properly when on the island together. Basic human needs are good social interaction. So I’ve made a list:

  • They’ve had looooong talks about everything; life, love, politics (as well as 2D could keep up), right and wrong.
  • When 2D complained about the fact that you couldn’t order pizza to the island, Murdoc took the challenge and found out that he was pretty good at cooking/making pizza.
  • When they get drunk on rum together, there’s sweet talks about how they hate and appreciate each other.
  • Sometimes they just chilled in the sun, Murdoc laughing at 2D because he always got sunburnt and not tan at all.
  • They’d get really giddy and happy when a song turned out brilliantly!
  • 2D would start seeing stuff in the horizon and Murdoc would have to explain that it is  a Fata Morgana, which leaves him puzzled so Murdoc starts explaining it from scratch - “Wow, you’re so clever, Murdoc!”
  • Murdoc would become very interested in marine life and would start exploring the waters around the island, excitedly talking to 2D about what fish, and so on, he has seen. Eventually also making fun of his fear of whales.
Gray’s Goodbye

Hello everyone.

First of all, I would like to apologize deeply for being completely absent from the blog. I have been adjusting to many changes in my life, and overall just experiences many incredible and not so incredible things. All in all, I was just living life.

To be frank, I haven’t given my 100% to this blog. Even around the last time I was active, I was feeling disconnected and losing the initial passion I felt towards the blog, as terrible as it sounds. And I know that might change your opinion of me, but I would like to be honest with you.

This blog has helped me realize a lot of wonderful things about myself. I have had so many unforgettable experiences here, including writing and talking to you all and just enjoying the things I love. I loved getting to know Kat, Kain, Fits, and Morgyn, even if it felt brief.

What I am trying to say is, through this last school year I have changed entirely as a person. I’ve realized that being an admin is not something I want. I’m not even sure if being apart of the tumblr community is something I want anymore. I felt like this a few months ago, even confiding in the other admins and ultimately deciding to give myself time in case I changed my mind.

I made up excuses, telling myself I was too busy to engage in the blog. When in honesty, I am now on summer vacation with free time on my hands and I just don’t see myself writing here anymore. In fact, I might just leave tumblr altogether if I really think about it.

A lot of this is rambling, and I am sure hardly anyone is reading this. In fact, I’ve been gone so long, I’m sure hardly anyone remembers who Admin Gray is. 

Point blank, I am saying goodbye.

Like I said, I have enjoyed this blog and created so many essential moments that will last forever in the crevices of my mind. I’ve grown as a writer, a fan, and a person. The people I’ve met, the friends that I had, and the work that I created with my fingers (unbelievably of course) will always hold a special place in my heart.

I just think back on this last year.

I experienced new changes. I’ve had some family struggles, school has been a large beast to conquer, and I was involved in my first serious relationship (which began suddenly and ended abruptly all at once). Through it all, I would come back and just lurk in the shadows, secretly admiring the blog and feeling like the supporter of the blog that I used to be. And I was okay with that.

And I hope you’re all okay with it too.

Gray will be a persona I leave behind. If I am active on my personal blog or on another blog in general, it will be as myself and using another name. I also removed The Lost Boys from this blog (which I am also deeply apologetic about). It is just that one piece of work I cannot leave behind and incomplete. If I were to repost it, too, it would just cause a lot of problems if I am using a different name and it would seem like I was plagiarizing myself. So if somewhere in the distant future, I revamped The Lost Boys, it is me as well haha.

Lastly, to end this horrific and long goodbye (probably no one read this far) I just want to thank you all for letting me be apart of something so splendid. I still remember last summer, when I was sitting at my lunch table during my summer classes. I checked my email, saw my first ever message from Kat, and felt as if I were going to burst from joy. I remember posting my first ever work like it was yesterday (News Flash). I remember my favorite scenarios that I wrote (Erase Me, To Be Brave, and Kiss Away the Pain). I remember everything. And this was just a beautiful and great chapter in the book of my life, one that is marked and forever cherished. So thank you all, for being there for me. 

Thank you Kat, for accepting me and being there to guide me. Thank you Kain, I always enjoyed talking to you and I found you very charming and friendly. Thank you Fits, you were always sweet to me and I enjoyed talking to you. Morgyn, you’re so wonderful and I wish we could’ve talked more.

I am so sorry for the long, long rant. But most of all, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you guys my all for a little bit longer. However, I believe everything happens for a reason. I hope you all enjoyed our time together like I did.



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RIP ShadesOfBidders

Dear all readers/followers

This is Min’s boyfriend writing.

It is with regret and sorrows i am writing here. My girlfriend, Min. author of ShadesOfBidders have passed away 2 weeks ago due to an accident.

She was a victim involved in a drunk driving accident, and been in coma since and declared brain dead a couple days later.

I have found her tumblr and this account that she had gathered a lot of followers which she’ve been talking to some of you, that i would like to announce it on her blog and to her followers.

I loved her with all my heart and i hope she knows it. I cherished all our time together and glad that we’ve met and fell in love. You’ll always be in my heart.

This shall be the one last post on shadesofbidders.

Please, never, ever, drink and drive.
God bless.

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Leah x female reader headcanon? What their relationship would be like.. Like the best friends to lovers kinda thing after she becomes a werewolf and imprints on her? Cuz tbh i'd be gay for Leah no question Anyways i love your fics! Keep it up fam!

I would also be gay for Leah in a heartbeat and I think she gets a lot of shit. Thank you so much! I’ve deffo keeping myself busy tonight!!

- There would have been an attraction between you from the start, even if it was a just a small curiosity in the back of your minds but at the time she had Sam

- When Sam turned her world upside down you marched over to his house and broke your hand on his jaw. Leah was sick with worry but it was worth it and you help her gather herself back from the relationship.

- Seth is so used to you being in his life now that he’s not surprised that when you give him sisterly lectures about getting his homework done

- Leah kisses you when she’s blackout drunk but before you can talk about it sober, she phases and upon realising what she is and what Sam did to Emily she disappears from your life.

- Sue and Seth won’t tell you where she’s gone but you were still there for both of them at Harry’s funeral. Leah avoided you there too.

- After a night of drinking you snap, you march over to Leah’s house, use the spare key she gave you months ago and slurring confronted her by asking her how she was suddenly avoiding you and being so homophobic when SHE was the one to kiss YOU.
But she just stared at you so you stormed home until Seth caught up with you and walked your drunk ass home while apologising for waking him up.

- At first Leah is scared to accept the imprint because of her fathers death because she phased in front of him but she can’t avoid you any longer

- Forgiveness come easily from you, she had just lost her father after all

- Leah kicks the ass of any wolves who think of you in a sexual way

- You help integrate Leah more into the pack and unleash hell on anyone who tells her that her initial anger at Sam and Emily wasn’t completely justified - Jared is still a bit scared of you

- Neck kisses, face kisses, forehead kisses, kisses up your arms and along your collar bones

- Hardly ever sleeping in more than just your underwear because you sleep with a HUMAN RADIATOR clinging to you with her face snuggled into your neck

- it is impossible to escape the sleep attack but you don’t want too

- learning how to cook with minimal, weird ingredients so that you know you can always make Leah a meal so her weird wolf belly doesn’t go hungry

- When you’re drunk you pretend to be red riding hood, “Look at what big eye you have!” She finds it funnier than she should while wrestling your drunk ass into bed

- Dressing as werewolves for Halloween to annoy Sam

- Making Emily and Leah talk to each other

- Not being afraid to shout at wolf idiots for doing stupid things

- Leah will randomly appear out of nowhere and wrap her arms around your waist and rest her chin on your shoulder a few times everyday

- Paul having a broken jaw when he says that he loves being able to read the mind of a lesbian, it would have been worse but you managed to pull her off of him

- Leah takes charge in the bedroom, not necessarily a Dom but she gets so much pride from making you feel pleasure

- Leah worrying that you’re going to miss out on kids and the ‘normal experience’ to which you shoot her with a well concealed Nerf gun, there’s 12 hidden in the house and she can’t find them all

- She had a special grin that is 500% only ever used for you

- Doing anything to keep you safe, even sending you away when she joins Jacob’s pack because she couldn’t guarantee your safety at the Cullen’s house with Bella about to change

- It’s hard for both of you but she calls you 6 times a day with lots of phone sex

- LOTS. Enough to make the Vampires, with no circulation, look like they’re blushing.

Okay so I know this past week ya’ll have been hearing me talk about how I have had this blog for a year. (Yesterday the 27th.) And its been a interesting year! It also really doesn’t feel like a year and I hope to be around for many more! I have made so many friends, had a lot of feelings both the good and bad and just have met so amazing people in my life. I am so thankful to all of you! So here is a shout out to some amazing people! Along with my entire follow list. If I leave anyone out I am sorry, there is a lot of people.

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