i would love to see jessica in a role like this bc i think she would kill it

My Thoughts On "Through A Glass, Darkly"

I have to give it to Ali, she had guts going to Mona’s funeral. Either she helped Mona fake her death and felt bad seeing Mrs. V so heartbroken or she felt bad because of how badly how she treated Mona in the past. Maybe both. Either way, Mrs. V knew Mona feared Ali and had been bullied mercilessly by her, which prompted the “slap heard round the world.” Ironically, Mrs. V had no issue with Spencer being there, considering she was out on bail for being suspected of murdering a teenage girl. Don’t try to understand Rosewood logic, you’ll just hurt your brain.

Side note: does the opening scene bug anyone else now that we know Ali is alive? It just lost that “thing” that gave me goosebumps in the beginning of the series. Mona’s mom questioned if she was really dead since there’s no body: clearly, she has tumblr.

Jessica being the witness who named Spencer as Ali/Bethany’s murderer isn’t shocking. We knew this already. Wilden covering it up isn’t an earth shattering revelation either. Whoever Jessica was covering for is definitely the person who murdered her (remember the email Jessica sent saying she couldn’t cover for them anymore). If Jessica really buried Ali she was willing to cover for the murderer and it’s prob why she didn’t push the issue any further. That’s right Tanner: all roads lead back to Radley. I would totally be up for breaking in to dig through their files and hang with Big Ronda. Ya know, if the place wasn’t fictional and all. Because I’m dying to know what big secrets lie in Radley, pun intended. I think whoever killed Bethany not only murdered Mrs. D but and Wilden too. Maybe whoever it is (A?) was counting on the girls turning on Ali in order to clear Spencer, because I’m pretty sure A wouldn’t mind Ali taking the fall. Besides if Ali was protecting her girls, we’ll now, it’s open season on the liars.

“My parents want me somewhere safe.”- Paige’s parents win the smartest/best parent award. But this is rosewood so it’s all relative and the competition isn’t tough.

One scoop of ice cream each. Yea, Hanna and Caleb, that’s how much I eat too. True story. I’m totally not lying.

Mona was so smart even Caleb can’t crack into her computer. I LOVE that.

Now the girls wanna use Grunwald. This show could’ve ended seasons go. Come on Caleb, cops use psychics all the time. Party pooper.

“She saved Ali when Mrs. D planted her.”- this is why I love Hanna.

Honestly, I go back and forth with how I feel about Ali. But I felt really bad for her this episode. I don’t think she killed Mona and I don’t think she’s A. I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed so hard when Aria started blowing the whistle. Poor Ali.

After habitually leaving Ali alone since she’s returned, I guess the least her dad could so was supply her with a fake alibi.

Mike: no body, no funeral. The writers are totally messing with us and read all of your theories.

So they found traces of Mona’s blood in Ali’s trunk. A could’ve planted that. OR Ali helped Mona fake the whole thing.

Jason asked Spencer if it’s so hard to believe the Dilaurentis’s spent Thanksgiving together as a family. Did he not see the Christmas episode? I’m sorry, I’ve said before that I wish the series took place while the girls were in college bc I have issues with the unrealistic level of parental supervising all things considered. So just ignore my rants. I’d say I’m gonna stop but that’s be a lie. So ignoring me is best.

I eat a lot of fiber. How can you not love Hanna?

Each one hated/feared/knew something about the other. When Grunwald said this the first thing to pop into my head was “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. Does that explain Ali and Mona’s complex relationship? Mona knew Ali was alive this whole time but what does Ali know about Mona? Was Grunwald insinuating Mona was buried alive: Surrounded by earth and insects. Is her soul is having a hard time passing over bc she’s still alive? Fingers.Crossed.

When did Emily becomes so comfortable breaking the law? For someone who loved Ali so deeply she sure did a 180.

The picture of the Dilarientis family on the ski trip: Jason remembers it as a bad day but she remembers a nice day. Jason hints how Ali has a way of remembering things differently. This could be a clue (I don’t think her story the night she disappeared is the truth, at least not all of it, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t convince herself it was for self preservation). We know Jessica taught Ali this habit in the Christmas episode.

Of course Caleb’s mom is helping him w his own place. His dad is still pissed he bought a house in Ravenswood and Caleb didn’t hold up his end of the bargain to help fix it up. If you didn’t watch Ravenwood I apologize. Again, just ignore me.

Aria is wearing red, Celeb calling her A for anonymous (she said this exact line to Ms. Marin once)..I’m just saying……home girl is A.

Is Aria trying to see if Caleb found anything on Mona’s computer or does she really only care about colleges? One makes her shady and possibly A, old news. The other option is typical Aria. The others are tracking down clues and planting evidence while she’s spends the episode concerned only with herself and Ezra’s shelves. BUT this sure would be a clever way to learn from Caleb. She’s totally A.

Terminations is a collection of short stories about sadness and loss. One of them is about life and death and making sure a close friend is remembers and not forgotten about once they pass away. Mona knew how smart Hanna was and that she hid it. Was this bc Hanna felt like Spencer already filled the “smart” friend role and she already saw how much Spencer and Ali clashed?

The whole Aria getting attacked scene. She wasn’t hurt. If A wanted to they could’ve, they didn’t. If Aria is involved with A She could have a mental condition and not even realize some of what she does. Or she might need to convinced herself that her being a target of A is real so she can convince the others. Maybe this was to really nail home how “evil” Ali is. Plus, now the evidence from Mona’s laptop is out of the liars hand and into A’s. Why wouldn’t Aria want to tell Ezra? It also could’ve been Ali trying to protect the girls because something on there could hurt them. All I know is WTH did Caleb give Aria that laptop? Did his quick lesson quality her to break into Mona’s files when he couldn’t?

Ali didn’t look too excited to see Grunwald. Ya know, Considering she saved her life and all. Supposedly. This show makes my brain hurt.

Mona’s hidden cameras don’t show a face. Of course. This doesn’t rule out that Mona didn’t stage this: she knew the cameras were there and no serious injury/blood occurred. How nice that newbie Toby, whose girlfriend is accused of murder, is allowed to sit in w Tanner. Keep up the by-the-book work Rosewood PD.

I feel for Jason being stuck between his two sisters…and I will happily console him.

If Ali’s right and she’s been protecting the girl then A should get pretty ruthless towards them now that Ali’s in prison.

Having someone arrested for Mona’s murder would make Mike feel better. Mona being gone would make it easier for Aria to have a relationship with Mike. Aria admits that she was always concerned what Mona would tell him about hers and the girls. Typical “compassionate” Aria only thinking of herself. Aria says she hopes Mike will tell her about the real Mona: ie get all her secretes/the inside scoop. Everything Aria says has an ulterior motive to me.

Poor sobbing Mike, Aria does love her brother.

I love Spencer but how does she knew she didn’t hurt Bethany? She doesn’t remember a lot from that night, Ali said she was sleeping but the first series episode shows Spencer awake entering the barn saying she heard Ali scream and went to look for her. This has always confused me.

Poor Ali is in jail bc of a video showing a girl with blonde hair and lack of an alibi. That’s apparently enough to arrest someone without bail even though blood in their trunk isn’t. Hmmm.

This episode had no answers as usual. To quote Spencer “No, I don’t accept this.” LOL! Thanks for reading, I love you! I have to go eat some fiber now…