i would love to live in a building that had this!

A moment of appreciation for Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza, please. (Spoilers)

* They haven’t seen each other in maybe years. So? They’re still mad in love.
* Literally this whole time of the curse they were in the SAME BUILDING but they were both so hulking and heavy and Garderobe was constantly falling asleep so they had to live with the knowledge that their spouse was in the other room but they would never be able to see them. 
* Cadenza being unsure of his musical talents for the “Be Our Guest” performance but all it takes is Lumiere reminding him that Garderobe is waiting and then BOOM he’s going to do it.
* “Will I tremble again…To my dear one’s gorgeous refrain?”
* The entire sequence in the battle scene.
* Cadenza is finally owning his new form to go full-on animal on the invaders until the cranky old woman screams “SILENCE THAT HARPSICHORD!”
* And Garderobe hears. “Maestro!”
* “Darling! At last!”
* “I’m coming, my love!”
* And this woman who has been trapped in a sleepy, hulking, hard-to-move form for years just straight-up CLIMBS ONTO THE BANISTER.
* “This is it! The fat lady is singing! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!”
* And then that heartwrenching moment when the spell is taking hold of them. Like they literally just saw each other again after years, never got to hug each other, never got to kiss each other, they just got maybe fifteen minutes together. 
* “Maestro, you were so brave. Goodbye, my love.”
* And Garderobe just peacefully closes into inanimateness because even if she only got so long with her husband, she saw him again, she got to see him one last time and he’s there with her, so everything is okay.
* But Cadenza isn’t.
* “No! Amore, do not leave me!”
* And you can actually hear him choking. You can hear him gasping for air as he keeps trying to talk to his wife, but then he just goes away with her.
* If you can’t tell, I was legitimately crying during this scene.
* B U T  T H E N.
* Garderobe and Cadenza return to their human selves in this flurry of fabric and clothing and the second they all clear out, they’re already kissing. Like they just got their flesh-and-blood forms and within not even two seconds they’re already holding each other.
* And Cadenza has lost almost all of his teeth from the battle but GARDEROBE DOESN’T GIVE A 
* And the last we see of them, they’re singing the main title together and they share a lil smile.

In summary these two need a lot more love because they were one of my favorite parts of this movie.

Okay this is a sad idea (i love it) but bare w me

So in Beauty and the Beast we all know Gaston shoots the Beast, but specifically in the live action Belle fought Gaston and tried to grab his gun, while the Beast was still trying to get to her..

Sooo what if the gun went off? And Belle gets hurt! So the beast in a rage like throws Gaston off the building (or because he’s a good person now shoves him out of the way and he trips over his boots or something and falls) and then pretty much the same ending only w Belle dying instead of the Beast

And like she says I love you or something with the enchantress there, and then dies and he says it back, and then he’s crying and the last petal has fallen but the enchantress sees he changed & brings it back and brings belle back and REUNION

..I would really love it if someone would write this

mini bawson smut fic

Originally posted by merlinss

When they first get together, they disappear into each other for a few weeks. They are that couple that do everything together, touch constantly, sit-on-the-same-side-of-the-booth sort of couple. The sort of couple that would be annoying if they weren’t so sweet. They also become the I-need-you-now-right-now-all-the-time sort of couples.

The day after he retires he shows up at her place and kisses her before she can greet him. It’s like floodgates open up. Like every intense look, every charged conversation, every touch had been building to this and as soon as they let themselves be together, they get addicted. He’s addicted.

Mike feels like he tastes nothing but her skin for days, like he’s living off her and her off him. 

They spend hours memorizing and learning, becoming experts in each other. Mike knows that Ginny will lose her mind if he whispers to her about how good it feels to be inside her; he knows that if he bites on her shoulder she’ll whine like she’s dying; he knows that if she’s riding him she’ll tune him out completely and do whatever she wants to chase her pleasure. 

It’s heady, intense, as beautiful as it is obscene. 

He’s on top of her, kissing her deeply, rocking into her body in a lazy way that makes her twitchy and impatient. But he knows she loves it just as much, loves to exist with him, connected and together.

She moans wonderfully and tries to buck her hips into his, but he stops his movement, muscles tensing with the need to thrust, but the sounds she makes are worth it.

“Impatient, Baker?” He says with a cocky smile.

“Shut up and do that thing I like, old man,” she tries to be assertive but she’s breathless and her voice sounds raw.

“What thing would that be?” He rocks his hips again, watching her eyes close and her head tilt back. He doesn’t mean to be smug, but there are a lot of things he does that she likes. 

“Mike! I swear to go-” she chokes out a breath when he starts rocking into her in earnest, hitting that spot inside her that makes her forget her name and inevitably leads to angry red marks blooming along his back from where she can’t help but claw at him in ecstasy.

He loves it, craves it, needs to make her feel this way. Needs to make sure she knows, deep down, just how well he can make her fall apart.

And he does, over and over and over again.

Like he said, he’s addicted.

anonymous asked:

I have an AU with no writing skill plz spread it for some talented person like you to see: Kagome and the gang are kids and live in the same apartment building, Kags lives over Inu and talks with him from her balcony and tries getting him to play with everyone else, imagine the cute games and him opening up to her and them growing up together and pool days! Based off my own experience I had where I met my first boyfriend when I was 7, I'm now 26 and happily married to said ex-grumpy boy

I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS SO ADORABLE I WOULD JUST LOVE TO RAED THIS. You should totally write this!!!! It’s so cute and fluffy!! Makes me just melt! 

( I was totally headcanoning that the God Tree would be a tree that they use to climb to get to the other’s balcony ) 

And congrats! That’s such an adorable story and to have lived that sounds so amazing!~ You guys have been through everything together! 

Rainy Days

Guess who’s back lol. It’s been very rainy here in the desert.

Maybe it was because she lived right next door. Or the fact that she listened to their music and sang along in the most tone deaf manner. Or maybe the early alarms she would set for herself to make sure she would get to school on time. Maybe it was the way she would stand in the apartment corridor, staring out at the open space when it rained. The dreamy yet calm look on her face. He could always remember the time when she first introduced herself to them.

She had locked herself out of her own house and had asked Seungcheol, who at home at the time, if she could stay until the landlady came back at night. Seungcheol, who had only seen her a few times here and there, treated her very kindly, asking her to make herself comfortable and to ignore the mess as 13 boys were living under the one roof.  The rest of the members were at the company building, practicing or out and about. Seungcheol got called to the company building and entrusted the house to her, forgetting to tell her that there was someone sleeping in one of the rooms. 

Jihoon was obviously shocked when he came out to find a stranger girl sitting on their couch, watching the TV comfortably. He had threatened to call the police when Seungcheol returned home, surprised at the tension. Jihoon was terribly confused when she greeted Seungcheol, walking over to him and apologizing for imposing before leaving. The elder grumbled to Jihoon about scaring off such a cute girl and Jihoon felt guilty. He waited on the stairs by the lift for her to come back after the landlady helped her unlock her house and had told Jihoon that the girl had gone out for a bit.

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The Girl Across the Hall

Request: hi, i don’t know if you take requests but if you do could i request one where reader and peter live in the same building and peter has secretely been in love from the beggining have a nice dayyy x

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: none unless you count cute and dorky peter!

Notes: for future reference – yes, I DO TAKE REQUESTS! also this was like my fav imagine to write lol let me know what ya think!

Part Two

This had to have been the fourth time this month that Peter had waited after school longer than usual just so he could casually bump into you on the way into both of your guys’ apartment building. Peter had thrown longing stares at you from across the hallway since you moved in three years ago – those stares going completely unnoticed, or so he thought.

He would talk to you, but every time he had gained just an ounce of courage to do so, he’d find himself remembering the one time he did try that two years ago. Aunt May had encouraged him to do it – feeling bad for the poor boy who had just stuck to admiring from afar a whole year. May had gotten one of your letters in the mail “on accident” and asked Peter if he could run it to your door. He blushed profusely before mumbling a simple ‘yeah, sure thing May’ and tripping over his own two feet the short distance to your door.

He stood outside your door for about fifteen seconds trying to compose himself – his hands were sweating, his heart was racing and he kept rehearsing the words he’d say to you so he wouldn’t mess them up. By the time his fist came up to the door it was too late for him to register that your door was already opening, causing Peter’s knuckled to knock on the person who opened the door rather than coming into contact with the door itself.

His face twisted into one of horror as he registered that the person opening the door was you, and it took him even longer to realize his fist was still on your forehead. His hand retreated quickly as he heard you laughing. He was sure now that it was innocent and you were probably just trying to not make Peter feel as bad as he had already felt, but at the time Peter took your laughter as a sign of you thinking how pathetic he was. He dropped your mail on the ground and rushed back to his apartment door, ignoring the incessant shout of his name, in turn he ignored the loud and sharp feeling of his heart hammering against his chest when he realized one thing: you knew his name.

Now here he was, two years after that incident, admiring you from afar again. Even while he bumped into you while entering the apartment building, he hadn’t tried to exchange any words with you. He opened the door for you to walk in ahead of him, he would return your smile, and he’d ride the elevator with you in quiet, sneaking glances at you when he could – not knowing you had been looking up at him quite a few times, too.

He couldn’t even remember why he was so infatuated with you. He remembers when it happened, though. It was Thursday night – pizza night in the Parker residence. He had just gotten back from picking up dinner when he rounded the corner too fast and collided with a body. The pizza almost flying out of his hands, but luckily another pair came to the rescue. Peter had looked up to thank whoever the person was but came up dry when his eyes landed on the most intoxicating looking girl he had ever seen. Her smile was wide as she laughed light-heartedly at the incident. He tried to laugh or smile back, anything to indicate that there was a soul inside of his body, still.

“Sorry – hey! You live next door! Um, Parker… Peter! Right?” You got no response so you continued, “I was just on my way to pick up a pizza! Is Thursday your pizza night, too?” This time he managed to nod at you, earning him another, the way he described it, angelic smile. “Well, I’ll see you around, Peter! I like your sweater by the way. Maroon’s my favorite color.”

And right then, he swore he could’ve bought out his closet and painted his whole entire life with that color if it meant that he would become your favorite anything.

“Peter?” He snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at you next him in the elevator, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Um, yes?” His voice came out higher than usual, causing him to scold himself internally and wanting nothing more than to punch himself in the face.

“You’re good in science, right?”

His knees almost went week with the shy look you had given him. Your eyes looked up at him through your lashes as your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, the grip on your books tightening as you brought them closer to your chest. The elevator doors opened on the floor you both wanted to get off on. Peter held the door open for you as you both walked out, nodding in the process as to answer your previous question.

“Cool, I, uh, I just – oh, never mind.” Peter saw the faint color of red that colored your face as you walked away, but before you could get too far, and without him thinking, his hand reached out to grab your arm, spinning you back around to face him. Although, since Peter was, well, himself, he didn’t quite measure his own strength, causing you both to stumble into each other. One of his arms found its way around your waist, preventing you from falling, as his other arm extended against the wall to prevent himself from burying you under his weight.
He looked at the minimal space between both of your bodies before his eyes flew up to meet yours – you were already looking at him. You both made no sign of moving, too invested in the color of each other’s eyes. Peter finally managed to get a grip on reality and registered the semi-awkward stance you both were in – that, and his arm was getting tired from supporting himself against the wall. He reluctantly stepped away from you and brought his arm up to scratch the back of his neck.

“Um, what did you need with science?”

You brought your hand up to soothe out your hair before smiling softly at him. “I guess I just wanted to know if you could come over some time and help me out. You know, like, uh, tutor me?”

“Yes!” His voice came out rushed, his eyes widening as he noticed how creepy he sounded. “I mean, yes. Of course, no problem.”

You laughed at him, reaching up to kiss his cheek. “You’re a life-saver, Peter! Okay, cool. Want to come over tonight? Around six?”

“Y-Yeah, that’s fine. That’s cool, yeah, okay.”

You smiled widely at him again. “Alright, Parker. It’s a date!” You leaned in to kiss his scarlet colored cheek again before making a beeline for your door and closing it quickly.

That was it. That was all it took for Peter to realize he wasn’t infatuated with you. He was completely, helplessly, and most importantly, pathetically in love with you.

Dewey Decimal (F) - Mark

A/N: Idk what it is with me and library AUs but I LIVE for them. Also I’m a Shakespeare-loving English lit nerd so this is a personal dream of mine.

Summary: You work in your university’s library and Mark has very little understanding of the Dewey Decimal System.

Genre: Fluff, first meeting, college AU

Length: 1.5k

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I Don’t Love You

Summary: ‘We were building brick by brick and now it’s just a quicksand home.’ Lies ruin people. Especially the ones we tell ourself. Now you’re gone and he’s empty and all he had left is the memories. 

~Approx. 1.9k words~
~Warnings: Violence, angry thoughts, self-depricating thoughts~


This house doesn’t feel like a home anymore. Luke thought as he stepped inside the quaint abode. The lights were off, making the space seem even more foreign. The place looked bigger now with just one person living here and Luke wished he could make everything go back to how it was supposed to be before he had fucked it all up. Too many rooms. He thought. Too many rooms and too much space that would never be occupied by you ever again. He blew it and now he was left to assess to damage.

He shrugged off his coat, for once deciding to hang it in the closet instead of tossing it on the chair. He could almost hear your voice begging him to stop leaving his clothes all over the room and he smiled at the irony that the one time he picked up after himself you weren’t here to see it.

He wished he hadn’t opened the closet door though. Your yellow raincoat hung by itself, standing out against Luke’s many black articles of clothing. It was your favorite coat and you wore it every time it rained, insisting it went with the aesthetic of the weather. Luke had thought it was silly then, but he would kill to see you in your matching rain boots, dancing in the rain.

With a plop, he was sitting on the couch, staring at the opposite wall, drowning in his thoughts. He had countless memories of you on this sofa. Whether it be late night How I Met Your Mother reruns, or early morning sex that satisfied the craving you had for each other, or afternoon cuddles that made him the happiest man on the planet. Holding you close was his favorite pastime and quitting you gave him withdrawals. He could feel his body shaking, like he was being weaned off some drug he no longer had access to. He had lied and you were gone. It was his worst nightmare.

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair as if to shake away the memories of your perfection from his brain, walking into the kitchen just to pour himself a drink. Of course you had left your favorite mug here, as if to tease him, dangling what used to be in front of his face. It’s like you had done it one purpose, leaving traces of you in every room so that he had to choose whether to face them, face you, or rid himself of them and relive the pain of what is was to hurt you. He would leave them of course. Each item was adding members to the small flicker of hope that burned inside him, that one day the hurt he was feeling would spread to you and you would come back to him. But you wouldn’t, because you believed his lie.

He had probably put too much in the glass but tonight he was drinking to forget. Forget how much he had hurt you, forget how the reflection of your tear stained cheeks tore his heart out. Forget how he had told you the biggest lie he would ever tell, just because he thought he was saving you from the pain he had inflicted. It was his fault this house was empty, his fault his glass was full, his fault that the memories of you were all he had left in the world. He had considered trying to find a new girl to make the aching pain of sleeping alone fade just for one night, but the thought of anyone other than you laying in the spot next to him made him feel sick. You were the one. You were it for him and instead of a happy ending he had a broken record in his mind repeating the lies that he had spun so easily. It was a lie.

That whole night was a lie. He thought he was protecting you. Liar Liar. Protecting you from what? It all felt silly now. 

As the alcohol washed down his throat he could feel its effects cleansing him. But you could never be erased from his memory. You were in him too deep to be removed by a few bitter drops.

He remembered the whole night. It started with the lie he told himself. The distance is too much. Bullshit. He could handle the distance if it meant having you again, but back then the temptations of his lifestyle were too much. How dare he look at other girls when he had you? How dare he think about wanting them and feeling them when everything he ever wanted he had in his arms. How could he possibly believe that the parties would ever fill the void in him like you did. It was a lie. But he had believed it.

The second lie, was the one he heard from his friends. She’s holding you back man, just have a good time. She’ll never know. You can do better. Wrong. How could he do better once he’s had the best?  He should have proved them wrong. Should have told them right then and there that they didn’t know a thing about his love for you. Should’ve told them that you were perfection embodied and it was him that didn’t deserve you.

The third lie was the one that ruined his life. The lie that broke two hearts and tore apart two souls that were supposed to be together forever. The lie that still left a sour taste in his mouth. “I don’t love you.” You had been begging him before he said it, asking him why he was doing this and what you had done to deserve such a sudden breakup. You thought it was you. That’s the first lie you believed.

Your face was permanently etched in his brain. The horror, the anger, the despair.

“You don’t love me?” The echo of your words hurt more than his own. The second lie you believed. And how could you not? Before then you had every reason to trust him. But you weren’t broken yet. He had to break you if he wanted this to work.

“Did you ever love me?”

“No.” The third lie. The final nail in your coffin, the seal to your doom. It was like you couldn’t breathe, like all the oxygen was gone. He had sucked the life from you and he saw it written all over your face. You had stopped begging then. Stopped crying, stopped speaking, stopped breathing. You just turned and walked away. He had done it, he was free. But the pain of another is never inflicted easily and that was painted in your makeup stained cheeks that he would write songs about.

“I’m sorry.” True. “I don’t want to hurt you.” True. But the lies had cut too deep for the truth to make any sense now.

“I never want to see you again.” True. You had never told him a single lie.

Luke felt like his chest was on fire. He was six drinks in and you still occupied his every waking thought. Everything in the house was you. You were in the blankets on the chair and the sheets on the bed, your portrait the dishes in the sink and the songs on the radio. You were engraved in the very foundation that made up this place and he didn’t want to see any of it another second. You were infectious and he needed to heal. Heal from the wounds he had inflicted on himself when he lied to you.

His eyes were crazy, his feet two steps ahead of his mind as he flipped over the coffee table that sat in the middle of the room. You would always tell him to quit putting his feet on it and he would never listen. It reminded him of you, so it had to go. Next he projected his rage onto the sofa. The beloved sofa where he would spend hours holding you and kissing you, your body molding into his like two jigsaw pieces. With a yell of anguish, he tore the cushions from the frame, ripping the cloth and throwing them in all different directions until it was just as ruined as he was. He watched in his rage as the projectiles knocked over lamps and vases that used to be filled with flowers he would bring home for you.

He knocked over chairs and turned over tables, smashed dishes and threw knick knacks you had left here. Anything that reminded you of him had to go. He was blind with anger. Anger in himself for ruining the one piece of perfection he had in his life. Angry at you for believing his lies, angry that you had left pieces of you here for him to see and relive and angry that all his memories of you were still intact when all he wanted was to forget or turn back the clock. But the universe wasn’t going to give him either. He didn’t deserve it.

He moved the the bedroom, ripping off the sheets that still smelled like you, the faint traces of your perfume almost gone but still detectable to an expert like him. He flipped the mattress where it crashed into the nightstand, the pictures he had there falling to the floor.

As he surveyed the mess, the wreckage that he had caused yet again, Luke sunk to the floor with a sob. He had never been this angry, especially not when he had you to calm him down. Your touch instantly soothed him, your kiss like a healing remedy. With a heavy heart, he reached over to where one of the ruined picture frames lay. The glass was broken, but the picture inside hadn’t been damaged.

It was a simple picture. You were smiling into the camera, clad in a pink party dress. Luke stood next to you, one arm wrapped around securely around your waist. He remembered this time as clear as day. It had been your best friend’s birthday party, the theme something about matching couples, and you had insisted Luke wear a pink tie to match your dress. He obliged of course, just to make you happy. You had wanted a picture, pulling someone out of the crowd and handing them your phone to snap the shot. They had told him to smile at the camera but he couldn’t take his eyes off you for even a moment. That’s the way the picture had turned out, you looking forward and him looking at you. It was his favorite picture of the two of you.

Luke could feel the tears beginning to well in his eyes, threatening to spill over as he held the precious picture in his hands. A few drops landed on the photograph but he quickly wiped them away. This was one thing he didn’t want to damage. He had caused enough destruction already.

He wished he could tell you he loved you again, but you would never believe him. He had told too many lies for you to believe him now. He wished he could see the look on your face as the three little words came out of his mouth. He loved how they brightened up your face, loved how you would whisper it back to him, sealed with a kiss.

I love you. True. But it was too late to tell the truth now.



First of all, I completely forgot this!!! But better late than never, right? thanks for tagging me @teaatfive :)

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better ✨

a - age: 30
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d - drink you last had: Water
e - easiest person to talk to: Sara and Jessica, two friends, because they’re just like me. 
f - favorite song: Only one? Difficult choice. Currently, I really like Holy Ground by Banners.
g- grossest memory: I live in a building and one of my neighbors committed suicide like ten years ago. I saw the body covered with the sheet and the blood all that stuff. Horrible. 
h - horror yes or horror no: horror yes! 
i - in love?: Nope
j - jealous of people?: Sometimes
k - killed someone?: What? Nope LOL
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again:I don’t believe in love at first sight. Attraction might be possible but that’s it.

m - middle name: I don’t have one! :(
n - number of siblings: One sister
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p - person you called last: my mother
q - question you’re always asked: How do you know so much about films and actors? (I think that I don’t know so much, the problem is that the rest of people know nothing).
r - reason to smile: I’m going to Barcelona in a month.
s - song you sang last: Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran
t - time you woke up: 9:50 am
u - underwear color: pink
v - vacation destination: Scotland
w - worst habit: impatience
x - x-rays: Two or three when I was a kid. 
y - your favourite food:  chicken fajitas
z - zodiac sign: Aries

tag 20 some blogs you wanna get to know better @candyumbrella, @astronautrix, @specterxross, @msdaccsworld, @ocsarah, @heka

Maybe we just aren’t meant to be..” She said in a bit of a whimper after what felt like an eternity of silence. It felt like I got shot more than 100 times in the gut. I felt the tears building up in my eyes. But I had to be strong. I wanted to tell her that I couldn’t live without her ocean blue eyes that I swear I got lost in every time I looked at her, or her soft hands, I would bet money that mine were made just to hold , I wish I had the courage to tell her that no one has ever given me butterflies like she has, and that every single time I see her whether it be in her sweat pants, or her flower skirt that she loves more than anything, my palms get sweaty, my heart races, my train of thought makes a wrong turn and my knees get weak. I want to tell her that I can’t live without her but my dumb ass only had the courage to say “ok
—  we could of lasted forever but I couldn’t tell her what she meant to me.

anonymous asked:

It stormed so hard here it hailed and thundered so loud i legit felt myself spring into the next county emotionaly lol, and everything went blurry 4 a second. But it was rlly cool, sat outside and watched it w/ my mom & my brother. I also like the slight chills i get from the temprature when its dreary or raining. Do u like the rain? What things relax you?

Ahhh that’s my favourite weather! I love thunderstorms so much!

When I was little (like maybe 8-11 years old) my dad lived in an apartment building and had a balcony made entirely of metal. We both loved storms so whenever there was one we’d go stand on the balcony and watch. Because metal attracts lightning it would bring lightning strikes super close to us and it was amazing. The sheer power of nature just a few feet from my face was incredible.

I know now looking back that it was incredibly dangerous and it’s a wonder we never actually got struck, but it’s some of my favourite memories with my father. Really amazing. To this day if it’s raining hard I’ll stay out in the rain for much longer than I should and just get soaked and stare at the sky (the neighbours think I’m mental)

Other things that relax me would be cats and at times numbers. The numbers is more an ocd thing but it helps.


Anonymous asked: jealous!Bucky maybe?? pls c:

A/N: Ask and you shall receive:) xx Also! someone pointed out the fact that my fic titles are usually song names and they are 100% correct! I usually write in the song I listened to first while writing this. This time it was Fumes by The Eden Project. 

Warnings: swearing, heavy make out session, suggestive dialogue. 

Sometimes you just want Bucky, and only Bucky. 

But, you couldn’t anymore. Because you two had broken up. 

It took everything in your power not to be upset with how things ended, but you knew that you couldn’t hold onto the empty feeling it gave you when you thought about it any longer. He wasn’t yours anymore, and you weren’t his. 

The thing is, you lived together. The building was big, sure, but on occasion you still passed by each other in the hall. You gave him an awkward half-smile, while he would look at you with a lost look in his eyes, his mouth twitching as if he wanted to say something but he never did. 

You weren’t assigned on missions with him anymore, which was terrible because the two of you worked best when together. A team that was unbeatable, all broken because of a fight that could have easily been avoided.

Tonight was the first night in a while that you had to be in the same room as him for long periods of time. It was Tony’s birthday, and of course everyone had to be there. You tried to get out of it but you figured that you could handle seeing Bucky for a while. Just long enough to be polite. 

You studied your reflection in the mirror, smiling happily at the simple black maxi dress you wore with pride. You may only be going out for a moment, but you were damn sure to make it worth it. 

With a swipe of red lipstick on your lips, you were ready to attend the party. Even though it was just a simple walk down the stairs, that is. 

The main room was full of people, a lot of which you recognized and some you didn’t know at all. 

A rush of anxiety washed over you once you noticed multiple eyes on you. You brought yourself down the stairs, trying to mingle with people whom you’ve never met before. An hour had passed, and there was no sign of Bucky. You were confused to say the least, but grateful you wouldn’t have to deal with the awkwardness. 

You heard him before you spotted him, though.

Bucky was never one to drink, but you could tell he was extremely drunk by the way he hung around Steve like a monkey to a tree. He talked loudly and animatedly, sipping on his drink continuously. 

You furrowed your brows, turning back to Sam who had been the reason you hadn’t left yet. “He isn’t worth it, yknow.” Sam muttered, tapping your shoulder lightly. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You defended, downing more champagne than you anticipated to. 

Sam rolled his eyes, “Listen, I know Bucky. Sometimes he does stupid shit, and one of the stupid things he has done was lose you. There’s no going back on that.” 

You sighed, “Why are you so nice to me?” 

“Because you deserve it. You’ve been through a lot recently.” Sam explained, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Shall we dance?” 

A breath of air blew out your nose, “Sure.” You gave him a smile and took his hand in yours, following him to the dancefloor. 

You laughed as the upbeat song that was playing almost immediately ended, a slower song taking it’s place. “Lovin’ can hurt…” Sam sang along cheekily, taking his hand in yours and placing his other on your hip. 

You daintily rested your other hand on his shoulder, attempting to mask your clumsy dancing skills with a smile. 

Sam took you into his arms, spinning you outward. Unfortunately, it was then you saw Bucky. Seemingly sobered up, he stood straight up and watched every move you two made. You shook your head, following Sam’s lead as you spun together. 

A laugh erupted between the two of you as the song ended, your head resting on Sam’s chest. “Who knew you could dance like that?” 

“I certainly didn’t!” You laughed, the next song starting to play. Thankfully it was more upbeat, so you danced close to Sam while cracking jokes back and forth. 

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, burning into your skull like a laser but you kept your attention on Sam while he did his tiring rendition of the robot. 

“It’s terrible!” You laughed, mocking his moves. 

It was then that you saw Bucky rushing towards the two of you. Before you could stop him, Sam was up and in front of you. “Are you serious, (Y/N)? Right in front of me?” 

Oh no. He was mad. 

“Buck, back away before you do something stupid.” Sam reasoned, the party now standing still. 

Your cheeks grew red but Bucky continued to speak, a finger on Sam’s chest accusingly, “You fucking know how much I’m hurting over this.” 

You swallowed, noticing the crack in Bucky’s voice. Sam’s chest heaved slightly, his shoulders relaxing once he saw Steve rush to Bucky. His hand brushed his shoulder before Bucky knocked it off, “No! Fuck you both!” 

“Bucky, you’re drunk.” You muttered from behind Sam. 

“And she speaks!” he let out a sarcastic laugh, “You infuriate me, (Y/N).” 

Bucky stalked off, tossing his drink away. Everyone around turned back to their conversations, though quieter and closer. Steve started to follow but you grabbed his shoulder. “No, I’ll go.” 

“You sure about that?” Sam asked, concern racing over his features. 

You nodded, swallowing the bile that rose to your throat and gathering your senses. 

Your feet carried you toward the door, a sigh leaving your throat as you walked the stairs to the roof where you knew he would be. 

Sure enough, there he was sitting on the edge with his feet dangling over the street below. His eyes watched the city lights, looking deep in thought. 

“Bucky?” You asked, taking off your heels and walking steadily toward him. Bucky stood up, walking towards you and backing you against the wall. “Do you think that was funny? Doing that to me?” 

Bucky’s breath smelled like bourbon and licorice, his eyes blazing with what seemed like fury but you knew something resided underneath. “Nothing was happening between us!” You defended, throwing your hands in the air. 

“Really? Because it definitely seemed like something was happening when you were hung all over him!” Bucky yelled back, his chest heaving. 

“Even if something did happen, what would have to do with it? We’re not together anymore! You chose that and now look where we are!” Your voice bounced off the walls around you, the echo reminding you just how high up you were. 

Bucky stepped closer towards you, “You know I’ll never get over you.” 

Something clicked inside you, your brain turning with every word he said. It was then you realized that you felt the same, there was no way in hell you would ever get over him, especially living in the same building as him. 

Your anger faded, your lips connecting with his roughly. Bucky responded immediately, his hands kneading your body hungrily. 

This kiss was different. You didn’t feel the sweet sparks that you usually did. Instead they were replaced by a blazing fire in the bit of your stomach. You really missed him, and you didn’t realize how much until he had touched you again. 

He lifted your legs, allowing you to wrap them around his torso, holding you tightly against the wall. “Fuck, doll…” he trailed off, peppering kisses across your neck. 

Your breathing was harsh, goosebumps appearing all over your body. “Bucky you need to-” you gasped as he bit down on your earlobe. 

“Hmm?” He hummed questioningly, holding you as close to him as possible. Your brain clouded, completely forgetting what you were going to say. 

“Oh, Buck.” Your head lolled to the side, allowing Bucky more access to your neck. 

Fireworks continued to go off in your belly, heat pooling in between your legs while you kissed Bucky as if you hadn’t in years. You missed him more than anything, and you were definitely glad that you made the decision to confront him. 

“I love you.” He gasped into your ear. 

Your cheeks heated at his words, doing a backflip in your head before bringing his lips back to yours, “I love you too.”

Maybe you should make Bucky jealous more often. 

Fort Building

Joe stopped in the doorway to his living room, blinking over at his girlfriend as he watched her drop the pile of blankets onto the floor, where they joined the already impressive pile of blankets and pillows.

“Love, what are you doing?”

“Making a fort.” Y/N replied simply, looking around the room and mentally planning on where everything would go.

“A fort?”

“Yes. Are you done editing?”

“Uhm, yeah. Why?”

“I need you to help me move some stuff.” She turned to smile at him, the one that he couldn’t help but smile back at, because it was pure and innocently happy. “Come on, Joe. Let’s make a fort!”

“Why the hell not.” Joe shrugged, stepping into the room. “Where am I moving what?”

Y/N happily pointed out what needed to be moved, direction him as they went along. And within an hour, they had a pretty impressive fort that took over most of his living room.

During the process of constructing the fort, Joe had forgotten he had invited the boys over.

Not that it was big deal, because they had Caspar with them, and Caspar had a key to Joe’s flat. So they simply let themselves in, chatting about nonsense. But they all stopped in their tracks at the sound of soft giggling coming from the living room.

“I swear, if I walk in on them…” Oli shuddered at the thought, and there was a silent agreement that passed between their group. No one wanted to walk in on Joe and Y/N getting it on.

But as they stood there, listening, they quickly realized that the sounds being made were not ones relating to sex, unless their friends had some really weird sex. So they decided to venture into the next room, shocked more by what they saw than what they had originally thought.

“Is this a bloody fort?!” Josh laughed.

“It’s pretty impressive.” Conor tilted his head, following the edges of the fort as the sound of shuffling came from inside the fort.

“Are you getting it on inside the fort?” Jack called out teasingly.

“Oh piss off.” Joe grumbled, his head emerging from the entrance. “You’re just jealous.”

“I know I am!” Caspar agreed. “But did you really make a fort, in your living room?”

“How old are you, Joe.” Josh asked, sill laughing lightly.

“Don’t insult the fort!” Y/N called from inside the mass of blankets draped across the room. “You’re just jealous that you aren’t part of the secret club.”

“Really?” Conor raised an eyebrow, looking down at Joe, who had now stuck half of his body out of the entrance.

He simply shrugged, a carefree smile on his face. “I mean, it’s a pretty awesome club.”

“I want to join!” Caspar whined, “Y/N, can I join?”

“Sure, Caspar. Come on in!” There was giggling from somewhere, although the boys couldn’t pinpoint exactly where.

Letting out a small noise of excitement, Caspar squeezed past Joe and into the fort.

“Holy shit. This thing is huge!”

“Well, now I want to see.” Oli grumbled, looking down at Joe.

“Sorry, you have to ask the president of the club.”

“Oli can come in!” Y/N said, suddenly appearing beside Joe. “And if you three,” She shot a look at the two Maynard brothers and Josh, “Aplogize, you can come in too.”

“Why do we have to apologize?!” Josh asked, eyes wide as Oli and Joe disappeared into the fort, their excited voices mingling with Caspar’s.

“You insulted my fort.” Y/N told him simply.

“I also complimented it.” Conor pointed out, and Y/N tilted her head, considering his words for a moment.

“Fair enough. You may enter.”

“This just isn’t fair.” Jack grumbled, crossing his arms and pouting.

“Then apologize.”


“Your loss.” Y/N shrugged, disappearing into the blankets, Conor following her.

Jack and Josh remained stood out there for about another thirty seconds before they called out their apologies, following their friends into the, admittedly impressive, fort.

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"Remember when the cdc turned my house into a legal quarantine zone and I illegally didn’t care" what????????

ooh this is a fun story! back like? i think it had to have been last year or a couple years ago we had a major bat problem in our apartment (the whole building always has bats but like…extra cold winter, we live on the top floor, i guess the bats were cozy and loved congregating in our walls)

and like, idk if personally id call it a problem? bc every once in a while black shapes would come screaming out of the floor or ceiling and there was persistent scratchin on the wals 24/7 but honestly thats so par for the course where i live but Anyway, my dad was Extremely panicked abt me or the cats getting rabies bc i liked to sleep in the room where the bats materialized and my cats, as cats are wont to do, have free roam of the whole house bc we cant stop them

anyway my dad called the cdc, they wanted us to send in the bats to be checked for rabies (super not fun for the bats bc this involves some kind of analysis on the brain that the bat cant be alive for- long story long, they told us u can only detect rabies in an animal thats dead (so they can check their grey matter) or dying (bc theyre showing symptoms))

and basically we couldnt catch the bats bc were about as in shape as youd expect me and two high school teachers to be and the cdc put us on lockdown (it was only for the cats tho bc if id been in the room for the bat affair too id have had to go thru the treatment course for rabies which is very $$ and also painful, like “just in case”)

we were only under quarantine for like 6 months but it was really boring bc we couldnt bring anyone in and we were supposed to limit our contact w other ppl in case we caught something too

It’s time to get Sassy!

And why yes, I’m Sassy! I live at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, and my name is a little misleading.

I’m a big, beautiful, gentle tortoiseshell female kitty with a soft meow that will win your heart.

I’m five years old, and ended up in the shelter because my family’s apartment building decided no more cats would be allowed! I’m healthy and my New Year’s resolution has already paid off as I’m getting trim and shapely again. (I had let myself go because I was sad. #emotionaleating)

My favorite hobbies are giving kisses and head butts, then faling asleep in your lap afterwards. I’m not a fan of other cats, but I did used to live a big dog and I loved her!

To meet me or find out more, please call Beth at 541-255-9296!

Or, if you’re an other-coaster or possibly live in the Big Snow, re-blog me? Pretty please with tortie kisses on top?



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23+ Minghao! :D <3

23. First time having sex against a window
“short scenarios” and yet… I hope you like this! ;)

Minghao had the pleasure of living in a high building in the middle of the city, and you had the pleasure of dating him - not that it would be for where he lived, of course. No, he had a lot of other qualities, which in short was all of him. He was kind and loving, treated you well and wanted to solve any and all conflicts as soon as he could; your personalities matched in many different ways, and you definitely didn’t have anything against his much more confident nature when it came to sex, either.

It was yet another evening in Minghao’s apartment in the 12th floor, with you trapped between him and the wall, his hands cupping your cheeks while you exchanged kisses that grew hungrier with each one. Your hands that had initially been on his shoulders had moved down to his hips, and you began tugging at the hem of his shirt.

Minghao chuckled softly and broke the kiss, looking down into your eyes with an amused glint in his. “Are you in that mood?”

Nodding with a small pout, you began lifting the hem of his shirt. “You’re kissing me like that and you have to ask?”

Minghao chuckled brightly and let you pull his shirt off him before leaning back to kiss you, sliding your loose tank top down your shoulders and then moving down to your shorts. You unbuttoned and unzipped the piece of clothing after you had let your shirt fall down to your ankles, and when your shorts were down as well, stepped out of them, too.

With your lips locked with Minghao’s ones, you helped him out of his jeans and underwear and began stroking him. You moaned quietly into the kiss when you felt him being half-hard already, and he grinned as he unhooked your bra and slid your panties down from your hips. When they were both discarded, he ran his fingers along your wetness and nibbled lightly on your bottom lip. “I have an idea.”

You raised your eyebrows, and Minghao pulled away, pointing at the window a bit to your left. “Have you ever had sex against a window?”

Feeling your core clench around nothing at the mere thought, you shook your head. Oh, how you loved his experimental side. Minghao rubbed circles into your hip bones with his forehead pressed against yours, his gentle eyes bringing quite a contrast to the situation where he was suggesting sex against a window, his hardening length in your hand. “Wanna try it out?”

What he didn’t tell you, naturally, was that he hadn’t ever done it, either, but he was dying to. He backed away and held your hand as you walked to the window, looking down from it right when he pressed against you, pushing you a bit against the window in the process.

You hissed when your chest was pressed against the cold window, your nipples hardening even more than they already had. Minghao stood behind you, his length pressed against your lower back as he kissed your neck by your ear.

“Exciting, right?” he asked as a mumble, his eyes joining yours in looking down at the busy streets. You were glad that you were at such a high floor, but even so you recognized the possibility of someone seeing you - and that if anything turned you on. Minghao grinned to himself, his hand moving to your front. “Anyone can see you if they just look up…”

You swallowed hard when he palmed your mound and slipped two fingers between your outer lips, and a whine escaped your lips when he ran those digits along your wet folds. Minghao licked his lips, a much more of a mess inside than he was willing to let you know, and grinded against you. Both his touch and the underside of his cock against your lower back were making you weak, especially when you knew all you needed was so close.

“Minghao,” you started, your voice as determined as you could make it in your needy state with the said male easing a finger into you, “get on with it, please.”

Minghao kissed your shoulder and sucked on the skin lightly, forming a light bruise, and shook his head. “Not yet.”

He fingered you, first slow and gentle, but after adding a second finger the thrusts got faster and a bit rougher; your knees were nearly giving in and the window got foggy fast with your moans and heavy, hot breath. Minghao grunted and pulled his fingers out of you, his fingers only slightly stickier than your lower back was with his pre-cum.

You turned your head so that you could somewhat see Minghao from the corner of your eye, while he smoothed his hands over your ass before sliding his cock between your legs. A whine left your lips when he grinded against you like that a few times; his length sliding easily between your inner thighs, rubbing against your pussy so deliciously that you wanted to come right there and then.

Impatient and even annoyed, you began pushing against him and shot him a sharp glare. Minghao smiled at you and pressed a soft kiss to your neck, nearly laughing as he spoke. “I’m sorry.”

With that he finally guided himself to your entrance and slammed in with one thrust that had you moaning loudly and hissing a satisfied “Yes”. Minghao groaned quietly, reveling in your tightness, and looked out of the window with his chin resting on your shoulder.

“Quite a view, isn’t it?” he asked, and just as you were answering positively, he began pushing into you. Your eyes scanned the view down at the streets, people walking everywhere and cars, mostly taxis, filling the road. The thrill of the possibility of someone seeing you was exciting, especially with the fairly bright lighting of Minghao’s bedroom. He chuckled when he felt you clenching around him. “Thinking about someone watching you?”

Your eyes widened for a second, but you closed them with an intense wave of pleasure coursing through you when you got a sharp thrust from Minghao. “How did you know?”

He bit his lip at the fact that that actually was what you were thinking about, and moved his hands from your hips to your breasts, pulling your upper body away from the window so that he could hold your cold mounds in his hands, where he’d gladly have them all the time. “Just a lucky guess.”

Feeling your cheeks heat up more than they already were, you leaned into his touch and moved your hips in time with his, allowing yourself to just give in to the pleasure you had been anticipating for a while. Minghao’s thrusts got a bit deeper as he rolled his hips and re-angled them, making you bite your lip. With your nipples between his fingers, he kissed your neck gently.

“Just think about it… Someone seeing you like this, pressed against a foggy window, pushing against it again and again as I thrust into you… And you’d love it, both me and the attention,” he whispered huskily and pressed a series of kisses below your ear. You whimpered and slid one of your hands from the window to your clit and began rubbing circles on it.

“Wouldn’t you like that, too?” you asked, stifling a moan as Minghao pushed deep into you, hitting your spot dead-on.

“Oh, I would,” he said with a smile and let go of your breasts, turning your head a bit more towards him to kiss you deeply as he fucked you to your orgasm, his fingers soon replacing yours on your clit as he rubbed it fast, in time with his thrusts.

With the coldness of the window contrasting with the warmth of your body, you came undone around Minghao and easily brought him to his peak, too. He caught all of your moans with his lips and continued rubbing your clit even when he had you clenching around himself rhythmically.

Smiling against your lips after he had released, Minghao pulled away and out of you, sitting down on the bed right next to you and pulling you down with him. He hugged you close and ran his hands lovingly over your body, his lips gentle on the light bruise he had sucked onto your shoulder.

“That was definitely something,” you breathed out and caressed his arms. He chuckled and nuzzled his face into your neck.

You’re definitely something.”

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I’m Sorry | Spencer Reid

Originally posted by yulia-sh

Character: Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Warning: Character death, angst, fluff, mention of blood

Summary: The times you and Spencer say sorry

Being around Spencer meant a lot of apologizes. Whether it be for his awkward rants or your clumsy feats, the words ‘I’m sorry’ escaped your lips about ten times a day. It wasn’t exactly because you were weak, but you grew up thinking that saying ‘I’m sorry’ would cushion the blow of whatever you’d say or do. Spencer thought the same. 

“Well, I’m gonna go eat my own weight in chocolate and watch Star Wars. What are you gonna do?” you asked as you watched the houses whiz past.

You and Spencer had always been friends. It started with carpools to work because you lived in the same building, but after he gave you his spare ticket to watch The Force Awakens, you began to click. Your relationship began to blossom and by this point the two of you wondered how you managed to survive without each other.

“Well, despite the fact that the amount of chocolate you’d consume would kill you, I think I might join you” Spencer replied as he turned to park on the curb.

“Really? You don’t have a dictionary to read or anything” you teased as you unbuckled your belt.

“Are you saying you don’t want my company?” Spencer said, faking hurt as he climbed out of the car and began to follow you up the stairs.

“Not, exactly… it’s just. I wanna be alone tonight” you admitted, hoping that he wouldn’t be hurt at the rejection.

“No, it’s fine” Spence stuttered as you finally reached your door, “I think I do have a dictionary that needs my attention”

You gave a small breathy laugh as you glanced at him through your eyelashes. You moved to give him a hug, squeezing him slightly. Spence returned the affection, resting his head on top of yours. As you moved away, you barely registered the way his arms were locked around your waist. You noticed how close his face was to yours and how his warm breath fanned over your face. You swallowed nervously as Spencer moved closer. Before you could even move, he had pressed an almost feather- light kiss against your lips. You sighed before he put a little pressure on your upper lip. He finally pulled you closer and kissed you harder. You felt your breath catch as you clutched his soft, blue sweater in your hands, pulling him closer to you.

“I’m sorry” he breathed as he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.

“It’s okay” you said with a breathy laugh before pulling his lips back to yours.

Dating a co-worker was never an easy thing. Especially in your particular line of work. You were always worried that Spencer was hurt and Spencer worried about you. You couldn’t ever show affection towards each other and you always had late nights at the office. You were beginning to worry whether it was slowly killing your relationship.

“I’m working late tonight” Spencer stated as he finally managed to catch up with you at the coffee machine.

You couldn’t help the nagging in the back of your brain and your naturally bitchy attitude that you had accommodated during your high school year began to crawl back into your brain.

“Why would you tell me that?” you scowled as you slid the pot of coffee towards Spencer’s awaiting hand.

“Because I don’t want you waiting up?” Spencer explained in a questioning tone, watching as you added two sugars to your cup, “Are you okay?”

You gave a small laugh of mirth before turning your back on him.

“Shouldn’t you know that? I mean I am your girlfriend” you sneered as you moved to grab the coat that sat on the counter.

“Look, if this is about-”

“No, Spence! You have no idea what is going on, because you don’t know! I’m your girlfriend and I’m not even sure if we’re dating!” you yelled, before noticing the strange looks from the other people on the bullpen.

“Look,Y/N, I’m sorry. i know I should be trying harder, but you’re the first” Spence stuttered as he grabbed your hand, trying to coax you to calm down.

“First what?”

Spencer froze at your question, feeling himself blush under your venomous glare.

“F-first girl I’ve fallen in love with” he said, fumbling over his words.

He watched as your face softened. Watching fascinated as you placed the mug on to the table, he wondered whether you were gonna slap him or kiss him. He realized it was the latter as you leaped into his arms and kissed him. He gave a quiet moan before wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing you closer to him.

“I love you” you whispered as you broke apart.

Spencer gave a small laugh before pressing a light kiss on the tip of your nose, “I love you too”

“Great, so now that you’ve established that. Can we single people have coffee now?”

The two of you sprung apart as Morgan’s voice echoed through the small kitchenette. You blushed as you moved to grab your cup and race out the door, giving a small sorry to Morgan. Spencer blushed as Morgan nudged his side, his thoughts wondering if he could run away and never show his face again.

“Seems like things are getting pretty serious, Boy Genius” Morgan replied before smiling and walking away.

“She’s in one of the cars. Find the car, you find her. But tick-tock tick-tock, that’s the clock. You wouldn’t want to be late for your pretty date, would you? Good luck, you might wanna bring flowers. And a coffin”

The phone promptly hung up as a horrific laugh echoed through the bullpen. Spencer could feel tears springing to his eyes as he stared at the answering machine.


The sound of his name, followed by a small nudge against his arm. He glanced at his side to see JJ’s sympathetic smile as she began to guide him towards the glass doors.

“She’s gonna be okay”

In that moment, Spencer wasn’t so sure.

“I’ve got nothing”

“Me too”

“I’m empty”

“She’s not here”

Each denial that sounded through the coms, was like a stab to Spencer’s heart.

“Morgan?” Spencer asked, already knowing the answer.

“Sorry, Boy Genius. Mine’s empty too”

Spencer swallowed nervously as he approached the red car that was parked haphazardly across two spots. The sad streetlight hit the shiny paint of the car, making it seem as if it were a spotlight. Spencer could feel his heart beating widly as he approached the window.

“No…” the word passed his lips in a breath of air as he noticed the (Y/H/C) locks that covered your face.

He quickly opened the door, tears running down his face as he noticed the pool of blood that lay on the car floor. He brushed your hair back, his breath choking as he caught sight of the bloody, red line that was carved into your neck. He picked up the card that lay next to your clutched hands, flower petals surrounding it.

I didn’t think you’d bring flowers so I brought some for you. Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile? A little bloody for my taste, but still beautiful.

Spencer sobbed as he dropped the card, his trembling hands going to pick up the lifeless body of his love. He buried his nose into her hair, hoping to catch her scent one last time. All he got was the sickening scent of blood, the metallic smell coating his tongue. 

He didn’t care about the blood that was slowly staining his shirt. Or the fact that his teammates were running to his aid. 

All he could think about was the horrific red smile that was spread out against her pale throat. 

And the way her Y/H/C was shimmering with sticky, black-red blood.

He could see the small tears stains on her cheek, making him cry harder as he realized the love of his life died in sadness, not in serenity and peace like she wanted.

“I’m sorry!” Spencer croaked as he sobbed into her hair, “I’m sorry, Y/N!”

His screams and yells echoed hollowly through the night, just like the beating of his heart in his chest


“They loved to argue”

Take some time to read The New York Times profile of Norman Podhoretz.  An excerpt:

Ruthie Blum, who is now a journalist, remembered tending bar at her parents’ parties when she was 9 or 10, finishing the glasses that guests left around. “These were parties that went on all night,” she said. “We had a huge apartment with a concert grand piano in the living room, in a roach-infested building in a dangerous neighborhood.”

The writer and cartoonist Jules Feiffer, 88, who was friendly with Mr. Podhoretz until they fell out, said he was “amazed at how these people loved to raise their voices and fight with each other.”

“They loved to argue,” Mr. Feiffer continued. “Sometimes they even listened to each other. They were extraordinary. I was a cartoonist, and they were larger than life. It was an amazing period which you thought would go on forever, and then suddenly it was over.”

Pictured (L to R): Commentary’s editors, Theodore Solotaroff, Marion Magid and Norman Podhoretz in 1966.


Title: Away

Genre/Rating: Angst/Feels - T 

Summary: Fictional Tom has taken up a particular habit in memory of recent lost Love and receives some wise words that help his grieving process.

Author’s Notes: Based on personal experiences and conversations with friends, and partly inspired by Away - Chris Mann.  Thank you to @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow for being my beta.  I encourage everyone to participate in Fictional Tom’s actions.  A simple Google search can lead you to the appropriate location. :)

He did it because he knew she would have wanted him to.  He did it because it helped feel like he was doing something to help save lives now that he couldn’t help hers anymore.  He did it because the place was oddly peaceful, from the time he got out of the car and was greeted by the smell of the lavender bushes that formed a kind of fragrant wall of protection around the building to the time he stepped out back into the world.  It had struck him on his first visit, instantly making him think of her shampoo and the long brunette waves that he saw now only in pictures and memories. He took it as a confirmation that this was the place she would have chosen.

Keep reading